Apr 16, 2017

Sunday, April, 16, 2017, C.C. Burnikel


The prolific ringmaster of our site has hidden some lovely eggs for us on this Easter Sunday that combines her usual blend of a fun theme and clever cluing. XWordinfo gives it a high "Freshness Factor" which I certainly think it deserves. 

C.C. has taken the names of famous people and added a word between their first and last name. The added word satisfies the silly clue when used after the first name and then serves as the first word of a common phrase when paired with the last name. Six of her entries were horizontal and two were vertical. Ya gotta love it!

Theme entries:

23. Doris during a workout? : TRAINING DAY - America's sweetheart Doris Day in the gym or a 2001 American neo-noir crime thriller

29. Director Oliver working on pizza dough? : ROLLING STONE - Gainful employment for Oliver Stone at Pizza Hut or the free wheeling print or digital magazine that focuses on pop culture

59. Comical Samantha busy stitching? : QUILTING BEE - Dextrous work for comedian Samantha Bee or a product that might wind up in the Lincoln, NE International Quilt Study Center & Museum

78. Nicolas taking a swing? : BATTING CAGE - Nicholas Cage's turn at bat or where Billy Crystal and Bruno Kirby might take some swings

106. Singer Al making a strike? : BOWLING GREEN - Al Green in the alleys or an Ohio university where the Falcons play

3. Sally having fun? : PLAYING FIELD - Sally Field with some Legos or where the Bowling Green Falcons play

115. Nathan at quarterback? : PASSING LANE - Fabulous Nathan Lane playing against type as a QB but NOT this:

65. Lucille on a trampoline? : BOUNCING BALL - The Lucy we all love doing back flips or each of these

Now let's see what C.C. has for us in our logophilic Easter Basket


1. Quaker in the wind : ASPEN - Populus Tremuloides. First cousin of the cottonwood, Nebraska's state tree - Populus Deltoides

6. Little bite : TASTE

11. "House" actor Omar : EPPS

15. Full house, e.g. : HAND - Fourth best hand

19. Pond flower : CALLA - Lily

20. Navel type : OUTIE

21. Selectively remove : CULL

22. Butterlike topping : OLEO - Remember, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature"?

25. Maker of Regenerist skin care products : OLAY

26. 'Vette roof option : T-TOP

27. Claims : SAYS

28. Greenwich Village sch. : NYU

32. Cymbals with a pedal : HI-HAT - Hey you've only got two sticks

34. Tire for emergencies : SPARE

36. Perfect Sleepers, e.g. : SERTAS

37. Yoga class greeting : NAMASTE

39. Place for a bud? : EAR

41. Deepest, as feelings : INMOST - or INNER MOST

44. Tiny bit : FIG - Bing sang, "If you don't care a feather or a FIG, You may grow up to be a pig!"

46. Many a pizza slice : OCTANT - Oliver, don't cut that pizza into 8 pieces, my family can only eat 6.

48. Subj. for Janet Yellen : ECON(omy)-  The Dismal Science

51. Diaper cream additive : ALOE - Also Zinc Oxide and Vitamin E

52. Labor day deliveries : INFANTS - Clientele for 51 Across

54. Quisling's crime : TREASON - Vidkun lectured about "The Jewish Problem In Norway" and sent Hitler a 50th birthday card

57. 1688 coffeehouse founder Edward better known in the insurance world : LLOYD - Lloyd's of London famously insured Betty Grable's legs for $1M. Dolly Parton got a $4M policy there on her, uh, best features as well.

58. Cause of some lines : AGING

61. Look for : SEEK

62. Masterful move : COUP

64. Ski resort sight : GONDOLA

65. Avoid, as an issue : BEG -  After three years of emceeing the all-school reunion, I BEGGED off for another encore

68. Some battered rings : CALAMARI - Calamari seems to be a little chewy for me

70. Mumbai mister : SRI - Ravi gets two SRI's

71. Baker's gluten-free choice : OAT FLOUR 

73. JFK : New York :: __ : Chicago : ORD - ORcharfield in Chicago retained its 3-letter designation even when it was renamed for WWII hero Navy pilot Edward O'Hare

74. Singer Laine : FRANKIE - Jezebel is his most requested song on iTunes. I'd pick Rawhide or High Noon

76. Troubles : ILLS 

77. Lara's love : YURI - Dr. YURI Zhivago 

80. Big 112-Down : FINAL 112. See 80-Across : TEST

81. Painter of dancers : DEGAS

84. Lacking variety : ONE NOTE - Regardless of the party, they can sing that ONE NOTE forever

85. Silkscreen aid : STENCIL - You can get some to help carve your pumpkins too

87. Computer with a Magic Keyboard : IMAC

88. Disc golf obstacle : TREE and 96. One of 18 on a disc golf course : TEE PAD - This looks like a "hole in one" from the TEE PAD to me.

89. Dürer, e.g. : ETCHER

91. They, in Cognac : ILS  and 
99. French sponge cake : GATEAU - ILS ont servi de GATEAU éponge (They served sponge cake)

92. One typing a's and z's : PINKIE - Wonderful clue

94. Used a bench, say : SAT

97. Certain triathlete : IRONMAN - Don't look for me in these pix!

102. Linguine sauce : PESTO - Sauce that originated in Genoa, Italy

104. Squalid : DINGY

109. Spanish pronoun : ESO - Hit song ESO Besso (That Kiss) by 
53. Ottawa-born songwriter Paul : ANKA - We had the entire title last week

111. Provide a bank floor plan for, say : ABET which will make you run 120. Clashing with, with "of" : AFOUL of the law

113. Eurasian border river : URAL

114. Alpha __ : MALE

118. Inconsequential : MERE

119. Exiled Roman poet : OVID - OVID was banned and Jesus was born during the time of Augustus Caesar 

121. Sheds : MOLTS

122. Florist's creation : POSY

123. State of disarray : MESS

124. "Spider-Man" actress : DUNST - How 'bout a wet kiss, Spidey?

125. Shoelace protector : AGLET - Like zarf, rowel, etc.


1. Accomplishments : ACTS

2. 2002 skating gold medalist Hughes : SARAH

4. Cuthbert of "24" : ELISHA 

5. Editor Talese with her own Doubleday imprint : NAN - A triple play - three unknown names in a row for me

6. Stylish : TONY

7. Amen Corner golf course, familiarly : AUGUSTA - Of those three holes, the 12th is my favorite and the signature hole of the course

8. Benchmark: Abbr. : STD

9. Pageant sparkler : TIARA

10. Pooh's mopey pal : EEYORE

11. "Silent Spring" subj. : ECOL

12. Canines with corded coats : PULIS - Only the tongue tells me which end is which

13. Flier : PLANE - Many fly into and out of ORD

14. Con man's expression : SLY GRIN

15. Spicy steamed Mexican food : HOT TAMALE

16. "He Was Despised," in Handel's "Messiah" : ALTO SOLO - An Air not a Chorus

17. Strip gas : NEON

18. Suss (out) : DOPE

24. In one piece : INTACT - Otzi is an INTACT, 5,000 year old mummy found in the Otztal Alps in 1991

30. Grassy expanse : LEA

31. Amtrak stop: Abbr. : STN

33. "__ Schoolchildren": Tracy Kidder book : AMONG

35. Unreleased : PENT-UP - Should we all vent occasionally?

38. Google Maps lines: Abbr. : STS - Fords Theater was a brisk 8 minute walk from our Hotel via 10th ST

40. Varnish component : RESIN

42. Tofurky protein source : SOY

43. Newsman Koppel : TED - His show Nightline started as an update on the Iran Hostage crisis in November, 1979

44. Debacle : FIASCO

45. Engaged : IN GEAR

47. Hexa- halved : TRI 

49. Express sympathy (with) : CONDOLE - I'm more familiar offering my CONDOLENCES

50. Needing to be saved? : ON GOAL - In the 1980 Miracle On Ice, the USSR got 39 shots ON GOAL and we only managed 16 but got one more in the net than the Soviets

55. "View of Toledo" painter : EL GRECO

56. Yours, in Cognac : ATOI

57. Romaine bit : LEAF

59. Tonic ingredient : QUININE - U.S. - kwai' nine  U.K - kwi' neen

60. Layered lunches : BLTS

62. Golf course rental : CART - This is the golf cart of my dreams!

63. Soapbox user : ORATOR

66. Pass good in 28 countries : EURAIL

67. Tailgating fixtures : GRILLS

69. Degs. for writers : MFAS - Sigourney Weaver got her MFA from Yale in 1974

70. Something flashed by a catcher : SIGN - Some catchers even wear nail polish so the sign can be easier to see

72. The Eagles' "__ Eyes" : LYIN'

75. Prayer supports : KNEES

76. Following remark? : I GET IT

78. Place for shady transactions : BACK ALLEY

79. Had Subway fare : ATE - Subway has 3,000 more shops than McDonalds

80. Physics Nobelist of 1938 : FERMI - Creator of the first nuclear reactor

81. Tango move : DIP

82. London's Virgin __ Records : EMI

83. Turf disputes : GANG WARS - The bane of many cities

85. "Billions" network, briefly : SHO

86. Muscle-bone connector : TENDON - One good and one ruptured 

88. "16 and Pregnant" spin-off : TEEN MOM - An MTV production

90. King known for his wealth : CROESUS - Do you know the only two letters in his name that are not 1-point scrabble tiles?

93. "Lord, is __?": Matthew : IT I - Read from some pulpits this past week

95. Big primate : APE

98. Like sundials : ANALOG - A very high tech ANALOG sundial

100. __ nectar: sugar substitute : AGAVE - Other than used for tequila it's nectar is known as honey water

101. Wrinkly fruits : UGLIS

103. Major snag : SNAFU

105. Broadway matchmaker : YENTE - "For me, well, I wouldn't holler, If he were as handsome as anything" 

106. Speed deterrent : BUMP

107. Sister brand of Nilla : OREO - Have we had OREO as fill before? 

108. Wine list heading : REDS

110. Bank deposit : SILT

116. Scott Eastwood, to Clint : SON

117. "Today" alternative, for short : GMA

Now it's time for you to William Tell us what you think.

The Grid:

33 comments: said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to C. C. and Gary!

Really enjoyed the theme.

No problems. However, scratched head at condole.

Russian friend and family brought over fantastic grilled chicken breast dinner.

Trying not to cough too much.

Have a great day!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Managed to get 'em all, but not without some missteps along the way. Thought "lacking variety" would be SAME OLD. That "speed deterrent" was a HUMP which resulted in HOWLING GREEN. Oops! Learned NAMASTE from Stargate SG1, but didn't realize it was yoga-related. Frankie LAINE had lots of hits, but I remember him best for Moonlight Gambler from 1956. Enjoyed the outing, C.C. and Husker.

QUILT: My SIL is an accomplished quilter. She's won some awards.

Husker, are you sure that catcher is making a SIGN, and not just scratchin' somethin'?

Now that spring is sprung, we're back to our weekend bike rides. Time for that 10-mile pedal around the 'hood...

Montana said...

Happy Easter, everyone!

Big Easy said...

Happy Easter and it's time for the South LA Easter tradition- CRAWFISH BOIL. Well C.C., the theme was obvious from the start with the celebrity preceded by the 'ING' activity. Nathan LANE, I've never heard of but you probably have not heard of QB Bobby LAYNE, which I would have solved immediately. And Frankie LAINE was a clue. Just missing the verb form- LAIN- to have four spellings of the same word.

I almost solved it all but in the end it was a DNF. I didn't know the correct spelling of CROESUS and my Spanish is limited to HOT TAMALEs and CERVEZA, so ASO and CROASUS did me in. Bad WAG on my part.

Perfect sleeper? Not me. Wake up too much.But SERTA fit. I filled CONSOLE before GONDOLA changed it to CONDOLE, which is a word I have never heard before ( and probably only be seen in a X-Word puzzle. And speaking of unknowns:
NAMASTE? ALTO SOLO? really? 100% perps.
IN MOST- never heard anything other than INNER most.
DUNST- never heard of her until they shot a movie scene at my house, where she played the mother of some kid with special powers. "Midnight Special" She wasn't in the scene but many neighbors came in anticipation of her arrival.

I always thought BOWLING GREEN college was in KY; live and learn.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I absolutely loved this theme and execution by CC. I think my favorite visual would be Nathan Lane at quarterback, with Lucy bouncing on a trampoline a close second. Nathan Lane was hilarious in "The Bird Cage" as was Hank Azeria. And who could ever forget Lucy shoveling the chocolates in her mouth or stomping on the grapes? Didn't know Namaste but perps took care of that and several other crunchy areas. Only families with condolences so condole was a new word to me. Big, big CSO to Lucina at Hot Tomale!

Thanks, CC, for a truly enjoyable solve and thanks, HG, for your outstanding explication and visual presentations. You always do a bang-up job but you really outdid yourself today! Kudos and Bravos and Beaucoup Mercis!

Ferm, glad you had a nice dinner with your friends.

Bill G from yesterday ~ So happy to hear that Barbara is coming along so well. I'm sure your TLC has meant a lot to her.

Happy Easter to all.

Irish Miss said...

Sorry ~ "Only familiar with condolences...."

Lucina said...

Thank you sincerely, C.C. This was really fun! Knowing all the names certainly helped and like IM, I could visualize them in action! And my favorite role for NATHAN Lane is also in "The Bird Cage" but "The Producers" is a close second. He and Matthew Broderick were spectacular on Broadway.

NAMASTE, said with a bow, ends a yoga session. I've learned GATEAU from CWS as well as any golf related terms. My only doubt is CALLA lily as a pond flower. I've only seen them in gardens. Are water lilies CALLAs?

And thank you, Gary; I agree, today you were in top form.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Lucina said...

Thank you for the CSO, Irish Miss. No TAMALES for Easter, but lots of other food.

CONDOLE is new to me also but since condolences is the root, it makes sense.

Unknown said...

Sorry - BEG does not mean AVOID without an "OFF"

If Bing Crosby had written "Gone With The Wind",
Frankly, my dear, I don't care a fig.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Clever puzzle today. Many thanks, C.C.. I was familiar with all the names except Samantha BEE and Nathan LANE. Favorite clue/answer was "Had Subway fare" for ATE. Thank you perps for NAMASTE and PULI. Such a strange looking dog. Great write-up and links, Husker Gary. Thank you for filling in at the helm today.

Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I miss Merl.

Wilbur Charles said...

I second the kudos for CC and Gary. Another QOD methinks for Madame Defarge a quilter of renown, n'est-ce pas?

Yep three Naticks in a row with Sally someone even I could SUSS. I FIWed on HIHAT and spelled YENTE with an A.

Speaking of Naticks... Doug Flutie did one of those pharma ads during GOLF(So many golf clues lately we can CAP it*)

I thought of our old friend BEGging the question as Avoiding.

AGLET another old chestnut.

Everybody is at Easter festivities I see.


* Wilbur rule #38

billocohoes said...

Frankie Laine's best song was Blazing Saddles in the funniest movie ever made (if you can get an uncensored version)

Anonymous T said...

Lurk say...

Well, golly C.C., no one's every called me 'stylish' (6d). 'The WOP'*, 'Tony the Knee', 'Dago', sure. Stylish?... not so much.

Q. Why are so many Italians named Tony?
A. Their papers read - To: N.Y.

Bill G. Good to hear about Barbara's progress.
Bunny M - sorry to hear about your aunt.
Fermat - keep getting better.

Following remark? Brilliant c/a!

For my fellow Geeks - If you have Netflix, MST3K is baaack.... I've watched two episodes so far and it's the same campy fun.

Cheers, -T
*With Out Papers - therefore, those named Tony did have papers :-)

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Took me quite awhile to solve today, but "knowing" CC's "style" helped me with several answers - but still, there were several write-overs, too. Had LILLY > CALLA, MICAH > SARAH ( clearly guessing there; not into figure skating! ) YENTA > YENTE; PUTTING GREEN > BOWLING GREEN (just figured it HAD to be another golf clue!)

My favorite clue/solve was 92a (typing a's and z's = PINKIE. Although the Gen X and Millenials don't type with all their fingers (see limerick below)

Happy Easter to those who are celebrating today

Two 'licks:

When the yoga instructor did say
That she had two more classes that day,
She told first group, "Good-bye",
And a student asked, "Why
That remark? Aren't you done?" "Nah, must stay."

When the iPhone was launched, one succumbs
To the keyboard; and then it becomes
Rather nimble and free
Not to use their PINKIE
When they type. Can they say, "I'm all thumbs?"

Jayce said...

Wow, what an amazing puzzle! Such imagination! C.C.'s ability to see connections between things is so highly developed! I'm simply in awe of this puzzle. It's right up there in the top 10. Oh yeah, I liked it. Favorite clue is "Following remark?". As Tony said, it is brilliant. And "Subway fare" is outstanding. Man oh man.

Much appreciation to you, too, Gary, for such an interesting and entertaining write-up.

There are so many good Frankie Laine songs. He also did "Ghost Riders in the Sky" very well, but I like Vaughn Monroe's version better.

My lovely wife does yoga, so I knew NAMASTE.

I'm glad you had a lovely dinner, fermatprime, and I hope that cough clears up soon.

Happy Easter to you all.

Misty said...

An Easter morning C.C. puzzle!!!! Woohoo! Woohoo! It doesn't get any better than this. Thank you, C.C. for this delightful theme and so many great items! I did have to cheat a little, but not until after I'd already gotten a huge chunk of the puzzle. And, of course, thank you too, Husker Gary.

Talked to Dad in the hospital this morning. He's doing okay, just bored because there's no therapy on the weekends. Wish he could be having a great Easter dinner with his niece, as he'd planned. But the important thing is that he's okay, and I'm praying he'll be home again before too long.

I'm having a few friends over for appetizers and dinner (not my cooking, ordered it from Bristol Farms). So I have to go. But thank you again, C.C., and have a wonderful and beautiful Easter Sunday, everybody!

Unknown said...

Close to a TADA as most sundays. Got the clever theme quickly but it didn't help when a flower crossed with an obscure Olympian skater of 15 years ago. Sport theme and terms are my strength, ( how would a non baseball fan ever get "sign" ??) I don't follow figure skating even though I skated myself until I was 60. The typing clue also got me until the end. I describe my typing as "educated multi fingered hunt and peck" pinkies involved.

Happy Easter all... please explain how a Christian holiday became egg hunts and bunny rabbits"???

Unknown said...

BTW everyone...finish your taxes !

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Amazing and amusing puzzle, C.C.! Really great expo, Gary!

The NW was a hang up until almost the end. Got ASPEN immediately and knew SARAH, WAGd NAN but didn't know ELISHA. Had _R__NING DAY. Couldn't come up with ACTS. Duh!

AUGUSTA, a gimmee after last week's Masters. Got ROLLING STONE at once and had an "Aha moment" about the theme. Went along filling in the "INGs" when they seemed apt.

Last to fill: final "T" in OCTANT. I tried about every other letter first.

Never heard of Samantha BEE, only Melissa.

PULIS is a dog breed? Who knew? Need to watch more Westminster Dog Shows.

Big loud chuckle imagining Nathan LANE PASSING a football!

Didn't know CALLA lilies were a pond flower. Tried "lotus." Three times. Yes, I know the definition for insanity. After Lucina didn't know either, I went to Google and read that there is a "semi-aquatic" CALLA lily that needs constant water. There are also CALLA lilies varieties which need drained soil. Also learned they aren't hardy enough to withstand freezing weather. This explains why my attempt at growing one CALLA failed so dismally.

Happy Easter or what's left of it. Mucho moisture falling here. Chuck, I think Easter eggs and bunnies represent the resurrection of new life each spring after the dead of winter.

Bobbi said...

Now comes the pan. REALLY disliked the silly defs. Though the theme was clever, too many defs were "stretches" ( i.e. inane). In other words, it wasn't eggsactly my basket of goodies today!

WikWak said...

Favorite today was BOUNCING BALL. Also enjoyed HG's writeup (as usual). Happy Easter, all!

Pat said...

Happy Easter to those who observe the holiday. I was going to quit about half-way through, but I came here to the grid for some help, saw who the constructor is and worked on it until I finished. Thank you, C.C. and H-G!

Fav today is 97a: Certain triathlete/Ironman. One of my sisters has competed in several Ironman events. When she wasn't able to qualify for the Kona championship event, she quit. Hated the biking, didn't have easy access to a pool and loves running.

3d Sally having fun? I had Sally Ride, the astronaut. Perps corrected it to FIELD.

We drive past Bowling Green, OH on trips to Michigan and back.

Ferm, hope you feel better soon.

Bill G, it's good to hear that Barbara is improving.

Bunny M, I'm sorry to hear about your aunt.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Mimi said...

Big Easy, Western Kentucky University is in Bowling Green. They are the Hilltoppers. My grandson graduates from WKU next month. Very proud of him.

I enjoyed the puzzle very much.

I've stalked for a few years but have never posted. Hopefully I can add something to the group. I feel a little intimidated among you scholars. I almost posted when Lil E Tee was an answer for a Derby winner. Pat Day was the jockey. Most of you have probably heard his name. I live in Louisville so we are gearing up for the Derby. It's a two week festival prior to Derby Day.

Thanks for all the enjoyment you all have given me. I feel like I know some of you.


Argyle said...

Hi, Mimi.

Argyle said...

Going from quilts to fans and now back to quilts, gotta love this weather.

Irish Miss said...

Welcome, Mimi. Don't be intimidated, this is a friendly and supportive group.

Argyle, I'm about to get under the covers and not surface until June! 87 degrees today and 62 or so tomorrow!

Misty, I forgot to send best wishes for your Dad's speedy recovery. Hope he's back home soon.

Chuck L., I think the egg hunts and the bunny rabbits came from the same place as the "Christmas" candy canes and red-nosed reindeer, not to mention the chubby chimney climber! 😇

Argyle said...

"not to mention the chubby chimney climber" but you did anyway!

Irish Miss said...

Oh, Santa, forgive me.! To be honest, I never gave you a thought; I was just referring to the proverbial Jolly Old St. Nick! 🙃

Anonymous T said...

Mimi - Lemme second IM. Go Blue and play with us. We're not as scholarly as you think we are; we're just a group who loves wordplay, the crosswords and, in my case, cursing Saturday constructors. Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Mimi was the name of my MiL. If one enjoys solving and enjoys talking about same you are right at home here.

One thing that I suspect but can only speculate on is that constructors"lurk" our halls and and throw some of our words back with sexy clues.

Btw I just did the same. That usage of SEXY was clued awhile back, n'est-ce pas?

As noted, in that vein we had a lot of SEX today. Even without Owen- I'd better emojilize here 😂😂

Speaking of.. did I forget to PwD C-Moe gor his clever 'licks today.

Now I have to run NEMASTRE by Betsy; Yoga is right in her wheelhouse except I'll get 20 minutes of yoga talk.


Ps. Can you believe I couldn't SUSS AUGUSTA for the life of me. CC throws one right in my WHEELHOUSE and I whiff.

Mimi said...

Thanks everyone for the welcoming words. Yes, Anonymous T, GO BIG BLUE!

Picard said...

Hand up for YENTA. Never have seen it spelled YENTE but I see it is a name, not a title.

I had a doctor who used to say NAMASTE. He ended up infecting some patients with hepatitis and worse by re-using needles and not properly sterilizing them. Glad to have dodged that.

Never heard of FRANKIE Laine, but I see he sang the soundtrack to Blazing Saddles, one of the greatest films of all time. Learning moment.

Never heard of ELISHA. The entire concept of 24 seems utterly wicked and implausible.

Never heard of DUNST, NAN, SARAH nor EPPS either. Made HIHAT hard to WAG. Learning moment about LLOYD.