Apr 9, 2017

Sunday April 9, 2017 Gail Grabowski

 Theme: "Spout Nonsense" - SP is removed from the start of each theme entry.

 25A. Plumber, at times? : ELL CHECKER. Spell checker.

27A. Boxer in the wrong profession? : RING CHICKEN. Spring chicken. I don't get the "wrong profession" and "chicken" connection.

44A. Herb-carrying semi? : RIG OF PARSLEY. Sprig of parsley.

83A. Unlikely to get sick? : ILL-RESISTANT. Spill-resistant. Like some keyboards.
104A. One with a questionable sense of fashion? : IFFY DRESSER. Spiffy dresser. I hope their love endures. They're great together.

106A. News of a crude carrier sighting? : OILER ALERT. Spoiler alert.
35D. Flat-bodied fish depiction? : RAY PAINTING. Spray painting.

43D. "Jush one more, bartender," e.g.? : LIT DECISION. Split decision.

I'm thinking Gail tried to remove SPIEL (47D. Infomercial pitch) with no good result. It has the only stray SP in the grid.

I got the theme immediately, having messed around with a SPIN/SPOUT idea long time ago. Never made it happen. Just could not get enough entries to work. The more I work on puzzles, the more I admire Gail's grids. So much hard work goes into her grids. 

1. Criticize severely : BASH. Not SLAM.

5. Very little : SCANT

10. Musical with the song "A New Argentina" : EVITA

15. Roll on a farm, maybe : BALE

19. Major attachment : ETTE. Majorette. We also have 18. Market closing? : EER. Marketeer.

20. Many an emailer : AOLer. Rich is an AOL-er. 

21. Pay : WAGES

22. Northern terminus of I-79 : ERIE

23. Totally unlike wetlands : ARID

24. Golf goof : SLICE. Most men slice.

30. Finished behind : LOST TO

31. NBC show anchored by Lester Holt : DATELINE

32. "Pagliacci" clown : TONIO. I can never remember his name. CANIO fits also.

34. Muzzleloading aid : RAMROD

38. It holds water : DAM

39. Snowblower brand : TORO. Based here in MN.

40. Light beer? : PALE ALE. Nice clue.

41. Big bucks, briefly : MIL

49. Monogram on L'Homme products : YSL

50. Put up with : ABIDE

52. Menu words : A LA

53. They're not fast reads : EPICS

54. Help in the gym : SPOT

55. Allow access to : LET AT

56. Pay ending? : PAL. Not our old pal OLA.

57. Considerable care : PAINS. Take pains.

58. Is sympathetic (toward) : LEANS

59. "This Gun for Hire" actor : LADD (Alan). Never saw the film.

60. Mag man with a mansion : HEF

61. Under attack : BESET

62. Actor Morales : ESAI

63. Affected by tears, as makeup : SMEARED. Waterproof mascaras work wonders.

65. Winter air : CAROL

66. "I thought it was a secret" : YOU KNEW? Got via crosses.

69. Biblical brother : CAIN. We see ESAU more often. ABEL too.

70. Sported : HAD ON

71. Pester for payment : DUN. My brother knows this word.

72. Quattro competitor : ATRA

73. Base with a coach : THIRD. Also FIRST.

75. What an iron often causes : DIVOT. All pretty deep.

76. Pen name : BIC

77. Gonzalez in 2000 news : ELIAN

78. Ones not itemized : REST. Oh, the rest.

79. Willamette River capital : SALEM

80. Crescent component : ARC

81. Have an inkling : SENSE

82. Ristorante suffix : INI. Suffix for pasta. So which country do you think have the best food?

87. H.S. dropout's exam : GED

88. Environmental destruction : ECOCIDE

91. Congenial : NICE

92. Wine flavorer : OAK

94. Filibuster site : SENATE.

95. Not in anymore : PASSE. What Filibuster is.

97. Most shabby : TATTIEST

102. Took the wrong way? : ROBBED

110. Mumbai money : RUPEE

111. Stallion's mate : MARE. Also 10. Flock mom : EWE. And 60. Female lobster : HEN

112. Skedaddle : FLEE

113. Lacked roots : ROVED

114. __ Gay : ENOLA

115. Island off Tuscany : ELBA

116. It may cause quakes : FEAR. Not Jayce's earthquakes.

117. How-to units : STEPS

118. Ill-fated Ford : EDSEL

119. It's usually graded : TEST. ROAD too.


1. Darwin wore one : BEARD

2. Sunlit courts : ATRIA

3. Hitch : STINT

4. Wouldn't commit : HEDGED

5. Sushi bar order : SASHIMI. 刺身 in Japanese/Chinese. Literally "Pierced Body".

6. 2014 U.S. Senior Open winner Montgomerie : COLIN. He's quite engaging & friendly. Biting wit.

7. "I've had such a curious dream!" speaker : ALICE

8. Part of a violin : NECK

9. Spot with a bird's-eye view : TREETOP

11. "Grease" singer : VALLI

12. Domed dwelling : IGLOO

13. Sleuths, for short : TECS. Detectives.

14. Many bars no longer have them : ASHTRAYS. They live forever at the casinos.

15. Turn into eventually : BECOME

16. Old Testament sanctuary : ARK

17. Deliberate omission, some say : LIE
26. What makes lists briefer, briefly : ET AL

28. Red wine choice : CLARET

29. "A Doll's House" heroine : NORA

33. "Just curious" : NO REASON. Also 86. Like paste, jewelry-wise : NOT REAL

 36. The Christina in Wyeth's "Christina's World" : OLSON. I forgot. We had this clue before.

37. Lats relatives : DELTs Also 40. Lats relatives : PECs

39. Maker of nonstick cookware : T-FAL. My stir-fry pan.
41. Places to browse : MALLS

42. Steel girder : I BEAM

45. Rubbernecked : GAPED

46. Minnesota's St. __ College : OLAF. They're in the same place as Carleton College, alma mater of Amy Reyhaldo (Crossword Fiend).

48. It's trapped in house traps : LINT

51. Ernst genre : DADA ART

54. Broad-leafed maritime plant : SEA KALE. Never heard of it. Is it edible?

57. 1995 Reform Party founder : PEROT

58. Baton Rouge sch. : LSU
61. Throwing out a chain letter, and others : BAD OMENS. Never got a chain letter.

62. Really big stretch : EON

64. Relieved (of) : RID

65. Spelunker : CAVER

66. New Mexico state flower : YUCCA. Ours is Lady Slipper. Some spell it as  Lady's Slipper.

67. Remove : ERASE

68. Subsided : WANED

70. Natural elevation : HILL And 75. 70-Down's opposite : DALE

71. Scuttlebutt : DIRT

73. Tastes : TRIES

74. As a result : HENCE
76. Private home : BASE. Army private. And 77. Opulent home : ESTATE

79. Court conferences : SIDEBARS

84. Obedient response to un capitán : SI SI

85. Like navigable Arctic waters : ICE-FREE
89. Life's work : CAREER. I was thinking of prisoners.

90. "... like __ not" : IT OR

93. Fate : KISMET. Love this word.

95. "Pet" problem : PEEVE

96. Mag sales staff member : AD REP

97. Proofer's finds : TYPOS

98. Two-time Billboard Top Artist awardee : ADELE

99. Virtual transaction : E-SALE

100. Novi Sad natives : SERBs. Wiki says Novi Sad is the second largest city of Serbia.

101. Pleasant surprise : TREAT

103. Rorschach image : BLOT

105. Provide money for : FUND

106. Wrong : OFF

107. Key for Ravel? : ILE. French for Island. Not CLE.

108. Grazing area : LEA

109. Some OT winners : TDs


39 comments: said...


Thanks to Gail and C.C.! Two prolific women!

Several things perped. But, time for bed.

Cough is WORSE. Egad!

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

FIRbTD! Very challenging! WEES on specifics, I'm sure.

{D for downer, A, B, B.}

That BASH was a much regretted occasion
When CAIN killed a quarter of the world's population¡
But today's ECOCIDE
Might exceed fratricide,
As whole species BECOME PASSE to exploitation¡

If a T.V. reporter LESTER HOLT were inclined
He could sail to where the day changes time.
It would be terrific
If from the Pacific

In Oregon, the SENATE is centered in SALEM.
Everything's green, cause the rains never fail 'em!
The forests are mighty,
The TREE TOPS are sightly --
Lumberjacks are so tough, felled logs, they just BALE 'em!

RAMRODS SPOT chest PECS, quads in the legs,
DELTS in the shoulders, and biceps like pegs!
The NECK has the traps,
The back has the lats,
But they ignore my abs, a six-pack -- of kegs!

Lemonade714 said...

C.C. I hope your comment about Sea Kale prompts a response. It looks like what is in the store.

Also if smoke free gambling is your choice the Isle Casino in Pompano Beach is smoke free.

Is St. Olaf for boys and Carleton for gils?

The puzzle and write were spot on- thank you both.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I struggled mightily in Minnesota; that was the last area to fill in. AOLER seems a tad dated. Maybe Rich is the last one? Thanks for the SPoof, Gail.

C.C., a ring "chicken" is unlikely to be a boxer.

There's a print of Christina's World hanging in my office. Before you get the impression that I'm hoity-toity, there's also a pastel entitled Empty Pearls -- depicting two empty Pearl beer cans. For you non-Texans, Pearl is an iconic Texas beer.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C. and friends. I caught the theme with RIG OF, but the PARSLEY came later. ELL CHECKER was my first theme fill.

I liked seeing the HILL right next to the DALE, with the HILL a grid space higher up.

A shout out to the Louisiana contingent with LSU. Also Louisiana's state flower is the Magnolia.

I had many of the same first thoughts as noted by C.C.: Road before TEST as things graded and payola before Pay Pal.

St. OLAF appears with some frequency in the puzzles.

In honor of HEF's 91st birthday, here is today's QOD: I always say now that I’m in my blonde years because since the end of my marriage, all of my girlfriends have been blonde. ~ Hugh Hefner (b. Apr. 9, 1926)

Argyle said...

Rose Nylund, née Lindström, was born in St. Olaf but went to St. Gustaf University.

Anonymous T said...

Hahtoolah - St. OLAF is where the above-average children from Lake Wobegon (all of them) go to college. The party kids go to LSU; average kids - we just show up at LA Tech :-)

Thanks C.C.! -Lurk

Big Easy said...

RING CHICKEN- a boxer who is a 'chicken' doesn't belong in the boxing ring. Hence "wrong profession"

Big Easy said...

I didn't notice the missing 'SP' until I was almost finished. Many, many perps filled the 'nonsense' fills. I was having trouble in the LIT DECISION area, wanting ADMIT for 'allow access to' and didn't know who the gunslinger was. I was thinking LET IN but the wine and art wouldn't allow it and LET AT just plain sounded wrong but it had to be.

The cross of two other unknowns- TONIO & NORA- with 'O' was the only letter that really made sense. And then there's SEA KALE, which I have never heard of either. I had filled SEA KELP and wants 'SPOSE or SMELL but nothing made SENSE until SENSE was filled. After the SP V-8 moment I realized 35D was spRAY PAINTING so KELP morphed into KALE. I hope it tastes better than 'land' KALE.

DIVOT- you're supposed to leave them after you hit the ball, but mine usually start on the wrong side. I've leave a few tomorrow.
ECOCIDE- a new word for me. I guess I commit ecocide every time I trim my shrubs or mow the grass.

Big Easy said...

Anon T, no- the party kids go to ULL, formerly USL (University of Slow Learners). My daughter went to LSU. I paid for SEVEN years, five for LSU-Baton Rouge and two for Occupational Therapy LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans.

And my granddaughter will be attending LSU in the fall, and yes, she is a PARTY ANIMAL.

Yellowrocks said...

Loved the theme. It certainly helped the solve which I finished in average Sunday time.
CC, chicken is slang for coward. A boxer who is "chicken" in the ring shouldn't be a boxer. Another name for coward is scaredy cat.
IMO the ELIAN story was way over-hyped.
My first thought for very little was SKOSH from yesterday.
For many years I used to get DUNning phone calls for people I haven't seen in 25 years or more. They have finally stopped.
Light beer-pale ale and pen name-Bic were my favorites.
Was the ARK a sanctuary or in a sanctuary? Any thoughts on this?
From "Sea kale is generally cooked similar to asparagus and served with a mild sauce or butter. The stalk provides a taste similar to kohlrabi while the green leaves taste similar to a strong cabbage."
Sea Kale

Yellowrocks said...

Ps. I was 100% sure of CANIO, the main character in I Pagliacci. I was also sure of NORA and TREE TOP, so I had to switch to TONIO, which corrected VALLE to VALLI. This is one of my favorite operas. I prefer the Italian operas to the German ones. I like many of the German arias, but find the entire operas too heavy.

billocohoes said...

SPOT is a second stray "SP"

I assume TONIO is short for Antonio. Also prefer Italian, but really the only opera I've listened to very much is what my daughter sang at her recitals in college.

tawnya said...

Good morning everyone!

Long time, no chat! Sorry for the disappearing act - between work and school I'm putting in about 55 hours a week. But I'll be finished in just a 33 days according to my countdown app!

Lovely puzzle, Gail. I got the the SP OUT part right away so just waited to fill in the funnies. Thank you, C.C. for the nice write-up explaining. I found a nice article and recipe about SEA KALE that sounds pretty yummy!

"This guns for hire..." brought back memories of everyone's friend Courtney dancing with The Boss in this video. I always wanted to be that lucky girl pulled from the audience...

Hope everyone is doing well. It's been strange not being able to keep up with you all! (I did see IM and CC's fun Tuesday puzzle - well done!) I'm definitely looking forward to having a life again when this school thing is over...

Happy Sunday -


Husker Gary said...

-PARSLEY gave me the fun and helpful theme
-Hillary and Donald paid SCANT attention to certain parts of the country where they SENSED they couldn’t or didn’t have to change any minds
-My AOL memory
-An alternative to driving on the DAM
-Ladd was okay with 4’11” Veronica Lake but 5’8” Sophia Loren had to walk in a trench next to the 5’6” actor
-We had to DUN my brother and sister for repayment for loans. DON’T lend to family!
-Janet Reno had few good choices with ELIAN
-I showed a Darwin video on evolution last week that stated, “He had the best idea in the history of mankind”
-I hope my heart’s ATRIA never see sunlight
-I learned SASHIMI in a M*A*S*H episode
-Just such LIES
-Bye, bye MALLS?
-C.C., maybe this is the part you don’t understand

Lucina said...

What a nice grid from Gail Grabowski. Thank you, Gail, for today's challenge and a CSO to me. Yes, my name is the opposite of a natural elevation. LOL

Luckily, I SPOTted the gimmick and it not only helped with some of the solve but made me chuckle as well, especially (SP)IFFYDRESSER. And thank you, C.C., for the photo of a DIVOT as I had no idea what that was, it emerged after I agonized over BADOMENS/BESET. PEROT, NORA, ENOLA, EDSEL were givens, TONIO was a WAG.

AOL can't be too PASSE, I see it on some e-mails and since Verizon recently bought it, I wonder if they have plans to revitalize it.

What a tricky and new way to clue ERIE! I now see that I didn't go back to finish SPOT/OLSON, left out the O. Drat! FIW

It's always nice to "see" you, C.C. and learn about your culture. As for food, my top three favorite countries are France, Italy and China (though I'm limited to Hong Kong)where the food was out of this world and has spoiled my taste forever, especially Chinese food. It was served in bamboo baskets, steaming hot and absolutely yummy. It's the same with Italian and French; both were completely enjoyable and unforgettable.

Have a sensational Sunday, everyone!

Lucina said...

I hope MALLS stay open through my lifetime. I still love to shop though I don't need to nearly as much as I used to but I love the feel of the merchandise, elbowing my way through the aisles and don't even mind standing in line as long as it's not too long. Yesterday, I shopped for new summer clothes and it was exhilarating.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Another fun and creative offering from Gail. I caught the theme early on and, as always, that helps with the solve. I filled in Tozio for Tonio without hesitation but I have no idea where that Z came from. Ecocide is new to me but was easy to guess. Did the verb Dun originate from Dun and Bradstreet? I continue to enjoy the Sunday puzzles when they are as clever (but not overly "gimmicky") as this is.

Thanks, Gail, for another Sunday solo and thanks, CC, for the entertaining write-up. The only authentic cuisine I've had is Italian. I love French and Chinese dishes but what I've had is probably a poor imitation of the real McCoy, so to speak. I think you have to live in a metropolitan area to have access to the top chefs and ethnic restaurants.

DO, you are the last person on earth who would ever be thought of as hoity-toity. 😈

Tawnya, we'll look forward to hearing from you on a regular basis once you graduate. Hang in there, you're almost home!

I have received 4-5 emails since yesterday from PayPal telling me my account has been tampered with and to click on a link to verify some transactions. Number 1, I don't have a PayPal account and Number 2, even if I did, seeing a subject line that read VIEW YOUR INFORMATIONS would set off an alarm.

Speaking of email, I use AOL for email only as I had it for years as my provider and didn't want to change my address. My present ISP is Time Warner, now Spectrum, I guess.

Have a great day.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Caught the SP-out gimmick early which helped mightily with the other long fills. Enjoyable, Gail. I thought I was struggling but my time was much less than most Sundays. Always enjoy your expos, C.C.

YR: ARK as a sanctuary? I questioned this too, thinking of ARK of the Covenant. Then I realized that Noah's ARK would be a sanctuary for animals who would otherwise drown.

I'm one of those shoppers who have doomed MALLS. I can't walk that much anymore. Grocery shopping is about all I do unless I can talk my daughter into taking me. Amazon works well for me.

Irish Miss: did you see on TV where international police worked together and busted a huge telephone scamming enterprise based in India. They hauled out the RINGleader with a black mask bag over his head. Maybe your scammers will be fewer. I missed two calls this week from my yard man because he called in the time frame my nuisance calls usually occur. Didn't bother to check the phone.

PK said...

Louisiana contingent: My granddaughter has been offered a very nice scholarship to Loyolla to study jazz & music business related subject. She had to audition. Is this a good school? Grandma thinks its too far away from home. Sure can't run home on weekends if she gets homesick.

Jayce said...

Such a well thought out, creative, and elegant puzzle! Gail always does such good work. This was a pleasant solve. Not easy, but doable and pleasant. Thanks to all you people who like to create puzzles.
My favorite foods are, in no special order, Taiwanese, French, and Italian.
Hand up for entering ROAD before TEST. Also DADAISM before DADA ART and MERLOT before CLARET. (I think only the British ever call it Claret.)
Fave clue was for PEEVE.
I recently learned that my ATRIA fibrillate.
It took me some pondering to figure out if it was TONIO or CANIO, since I didn't know NORA. It was TREETOP that decided it.
So shopping exhilarates you, eh, Lucina? My wife likes shopping, too. I always tell her, "You go shop all you want; I'll stay home and enjoy what you bought."
Best wishes to you all.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

What a delightful, punny puzzle. OILER ALERT was my favorite theme fill. Favorite non-theme clue/answer was
"Private home" for BASE. COLIN Montgomerie and TONIO were both 100% perpped. Thanks, C.C., for the excellent write-up and links.

Enjoy the day!

MJ said...

Feel better soon, Fermatprime!

Yellowrocks said...

Jayce, interesting comment about claret. I didn't realize it really is a particularly British name. In this Wiki article skip down to Claret terminology. Claret is sometimes used in the U.S. in naming wines.
PK, yes, Noah's ark! Thanks for clearing that up. It never crossed my mind.
Congrats on your granddaughter's scholarship. I see there are many Loyola Universities. I always think of the Maryland one. At least, LA is closer than MD. A search online reveals that the LA one is highly regarded and has a fine music school. What kind of CAREER is she aiming for?
Tawnya, what a relief to be finishing school soon. For the student it frees up so much more time. Speaking as a parent of an erstwhile adolescent, it frees up so much more money. I used to waitress nights after teaching during the day to pay the college bills.
This is a divine day, needing only a light sweater. I love spring and autumn best.

Big Easy said...

HG- any loan made to a relative can be expected to never be paid. I've seen so many families driven apart because somebody borrowed money and didn't bother to even try to pay it back.

Ditto for co-signing a loan. The other person won't pay on it and you're stuck with the payments.

PK- Loyola is directly next to Tulane, about the width of three cars. Loyola has a great music dept. from what I hear. A friend of mine's son turned down a Harvard acceptance to study voice with a particular Loyola professor. He currently sings opera all over the US and Europe. As for the rest of the school, I don't know, but the locals would say it's a good place to "pay your fees and get your B's". But like Tulane it's mainly a school where rich kids from 'up North' go to college. The same thing goes for Tulane (except their medical school). Other than the opera singer I personally only know two other people who graduated from Loyola. Years ago, they had a dental school and a pharmacy school, but Xavier took over their pharmacy school and LSU took over their dental school.

Misty said...

Busy day today with a Gourmet Club dinner tonight. My job is to make a Cucumber and Mache salad--never heard of Mache (a kind of lettuce-like green) or nigella seeds, which get sprinkled on top.

As a result I did very poorly on this Gail puzzle, with lots of cheating, but still found the theme really funny and enjoyed the puzzle over-all very much. And thanks for the always great expo, C.C.

I loved the picture of Darwin, and read most of his work for a chapter on him in my "Beasts of the Modern Imagination" book. He seems like both a brilliant scientist and a very nice, gentle, and modest man.

Hope your cough gets better soon, Fermatprime, and nice to have you back, Tawnya.

Have a great Sunday, everybody!

Hungry Mother said...

Very nice puzzle. I caught on to the theme right away and it was a big help. I found that I know alot more stuff than I knew I did: TFAL, TONIO, for example. I do the LA Times puzzle in the Naples Dailey News, so I get writer's cramp on Sundays.

Yellowrocks said...

Big Easy said facetiously, "I guess I commit ecocide every time I trim my shrubs or mow the grass." LOL. So, I guess I commit murder every time I spray the ants with Raid.

Seriously, Wiki says:
To be considered an ecocide under the proposed law, an environmental harm would need to be widespread, long lasting or severe. This is the parameter based disjunctive test, as already set out under the 1977 United Nations Environmental Modification Convention, which specifies the terms ‘widespread’, ‘long-lasting’ or ‘severe’ as:
1.widespread: encompassing an area on the scale of several hundred square kilometers; and/or
2.long-lasting: lasting for a period of months, or approximately a season; and/or
3.severe: involving serious or significant disruption or harm to human life, natural and economic resources or other assets.
The entire Wiki article under ECOCIDE is interesting.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Just an easy Sunday stroll as I filled in the grid while watching The Masters. Looking like either Sergio Garcia or Justin Rose will win, but they're just now teeing off on 10, with "Amen Corner" lying ahead

CC - saw a few intentional SLICEs today by the "men" at Augusta. Glad to see the clue/solve for 24a was SLICE, and not another "golf term" beginning with S and 5 letters long. Golfers will know the word I was thinking of, without saying. It's s BAD OMEN to utter that phrase! 😜

I too got the theme from IFFY DRESSER, as I started at the bottom and worked my way north. Kudos to Gail and CC for the puzzle and recap.

Two limericks today:

When Noah was told of the weather;
He thought about how he might tether
Ev'ry beast, two by two.
ARK was like a big zoo.
They're all in the same boat; together.

Ornithologist will manage her
Employees as their new manager.
They all said, with one voice,
"She's the obvious choice."
And her name? Miss Scarlett Tanager.

Chairman Moe said...

Big Easy:

I too have a daughter who's an LSU alumna. She graduated in 2004 with a BA in Music Performance. She was there on a Chancellor's scholarship which was quite a plus for us. Full ride, but we did provide her with $$ to live off campus. Chimes Sports Bar was a favorite spot near campus to get some decent beer and jambalaya and/or étouffée.

Geaux Tigers!

Wilbur Charles said...

Ok. No more SPOILERS on the Masters. I'm at the sixth on tape delay. C-Moe is right: it begins at Amen corner. Southern Baptist term I believe.

I had trouble with the West. Was LIT. included on that list the other day? Were the golf clues a QOD to the Masters?

C-Moe, I was SH**king something awful on my golf debut the other day. Début in the sense of not playing much.

I never got around to Saturday's xword. Then I lost the newspaper.

I agree that Gail does make an interesting and doable XW. Subtle cluing.

Fermatprime, I hope that cough gets better. CC thanks for the write-up.

Owen and C-Moe, nice 'licks.


Bobbi said...

What's up:ECOCIDE??? Who coined that one? And LIT DECISION is just plain dumb! Otherwise a fun diversion today.

Anonymous said...

Wilbur....I can solve your spoiler dilemma. Pull yout head up from the ipad, turn off your device and watch the tournament.

Geesh, your worse than my kids!

Michael said...

And for malls, don't count 'em dead yet. My (now departed) wife just refused to e-shop -- she always liked wandering around and looking, trying things on, getting ideas, getting a feel for the material and workmanship. None of these pluses are available on-line, and although there is clearly a shake-out coming from an oversaturated retail market, I agree with her. Sometimes the best way is "up close and personal"!

Michael said...

And as for AOL, this was the response to my post just above. I have no idea what "DMARC" is, but Listerine doesn't kill it.

Error Icon
Message blocked
Your message has been blocked by See technical details below for more information.

The response from the remote server was:
550 5.7.1 Unauthenticated email from is not accepted due to domain's DMARC policy. Please contact the administrator of domain if this was a legitimate mail. Please visit to learn about the DMARC initiative. d189si4133664ywf.260 - smtp

CrossEyedDave said...

Did the puzzle on an Ipad mini on a plane going home.
The LATImes site works well on the Ipad
once you get past the ad.

Just make sure you look up the puzzle at home near your wifi,
(Airport WiFi is awful...)
get past the ad and just close the cover once you get to the puzzle.
The entire Sunday puzzle stayed in memory, just couldn't look at the Blog
until I got to another Wifi.

This Sea Kale thing looks interesting...

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-The first really beautiful weekend of the year and everyone is out stirring the dirt. We spent a great part of the day getting my MIL’s yard ready.
-Les Miles got fired as the LSU FB coach and his son is now a fullback for the Huskers
-No spoilers, WC, but it was a great finish. After all those monster drives and long iron shots, it still comes down to inches with the putter just like all other tournaments.
-Big Easy, Amen! I gave my kids money expecting no payback but my brother and sister...

Wilbur Charles said...

Thanks HG. I just saw the finish. A great tournament if not having the pathos of last year's. It wasn't Justin Speith's day.
Misty, did you happen to read "Charles and Emma". It's about his married life and the conflict they overcame vis a vis religion. NPR's Terry Gross interviewed the author as I recall.


Misty said...

Haven't read "Charles and Emma," Wilbur, but will put it on my list.