Apr 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Initials - Entries start with the same two letters. The following vowels are in A, E, I, O, U order.

18A. *Increases homeowner levies, say: RAISES TAXES

24A. *EMS group: RESCUE TEAM

41A. *Meaty barbecued pork dish: RIB TIPS

50A. *Marinara sauce ingredient: ROMA TOMATO

62A. *Restaurant chain named for a Rolling Stones hit: RUBY TUESDAY. (primarily east coast)

61D. Pretentiously cultured, and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred clues: ARTY

Argyle here(and in the puzzle). A signature offering from C.C. Not only do the entries start with the same two letters but the following letters are vowel progression...for both words. A lot of CSO's today.


1. Oysters are found in one: BED

4. Campfire leftovers: ASHES

9. Bowler's challenge: SPLIT

14. Deli loaf: RYE

15. Kingdom: REALM

16. Escape detection by: ELUDE

17. Notable period: ERA

20. "Pitching" or "sand" golf club: WEDGE

22. Tartan wrap: KILT. 47D. Diamond-shaped pattern: ARGYLE

23. Candidate's goal: SEAT

27. 2015 FedExCup champ Jordan: SPIETH. Golf.

29. '80s-'90s legal drama: L.A. LAW

33. Williams in the Country Music Hall of Fame: HANK. 1961

34. "Brokeback Mountain" director: ANG LEE

39. Go astray: ERR

40. Dutch financial powerhouse: ING. (International Netherlands Group)

42. You, in Paris: TOI

43. Dessert with a crust: PIE

44. Corrects a pencil mistake: ERASES

45. Soft "Hey!": "PSST!"

46. "Buzz off!": "SCRAM!". and stay off my lawn.

48. Siouan speakers: OSAGEs

55. Medication: DRUG

58. San Joaquin Valley problem: SMOG

59. Prying type: YENTA

65. Make public: AIR

66. "Hello" Grammy winner: ADELESong.

67. Part of an act: SCENE

68. Mining supply: TNT. BOOM BOOM!

69. French hat: BERET

70. Smooths in shop class: SANDS

71. Pig's pad: STY


1. Coffee or tea: BREW

2. Fictional governess: EYRE. Jane.

3. Double: DEAD RINGER. Doppelgänger doesn't fit.

4. Take into custody: ARREST

5. Pirate's milieu: SEA

6. Japanese 17-syllable poem: HAIKU

7. Borden spokescow: ELSIE

8. Silvery food fish: SMELT

9. Ready to go: SET

10. Blood component: PLASMA

11. Very fancy: LUXE

12. Creative spark: IDEA. Like which R.T. set this puzzle in motion?

13. Trial run: TEST

19. Sault __ Marie: STE.

21. Adorkable one: GEEK

25. Rocker, e.g.: CHAIR

26. Tavern drinks: ALEs

27. Ocean crossers: SHIPS

28. __ button: PANIC

30. Chant for D.C.'s baseball club: [LET'S GO NATS!]

31. Cropped up: AROSE

32. Court orders: WRITS

35. Org. with Warriors and Wizards: NBA. (National Basketball Association)  Golden State Warriors, Oakland, Ca, and  Washington Wizards, Washington, D.C.

36. Alfa Romeo sports cars: GTs

37. Tell tall tales: LIE

38. Surrey town known for salts: EPSOM

41. San __: Riviera resort: REMO

45. Hors d'oeuvres spread: PÂTÉ

49. Go along: SAY YES

51. The Spartans of the NCAA: MSU. (Michigan State University)

52. "Don't make __!": A MESS

53. Puccini premiere of 1900: TOSCA

54. Nash who rhymed "grackle" with "debacle": OGDEN

55. Dull: DRAB

56. Lacking manners: RUDE

57. Popular rideshare app: UBER

60. Window shade: TINT

63. Spring Festival : China :: __ : Vietnam: TET

64. "What else?": "AND?". And now your comments.

Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to Kazie (Kay), who has been with our blog since the summer of 2008. Kay grew up in Australia, met her husband Barry while traveling in Spain. She still travels to Germany frequently to visit her son and their beautiful family.

Kay and her husband Barry on Tamborine Mountain, overlooking Brisbane

46 comments: said...


Thanks to C. C. and Santa!

DEAD RINGER was perped and WAGged. A few sports clues also.

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

The RT was easy to see, but thanks, Argyle, I didn't notice the displeasing vowel progression until your expo.

I'm in a sad, upset frame today, so start with a somber poem, and segue to to lighter stuff.
{B-, B, A, pass.}

SHIPS sail the SEA, AND the SANDS of time.
They blow over every REALM and clime!
Tho the passage be RUDE,
There's no hope to ELUDE.
Every ERA, every voyage, must end with the chime.

DEAD RINGER was an answer in the puzzle today.
How long till the Quasimodo joke has its say?
Let's ARREST it, don't tell
How the SCENE rings a bell!
Nah, someone will surely give it away.

Who thinks that diamonds on KILTS are a style?
PSST, I'll give you a hint, his handle's ARGYLE!
Tho the pattern's A MESS,
It's not DRAB, I guess.
And who's to defend it? Why, our guy'll!

And now for some HAIKU!

PANIC in the AIR!
Land line is disconnected.

Japan: otaku,
America: nerd or GEEK.
Cultures coalesce.

OwenKL said...

The Grackle
... ........ ~~ by Ogden Nash

The grackle's voice is less than mellow,
His heart is black, his eye is yellow,
He bullies more attractive birds
With hoodlum deeds and vulgar words,
And should a human interfere,
Attacks that human in the rear.
I cannot help but deem the grackle
An ornithological debacle.

The OGDEN Nash
... ..... .... ~~ by OwenKL

The Nash must be a punny fella
To write such verses a cappella.
No ululating chords in back,
Just a blackbird's crackling hack!
And yet his poems linger near
The rhythmic lines that pleased our ear.
He rhymed debacle with a grackle?
Preserving that, our memory track'll!

thehondohurricane said...

Being a Connecticut resident and considering the current environment, least favorite fill for today was:


Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle for a fine review.

47D is yours, ARGYLE. Congrats.

Liked the puzzle. The theme eluded me until I came here. Very clever, however. Too clever for me I guess.

SPIETH was unknown, perps. EPSOM was a wag. HAIKU was unknown, perps as well.

BREW was a favorite. I will BREW a cup of Earl Grey at 8:45 AM when I get home from guarding the crossing. I do not dare drink a cup before I guard. When you are out there, you cannot leave to "go"

Took me a while to get DEAD RINGER. Had BAR for 1A and did not know ING. Also had EYRE spelled as AYRE. Once I fixed all that stuff DEAD RINGER appeared.

Have to finish cutting the grass and then work on my Invisible Fence.

See you tomorrow.


( )

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Our weekly C.C. puzzle was as clever as ever. Took me a minute to understand the reveal for the theme, but made me chuckle. Thanks, Argyle. I, too, didn't see the vowel progression until you shed light on it.

LET"S GO NATS! took some thought. I wanted Wizards but it didn't fit. Oh, baseball... Well, shortly thereafter were the Wizards and Warriors which was a gimmee since I've been watching bits of their playoff games. Some really great basketball, but the playoffs are usually too rough for me to watch whole games. Can't stand to see my guys getting knocked around.

Jordan SPIETH was also a gimmee.

RUBY TUESDAY used to be my favorite restaurant here but it closed several years ago. They are advertising again on TV pretty regularly, but I don't know where they are located.

Oyster BED followed by camp fire reminded me of a lovely smoked oyster picnic at Mystic Bay Beach in Washington state while volunteers cleared the clusters of razor-sharp oysters off the boat ramp at low tide and roasted them over a campfire.

Knew ING because it always struck me as weird since the first ads came out.

Abejo, pray tell how do you fix an invisible fence?

Hondo, Our state is also haunted by the specter of RAISED TAXES.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Thanks, CC and ARGYLE for the fun romp this morning

Couple ERRors: REIGN > REALM; LUSH > LUXE. All else was correct. I saw the RA, RE, RI etc, but couldn't "see the forest for the T's"! 😜 Cute theme, though.

Lots of cool clue/solves and of course the golf and baseball (yes, even ERA could be clued as "pitcher's stat") references that is CC's signature

I call myself a "Wine GEEK". And I truly am! 🍷🍷

Of course I love that HAIKU is in the puzzle today. I enjoy doing those almost as much as I do limericks. Here are a couple:

Bowling alley scene:
Sexy woman on lane two!
Mind in the gutter

In Georgia, the WRITS
From the judge to the plaintiff:
"Eat RIBTIPS and Grits!"

And my PG13 limerick - playing off WC's entry the other day:

When she bought a new sex toy on-line,
Tracking number FedEx did assign.
Studly guy made delivery.
She became very quivery,
Because his package looked very fine.

Husker Gary said...

-It took 22 Across to show me the second layer of C.C.’s fun puzzle. Ya gotta love “Adorkable”
-The guy on the left said, “I will raise TAXES. He lost.
-We are going to use a wall of water for our TOMATOES this year
-Yeah, me too, I picked the wrong bowling term with SP _ _ _
-Golf league starts at 9 today, now where is that 60˚wedge?
-Tókheškhe yaúŋ he? (Siouan for How are you?)
-We no longer see a couple because she would always AIR their problems
-This rocking chair sold for $435,000
-One grandchild is a definite “GO ALONG” person. The other, not so much.
-Grackles are a nuisance in early spring
-Hand up for being a huge UBER fan!
-Happy Birthday, Kay!

MJ said...

Happy Birthday, Kazie, and good day to all!

Fun puzzle today. Loved the elegant vowel progression in the theme answers. Jordan SPIETH arrived via perps. Thanks for today's fine offering, C.C., and thanks for the guided tour, ARGYLE.

Enjoy the day!

PK said...

Happy birthday, Kazie!

Tinbeni said...

Happy Birthday Kazie ... my first "Sunset Toast" is to YOU!

Nice CSO to our guide ARGYLE.

Didn't catch on to the theme until reading the write-up.

Nothing DRAB about this puzzle. Thanks for a FUN RUBY TUESDAY offering C.C.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Bravo Zulu to C.C. on her Romeo Tango theme. (BTW - there's also a C.C. puzzle in today's WSJ).
Fun puzzle to solve No searches were needed. Favorite fill was RIB TIPS - I drooled all over the puzzle.
SPIETH - My son met him recently in Dallas, and sent a picture of the two which is in a place of honor on our fridge.
Nice SO to ARGYLE. Small world - during my youth my Dad would send surplus cattle to an Auction house in Argyle, NY (Argyle's home town), about 3 towns away, to be sold.

Montana said...

Good morning. Nothing can beat a CC puzzle, especially on a cold, gloomy, rainy day!
I struggled with yesterday's puzzle & it was Monday! I did what I could across, then down, then across & down again, etc, several times. Finally 'Z' finished it. And we ate Zesta crackers all the time. They came in a red box.

Today was far easier. Nice SO to Argyle. I even got the theme!
I have to say I am rusty at puzzle solving. Some clues I learned from solving everyday, aren't in the immediate memory anymore. I guess that just means I'll have to do the crossword everyday again!

My surgery was for a hole in my macula. Eyesight was going fast, but surprisingly an ophthalmologist who was a doctor who taught others to do this surgery at University of Kansas, has settled with his second family, in Havre, MT. (Yay, Spitzboov!) I only had to go 70 miles for surgery & once a week checkups. He filled my eyeball with C3F8 gas to press against the macula/retina after he stirred things up, and as the gas dissipates, my eyesight returns. It's been a very interesting recovery for a retired science teacher. It could have been 6-12 months before I could drive, but doctor gave me the go ahead to drive in town last Thursday. Of course, my town only has a population of @ 1300 people, so not much traffic. I still have a bubble, but can see out the upper half of my eye.

Yellowrocks, I am only 38 miles from a 'big' city with great medical facilities & airport. My children are happy. BTW, as a kid, I doubt we even did 10 different square dancing calls, but I was in one of two groups who got to perform at the state square dancing convention.
CanadianEH! I live further away from Canada now, but still get the radio station that serves Canadian provinces so my daily forecast still includes °C.

Have a nice day!

Montana said...

I changed my avatar to my "Aussie" grandsons celebrating their heritage. They got their dual citizenship this past fall. They will spend the summer in Brisbane.
My son and family live in CT for the school year, so Honda--they agree with you about taxes!

I don't know how to spell G'day, but that's what I'm wishing you, Kazie!


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This will be short and sweet due to sneezing, coughing, nose-blowing and overall "I feel like I've been hit by a bus."

First, Happy Birthday, Kazie, hope it's a great day. 🎂🎉🍾🎈🎁

Great puzzle, CC, with the vowel progression, especially with both words and the phonetic tie-in. Clever and fun! Nice big CSO to Argyle, our steadfast guide who deserves a big thank you. My only w/o was AIG before ING.

PK,I hope your DIL and your daughter are both okay.

Got a good report from the retina doctor yesterday; don't have to go back for a year. Makes me appreciate how fortunate I am, especially after hearing what Montana went through. Continued healing , Darla, hope you're back to normal soon.

Back to bed for me!

Have a great day.

C6D6 Peg said...

Very neat offering today. Didn't know the vowel progression, so thanks, Argyle for pointing that out!

Double treat today for those who do the WSJ, as C.C. is also the constructor for today!

HB to Kazie!

AnonymousPVX said...

Kind of an easy one today, not a complaint.

Best part of this besides the nice construction and clueing was that there was a theme that I didn't even realize until I came here. Which, of course, is the best theme, the invisible one that doesn't ruin the puzzle. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

PK @7:59. An Invisible Fence is what the name implies. It works by delivering a warning sound followed by a slight electrical shock through a special collar when a dog crosses the boundary line.

CrossEyedDave said...

What Montana said: "Nothing can beat a CC puzzle, especially on a cold, gloomy, rainy day!"

Except, possibly what PK said:

"Oyster BED followed by camp fire reminded me of a lovely smoked oyster picnic at Mystic Bay Beach in Washington state while volunteers cleared the clusters of razor-sharp oysters off the boat ramp at low tide and roasted them over a campfire."

I have no idea why this sentence filled my mind with wonderful memories I never had...

FIW, not only did I never see the Vowel progression, I thought, somehow,
that 18a was "raise stakes."
Which left me with an 11d, very fancy=Luke?

I dunno, I thought it sounded like something to do with oyster shells.
You know, that pearlescent lining, whats the word?
(which brings me back to dreaming of baking oysters over an open fire on the beach. Ahhh!)

(hmm, would it be rude of me to introduce some Ketchup, horseradish, & maybe some hot sauce into this dream?

(Crackers, definitely need some crackers...)

(ooh! and some caperberries!)

But I digress,

Happy Birthday Kazie, my down under cousin...
Forgive me for this outlandish birthday cake,
it has no meaningful reference whatsoever,
except that I thought it was the happiest (cake?)I have ever seen...
& so I give it to you...

Are those Kit Kats?

CrossEyedDave said...

A couple of links I found while looking for silly "arty" stuff...

I dunno, I found this photo very artistic?

Of course, humor is in the (fill in blank here) of the beholder...

Hmm, perhaps some words from a master?

Anonymous said...

CED, My computer calls "perhaps some words from a master", a dangerous website.

Hungry Mother said...

Lots of fun, but it didn'tlast long enough as everything fell into place too soon. When my wife and I are on the road, RUBYTUESDAY is our favorite lunch spot: salad bar and Arnold Palmers.

CanadianEh! said...

I finished this puzzle in less time than yesterday's puzzle (which I completed too late in the day to do anything but lurk here). Thanks for the fun C.C. and Argyle. I saw the theme but missed the double vowel progression. Very clever.
I also missed the Adokable until HG pointed it out.

I saw numerous CSOs - Argyle of course, ALES for Tin, SPLIT for Boomer, Alfa Romeo for AnonT, HAIKU for CMoe and OwenKL.
(Thanks Owen for the Nash poem. Hope you feel more cheery soon!)

Cross of TINT and TNT was the last to fall because I had ORE first. I had RESCUE Unit before TEAM (before I saw the theme).
Needed perps for MSU and NATS.

EPSOM salts can be sprinkled around TOMATOes and roses for improved growth.
Apparently we have a RUBY TUESDAY on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls but reviews are terrible. We avoid Clifton Hill tourist trap!

Glad you can still get Canadian weather reports, Montana. You never know when we might send you a polar vortex! LOL

Happy Birthday Kazie.


Misty said...

Well, as I always say, I love a C.C. puzzle any time, but this one was a toughie for me, thanks partly to the sports references, although the perps made them all possible in the end. I had the most trouble in the northeast and southeast corners--I'm not sure why--but they finally, finally fell into place. So, in the end I got the whole thing! Yay! Yay! Thank you, C.C., and thank you especially for the shout-out to ARGYLE! I'm so happy that I got both the theme and the vowel progression, although I didn't notice that it also worked for the second word, until Argyle pointed that out. Anyway, tough but fun morning, my thanks again to both of you.

Happy Birthday, Kazie.

Have to call Dad to see if he learned when he's coming home from Rehab.

Have a great day, everybody.

CanadianEh! said...

Anon@11:28 - PK wanted to know how to fix an invisible fence. Certainly not with hammer and nails!

PK said...

CED, so glad you could join me at my oyster picnic. A very special day with a replica of an old fashioned masted ship moored across the cove to lend ambience and very friendly folks I'd never met before. The oyster shell word you are wanting is "nacre".

OwenKL said...

Perhaps it is my strange mood, but everyone's comments seem even brighter than normal today. CED, nacre may be the word you were looking for, for opalescent mother-of-pearl.

Wow, I just discovered two new reference sources looking that up! memidex and WikiDiff!

Tom Sawyer brimmed with confidence,
This new endeavor lacked expense!
No other budget
Except a bucket,
Selling goes at painting an invisible fence!

Wilbur Charles said...

Jordan Speith is my new fav guy. Despite being young he got upset when the trolls twittered at his demise in '16. He merely finished 2nd in the Masters.

I knew that HAIKU would reel-in our Poets. Nice job og'ing Ogden, Owen. C-Moe, I've got a 'lick coming but can't quite get the last line down.

Btw Speith wields a mean WEDGE.

ARTY??? Then I took a last look. And I quickly looked up to see CC's name. There's an ART to easy and clever.

Hondo, speaking of baseball... What do you think of this 2017 beanball war breaking out between my Redsox and the O's. And on the anniversary of Tony C's beaning in '67.

That was the culmination of a long beanball war that had its origins with Dick Radatz and Bob Rodgers of the Angels. '64-'67.


WikWak said...

RE: fixing the invisible fence -- I believe you need the manual for that; it was written by a ghost writer. (Sorry)

Finished in just under 10 minutes, about average for a Tuesday.

We had a Ruby Tuesday in Downers Grove but it closed a few years ago and has sat vacant ever since.

LOVED 'adorkable', which I misread for way too long!

A beautiful spring day has turned cloudy and a tad windy here.

Thanks to CC and Argyle for their efforts today.

Wilbur Charles said...

Well here goes. I had a golf themed poem some decades ago similar to this.

The Walrus and the Carpenter were strolling the OYSTER BED
The Walrus naturally had no name, the Carpenter's was Ned

Alice came along looking to have some fun
"Have you seen the oysters?" Said Ned with a tear, "There's nary a one.

The Walrus gave a languid smile of one who's very well fed.


Wilbur Charles said...


* Pass sans Distinction

Wade said...

Again, an all day off and on process. Only missed ANG LEE, RIBTIPS, which messed up GTs and EPSOM. If I hadn't rushed it and gone back through RibTips would have made much more sense than RibLits. UGH!

Someone help me, what's a CSO?

Spitzboov said...

Wade - CSO: A Shout Out is a reference to someone you know but here it is usually a Coincident.

Kazie: I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday earlier. Hope you have a great day.

CrossEyedDave said...

Anon @12:31

Curious, my antivirus gave no such warning.
What are you using?
maybe I should switch from this freebie
from the cable company...(McAfee..)

Anywho, here it is again from Pinterest, usually a safe source.

But of course, that additional surfing came at a cost:
Oh No! Another link!)

Pk & OwenKL, thank you for the word.
Of course, I should have known,
I have been "Nacre'd" many a time.
(hmm, maybe that's why I don't remember...)

Wade, being CrossEyed,
here is another view of CSO,
could it be Crossword Shout Out?
Anything Scotch related would be a shout out to Tinbeni ( a regular poster )
Anything Ice related would be a shout at...

(again, I digress...)

Ol' Man Keith said...

A Real Treat, C.C.! Really Terrific!!
Thank you - and thanks to ARGYLE who makes a cameo appearance today.

Happy B'Day, Kay!

Today is my first bachelor day. I'll be batching it alone for the next three weeks. My wife left at 5 am (!) to fly to Philly and collect her Mom, Jesse, who will be closing her flat there. My two ladies will then drive across country, taking in sights as they head back home to SoCal where Jesse will begin living with us.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

A nice Tuesday pzl quickly put to BED. Thanks C.C. for the Alfa CSO and the puzzle.

ARGYLE gets the full SO treatment as is deserved for his yeoman's work Mondays & Tuesdays. Thanks for pointing out the vowel progression. I was in a vendor presentation, filled the last square, and snuck a peek at the blog on my phone. When I read the AEIOU progression bit all within 3 CHAIRS from me heard an audible WOW. Props to the C![C.]

My IRA is/was at ING. Now they call it Voya Financial. The 1st quarter's almost over so I'll see how it's still doing. The Trump-bounce was good for it for a while.

WOs: San b/f STE, tried to put Strik- in at SPLIT.

Fav: Adorkable; I had to read it 2x to make sure I was seeing it right.

Runner-up: RUBY TUESDAY (not the food, the Stones). My all day ear-worm!

{B,B,A, ++, ++; A} {Nice, cute, Ha!}

IM - Sorry to hear you're under the weather.

Montana - um, that sounds awful, but if you can see, that's good.

C, Eh! Nailed the CSOs!

Who can name the movie* - "If someone asks if you're a god, you SAY YES!"

HBD Kazie!

Cheers, -T
*I would link it but I wanna get the WSJ (thanks Spitz & Peg!) done before we take Eldest out for Sushi for her 18th!

PK said...

Tony, Happy Birthday to your Eldest!

Wade, somehow I got RIB(L)IPS the first time. Luckily "L" turned red so I could TIP it.

My daughter underwent her surgery today, delayed from an earlier time slot until 12:30 p.m. Her poor husband was texting & emailing me, bless his heart. Long day for him. Much later he said she was awake and the doctor had talked to him. Dr. was pleased with the operation. Daughter was having a lot of pain.

As for my daughter-in-law, they did tests all night and the next day then decided she hadn't had a heart attack and sent her home. Haven't been able to reach son or DLW today to see if she's all right. Probably back at work that stacked up on their day "off". I'm nervous about them making no diagnosis. She's the opposite of a hypochondriac. She thinks she's fine until proven wrong.

Misty said...

PK, sorry to hear about all the medical worries in your family at the moment. Best wishes for everyone healing and being all right in the weeks to come.

Lemonade714 said...

So cool to have two C.C. originals on the same day. Happy birthday Kazie and many more. Also, insert my best wishes to all who celebrated something while I have been under the weather. I thank all of you who have inquired about my health and I am making my way back. It has been a tough journey.

I hope all your springs have sprung.


Big Easy said...

Well since I just got back from the PGA Tour stop tonight, I decided to try a puzzle and whose name did I see. A certain Z. Burnikel. Not in the LA times but the Wall street Journal. Then I opened my local newspapers to work the Tuesday puzzle, and whose name did I see? C.C. Burnikel.

Congratulations on your Twofer-Tuesday puzzles.

Jordan SPIETH. I'll see him tomorrow, along with ROSE, FOWLER, BUBBA WATSON, Jason DAY and 150 more PGATour pros.

The RT was an easy one but I've never heard of RIB TIPS. I eat the whole RIB. The AEIOU was not noticed.

SwampCat said...

Owen, are you even still here? You made me laugh out loud with your Ogden Nash tribute! He's one of my favorites are you! And I loved the Tom Sawyer extra. Thanks. Recover! We love you!

CC, thanks for the fun, and Argyle, thanks for the tour. A good day all round.

Misty said...

Lemonade, it is absolutely wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to hear from you directly.
We've missed you, missed you, missed you. Thank you so much for this message, and welcome back, dear friend and long-time contributor to the blog!

Bill Murray said...

Ghostbusters (1984)

Anonymous T said...

Harold Ramis says thanks Bill Murray... YES!

PK - good-ish news.
Lem - Good to see you back behind a keyboard.

OMK - REally TErrific fit the theme! - Sweet.

OKL - I forgot to mention your Tom Sawyer prose. I loved that SCENE in the book where he got the kids to paint the fence and you folded the dog-fence in there perfectly. Smiles.

C.C. - Got the WSJ done before dinner. Very creative. Took a second to catch WTF was going on w/ the theme. Fav was 55a.

Sushi was delicious and Eldest had fun (and got dorm decorating $$).

Cheers, -T

OwenKL said...

SC: I always read the late-night comments before starting the new day. Even if I weren't interested in them, the link at the bottom of that page is the only way to get to the iteration of the blog that I prefer, the one with the whole expo plus comments all on one page. However, I thank you kindly for your always effusive comments on my poems. They help.

I've put my bottle of sleeping pills away for now. Had a conference with my LW, and worked out some problems that were triggering my depression. I haven't mentioned specifics before, and leaving out a lot of details now, but imaging your wife of nearly 30 years mentioning she's applied for a sex change. Since my health isn't the best, she's agreed to put it on hold, and not even talk about it, until after I'm gone. Which I now hope will be 20 years, but more likely closer to 2. It's not really something I'm comfortable discussing, so this is my one and only time to vent.

Picard said...

Thanks for noting the double vowel progression, ARGYLE! I totally missed that and that must have been a challenge to construct.

As a relative newbie to this blog I don't get most of the CSO references, even with the kind help of CanadianEh. Why SPLIT for Boomer, Alfa Romeo for AnonT, HAIKU for CMoe and OwenKL?

Agree that so many sports references made it difficult for me, too. But WAGS worked.

Do people know how RUBY TUESDAY became a hit? It was the flip side of the single "Let's Spend the Night Together". Many radio stations refused to play that side as too "suggestive", so they just played the other side instead.

When the Rolling Stones performed on the Ed Sullivan show they were forced to change the lyrics to "Let's spend some time together" but they were very upset about it.