Mar 9, 2018

Friday, March 9, 2018, Alex Bajcz

Title: Sounds like fun.

Alex B. makes his second 2018 appearance and his first Friday since his debut in 2013. That one also had sound alike fill. Here the premise is simple - one word in a known phrase is replaced with its homonym and clued for maximum comedic effect. Unlike some puzzles depending on pronunciation, there really should not be any regional complaints about the word choices. I enjoyed the choices and the rest of the puzzle.

20A. What Darwin did aboard the Beagle? : WRITE OF PASSAGE (14). RITE of passage,  a French term innovated by the ethnographer Arnold van Gennep in his work Les rites de passage, "The Rites of Passage." The Beagle is particularly notable for carrying the naturalist Charles Darwin on her second voyage. The voyage played a pivotal role in the formation of Darwin's scientific theories on evolution and natural selection. Wiki et al.

25A. London supermarket sections? : BRITISH AISLES (13). British ISLES birthplace of our Steve, Nicecuppa, Truebrit and others at the corner. There are MANY.

48A. Tie shoes professionally? : KNOT FOR PROFIT (13). NOT for profit, the silliest one. I suppose a manservant -valet - might be one who knots for profit.

55A. Lacking a critical watch-making supply? : OUT OF HOUR HANDS (14). Out of OUR hands, the most clever as you need both minute hands and hour hands to make an analog watch.

There is a boatload of sparkly fill, CHAFE AT,  LAFITTE , MODULES,  NOT NICE, AIR LANES, TEST RIDE, GREAT STUFF and ICE SKATING. Let us solve/


1. In need of mopping: SPILT. My childhood refrain from the sweet boys at school:
Hasten Jason, Get the basin. Oops slop, get the mop. There is more to the song.

6. Apple app mostly replaced by Messages: i CHAT. iChat is a discontinued instant messaging software application developed by Apple Inc. for use on its Mac OS X operating system

11. Clock std. : GST. Not sure about this one; maybe Greenwich Standard Time?

14. Some plankton: ALGAE. Yummy for a whale tummy.

15. Iconic Vivien Leigh role: O'HARA.

16. 2014 World Cup Final host: RIO. The site of the World Cup and the Olympics.

17. Bungles: GOOFS.

18. Stable moms: MARES. Really fun misdirection.

19. "What is THAT?" : EEK. A mouse. HMM.

23. Far from fresh: TRITE.

24. Reduced to crumbs, perhaps: EATEN.

30. Behaved like a lovestruck heart: RACED.

31. Lakeside temperature gauge? : TOE. Also useful in catching water mocassins.

32. End: STOP.

35. Love interest for WALL-E: EVE.

36. Word that may follow a president's name: ERA.

39. Carrier merged with Delta since 2010: NWA.

41. Game with Reverse cards: UNO. My grandmother loved playing cards, cribbage when I was young, and as she got older she fell in love with UNO.

42. '50s sitcom name: DESI. Arnaz.

44. Something to wrestle with: ARM. You want to WATCH.

46. Figure out: INFER.

52. Walking aid: STAFF. We have so many here with canes or sticks, including yours truly, I use
a collapsible tartan cane.

54. Distributed: DEALT.

60. Hitter's stat: RBI. Runs Batted In.

61. Sometimes plucked instrument: CELLO. Clecho- 8D. Plucked instrument: HARP.

62. Dorothy, to Em: NIECE. Aunty 'Em.

64. Common base: TEN.

65. Impulses: URGES.

66. Showman's talent: ECLAT. This back, can ELAN be far behind?

67. Braz. neighbor: ARGentina.

68. Flirt: TEASE.

69. "Voting Rights Trail" terminus: SELMA. Want to read this STORY.


1. Sink: SAG. Two weeks in a row.

2. Slam (into) : PLOW.

3. Movie lab helper: IGOR.

4. Battle of New Orleans pirate: LAFITTE.

5. Short Golf drive? : TEST RIDE. The Volkswagon model.

6. Insect with eyespots on its wings: IO MOTH. I hope John Lampkin stops by with insight.

7. Be irritated by: CHAFE AT.

9. Region: AREA.

10. Academic hanger : TASSEL. Cute clue.

11. "Nice work!" : GREAT STUFF.

12. Onslaught: SIEGE.

13. Symbolic yet insubstantial: TOKEN.

21. München cubes: EIS. Even in German it probably upsets Tin.

22. RSVP holders: SAES.  I know it as SASE. But I guess they are not providing any stamp.

25. Word after well or ill: BRED.

26. Techno club event: RAVE. I never understood the rave; wrong generation.

27. Winter recreation: ICE SKATING. I enjoyed the skating this year at the winter Olympics.

28. Solar wind particle: ION.

29. Use a needle: SEW.

33. R.E.M.'s "The __ Love" : ONE I.

34. Cargo pickup site: PORT.

37. Ubiquitous rodent: RAT. I hope not.

38. Warning sound, perhaps: ARF.

40. Southwest routes: AIRLANES. The Luv airline.

43. Recon target: INFO. I wanted INTEL.

45. Interchangeable components : MODULES.

47. Mean: NOT NICE.

49. Lumber remnant, in Liverpool: OFFCUT. Definition of offcut. chiefly British. : something that is cut off (such as a waste piece of lumber).

50. Ascended again: REROSE. Meh.

51. "Blast it!" : PAH. Definition: an exclamation used to express disgust or contempt.

52. Wavering word: SORTA.

53. Potato or yam: TUBER.

56. "Try this": HERE.

57. Contemporary of Nadia : OLGA. Korbut.

58. Computer giant: DELL.

59. In retrospect, it may have sounded too good to be true: SCAM. If it does it is.

63. SFO posting : ETA. Airport code for San Francisco.

Do not forget to change your clocks Sunday and enjoy the extra sunshine. At least those who live in sunny climes. Thank you Alex and all who read. Lemonade out.


D4E4H said...

Great Morning Corner types,

Thank you to Mr. Alex Bajcz for this challenging Friday CW. I was able to FIR.

Thanks Lemony for the excellent review.

The paraprosdokian for Wed. Mar.7: "On his feet he wore…blisters." —Aristotle


Ol' Man Keith said...

For Misty, and any others who were concerned:
Maggie checked out as A-OK. The swelling was within normal limits for post-extraction inflammation.
Her sluggishness disappeared gradually throughout the day.

As for her parent, both my doctor visits were upbeat - with fresh medication and a plan for weaning me from some of my less pleasant drugs.
All is well.

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Alex and Lemonade!

Two days defeated by word game (couldn't get above number 2), so eschewed crosswords. Shame on me! Went back and worked them (the puzzles) today. No problems. Things that were perped today were: EVE, LAFITTE, IO MOTH and OFFCUT.

Am going to go back and read the blog!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

OwenKL said...

EVE was a robot, sleek as plastic!
Smart as an A.I., simply fantastic!
Her mission to Earth
Was to find fertile dirt.
She found that and love -- which was more drastic?

The upper-class market had imports galore!
Foreign foods TEASED from thru-out the store!
They met and clicked
Buying spotted dick --
They told friends they met on a BRITISH AISLES tour!

Tying up laces he could do in a trice!
Except for seers, he had a set price.
But he'd not for prophets!
One told him once that to knot nice was NOT NICE!

{C, C+, C+.} Low grades because the puns were taken from the puzzle, not original, and only one or two puzzle entries in each. 😞

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one looked much tougher than it turned out to be. Tried GMT and PIER before PORT, but otherwise my grid is clean this morning. Didn't care for PAH, but that was offset by all the really nice fill. Nice job, Alex and Lemonade.

My 9V batteries arrived yesterday, so I'm ready for the spring time-change ritual replacing the batteries in the smoke detectors. Our small house has five of 'em. I replaced all the detectors last year.

Our tax site had an IRS audit visit yesterday. No demerits. The auditor asked how we determine which returns require basic certification and which require advanced certification. Simple answer: We don't. We require advanced certification by all of our volunteers.

KS said...

I believe it's actually GMT, Greenwich Mean Time. That really through me off in the NE.

Oas said...

Hi all

FIR but not without some write overs. A little messy but conquered it in about one hour.

Thanks Alex for the workout and Lemonade for the write up.

Did not know LAFITTE so got hung up a while in the NW . Had GMT before GST. Getting SIEGE seemed to be the turning polnt for me.

First long fill was OUT OF HOUR HANDS . Had TATER before TUBER and when I corrected that it SORTA sped up the solve . Satisfying end to a physically and menrally taxing week . TGIF

One who blows a fuse will end up in the dark.

D4E4H said...

OwenKL 4:33 AM

Your "Spotted Dick" is Currently unavailable. I can understand why. While "spotted" is a clear reference to the dried fruit in the pudding (which resemble spots), "dick" is more obscure. It could be a corruption of the word pudding, evolving through puddink, then puddick, then finally dick. Did you study the 3 pages of "Customers who viewed this item also viewed."

My favorite is "ThinkGeek Easy-Open Canned Unicorn Meat: Excellent Source of Sparkles, Magic in Every Bite."

desper-otto 7:15 AM, and KS 7:16 AM

KS, Even though your "through" threw me for a loop, I LIU, and found Greenwich mean Sidereal Time. Sidereal time is a timekeeping system that astronomers use to locate celestial objects.


Lemonade714 said...

Dave 2, yes that must be the GST reference- Sidereal. I forgot about that term from my old astrology days casting charts. Thanks

Yellowrocks said...

It took a long time, and then I had one bad cell. ECHAT seemed okay, but EO MOTH seemed unlikely. I should have done an ABC run. I have heard of the IO MOTH. Many write overs. Puzzle was GREAT STUFF, Alex, as was the blog, Lemon. I liked the sound alike phrases.
We play UNO. It is a game that Alan likes. MY SIL likes it, too, so we sometimes play together at Thanksgiving.
Hasten Jason was part of a camp song, My Stomach Is In a Commotion, sung to MY Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean. The counselors detested it. It was not about SPILT milk.
OMK, I am glad you and Maggie are doing well.

Northern Boy said...

Great puzzle! Many thanks to Alex for its construction, and to Lemony for the write-up. Had a slow start getting a toehold in the NW, and ended up solving it more or less from bottom to top. Had a hard time giving up GMT for 11A, but eventually my pigheadedness waned and I gave up my short (but passionate!) love affair with mIEGE. A great weekend to all.

Lucina said...

GREAT STUFF today! Thank you, Alex B. and Lemonade!

ECLAT again! We saw it last Friday, I believe.

This solve started very slowly as I picked around looking for a TOE hold. Finally I got it at the bottom and filled all the way across. When OUT OF HOUR HANDS emerged, I realized what the theme would be and got them all.

GST was slow to change from GMT as per the discussion above but SIEGE forced it and helped to finish that strand. IOMOTH was a mystery but it flew in. I loved the clue, stable moms, MARES.

In the NW I considered SPILL but TESTRIDE made more sense than lestride so SPILT made the cut.

Thank you, again, for the fun, Alex and Lemonade!

Glad you and your Maggie are doing better.

Have a sensational day, everyone!

D4E4H said...

Lemonade714 7:48 AM

Wrote "My old astrology days casting charts." What is the difference between Sidereal and tropical astrology?

Yellowrocks 8:18 AM

Wrote "I have heard of the IO MOTH." I hadn't so I LIU. The Binomial name is Automeris io. In Greek mythology, IO is the daughter of the river god Inachus. I wasn't very satisfied with this info.


I am also pleased with your good news.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Initially at sea trying to get a foothold somewhere, the solve finally came into PORT. Eventually got a footing at he bottom tiers and REROSE to finish at RAVE which I agree with Lemon on. Fun theme and good fresh fill as Lemon said.
GST today means Gulf Standard Time so I guess it is a clock std. there. Standard Brit time is GMT, but the more precise UTC is used in astronomy and navigation positioning such as celestial.
EIS - is ICE in German. L. German ies (long e sound). I guess Icelandic is "Is" since Island is on their stamps.
KNOT - German Knoten, L. German Knütt. The k is pronounced. Interestingly it is also their word for Knots, the nautical mile per hour term.

Lemonade714 said...

Dave2, I think this is the simplest discussion of SIDEREAL vs. TROPICAL

inanehiker said...

Well this was a lot of fun - but enough crunch to make it a definite Friday!

One person who does KNOT FOR PROFIT are shoeshiners- after shining the shoes they always do a nice sharp tie of the shoes that is snug and won't loosen. I haven't ever gone to one - not wearing the type shoes that need that - but interesting "people watching" in airports to see the interaction between them and their customers.

Looking forward to "Wrinkle in Time" coming out this weekend - but don't know if we'll be able to fit it in. One of my favorite books in elementary!

Thanks Alex and Lemonade!

D4E4H said...

Woohoo look what I found, Moon Phases 2018 – Lunar Calendar for Louisville, Kentucky, USA!

I was LIU for GST after Spitzboov 9:01 AM wrote that "11A Clock std.: GST" means "Gulf Standard Time." Where is Alex Bajcz when we need him? What does the abbreviation "std." mean in this context? Is either of our explanations correct?

In any event, I learned a lot today.

Lemonade714 9:33 AM

There is something wrong with the blue color for links today. I almost missed yours on this post. I will let C.C. and Argyle know.


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

It took me an inordinate amount of time to get some traction and see what was going on but, once that happened, I was off and running. I loved the themers and, surprise, surprise, the Warning sign, perhaps=Arf! Conversely, a nose wrinkle at Rerose and Pah. Only two write/overs: Stale/Trite and Muffs/Goofs. Eve, as clued, and Iomoth were unknown but perps came to the rescue! Despite all my successes, it was still a FIW due to the Ion/NWA crossing. Naturally, TWA came to mind first and while Iot looked odd, I left it there, so no Tada today!

Thanks, Alex for a fun Friday and thanks, Lemony, for adding to the fun with your lively expo.

DO, I, too, also replaced all of my smoke alarms recently. My small townhouse has 4, including one in the basement.

OMK, glad to hear that you and Miss Maggie are in good shape!

PK, I hope the steroid treatment works and that Aaron will soon be on the road to good health.

I think my ice maker is on the fritz again. Either it makes ice continuously, like some mad machine or it stops completely. Last time, it just needed a little fiddling and it sprang back to life. OTOH, maybe it needs a new filter. Time will tell.

Have a great day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

What Spitz said.

I began the puzzle at bedtime, and couldn’t get my tired brain to make any progress. Picking it up again in the light of day made all the difference. Still, it took a while to believe that an Io moth was a real thing. GMT stayed in until absolutely forced out by perps. GST has multiple meanings; it would be interesting to know which one the constructor had in mind at the time. I’m willing to bet it wasn’t the Greenwich Sidereal version.

Morning Lemon, I never heard that schoolboy/camp torment song.

Husker Gary said...

-You know those puzzles where you immediately connect with the constructor? This wasn’t one of them for me but it was GREAT STUFF! Blogging Alex’s Jan 20 puzzle was of no help! :-)
-A truly huge BUNGLE during the RIO Olympics
-I grew up playing the generic version of UNO dealt from a regular deck – Crazy Eights
-The best game for INFERENCES?
-LAFITTE and his men received a full pardon for their help to Andrew Jackson
-I always thought a SIEGE (blockade) preceded an onslaught
-SEW, a needle pulling thread… Next word?
-Cargo was at a DOCK, a PIER and then a PORT
-Seven- letter AVERAGE was not Mean
-Southwest will take us on an AIR LANE from Omaha to Phoenix for some spring training games on March 18th. First game is Cubs/Royals and it is already sold out

Picard said...

A worthy Friday challenge! Thanks Spitzboov for saying all I planned to say about GST! Last to fall for me was NW. Learning moment there with LAFITTE. Other learning moments with OFFCUT and IO MOTH. Thanks for the cool photo, Lemonade!

Here I am with DARWIN in the Galapagos. More interesting: The other sculpture of DARWIN there as he would have looked at the time he was doing his WRITE OF PASSAGE on the BEAGLE.

Supposedly, this is the only known sculpture of him in his youth.

Here are some of my photos of Yo Yo Ma and his CELLO!

PK: Thank you for the updates on Aaron. Not the best news, but at least they did not risk paralyzing him. My brother has a treatment for some tumors. The good thing about it is that it has an easy test to know if it will work. You are probably deluged with such advice. Do let me know if you want more information. For now, know we are all pulling for him.

oc4beach said...

Thoroughly enjoyed my ride through the puzzle this morning. Alex put out a fun puzzle and Lemon was the consummate conductor on the the trip.

I didn't get the theme until I got to the fourth theme clue and then the other three became obvious quickly. A doable Friday.

There were a few "erasures" along the way this morning: STALE vs TRITE, CANES vs STAFF, METED vs DEALT, and I didn't see the movie WALL-E so I had no idea who EVE was. Perps to the rescue for all of these and a few other unknowns. If I had a paper version of this puzzle I would have been able to do it in pencil without putting holes in the paper with an eraser.

This morning our local newspaper had a front page article about the Nor'easter and a picture of downed power lines in Natick, Mass . So, Natick really does exist.

With respect to Greenwich Mean (Time or Standard or whatever) all mission clocks at NASA use GMT or UTC (Which are basically the same) instead of local time.

I hope everyone stays safe today.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Too tough for me today, with the northwest being a snowy wasteland. My only distractions are the SEC tournament and changing plans to accommodate the frigid Central Florida weather. I woke up cold in the middle of the night, with the heat pump pumping lukewarm air. Outside temperature was 33, so I switched over to propane and went back to sleep.

PK - DW and I are praying for Aaron. OMK - Great news about Maggie. I wish her continued good recovery. And good to hear her dad is doing well also.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

I aced Thursday’s puzzle; I zipped through it. I literally tripped through today’s puzzle. A grand DNF!

CrossEyedDave said...

I went with the Wall-e pronunciation, and spelled it "Eva."

(La, a note to follow sew....)

Misty said...

Well, like Northern Boy, a was pretty despairing about this puzzle until the bottom started filling in, and I was able to slowly work my way up to the top. Had an exciting moment when I thought I'd gotten everything except that first letter for _CHAT and _OMOTH. I figured it was probably an I but too worried to put it in. Was thrilled to find that was right when I came to the blog, but then discovered that I goofed on ION (like Irish Miss, went with TWA) and on PAH (never heard that word) because I sadly put OUT OF OUR MINDS instead of OUT OF OUR HANDS (should have gotten that it was AIR LANES and not AIR LINES). But still, a delightful puzzle--many thanks, Alex! And helpful write-up, as always, Lemonade.

Wrote my second book, years ago, not on Joyce but on animals in literature, and began with a chapter on DARWIN. A brilliant and really admirable man, in my opinion.

Ol'Man Keith, so glad that both Maggie and you are fine.

I had a good 8 hours of sleep with no meds last night--Yay! And a sunny day today.

Wish you all a great day too.

Bluehen said...

This puzzle was a lot of fun. Challenging, but doable. Sparkling clues and fill. No unknowns except "Pah", which I have never heard anyone say (spellcheck doesn't like it either), but even it was perpable. Dr. Bajcz is rapidly becoming one of my favorite constructors. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who can create a crossword puzzle, but there are some that make you smile when you see the byline.

My first thoughts were also GMT, but the perps didn't work well and I remembered from somewhere back in the dusty recesses of my mind that the answer for a previous crossword clue of the same nature was GST. I held my breath, went with it and "TADA".

Very informative explication, Lemon.

Funny how maturing changes us, isn't it? I remember as a preschooler that I hated nap time. I didn't want to lie down and close my eyes and be quiet. I wanted to play. It was like I was being punished for something. Nowadays naptime is often the highlight of my whole day.

Fish fry tonight at Christ the Teacher School to support the local Boy Scout Troop.

Cya later.

Jayce said...

I had a lot of fun working this puzzle today. I love the punny funny word replacement gimmick and laughed out loud from the mental images in my head engendered by OUT OF HOUR HANDS. Great stuff! Hand up for DOCK at first, changing eventually to PORT. I agree that maybe an SAE is unstamped. I always have to pause and think how to spell SIEGE and NIECE. As for GST, I imagine Mr. Bajcz, seeing those three letters there, wondering "How the heck can I clue that?"

Ol' Man Keith, good luck weaning off those meds. Please be careful not to decrease and discontinue them too quickly. Give your body plenty of time to adjust. I speak from experience.

Best wishes to you all.

Wilbur Charles said...

Natick is the home of former Heisman winner Doug Flutie.

I had PAR THREE and only caught on to the VW meaning at the last second.

Fortunately, I knew LA FITTE but not so fortunate were the slaves recruited by Jackson for the penultimate battle who were informed (after they were disarmed)that the General had no authority to grant them the freedom they were promised.

One mess I made was HOUR GLASS. DELL led me right there . And in the west I tried PINED and MOPED until I sussed the theme

Btw . I thought I nailed Saturday but that LEAD/LEAK got me.

Misty, I'm Glad you're getting your natural sleep again. Apparently, sleep walking is a potential hazard of Ambien.

Tylenol PM is probably harmless . Break the tablet in half. And of course there's chamomile tea . And finally, avoiding any and all caffeine.

Note. With the exception of Ambien, I try the same stuff I warn others against.

Owen, I liked your l'icks today. Incorporating the themes was a plus in my book. L., Very pleasant write-up.


CrossEyedDave said...

Rite of passage?

British? Pah!

OK, I know it's a long stretch but it's just so CED...

Out of OUR hands?

Tinbeni said...

Just got back from watching Tiger Woods play the Copperhead gold course.

If you want to walk 5 miles, a golf tournament is a good place to venture.

Sooo ... I was late to the game for "solving" this afternoon.

Enjoyed the ingormative write-up. Good job Lemon.

Alex: Thank you for a FUN Friday puzzle. Liked the theme.

Off to the Indy Car races in Downtown St. Petersburg tomorrow.

A "Toast-to-All" at Sunset.

Wilbur Charles said...

Tin, I see Tiger had a pretty good morning. Not so for my main man Jordan


Ol' Man Keith said...

This was a real doozie. Thank you, Mr. Bajcz!

LAFITTE was my ticket to ride - the only patriotic pirate I remember from grade school days. Otherwise I kept starting and stopping with this one. Fill two, get blocked, go back, change one, and then go ahead two more.

I also got hung up for a while over the GST issue. GMTA....

After setting it aside for two-plus hours, I resumed and finally got through to a clean Ta- DA!
But there was blood and sweat along the way.

Diagonal Report: None.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Jayce, thanks for the advice. Yes, I speak from experience too, and I appreciate your words very much. There are some drugs I have managed "cold turkey," but these are not kind in that regard.
Sometimes the pain they mask is easier to take than a sudden withdrawal. So as soon as I can get off of them, I'll taper on my own schedule.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! This was a TEASE of a cw! Like some others I had to fill the bottom and let the letters float to the top. But GREAT STUFF, Alex & Lemonade. I did much groaning and chuckling on this one.

I had all of OUT OF _ OUR HANDS and could not figure out what needed to fill the blank. Duh du jour! Actually had to red-letter run it. Duh! Embarrassing to admit. When I saw the "H", it did much to clue in the other theme phrases.

In need of mopping wasn't "dirty" or SPILL but SPILT. I would verbalize SPILLed.

Forgot GOLF was a car model. I had filled in the plucked instrument last letter first as "O" so confidently typed banjO. Nope CELLO. REROSE? Meh! OFFCUT? Guess it is.

PAH isn't so much a word as an expulsion of air.

CED: laughed out loud at your Hot Flash FAIRY. I was worrying when I started having hot flashes at night then realized it wasn't an inner cause but the furnace duct above my bed heating me up.

Misty: the real danger of Ambien is that you are UNconscious to the fact that you are up doing stuff and can't remember it when you wake up. My brother has no recollection of doing strange things on an airplane and in the airport while under the influence. Thank goodness, his wife was along and able to steer him correctly.

Thank you again for all the outpouring of prayers and good wishes for Aaron. I'm sure they helped him. I know they helped this anxious grandma get through the day. One of the problems for his parents of having a teenager with such chronic intense pain has been medication. What meds are strong enough to help could be addictive. I suggested magnets in a back brace belt, but they rejected that notion. I've used magnets fairly successfully for years for pain interruption.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

WEES - GREAT STUFF from Alex! if one has the time (which I did today as my computer whirled). TOE-holds were hard to come by but, with OMK's P+P, I FIR!

iCHAT was first to fall, TOKEN, RIO, eek(?). STOP, move-on UNO section at a time... Jayce - I had N--CE for a spell because, yeah, me too with the EI/IE? in those words.

Only after falling for the SCAM did SELMA fall out and the South filled with CELLOs. OUT OF HOUR HANDS gave up the gimmick and the front of AISLES became BRITISH and PASSAGE's became WRITE.

Stumbles: STick ->STAFF, bAH->PAH, stalE -> TRITE (1/5th right!) and I had president someone pRo (tem) (66% right OUT)

Biggest V8-moment... I was happily wondering through, developing chemicals (like I know any?), best-grip (ibid), CGI'r or some such when IGOR began to perp in (NW was last corner to fall)... D'Oh, and I even know how he's pronounced... More great mis-direction.

Thanks Lem for a great expo - love me some Brooks & REM.

Good news OMK.

Oc4 - you may use UTC/GMT consistently at NASA but not metric :-)

Bluehen - hear, hear! I'd pretend nap until Mom & little-bro fell asleep and then get up and play. Now, like, right now, I look forward to nap-time.

Cheers, -T

oc4beach said...

Anon T 4:08pm - Very True. But then we would have to change Robert Frost's quote "The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep." Wouldn't sound right if we had to replace miles with kilometers.

D4E4H said...

PicardFLN 1132a

Thank you for the PICS. I loved the ice cream parlor.

How do you make your bold items so black, and your links such a deep blue?


Misty said...

Thank you for the warnings about Ambien, PK and Wilbur. I promise to be very careful!

jfromvt said...

Didn't finish the NE corner.....EREMITE, DAVIT, BOATEL, EVERTED all new to me...maybe if I got JITTERBUG the rest would have played out.

jfromvt said...

Oops, wrong day, thought was commenting on Saturday. Not sure how that

Picard said...

D4E4H: Both of your questions involve the use of the HTML "bold" tag. Not sure if the blog will let me do this, but it starts with < b > and ends with < / b > without the spaces.

PK: Not sure if you saw my post above.