Mar 14, 2018

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 Robin Stears

Theme:  WORK.  You can WORK out, WORK at something, or WORK on someone.  Alternatively, you can use the word WORK as a modifier or compound noun component, as applied to either half of today's two-word theme entries.  Let's start off with today's theme song number 1.

17 A. Door-to-door seller's form : ORDER SHEET.  This is a list of items you can chose to buy from. A WORK ORDER tells the crew what their next job is.  A WORK SHEET can either be a student's assignment page listing questions with places for answers, or a page in a spreadsheet program.

25 A. Do some bargain-hunting : SHOP AROUND.  Search for the most cost effective alternatives.  A WORK SHOP is a meeting where people engage in activity related to a specific goal or project.  A WORK AROUND is a method for overcoming a problem or difficulty in a system or program,

35 A. Text with maps and timelines : HISTORY BOOK.  A chronicle of who did what to whom, and when and where it happened.  Your WORK HISTORY is a detailed report of all the jobs you've held, complete with dates and titles.  A WORK BOOK contains pages of student's instructions and assignments related to a specific topic.

49 A. Residential get-together : HOUSE PARTY.  A gathering at the residence of the PARTY's host. A WORK HOUSE is a prison where the inmates are subjected to labor as punishment.  A WORK PARTY can be either a social gathering of or for employees, or an organized unit of persons WORKing together.

59 A. Game with ringers : HORSE SHOES.  A game in which two players or teams alternate throwing actual HORSE SHOES or similar U-shaped objects at a stake set in the ground.  A ringer is a HORSE SHOE that completely encircles the stake.  A WORK HORSE is literally a HORSE used for work on a farm, or figuratively a person who dependably and consistently performs hard WORK. A WORK SHOE is a sturdy SHOE designed to provide protection for the foot during a labor assignment.

And the unifier -- 66 A. 2016 #1 hit for Rihanna, which can precede both parts of 17-, 25-, 35-, 49- and 59-Across : WORK.  Now that you can see how this theme WORKs, here is theme song 2.

Hi gang, JazzBumpa on the job.  We definitely have a thematically rich entry today.  How much WORK do you suppose that took?  Let's WORK our way through the puzzle and see what we can accomplish.


1. Flow back : EBB. As tide.

4. "Get outta here!" : BEAT IT.  Advice from Michael Jackson.

10. Column in a pugilist's record : TKOs.  A Technical Knock Out occurs when the referee or official ring physician decides that a boxing mach must be stopped for safety reasons, while a round is in progress.

14. Congressional auditing org. : General Accounting Office.  An independent, non-partisan agency that WORKS for Congress using facts and data to support Congress in meeting constitutional responsibilities and help improve performance and accountability.

15. Rhine wine region : ALSACE.  Located in eastern France, adjacent to Germany and Switzerland.  Historically it's control has been disputed between France and various German states.

16. Stable parent : MARE.  Horse mama.  Mental and emotional states may vary.

19. Very smart : CHIC.  Fashionable and well-appointed.  Levels of intelligence may vary.

20. Gosling of "Blade Runner 2049" : RYAN.  This is a remake of a 1982 classic neo-noir science fiction film.  I never saw either, but long ago I did read the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, on which they are [more or less] based.

21. Tupperware sound : BURP.

23. Jeans label : LEE.  Brand name.

24. Nightly TV staple : NEWS.  What weird thing happened today?

28. Where K-I-S-S-I-N-G goes on : IN A TREE.  Part of a playground taunt traditionally directed at a boy or girl suspected of being attracted to a girl or boy.

(Girl's name) and (boy's name) sitting in a tree
K-i-s-s-i-n-g! (spell it out)
First comes love.
Then comes marriage.
Then comes baby in the baby carriage,
Sucking his thumb,
Wetting his pants,
Doing the hula, hula dance!

 I can testify that I have never kissed anyone while sitting in a tree.

30. Hold the floor : ORATE.  Make a speech - especially pompously or at length.

31. Fabled beast : ASS.  Lots of animals in fables.   Levels of pomposity many vary.

32. Brad Paisley venue : OPRY.  It's grand, it's old, it's country.

34. Copycat : APE. Mimic.

39. Org. in Dan Brown's "Digital Fortress" : NSA.  National Security Agency.  

40. Temps : SUBS.  Temporary or substitute workers.

41. "There's an __ for that" : APP.  APPlication program for your computer or mobile device.

44. Figures on a sports news crawl : STATS.  Statistics - also scores and events.

47. Input, as accidentally erased data : RE-ENTER.  Tedious WORK.

53. Aviation prefix : AERO-.  Short for aeronautical, used to construct portmanteau words.

54. Pop __ : ART.  ART based on popular culture, often with critical or ironic intent.

55. Mongolia locale : ASIA.  The largest continent.

56. Camp Lejeune gp. : United States Marine Corp.

57. Losing proposition : DIET.  Ordinarily this means something that turns out - too late, alas - to be a lost cause.  But here, it's a clever misdirection for a nutritional strategy intended for weight reduction.

63. Burden : ONUS.  Literal, from Latin.

64. Smart people? : ALECKS.  Irritating people or who make rude wise-cracks or act superior in knowledge.  Actual knowledge, intelligence and fashion sense may vary.

65. NBC skit show : Saturday Night Live.

67. More sinewy : WIRIER.  More lean and tough.  Try saying it 3 times, quickly.

68. Farm area : STY. Where the pigs hang out.


1. Cause of star wars? : EGO.  Stars as celebrities, not celestial objects - so the wars are rather more trivial, and down to earth.

2. Scrubby wastelands : BARRENS.  Aptly descriptive.

3. Fragrant shower gel : BODY WASH.  Thickened liquid as an alternative to bar soap.

4. Setting for most of "Charlotte's Web" : BARN.

5. Overhead trains : ELS.  So called for their ELevated tracks.

6. Volcanic __ : ASH.  Small mineral particles expelled during a explosive volcanic eruption, correctly referred to as tephra.

7. Billy Blanks' workout system : TAE-BO.  A total body fitness system employing matial arts techniques.

8. Become frozen : ICE UP.

9. Aquarium fish : TETRA.  Small, tropical, brightly-colored tropical fresh-water fish.  Those in aquariums are penta-up.  Fortunately, they cannot put a hex on you, even if you have deviated septa.

10. SHO sister channel : TMCThe Movie Channel.

11. Liqueur in an espresso martini : KAHLUA.  Coffee flavored liqueur.

12. Point in the right direction : ORIENT.  If you point in the wrong direction, someone could end up getting lost by occident.

13. Formally withdraw : SECEDE.

18. Point in the right direction? : EAST.  A clecho, indicating the normal ORIENTation of flat maps.  Do you have to turn the map upside down when traveling south?

22. Ask for a hand? : PROPOSE.  Another nice misdirection.  Not a request for assistance or one's share of the cards, but rather a request for a loved-one's hand in marriage. Possible outcome of K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

24. "Empire" actress Long : NIA.

25. Nasal dividers : SEPTA.   The SEPTUM is the wall of cartilage and thin bone separating the nostrils.

26. Deli option : HERO.  Big sandwich of meat, cheese and spreads made on an oblong roll or similarly shaped loaf of bread that is sliced end-to-end horizontally, alternatively called the dagwood, submarine [sub], hoagy or grinder.

27. Cookie with a Peeps variety : OREO.   Please just stop.

29. Antarctic waters : ROSS SEA.  A deep bay in the extreme south pacific, at the edge of the antarctic continent.

33. Many mos. : YRS. Abbreviated or not, many months make years.

34. "__ Road": Beatles album : ABBEY.

36. QB's mistakes : INTs.  Interceptions - in American football, passes caught by the defenders instead of the intended receivers.

37. Mongolian tent : YURT.  A round, portable tent covered with skins or felt, used as a dwelling by nomads in the steppes of central Asia.

38. London-born supermodel : KATE MOSS.

42. Word of interest? : PERCENT.  Number used to calculate deposit earnings or loan premiums.

43. Quid __ quo : PRO.  Latin - "something for something" - a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.

44. Omen on February 2nd : SHADOW.  Woodchuck [marmota monax] as weather maven.

45. "Starsky & Hutch" Ford model : TORINO.

46. Highbrow filmmaker : AUTEUR.  One who controls all aspects of a collaborative creative WORK.

48. The "N" of CSNY : NASH.   Graham, along with David Crosby, Steven Stills and Neil Young.

Still great 48 years later

50. "Get outta here!" : PSHAW.  An expression of contempt, impatience or disbelief.

51. Garlic mayonnaise : AIOLI.

52. Worth more to collectors : RARER.

56. KGB country : USSR.  The Soviet Union, a grouping of nominal republics under Russian hegemony that existed from 1922 - 1981.  The KGB was its main security agency.

58. "Naughty, naughty!" : TSK.  Comic book attempt to indicate the disparaging sound of tongue clucking.

60. __-fi : SCI.  Reference to the SCIence Fiction genre of speculative literature.

61. Squeeze (by) : EKE.  To barely achieve, with great difficulty.

62. Plotting : SLY.  Cunning and deceitful or secretive.

That wraps up another Wednesday's labor.  Did you love it, or were you lost?

Cool Regards!


OwenKL said...

Swords into plowshares, the old saying goes.
Iron-made plows breaking ground where food grows.
In ancient Ur, it was NEWS
MARES wore iron HORSE-SHOES --
As they APE human tools, plows are HORSE'S HOES!

ALECK from ALSACE aspired to AUTEUR!
His films would be ART, of this he was sure!
He would write them on his own,
(His EGO was full-blown!)
He'd base them on BOOKS of which he was author!

{B, B.}

fermatprime said...


C. C.: How is Santa doing!

Thanks to Robin and Bumpa!

Very difficult for me! Barely eked through!

Things bothersome were: GAO, IN A TREE, USMC, ROSS SEA, ABBEY and INTS.

It's raining again!

Very saddened by the loss of Hawking.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Lemonade714 said...

I am always impressed by the number of double words that work with another word.

Did not recall ROSS SEA and thought the use of HOUSE PARTY was a stretch.

Hope Scott is all better, Aaron improving and you all are well.

RIP Stephen Hawking, and amazing life.

Thank you Robin and JzB

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

No problem with this one...except for figuring out the theme. Failed miserably at that. Now that you've 'splained it, JzB, I am duly impressed. Nice job, Robin Stears.

Northern Boy said...

Well Robin sure served up some Cap'n Crunch in today's cereal, but perseverance and luck saved it from becoming a Major Mess. Thanks for the theme-rich puzzle, Robin, and to JazzBumpa for the very thorough trip through the grid. Struggled early in the NW, but after moving east ALSACE went in and then the rest of the puzzle fell clockwise from there. Have to admit my ignorance of Rihanna's music -- I've seen her name many times in print, but my aging brain immediately thinks of Fleetwood Mac's haunting melody Rhiannon, and off I go in a wave of nostalgia. A great day, all....

John Cooper said...

Have to remember Ross Sea next time I get a triple S.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I felt lucky to get a FIR today. Three Naticks (for me), but they were gentle enough that I was able to EWAG all of them somewhat confidently. Erased "scram" for PSHAW and SECEed for SECEDE. BAD SPELLERS OF THE WORLD UNTIE!

Virginia Beach is having problems with HOUSE PARTYs. Folks rent a house on AirBNB and throw a big party. Attendees take up all available parking in the neighborhood, scatter debris all over, and use trees and bushes as latrines. In neighboring Norfolk, HOUSE PARTYs near ODU often result in gunfire, sometimes fatal.

Great Wednesday-level puzzle. Thanks Robin Stears. And thanks to JazzB for a VERY entertaining tour through the grid.

Yellowrocks said...

Easiest one of the week for me, so far. A perp or two brought all the answers to mind. With the reveal I put work before the first part of the compound theme word, but not the second part. Not that observant, apparently. Clever theme. No unknowns. Jazz, you are a skilled and entertaining "explainer-in-chief."
My all time favorite cat was named Kahlua. He was a deep brown color and so sweet like Kahlua.
I used to play horseshoes with a neighbor girl, my brother and his friend. When we girls were ahead, the friend would suddenly get a cramp or some other ailment and call the game off. Even in the 50's we girls didn't pamper the boys' egos by letting them win.
In the early 60's,house parties were popular. We actually called them that. We often hosted them and attended others. We dressed up for them. The 50's and early 60's were not a casual dress era.
I am becoming a clumsier typist. I often hit a wrong key that sends my post into the ether and I have to REENTER it.
I learned deviated septum at a young age. I have one from an accident. It doesn't show that much.
I hate to shop around for bargains. I find shopping a chore. More and more I go to Amazon. With Prime the items come quickly and if I make a mistake I can return them without an extra charge. I like finding almost everything I want in one place. I also like having a computer record of what I bought so I can reorder it.
We always use body wash and liquid hand soap. It eliminates soap scum.
Argyle, miss you. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

It was a fun, easy one today. I was disappointed in the Kate Moss photo. I thought you had gotten (matured) beyond those images.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Good zippy puzzle today from Robin. Alway enjoy a JzB intro. On USSR, assume he meant 1991.

Finally got it w/o searches. Hung up in the NE and SW, and thought I was facing 2 Naticks. Not familiar with several proper names. But then a few good guesses such as WORK, AUTEUR, and OPRY gave a good nudge. Finally thought of TORINO and KAHLUA. and it was done. Had 'block' before HOUSE PARTY.
ALSACE - wanted Moselle first. - too many letters. Some Alsace wines pair well with pork because of their apple-like flavors.
When sailors would be called to load stores to revictual our ship, it was termed a WORKing PARTY.

Hope Argyle is on the mend and improving.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

There was a bit of a crunch today but perps were fair and abundant, so easy does it. I didn't have any w/os but had to wait for perps for a couple of unknowns, such as Billy Blanks's Tae Bo and Rihanna's ""Work". Ross Sea drifted up from the memory bank somehow. Definitely needed the reveal to uncover the theme. Timely CSO to our sidelined Argyle, at USMC and also to my brother, Jsck, who is presently hospitalized with pneumonia. Semper Fi! My favorite C/A's were Cause of star wars = Egos and Losing proposition = Diet.

Thank you, Robin, for a mid-week treat and thank you, JazB, for a witty and wise write-up. Loved your orient "occident"!

We got 8" of snow yesterday, bringing our March total to 32", and the forecast for the next week calls for snow showers practically every day., with gusting winds and temps hovering around freezing. And so it goes. [sigh!]

Get well and feel better wishes to Argyle and Aaron.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

GAO used to stand for General Accounting Office, but since 2004 it has stood for Government Accountability Office.

RE-ENTER works only if "input" is used as a verb, which is bad form. The proper verbal form is "put in."

Isn't CBS, not TMC, SHO's sister? TBS is TMC's sister (or brother).

Not all INTS are the QBS' fault.

PER CENT is two words.

Husker Gary said...

-Anyone else think of WORK? (:53)
-Pre-Xerox machine WORK SHEETS being cranked out by hand
-My WORK HISTORY is really varied!
-GAO – Someone is making Congress accountable? Really?
-I had to REENTER a blog here last month because of an accidental deletion. It’s a good thing I saved the pix
-My shower radio has to be ORIENTED to get a signal
-Talk about your ASH/Tephra!
-Are you old enough to remember the host of an afternoon TV Show called HOUSE PARTY?

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

First of all: Feel better, Argyle! I hope some rest will offer you a quick recovery.

Great puzzle Robin. I didn't catch the theme because I was unfamiliar with Rihanna's song. I did get the long fills fairly quickly, which moved me along to a FIR. I stalled at HOUSE PARTY because I wanted block PARTY. I laughed at APP because only yesterday my cousin showed me how to use my iPhone Health APP as a pedometer. Hmm. . . . I have not been walking enough--too much reading, puzzling and knitting!! It's been keeping track of me, even as I had no idea it existed for that purpose. Tee Hee!

Thanks, JazzB for all the fun. Great explanations and musical interludes.

PK: Hope Aaron is feeling better.

All of you on the East Coast: I am most certain the phrase "Three's A Charm!" is not crossing your lips. Hang in there!

Be well and safe, everyone.

Lucina said...

This puzzle did not require much WORK though the theme itself, Rihanna's song, is unknown to me.

JazzB, thank you for the thorough and complete analysis of the theme. Clever that both words can be paired with WORK.

I used to love to SHOP AROUND but these days I hardly shop at all. I have two birthdays coming up that will require doing so and yes, I still enjoy an occasional jaunt to a store in the mall.

My original Ford model was CORONA but that soon was ousted by TORINO. STATS suggested AUTEUR since DIET and ONUS were already in place.

I don't know how anonymous@9:16 can expect PER CENT to be separated in a crossword. Some people just have to complain about something, anything.

Again, thank you, JB and Robin Stears! Good WORK!

Have a marvelous day, everyone!

CrossEyedDave said...

Ack! FIW!

Authur/(whatever it was supposed to be...)
1d Never got ego, (hmm I wonder why...)

Oh, 57a losing proposition=diet (mental block, no fair!)

Good Heavens! Did you know todays theme is a four letter word...

Something abut this puzzle rubs me the wrong way...

Anon @ 8:82,
I suppose you want to burn this WORK of art too?

(P.S. Jzb, that link under Kate Moss spoke volumes to me...)

Picard said...

Hand up with Northern Boy I know Rhiannon but not Rihanna. Thanks for providing her WORK song JzB. Not my kind of music. Too soft and insipid. I much prefer the CSNY song! And thanks for the KATE MOSS photo! Pay no attention to Anonymous detractors.

Did anyone else think of this Blazing Saddles WORK scene?

Took most of the puzzle to get the theme and then it neatly fell in place! AIOLI I only know from these puzzles and always struggle with the spelling. Can someone explain EAST? I get that EAST is right on a map. But it seems it is a verb here?

Here is my mother in the New Jersey Pine BARRENS.

The Pine BARRENS covers about a quarter of what we think of as a densely populated state.

I was there searching for this beautiful Pine BARRENS Treefrog whose survival is threatened by habitat loss.

PK: What is the latest news with Aaron?
CC: Any news of Argyle?

From yesterday:
Dudley: Very sad news about Stephen Hawking. He used to come to our University of California, Santa Barbara campus quite often. I have a good friend who had worked with him. He will be missed, along with future ideas that will never happen.

VirginiaSycamore said...

Thanks to Robin for a crunchy Wednesday puzzle and Jazzbumpa for a great write up.

Did a lot of perps and a few red letter runs to finish.
I read CSNY as CSI:NY at first glance. Had to see the write up to get it.

Husker Gary, I loved your video on Work from Dobie Gillis.

What volcano it that in your link?
I have a story about another obscure technical term, like tephra for volcanic ASH.

Monday, our local weather lady, Betsy Kling, explained that we had, not snow, not sleet, but GRAUPEL. This is made when the snow falls through super-cooled water on the way down. It looked like chunky snow, or Shredded Styrofoam.


Thanks, Dave, for your work photos.

Live Well and Prosper,

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I'm off WORK today - the one day Youngest is home on her spring break to spend it with her. While she sleeps (teens!) I knocked out the puzzle and ran some errands (got her money to go to OKC tomorrow to see Eldest - they'll both be back Sat!).

It took the theme reveal to get "SHOP At O---"(?) out of my head and get AROUND. That broke the NE and helped me perp in KAHLUA's letters (Jinx - I'm untied with you on spelling!). CH in CHIC was last to fill.

Thanks Robin for this fun grid. The misdirection was great (I was looking for applause b/f PROPOSE), the dupes (Smart=CHIC; ALECS, BEATIT PSHAW, etc). Like YR, it only took one or two letters for the whole word to fall - easy Wed for me.

Thanks JzB for the tour and CSNY tune and witty-self.

WOs: Eek, CBO to GAO, YeRT
Fav: HERO near SUBS. I just think it's funny. ART under HOUSE is cute too.


JzB - at the risk of being a 'need-to-LIU-Anon': I think you described the CBO. They work for Congress to make sure their partisan funny-numbers add(ish) up.
The GAO makes sure the Gov't spends that funny-number correctly AFTER it is obligated and the Gov't gets it's money's worth - e.g. GAO ferrets out Fraud, Waste, Abuse (over and above the FWA Congress authorized :-))

HG - If 66a was clue'd w/ Maynard G. Krebs, Robin would be my new favorite constructor :-)

Name that tune: that begins "I make my living on the evening NEWS..."

Cheers, -T

PK said...

Hi Y"all! Thanks Robin & JzB. You both did a tremendous amount of WORK on this Wednesday treat! Wow!

I was doing downs and WORK reveal filled in without my reading the clue. I just happened to see part about Rhianna in passing and curiosity led me to back up and read it. Got the theme. Too bad many young people never learn that WORK can be a beautiful and satisfying pastime if really done well. Knowing how to WORK can be lucrative too.

CSNY wasn't a college? I passed on by when New (York) turned red and NASH must have perped in. I never saw it. I thought I'd read back over everything. Oh well. I know we've had this before.

Virginia: that volcano is Mt. St. Helens.

IM: hoping for a speedy recovery from pneumonia for your brother Jack.

No further word on Aaron yet. Thank you for asking.

Hope we get a favorable report on Argyle today.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. Skilled theme execution. I, too, do not know that song by Rihanna but love the song Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. Hand up for especially admiring the clue for EGOS. The K-I-S-S-I-N-G clue made me laugh.

Madame Defarge, I also recently discovered the iPhone health app can be used as a pedometer, long after I had already downloaded and been using Pedometer++.

I hope Argyle is getting better.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Ta- DA!
A good solid Wednesday offering from Robin Stears, the kind of WORKaday pzl I admire. It was not very chewy, but it gave me just enough resistance to keep it lively. Its degree of complexity, coupled with its fresh use of familiar terms (but not relying overmuch on tired fills like OREO and APE) give it full marks in my book.

JazzB's exegesis met and matched the challenge with his customary aplomb.

The one clinker in the batch for me was the cluing for BURP, but I'm eating my hat because of the clip posted by JzB, proving the link between the product and the vulgarity. (Ah, the fruits of our consumer culture...)
And yes, Picard, I flashed on the same Blazing Saddles gag. I guess my memory was primed for it by the BURP; it's just a short hop from one gaseous emission to a batch lower down.

Digonal Report: Only the two sub diagonals. Nothing on the mirror side.

Ol' Man Keith said...

My apologies, Picard:
I replied to your Blazing Saddles reference before I actually checked out your link. Your choice was considerably more polite than the one that entered my low-bred mind.
If anyone wonders which scene I flashed on, it was this one, documenting the cowhands Eating Beans ...

VirginiaSycamore said...

I recall attending Tupperware parties where they taught you to BURP your Tupperware to get a really good seal. They used to have the only good plastic ware.

oc4beach said...

AnonT @1:22pm: "Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley

oc4beach said...

AnonT - Here is the Link to Dirty Laundry.

roy said...

Anon 9:16 - PERCENT is one word. "Per cent." is an abbreviation of the Latin per centum. (Also may appear in British English.)

CanadianEh! said...

This CW required only a small amount of WORK (are we measuring Ergs today?). Thanks for the fun, Robin and JzB.

I was held up in the SW because I was not familiar with Rihanna's song and was misdirected with the DIET clue. I almost had a Natick with the unknown (to this Canadian) GAO and another misdirection at EGO.
Like IM, my two favourite clues were those misdirections.
Once things filled in, I saw the theme. Nice WORK,

I moved from Lither to WIRIER, and had to add the K in ALECKS.

Yes Virginia S., I have been at those Tupperware parties and learned how to BURP,

I saw a CSO to HuskerG with SUBS..

We had APE not APER today.
Last week, we had Olay body wash and I remembered that YR likes it.

Another Jeopardy prescience last night. There was a question about a Ryan Gosling movie and answer was Bladerunner 49.

We have more snow too.
Continued thoughts and prayers for improved health for Argyle and Aaron. (& IM's brother Jack)

Tinbeni said...

Good job on the write-up Jazz.

Robin: Thank you for a FUN Pi-Day (3.14) puzzle. I enjoyed the theme.

Fave today, of course, was 11-d, KAHLUA ... booze is always a fave.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset ... maybe a little before. LOL

Ol' Man Keith said...

While we're on the subject (well ... at least while Picard raised it & I'm following), my very favorite scene from Blazing Saddles - the one that has stayed in the Ol' Walnut's memory bank for over three decades - is when Mongo rides into town on an ox
and then
Knocks out a Horse.

It broke all the rules, probably raised PETA's wrath, and made me wonder - nay, marvel! - as to how it was staged.

Yellowrocks said...

VS, yes, burp was very apt in relation to Tupperware.
Diet is a losing proposition either way. If it is successful you lose pounds. If it is not successful you lose the battle of the bulge.
I agree that the space between words is eliminated in crosswords. However there is no space in percent.
These days we input data every day. It is a common verb.
Bringing up Kailua makes me miss him again after all these years.

AnonymousPVX said...

CSNY a college? Hmm., I think you are thinking of CCNY. (City College of New York).

No way percent is two words. Not in any dictionary I checked.

“A bowl of Captain Crunch” was very funny.

And I agree, a bit crunchy today, but a nice puzzle nonetheless.

Dudley said...

Spitz 9:05 - How does the Navy pronounce “revictual”? I would guess it’s re + vittle, in keeping with tradition.

PK said...

Did anyone else flash on the Captain & Tennile's "My momma done said, 'You better SHOP AROUND'."?

I learned about the New Jersey PINE BARRENS reading Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels and other books.

Husker Gary said...

-That is Mt. St. Helens before and after. A man named Harry Truman is buried under it as he refused to leave the mountain.

Spitzboov said...

Dudley - We pronounced it 'vittles' which is one of the accepted pronunciations.

Anonymous T said...

OMK - How they did it. Trained horse apparently. #Top10Movie #EVER. -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Like some, I was slow to fill the west. I had OFFER sheet which delayed the two downs . We had Ass in the clue awhile back and BALAAM was the answer (the biblical talking animal).

I spent a year at Camp Geiger, the LeJeune Infantry area. Fortunately, in the fine tradition of Tin, I rarely drank the water .

I echo the kudos to JazzB and Owen. I think Misty said she had a big meeting today.

I wonder if Argyle will try to post on an Android. It's had a bug since February


Speaking of Tin...Has DST hindered that Toast?

D4E4H said...

Thank you Ms. Robin Stears for this enjoyable Wednesday CW that I FIR.

Thanks Jazzbumpa for the review, and videos.

I'm late posting, but I do not read any update on Argyle. I pray that he is in recovery by now from whatever caused him to enter a hospital.

Today's Parakardashian is rated MA (Supposedly Mature Audiences, if any) A PRO EGO who's beauty is beginning to EBB is in a SLY STY making an ASS of herself while pouring champagne, Kim Kardashian.

My apologizes for offending you.


Picard said...

OMK: Glad you were on the Blazing Saddles Wavelength, too! It is one of my very favorite movies. The famous beans and gas scene was actually the only scene I never thought was that funny. There were so many other scenes that were hilarious. The Native Americans speaking Yiddish? Yes, Mongo punching the horse was also memorable. As was the scene of the horse being hung with the rider.

AnonT: Thanks for the explanatory link about the Mongo punching the horse scene!

PK: I will hope that no news on Aaron is good news. Yes, I totally thought of the SHOP AROUND song! Cool that you knew of the New Jersey Pine BARRENS. My grandfather lived in New Jersey most of his life. When I told him I was going there he said with great authority there are no BARRENS in New Jersey. So... You never heard of Crosby Stills Nash and Young? Or you just never saw them as CSNY?

Here are my photos of and with David Crosby of CSNY.

David Crosby lives here and often does fund raisers for good causes. In this case for safe energy.

SwampCat said...

In the interest of preserving history I wish to record that the Mississippi River is at flood stage in New Orleans (and elsewhere I'm sure.).

But we are not fleeing for higher ground or donning our white Shrimp Boots yet, because the spillway above the city has been opened to divert river water into Lake Pontchartrain . It seldom happens, and the fresh River water does make rather a mess in the brackish lake.

But it keeps us, and those downriver from us, dry.

So all of you suffering are not helping!! It melts and makes its way down us.

No, I wouldn't be sympathetic either if I were four feet under a snowdrift. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

The problem with PER CENT, Lucina, is that the clue said "word," not "words."

Ol' Man Keith said...

Picard, I agree with you as to the relative unfunniness of the bean farting scene. I'm not fond of scatological gags but just couldn't help assuming that was the scene you meant - esp. because it starts with a BURP.
I think the world is divided between those who get a kick out of bathroom humor & the rest of us.
Still, I can't help appreciating that film's inclusiveness: diversity of casting plus encyclopedic comedy!

Anonymous T: Wow! Yes, I assumed the horse was trained to take the fall (Cheezit, da fight was fixed!), but look at you!
You went and found an in-depth analysis and the historical context of the scene. I am impressed, sir!

Anonymous said...

adjective: pretentious

attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.
"a pretentious literary device"
synonyms: affected, ostentatious, showy

PK said...

Annon at 8:01: Huhn? What's that got to do with anything?

Swamp Cat: Yikes! Hope the water doesn't get much higher. We're having a few days of nice dry spring-like weather. Almost makes me feel guilty. And I remember the winter I lived in Massachusetts -- such piles of snow I had never seen before until May finally melted it.

Picard: I think I was having babies in the CSNY era. Lullabies were my in thing. I know CSNY only from cw's. I don't know what college I thought it was. Just saw NY which shouts "New Yawk" to me.

Correction: I think the words should be "My momma told me, 'You better SHOP AROUND'."

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:01 what are you referring to?

SwampCat said...

PK, we are really safe. If the water in the river gets higher, more bays in the spillway will be opened and more water from the river will be diverted to the lake. An interesting phenomenon, but no real risk to the city.... Or Loyola !!

Roy said...

<a href=">HOUSE PARTY</a>

JazzBumpa, I have trouble saying WIRIER once slowly.

Roy said...


JazzBumpa, I have trouble saying WIRIER once slowly.

PK said...

Swamp Cat: Good! Thanks for the news. I've quit going into an anxious state over Nawlins weather. Better things to do. LOL! I'll probably save it all for next hurricane season.

PK said...

My crisis today is that my microwave oven quit working. I had to actually cook. Luckily remembered how. LOL!

Freond said...

The clue said "word". Percent IS one word.

Picard said...

PK: Thanks for explaining about CSNY. Hope you have a chance to listen to some of their music. It is very beautiful and enduring. Here are a few maybe you have heard. If not, I think you will like them.

Teach Your Children Well

Marrakesh Express

Suite Judy Blue Eyes (The last part starting at 7:40 is the most famous part!)

D4E4H said...

Picard 1158A

Wrote "Can someone explain EAST? I get that EAST is right on a map. But it seems it is a verb here?" I'll be happy to EASTsist you. You may be thinking of the words "Eat" and "Feast." They are each verbs, but "The sun rises in the East, it doesn't East in the rise." Perhaps the wisdom of one Yogi Berra will help. "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else."

Read more at:

It is impossible to say which scene in Blazing Saddles is best. Your comments caused me to find the movie on You Tube. I've watched the first half, and am going to watch more now. It ranks with my favorites of all time.


Yellowrocks said...

Point in the right direction=EAST. This is how a rationalized it. With a compass rose on a map, usually the compass point to the right points to the direction, EAST.
Compass rose

The clue does seem a little odd.

PK said...

Picard: Thank you for the CSNY links. They are very good. I had heard "Teach your Children Well" but not the other two. I don't remember ever seeing them on TV but the full names without Young sound familiar -- just not the CSNY tag. I was into Joan Baez & John Denver & Chad Mitchell Trio in that era though. My exposure to popular music was pretty limited then to whatever appeared on two or three TV channels. Didn't own a phonograph.