Mar 10, 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018, Daniel Nierenberg


Daniel's pleasant Saturday offering was fun to do and provided a nice learning moment for landlocked Husker Gary! I had never heard of a 13. Boat-lifting device : DAVIT before but I found this picture of several DAVITS that were attached to lower the too few lifeboats on the Titanic. White Star had installed extra DAVITS for when rules were changed to require more lifeboats but those extras were empty on this maiden voyage of this "unsinkable" vessel. 

Let's see what else Daniel has for us on National Pack Your Lunch Day! I'll trade you my Fritos for a Hostess Cupcake! Across

1. Oceanic ecosystem : MARINE BIOME - Here's some biodiversity in a MARINE BIOME. There is probably no 46. Deep-water fish : OPAH in here

12. Common intruders : ADS - They not only interrupt the Super Bowl, they cost millions to air

15. Mexican sugar substitute : AGAVE NECTAR - There's something besides tequila made from Agave plants. Who knew?

16. Home Depot purchase : SAW 

17. Black-necked flier : CANADA GOOSE - Our golf course is rife with them and they are aggressive in the spring when their goslings are running around 

18. Knoxville energy agcy. : TVA - Part of FDR's alphabet programs that supplies power to parts of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi,Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

19. Sportscaster Andrews : ERIN - Andrews 

20. Bradlee in "The Post" : BEN - A movie with some people  named Hanks, Streep and Spielberg

21. 2013 Culinary Hall of Fame inductee : EMERIL

23. Key used in shortcuts : ALT- Here's what I get when I hit the ALT/Option key with each letter of the alphabet on my MacBook Pro - å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆ∆˚¬µ˜øπœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω

24. Word of warning : PRIVATE - PRIVATE Property

25. Downer at a party? : DEBBIE - An unfortunate alliteration for all DEBBIES

29. Waterside accommodations : BOATEL - Someone has turned 7 defunct boats into floating accommodations  just south of NYC

30. Not dense, in a way : RURAL - Once you get past Omaha and Lincoln in my state, things really thin out

31. Lindy relative : JITTERBUG

34. Deuterium discoverer Harold : UREY - Deuterium was first known as heavy hydrogen but now we call it an isotope. TMI?

35. They usually have spines : CACTI

36. Ornate metalware : TOLE - My first thought was of trays like this

37. Spots for sports stands : GOAL LINES - Perhaps the most famous GOAL LINE STAND was in the 1967 "Ice Bowl" between the Cowboys and the Packers. Game time temp was -15˚F. Bart Starr followed a Jerry Kramer block on Jethro Pugh into the end zone for a Packer win

39. Forks over, formally : CEDES

40. Collaborate : TEAM UP

41. "Even so ... " : AND YET - Rex Harrison sings, "I know that I could always be that way again , AND YET..." Next line and song's title?

42. "Thunderball" setting : BAHAMAS

44. Try hard (for) : GUN - Every college class I took had a hated GUNNER. "Sir you forgot to give us an assignment!"

45. Had taken, as a portrait : SAT FOR

46. Tagged, perhaps : OUT - Got 'em! The shortstop started celebrating before he even made the tag.

47. Territorial marking : POST - Yeah, I thought of another way to mark territory too

51. It may build up gradually : IRE

52. Skeet participant : TRAP SHOOTER - As done north of the border at the right? 😜

55. Styling creations : DOS - HAIRDOS that is

56. Italian cooking staple : TOMATO PUREE

57. Tolkien creature : ENT

58. Mall attraction : ANCHOR STORE - Brick and mortar stores are under assault by technology these days


1. Medieval weapon : MACE 

2. Seaweed product : AGAR - A gelling agent seen at the top of this recipe

  3. Indian palace resident : RANI

4. One of the Karamazovs : IVAN - Ivan Fyodorovich Karamazov and Alexi Fyodorovich Karamazov 

5. "Deliverance" co-star of Jon, Burt and Ronny : NED - The less said about poor NED Beatty's fate the better!

6. Allow : ENABLE - Last week a former student invited us to see him work as a "bull fighter" at a PRCA Rodeo in Council Bluffs, IA.  We saw him ENABLE a lot of cowboys to get away from some very nasty animals! What a way to make a living. He did get a bad sprained ankle that night but the show had to go on then and the next night also as the cowboys really depend on him and his partner.

7. Cause : BEGET - Some books of the Bible recount a lot of BEGETTING

8. Small program opener : ICON - On all our electronic desktops

9. Plains tribe : OTO

10. Classy wheels : MASERATI - You can drive this off the Omaha MASERATI lot today

11. Religious recluse : EREMITE - Merriman Webster - One that retires from society and lives in solitude especially for religious reasons. You're welcome. 

12. Vehicle for some spiritual experiences : ASTRAL BODY - Google if you're interested

14. Depressed area : SWALE

22. Turned inside out : EVERTED - The most common ankle injury is an inversion not an EVERSION

23. Not feel well : AIL

24. Mrs. __, head of the kitchen in "Beauty and the Beast" : POTTS - Literally a Tea POT voiced by Angela Lansbury

25. Numb, in a way : DRUG

26. Marseilles money : EURO -  €1,00 = $1.25

27. Erratic driver's comeuppance, perhaps : BREATH TEST

28. Pungent spice : BAY LEAF - Here seen adorning a Margherita Pizza

29. __ tendinitis: arm muscle ailment : BICEP - If it hurts, STOP!

31. Two-faced deity : JANUS

32. 1997 film character getting a lot of buzz? : ULEE - (Short for Ulysses) Our cinematic bee keeper Peter Fonda

33. Heroic adventure : GEST - Gary Cooper played one of the three GESTE brothers in this film and he does carry out a BEAU GESTE to protect his aunt's reputation 

35. 1931 Oscar-winning Western based on an Edna Ferber novel : CIMARRON - Two very different posters for the same movie

38. "Raging Bull" boxer : LAMOTTA - A 1980 role for Robert DeNiro portraying Jake LAMOTTA

39. "Wolf" channel : CNN - Wolf Blitzer. Tricky, tricky!

41. Mailer, for one : AUTHOR - Norman Mailer - This NASA guy would really like to read Mailer's article that postdates the Moon landing by a month. YES, we really went!!

42. Something in back of a hit? : B-SIDE - Elvis and the Beatles had lots of A and B Sides that were both hits

43. Packer quarterback Rodgers : AARON

44. Feature of Sousa's music : GUSTO - The March King was the "Rock Star" of his era

47. Sulk : POUT

48. Catchall survey opción : OTRO - Other in Spanish 

49. Carnival draw : SEER - Do you remember the Tom Hanks movie where Zoltar was the carnival SEER?

50. Street adornment : TREE 

53. "Preacher" network : AMC - Make you wanna tune in?

54. Black __ : OPS


What say you?


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Daniel and Gary!

Really thrilled that I managed to slog through this one and get the TADA! Took a while. Several unknowns: ERIN, BOATEL, GOAL LINES, BAHAMAS, ANCHOR STORE, IVAN, SWALE, CIMARRON, CNN, GUSTO and AMC. Perps, WAGs and lots of patience did the trick.

Referring to yesterday's blog, I was a victim of Ambient, prescribed regularly by my rheumatologist. That and a lack of magnesium. (Took lots of calcium. Did not know about magnesium.) Three falls caused me to be bedridden and wheelchair bound now. Lots of pain, too.

Time for teddy!

Have a great day!

D4E4H said...

Good Morning you Cornerwriters,

Thank you Mr. Daniel Nierenberg for this impossible CW where I pulled letters from the dusty reaches of my mind to FIR in 50:29, whew!

Thank you Husker Gary for such an informative review.

35A They usually have spines: CACTI -- reminds me of Riders in the Sky where Too Slim introduces us to his "Cac-Tie."

If you enjoyed the Tie in, here's another one.

Today's paraprosdokian: "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad."


Giuseppe said...

I always thought it was basil that adorned a margherita pizza, not bay leafs.

Lemonade714 said...

Lots of work, and much I either have forgotten or never knew. I have heard the term EREMITE, EVERTED sounds silly and no recollection of UREY.

I also learned it is CANADA GOOSE not Canadian Goose. Hi CEh.

Also a timely CSO to our healing Corner grandchild - Aaron!

Giuseppe, you can find recipes with either basil or BAY LEAF in the recipe.

Thank you Daniel and HG

desper-otto said...

Ufda! And good morning!

This one turned into a Wite-Out workout and took the full allotted time before it bowed to the pressure. My two biggest stumbling blocks were CONCOURSE for GOAL LINES and TOMATO PASTE rather than PUREE. SEER was my final fill; never saw one at the carnivals I attended in my ute. Thanx, Daniel and Husker.

IIRC, deuterium is the element that makes "heavy water," used in reactors, heavy.

Fermat, I also take calcium and magnesium supplements. I learned the hard way (soft way, actually) that magnesium citrate is **not** a good magnesium source to use.

Bob Niles said...

SE corner beat me up. Got 48 & 49 down with perps, still didn't understand it until I read the writeup. Also worked with tomato paste far too long.

Anonymous said...

Bay leaves are not used for garnish. They flavor soups and sauces and are removed before serving. Sometimes they are crushed to impart more flavors but at then usually added to a spice pouch which removed before serving. If you were to bite down on a bay leaf topping a pizza, you would most likely make a sour face from the overwhelming bitter flavors and spit it out. I've had waiters apologize to me for finding a bay leaf in my soup.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This took a lot of P and P but I finally got my tada w/o help. My major stumbling block was putting Geese for Goose and Ute for Oto. Agave Nectar was very slow in filling in. Other mishaps were: Swamp/Swale, Books/Cacti, and Berths/Boatel. I knew the "Wolf" network but have never had of "Preacher." Overall, a doable but very challenging solve, IMO.

Thanks, Daniel, and thanks, HG, for guiding us through the maze!

I have to go to a bridal shower tonight which I hope will not be too long and drawn out. (I'm getting old and crotchety, me thinks!)

I guess I'm going to need a serviceman as the ice maker hasn't sprung back to life. This wouldn't phase Tin in the least, but I cannot do without ice for my Scotch. In the meantime, I'll have to use the dreadful ice cube trays that I can barely manipulate to release the cubes.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

What a slog. Too much work for so little reward. The clues gave me a headache.

Northern Boy said...

What an excellent workout for a Saturday morning! Thanks to Daniel for the puzzle and to Gary for the post-solve guidance. NE fell easily, but then it was a mass of white space for some time after that. TOMATO PastE did not want to go quietly, but it finally gave way and the SE fell. Have never heard of BOATEL but, like many answers, it makes perfect sense in hindsight. A great day to all....

Yellowrocks said...

Big fail. It's been years since I threw in the towel half way through. Even using red letters, I quit and printed the solution. So many names.
I had no trouble with eremite, everted, tole, astral body, AND YET I gave up. My P&P is very thin these days.
LIU, fresh bay leaves, not dried are used in Mediterranean cooking.
fresh bay leaves

Larry Jordan said...

"I've grown accustomed to her face."

Larry Jordan said...

Shouldn't it be "biceps" tendinitis?

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Slow going today, heaps of unknowns and sorta-knowns needing perp help. Jitterbug was the only long fill to go into all empty territory, and it sure helped. Boatel was the last to fall. Never heard of that, but it makes sense now.

Morning, Husker, I don’t think I’m going to try using that mace. It “strikes me” that it could be dangerous. (See what I did there?)

SwampCat said...

The puzzle was a Thumper for me, although I do appreciate the work involved in creating it and discussing it. Thanks.

However, the discussion of bay laurel leaves interests me greatly as I use both fresh and dried leaves in cooking all the time. As Giuseppe and Anon @ 8:03 said, and confirmed by YR's article, the leaves are too tough to be eaten or used as a garnish. The article suggests they even scare away deer!

I suppose you could boil one in a tomato sauce to be used on pizza but other than that I can't imagine how you would use bay leaf on pizza. They are used in soups and stews and braises for the pungent flavor they impart ....and then removed and discarded!

Anonymous said...

LIU, bay leaves are not used to top a Pizza Margherita. That is basil in the picture.

Wendybird said...

Me too!

Husker Gary said...

Musings on herbs
-I searched for bay leaves on pizza and got that picture
-Results of more searches:
-Pizza with Bay Leaves
-Basil and Bay leaves on a pizza
-This recipe uses bay leaves and then discards the bay leaves before serving
-Here’s a restaurant in Boston called Bay Leaf Pizza
-The difference between basil and bay leaves
-I also found other recipes that call for bay leaves on pizza. Waddaya gonna do?
-There are many areas where I have some expertise but HERBS isn’t one of them. I went, I searched, I linked! ;-)
-p.s. One Christmas I put paprika instead of nutmeg on egg nog and my family has never let me near the herb rack since!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Snowy day all over my cw but I stubbornly carried on, thanks to red-letter help. Just wasn't in my wheelhouse although I knew DAVIT & BOATEL, thanks to novels about SEAPORTS. Thanks, Daniel & Gary.

Hand up for TOMATO Paste before PUREE. I usually just threw chunks of peeled tomato in my sauces and cooked them down with the other ingredients. Only time I ever PUREEd was once to make TOMATO jam which was good, but not a favorite. I used BAY LEAF for something, but it's been so long I'm not sure what. I think I put them on my pot roasts then threw them away.

Didn't know: EREMITE, EVERTED, UREY. Sure know tendonitus -- in my foot until the tendon broke.

AARON: didn't know the quarterback, but I'm fond of the name. Grandson AARON went home Thursday night after his surgery, to my astonishment. With all the drugs from the surgery, he slept all night for the first time in months and got up feeling great. The outpouring of prayers from so many people had to have contributed to his euphoria. Anyway, yesterday, a day after the procedure, he insisted on going to school in spite of having a hole cut in his back and a laparoscope inserted and a hole drilled in his spinal tumor, etc. His mother was skeptical about letting him go, but she teaches school so he went. She says he came home feeling good as well. What a plucky kid! I hope his lack of pain lasts and isn't just residual drugs. I would have thought sitting long periods & getting jostled in the school halls wouldn't be good for the small wound and his condition.

PK said...

Yellowrocks: I'm beaming you a hug because it sounds like you might need one today, girlfriend!

oc4beach said...

Whew!!!! Took a while to get through today's puzzle, even with Red Letters. However, it is Saturday and the puzzle by Daniel was appropriately difficult.

After going through the Across clues I only had a half dozen or so fill-ins. The first four Down clues came easily and opened up the NW which helped with the North and Central part of the puzzle.

A few hitches: SIDELINES vs GOALLINES and TOMATOPASTE vs TOMATOPUREE. Perps ultimately filled them in properly.

Unknowns: UREY, TOLE, EVERTED, and it had been a long time since I heard about a DEBBIE downer.

Off to the local Home Show at the Arena so I can pick up some more worthless advertising junk that the exhibitors hand out. How many rubber jar openers, rulers, pill dispensers, pens and key chains do I need. DW says that I don't need any of them, which of course is correct, but I'll bring them home anyway.

Don't forget to Spring Forward tonight before you go to bed, except for those in Arizona and Hawaii who don't observe Daylight Savings Time.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Slow going like Dudley said. I'm with Anon @ 0803 on BAY LEAF. Wanted Cayenne for the longest time.
But nailed UREY instantly. Heavy water contains deuterium. Tritium is a heavier isotope and is radioactive.. I'm guessing "heavy water' was coined so that laics would read news fodder. Heavy water is used in the Canadian Candu power reactors. US power reactors do not use it.
Learnings include EREMITE, CIMARRON, and TOLE.
WATERSIDE - Watersides in our marine boilers had to be cleaned every 1800 hours of use. Firesides every 600 hours. Additionally, because a bunker #6 fuel oil was used, fireside tubes were "blown" every 4 hours with live steam, operational conditions permitting.

Anonymous said...

That was sorta chunky. Had to look up Urey... but finished.

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks, PK. I need a hug. When we had the renovation done we packed away many of our household belongings. I am just about finished sorting it all out and the only thing I cannot find is the most important box of all, the hard sided bright green file box, 12x12x3, which contained all of Alan' legal paperwork. I know how important it is and would not have squirreled it away in an odd place. I have looked everywhere in every nook and cranny and closet for several weeks. I am scared because I HAVE to have it and am also scared that I was so incompetent. I need to write my annual guardianship report right now and I will need the rest of it to get Alan into a group home.

This morning I have read many articles about FRESH, not dried, bay leaves used for garnishes. They are usually not eaten. That could be cooked bay leaves on Gary's pizza. You would just take them off before taking a bite. I put dried bay leaf in my tomato sauce. Of course, the clue said only "pungent spice." I think most of you would call it an herb instead of a spice. That would be a more cogent nit.
bay leaf garnishes

Yellowrocks said...

PK, how wonderful that Aaron is feeling so well. What a relief for you and his mom. I pray it continues.

D4E4H said...

fermatprime 3:59 AM

Wrote "Time for teddy!" What does that mean to me?

Giuseppe 615a, and Lemonade714 645a

Is there a wrong way to make pizza? Reminds me of Dagwood, Elmo asked him if he liked left over pizza. Dagwood replied "What's leftover pizza?"

Thanks Le Mon for pointing out the Canada in Geese. I guess they are not citizens.

desper-otto 707a

Please explain "Ufda!" and "IIRC."

I use magnesium citrate to aid my muscles, with calcium, potassium, and sodium. The drink Powerade has these ions in it. I am on hydrocodone, an opiod. I avoid constipation because of the magnesium citrate. I also use a probiotic with 15 strains of bacteria. I really noticed a #2 improvement when I started it.

To prepare for a colonoscopy, I was to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate. I mistakenly thought the instructions said to drink it over 8 hours so I marked the bottle, and took a sip every two hours. I was at the hospital the next morning when I realized I had not had any bowel movement. I must have really needed it. They gave me an enema to clean me out. When I got home, I read that I could have had juice over those 8 hours.

Larry Jordan 855a and 922a

Wrote "I've grown accustomed to her face." What does this mean? “Biceps” is Latin for “two-headed” so you are correct. One for you. Bicep is defined however.


Anonymous said...

It is not a Margherita Pizza if bay leaves are used instead of basil. The internet has many bad sources of information.

Curious said...

This took a lot of P and P but I finally got my tada w/o help.
I had no trouble with eremite, everted, tole, astral body, AND YET I gave up. My P&P is very thin these days.
Is this a new abbreviation? What does it mean?


Michael said...

I'm with Irish Miss on this one ... "challenging" for sure.

C'mon now, 'fess up: how many of us think of "marine biome" when we jump out of bed? Or anytime during the day? Nope, me neither.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I thought I was going to win for, oh, 1,2,4d. 12d ≠ POPE MOBILE, 47a ≠ Flag. I called Thumper after 4 Googles and looked at HG's grid. AGAVE syrups was a near-hit.

Thanks Daniel but too obtuse to ENABLE this moron to cross the GOAL LINE.

PK - Great news about AARON!

C, Eh! - last week I made POST re: your Raptors as one of the 4 in a string of Rockets' tough games. Last night, y'all handed the Rockets a CANADIAN GOOSE egg. The Beard did his best in the final-run but it wasn't enough to keep the 17-win streak alive. #EastMeetsWest #NorthMeetsSouth. //both teams are #1 right now and I'm finding myself following basketball(?)

IM - LOL your ice-machine capade. Take the first sip of Dewars w/o ice; it will give you strength (according to my Scottish buddies) to twist that little tray.

HG - I'm LOL'n' @ Paprika and the Basil-bit. As the TOKEN Italian, that is Basil on the pie. I use BAY LEAF in my sauce but not atop the dough. But why I'm laughing? Yeah, it's pronounced Bas-ILL. . :-)

Cheers, -T

desper-otto said...

D4, "Ufda!" is an interjection, often heard in the upper midwest, which usually entails heavy lifting. It's probably of Norwegian origin. IIRC: If I recall correctly. Larry was answering Husker's question on 41A.

desper-otto said...

Curious, P&P consists of patience, persistence and perseverance -- any two.

Bluehen said...

I kinda, sorta, vaguely remembered Mr. Nierenberg as a constructor of gnarly puzzles, and boy was I right. I finally got the "Tada", but with too many false starts, write-overs, and learning moments to count. WEES. Whew. Well done DN and HG. Thank you both.

PK, what great news about your grandson. May he continue to get better and better!

Never ever heard of anyone eating bay leaves, or for that matter even garnishing with them. The green topping on a margherita pizza is basil, added after the pizza comes out of the oven so that it doesn't darken or burn. And I also agree that it is a herb, not a spice. BTW, my favorite garnish for a margherita is a salted rim. OK, I know . . spelling.

IM, I can sympathize with your frustration with your ice maker. The ice maker/dispenser in the door of our brand new refrigerator has jammed up tight and I have no idea how to clear it short of letting it thaw out. Fortunately for the time being, the freezer compartment has an auxiliary ice storage tray that we filled. But isn't that something, delivered on Wednesday and the following Monday I'll be calling for service. Jeesh.

Headed for our favorite brewpub tonight for their rehearsal for next Saturday's St Paddy's day. They're calling tonight St. Practice night.


Curious said...

desper-otto. Thanks !

Tinbeni said...

Husker: I probably see a DAVIT every day.
Then again, I live in Tarpon Springs, Florida, on the Anclote River.

This was probably my fastest Saturday "solve" ever ...
(since I only solve them every "month-of-Saturdays.")

Enjoyed seeing the Race Cars today, after 5 hours I needed some quiet!


Lucina said...

Tada! I gave that to myself since my newspaper doesn't and FIR without assistance. Tada! Again! This was very challenging and forced me to ferret out information I forgot I had buried: DAVIT, LAMOTTA, AGAVENECTAR, EREMITE, and UREY. I had no idea his name was Harold and it's usually clued as heavy water as Spitz noted. More information to write in my crossword dictionary.

TVA was my first fill as I still recall that my high school history teacher talked at length about it over several classes since it was so controversial at the time. Like others, I've never heard of BOATEL AND YET it makes sense. OTRO was a given and MASERATI took a long while to accept because I was sure either the S or the T were doubled. No!

Great CSO's to Canadian Eh!, AnonymousT and PK's AILing grandson. It sounds like he's a good sport.

Thank you, Gary, for your continued guidance!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Thank you, Gary, for

Lucina said...

I also am beaming some positive thoughts your way so you find the important box and a hug, too.

Jayce said...

Whoo! Hard hard hard. Had to turn on red letters; many red ones lit up. I was so wrong in so many places. Learned what a DAVIT, a BOATEL, and an EREMITE are. Forgot that I had actually heard of EVERTED. Loved the clue for DEBBIE. Agree about BAYLEAF being an herb, not a spice. Judging from a quick look on the internet, some places call it BICEP tendonitis and some call it Biceps tendonitis. Doesn't matter to me, as long as I don't get it.
Best wishes to you all.

AnonymousPVX said...

Wow. Terrible clueing. I’ve made hundreds of gallons of tomato sauce....all without tomato purée., 30+ years of puzzle solving, never saw that. Word of warning....PRIVATE? Since when?
Plus the Basil/ Bay Leaf kerfluffle. Have gone to many carnivals, don’t recall any SEERs, nor would I consider a seer a draw.

Hard to enjoy this one, and I didn’t.

jfromvt said...

Didn't finish the NE corner...EREMITE, DAVIT, BOATEL, EVERTED all new to me. Maybe if I got JITTERBUG the rest would have fallen in place.

desper-otto said...

AnonymousPVX, I thought the same thing doubting that a seer would be a draw. But on reconsideration, anything at a carnival is considered an attraction, whether it attracts or not.

Yellowrocks said...

My right arm has a bicep with only one head. The other head pulled off the bone and gave me a small "popeye." The biceps muscle retracted up the upper arm creating a slightly visible bump, known as the "Popeye." With this and a weakly recovered rotator cuff injury I have to be careful not to add too much stress to my shoulder.

Anonymous PVX, Warning: PRIVATE property. Keep off!

Thanks for the caring thoughts, PK, Agnes, and Lucina. St. Anthony, thank you.
Good news! Luckily, right after Agnes's post, I now have found the guardianship material which I must have placed in a separate file. I will prepare the annual report tomorrow. Whew! The loss of the papers I need for the group home are a more difficult problem, but I gave David copies of most of them. I suppose, for a fee, I can get anything else I need from our attorney. I am feeling much more positive and like my usual "Yes, I can!" self. As Mom used to say, it will all come out in the wash. But how can anything as bright and large as that box disappear? I suppose I have had somewhat similar problems when I was younger, but now when it happens I fear I am "losing it."
On a happy note, Alan is way healthier and happier than he used to be.

PK said...

YR: Great news that you found some of the papers. For the green box, have you looked in your car trunk and under the seat of your car? After I moved, I looked everywhere for a couple of boxes of important papers. I don't remember carrying them to my car, but that's where they were. Apparently I thought they'd be safer there. My other thought is that one of your workman thought you might have negotiable bonds or something in the box and took it home. Good luck!

Madame Defarge said...


Missed lots this week. For ALL the challenges life offers including a dear neighbor's death.

It's a sunny day here, so let's go with that.

I am in the midst of preparing Corned beef and Cabbage dinner for my MIL and SIL. My hub's fam is 100% Irish immigrants. *** Hey Anon -T, this Italian gal is wondering if you ever took on the task of honoring your "other" side? Go for it!! It's easy. Loved your recent account of Texas highways!!

Thanks, Daniel, for a fine puzzle, which I did earlier today and luckily, I wrote some notes. I suffered from many false starts, which I corrected with crosses--eventually. False starts: vie for GUN, books for CACTI, gilt for TOLE, and so it goes. BOATEL sounds like a cool idea.

Canadian Eh, I'm still begging you to take those CANADA GEESE back home. Maybe our President will look into illegal immigration, eh? ;>)

Gary, thank you once again for a grand tour. Don't feel bad about the basil and the BAY LEAF issue. The directions for anything always say remove leaves before serving. I don't, but I suggest one sets them aside. Love the tastes BAY LEAF and basil add to Italian dishes.

I have short-changed everyone here. I'll be back later to read all your offerings.

I'm leaving to offer my MIL her White Zinfindel. Who else drinks that? She's almost 95 so she can have a glass of whatever she wants--she's earned it. She raised my husband!!!

Happy Daylight Savings Time. xox, Madame D

D4E4H said...

oc4beach 1044a

Wrote "Spring Forward tonight..." My "Spring " sprung long ago. I will begin the setting at 200a which will be 300a. My how time flew!

Yellowrocks 1132a

I pray you find the green file box. I hug you also. In 2002 I had a will, power of attorney, and living will drawn up. In 2005 we moved, and they are lost. As I write, I thought of one more place to look.

desper-otto 134p

Thanks for the clarifications.


Picard said...

Quite a Saturday challenge! Mostly fair. Last to fall for me was SE. Had RUN before GUN. Anyone else? That made GUSTO difficult. Utterly unknown LAMOTTA plus CIMARRON, AMC in that area took some pondering to get.

Thought I FIR, but I was wrong. Had EVERSED/SOLE. Never heard of TOLE and EVERSED seems as good as EVERTED. GEST also unknown but did WAG that correctly. DAVIT took ESP.

Learning moment about UREY. Thanks, Husker Gary! Very familiar with deuterium, but not its discoverer. Plenty of clever clues for DRUG, ADS, PRIVATE. No need to buy BAY LEAVES here. The trees are everywhere. I love the fragrance, but I have been told it can give some people a headache.

Here I am with my lab mate Madeleine with my favorite Saguaro CACTI at our conference in Tucson. We will be there again in a couple of weeks.

PK: That is great news about Aaron. It seems he is not out of the woods, but good that he and you can enjoy every minute that he feels well. We are all hoping the good health and good spirits last for a full recovery!

WikWak said...

In Naples IL (not FL!), on the Illinois River levee, is a restaurant called The Naples BOATEL. Been there for as long as I can remember (and that's getting to be quite a while these days). One thing I could never understand was why they built it on the river side of the levee (that's the wet side, for you non-river people). Several times it has been up to the roof line in floodwaters.

SwampCat said...

Can you stand one more comment about BAY LEAVES.? H Gary, among his many links to bay leaves (which were greatly appreciated) included one that asked about mistaking Basil leaves for Bay Leaves. So many of the so called proofs submitted here showed pictures of Basil leaves on pizza which were called Bay leaves.

I wonder if it is possible that people who don't cook with either of them confuse the two?

Okay, I'll go back under my rock.

But not before I express to PK my happiness that Aaron seems better.

And to YR....I'm so glad you have located at least minimal paperwork. I hope you won't resent my prayers that you find what you need. I have struggled with paperwork....aargh!!

Ol' Man Keith said...

No, this wasn't our day.
I had a good start this morning, then set it aside to give the Ol' Walnut time to reflect. The 2nd run came up with more goods, but then - after a more-than-reasonable application of P+P - the fun all leaked away.
Even so, I pushed a while longer and managed to wring a couple more fills. Even such weird ones as BOATEL and the singular BICEP.

Then it was "Time, Ladies & Gents!"
I got by with three cheats. Sure, it left me feeling ill-used and dirty.
But what the *#@!

Diagonal Report: Two - the two main lines. No hidden message.

Roy said...

FIR. Didn't get this usage of GUN, tagged OUT, or GUSTO for the March King.

Who's this DEBBIE Downer? Sounds like an unnecessary slur upon my daughter.

Ol' Man Keith said...

My sincere congratulations (I mean it)
to fermatprime, D4E4H,
and all who made it all the way through today's pzl
while managing to keep their innocence!

Semper pura ...

Roy said...

That is FIW.

D4E4H said...

"Young" Man Keith 832p

It was so nice to see my name in lights with fermatprime no less. I find it interesting how some people have such difficulty with a given CW, and others seem to breeze through it. That makes coming to the Corner fun.

I hoped that someone would go down memory lane with Too Slim and his Cac-tie, but no report.


Wilbur Charles said...

Well, I can't spell MASEROTI, so the O messed me up. I then changed the obvious POTTS to PITTS. I had just gotten everything else ànd got hasty after using P&P all day (between driving all over Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee counties .

I find that brain percolation is the key to Saturday solving. BIOME made no sense and like Roy I have no clue as to what a DEBBIE Downer is .

I had a hard time coming up with Jake LaMotta. The NE was blank until SAW gave me SWALE and the rest filled nicely.

YR I'm glad you have a solution to a common problem especially in Wilbur-ville

I thought of AESTHETE, ASCETIC but EREMITE had to perp.

Gary, great write-up .


PS And great news on AARON. Rogers was a gimme; gimme sports over pop culture any day.

oc4beach said...

From Wikipedia: Debbie Downer is a name of a fictional Saturday Night Live character who debuted in 2004, and who was portrayed by Rachel Dratch.

The character's name, Debbie Downer, is a slang phrase which refers to someone who frequently adds bad news and negative feelings to a gathering, thus bringing down the mood of everyone around them. Dratch's character would usually appear at social gatherings and interrupt the conversation to voice negative opinions and pronouncements.

Anonymous T said...

Last (I hope) word on basil / bay leaf... Swamp, you may have hit the nail; I work / go to lunch with a with a couple of self-described foodies that don't cook but will InstaSnap /comment on anything placed in front of them. I bet they couldn't tell the difference between basil and bay leaves nor, for that matter, Shinola and...

HG gets a pass on that anyway. Not only was the expo wonderful but the Pizza by the Bay (Leaf) is a real ice-breaker at parties.

Debbie Downer breaks character. [SNL 6m; I could only stand 3]

Cool cactus Picard. I noticed a bloom near the top; I think. Was it in bloom?

MDE Defarge - Yes! I think I will explore my Irish side and join Bluehen for St. Practice day.

YR - When you find the green box (and you will!) look nearby for my closing-documents. I put those in a "safe" place during Harvey and haven't seen 'em since.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

Well....I guess we found out which cornerites know little about ingredients and flavors....

Lucina said...

If you look closely at Picard's photo of the CACTI they all have blooms atop (CW word) their arms. That is a rare sight.

Thank you for explaining DEBBIE Downer. I filled it but had no idea what it meant.

Anonymous said...

Hint: lemony husker sauce*

*made with blended bay leaves for your enjoyment.

Yellowrocks said...

I have cooked with both basil and dried bay leaf all my life. Basil leaves are fatter. It is hard to see which it is in the pictures. Have any of you ever seen fresh bay leaves?

Thanks for sharing about your lost papers. I don't feel so dumb. I am 90% sure I will never see that box again. David has copies of most of it but it will be a real PIA to get my hands on the rest.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - thanks! You're right, they all are blooming. I had to zoom-in - I thought it was just sunlight off the leaves. I posted my cactus bloom. last year but Picard may not have seen it.

Cacti are the coolest plants next to carnivorous ones -- a buddy cultivates those... He has a pitcher-plant in his office! [Feed me Symore! :-)]

Of course, nothing beats a garden full of tomatoes, peppers, and, um, basil.

Cheers, -T

Picard said...

AnonT and Lucina: I am happy you took the time to look at my CACTI photo and noticed the blooms. I think one of those "blooms" may be a bird! And thanks for your cactus bloom photo, AnonT!

Here are a few more of my photos of blooming Saguaro CACTI from that convention outing.

I have plenty of other CACTI blooming photos, but I think of all the CACTI, the Saguaro is my favorite! By the way, I was amused that Irish Miss and Madame Dafarge both thought of BOOKS as something else with spines!

Apples said...

The absolute worst puzzle ever in the history of puzzles - try hard “gun????”

Apples said...

You are so right - worst puzzle ever