Dec 24, 2018

Monday December 24, 2018 Robert E. Lee Morris

Theme: SUGAR SUBSTITUTE (38. Artificial sweetener ... and what the end of 17-, 26-, 48- and 58-Across is, literally) - The first word of each theme entry is a type of sugar.

17. Pieman meeter of rhyme: SIMPLE SIMON. Simple sugar.

26. Toronto NHL team: MAPLE LEAFS. Maple sugar.
48. Iconic hat-shaped L.A. restaurant: BROWN DERBY. Brown sugar.

58. George Washington hairpiece: POWDERED WIG. Powdered sugar.

Boomer here.  
"Beat the drum, and hold the phone, the sun came out today." (John Fogarty, "Centerfield")  Left out Beet sugar, but that is spelled differently. I would get kicked off this blog. 

I am back bowling again!! Good news and bad news. Monday I shot a three game set of 599.  Thursday I ran into a dry condition on the lanes, left a lot of splits, and only managed 424 (I used to get that in two games). But I am not discouraged, but extremely happy to be back participating in the sport I love.  Plus my Thursday teammates cut me some slack.  They are happy to have me back, and "I'm happy to be here … I just want to help the ball club".  (Crash Davis to Nuke LaLoosh in Bull Durham).

And at this joyful time of year it is my pleasure to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas from C.C. and me.  Fa la la la la , la la la la. 


1. Pumpkin-growing place: PATCH.  "Down by the river that flows by the graveyard"  Dickie Lee said Patches lived there.

6. Bitter: ACRID.

11. Heat in the microwave: ZAP.  Have you ever seen those cages with a goofy light in them?  You hang it outside on the deck and it zaps mosquitoes.

14. How a timely stage entrance is made: ON CUE.

15. Letter after eta: THETA.  I had to think.  This was Greek to me.

16. "Strange Magic" band: ELO.

19. Jack of "Barney Miller": SOO.  Nick Yemana was a favorite of mine on a great show.  Sadly he passed away in 1979. 

20. Persian Gulf ship: OILER.  I believe this is an NFL Houston player, or a skater for Edmonton eh.

21. Croc's cousin: GATOR. University of Florida teammate.

23. Bovine baby: CALF.

29. Upper crust groups: ELITES.  No team name that I can think of, however the New York Yankees were fairly elite in my lifetime.

31. Corp. kingpin: EXEC.  Kingpin is an all time favorite for me.  I loved Woody Harrelson, and hated Bill Murray.

32. Baseball's Doubleday: ABNER.  Absolutely!  And he was not 'Lil.

33. Pad __: Asian noodles dish: THAI.

35. Bank acct. addition: DEP. I think the clue should tell us if it is an abbreviation. Or should I read "acct." into it ?

42. Moody music genre: EMO.

43. Scheme: PLOT.  If you scheme a mobster you may need a plot.

44. Capital of Morocco: RABAT.

45. Motown music genre: SOUL.  I used to enjoy the Platters, Temptations, and other Motowners.  Sorry, I do not like the Rap of today.

47. Highly adorned: ORNATE.  Has everyone "Ornated" their Christmas tree?

53. Hershey's nibble: KISS. I am not a big fan of commercials, especially insurance and drugs.  But I am overjoyed by the ten Hershey's Kisses playing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".

54. Goldbricks: LOAFS.

55. "Fame" singer Cara: IRENE.  Good night.

57. Six-pack muscles: ABS.

64. Tiny source of teen angst: ZIT.

65. __ Lauder: ESTEE. I'm sure their sales are good this time of year.

66. Debonair: SUAVE.

67. USN rank: ENS. "He joined the Navy to see the world.  But what did he see, he saw the sea."

68. Light beer brand: COORS.  I never acquired a taste for beer.  I cannot tell the difference between Coors and Miller...Unless we're talking ball parks.

69. Binge: SPREE.


1. Stamp sellers: Abbr.: POS. Post Offices.

2. Singer DiFranco: ANI. Monday word?

3. Film buffs' channel: TCM.  Turner Classic Movies .

4. Brit's hot "spot": CUP OF TEA.  I had one with my meal tonight.  (It makes C.C. happy).  Mine was called green tea, but it looked brown to me.

5. Prefix with port: HELI.  Where choppers park.

6. Totally lost: AT SEA.  See 67 Across.

7. Nest tweet: CHIRP.  Do birds tweet on their cell phones?

8. Sleep stage: REM.

9. Simpson trial judge Lance __: ITO.  I don't know how many cases this magistrate heard, but this one made him forever famous.

10. Hang down: DANGLE. "Your head Tom Dooley, Hang down your head and cry."  Kingston Trio.

11. Keebler cracker: ZESTA.  I still like Ritz better.

12. Socially chilly: ALOOF. Christmas turkey stuffing.  Don't forget ALOOF of bread.

13. Standard & __: POORS.  The performance recently is making some folks Poorer.

18. Shade trees: ELMS.  I remember there was a nightmare on this street.

22. Former nuclear agcy.: AEC. Atomic Energy Commission.

23. Stop: CEASE.

24. LP record: ALBUM.

25. Jargon: LINGO.  I have heard that this is a slang term for a Brit who voted for Brexit.

27. Fewest: LEAST.

28. Way off the highway: EXIT.  Also a way out of the European Union.

30. Miscalculate: ERR.  To do this human, to forgive - divine.

33. Bridal gown netting: TULLE. I have never worn a bridal gown.  How an I supposed to know this?

34. "The Deuce" network: HBO.  Old time acronym for Home Box Office.  And you will pay to watch it!

35. Persian Gulf emirate: DUBAI.  Dubai is friendly to the U.S.  Tiger Woods plays golf there.

36. French states: ETATS.  Imagine if France spelled all English words backwards.

37. "For __ sake!": PETE'S. I have heard this.  I wonder who Pete is!

39. Tater: SPUD. "When you say BUD, you've said a lot of things that Spuds cannot say"

40. Like damaged mdse. on sale: IRR.

41. Really drunk: TANKED UP.  Don't look at me - I am on the wagon.

45. Personal ad woman: Abbr.: SWF.

46. Unsolicited, as a manuscript: ON SPEC.

47. __ and terminer: criminal court: OYER.

48. Burn brightly: BLAZE.  There's a place called "Blaze Pizza" in Minneapolis.  Funny name for a Pizza restaurant,  I have never tried it.

49. Batman's sidekick: ROBIN.  To the Bat Cave, to get the Batmobile, and drive someone Batty.

50. Brewers' kilns: OASTS. It could be in the dugout at Miller Park on a cold Milwaukee Spring day.

51. Successful hitchhiker: RIDER. Chuck Willis hit named after C.C.

52. Saints quarterback Drew: BREES.  When He goes Marchin' in, There's trouble.

56. Storied loch: NESS.  FBI famous detective Eliot

59. Baja bear: OSO.

60. Intl. commerce group: WTO.  ITOA - I'm Tired of Acronyms.

61. Basic card game: WAR.  Played this easy game for hours, then I turned 11 and discovered Cribbage.

62. "__ been thinking ... ": I'VE. been workin' on the railroad

63. "Golly!": GEE.


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Robert and Boomer!'

Only a few unknowns: ZESTA, HBO and BREES.

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

Br'er Rabbit, in the briar PATCH,
Met a doe from far RABAT.
There they had a CUP OF TEA,
Then they had a sexing SPREE,
To make a biggie bunny batch!

Before his SUGAR, he could KISS!

His BROWN DERBY, with a brim,
Kept his POWDERED WIG in trim!

Canadian tables, 'twas his belief,
Extended with a MAPLE LEAF!

In "Barney Miller," did Jack SOO
Always say his lines ON CUE?

When bringing balm to Giliad
Did the THAI need a HELI-PAD?

Some ELITES, to keep ALOOF
Will LOAF by OASTS with up-turned snoot!

Do wealthy SOULS pop a COORS
Before they check Standard & POORS?

A wooden bust of a Viking chief
Might be a Canadian MAPLE LEIF!

Good night, IRENE, good night,
Please don't let the GATOR bite!

Should he hear a CHIRP from ROBIN
Will the Batman come a-bobbin'?

Should a babe, in sash ORNATE
KISS, ON SPEC, a candidate?

Today, I feel like SIMPLE SIMON.
Only couplets am I rhymin'!
By now you need relief, at LEAST,
So my rhyming I shall CEASE!

PK said...

Have a merry holiday, Y'all! No SUGARplums, but it was a sweet treat from R.E.L.M. Thanks! Then Boomer drummed up a great expo so thanks to him. (I've got "Little Drummer Boy" on the brain.)

Owen: See you're back in good form. Good on ya!

I went thru this one so fast, I didn't read about five clues. Some great clues otherwise.

Lemonade714 said...

Boomer, so glad you are back bowling. This was a sweet Christmas puzzle but it left out PALM SUGAR a very important cooking ingredient for my Thai chef wife and so many more. Nice CSO with the PAD THAI btw. Also, a CSO to me with GATOR .
TANKED UP clanged for me, and yes Boomer, the "acc't." abbreviation is the clue to the abbreviation.

Have a happy and safe Christmas Eve and see you all tomorrow.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one was completely in my RELM, no Wite-Out required. But that "end" in the reveal clue had me wondering about SIMON sugar or LEAF sugar. Oh, the other end. D'oh! Thanx, Robert and Boomer. (That river flows past the coalyards in the Dickie Lee version on my music server.)

OILER: Hasn't been one in Houston in many moons. I worked with an ex-Oiler. He was overweight, his knees were shot, and the building would quake when he stumped down the hall. He passed away in his sleep the month after I retired back in '10. We were the same age.

DUBAI: That used to be a standard stop on the PanAm route from New York to India. Visited the airport there many times.

DANGLE: Always makes me think of the uvula.

Oas said...

Good morning and merry Christmas !

Beautiful snow flakes and hoar frost happening to help get in the Christmas Spirit.

Thank you RELM and Boomer.

Remember laughing at Jack Soo’s one liners many years ago. One time when asked to describe a white male suspect he shrugged and said “They all look the same to me” struck me funny at the time.

Enjoyed the puzzle with only a few unknowns that filled in ok.

CSO to my big sis at 55A

Visited Thailand in 2003 . Memories of butterflies elephants and hot tasty dishes. Also even at that time every kid at the mall seemed to have a cell phone.

Lemonade714 said...

Where did you visit in Thailand OAS?

I forgot to mention that I loved Jack Soo in Barney Miller also.

Oas said...

OwnnKl I forgot to mention I loved your peotry .

L714 Changmai then cross country to Nakom Phenom . I don’t have a map in front of me so maybe my spelling may be off. Flew back to Bankok from a place called Udan Thani or something like that.

billocohoes said...

The ELITE Giants (pronounced ee-light) were a baseball team in the Negro National League and Negro American League in Baltimore until 1950.

I learned of TULLE (and ruching) sitting thru Say Yes to the Dress, or maybe it was What Not to Wear.

Can't tell the difference between Coors, Lite, and Bud Light? I have great discussions as to whether they're really beer. But I haven't actually tried mead yet, like in the Bud Light commercials.

Old joke: Guy walks into a bar, asks for a Coors Light. Bartender takes an unwashed glass that previously held a Guinness, fills it with water, says "Here you go."

Off to shopping (mostly groceries)

inanehiker said...

Speedy run as per usual Mondays. I still woke up about the same time today even though our office is closed and I don't need to work! It will get me started on my to-do list.
We are driving tomorrow into Kansas City - but my mom put us in charge of the meal tomorrow so we'll be doing some of the prep today that is safe to haul in the car!

OILERs are no longer in Houston but are now the Tennessee Titans in Nashville- Houston has an expansion team called the Texans! Sporcle has a quiz where you try to figure out former teams names/ locations:

Boomer thanks for the fun write-up! Sorry your re-starter's luck didn't last all week- but I'm sure you'll get back in the groove soon (or back in your lane).
And thanks to RELM for a fun puzzle!
Merry Christmas to all- we'll be traveling and not much access to WIFI at my mom's over the next few days.

CanadianEh! said...

Merry Monday. Thanks for the fun, Robert and Boomer (glad you are back to your bowling games). I got the sweet theme and saw my CSO with those MAPLE LEAFS. (LOL Boomer re those Edmonton eh OILERS!) We are hoping for a Stanley Cup run this year and a win before the Toronto team from 1967 is removed from the Cup.

Welcome back Owen - I smiled at the Canadian Maple Lief, but don't quite understand the " Canadian tables, 'twas his belief, Extended with a MAPLE LEAF!"??
But I got here to discover I FIW (and on a Monday!!). I could not fit Ingots into the squares for the Goldbricks and entered Loans. I really wondered who that Single White N??? could be. LOAFS is not in my LINGO for Goldbricks.

I changed Uno to WAR, Cheep to CHIRP, and Nuk (no room for the E) to ZAP.
I smiled at ELO, ENO and SOUL. Lots of music today but no Christmas Carols.
ABNER, SOO, and IRENE were unknown as clued, but filled in with perps. Thankfully, perps and a WAG also filled the possible Natick area of BREES and OYER.

Merry Christmas Eve Day to all and safe trips to all who are travelling.

Montana said...

Crossing Loafs and Oasts slowed me down but a mental alphabet run filled in the A. And I know both those words!

I’m a Cruciverb user, so had to try the online LA site today. My iPad didn’t want to cooperate with it, freezing with a couple words to go, but I knew the letters so moved on to the blog.

I’m a Calgary Stampeder fan. My CT family watched them win the Stanley Cup with me. Their coach grew up in the city next to me.

Enjoy the holidays, everyone!


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Fairly easy solve, but BROWN DERBY gave some pause because of the near Natick with BREES and OYER. But it worked out. Got the theme with the reveal @ 38a, SUGAR SUBSTITUTE.
AT SEA - Common cw clue and fill. But I would reflect that most seafarers pretty much know where they are. So it seems like a kind of oxymoron. JMHO.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Robert E. Lee Morris, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Puzzle went easily. Had to print it from the Tribune Site. Cruciverb was out to lunch (again).

Theme appeared easily. The only one that baffled me was SIMPLE SUGAR. Never heard of that term.

Hershey's KISS was easy. I have been through Hershey, PA, several times many years ago. Used to work near there in York. All the street lamps in town are shaped like Hershey Kisses.

Agree with Billocohoes, all Lite/light beers are tasteless. IMHO. I like beer with color and flavor. ie: Sam Adams, Shiner Bock, Yuengling, Fat Tire, Bell's Two Hearted Ale, and many more.

The BROWN DERBY, I heard, was where the Cobb Salad originated. I love a Cobb Salad.

Boomer, congratulations on bowling again. Bowling is fun.

Christmas Eve today. Playing in church tonight at 10:30 PM. Then to bed. No kids at home to get up early for tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Spitzboov said...

SIMPLE SUGAR: Simple sugars are carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed by the body to produce energy. They are also classified as “simple” because they contain only one or two units of sugar or saccharides. Also referred to as simple carbohydrates, these sugars are found naturally in a variety of foods that we consume daily.

Lucina said...

Happy Christmas Eve to all!

Thank you, RELM, for this Monday morning sashay! What a sweet theme! Though like d-o I couldn't get the "end of" a SUGARSUBSTITUTE. Oh, SUBSTITUTE is at the end.

Thank you, Boomer, for throwing the light on that and how wonderful that you can again participate in your sport. I'm so happy for you but continue praying for complete healing.

The last thing I thought I would be doing last night was to shop for one last gift for an unexpected guest who will come tonight. But, surprise, no big crowds at the mall and I had no trouble finding parking. I was out and home in 45 minutes including drive time.

The extension boards that are added to a table are called LEAFS. Do you have a different name for them?

You are again in fine poetic form! I loved your couplets.

Safe travels to all who are on the road.

Have a magnificent Monday, everyone!

Lemonade714 said...

OAS, it sounded like Chiang Mai to me or at least northern Thailand. Was the trip part of a tour of Southeast Asia? Your memory is good as the airport is in UDON THANI . Did you go to the Golden Triangle on your way west from Chiang Mai?

Haiku Harry said...

New bathtub gadget
Got the brush off from the sponge.
'Cause it's aloof---ahh ...

Earl said...

Montana, I think you meant the Grey Cup. The qb for the Stampeders is from Katy, TX.

Or maybe is was the Stanley Cup but that would have been the Calgary Flames. Have the Flames won a Stanley Cup? Or has any team from Canada won Lord Stanley's trophy this century? :-)

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Well, this was a sweet start to the week, a cute and fresh theme and execution, and some lively cluing and fill. Only one w/o, Acerb/Acrid and the few unknowns, as clued, were perp-ed away. I liked several pairings: HBO and TCM, EMO and ELO, Err/Irr, Zap and Zit. Funny to see Zesta again so soon. Lots of CSOS with Ens for Spitz and DO, Thai and Gator for Oo and Lemony, Cup of tea for Abejo, Maple Leaf for CanadianEh, etc.

Thanks, Robert, for an enjoyable solve and thanks, Boomer, for the humor and wit; you're in the finest of fettle today. (I loved your comment about drinking tea because it makes CC happy.)


So far, I have watched 2 1/2 episodes of "Death In Paradise" and I'm not sure it's going to be my cup of tea. I agree with Bill G about the beautiful scenery and the likability of the main characters but, as Bill G also said, the storylines are formulaic and, IMO, filled with red herrings and are too far fetched. I'll definitely watch more episodes to see if it's going to hold my interest.

Have a peaceful and safe Christmas Eve.

Husker Gary said...

-I solved this piece o’ cake 95% by doing only the across clues. JACK LOO was wrong because I did not do ZESTA going down for a check. :-(
-Is it legal to eat sweet potatoes and oatmeal without BROWN SUGAR? :-)
-This pumpkin PATCH near Omaha is open five weeks per year and still nets Mr. Valla $400,000 begs to differ on the Abner story (he never claimed to have invented baseball)
-Oh yeah, goldbrick can be a verb!
-Beer is what kept my father TANKED UP, the smell makes me nauseous
-Approx. 40 birds (even some ROBINS) have left their NEST this a.m. to feed at Gary and Jo’s
-I make it a point to talk to people who seem ALOOF. They’re usually not
-Did you grow up singing, Rueben, Rueben, I’VE Been Thinking.

Spitzboov said...

Husker @ 1026 thoughtfully asks: "Is it legal to eat sweet potatoes and oatmeal without BROWN SUGAR?" On the oatmeal you can SUBSTITUTE black-strap molasses; at least in NYS

Reuben James. A four-piper.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Robert E. Lee Morris and thank you Boomer.

The theme had me thinking of that hit by The Archies Sugar, Sugar and that other substitute, honey.

Confidently keyed in FIELD for Pumpkin-growing place at 1A. A farmer I worked for in my youth had 20 or 30 acres of pumpkins growing in his front fields every year. That's a lot of pumpkins !

Boomer, great write-up. We could shake hands. My wife is also pleased when I will drink one of her teas. She has 10 or 12 boxes of various brands and flavors here at home, and 3 or 4 flavors that she has at work. She starts every morning with tea, and ends every day with tea.

Just as I was reading your Hershey's nibble comments, a commercial came on for a supplemental medical policy.

Dry lanes ? Argh ! My bane ! Those conditions can bring out some pretty low scores, right ? So you are bowling both Mondays and Thursdays ? Then you can get back up on that horse again today ! I'm every other Thursday. Anxious to see how the team did last Thursday night.

Lucina, we went to the mall the other day and it wasn't too bad. We had one of those Kohl's 30 % off coupons. The Macy's is gone. The JC Penney is gone. The Carson Pirie Scott is gone. The Sears is still there but barely. Burlington Coat Factory has changed to just Burlington's. Went to Menard's (a home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe's) yesterday and it was packed !

Which reminds me. I have to replace the seal around the door leading to the garage, and more importantly, get my write-up ready for tomorrow !

See y'all later n 'at !

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. Speed-run Monday, but like D-Otto, I first tried to attach the SUGAR to the first word and not the last word of the theme answers: SIMON SUGAR, etc.

Drew BREES was apropos today considering yesterday's big Saint's game against the Steelers.

Fun to see both ELO and EMO in the same puzzle.

QOD: Wishes cost nothing unless you want them to come true. ~ Frank Tyger (Dec. 24, 1929 ~ May 2, 2011), American cartoonist

Oas said...

We were a group of five going to visit and help a couple from our comminity get started on a house building project. The family was involved in mission work and had been in Thailand for several years. We did not go west of Ciangmai if I remember right but Easterly to the border with Laos . Leisurely trip by automobile from Chiangmai took three days .

Lucina said...

I went to Macy's which is surrounded by the parking structure. They had an impressive sale and I had good coupons. I didn't check on the rest of the mall's stores for traffic. Dillard's, Dick's, Nieman Marcus, Nordstrum and many other smaller stores are located there. JC Penney's is at another location where I considered going as is Kohl's but Fashion Square Scottsdale is closer to me. I was pleased with the outcome.

CrossEyedDave said...

Just read an Email from Anonymous-T that my Misty cake link
from yesterday led to a clickbait site.
Terribly Sorry, I was in rush.
I hate clickbait, and refuse to click on anything
that looks like a slide show with an arrow you need to click on
to go further. - Avoid them like the plague that they are!
These sites are not secure and can download some nasty viruses.

So I deleted yesterdays post in it's entirety.

Here it is again
with a better Happy Birthday Misty sentiment:

Happy Birthday Misty!

Otter Pop?
Why not, I remember in Australia back in the early 60's
they were called Slippery Sams'

Thanks CC! Don't Stop.

Misty said...

Thank you all so much, for the lovely birthday wishes and greetings yesterday and now today. My goodness, Cross-eyed Dave, how did you make that sweet message in the sand?

I had a lovely Christmas party last evening, with many quiet birthday wishes, but, happily, no distraction from the party. The catering delivery was lovely and I think everyone enjoyed the food and the company. A perfect Christmas birthday.

One small problem. I did not receive the LA Times yesterday morning and had to phone to get a delivery a bit later. This morning, again, no paper. As a result I haven't been able to do the puzzle. Hopefully the paper will come sometime (it's 10am already and hasn't arrived yet). If it does and I get the puzzle done, I'll check in later.

Again, thank you all, my sweet blog community.

JJM said...


Jayce said...

I enjoyed solving this puzzle. Getting POWDERED WIG decoded the OYER-IRENE crossing for me. And solving PLOT and SOUL got me TULLE of which I had no knowledge. So yes, some crunch, which is nice. At first I thought cluing ACRID, which is a sourish taste, as "bitter" was wrong, but then I saw the 2nd definition of ACRID, which I wonder has the same root as acrimonious. I'll look that up, too.

Boomer, very cool to notice that ETATS is STATE spelled backwards.

I like beer, and those that Abejo listed are among ones that I also like.

May you all have a happy day before Christmas today and a very merry Christmas day tomorrow.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A pleasant pzl for Xmas Eve...

I'll probably take tomorrow off, so
One diagonal on the mirror side. I think Mr. Morris had my three pooches in mind when he anagrammed a favorite canine toy ...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Sorry, Misty! ~
I didn't know it was your birthday. Many more happy returns!
I hope the nearness of your own nativity day to Christmas only ADDS to the joy of each event (rather than detracting from either).
I know something of what you face each year*. My wife's birthday is Nov. 24, and because Thanksgiving is a "floating" holiday, they sometimes coincide. In any case, they are always near one another. She thinks it's usually a blessing, although not always...

Anyway, forgive me for not saluting you earlier. Happily, you have made many friends on the Corner--and we are all delighted that you were born!
I used to know even more. My birthday is Feb. 23, just one day after Washington's birthday. When I was a kid we used to get Washington's day off from school. I liked to claim it was to honor ME!
Of course, this was before they combined Washingon's and Lincoln's into Presidents' Day. So now there's no chance of blurring my day with theirs.

Ol' Man Keith said...

On another note, Misty ~
The LA Times has been having serious delivery problems. Last week my Uni Hill neighbors and I missed our papers three days in a row. We complained, of course, and learned our regular carrier was seriously ill. We are sending money to help him and his family. But the carrier's incapacity does not excuse the Times for failing to have a backup delivery system in place.
Our delivery has been restored, so I am surprised to see that yours is now failing. I'm sure you know you can get a credit if you notify them. Just go online to, click on "Topics" and "Subscriber Services."
You can also go to the crossword page and print out a copy of the puzzle on paper.
For messages and inquires, send email to
Good luck!

Lemonade714 said...

OAS, I did not realize my dyslexia had extended to directions, and of course, you are correct, you went east from Chiang Mai; did you get a chance to visit Chiang Rai? In Thailand, all trips by motorcar must be leisurely as the roads do not permit the pace of American travel, let alone the autobahn.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

FIW - I still can't spell State(s) in French (Thanks Boomer & Jayce - I think I will remember now!) and RABeT, Morocco is one vowel off...

Thanks RELM for the sweet Monday puzzle. Thanks Boomer for the expo. You'll be back to rolling strikes SOOn, I'm sure. BTW, Boomer & TTP, is a dry-lane not OILEd well or is it just a bad luck night?

WO: DUBia [untie!]
ESPs: IRENE, spelling of TULLE (I thought it was toole - I just learned that word Saturday while wrapping presents at the mall [I called it ribbon and was corrected]).
Fav: Jack SOO. I love Barney Miller. I was watching an episode a week or two ago and thought SOO would be good x-word fill. RELM wins. :-)

Soo: Dietrich & Yemana discuss the wok [0:35] or, if you're bored,
Full episode: Hash - "mushy, mushy" [25:12]

{B, F for Fun Couplets}
Har! Haiku Harry
Cute DR OMK.

Hahtoolah - I normally don't watch football but caught the last quarter of the Saints last night. BREES' team nearly got beat in the last minute... Who Dat? Who Dat!

SOs to C,Eh! w/ MAPLE LEAFS and the OILERs on ice.
Anyone else think of Cuppa @ 4d? I wonder how he's doing.

62d - A dangerous pastime...

Cheers, -T

billocohoes said...

Food! My favorite Jack SOO moment
Japanese delicacy

Misty said...

Thank you for all the good advice, Ol'Man Keith. Never got the puzzle today, and fear I may not get it tomorrow. Sadly, my computer doesn't let me print the puzzle without giving permission to allow entry, which makes me nervous. But I'll follow up on some of your suggestions tomorrow.

Jayce said...

Ol'Man Keith, my wife's birthday is Nov 24 also!

TTP said...

Dash T, dry refers to the application of oil, or more specifically the lack thereof on the lanes, and represents one of the more challenging conditions for the accomplished bowler. The "hook point" is the least forgiving on dry lanes, and it can often result in washouts and splits for a down-and-in bowler or a cranker.

I do hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve. There's no snow here, but the movies have been great. It's a wonderful life !

Bill G said...

Guess what I stumbled across while clicking through the menu on the cable box? My favorite musical, Meredith Willson's "The Music Man," that's what. (Yes, I spelled Willson correctly.) I looked him up on Wiki. He was multi-talented with many accomplishments though nothing so popular as TMM. Meredith Willson (May 18, 1902 – June 15, 1984) was an American flautist, composer, conductor, musical arranger, bandleader and playwright. He wrote three other Broadway musicals, composed symphonies and popular songs, and his film scores were twice nominated for Academy Awards. I remember him being a regular panelist on an old Goodson-Todman game TV show called The Name's The Same. The Beatles recorded his "Till There Was You." Barbara pointed out to me that a very young Ron Howard played a lisping little character in several scenes including "Gary Indiana."

OwenKL said...

BillG: Ah, flautist! At first I thought you wrote flatulist! Music Man is a fave of mine, too. I was piqued about what other musicals he'd written -- only two others, not three. "Here's Love" (never heard of it) and "The Unsinkable Molly Brown". Also today it's significant he wrote "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"!

I've been fascinated this year finding out about Christmas carol composers. "O Holy Night" was written by a backslider who became an outspoken Atheist. The music for it was written by a Jew. And "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" was written by a bedridden TB patient who couldn't walk at all!

Anonymous T said...


The stockings are hung but
What do they care?
The Children are sleeping
and will be 'till noon
Sophomores in college and high-school they
Magic Mom & dad still do'en
This special day.

Merry Christmas!
//that's all I got - OKL, can you sex it up?

Picard said...

Last puzzle to solve from our week away. Pretty SWEET theme. A few unknown fill filled with crosses and WAGS. BREES/IRENE unknown crossing last to fill. To FIR.

HuskerGary thanks for the ABNER/BASEBALL story. Learning moment!

In my extensive travels in MOROCCO I found that RABAT was the most hassle-free large city in the country. Most other cities were full of people pestering tourists. Except for that, I enjoyed my travels there! I have RABAT photos, but I am guessing no one is looking here anymore.