Dec 23, 2018

Sunday December 23, 2018 C.C. Burnikel

Theme:  "Quick Visit" - STOP spans across each theme answer.

23A. *Chances that slipped away: LOST OPPORTUNITIES.

62A. *True view: HONEST OPINION.

70A. *Often the best choice, in retrospect: FIRST OPTION.

82A. *Swindlers: FAST OPERATORS.

124A. *Ristorante appetizers: ANTIPASTO PLATTERS.

16D. *Former Chilean dictator: AUGUSTO PINOCHET.

45D. *Bending over backward, say: ANXIOUS TO PLEASE.


103. Visit briefly ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues: STOP IN.

Very simple theme, with three different STOP split.

I originally has EID in 34-Across and NEIL in 25-Down. Rich was concerned that the crossing would creative a tricky square, even if I clued NEIL as obvious as possible. So a change was made.

I do hope EID appears in LAT soon. 


1. Bowling pin wood: MAPLE.

6. Princess Charlotte, to Harry: NIECE.

11. Hornets, e.g.: WASPS.

16. 2008 TARP beneficiary: AIG. Founded in Shanghai.

19. Think tank nuggets: IDEAS.

20. "The Thin Blue Line" director Morris: ERROL. Unknown to me. Rich's clue.

21. Mexican month: ENERO.

22. Stage coach Hagen: UTA.

26. Tricky bit: GAG.

27. Type of well: ARTESIAN. I learned from doing crosswords.

28. Fulda tributary: EDER.

29. Griller's flipper: SPATULA. I use wooden ones. I stir-fry every day.

31. Bird hangout: NEST.

32. Romance novelist Hilderbrand: ELIN. Alternative to Tiger's ex.

34. Gate datum: Abbr.: ETD.

35. Windows forerunner: MS DOS.

36. Type of jam in Sacher tortes: APRICOT. Never had apricot jam.

39. One of the original Warner Bros.: SAM. Learning moment also. Rich's clue again.

41. Sporty car roof: T-TOP.

44. Long story: SAGA.

46. Way to go: Abbr.: DIR.

48. Frees: LETS LOOSE.

52. Platform site: Abbr.: STN.

53. Twitter forwards, on Twitter: RTS. Retweets.

56. Kings Peak state: UTAH.

58. Just __ bit: A WEE.

59. Ramallah-based org.: PLO. Palestine Liberation Organization.

60. Make an ad spicier, say: SEX IT UP. Husker Gary would be a great ad writer.  I still can't get over his "Squeeze Play" title for a puzzle I made for WSJ a while ago. Genius!

65. Shower unit?: RAINDROP.

67. Gives someone a hand: CLAPS.

68. Flake or Duckworth: Abbr.: SEN. Tammy Duckworth. Jeff Flake, ex-senator.

69. Gin flavor: SLOE.

74. Catcher's place: HOME. And 4. Reason to challenge an out call: LATE TAG. And 8. Boot the ball: ERR.

77. Good times: UPS. Splynter used to be very busy during this period.

79. Bring down: LOWER.

80. One often includes a colon: EMOTICON.

87. Hearing range: EARSHOT.

88. Surreal ending?: IST. Jazzbumpa hates this type of clue: Surrealist. 

89. __ song: FOR A.

90. Trash: RUIN.

91. Pronoun for a princess: SHE.

92. "Mr. Blue Sky" band: ELO.

93. They can yield immediate results: SPOT TESTS.

96. Poker great Ungar: STU.

97. PlayStation handheld game: VITA. We had this clue a few months ago.

99. Baking amts.: TSPS.

100. Autobahn winter hazard: EIS. Ice.

102. Take no side: ABSTAIN.

106. Tibetan monks: LAMAS. Some very simple truths in Tibetan Buddhism.

110. Sports radio host Patrick: DAN.

112. Editor's retraction: STET.

113. Salinger character who says to the story narrator, "I don't think I shall tell you my full name": ESME. Rich's clue also.

117. First name in exploration: AMERIGO.

119. Noteworthy stretches: ERAS.

121. Fruit-flavored frozen treat: OTTER POP. Favorite treat at D-Otto's home.

123. Showy wrap: BOA.

127. Overhead rumblers: ELS.

128. "I'm with you": ME TOO.

129. Links hero, familiarly: ARNIE. Palmer.

130. __ Blue: old laundry soap: RINSO.

131. Graphic top: TEE.

132. "Uh-uh!": I WON'T.

133. Bonkers: LOONY.

134. Packed away: EATEN. I've been enjoying these roasted Asian sweet potatoes.


1. Lombardy's capital: MILAN. Look at some of the street scenes there.

2. Place on a pedestal: ADORE.

3. Raid targets: PESTS. The spray Raid.

5. Those, in Tabasco: ESOS.

6. Sherpa, usually: NEPALI.

7. Like a typical O. Henry story: IRONIC.

9. Dove's digs: COTE.

10. Slip past: ELUDE.

11. "Mandatory Fun" parodist, familiarly: WEIRD AL.

12. Red or army follower: ANT.

13. Earthshaking event: SEISM. Hi there Jayce!

14. Gets ready: PREPS.

15. "Such a pity": SO SAD.

17. Leaning type: Abbr.: ITAL.

18. Lady on stage: GAGA. Lady Gaga.

24. Place to tie up: PIER. Also Rich's clue.

25. Court dividers: NETS.

30. "... and your little dog, too!" dog: TOTO. I just told my friend Carmen (based in Guangzhou) to watch "The Wizard of Oz". She never heard of it.

33. "Ya think?": NO DUH.

37. Medicare prescription drug section: PART D.

38. Jackson 5 member: TITO.

40. Hearty pastry: MEAT PIE.

42. Capital on a fjord: OSLO.

43. Menial laborer: PEON.

44. Big bargain: STEAL.

47. Spiteful: RANCOROUS. This one connects three themers.

49. Masters Tournament weekend groupings: TWOSOMES.

50. Qtr.-ending month: SEP.

51. Luau souvenirs: LEIS.

52. Much of Eastern Eur., once: SSRS.

54. Tough's territory: TURF.

55. Unwelcome giveaways: SPOILERS.

57. Emergency menu: HELP. Computer. Keith, it's TTP who found the diagonal puzzle for you. I merely emailed it to you.

61. Butterfingered: INEPT.

63. Tended tots: SAT.

64. Classic grape sodas: NEHIs.

66. Divide fairly: PRORATE.

71. Giant among low-cost carriers: Abbr.: SWA. Southwest Airlines. We use Sun Country for our  Vegas trip (annual Graybar retiree gathering). They have the best price. Bad service.

72. Four: Prefix: TETR.

73. Biblical builder: NOAH.

75. Dough: MOOLA.

76. Opposite of exo-: ENTO.

78. Like comfy slippers: SOFT.

81. "Three Coins ..." fountain: TREVI.

82. Punch deliverer: FIST.

83. Venomous vipers: ASPS. I wonder if ancient Egyptians ate asps. Snakes are popular food in Guangzhou. Restaurants have live snakes in cages. You just pick up the snake you want, they'll prepare for you. 

84. "The Black Cat" author: POE.

85. "On the Bus With Rosa Parks" poet Dove: RITA.

86. Slights: SNUBS.

94. Nicholas, for one: TSAR.

95. Bet money an "all in" player can't win: SIDE POT. Rich's clue also.

98. Loafer's quality: INERTIA.

101. Actress Gilbert: SARA.  Executive producer for both "Roseanne" and "The Conners".

104. Bigelow alternative: TETLEY.

105. Lead-in to girl or boy: ATTA.

107. "Scarface" setting: MIAMI.

108. '60s-'70s veep: AGNEW (Spiro).

109. __ voce: softly: SOTTO.

111. Twangy-sounding: NASAL.

114. Tuckered out: SPENT.

115. Man with a code: MORSE.

116. Nagano-based printer giant: EPSON. Ours is HP Envy 4500.

117. Provide fake cover for, e.g.: ABET.

118. Sleeper agent: MOLE.

120. Texas MLBer: STRO.

122. To be, to Benoรฎt: ETRE.

125. Non-neutral atom: ION.

126. "Wish Tree" artist: ONO.

Happy 74th birthday to our sweet Misty! Her kindness and compassion shine through in each of her blog posts. Here is a picture of Misty and her husband Rowland celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary in 2009.

Boomer Updates:

No doctor visits the past week, though there was a glitch in getting Zytiga, which can't be refilled and needs a monthly prescription. Boomer is going to get another blood draw next Thursday. His alkaline phosphatase has been high and creatinine is a bit low. Not unusual for bone cancer patients, according to Dr. Downs' assistant.

He continues to feel better and sleeps much better. His re-starter's luck at bowling alley quickly ran out last Thursday night, Inanehiker! He'll probably share with you his scores tomorrow.



fermatprime said...


Thanks to C.C. for double duty!


A very happy Birthday to Misty!

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

Do HORNETS have horns that go beep-beep?
Are they WASPS or Catholic priests or creeps?
When they meet up with bees
Do hornets wear internet hairnets to sleep?

There was a fine fellow from UTAH
Who wanted to get lots of MOOLA
So he taught a cow
Her scales, and now
She sings do-re-mi-fa-moo-la!

{B, C+.}

Lemonade714 said...

Talk about double duty- the entire weekend is C.C. puzzles. Wow!

This was a situation where the title confused me more than it helped, but words spanning the fill are the hardest for me.

C.C. JEFF FLAKE is a Senator until January 3, 2019 when his successor is sworn in. I enjoyed your inclusion of both NEPAL and TIBET in the same puzzle, if only you could have included Mount Everest

As clued I did not know ELIN which gives me a chance to brag about my first cousins who write Romance novels NETTIE who was child number 10 in that family and RUTHIE the baby. A brother GERRY
writes as well.

How did you clue SIDE POT , as I do not know any other meaning? Staying with poker,
the story of STU UNGER is both impressive and impressively sad. Coincidentally his middle name was ERROL which C.C. often clues with Mr. Flynn but Rich choosing Errol MORRIS is not surprising as he has used in his own published puzzles. I had it back in a 2012 Friday by MIKE TORCH .

My youngest gets in town this afternoon, so yay me. Thanks for all you do C.C.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

A C.C. twofer. Yay! And a d-o double-DNFer. Boo! (Remember that old Yay-Boo song?) Nebraska was my downfall. I was so sure of FIRST NOTION and DEALS that I just couldn't see past them. I also screwed up with ANTIPASTA PLATTER. Ya got me again, C.C. Otterpop, huh? Funny. Actually, I've never had one.

SARA: Never got into Roseanne, so I remember her best as Leslie Winkle of TBBT.

SIDE POT: Had absolutely no idea. Sounds like a hospital receptacle.

"I do hope EID appears in LAT soon." -- OK, I'll bite, C.C. What's an EID?

Montana said...

I have never heard of OtterPops nor Rinso, but I didn’t do too bad with this puzzle. Has to be because C.C. created it! I did resort to using help with vowels. After working horizontally to the bottom, I had 12 unfinished answers. I worked down and across many, many times before completing them.
I found today’s puzzle a little easier than yesterday’s. I needed vowel help with it, also.

We’ve had unusually mild November-December weather in my area. Highs in the 50s, lows in the 30s and almost no snow. Farmers are starting to be concerned about moisture. I live in a "Golden Triangle" of winter wheat production.

Desper-otto, thanks for the advice. It works.

May everyone have a great week!


Big Easy said...

Well I guess C.C. Would like everybody's HONEST OPINTION. Will I ABSTAIN? No, I'll S.T.O.P (Squeal Tires On Pavement for STOP Signs) by for a comment or two. Well she beat me two days in a row. I noticed the STOP early but couldn't figure out the NO DUH, ELIN (unknown), RANCOROUS, CLAPS area correctly. I filled HELPS for CLAPS, kept wanting an abbreviated state for UTAH, thought maybe TITO (I knew) was spelled differently. Just couldn't do it. DNF. I needed HELP but never go STOG or any source.

So she starts as a tribute to BOOMER with the MAPLE bowling pin-unknown to me- and doesn't stop until she's EATEN us alive. ERROL, RTS ( I don't tweet), EMOTICON ( I don't use), ELO, STU, VITA, SIDE POT, RITA, TETLEY were filled by perps.

TARP, Cash for Clunkers, Shovel Ready Projects- don't you love it when our government puts your grandchildren in debt.

LOONY, Bonkers, crazy, nuts, loco- the PC language police is trying to make people quit using those words. My opinion- they are INSANE.

EPSON-HP- they give away printers and try to make it up on ink. I have a Brother laser all-in-one and get my cartridges off the internet for about 1/3 the Brother price. Unless you really need one, NEVER buy a color printer. Go with black in only. Saves a lot of money.

SWA- they have the lowest consistent price of any airline with their wanna getaway options. I use credit card points from my SW Visa card instead of cash. The points are usually worth about double their stated value and have no restrictions. No charge for luggage. We always fly SWA.

desper-otto said...

We've got two printers -- a Brother laser for routine, day-to-day printing, and a Canon color inkjet that I use for scanning images and addressing envelopes and dw uses to print photos.

Happy birthday, Misty!

Hahtoolah said...

Good morning, C.C., and friends. This was a fun puzzle. I really like the puzzles with the asterisk clues and those with an answer spanning words. This puzzle had both! The unifier was STOP IN, and both AUGUSTO PINOCHET and HONEST OPINION had the complete phrase in the answer.

I learned that to Take No Side is not Neutral, but ABSTAIN.

I also learned that Frees is not Gets Free, but LETS FREE.

I first tried Money before MOOLA for Dough.

I wanted a Folk Song before realizing it was FOR A Song.

OTTER POP is new to me.

I tried Helps as the answer to Gives Someone a Hand. I had to laugh when HELP appeared to cross my incorrect answer.

Natchitoches Meat Piesare famous in Louisiana.

QOD: Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come ~ even if it came in a living room or to someone with a humble living. ~ Stefan Hell (b. Dec. 23, 1962), recipient of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Misty said...

Thank you for the sweet birthday message this morning, C.C. I miss my sweet Rowland, and the picture brings a happy memory. And thank you too, Fermatprime, I always love reading your early postings.

The LA Times hasn't arrived for the first time in years, and I'm not sure I'll get it or have a chance to do the puzzle today. But it gives me time to wish everyone a lovely pre-Christmas Sunday!

Lemonade714 said...

Oops, almost forgot; HBDTY and many more Misty.

Speaking of OTTER POP this is the third year in a row for this fill; Martin Ashwood-Smith & George Barany, Sat, Jun 25, 2016, and Gail Grabowski in one of her Sunday solos, Oct 01, 2017.

Tom, I agree with asking what does she have in mind for EID I googled it and tons of different things came up, but no one thing grabbed my attention.

Montana, good to see you regularly again and nothing is simple - not enough cold - wow. Devin is probaly over Texas on his way here now.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you C.C. and thank you C.C.

Happy Birthday Misty !

Double duty for C.C. today, and a double play weekend ! Nice back to back !

No real problems today, but not my fastest Sunday either. Didn't notice that the word STOP was IN each of the theme answers until I filled the reveal, and by then it was almost done.

Couldn't get to a deep sleep last night until after 1 AM, and then slept in this morning. Now running late. Will STOP by later today if I'm in the area !

Husker Gary said...

-My difficulty with yesterday’s C.C. puzzle gave way to a fun “got ‘er done” today
-We watched our ETD keep moving ahead at the MSP airport four years ago
-Why Sea World won’t LET their orcas LOOSE
-C.C. calling me smart? Appreciated but IRONIC.
-Video replays on LATE TAGS slow baseball games down even more
-On July 2nd, 1776 twelve colonies voted for independence but NY ABSTAINED
-Grandnephews wore their NASA TEE shirts last night because Uncle Gary was coming over
-High fashion or Goodwill? Your call.
-Parodist AL Yankovic leapt to mind but I had to wait to parse WEIRD
-Dancing toughs on their TURF (2:00)
-HBD Misty and good info on Boomer. Those MAPLES will be tumbling soon!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Two CC puzzles in a row! Santa is being very generous, and early, to boot! Today's puzzle was a stroll in the park compared to yesterday's but no complaints from me on either one. I saw the Stop repetition early on but the spanning separation went unnoticed until the write-up. I don't think I had any w/os but, as usual, the Sunday plethora of proper names, as clued, threw me off: Eder, ELO, Vita, Stu, Errol, and Otter Pop. What on earth is an Otter Pop and where did that strange name come from?

Thanks, CC, for the fun puzzle and the double-duty expo chore. Best wishes and positive thoughts to you and Boomer.

Happy Birthday, dear Misty. ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿพ Glad to hear your eyes are back to normal. I hope your Christmas Party was a big success.


Owen, I hope you're feeling better. We're here for you whenever you need us.

Wilbur, your non-aggressive description is what I wanted to convey, but failed. Thanks for the correction.

YR, thanks for the update on David and his wife. What an ordeal for both of them. I'm back to normal, thank you. I was only under the weather for a couple of days.

I now have Netflix streaming so I am looking for suggestions for series or shows that anyone could recommend. A friend recommended "Dr. Blake" and "Death In Paradise." Any thoughts?

Have a great day.

OwenKL said...

There are two official holidays in Islam: Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha.
Eid Al-Fitr is celebrated at the end of Ramadan (15 June 2018, 4 June 2019, 24 May 2020...)
Eid Al-Adha is celebrated during the month when the Hajj (pilgrimage) takes place, and lasts for four days. (21 Aug. 2018, 11 Aug. 2019, 31 July 2020...)
Both of the holidays occur on dates in the Islamic calendar, which is lunar, and thus their dates in the Gregorian calendar, which is solar, change each year.

Otter Pop (song)
Wiki (list of flavors)
According to the highly questionable and unlikely Urban Dictionary, Otter Pops are actually Alaskan dildos.

Hahtoolah said...

Misty: My bad for neglecting to wish you a very Happy Birthday.

WikWak said...

I love Otter Pops! My favorite frozen treat. Like a Popsicle, but it comes as a liquid in a sealed plastic sleeve. You put it in the freezer, then when it’s frozen you cut off the top of the tube and push it up from the bottom as you eat it. The tube has a drawing of a cute li'l otter on it.

I was slowed down a bunch by consistently reading the clue for 17D as "Learning type". Even when the perps filled the answer in, I still didn’t get it at first. CRUNCH! [sound of V-8 can against forehead]

I always enjoy C.C.'s insights into Chinese culture, but the bit about the snakes came close to being TMI. None for me, thanks.

As usual, it took the reveal before I saw the STOP IN the middle of the themers.

HBD, Misty!

Thanks to all who shared their concerns for me. I got home yesterday; best Christmas present ever!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, all.

Yellowrocks said...

FIR in longer than normal Sunday time. Very enjoyable.
I use apricot jam in my ham glaze. The remaining jam in the jar is good on toast.
I remember the Rinso "happy little washday" song from the days of radio.
I see Otter Pops only in xwords, but we have many other slushy fruit tubes.
Many people mix up artesian and artisan. I saw a sign for artesian pastry. I was waiting for it to spout water. Artisan pastry is made by hand in small quantities.
Rancorous. There is so much rancor these days that Congress does not get much done, except for arguing. They think they are pleasing their bases. Do we really want this kind of stalemate? If we compromise, sometimes we find half a loaf is better than none.
Boomer, I am so glad you are feeling more comfortable. I hope it continues.
Dear Misty, a very happy birthday to you. I have always like that photo of you and Roland.
On my schedule, one more batch of cookies this afternoon and then present wrapping. I guess the butter has softened enough by now, so I gotta run before it runs.
Glad you are home, WIKWAK. Thoughts and prayers for healing go out ot you.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday, Misty. Drei Mal hoch!

Solved the puzzle on-line. Not too hard and cooperative perps.

Owen - Have a safe trip.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review. That doesn't happen very often.

HBD Misty, and many more.

Puzzle worked out. The theme came easily. Liked it.

My last entry was changing WEIRD AS to WEIRD AL. Did it via cruciverb and I got the tada!

I do remember RINSO BLUE.

Anyhow, no time to stay here. Going Christmas shopping. See you tomorrow.


( )

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Had to work at it in a few spots. Before getting claps, I had helps then slaps. That sort of thing. The theme actually helped iron out a few patches. Thanks for a large-grid workout today, C.C.!

HBTY Misty and many more!

Lucina and other fans - we receive two local PBS stations, and both are airing Midsomer, Father Brown, Doctor Blake, and a few other favorites each night. Good times.

Big Easy said...


"Rancorous. There is so much rancor these days that Congress does not get much done, except for arguing. They think they are pleasing their bases. Do we really want this kind of stalemate? If we compromise, sometimes we find half a loaf is better than none."

1. They care about getting reelected.
2. Half a loaf is not good because it allows spending on worthless pork-barrel projects that are not needed.
3. refer to #1. Nothing else.

CanadianEh! said...

Sunday fun day. Thanks C.C.
I got the STOP INs but needed P&P and a little red letter help to finish.

No OTTER POPS here. From WikWak's description, our similar product would be called Freezees.
I had Sets Loose before LETS LOOSE.

Happy Birthday Misty.

Wishing you all a good day.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...

What OKL said: Eid (aka Eid al-fitr) is the feast at the end of Ramadan - big time Muslim Holiday. A few of my buddies celebrate it after fasting (from sun-up to sun-down) for a full moon cycle. Because it's lunar based, Ramadan moves throughout the year - my friend, Anwar, moans when Ramadan falls in the middle of summer :-)

Weird Al on his Manditory Fun Album.

IM - I enjoy both Dr. Blake and Death in Paradise. The latter has a dose of colonial and sexual tension built in - I can't not think of Jean Rhys when watching. Good stories/writing regardless.

WikWak - that describes "freezer pops" exactly. I recall a snowflake or something on the package, not an otter. Lernt something. Glad to hear your home; keep on keepin' on.

Hahtoolah - I've not had a Natchitoches meat pie since HS. I wonder if we can get those in Houston... //Yelp got close, but, no cigar.

C.C. - I'm going to have to email you for wok recipes (wokipes?). DW got a wok and half-dozen cookbooks after her visit to China expecting I could replicate the flavors she enjoyed during her stay. No one ate the left-overs from my last dish; I gotta be doing something very wrong.

Happy Birthday Misty! I always enjoy your take on the puzzle and honesty where a cheat is needed. Have a wonderful day!

And, I'll extend my "have a wonderful day!" to all The Cornerites.

Cheers, -T

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, C.C., for the great puzzle & expo! Thank you for keeping us updated on Boomer. Bet one week without the doctor habit was a relief.

I, too, found today's puzzle easier than yesterday's brain drain, more "perpable" but with a lot of unknowns. WEES. Got 'er done! I'm not going to apologize for using red-letter help.

With 13 APRICOT trees when I moved to the farm, I made a lot of good jam, but never put it on a torte. After 31 years on the farm only one APRICOT tree remained. Strangely the trees never all had fruit the same year. One tree would have a bumper crop of delicious fruit one year and be dead the next. I then mourned.

RANCOROUS definitely describes congress. I'm glad I got my papers for the soybean tariff consolation "prize" in just in time to get paid two days before they shut down USDA with the other government offices. This money will undoubtedly just go back to the gov in the form of income tax in a couple months. Then I will feel RANCOROUS with no one to RANCOR with.

INERTIA: my main descriptive word lately.

Happy Birthday, dear Misty!

Lucina said...

A very happy birthday to you, Misty! Your gentle charm is a joy on this Blog. I also hope your party was a success.

C.C., our prolific puzzler at work again! Thank you, C.C. This took me a bit longer than usual because of the many strange abbreviations. But Once I gained momentum, it was on to the finish line. And thank you for doing double duty today. I always enjoy your insights into Chinese culture. Here in Arizona we eat rattlesnake meat. It's quite good actually.

I see Lemonade noted that Sen Flake is still in office until Jan. 3. I like him for being a principled man and read his book, Confessions of a Conservative.

And I also remember RINSO blue. In the days of radio listening to those jingles really stayed although the power of advertising is still so evident. My nine year old granddaughter asked for a "My Pillow" on her Christmas list. How did she know about it?????

APRICOT jam is my favorite kind.

Today I learned that bowling pins are made from MAPLE wood. Interesting.

I'm expecting visitors who will soon STOP here.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

Yellowrocks said...

Big Easy, Isn't your #2,a very broad generalization? Not all compromise is pork barrel. A marriage, friendship or businees relationship founders with no compromise. "Only MY needs, my point of view is important. My way or the highway. You have nothing valid to say." Not everthing is a zero sum propisition. The most horrific attitude in government is, "Giving you no wins is the most desirable end, even if we lose, too." I know a woman who is makng her divorce exceedingly finacially devastating to her spouse, even if it beggars her financialy. RANCOR.

Lucina said...

I'm so envious! Two PBS stations! I love their programming and even when they repeat some of them, I enjoy watching again.

Jayce said...

I had to think hard as well as trust my instincts to solve this puppy and the effort was well worth it. Sometimes with a C.C. puzzle it works better for me to follow my instincts and hunches than to try too hard to reason things out. After solving and looking back, it turns out that reason and logic do work in seeing the relationship, the connection, between clue and answer. Sort of like Aristotelian ethics, the processes of getting to the solution and looking back to confirm its truth are different. Interesting that ancient Greek competitive races were not around an oval track like we have today, but along a straight track and then back again, more like a swimmer going back and forth in a lane during a swimming race. In college I wrote a paper on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics called "There and Back Again."

SEISMO is a timely entry today. Very recently I heard two, not one but two, news anchors on our local channel, stumble over and mispronounce "seismometer." One was reading the news from the teleprompter, paused briefly, stuttered a moment, and said "SIZE-o-meter"! My estimation of her credibility and knowledge, already quite low, decreased "size"ably. And then her co-anchor, hardly a minute later, did exactly the same thing, pronouncing it "SIZE-o-meter" as if neither of them had ever seen the word before. Don't these guys rehearse, or at least preview what they are going to say, so as to forestall such serious gaffes? Apparently not. It ever more convinces me they have no clue at all what they are saying. Okay, I'll name names: it was Elizabeth Cook (whom I have never respected and as far as I can tell is dumber than a sack of rocks) and Ken Bastida (whom I used to respect a lot) on the local San Francisco KPIX channel 5 news at 5:00.

Chopin wrote a piano piece called the "RAINDROP" prelude (Op. 28, No. 15) which I like.

Learning moment: AIG was founded in Shanghai.

My favorite ERROL is the jazz pianist Errol Garner. If you can find it, on YouTube or elsewhere, check out his recording "Concert By the Sea" recorded in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, in 1955. Great stuff. Listen carefully to his amazing left hand, which seems to have a mind of its own. George Shearing once did quite a credible and funny impersonation of Mr. Garner's style.

I'm no expert, but I think what Tibetan Buddhism teaches is closest to what Gautama Buddha actually taught.

What would this place be called if it were not for AMERIGO Vespucci? (Probably something like Columbia.)

Wishing you a super special happy birthday, Misty, and sending good wishes to you all.

Lemonade714 said...

Many here like Death In Paradise and many of the other mysteries like MORSE SHERLOCK and I enjoyed all of them and more. If you like magic, MERLIN was entertaining and Oo and I enjoyed Haven Of their original proramming, Strange Things GODLESS and WESTWORLD are all intriguing

Lemonade714 said...

For Jayce and those who were curious, a taste of ERROLL GARNER fro Carmel at the Sea 1055.

Wilbur Charles said...

Two mistakes. I looked at WEIRD AL/ETD and switched to ETS and wondered why an alien clue wasn't used. And then I bungled SENator. Mr S. helped me today.
It wasn't very difficult but needed a sharp bean for CC's clever clueing(and Rich's too!) Aaarrgghhhh

I was thinking of familiar XW fill, Elie Wiesel and couldn't get it out of my head. Est. Times(ETs) would have covered ETA and ETD.

Misty you're a late '44/'62 but you made it. I love your pix w Rowland.


Bill G said...

Hi everybody. Very happy birthday wishes for Misty!

I stumbled upon Death in Paradise and liked it originally. The stories are a bit formulaic. The location is beautiful. The original characters of Richard Poole, Camille Bordey, Dwayne Meyers and Fidel Best were the reason I enjoyed the series. Then they changed several of the characters and I didn't like it nearly as much.

I got to thinking about Lucina when I got a few tamales for lunch today. They were OK but I'm sure not as good as Lucina's. They also had a story about tamales on Sunday Morning.

Lucina said...

Bill G.
I'm sorry you didn't experience good tamales and also rue that you don't live close enough that I can take you some. Being somewhat objective, I can say that ours are superior in taste compared to many I have tasted from other sources.

I saw that item about tamales on Sunday Morning and was surprised that they mixed the chile into the masa. Our recipe is directly from my mother; she and my sister worked out the proportions and wrote them to submit them for a school cook book. That was many years before she died and I'm really glad we have it.

Anonymous T said...

Lurk continues say...

Jayce you nailed the Bubble headed bleach blond that comes on at 5 [Don Henley - 5:53]. I can't stand local news (or even national broadcast for that matter - give me a paper).

And Lem linked Errol Garner for our listening pleasure. Good stuff that. Thanks Jayce & Lem.

Bill G - I only watched two seasons of Paradise. As for tamales...

Lucina - Amen Sister! ;-)

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

For old Rockers only...

Think you're old? Only if it's too loud [7:18 - 1/2 Beatles; 1/4 Stones -- two weeks ago?!? in London! (read the comments if you have the time)].

I just stumbled on it. Cheers! -T

Michael said...

Jayce @ 5:24 -- " Don't these guys rehearse, or at least preview what they are going to say, so as to forestall such serious gaffes?"

And the answer is that they don't read, or more bluntly, they are not curious any more. (I used to think more of Ken Bastida as well, when he was on KCBS.)

And the answer that shows how distant we are from Arabic culture, even after a thousand years of contact, is that "EID" just means 'feast' in English. There is also an "EID EL-MASSIH", the feast of the Lord [Messiah], a Christian feast.

Picard said...

Still catching up on the puzzles from our week of travels!
CC this was a challenge! Plenty of unknowns! The STOP theme helped with some of the answers. FIR!

Thanks for the Boomer update; good news in general!

I knew RINSO from the musical "Hair" song "I'm Black"

At 15 seconds into "I'm Black" Berger says "I'm RINSO white".

AnonT thanks for the Ringo/McCartney video!

As for the printer suggestions (initiated by EPSON), I have only ever used laser printers. They are fast and cheaper in the long run. I now use an HP color laser printer. It only uses color toner if you select color printing mode. And the toner never goes bad if you don't use it.

It is what I use to print the puzzle each day!

The only thing ink jets are better for is photos. If I want to print a photo, I send it out to be printed. That costs a lot less and comes out a lot better than using a printer! And I can walk to the store and pick it up in an hour!