Aug 5, 2019

Monday, Aug 5, 2019 Ed Sessa

Theme: THE WHOLE SHEBANG (60. What the ends of 17-, 29- and 46-Across figuratively comprise) - Lock, stock and barrel end the three theme answers.

17. Wall safe access: COMBINATION LOCK.

29. Base for many soups: CHICKEN STOCK.
46. Classic country store container: PICKLE BARREL.

Boomer here.

And Happy August to all.  Coming soon to Minnesota is "The great Minnesota get together" where a fried dill pickle is sold $9 each.  Also known as the State Fair.  C.C. and I attended it each year until two years ago when parking was all messed up, and we skipped last year when my back was all screwed up. It's a pretty good fair though.


1. Tea service carrier: CART.  It also carries two senior citizen golfers.

5. Club in a Manilow title: COPA.  I think Ricky Ricardo sang there.

9. Shirk work: DOG IT.  Is this spelling missing an "sh" ?

14. Isaac's eldest son: ESAU.  Twin brother of Jacob.  Neither was a Minnesota Twin.

15. Tel __: AVIV.

16. Berlin Olympics star Jesse: OWENS.  Jesse broke world records as often as most people break bread.

20. Not yet bug-free, as software: IN BETA.

21. Smelling __: SALTS.

22. Lion in the sky: LEO.  Leo is Latin for lion, but the constellation order of stars looks more like a swan.

23. Grand __: wine label words: CRU.  I used to occasionally drink wine in Germany because it cost 2 marks (about 50 cents) a bottle back then.

25. Tijuana aunt: TIA.

26. Part of 24-Down: LOS. 24. Home to the NCAA Bruins: UCLA.  Famous for John Wooden's efforts at winning NCAA final four tournaments.  Thanks to Lew Alcindor, Bill Walton, Reggie Miller and others.

32. PC fixer: TECH.

35. Yale student: ELI.

36. Country divided in 1945: KOREA.

37. French friend: AMIE.

38. Part of a French toast: SANTE.  I have French toast for breakfast now and then, but I don't remember the SANTE.  Is that syrup?
41. Opposite of sloppy: NEAT.

42. Pool game call before "Polo!": MARCO.  Or a GEICO commercial.  (With a llama in it, I think.)

44. __ number on: confound: DO A.

45. Hathaway of "Ocean's 8": ANNE.  How many "Oceans" were there ??  

50. Tavern offering: ALE.  "Away, Away with rum by gum - The song of the temperance union"

51. Musical pair: DUO. DUET did not fit in the squares.

52. Paving material: TAR.  This is going on all over the place.  C.C. and I drove over to the Dam on the Mississippi the other day and we needed to walk a half mile just to get to the river.  They were repaving the parking lot.

53. __ Baba: ALI.

56. Doc's order to a pharmacist: SCRIP.  I had a conversation with my pharmacist last week.  I think he prefers the word prescription.

58. Use, as a scratching post: CLAW AT..

64. "West Side Story" heroine: MARIA.  "And suddenly that name, will never seem the same to me.  Say it loud and there's music playing, say it soft and it's almost like praying." 

65. New York canal: ERIE.

66. "In __ of gifts ... ": LIEU.

67. Titleholder: CHAMP.  See UCLA Basketball.  They have taken a step back since John Wooden.

68. Confers knighthood on: DUBS.  Hey, How did some of my golf hits get into this puzzle ?

69. Website for crafty people?: ETSY.


1. Director DeMille: CECIL.

2. All together: AS ONE.

3. Role for Stallone: RAMBO.  A bit of a Rocky role.

4. London underground: TUBE.  Used to have some lake fun on these.  Now the lakes have e coli!

5. Yellow songbirds: CANARIES.  They have some islands named after them off the east coast of Africa.

6. Egg cells: OVA.

7. Cherry discards: PITS.  Reminds me of Mr. Pitt in Seinfeld.  Had to have new socks right away.

8. Fly a plane: AVIATE.  I often wonder how Mr. Lindbergh felt as he aviated the Atlantic.

9. "Let's not talk about that": DON'T ASK.  "Don't tell"

10. Barn hooters: OWLS. Went to sea with pussycats.

11. Old Metro automaker: GEO.

12. End of many co. names: INC.  They need to incorporate to include this in your title.  Many corporations have red INK on their bottom line.

13. Cluck of disapproval: TSK. I thought this came in pairs.

18. Thing to scratch: ITCH.  "And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch. Just then, the witch, to satisfy an itch, went flying on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch.  And Oooh what happened then was rich !"

19. Lena of "The Reader": OLIN.

26. Oscar winner Sophia: LOREN.  Best Actress twice in the 60s.

27. Atlantic or Pacific: OCEAN.

28. It can have wheels or blades: SKATE.  I used to have a pair of ice skates but I haven't used them for years.  I thought they were somewhere in the garage, but maybe I gave them away.

29. Cash alternative: CHECK. I still use the checkbook for some bills, but most of my bills are settled with ACH.  Saves a stamp. 

30. In a way, slangily: KINDA.

31. Having a key, in music: TONAL.

32. City on Florida's Gulf Coast: TAMPA.  I played golf at Grenelefe, went to Disney World, and got down to Tampa to visit Graybar.  Great City!

33. Computer message: EMAIL.  Another one of those new words that was created in the 90s.  "do you remember then?"

34. Homeric temptress: CIRCE.

39. Civil wrong: TORT.  I guess so.  I thought it was a lemon pastry, that must be a TART.

40. Divers' maladies: EARACHES.  What?

43. Addressee of many a Brit's "I say": OLD CHAP.

47. Current Italian currency: EURO.  When they first were approved and minted, I bought a bunch to sell at the flea market.  I think I made 75 cents,  I'm not sure.

48. Heated to bubbling: BOILED.

49. Author Gardner with many plots: ERLE.  His middle name was Stanley.  Not sure what Perry Mason's middle name was, but I thought Ham Burger was a clever name for the D.A.

53. Anticipate: AWAIT.

54. Highway divisions: LANES.  NO, NO!  These are synthetic boards made to look like wood that you roll a 15 pound ball at 10 pins and maybe knock down nine of them.

55. PC fixer: IT GUY.

56. Do pool laps, say: SWIM. I remember these at the high school pool.  Had to do 20 laps and get a life saver badge

57. Country where "Raiders of the Lost Ark" begins: PERU.

59. Blessed with the necessary skills: ABLE.

60. SHO sister channel: TMC.  Sorry, I don't pay for either one.  My TV bill is high enough and now DirecTV won't show CBS so I cannot watch the rest of the PGA tournament.

61. "I knew it!": HAH.

62. Significant period: ERA.  This is a significant pitcher's stat.  Twins just traded for Sam Dyson of the Giants, and he already laid two eggs.  I think his ERA for the Twins is about 19.00. 

63. Sis, to her sis: SIB.


Notes from C.C.:

Here is a little clip of our corner blogging team.


PK said...

Hi Y'all! This was a fun one, Thanks, Ed! Liked the theme. More fun from Boomer. Thanks.

Boomer, I, for one, never believed that silly rumor about the OWL and the pussycat going to sea. However, we did have an owl pick up a half-grown cat and leave it on top of the upright silo where the OWL often perched. DH had to climb up wearing his welding gloves to rescue a very scared pussy. The gloves resisted being CLAWED AT.

Always try COcA Cabana, but know better. Heard Barry Manilo sing it in concert one snowy winter night. Good show!

Last fill was the "G" in DOG IT/GEO. Only red-letter run today. Made sense after I had it filled. Duh! I tried rEO for the car.

DNK: IN BETA, PERU (as clued), SANTE.

Lemonade714 said...

A breezy Monday that has a theme that was foreshadowed by Steve's comments last Thursday. Dr. Ed always creates a fun puzzle, and Boomer keeps us entertained and enlightened. Have a great week all.

D4E4H said...

FIR in 43:52 min.

Good morning Corner writers.

Thank you Ed Sessa for this enjoyable Monday CW.

Thank you Boomer for your excellent review.


Boomer said...

OOF DA, I lied. I read the report in the paper this AM and found that newcomer to the Twins, Sam Dyson, was put on the IL with a Twins ERA of 91.00, (I suppose because there was something wrong with his arm). But happy to see the Twins sweep KC, while Cleveland swept the Angels. I can't know what's going on with LA. They have Trout, and older fellow named Pujols, and a young star named Shohani, (or something like that). You would think they could have squeezed out a game or two from the Bauer-less tribe.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased owner for CHAMP and Rocky for RAMBO. DNK SANTE.

IN BETA, or as Microsoft would say "Commercial Release".

DOA - didn't make it to the ER.

PC fixer - IT GUY? Ed, you sexist pig! How very un-PC of you.

CSO to Tin and WC. I loves me some TAMPA Bay area too. (Actually Pass-A-Grille is my favorite.) Another CSO to Tin because he likes his drinks NEAT. And the usual CSO to Abejo at ERIE.

I'm so old that I remember when it was safe and common to write a check at department stores and groceries. My checks had my driver's license number printed on them. That would be financial suicidal these days. (I used to hitchhike frequently as well.)

Thanks for the fun, fast puzzle, Ed. My favorite was DOG IT, because I like anything associated with DOGs. And thanks to Boomer for the terrific tour, and to your beautiful bride for the video.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Wow, I could tell from Boomer's expo that I'd missed seeing a whole lot of C/As in this CW, because they were already filled in. SHEBANG because ENCHILADA was too long. I did notice the Lock/Stock/Barrel progression. Never thought about it referring to the elements of a rifle. Nicely done, Ed and Boomer.

PERU -- I've got that movie and have watched it at least a dozen times. It started in Peru? News to me.

SKATE -- Many years ago (maybe twenty) DW suggested we go ice skating at the Galleria. It came back to me immediately, and I was quickly zipping around the rink. DW, not so much. She spent her time hugging the rail until her ankles got sore. She decided just to sit and watch.

TAR -- We're waiting for the paving crew to show up in our neighborhood. Supposed to happen this month or next. For years our little town has been known for its "deferred maintenance." In front of our house even the patches have multiple patches.

EAR ACHES -- Was thinking of the bends. Flesh-eating bacteria makes going into the water dangerous proposition. I read this past week about a woman who had to have both arms and legs amputated. Her puppy had licked her.

OwenKL said...

A trivia fact of the CANARY Islands
Tho atwitter with canaries, not silence,
Gave its name to the bird
From the DOGS on its verge,
Latin canis, of the chordata phylum.

A case of civil law is a TORT.
It's a matter decided in court.
Not to mix with a cake,
Which may be no-bake,
And is tasty and rich, that's a torte!

OwenKL said...

{B, B+.}

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy Monday lead-in to the week. FIR; no problems.
SHEBANG - My Dad would say "the whole shooting match". He learned his English in Iowa.
Newfoundlanders seem to spell it 'shabang'. Here it is being used in THE OLD POLINA. . SHEBANG is heard at time: 0:48 into the piece.

CanadianEh! Hope you have a Happy Civics Day holiday today.

Put in Bay said...

I once watched a reenactment/history lesson put on by the park service at the Perry Victory Memorial on South Bass Island in Lake ERIE. They told us of some interesting facts. My memory is foggy but...

- May be the only place on U.S. soil where the Canadian flag flies at the same height as the U.S. Flag

- Told us of how dirty the guns of yore got, even after a short battle. So the command was often given, "Clean your guns boys, LOCK, STOCK and BARREL!"

- Heard the history if many other common phrase such as leathernecks, X Mark's the spot, face the music and more I will spend the rest of the day trying to recall.

Spitzboov said...

PIB - I believe the flag protocol is for National flags to fly at the same height. The US flag would be to the right facing outward.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a breezy start to the week with a fun reveal: the whole shebang is a very common expression, as is lock, stock, and barrel. I had Reo (Hi, PK) at first but Dor It made no sense, so Geo replaced Reo and gave me Dog It. I also had Salut before Sante, getting my languages mixed up. As Jinx mentioned, nice CSOs to Wilbur, Tin, and Abejo.

Thanks, Dr. Ed, for the whole kit and caboodle (where DO we get these odd expressions) and thanks, Boomer, for your rollicking review. You are in extra fine fettle (another goofy word!) this morning. Thanks, also, CC, for the nice montage of our faithful and dedicated bloggers. I clicked on the Glenn Campbell recording of Yesterday When I was Young, as this is a favorite of mine. Glenn's rendition was fine but, IMO, Roy Clark owns this song.

Have a great day.

Put-In-Bay said...

You are probably correct Spitz. Like i said my memory is foggy. But i definitely remember the Park Ranger telling us something about the flying flags that is unique to that facility. Maybe i should LIU.

Other questionable facts from that day of twenty some years ago:

- Leatherneck came from a stiff leather collar early marines wore to improve their posture and to keep their head facing forward in battle. He said the fact that it was to protect their necks from harm during sword fights when boarding enemy ships was only legend.

- X marks the spot was used to tell marines and sailors where to aim when firing upon the British. Their red uniforms had two white sashes that formed an X on their chest.

-Face the music. When armies lined up to fire in the old, very organized way of battle back then, the call to arms, the sound of readied guns, and the drumbeat to coordinate all the commands was almost musical. so when it was time to line up and engage the enemy, it was time to go Face The Music. Do you buy that?

Put-In-Bay said...

Spitz, time is short but this is all I could find for now after a quick search. i wish I could remember what the guy said that day. He was making it sound like a significant fact.

"There are three flags just outside the monument, one American, one Canadian, one British, all hung at the same height to symbolize the lasting peace between the countries."

Article about Perry's Memorial

Gotta go...

thehondohurricane said...

I m so ignorant when a clue is referring to today's electronic media that I have to rely on the across or down fills to help. If that doesn't work, I'm screwed. Today I was lucky. BTW, what does ETSY mean?

to any Sox fans out there from a NYY fan.............. YEA for me!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. Well, I got off this week on the wrong foot. I confidently wrote in Tray for my Tea Service Carrier, then I thought the Stallone role was Rocky, not RAMBO.

After getting the COMBINATION LOCK and the CHICKEN STOCK, I though the theme might be words that rhyme.

Hand up for wanting The Bends before EAR ACHES for the Divers' Maladies.

I has been so long since I saw Indiana Jones. I didn't remember the film started in PERU, but the country was easy enough to suss.

QOD: Don’t own so much clutter that you will be relieved to see your house catch fire. ~ Wendell Berry (né Wendell Erdman Berry; b. Aug. 5, 1934), American novelist and environmental advocate

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Ed Sessa, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

This puzzle worked out fine. Got the theme after I solved THE WHOLE SHEBANG at 60A. Very nice job, Ed.

Yes, my home Lake was here again, ERIE. Thanks for the Shout Out, Jinx. I also appreciated Put-In-Bay's comments on Oliver Hazard Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie. I read the link he attached. Very interesting. I would also like to finish the quote from Perry's Log Entry:
"We have met the Enemy and they are ours, Two Ships, Two Brigs, One Schooner, and One Sloop." That quote is emblazoned upon the Perry Monument at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA. I hope I remembered it correctly. Also when Perry's Flag Ship, the Lawrence, was sunk, he transferred his command to the Niagara. From the Niagara he won the battle. The Niagara is now docked at Erie, PA, and sails the Great Lakes every year.

I do not understand MARCO at 42A regarding the game of Pool. I have played a lot of Pool/Billiards in my life and have never heard that term. Even though I do know who Marco Polo is and what he did.

SANTE was unknown to me. Tried SALUD first. That bombed.

Tried ROCKY before RAMBO worked much better.

Anyhow, I have a lot of catch-up work to do after being gone for four days to Normal, IL.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks, Ed. I needed this. I have been so busy and out walking in the AM that I never seemed to get back to the blog even if I eventually worked the puzzle. I was with PK on this one. DNF/FIW because I thought GEO was Reo, and I didn't parse either 9 A or D correctly. Duh.

Thanks, Boomer, for another wonderful tour. I'm with you on the frustration with the cable packages. Next year the Cubs will be playing on their own channel. I wonder what that will cost. . . .

Be well everyone. Have a sunny day.

Prairie Woman said...

Good morning!

I enjoyed this all. Hand up for wanting Reo for Geo. The clue finally made sense and I changed it.

Abejo - The pool is a swimming pool, not the billiards table version. Marco Polo Is a version of tag in the swimming pool. When my girls were younger, they and their friends from next door played that almost every day in the summer.

Thank you Ed Sessa and Boomer for part of a great Monday!

Husker Gary said...

-A just right Monday puzzle from Dr. Sessa
-I listened to COPA on the radio this morning. I had forgotten how how dark the last verse is
-John Wooden – Great athletes make coaches great not the other way around. Ask Phil Jackson

TTP said...

Boomer, I just heard that the Illinois State fair reduced admission from $10 to $5.

Jinx, me too with the driver's license on the checks, way back in the day.

The guy that just left the house after repairing the water softener spent 30 days in in ICU after getting a staph infection while fishing up in NW Wisconsin. They wanted to take his leg but he got a second opinion.

No, it's the whole kit and caboodle. I know what a kit is, but...

C.C., I liked your little video at the end of the blog today. I watched it over on YouTube. There have been 93 views and 1 comment as of my posting. :>)

Lucina said...


What a lovely montage of our dedicated Bloggers! Thank you to whoever composed it.

I liked this easy Monday grid and finished it in very little time. Oh, no! I didn't finish! Forgot to return to the top where two cells were still blank, so no DOGIT/DON'TASK. Drat! I'm not familiar with DOG IT.

Abejo, if you lived in an area where swimming pools are almost mandatory you would have heard MARCO! POLO! at least once a day every summer.

It's been a long time since I was there but I believe it's in front of the U.N. building where the flags of all the nations are displayed at the same height.

Boomer, a great job as always. You are a CHAMP!

Have a grand day, everyone!

oc4beach said...

Ed's puzzle was an enjoyable Monday level puzzle that had a nice theme that I was able to get (Amazing) and Boomer's tour added to the enjoyment.

Perps played a part in filling in today's few unknowns, as usual. ESAU, DOGIT, CRU and SANTE were the ones I needed perps for, plus I had TRAY before CART.

The Whole Shebang,The Whole Kit and Caboodle, The Whole Nine Yards and another 359 synonyms are listed in this link.

IM: Although I've never tried them, there is a line of snack foods named The Whole Shabang (spelled differently). I might have to try them sometime to see what they taste like.

I think today is the last day at the beach before heading home to the mountains in Pennsylvania. They (whoever they are) say the second best thing is to own a beach house, and the best thing is to have a friend or family member who owns a beach house. Then you don't have to worry about the cost and time involved in the upkeep of the place. This trip has cost a few thousand dollars fixing the damage from a storm that swept through a few weeks ago and caused a 6 by 10 foot mirror above the fireplace to come down and shatter all over newly installed flooring and furniture. Luckily no one was here at the time to possibly be injured.

Have a great day everyone.

Misty said...

Woohoo! After finally deciding to put in DOG IT (not REO), I got this whole neat Monday puzzle. Woohoo! Many thanks, Ed. Like Irish Miss and others, I also first had SALUT, but changed it to SANTE when the downs weren't working. And I too thought that LOCK and STOCK were the beginning of a rhyme theme, but that PICKLE BARREL scotched that, and it was fun getting THE WHOLE SHEBANG as the grid-spanning solution. Loved your commentary, Boomer, and thanks for giving us the lyrics for MARIA in "West Side Story." If I'm going to have an ear-worm all day, that's one I can enjoy.

Lovely wedding picture, Lemonade.

Have a great week, everybody!

Wilbur Charles said...

Hondo, all I can say is "Wait until last year".

Boomer love your write-up but Reggie came after Wooden (83-87). Let's substitute Gail Goodrich who won before the Superstars came along. Or Wicks and Wilkes. I hated UCLA but have a great Henry Bibby story*

Ditto on REO,SALUT. Jeff Vinik, from Boston, bought the Lightning and is revamping downtown Tampa, a real nowhere,nightime City.

WC (thx for the CSOs)

** Upon request

CanadianEh! said...

Marvellous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Ed and Boomer.
I knew BARREL was coming after I got LOCK and STOCK (anyone else start out with CHICKEN broth?).
Then I smiled when I saw THE WHOLE SHEBANG.

No newspaper today because of the Civic holiday (thanks for the holiday wishes, Spitzboov). Red letter helps showed me the error of my ways several times. Hand up for Reo befor GEO, Tray before CART, Salut before SANTE, Rocky before RAMBO.

I smiled to see IT GUY, TECH and BETA in this CW - plus EMAIL. Even ETSY is a creation of this online ERA.

Yes Boomer, we prefer the whole word or even Rx, but SCRIP is still used.

PK, your story of the OWL and the poor pussycat was scary. Loved how you worked CLAWED AT into it.
I had a cat named Kitten Kaboodle. Much too long a name for calling him in from outside. He answered to Kitten.

Wishing you all a great day.

Bill G said...

Do you remember, in Breakfast at Tiffany's, she had a cat named Cat?

Tinbeni said...

Boomer: Good job on the write-up. Glad to hear you enjoyed being in TAMPA.
(I do too !!! LOL)

Fave today was how I like my Scotch ... NEAT ... I hate sloppy drinks.


Jayce said...

Nifty puzzle; I liked it. CECIL at 1d told me it would be a tea CART.

CanadianEh! said...

Spitz and Put-in-Bay @9:30 - I remember hearing about South Bass Island and some of the history of the War of 1812 while at the museum on Pelee Island. (Pelee and Middle Islands are the most southerly part of Canada). South Bass Island is not far across the border. Significant areas in a war in that ERA. Perry monument reminds me a little of Bock's monument in Queenston, Ontario.

AnonymousPVX said...

This Monday Sessa went quickly after an immediate stumble.


ETSY is a crafts website, not sure it means anything.

Jinx....”guy being a generic term”, haha.

From Saturday....thanks for the Cowabunga correction, appreciated.

I need a broom as the Yanks swept. Hard to believe after last week but I’ll take it.

And on to Tuesday.

Wilbur Charles said...

I always think of Commodore Dewey* of "Fire when ready, Gridley" at Manila Bay, 1998.

All about Gridley


Wilbur Charles said...

I get Perry mixed up with Dewey

Ol' Man Keith said...

I had CRACKER BARREL before PICKLE BARREL (by a misspelling).
I wonder what else they kept in BARRELs at those old gen'l stores....

Monday easy, but still I blanked on a couple & needed perps to set me straight.

The earworm for the day is "It's a Small World." (The grand-kids are visiting and off for a D'Land trip.)
One diagonal on the near end.
It gives us a neat anagram, one that plugs a special communications network reserved for young coloring artists. If you know a pre-teen who really loves putting the final touches on those special coloring books, or completing the placemats in kid-friendly restaurants, then tell them about the…
And Bingo!--we have what I call a Zangot, an anagram that uses 14 of the 15 available letters!

Spitzboov said...

C. Eh! @ 1400. Re: "……most southerly part of Canada." My friend in Ontario-Hydro at River Control at Niagara used to point out that the tip of Pelee Island extends more southerly than the Oregon-Calif. border.

Typo - I think you meant to say Brock's monument. I agree with your comparison.

Roy said...

A votre santé!

Thought of cars and property: OWNER>CHAMP.


CRACKER BARREL before APPLE BARREL before PICKLE BARREL. Seems those old stores atored a lot of things in barrels.

Ol' Man Keith said...

And then, there's always the WATER BARREL...

And of course in some of those isolated gen'l stores up in the boonies, DOUBLE BARRELs.

Anonymous said...

Just be careful not to get caught over a BARREL.

SwampCat said...

Not much to add. I liked this quick, Monday appropriate puzzle. With some fun fills. I didn’t like DUO at 51A for musical pair. Surely a musical pair is a duet. Ah well...

Thanks Ed, and Boomer.

Canadian Eh! Happy day to you. Yes I recommended and love the Louise Perry books. Her research is impeccable. We all (I suppose) know US draft dodgers went to Canada during the Vietnam war.

But I did not realize people escaped from the American Revolution by crossing the un-defended border into Canada. Hence the three tall pine trees indicating “you are across the border and safe in sanctuary “.

So much shared history!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Ed for a fine Monday puzzle and thanks Boomer for the expo. You got me on "is [SANTE] a syrup?" I Googled it to discover we're not talking loaf-bread... :-)

The theme? I was looking for "OCK" then PICKLE made me thing just CK (Calvin Kline?). SHEBANG clinched it and brought back the (very recent) memory of Steve's aside in his expo Thursday.

WO: O in Rocky b/f fully checking ESAU; AAH! @61d.
ESPs: OLIN, DOG IT (never heard that in that context), CIRCE, ERLE [E | A - for SH-BANG?]
Fav: I'll go with OLD CHAP - It's cute and I don't think I've ever seen it in a puzzle before.

{B, B+}
An exclusive club of colourers. :-) //with a U for you - Happy Civics Day, C, Eh!

Boomer & TTP - re: IL State Fair... Pop was just telling me last night that he's got 14 horticultural entries and his wife has 16. He was complaining that Fair management is now out of Chicago (some GUY in his 20s!), know nothin' about life down-state, and may start getting rid of all the agricultural exhibits / competitions. Does anyone from Chicago go to the State Fair?

I've been many a time to New Salem [If you speed it up to 1.5x you can still understand them and it won't take an hour. The cooper is at 5:32(ish) ]and they had a General Store [@23:04]. Seems everything came in BARRELs - there was one filled with straw and "fine" china. Barrels must have been the shipping-containers of the day.

Almost packed (three padded boxes of electronics) for Blackhat/Defcon 'cuz I leave for Vegas tomorrow. If you don't hear from me (or my packets are scrambled) you know why.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

I just watched the Blogger Video - very nice. Who put that together? Can I suggest one addition?... a special little tribute to Scott AKA Santa at the end (or right before C.C.).
Cheers, -T

Yellowrocks said...

What blogger video? Where?

Anonymous T said...

YR - go back to the expo - it's at the bottom. Perhaps it was added later in the day.
Cheers, -T

TTP said...

DW used to enter the local county fair baked goods competitions and came away with blue ribbons, but the IL State Fair is too far away. She could have won there too. Fine food served here.

Dash-T, are they CRC, LRC, or MD5 ? Safe travels and above all, have fun !

CanadianEh! said...

Spitzbov@2:46- yes I meant Brock's monument. Typo or autocorrect got me. Plus I find it harder to proof on my iPad.
While on Pelee Island, we saw grapes being harvested and then shipped on the ferry to mainland winery. Climate is nearly as good as California's for grape growing.

SwampCat- yes we have much shared history. Some of my ancestors were United Empire Loyalists.

AnonT- thanks for the Civic holiday greetings and the Canadian/British spelling. LOL, I had to hold my nose with CHECK today.
Safe travels and god times in Vegas.

CanadianEh! said...

AnonT- that would be good times (not sure there is much time for god in Vegas). See what I mean about proofing!

Wilbur Charles said...

Somewhere there's a history of the American revolution from the Tory perspective. ie All our treasured heroes and ideals turned around.

But I can't recall title and author


WikWak said...

Hey... here I am, posting and it’s not even midnight yet!

Very fun puzzle, Dr S. And Boomer, excellent writeup. As usual. At 50 Across do I detect an echo of the Chad Mitchell Trio? AT 49 Down you opened mine eyes; I have watched every episode of the TV show so many times I can quote whole blocks of conversation from them. And before the first flood ruined them and they had to be pitched I had every one of the Perry Mason books and every one of the Cool and Lam books. And I am an inveterate punster, yet in all these years NEVER ONCE thought of the Ham Burger one! Finally, you mentioned pickles at the MN State Fair. Last year at the IL State Fair I was introduced to Moink Balls on a stick. A combination of beef and pork (Moo and Oink... Moink. Classic).

C.C., thanks for the video.

As for the puzzle itself, WEESAEE. There’s been no comment left unmade.

And now it’s after midnight; time to get some work done. G’night, all.

Anonymous T said...

D4 - I notice you're posting little blurts lately. Can I take that as you are busy in your new digs and all's good?

C, Eh! - yes, the City of Sin ≠ Godliness :-) I will be a naughty boy but not in the traditional Vegas ways [it's weird to have call-girl cards inserted under your door BEFORE you enter your room / find said cards all over the street at 4am (we hackers stay up early)].

My sins will be in the pursuit of the latest ways to break s** so I can learn how to defend. All my hacks have Halos :-) Thou, I may put some money on a table if some buddies are playing - I'm still learning how to count cards with certain accuracy [just another little hack that I would never profit from (unless the Casino hires me :-)].

Cheers, -T