Aug 8, 2019

Thursday, August 8th 2019 Roland Huget

Theme: Dennis Rodman - he created so many random news stories during his career, he seems a good theme title

17A. Annual e-tail sale event: CYBER MONDAY

25A. Expensive gift: DIAMOND RING. Here's one currently on eBay for $155,000 from Illinois. They don't say if you get free postage, I'm not bidding if I have to pay USPS. Pah.

38A. Old West wanted poster figure: REWARD MONEY

51A. Apollo craft: LUNAR MODULE. Lunar Excursion Module officially, but we'll LEM, or I mean LET that one go.

61A. Ideal deck-shuffling goal ... and a hint to a hidden word, and how it appears, in the four other longest answers: RANDOM ORDER, Surely random disorder? I think I see the point, but the reveal fell a little flat for me.

Simple enough theme from Roland, but still a lot of challenge to work through. I think we would all have navigated this one safely.

Let's see what else we've got:


1. Shelves for cooking: RACKS

6. Image problem, briefly: BAD P.R.

11. Navy letters: USS

14. Muscat native: OMANI

15. Catherine of "Best in Show": O'HARA

16. Water source: TAP. English! Faucet now.

19. Good Grips gadget brand: OXO. I have an OXO can opener. Best I've ever had. Bed, Bath and Beyond - take your 20% off coupon and get one, I'm sure you've got a pile of coupons. I tell them they should just knock 20% off all the prices and save themselves the cost of printing and mailing the coupons.

20. Distrustful: LEERY

21. Any of six classic Clue cards: WEAPON. What are they? The candlestick seems a little bludgeon-y. There! I just invented a word!

23. "I kissed thee __ I killed thee": "Othello": 'ERE. With a candlestick?

28. Folded snack: TACO. Food! I made carnitas al carbon tacos with two salsas, crema, queso and pico de gallo at the weekend. I think I passed out in a food coma.

30. Put away: HID

31. Shock, in a way: TASE

32. Sliced very thin: SHAVED. Food! I'm loving this today. Shaved truffles? Go lightly ...

35. Substantial: SOLID

41. Soprano Fleming: RENEE. Thank you, crosswords past.

42. Log on to: ACCESS

45. Barely go (through): SEEP. Hmmm. Not sure about this clue. Seep to me means slowly, not a struggle to get through a gap.

48. Like a favored project: PET

50. Govt. workplace watchdog: OSHA

56. "The Fountainhead" author Rand: AYN. I read this years ago, it was a long read. I rarely give up on a book, but this one was a challenge.

57. Build up: ACCRUE

58. Raptor's grabber: TALON

60. E'en if: THO'

66. Call someone by the wrong name, e.g.: ERR. I do this all the time, all the memory games I play just don't help. I've called long-term girlfriends the wrong name at random times. That usually doesn't go over well.

67. Outrage: ANGER

68. Small change in a small bank: PENNY

69. Catch: SEE

70. City on the Rhone: LYONS. I stalled on this one for a while, I've been to Lyon a number of times - as far as I know, unless there is another similar-named city on the Rhone, the city is called LYON. A quite beautiful place with great food. I first went there when I was 17 and was hitchhiking through France. I got dropped off at midnight by a little park where I pitched my tent. I woke up in the morning and found that I was camped on a traffic circle in the middle of the rush hour. A Gendarme drove up and told me to get the hell out of there :) I'd be happy to be corrected, about the spelling, but I'm calling this entry a rare mistake.

71. Ham it up: EMOTE


1. Big bird of myth: ROC

2. Adams of HBO's "Sharp Objects": AMY. No clue, thank you crosses.

3. Iconic San Francisco transport: CABLE CAR. Fun to ride up and down the hill from downtown to Fisherman's Wharf. Amazing that the old technology works just fine!

4. Tot's perch: KNEE

5. Fathered: SIRED

6. "Take that!": BOOYAH!

7. "Kung Fu" actor Philip: AHN. Another one, thank you crosses.

8. Pops: DAD

9. Decapod on a menu: PRAWN. I'm not sure I knew they had ten pods, whatever a pod is. I need to go and research this.

10. Like starfish: RAYED. I've love to explain this one, but I have no idea why a starfish is "rayed" - is it sunbathing? We need to explore Google.

11. Ideal place: UTOPIA

12. Battle of Hastings combatants: SAXONS. The home side. The Away team the Normans, sneaky buggers, invented shooting people in the eye with arrows. Then made a tapestry out of it. Oh well, that's why my DNA is 17% North-West French.

13. Dish cleaner: SPONGE. Whirlpool Dishwasher didn't fit.

18. Orthopedist's pic: MRI

22. Like the Empire State Building: ART DECO. Funny, I don't think of the Empire State Building as Art Deco. The Chrysler Building, yes.

23. Presumed UFO crew: E.T.'S

24. Cheering word: RAH!

26. Transgression: MISDEED

27. 2016 Tony winner Leslie __ Jr.: ODOM. Crosses again! I'd be all over (figuratively!) the basketball player.

29. Like a bogey: OVER PAR. Now this was interesting. I had the "O" in place and went for "ONE OVER". There's a lot of common letters, so unpicking the mistake wasn't straightforward.

33. Romano cheese source: EWE. Sheep. Cheese.

34. Singer Fogelberg: DAN

36. Mauna __: LOA. KEA also, so if you have the "A" wait for a cross.

37. Fortune rival: INC. Money magazines. I don't read them, maybe I should.

39. Seized wheels: REPO

40. Ambiguous response: YES AND NO

43. Short: SHY.Shy of a dollar, a dime ... short of the check.

44. Japanese title of respect: -SAN. I'd clue this as a suffix, as you don't use "SAN" alone. A man or a woman - Steve-san in my case, Zhouquin-san in C.C.'s case.

45. Roofing pieces: SLATES

46. Trick-taking card game: EUCHRE. I learned this game from some Mid-west friends. I knew I had it nailed when I "went alone" and won every trick. So much fun. My friend Laura from Illinois is an Euchre magician, just don't bet when you go up against her.

47. Recital bonus: ENCORE

49. Private teachers: TUTORS

52. Like much of Idaho: RURAL

53. Nasty type: MEANY

54. Hightail it: LAM

55. Hitch on the fly: ELOPE.

59. Utah city on I-15: OREM. Thank you, crosswords past. On the subject of Utah, when I drove to Las Vegas recently on I-15 from LA, the miles were shown to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. What was odd was that the SLC mileage was pasted over with a new number. Did it move? There were at least 10 mileage boards that I passed with an "amended" mileage.

62. Private aid prog.: NGO. I ddn't even see this while I was filling in the grid. A Non-Governmental Organization.

63. Spot for a recliner: DEN

64. Tolkien creature: ENT. A tree, who specializes in tonsil infections, stirrup problems and sinus infections ... no, wait ....

65. Manhattan liquor: RYE. Whisky, bitters, sugar and a twist of orange.

And on that happy note, Slainte!

Here's the grid!



OwenKL said...

DNF. Two unknown actor's name made for an unbreakable natick: A?N + O?ARA.
Oops, cancel that! My WAG of O'HARA actually did fit! It was a FIWrong! My error was pEEP + pLATES!
I would have found the gimmick, I'm sure, but filled in the reveal before I started looking.

Sorry I haven't been providing any poems recently. Not feeling well, the worst is an ear-ache that keeps me from thinking.

For RENEE, MISDEEDS were where it was at,
Like the time she SHAVED the Persian cat.
She thought the vet
Should see her PET,
Without obscuring fur intact!

She ELOPED, it was a RANDOM fling.
He'd promised her a DIAMOND RING.
He played shortstop
When games would stop,
He'd call her with a diamond ring!

The fabled ROC ate elephants,
Despite the pachyderm's defense.
When birds would lift,
Trunks tried to unzip,
Since TALONS were in evidence!

Future students in some schools
Will learn by eating nodules.
And TUTORS expanding
On Moon landings
Will feed them LUNAR MODULES!

{B+, A-, B, C+.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Had to change ATE to HID, but otherwise solved this one scathe-free. Didn't get the theme until the reveal, but for me, that's better than normal. Rando Morder sounds like a movie villain. Thanx, Roland and Steve. (Slainte! -- that's a new one. I had to look it up. Thought you'd fat-fingered "Santé.")

OXO -- I've also got their can opener. Potato peeler, too. Kitchen scissors also.

LYONS -- Yup, somebody goofed. Could'a been clued as "Lolita actress."

SEEP -- When I see "barely go through" I think of streaking.

Lemonade714 said...

According to Britannica "Lyon, also spelled Lyons, capital of both the Rhône département and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes région, east-central France, set on a hilly site at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers. It is the third-largest city in France, after Paris and Marseille."

From Cruciverb

Unique clues for lyons
Rhone's capital 5
Film critic Jeffrey 5
City on the Rhone 3
Interpol headquarters 3
City on the Sa�ne and Rhone 2
Silk-producing city 2
Where Interpol is headquartered 2
City on the Saone 2
Saint-Exup�ry International Airport city 1
City in east-central France on the Rhone River 1
Center of Beaujolais country 1
French silk city 1
French silk center 1
Center of French resistance in W.W. II 1
City in Beaujolais country 1
Movie critic Jeffrey 1
It's located where the Rhone and Sa364ne meet 1
Australian prime minister Joseph Aloysius ____ 1
Rhone city 1
Rhone cathedral city 1
Rhone's capital 1
F�te des Lumi�res city 1
Amp�re's birthplace 1
City north of Marseilles 1
Where the Rhone meets the Saone 1
Site of Interpol's headquarters 1
Headquarters of Interpol 1
Longtime film/theater critic Jeffrey 1
Silk-producing city of France 1
French silk producer 1

desper-otto said...

Dang, that Lolita actress doesn't have an S, either. Who knew? Apparently not d-o.

Big Easy said...

The way I solve crossword puzzles might me called RANDOM ORDER, but it works for me. I don't look for the themes, just want to finish the grid. Roland SIRED a nice puzzle.

Good morning. Was it easier fill than last Thursday's? YES AND NO. The Minnesota region gave the most trouble. Never knew that BOOYAH meant anything other than BOOYAH, just like YEEHAW means YEEHAW. Or for that matter the lyrics to most songs heard on the radio. AHN & O'HARA were unknowns but since I have a neighbor named AHN Nguyen the H was a safe WAG.

RENEE Fleming, AMY Adams, Leslie ODOM, EUCHRE- more unknowns filled by perps

BB&B- don't waste your time bringing the coupon. Just tell them to knock off the 20% from their spare coupons under the counter or you'll leave without buying anything. I do it. Just like the loyalty cards at grocery stores. I'm not about to carry cards around with me and will walk off if they don't give me the right price. Never leave money on the table.

OMK from yesterday. I guess the PC police also want to take Washington's face off the dollar bill and change the names of July and August. Those Caesars were slave owners too. Can't have months named after them.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased trollies for CABLE CARS, and like Steve, had one over for OVER PAR.

I loved Gary Lewis and the Playboys' This DIAMOND RING when I ws a teen.

I thought of RANDOM ORDER when T- told us he was going to Vegas. Last time I was there they were experimenting with shuffling machines that randomized the deck better than dealers' shuffles. It also increased the amount wagered per hour, because instead of spending time shuffling, the dealer just took machine-shuffled decks out of the shuffler.

I wanted "husband" for dish cleaner, but is had too many letters.

The insurance agent asked me the age of my roof. When I told him 105 years, he said "oh its SLATE, huh."

I knew OERM as the home of WordPerfect, GTE's standard before we "upgraded" to Windows and Office.

FLN: OMK, the trend is for people on the extremes to be increasingly violent. Andy Ngo was beaten up and hit with "milkshakes" containing some solid substance said to be cement. Makes sense - he was in Portland. Why was he beaten? For the sin of agreeing to earn money by speaking thoughts that were disapproved by people who claim to be anti-fascists, but are ironically the epitome of fascism. Just watch your step. I won't even apply a bumper sticker for fear of having my body or car disfigured. Yes, "they" have won in my household.

Thanks for the fine puzzle, Roland. Except for the AHN x OHARA Natick as clued. Better fit for Inside Hollywood than the LAT. And thanks to Steve for the fun tour. Except that in my experience, calling former girlfriends rarely worked out well, even if I called her by her correct name. (You don't have to call me Darlin, Darlin', you never even call me by my name.)

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Sláinte - My learning for the day. Thanks Steve.

Didn't much care for the theme or BOOYAH. But most of the puzzle was fun and challenging. Got all the longest answers except the first - I wasn't tuned in to the MONDAY part. I think Roland did a good job, THO, and I appreciate him pushing us.
LYONS - On reflection, I don't recall ever seeing the 's' either. Agree with Steve. My Apple Map program (by TomTom) spells it LYON.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Roland, for a pretty smooth-filling puzzle. Thank you, Steve, for another fun romp thru the clues.

Read the reveal. Looked at the theme entries. Decided the theme was MORN. That's pretty RANDOM. Duh! RODMAN? Really? Oh, a jest! BOOYAH!

BOOYAH! Never knew it had a meaning. Just a military yell.

DNK: O'HARA, AHN, AMY, ODOM (would have known the BB player), EUCRE (ESP). I had pauses for all the words beginning with "A": the two above names, ACCRUE & ACCESS. Well, I came up with ANGER okay.

I've been very into ANGER lately with the hack and all the financial ERRORS, etc. made by people with whom I have to deal. My second set of new checks came with carbon copy flimsies (not ordered) which are more expensive and clog up my ballpoint pens. Can hardly write on the main check. Yesterday the grain buyer sent me another check because they'd made an ERROR on my first check. Well, good, but they'd also ERRED & sent me someone else's papers with the first check. People are so distracted these days.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

No w/os this morning, but three perp-dependent entries: O'Hara, Ahn, and Dan. Based on the first three themers, the MON sequence stood out to me, but, then, Lunar MODule broke the pattern, leading to a surprising reveal. I thought it was an easyish Thursday but a fun solve. Lyons is the English spelling, according to Mr. G. Maybe that's why I filled it in without hesitation as that's how I'm used to seeing it.

Thanks, Roland and thanks, Steve, for the grand tour.

Owen, I'm sorry you're ailing again, feel better soon. Cute licks this morning, especially the first one.

Have a great day.

PK said...

Steve & Jinx: I spent some time with an old guy years ago (won't call it dating) who always called me "Babe". Thought it was funny. Compared notes with a couple other women he'd squired around. He also called them "Babe" altho they were 20 yrs. older than I was. I happened to mention one of them by name to him. He said "Who? Oh, I wondered what her first name was."
She and I had a good laugh over that. He did write me letters with the right name tho.

Husker Gary said...

-Even when I knew RANDOM was the gimmick, the reveal fill was _ _ _ D _ _ _ _ _ D _ _ where RANDOM could have fit either way
-DAN and AYN were my only sure ports in a sea of names
-The LUNAR MODULE was built for 2 guys for 2 days but on Apollo 13 it supported 3 guys for 4 days
-BAD P.R. – Every day some pol says something that the PC police latch onto
-We hardly ever say TAP for faucet, but we always say TAP WATER
-I had an Arby’s SHAVED beef sandwich to break my colonoscopy fast yesterday. TMI? :-)
-Our town’s very high water table can cause SEEPAGE in basement floors
-The horrible movie CLUE was rife with EMOTING
-What in the world did medicine do before x-rays, MRI’s, CT’s, endoscopes (me yesterday), etc.?
-It is so amazing how RURAL northern California is. But once you get south of the CABLE CARS…

Anonymous said...

A Manhattan contains rye, bourbon or whiskey, bitters, sweet vermouth and a cherry.

Your recipe is for an Old Fashioned, an equally satisfying cocktail..

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Steve and friends. I liked this puzzle. I found it to be a bit easier than the usual Thursday fare.

Hand up for Eat before HID.

LYONS didn't phase me, although after Steve pointed out there is no "S" at the end of the word, I had to look it up.

I knew Leslie ODON, jr. from being in the original cast of Hamilton.

Interesting to have SIRED and DAD a few clues away.

I sang with RENÉE Fleming a couple of years ago. Well, we were a concert and she invited the audience to sing a song with her, so everyone in the room had an opportunity to sing with her.

QOD: Sometimes it’s the detours which turn out to be the fruitful ideas. ~ Sir Roger Penrose (b. Aug. 8, 1931), English mathematician

Jerome Gunderson said...

Husker- It is amazing how rural California is. Forty million people! But once you are away from the highly populated areas like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco bay area, It's all farm land, desert, mountains, vast forests, seasides, valleys and canyons. A little example- I live in a town named Geyserville. One hour north of San Francisco. 850 people. No bank, gas station, library, laundromat, hardware store. The railroad tracks that pass through the middle of town have trees growing in their center. Rural to the max.

oc4beach said...

A Thursday doable puzzle from Roland that was enjoyable to solve. Steve, as usual added another level of enjoyment to the entire process.

I immediately knew LUNAR MODULE because I worked on it as a structural designer in the early days of my career. Originally it was called the LUNAR EXCURSION MODULE, but in 1966 NASA changed its name to Lunar Module or commonly known as the LM. However, LM was still pronounced "LEM" by those who worked on it.

The proper names (OHARA,AHN, RENEE and ODOM) were a little problematic and required perps and a SWAG at the H in the crossing of OHARA and AHN. From previous crosswords, I knew AYN.

I didn't get the theme until I read Steve's write-up, but that's not unusual for me.

On the MENSA site there is a note that states "On August 28th this game will be replaced with an updated version." I wonder what that means. Will the ease of using it get better or as many new and improved things go, will it get worse? Does anyone know?

Try to stay dry today.

Steve said...

I did receive a nice email from one of our readers Monique, who said "You are right about the spelling of Lyon. In French, there’s never an s, however for some reason in English language context, an s is added."

As I said in my reply to her, I never understand why some foreign city names get "anglicized" and others are left alone.

Thanks Monique!

Haiku Harry said...

My haiku for you:

The way call girls learn
To turn tricks, is to get help
From prosti-TUTORS.

Anonymous said...

Really stretching it with this clue Booyah. Then throw in Ahn and bad pr. Theme was meh with a way to wordy reveal.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you, Roland and thank you, Steve.

No quibbles from me, solid fun.

Lyons didn't phase me either, but maybe it should have, until I read lemonade's link. Funny story, Steve. Oh, and thanks for the update from Monique.

Love Peoria-born Dan Fogelberg Songs.

Jerome, I was thinking the same thing. I remember the drive from Santa Teresa to Monterey, and thinking how wide open it was. I like rural areas more than congested areas.

oc4Beach, Neat ! I've been watching a number of different programs about the Apollo program lately. One delved into the personalities of the three astronauts, which I found to be particularly interesting. According to the program, they were never close friends, and Collin's later described their relationships to one another as "amicable strangers'.

Oh, I would suppose that the MENSA site is finally ditching Adobe Flash and will be moving to an HTML5 coded puzzle. It's for user security reasons.

Terry said...

CA is big. Be interesting to see population densities for the various stages.

CrossEyedDave said...

I got the puzzle ok, but...

TTP said...

Can someone take my apostrophe from Collins and move it after strangers so it looks like a close quote ?

Lucina said...


Thank you, Roland Huget, I had a nice time with your puzzle! And many thanks to Steve. Among other things I like how excited you get over food!

OXO gadgets are my favorite so it's nice to see it and last night on Jeopardy! UTOPIA was an answer.

Apparently I have heard of Leslie ODOM, RENEE Fleming, DAN Fogelberg, AMY Adams, and certainly of AYN Rand because they all popped out and filled their cells. Catherine O'HARA took some perps, THO. It's amazing what the mind absorbs!

I just received a call about a charge on one of my cards and I don't recognize it so must get on it.

Have a delightful day, everyone!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

PK, that's the funniest real-life anecdote I have heard in a long time. Thanks, I needed a smile or two. Everything I have seems to be breaking down expensively.

TTP, I think you are right about Flash. The product is going away next year.

Lemonade714 said...

nice gentle puzzle with lots of entertainment from both Roland and Steve, as always.
So you asked, and here it is MAP OF CALIFORNIA SHOWING POPULATION DENSITY, still a wild frontier.

Saying one drink recipe is the "correct one" is like saying one haircut is the correct one. People are different and that is a good thing.

Santa Terese always reminds me of Kinsey Millhone.

Thank you, Steve and Roland

AnonymousPVX said...

I thought this Thursday puzzle had a bit o’ crunch to it.

No real issues though, except for “BOOYAH”...that just means yahoo, hooray....disagree that it means “take that”.

Stupidly misspelled LUNAR as LUNER because idiocy, haha. Corrected it but still the markover.

On to Friday.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Husker and Jerome - I'm finishing up my first Mitchner book, Caribbean. He lists as a reference in the book the relative population density of the Caribbean Islands compared to that of Washington, Oregon and California. It looked odd, so I confirmed it just now: Caribbean Islands have 486 people per square mile; the West Coast has 154. Who knew, mon?

WikWak said...

Thanks to Roland for a semi-crunchy puzzle and to Steve for the always interesting writeup; I loved your LYON(S) story! And as for POD, it’s some dead language’s suffix meaning “foot”. Think tripod... three feet.

FIR but not without some difficulty in the NW which resolved itself after a bit of skull sweat. There were too many names to suit me but the only one that rang no bells was RENEE Fleming. I’ve never cared for opera or any kind of music in which people sing with no accompaniment stuff. I don’t even care for musicals, the single exception being West Side Story. [/spouting]

Lemonade, I have that same Kinsey Millhone connection in my head.

And with that I bid you all a good day.

Michael said...

FWIW, the official tourist/chamber of commerce municipal website in France says it is "LYON", no 's'.

Wilbur Charles said...

I always thought it was LYONS. Pronounced the same regardless. It led me to chase down Sue Lyon (no S) and Lolita. I read that book when I was reading Russian authors .

I made a mess of the north central. The Natick and the B for which I finally grok'ed BADPR and PRAWN. Not to speak of bad handwriting.

Is Dennis Rodman still buddies with Kim Jong-Un?

I knocked off Wednesday early this am, I was running around yesterday


Ol' Man Keith said...

Jinx & Big Easy, FLN ~
My personal reading of those who favor defacing the mural at my old school (George Washington High, San Francisco) is that they are angry about other issues and scapegoating the artwork.
And, yes, among the other issues is the naming of the school after Washington who, as some of them insist, was a white supremacist & terrorist.
I don't claim Washington was a saint, and that was precisely the artist's point.
It can be a tough life lesson to discover that evil can coexist with goodness in the same person. A high school would seem to be a fine place to drive that lesson home.

Jinx, I agree that it is not a right vs left matter. Too many have tried to politicize this by blaming San Fran liberals. But the true blame lies with extremists, with the philistines who can be found on either end of the spectrum. This kind of destruction belongs to Nazis as well as Bolsheviks.

Oh, yeah, today's pzl! It's a good 'un. I enjoyed it throughout. No problems, but plenty to chew on. Ta~ DA!
Too bad there are no diagonals...

AZ Tchr said...

Lyons is correct! The final "s" is silent in French.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Apparently (from my quick Google search), LYONS is more common among English speakers. The French sometimes use the "s," but more often leave it off.

Weird, eh? You'd expect it to be the other way around.

But we should be used to different spellings of foreign names in English. Compare "Florence" vs "Firenze." (I wasted a LOT of time on my first trip to Italy, lurking in the train station while naively trying to find a schedule for "Florence." Grr.)

Jinx in Norfolk said...

There are two small communities near Lexington (home of my UK Wildcats) that are named for famous French cities. Tourists thought our pronunciation of Paris (PAIR-us) was just fine, but they made fun of us for calling the other one Ver-SAILS.

Jayce said...

Nice puzzle, great comments. I love reading what each and every one of you has to say. I did not like how BOOYAH was clued.

Still spending oodles of hours rebuilding my PC software from scratch after it crashed big time last Sunday. Had to buy a new hard drive (a SSD, which I am actually happy to have) and a new Windows 10 "on a stick." Reinstall everything from scratch. Thankfully I had all my data backed up and have been able to recover it all. Now in the process of obtaining fresh installations of my applications and device drivers. Pretty amazing how many old apps I am NOT going to replace. I think I'm going to download and try out LibreOffice to replace my old Microsoft Office. Details, details, details. Sheesh.

Jerome, LW and I liked Geyserville when we stopped there for coffee on our way up to Oregon and Washington. Nice place.

Keith, I am SO with you about that mural! We should NEVER erase depictions and stories of our history just because a few easily-offended people can't bear to look at the truth. It seems as if so many people these days expend great effort to look for excuses to be offended. Next thing you know we'll be burning books!

Good wishes to you all.

Steve said...

@AZtchr - indeed, it's so silent it's not even printed on the map. Do me a favor, go to and search for "Lyon, France". Tell me what you see.

SwampCat said...

Keith, are we voting on the mural. Of course history should never be erased!! I’ve seen that mural. It is a sensitive tribute to a real human man! I’m with you!

Wilbur Charles said...

Didn't we just have a quote from King George (?) That GW was the greatest man of his generation.

And as I recounted earlier all mouths went silent at the Tampa Trump rally at the mention of Lincoln


Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Roland Huget, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Steve, for a fine review.

A little tough, but it is Thursday. Easily got the Theme, RANDOM ORDER and the hidden RANDOM in the long answers. Good job, Roland!

Had no problem with LYONS. After I read all the comments, I looked it up on my map search and it showed up as "Les Lyons."

CABLE CAR was easy. I rode those while working in San Francisco. We installed a telephone switch for the Southern Pacific Railroad.

I have a very large jar full of pennies. Can't hardly pick it up.

EUCHRE was always a fun game. We used to play that on night shift while eating lunch.

Never read "The Fountainhead" but did read "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. Took her 10 years to write that one. It was a long book, but I did enjoy it. Kind of a political statement.

Some things to do tonight. See you tomorrow.


( )

TTP said...

Jayce, I haven't used any of the Microsoft productivity suites for about the last 4 years. I moved to Apache OpenOffice. A bit of a learning curve to find out where everything was, and then some time to fix formatting problems.

I'll probably download and start using LibreOffice sometime this winter. Not because I can't do anything I need to do. OpenOffice is fine. I've read that LibreOffice is quicker at providing updates and responding to vulnerabilities. It should be painless since I won't have (shouldn't have) to fix any formatting problems.