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Sep 25, 2023

Monday September 25, 2023 Amie Walker

 Hello Cornerites!

Theme:        Hum a Few Bars  ♪ ♪ 

I am always happy to see Amie Walker's name on a puzzle. Today's is a good example of her talents. There is more to unpack here than on a typical Monday. (Note:  You might want to pause here and top off your beverage of choice.)

Amie is playing with two music-related words in unexpected ways. The two words are LINE and BARS.

line of a song is a lyric. We have 3 lines from the song Get Down Tonight by KC and The Sunshine Band (1975). Amie adds an extra layer by including the word "line" in the clues for three long fills. Each time, we get a different meaning for the word "line" plus none of those meanings correspond to its musical definition.

20 Across. Conga line?: DO A LITTLE DANCE.
"Line" is a queue of people. "Conga" is the "dance".

36 Across. Neck line?: MAKE A LITTLE LOVE.
"Line" is a fashion feature that accentuates the wearer's body or a garment's detail. "Neck" is "necking" a.k.a. making out.

47 Across. Party line?: GET DOWN TONIGHT.
"Line" is the 'official message' of a particular group. "Party" is a group of revelers.

Fair enough, but what about the unifier(s)? This is where the puzzle truly became fun. 

62 Across. With 63-Across, 1970s nightclubs, or, in another sense, what 20-, 36-, and 47-Across are?: DISCO.

63 Across. See 62-Across: BARS.

In music theory, bar is another word for 'measure'. It contains a specific number of beats played at a particular tempo. They are called BARS because of the vertical lines that separate them along a musical staff. Think of the old joke, "No, but if you hum a few BARS...." Here is an example where both BARS have four beats.

Finally, Amie uses DISCO BARS in two ways. One is the 'nightclub' sense in the clue. The other is what I have been trying to build up to. The LINES in the long fills are BARS from the DISCO song, Get Down Tonight. They are another type of DISCO BARS. Whew! I told you there was a lot to unpack today! This would have been a good one for JzB. Are you ready for the song now?  

Before we move on to the other clues, I want to add that the length of the long fills makes this puzzle a Monday level fit. Once you've parsed the theme, you can fill in a lot (28%) of the squares. On the other hand, if you are not familiar with this song, the level moves a few days forward in the week.

1. Field of study: AREA.  and  9 Down. Field of study, perhaps: SITE.
[Fun clecho #1]

5. Lumps: CLODS.  If your AREA of study is archaeology, you might sift through CLODS at your work SITE.  
visit this archaeological SITE

10. "Wheel of Fortune" option: SPIN.  Contestants have three options:  SPIN the wheel, buy a vowel, or solve the puzzle.

14. Music genre for Jill Scott: SOUL.  This is Jill Scott.

15. Asian capital whose opera house is modeled on Paris's Palais Garnier: HANOI.  I like clues that teach us a little something extra.  
HANOI (lt) and Paris (rt)

16. Drive-__ ATM: THRU.

17. Italian dish, familiarly: PARM.  PARMigiana  9 Things you can "PARM" from the Food Network

18. Lopsided: ATILT.  Def:  in a tilted or inclined position.

19. Corner chess piece: ROOK.  a.k.a. castle  
Once again Colin found himself stuck between a 'Rook' and a hard place.

23. Resource in Catan: ORE.  Huh?
Catan, previously known as The Settlers of Catan or simply Settlers, is a board game for (generally) 3-4 players. It was designed by Klaus Teuber and was first published in 1995 in Germany. Players take on the roles of settlers, each attempting to build and develop holdings while trading and acquiring resources.  

24. Woolly moms: EWES.  Fortunately for us XWD bloggers, there are plenty of sheep cartoons on the internet.

25. Cantina fare: TACOS.  A "cantina" is a type of bar common in Latin America and Spain. I am reminded of Rosie's Cantina in the song, El Paso, written by Marty Robbins. This is a 
a pepped-up cover by the Old 97's (1999). 
My favorite LINE:  I caught a good one. He looked like he could run. 

28. Prepare to advance after a fly ball: TAG UP.  In baseball, when a batter hits a fly ball and a fielder catches it, base runners have to go back to the base they were at when the play started and TAG UP before they can run to the next base. It gets exciting in the event the fielder botches the catch. Of course if there are already two outs, the runner should just go like the wind.  
In this 'fly ball' video, things are complicated by the infield fly rule. The announcer explains that "Bonds was immediately out" but it would have been helpful if he also explained that this meant there was no longer a force play at home so they needed to tag the runner.
I like how the runner did a don't-mind-me sneak around to step on the plate.

31. Radio host John: TESH.  He was born on July 9, 1952 on Long Island. In 1990, he wrote the NBA on NBC theme song.  Here it is:

32. Cinnamon-scented seasonal decor: PINECONES (also PINE CONES).  I love it when stores overpower me with cinnamon PINE CONES near the entrance!
Kudos to Amie for this 9-letter horizontal fill, along with its symmetrical partner at 39A.

39. "No, really!": I'M SERIOUS.  
a very young Val Kilmer (left) (35 sec.)
Real Genius (1985)

40. MGM co-founder: LOEW.  Marcus LOEW and Louis B. Mayer founded Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. on April 17, 1924. LOEW died three and a half years later from a heart attack at 57-years-old.

41. Many "Saved by the Bell" characters: TEENS.  Ranker puts Saved by the Bell at #11 for The Best Teen Comedy Series Every Made.

42. Chores: TASKS.

44. Heckling chorus: BOOS.  
46. Cozy spot: DEN.  and  33 Down. Cozy spot: NOOK.
[Fun clecho #2]

54. Bruno Mars's birthplace: OAHU.  and  
56 Across. Floral garlands: LEIS.  
Born Peter Gene Hernandez on October 8, 1985 in Honolulu, HI,
Bruno has 31 Grammy nominations and 15 wins.
55. Squirrel away: HOARD.  

58. World Cup cheers: OLES.

59. Cosmic path: ORBIT. Thanks for the Science fill, Amie! It gives us an opportunity to catch up on what is happening with cislunar space.  
L1 and L2 are Legrange points.

60. Froyo topping option: OREO.  This feels a bit awkward in the singular.

61. Saucy: PERT.  

1. Egyptian cobra: ASP.

2. Fork locale: ROAD.  Homonyms are great for misdirection. It is not the fork located next to your dinner plate.
another tricky homonym

3. Greek currency: EURO.  Greece joined the EU in 1981. It adopted the EURO in 2001 in time to be among the first wave of countries to launch EURO banknotes and coins on January 1, 2002. Prior to that, it's national currency was the drachma (1833-2002).

4. __ mater: ALMA.  Def.:  the school, college or university that one once attended.
It is a Latin phrase that literally means "nourishing/bounteous mother".

5. Dining set array: CHAIRS.

6. Cupful with steamed milk: LATTE.

7. "I got this!": ON IT.

8. Mermaid Barbie, for one: DOLL.  
She has rainbows and a sparkly tiara!!
10. Informal surveys: STRAW POLLS.  My informal definition is "an unofficial vote to determine which way the group is leaning."

11. Device not allowed during a family meal, maybe: PHONE.  and  
45 Down. Significant __: OTHER.
Have you heard of "phubbing"? It is a portmanteau made from the words "phone snubbing" and is the act of ignoring a companion in favor of using a smartphone. Not cool, dude!

12. Some Camaros: IROCS.  Someone on The Corner used to have one but I do not remember whom it was.

13. Heat in a microwave: NUKE.  
And I thought nuclear weapons were a 20th century invention.
21. Bathroom, to a Brit: LOO.

22. Low card: DEUCE.

25. One of 32 in the NHL: TEAM.  The NHL's 2023-24 regular season begins on Tuesday, October 10.  more info

26. Queries: ASKS.

27. Residue from an orange snack: CHEETO DUST.  Its official name is "Cheetle". (No, really. I'M SERIOUS. I did not make that up.)
30 sec. TV commercial

28. Welliver of "Bosch" and "Bosch: Legacy": TITUS.  his IMDb page

29. Pantry pests: ANTS.  
Oh, "pantry",  not "pants" !
30. Solidify: GEL.

31. Brief "Yikes, didn't need that in my brain": TMI.  Too Much Information  

32. Subatomic particle: PION.  Hand up for atOm first.
an explanation of PION that I can understand

34. Present-wrapping nights, for procrastinators: EVES.  Hmmmm...... We might be trying too hard with this one. It would be uncommon to wrap presents on the non-Christmas EVES.

35. Work with a needle and thread: SEW.

37. "Am not!" retort: ARE SO.

38. Fib: LIE.

42. Take care of: TEND TO.

43. "The Phantom Menace" boy: ANI.  This was a nickname for the Star Wars:  Episode I -- The Phantom Menace character, Anakin Skywalker.

44. Memphis street of blues fame: BEALE.  website

46. Greek column style: DORIC.  

47. Slime: GOOP.  and  51 Down. Lump: GLOB.

48. "__'ve thunk it?": WHO'D.  WHO woulD haVE
"Thunk" was a hint at slang. The apostrophes represent missing letters.

49. Sushi seaweed: NORI.  
This pic shows sushi before being rolled up.
In this case, the NORI is under the rice so it will become the outside of the roll (maki style).
The bamboo mat helps with the rolling.

50. Guitar player's aid: TABS.  Pick?  bzzt.  Capo?  bzzt.
Guitar TABS are a way of writing music that tells finger positions on strings as opposed to telling chords.  Here is an example:  
The 6 horizontal lines represent a guitar's 6 strings.
A zero means to play it "open".

52. Wife of Zeus: HERA.

53. Level: TIER.

57. Call for help repeated in the Police's "Message in a Bottle": SOS.  It is only fitting we end this on a musical note.  
The Police, from their 2nd studio album, Reggatta de Blanc (1979)
"I'll send an SOS to the world. I'll send an SOS to the world."

Here's the grid:

Thanks for sticking with me on this one! I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


Subgenius said...

This puzzle offered a bit of crunch, including a couple of semi-obscure names and a fairly obscure sub-atomic particle. Generally, however, it was another Monday “walk in the park.” FIR, so I’m happy.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Didn't catch the theme -- couldn't have, being unfamiliar with the song lyrics. Didn't realize the musical significance of "DISCO BARS," either. [Remember a beginner's piano piece titled Handel Bars? Same idea.] Sumdaze, thanx for 'splainin' the complexities of this pseudo-simple Monday offering. Amie, it was enjoyable, even if d-o didn't get it.

DORIC : I learned yesterday that you can trace the evolution of column styles by the number of syllables -- Doric, Ionic, Corinthian. Thank you, Rick Steves.

We are all agog with a 60% chance of rain later today. Hope springs eternal.

OwenKL said...

Surveyors decide border plans
Whether this or that side you stand.
But on OAHU
It's flowers that do
Determine the LEI of the land!

Dory was Nemo's fish friend.
The two of them were like-finned.
Dory wrote op-eds
That sardine fish read.
DORIC COLUMNS appealed to the tinned.

CINNAMON PINE CONES on the mantle?
Shakespeare said that's more than ample!
To gild the lilly,
A Russian silly
Bronzed his gold Olympic medal!

billocohoes said...

Of course "Get Down Tonight" was from 1975, which is why I knew the words. Was it re-released in 2006?

Anonymous said...

Took 5:03 today for me to see the Sunshine, gang.

Having Pion (?) and Titus (?) side-by-side wasn't great, and certainly not Monday-like.

Otherwise, ok puzzle, I guess.

KS said...

FIW. Struggled along through the puzzle which had some curve balls in it, uncharacteristic for a Monday, but got the song lines without a problem. My downfall was to put glop instead of glob and tied instead of tier, which gave me pads instead of bars. Stupid mistake!

inanehiker said...

@billochoes - KC and the Sunshine band was the music of my high school years - very popular for dances in 1975 - I'm thinking it may be 2006 when the song was posted on You Tube by somebody,often in a remastered form. It is often misleading unless you look at the fine print.
I got the first long theme answer and my earworm for the day was set!

Thanks SD for a fun blog and Amie for the puzzle!

CanadianEh! said...

Musical Monday. Thanks for the fun, Amie and sumdaze.
Thanks sumdaze for elucidating all the intricacies of DISCO BARS.
I FIRed (but my 15 minute time was a little slow for a Monday), and got the ear worm with the second themer.
(Was guitar TABS an Easter Egg to the DISCO theme) (SOUL and BEALE St. blues are the wrong genre.)

Plenty of inkblots today.
Bag UP changed to TAG (because nobody should be named Bitus!)
Since I hadn’t seen the theme yet, I quickly entered MAKEup at the start of 35A, thinking of the Neck line if you don’t apply and blend well below the chin.
I started to enter Ionic before DORIC, which gave me Inn before DEN for my cozy spot.
I thought of Hiss before BOOS.
I had Glop (went well with GLOB) before GOOP.

I noted TASKS/ASKS, LOEW crossing SEW.
Yesterday we had FLAMIN’ HOT CHEETOS; today CHEETO DUST.

Wishing you all a great day.

Jinx said...

FIR without erasure, unusual for this quick-on-the-trigger solver. Safe and sound in Advance, NC (pronounced ADvance if you are a local.) Still working on yesterday's stumper, but haven't TITT - yet.

Today is:
NATIONAL ONE-HIT WONDER DAY (KC and the Sunshine Band wasn’t)
NATIONAL QUESADILLA DAY (what happens when the 25th falls on Tuesday?)
NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY (try our lobster quesadilla)
NATIONAL DAUGHTER’S DAY (I saw a bumper sticker in LA declaring "TOURISTS GO HOME but leave your daughters")
INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH ADMINISTRATOR DAY (had you searched effectively the first time you wouldn’t need to research)
MATH STORYTELLING DAY (oh no, not word problems)
NATIONAL COMIC BOOK DAY (nearly every day in Patti-edited puzzles)

Is PARM a dish? Love eggplant PARM, like chicken PARM, and won't touch veal PARM.

DNK that Catan is a game, and was trying to call upon my tiny knowledge of Asian geography. I did know HANOI however.

Is it legal to have TACO as fill in a non-Tuesday puzzle?

ANI is a scifi boy? Made me remember that the sun will come up tomorrow.

WHOD 94.5 FM in Jackson, Alabama - all hits, all the time.

Thanks to Amie for the fun, first-Mnday-of-the-week puzzle, and to Sumdaze for explainin' it all. I missed the second layer of the theme.

September 25, 2023 at 7:00 AM Delete

sumdaze said...

I like that DORIC trick that D-O @ 5:45 shared.
Fixed the date. Not sure how that one got past me.... Thanks for the heads up!

RosE said...

Good Morning! I am in the camp of those thinking I was doing a later in the week puzzle. But I finished with a few hic-ups. Thanks, Amie.
Oil -> ORE (Easy fix, no WOs needed!)
Basin -> BEALE
Strong perps helped fill in the blanks w/ a few WAGs.
LOEW – didn’t even see the clue – all perps.
I vaguely remember the theme song as I’m not musically inclined, but Whew!, I had no idea the depth of the info you gave us in your recap! Thanks, sumdaze.

Husker Gary said...

-A great trip backwards in music history with a fun puzzle and Renee’s extensive review that introduced me to a new astronomy term: Cislunar
-ATM drive THRUS: Can you get close enough to not have to open the door?
-The need to speed up El Paso escapes me
-How old were the Saved By The Bell kids?
-I have had a €5 in my dresser for over 10 years now
-For MYOB, our mother told us to “TEND TO your own knitting”
-C’mon, Renee, this is the song for SOS :-)
-Sirius Radio had “One Hit Wonder Day” yesterday
-Constructor Wendy Brandes told us on 8/23/93 she “engages in vicious games of CATAN”
-I played ABBA’s SOS for a group of juniors just now and no one could name the group or had heard of the song. :-(

Monkey said...

Sumdaze made a super effort to explain this puzzle, but I was not up to following this theme on a Monday morning.

DNF. I had It’s instead of I’m SERIOUS, didn’t know the radio host, so that stayed blank.

I wonder what Italian dish is called PARM. I know this only as an abbreviation of Parmesan cheese.

Nice misdirection with CHEETO DUST..

waseeley said...

Thank you Amie for a brilliant puzzle, which I struggled with but FIRed (better than the last two days!).

And thank you sumdaze for your absolutely brilliant review (in the Brit sense of that word). Where you got all this stuff is beyond me. It's days like this that I'm glad I didn't draw that straw!

A lotta favs:

5A CLODS. The visit to the archeological SITE was worth the price of admission. I've HOARDED it away for later reading.

15A HANOI. We've never been to the Hanoi opera house, but we have visited Paris's Palais Garnier. Unfortunately it was dark that evening so we didn't have a chance to see an opera. Among other things the Palais Garnier is famous as the SITE where Gaston Leroux's The phantom of the Opera takes place.

17A PARM. Right now we're PARMing a lot of Zucchini. In fact I got another batch planned for tomorrow. We'll end up with about 8 frozen dinners.

25A TACOS. I know we have time constraints, but I liked Marty's version better.

59A ORBIT. cislunar? DNK cislunar. Thanks Renée.

32D PION. SubATOMIC particles can't be inside themselves so I had to wait for perps. But at least I didn't have to wait until next March the 14th.

43A ANI. Is this space opera a clecho to the place in Paris?

44D BEALE. The SITE of Joni's Furry sings the blues

50D TABS. Got this on perps. Thanks again Renée.


Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Difficult start of the week.
Once I realized the long answers were lyrics from KC & the Sunshine Band’s song things started to GEL and perp out for a FIR. But “Conga line” (usually not a “little” dance. The line is intended to get quite large) coulda been better clued unless I’m missing some meaning ( didn’t see the line/bar thing)


“Jill Scott”? “Palais Garnier”? (Yeah I know Nam was run by the French). The “Resource in Catan”? (But I think we’ve had this before), “Radio Host John”? (Too generic), “Welliver”? “Memphis street”? “Bruno Mars birthplace”? (Mars 🔴 would fit but I sensed that might be wrong 😉)….. sheesh lemme check the calendar, yep it really is Monday.

At first I thought it said “present wrapping rights” wha? Always wanna put pick for “guitars aid” but know it’s usually wrong

The spooky ”CHEETOS DUST face” scene from the 2017 season of “American Horror Story” (Just the first 2:18 minute clip)

What a coin-incidence I just bought a bag of cinnamon scented PINECONES yesterday for an autumn decoration display

I assume If you order “Italian dish” PARM you’ll get a plate of grated cheese (“tell me when to stop”). “Fork locale”… was thinking left (side of the plate) 🍽️

BOOS: (OLÉS’ opposite)

“Boys in the ____ “…..WHOD
Scarecrow surveys….STRAWPOLLS
Eventually one of the three Strooges will end up with _____ their face…. PION (hope it’s pronounced “pie-on” not “pee-on” 🤣)
“Are you Lebanese?” “No _____ ….IMSERIOUS”
Spirits….. BOOS

And finally my father’s favorite and perennial “Dad” joke:

“____”, said the tailor…..SEW

Stopped laughing and started groaning at this when I was about 16

Lucina said...


Thanks to Amie Walker for an unusual Monday puzzle which seemed a tad spicier than is normal for a Monday. I liked it!

I'm watching the Lightning Bug so I have to be circumspect; he follows me wherever I go. In this case to the computer room.

There is no way I could DO A LITTLE DAANCE or any DANCE. My hips and rear end are sore and I don't know why. The plane ride was two days ago but I guess it could be that.

No PINECONES are to be found around here. They are located farther north in the Flagstaff AREA.

Why a LITTLE LOVE? A lot is better.

I knew someone who liked to HOARD biscuits on our trips even though we would have more later.

I have to go and follow my Charge. He disappeared.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

unclefred said...

I am really worried (seriously) that I am losing it, mentally. I made this CW far more difficult than it really was. I did see the theme and knew the lyrics yet still struggled to eventually FIR. While doing the CW I thought, “Wednesday come on a Monday this week”, but after I had filled it, I went back and looked and then thought, “No, this is a Monday level CW, why did I take three times my normal Monday time?” DNK CATAN, and filled ZROC where IROC shoulda gone (ZROC? Really, unclefred?) A few other W/Os and my CW was a mess, me adding to the CLODS, GOOP and GLOB already covering the CW from top to bottom. I loved that old Cheetos ad, thanx, Sumdaze for including it. Speaking of Love, who watched the Packers/Saints game yesterday? My Packers played like schmucks for three whole periods, at one point having more penalty yards than gained yards. 17-0 in fourth period with just 11 minutes left in game before Pack finally get a fg, so 17-3 Saints. Pack gets a TD with their next possession, and a 2 pt conversion, so 17-11 with 6:58 left. Score another TD with 3:00 minutes left, so score now 18-17, Packers lead for the first time in the game. Saints get ball, drive to the Packers 26 yard line, where they try a field goal. That woulda given them a 2 pt lead with just 1 min left in the game…and they MISS to the right! I was in Slacker’s Packer Bar, and that whole 4th 1/4 was MAYHEM in there! What a game! Oh, yeah, the CW: thanx AW, a fine CW that I made more difficult than you created. And thanx too to Sumdaze for the fine write-up, including the explanation about the bar/line sub-theme, which I missed completely.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you, Amie Walker, and thank you, Sumdaze.

An easy to solve puzzle and entertaining review. That's The Way I Like It.

Do you think that KC and (young) Jim Carey resemble one another?

I must admit that I went to more than a few DISCO BARS (actually, disco dance clubs) back in the day. The music, the lights, the dancing... So much fun!

I didn't try atom first because I already had PINE CONES, but I did enter Nest before NOOK.

Funny Cheetos commercial. I do not remember it.

Yesterday, Evan Birnholz clued TMI along the lines of, "BRB. I have to get some brain bleach after that"
He also introduced me to the term wabi-sabi in that puzzle.

We had PION and TITUS today. YMMV, but for me, TITUS was a total blank that filled with the five easy perps. Often, Rich Norris would give us unusual words or clues early in the week, and they would be easily sussed. A kind of crossword foreshadowing, because we often would see them again later in the week. It made sense to remember unusual early week words and clues.

Lee said...

FIW today. Never heard of TABS for an aid to playing a guitar. Since I really wanted evEn for Level, and didn't grok BARS. That left me hanging since I didn't put the words of the theme together to recognize the song.

Shame on me. Some days the mind just doesn't click.

See ya later

Misty said...

Nice Monday puzzle with a bit of challenge, many thanks, Amie. And your commentary was a real help, Sumdaze, thanks for that too.

As soon as I saw SOUL, I figured we were in for some music, including some DISCO. And when I saw DO A LITTLE DANCE, I knew it was party time! I figured we had a lot of TASKS to TEND TO. We'd be needing some drinks, and since it was early some LATTE would be best. We could then serve some TACOS and some PINE nuts, and CHEETOS with some GEL. And for dessert, some OREO bars. A pretty nice Monday lunch, wouldn't you say?

Have a great week coming up, everybody.

sumdaze said...

TTP @ 11:20. I was introduced to the concept of wabi-sabi a few years ago at a bonsai exhibit in Hiroshima. It's meaning is difficult to put into words because of the strong emotional element. I have leafed through some coffee table books on the subject. Very cool. Last winter I constructed a garden trellis out of my tree prunings and some twine. DH declared it wabi-sabi. I felt extremely complimented.

H-Gary @ 10:22. I thought that cislunar stuff might interest you.
= )

CanadianEh! @ 9:04. "Nobody should be named Bitus." LOL!!

Picard said...

This physics guy was sure the SUBATOMIC PARTICLE was MUON. They are heavy versions of the electron. PINE CONES fixed that.

Hand up CAPO, PICK before unknown TABS. Learning moment.

sumdaze Thanks for your lushly illustrated coverage. Learning moment about cis-lunar. As waseeley noted, an ATOM cannot be SUBATOMIC.

Thanks for the image of MERMAID BARBIE.

I can't match that, but here is ONEIRONAUT BARBIE.

She helps us achieve lucid dreams.

From Yesterday:
Lucina Thank you for the kind words about my CHICHEN ITZA photo. Grateful that it brought back happy memories. The most memorable part of that trip was the mass migration of tarantulas along the road. We were warned not to stop after dark, so I have no photos. Did you see any tarantulas?

Vidwan Thank you for the kind words. Yes, it is crazy how drugs are dispensed willy-nilly. I was on powerful narcotics from massive trauma from being hit by a car. I had no need for a sleeping pill, but they woke me up to give it to me! Glad you are free. Yes, no one plans to become an addict.

Lucina said...

Yes! I agree. The only time I ever got "high" was on Percodan when I was sick for a month. It's a long story but my doctor thought I had a bout of encephalitis after being bitten by mosquitoes at Disneyland. I'm strongly allergic to mosquito bites and have twice had strong, fevered reactions to them.

Lucina said...

No. Thankfully we did not see any tarantulas but we experienced the kindness of the people there. We missed the bus and were invited to ride on the truck which picked up the local workers. It was touching to see them dust off a place for us to sit. My sister and I had spent the night at the inn located there.

Picard said...

Lucina We really enjoyed seeing the tarantulas and knew they would not harm us. We were told that humans along that deserted highway at night might not be so harmless.

Good to know that you experienced such kindness. We had nothing but positive experiences there, too!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Sumdaze presents this Walker XWD.

I found this tougher than usual. It was my own fault for thinking that I had already filled LATTE elsewhere in the PZL, so I blocked myself from entering it at 6D.
Turns out it was the key fillI I needed to unlock the top middle section.

I was thinking of today's NY Times PZL, which called for LATTE when I did it in the wee hours today.
My Bad.
One diagonal per side.
The near diag's anagram (13 of 15) speaks of the serious problem of an inherited weakness for booze.
Is it nature or nurture, or both?
A ...


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I was going to carp on Disco "Bars" until I realized bars of music... Pretty good Amie.

Thanks for the expo Sumdaze - I loved the chess comic and Real Genius clip.

WOs: N/A
Fav: PARM - Friday, I purchased some 15yro parm for a dinner I built. Wonderful! I need to remember the brand.

I was only 5yrso when Get Down Tonight was released but I know the words.

Cinnamon PINE CONES? What's wrong with the conifer aroma?

HG - I'm going to assume Wendy said that in '23 as Catan wasn't released until '95 ;-)

The covers of "metal-head" magazines of my ute would often tout "Guitar TABS" for popular songs to get kids to buy the rag.

Gotta run so I can build dinner for DW. It's our 35th Anniversary!

Cheers, -T

CanadianEh! said...

Happy Anniversary to you and DW, AnonT.

Charlie Echo said...

FIR, but 'twasn't easy. THRU, TAB, and ATILT (as clued) wrinkled my nose, TESH and LOEW were unknown. It took a long time for the song lyrics to dig in. D'oh! I was not into disco at all. Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park was interesting, but the damage done to the outfield led to the Sox having to forfeit that night. Unclefred-what a great finish for the Pack yesterday! LOVEd it!

Vidwan827 said...

This was, if not a walk in the park ... then pretty close to the real thing.
Thank You Amie Walker for a nice, easier and mildly challenging game.

Thank You Renee Sumdaze, for your suave analysis of this supposedly simple Monday puzzle. I faintly remember the KC and the Sunshine band but .... it seems like such a long time ago. But, ... your deep analysis of the lines and bars took some time to think out ( for me - ) ... and despite the sophisticated concept involved, brought a smile to my face.

HuskerG, S.O.S .also reminded me of ABBA .... My wife's favorite song when we first got married ... that group and The Carpenters.

It'll take me some time to understand some things like TAG UP ... I sorta get the idea though. Cis-Lunar is definitely a nifty idea.

I always get my Pions mixed up with my Muons ... I'm so glad we don't have to deal with these characters in real life..

Have a great week ahead, guys, and you all take care.

Lucina said...

Tony, congratulations on your anniversary!