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Jan 13, 2018

Saturday, January 13, 2018, Alan DerKazarian


In a Tuesday puzzle of nearly a year ago (1/17/17), Alan posted how he liked reading comments on his puzzles and added, "Armenians get to put a "Der" in front of their names if there's been a significant religious person in their family's history, like a bishop. In my case it was my grandfather's father, who was an important religious figure in Eastern Turkey in the late 1800s."

Alan's puzzle provided entertainment and provided new learning for this cowboy (marked in RED below)! Here are some of his gettable long fills that proved to be useful in solving:

20. '60s counterculture slogan : MAKE LOVE NOT WAR - This iconic Bernie Boston picture for the Washington Star is what always leaps to my mind for this sentiment 

25. Cry of dominance : WHO'S YOUR DADDY - Yankee fans having a good time at Pedro Martinez's expense

45. 20-mile annual Boston-area fundraiser sponsored by Project Bread : WALK FOR HUNGER - The Marathon and this are big in Boston

51. Excuse for rowdy behavior : BOYS WILL BE BOYS - A lame excuse that has definitely fallen out of favor

Now let's see what else Alan has for us:
1. Video file format : MPEG - Moving Pictures Experts Group. Lots of internet videos use this format

5. Offenbach opera "Daphnis et __" : CHLOE - One interpretation of the story of the romance between two shepherd girls on the Isle of Lesbos written 1,800 years ago

10. Jerk's concern : SODA - The jerk is so called for this action of "jerking" the handle to get carbonated water

14. Former Sony brand : AIWA - I once had an AIWA boom box 

15. Aggressive corporate tactics : RAIDS - He played a corporate RAIDER and she played a, uh, Lady of the 24. Poetic night : EEN

16. Fast-food legend : KROC -  Ray Kroc did not invent McDonalds. He took (read stole) the McDonald brothers system and made it huge as seen in the 2016 movie The Founder

17. Presently : ANON 

18. Mail-order outlet for outdoorsy types : ORVIS and 19. Harpsichordist Kipnis : IGOR. A Vermont based outdoor company and a musician I did not know but that's why we have perpendicular fill.

23. Math ratios : SINES - Ah, back to stuff I know, opposite/hypotenuse 

30. "The Yankee Doodle Boy" composer : COHAN - Seeing Jimmy Cagney as Cohan singing Yankee Doodle Boy from the movie of the same name should be part of becoming a citizen! 😁

32. Big letters in toys : FAO - I recently posted the picture of Tom Hanks dancing on the  FAO Schwarz floor piano in Big

33. CBS Sports NFL analyst Tony : ROMO - His body finally said, "That's enough" and he's now in the broadcast booth

34. Map abbr. : RTE - In my part of the world we say "rout" and in other parts they say "root". You?

35. Loosed : SET FREE - Julia Ward Howe wrote, "He has LOOSED the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword"

39. Neat ending? : NIK - Felix not Oscar

40. After-lunch sandwich : OREO - Haven't we had this word before? 😜

42. Word with big or house : CAT - My loving wife with our BIG HOUSE CAT 

43. Together : AS ONE - When the Huskers do their tunnel walk, the fans rise AS ONE

49. "Macbeth" character : HAG - Shakespeare's non-PC designation 

50. Gay leader? : ENOLA - This plate tells you where my Mom worked during WWII and where this particular B-29 that became the ENOLA GAY was assembled

57. Defeat soundly : DRUB

58. Serve : AVAIL

59. Per : A POP - $2 A POP for bottled water makes it way more expensive than gasoline. Talk about marketing!

60. "No prob!" : EASY

61. Merci, across the border : DANKE - DANKE Schön worked for Wayne Newton and Ferris Bueller 

62. Nigerian pop star : SADE - Born in Ibadan, Nigeria

63. Cry of glee : WHEE

64. Orson Scott Card protagonist __ Wiggin : ENDER - Andrew ENDER Wiggin

65. Side for a dog : SLAW - KFC has wonderful cole SLAW


1. Hat-tipper's word : MAAM - Can you tip a ball cap that is on backwards?

2. Fruit in un cóctel : PINA -Pineapple es "piña" en español (Pineapple is 
piña in Spanish)

3. Fuzzy Endor resident : EWOK - A Star Wars cast member

4. Hindu god with the head of an elephant : GANESHA 

5. Sings smoothly : CROONS - Harry Connick Jr., Michael Buble'...

6. "Family Feud" host since 2010 : Steve HARVEY 

7. Exists simply : LIVES OFF THE LAND 

8. Valhalla VIP : ODIN - ODIN rules over Valhalla - "The house of the slain"

9. ExxonMobil trade name : ESSO

10. Garb for schussing : SKI WEAR - Not much use here for us flatlanders

11. Transplant figure : ORGAN DONOR - This shows 1) I take a lousy picture, 2) my hair is gray and 3) I am a an ORGAN DONOR

12. Way out : DOOR

13. Spanning: Abbr. : ACR - The Royal Gorge Bridge near Canon City, CO spans ACRoss the Arkansas river at 1,000 ft up but all you can do is cross it and turn right around and come back

21. Only NFC team that hasn't played in a Super Bowl : LIONS

22. Talks acronym : TED - Thought provoking online talks about Technology, Entertainment and Design. See more at 

25. Area of expertise : WHEELHOUSE - Give me the microphone to talk about space and I'm good to go!

26. Nasser's org. : UAR - In last Saturday's puzzle it was 15. Group formed in Cairo in 1945 : ARAB LEAGUE 

27. Caviar : ROE

28. Key of Beethoven's Ninth: Abbr. : D MIN - This choral part still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!

29. Tie on the farm : YOKE 

30. Talk big : CROW - Peter Pan's self aggrandizing anthem 

31. Not esta or esa : OTRA - Not esta (this) or esa (that) but OTRA (another)

36. "Foucault's Pendulum" author : ECO - Umberto ECO's satirical novel

37. Crew member : TAR - Or gob, swab, swabbie, salt, sea dog...

38. Apollo 11 lander : EAGLE - "Houston, Tranquility Base here, the EAGLE has landed"

41. "See ya later" : OKAY BYE 

44. Fish market offering : SEA BASS

46. NFL threes : FGS - The behemoths play for 59 minutes and then the smallest guy on the squad comes in to decide the game with his kicking

47. Facebook reversal : UNLIKE - I had to "UNFRIEND" several people in 2016 because I got tired of them 56. Expel strongly : SPEWing their political opinions whether I agreed or not. There's a time and place

48. Word in Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy : NOBLER - Sometimes it is NOBLER to "suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" than to "take arms against a sea of trouble." Hill worth dying on?

51. "My man!" : BRAH - Brother -> Bro -> BRAH

52. Cross a stream, perhaps : WADE

53. English : John :: Slavic : __ : IVAN 
In Spanish, it would be Juan and 约翰 in Chinese

54. Girasol, e.g. : OPAL - Yeah, I didn't know either. Also called Moon Opal

55. Sci-fi character voiced by Frank Oz : YODA - Oh, that's how it's done!

57. Green moisture : DEW - Early golfers are called "DEW Sweepers"

Time now for your pertinent or impertinent remarks:


Jan 17, 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 Alan DerKazarian

Theme: New Speak - Our first utterances.

17A. Silly sort : GOOFBALL

25A. Zeros : GOOSE EGGS

37A. Anniversary celebration at the Met, say : GALA PERFORMANCE

50A. Disputed Mideast territory : GAZA STRIP

62A . Infantile vocalizations, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 25-, 37- and 50-Across : BABY TALK. Goo goo, ga ga.

Argyle here. Koochy, koochy, koo.


1. Baja vacation spot : CABO. We were on Cabo's peninsula just last Friday.

5. Tree's sticky output : SAP

8. Neck mark from necking : HICKEY

14. Razor name : ATRA

15. Suffix with pay : OLA. payola.

16. Taking the place (of) : IN LIEU

19. Polish port where Solidarity was founded : GDANSK. Not baby's first word.

20. Music producer Brian : ENO

21. Dueling sword : ÉPÉE

22. "Hannah and __ Sisters": Woody Allen film : HER

23. Formal pronouncements : DICTA. Legal mumbo-jumbo.

30. Pay with plastic : CHARGE

32. __ of: done with : RID

33. Not at home : OUT

34. The Judds, e.g. : DUO

35. Migration formation : VEE

36. Move in the wind : SWAY

42. Numbered musical piece : OPUS

43. Grunting female : SOW

44. Slowing, on a music score: Abbr. : RIT. (ritardando)

45. Little point to pick : NIT

46. Sick __ dog : AS A

47. Spitball need : SALIVA

53. R&B singer Baker : ANITA

55. "That's all __ wrote" : SHE

56. Fermented honey drink : MEAD

58. The USA's 50 : STs. (states)

59. Nissan model : SENTRA

64. Series of related emails : THREAD

65. Luau instrument : UKE

66. Curved molding : OGEE

67. Fort Bragg mil. branch : US ARMY

68. Boston hrs. : EST. (Eastern Standard Time)

69. Dandelion, e.g. : WEED


1. Confined, as a bird: CAGED

2. Not accented, as syllables: ATONIC. Seldom seen word.

3. Ornamental pin: BROOCH

4. Doofus: OAF

5. Ivory in the tub: SOAP

6. State without proof: ALLEGE

7. Prefix with -lithic: PALEO

8. Bogart film set in a California range: "HIGH SIERRA", A campy trailer.

9. Truly: INDEED

10. Irish county bordering Limerick: CLARE. Across the River Shannon.

11. Next of __: KIN

12. Wide shoe widths: EEs. I blindly put in EEE.

13. Guffaw: YUK

18. Face adversity well: BEAR UP

24. Cries of triumph: TADAs

26. Layered cookie: OREO

27. Bridal attire: GOWN

28. Avocado dip, for short: GUAC. (guacamole)

29. Eyelid sore: STYE

31. Dates one person exclusively: GOES STEADY

35. Ex-GIs' gp.: VFW. (Veterans of Foreign Wars)

36. Lustrous fabric: SATIN

37. Bell hit with a padded mallet: GONG

38. Samoan capital: APIA. Have we learned it yet?

39. Skating leap: LUTZ

40. Have a good laugh: ROAR

41. Address for a noblewoman: MILADY

46. Traditional Hindu retreat: ASHRAM

47. Delivers a lecture: SPEAKS

48. Facial expression: VISAGE

49. Postwar British prime minister: ATTLEE. Clement Attlee, Prime Minister from 1945 to 1951. 

51. Autumn blossom: ASTER

52. Suffuse (with): IMBUE

54. Queried: ASKED

57. Help with a heist: ABET

59. Actor Erwin: STU. That is way back in the archives.

60. "Come again?" sounds: EHs?

61. FDR agency: NRA. (National Recovery Administration)

63. Illegal parker's risk: TOW


Jan 22, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016, Alan DerKazarian

Theme: My temporary forwarding address is....

A return visit from Alan whose first LAT I blogged back in July, 2013.  He had three other LATs in 2015 and has three NYTs. The end of the fill are types of basic living quarters. We do have an uncommon Friday reveal telling us exactly what to look for in our puzzle. I found it like most Fridays filled with challenging clues, but overall doable. My first theme impression was the SH in shed, shack and shut but that did not last. Some very sparkly fill like BEHESTS, IN HASTE, IN SO FAR, NO NAMES,  STREAKS,  TEN ACRE, CAST IN STONE, MINNEAPOLIS with many of the multiple word fill so popular with the late Dan Naddor and Jeffrey Wechsler. Well let us go solve the homeless problem...

19A. Cleaned meticulously : HAND POLISHED (12). Sheds come in all sizes and types.
28A. Disdainful literary review comment : TALENTLESS HACK (14). There are many shacks to be seen driving our roads.
34A. Ironclad : OPEN AND SHUT (11). A hut can be very simple.
44A. Malice, in law : CRIMINAL INTENT (14). Tents on the other hand can be rather impressive.
53A. Classic Stones song ... and a hint to what's hidden at the ends of 19-, 28-, 34- and 44-Across : GIMME SHELTER (12). They keep on going.


1. Cotton fabric : PIMA. Pima cotton is a generic name for extra-long staple (ELS) cotton grown primarily in the U.S., Australia, Peru and apparently the long staple makes it softer. Per wiki.

5. The Cavaliers of the ACC : UVA. University of Virginia.

8. Parkinson's drug : L-DOPA. Read and LEARN.

13. "What's Going __ Your World": George Strait hit : ON IN. Nor rock and roll.

14. "Delta of Venus" author : NIN. We see Anais often; here is her work.

15. "Lincoln," for one : BIOPIC. Daniel Day Lewis, not to be confused with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

16. "That's terrible!" : OH NO. This has to be the LINK.(0:36).

17. Internet __ : BOT. 79 million hits for THIS.

18. Internet lesson plan company : E-NOTES. More things I do not KNOW.

22. Weather forecast abbr. : SSE.

23. Heated feeling : IRE. This is a real word that appears all the time in crosswords.

24. Like a good-sized farm : TEN ACRE. Rather arbitrary

31. 2013 animated fantasy film : EPIC. Don't know the movie, but it looks fun.
32. Wear (away) : EAT.

33. Fan mail encl. : SAESelf Addressed Envelope.

39. Voice of Barney on "The Flintstones" : MEL. He was AMAZING .

41. Like MacDonald : OLD. And a farmer.

42. Fertility goddess : ISIS. She pops up again.

49. To such an extent : IN SO FAR. Sounds like legalese.

50. __ Riddle, Lord Voldemort's birth name : TOM. A Harry Potter fact that was not in my memory banks.

51. Málaga title: Abbr. : SRA. Senora. Sorry just lazy brained.

56. Take for granted : ASSUME. An ASS of U and ME.

59. Debt-laden fin. deal : LBO. Leveraged Buy Out. The wall street game where you purchase a company borrowing money by pledging the assets of the company being bought. LESSON.

60. Skyrocket : SOAR.

61. Arboreal marsupials : KOALAS. They look almost fake. Nice word for puzzles.
62. Plan : MAP.

63. "Lonely Boy" singer : ANKAPAUL.

64. Not relaxed at all : ANTSY.

65. Pindaric __ : ODE. Wow, it really is Friday.  LESSON 2.

66. Hardy soul? : TESS. Nicely clued.


1. Cries of contempt : POOHS.

2. Rashly : IN HASTE. A bonus for naming the author.
" Thus grief still treads upon the heels of pleasure:
Married in haste, we may repent at leisure."

3. Home city of the WNBA's Lynx : MINNEAPOLIS. A CSO to our Minnesota connection.

4. "And giving __, up the chimney ... " : A NOD. Clement Clarke Moore's holiday classic.

5. Yet to arrive : UNBORN. Had me fooled even with the UN in place.

6. Spectrum color : VIOLET.

7. Standing against : ANTI. Would someone who always stands against be a PRO ANTI?

8. Department store section : LINENS.

9. "Camptown Races" refrain syllables : DOODAH. I love this VERSION (4:54).

10. Decide to be involved (in) : OPT.

11. Entrée follower, perhaps : PIE. I do like pie better than cake.

12. Coolers, briefly : ACS. I believe the perfecting of air conditioning in automobiles was the key to Florida becoming the third most populous state.

15. Commands : BEHESTS. A great old fashioned word.

20. Put (together) : PIECE. Really simple words with Friday cluing.

21. Lieu : STEAD. In the place of someone or something. More Old English.

25. Definite : CAST IN STONE. Cast is back.

26. Early 'N Sync label : RCA. Two weeks in a row and I still do not care.
27. Scratch (out) : EKE.

29. Rim : LIP.

30. Top-ranked tennis star for much of the '80s : LENDL.
35. Stars' opposites : NO NAMES. I guess they were not well cast.

36. Chili rating unit : ALARM. My wife refers to her spicy sauces as five star!

37. "Stand" opposite : HIT ME. Blackjack, twenty-one, vingt et un.

38. Exploit : USE.

39. Bygone telecom co. : MCI. MCI was founded as Microwave Communications, Inc., then World Com came along and destroyed the company; the pieces belong now to Verizon.

40. Coastal flier : ERN.

43. Barely runs? : STREAKS. I guess your laundry?

45. Ski bumps : MOGULS.

46. "Allow me" : IF I MAY. If I might, have the wish I wish tonight....

47. Discouraging words from an auto mechanic : IT'S BAD.

48. More than discouraging words : NO HOPE. I like the sequential cluing.

52. Rich tapestry : ARRAS.

54. Muppet who always turns 3½ on February 3 : ELMO.

55. Future atty.'s ordeal : LSATLaw School Admission Test.

56. Blotter letters : AKAAlso Known As.

57. Prince George, to Prince William : SON.

58. Didn't start : SAT. On the bench.

Well it is time for me to sit and send this off through cyberspace. See you next week. Lemonade out.

Note from C.C.:

Happy 70th Birthday to dear John Lampkin, our gifted constructor and blog friend. John is truly a master in designing grids and cluing. He was so incredibly kind to me when I started blogging & later making LAT puzzles. He answered every little questions I had. He even called me. Such a generous soul!

Lemonade and John

Aug 20, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015 Alan DerKazarian

Theme: Back to School

39-Across. School area workers, and what the four pairs of intersecting starred answers depict : CROSSING GUARDS.
Eight synonyms for GUARD cross each other in this puzzle.  Here they are:

21-Across. *Former Ford compact : ESCORT. crossing 4-Down. *Hypnotist's prop : WATCH.
23-Across. *Orlando newspaper : SENTINEL. crossing 10-Down. *Janitor : CUSTODIAN.
59-Across. *German __ : SHEPHERD. crossing 49-Down. *Regulation-sized fish : KEEPER.
66-Across. *"Heaven Can Wait" (1978) Oscar nominee Jack : WARDEN. crossing 42-Down. *Lawyer, at times : DEFENDER.

70 theme letters is a whole ton, leaving very little wiggle room to sparkle with the fill.

1. "__ go, into ... " : OFF WE. So yes, off we...

6. Top level : ATTIC.

11. Night school subj. : ESL. English (as a) Second Language.

14. Boggy tract : MORASS.

16. Verdi aria : ERI TU.

17. Poor grade : DEE.

18. Determined : GRITTY. Like him?

19. Terms for a student loan : SEMESTERS. Not the conditions of the loan, but the length of the program it pays for.

24. Egyptian symbol of life : ANKH.

25. March time : IDES.

27. Put in one's two cents : OPINE.

28. Grammar best-seller "Woe __" : IS I.

29. Halifax hrs. : AST. Atlantic Standard Time. (UTC -4:00)

30. Not even : ODD.

32. Low island : CAY.

33. Cinque times due : DIECI. 5 x 2 = 10. It comes out the same, even in English.

36. Abysmal : HORRID.

44. Beat : PATROL.

45. Duma votes : NYETS. The Russian State Duma consists of 450 members, each one having "da" or NYET vote on any given matter.

47. Mayall of "Drop Dead Fred" : RIK. Absolutely no clue. He died last year from cardiac arrest after a run.

50. Arctic bird : AUK. The great AUK is extinct, but other birds of the family alcidae still survive in northern waters.

51. "Too many to list": Abbr. : ETC.

54. __ Fighters: Dave Grohl's band : FOO. Feel free to link away!

55. Millennium-ending year : ONE BC.

57. Month after Shevat : ADAR.

58. Optical device : LENS.

62. Historic Honolulu palace : IOLANI. So pretty!
64. Condense : CAPSULIZE.

68. __ Miss : OLE. Shout out to DH - his Alma mater.

69. Defamatory text : LIBEL.

70. Strip, as of rights : DIVEST.

71. Poetic adverb : E'ER.

72. Rodeo catcher : LASSO.

73. "Star Wars" title : DARTH. It is reserved for Sith Lords.


1. Shocked letters : OMG."Oh My Goodness..."

2. Like much court evidence : FORENSIC.

3. More kittenish : FRISKIER.

5. This, in Toledo : ESTO.

6. JFK's UN ambassador : AES. Adlai Ewing Stevenson.

7. Barrette target : TRESS.

8. "Pencils down!" : TIME!

9. Coast-to-coast hwy. : I-TEN.  The southernmost east-west hwy. in the continental US.
11. Blissful : EDENIC.

12. Star sometimes eclipsing Venus? : SERENA. The Williams sisters of tennis.

13. Stahl of "60 Minutes" : LESLEY. I can never remember if it is "ie" or EY at the end.

15. Fertile Crescent land : SYRIA.

20. Reward in a jar : TIP.

22. NFL six-pointers : TDs. Touch Downs.

24. Come to the rescue of : AID.

26. Prefix with biology : ETHNO-.

30. URL ending : ORG.

31. Actress Joanne : DRU. Born Joan Letitia LaCock. (Really!)

34. Steal ... or the one who catches the thief : COP.

35. War of 1812 commodore : ISAAC HULL. No clue.

37. Considered figures carefully? : OGLED.

38. Like some wit or wine : DRY. I like both that way.  ;-)

40. "The Simpsons" disco guy : STU. I don't even have to think about these characters any more.
disco = STU
store = APU
bar = MOE
smart = LISA
etc etc etc...

41. Rankle : IRK.

43. Most unemotional : STONIEST.

46. "Help! We're sinking!" : SOS.

47. '70s-'80s tennis star Tanner : ROSCOE. He was not a huge star, and might be more well known to the police than to any tennis fan.

48. Yoga instructor's direction : INHALE.

52. Mai __ : TAI.

53. Get too close to : CROWD.

56. ER vitals : BPs.

57. Carpentry tools : ADZES.

58. Cocoon dweller : LARVA.

60. Director Kazan : ELIA.

61. Pokes fun at : RIBS.

63. Ascribed, as blame : LAID.

65. "Telephone Line" rock gp. : ELO. Electric Light Orchestra. "The British guys with the big fiddles."

67. Last degree : Nth. So we have reached the Nth...

And I'm out!

Jan 10, 2015

Saturday, Jan 10th, 2015, Alan DerKazarian

Theme: None

Words: 72 (missing Q, Z)

Blocks: 34

 I have not seen this constructor before, but I have seen a grid like this before - and typically not on Saturday.  Very few long-letter fills and simple corners, but a complex array of answers and clues that needed to be mined for hints made this one a healthy challenge.  Have to admit to two bad cells, both relating to "country" music - oh well.  We have two 9-letter crossings, and two 10's crossing 12-letter spanners;

21A. Quantum theory pioneer : MAX PLANCK
10D. Disaster : CATACLYSM

6D. "... forswear thin potations and to addict __ to sack": Falstaff : THEMSELVES - that's a long way to go for a personal pronoun
32A. Facetious Appalachian portmanteau : PENNSYLTUCKY - I am familiar with this type of slanderous nick-name; I lived just north of Cincinnati, near a town called Hamilton; the local yokels were said to be from "Hamiltucky"

30D. Safari coverings : SUN HELMETS - see here

41A. Smart alecks : WISENHEIMERS - learned from watching cartoons

33D. Kind of telescope : NEWTONIAN - see here
53A. Rare pro golf feat : GRAND SLAM - there's some ambiguity on this one; the Wiki

So, what do 10 and 12 have in common, but skips 11~?



1. Handhold : CLASP - don't like that we start with a 'meh'; I think of a CLasp as the little thingy that closes a necklace; a handhold is more of a GRasp

6. Part of a comparison : THAN

10. Montreal Protocol concerns : CFCs - here's a little from the UN environment programme

14. "Men in Trees" star : HECHE - Anne; did not know of this TV series

15. Roadside chain, for short : HO JO - Howard Johnson's - they've vanished out my way

16. Take __ at: try to wallop : A RIP - tried "A RUN" - 50% correct

17. Sean who played Samwise Gamgee : ASTIN - that would be the character from "Lord of the Rings", which sadly I could not get in to

18. Dash : ELAN - this could also be "A RUN"

19. Arum family tuber : TARO - a crossword educated WAG

20. Egyptian menace : ASP

23. Glides : SASHAYS

26. Heart part? : COCKLE - I am still looking for the girl who will "warm the cockles of my heart"

27. Texter's "... but that may just be me" : IMO - In My Opinion

28. Fertile deposit : LOESS - WAGed

31. Elizabeth of "Martha Marcy May Marlene" : OLSEN

35. Old blade : SNEE - had this last week

36. Like some grazers : OVINE - I went with VEGAN first, and I like it better

37. Span. girl : SRTA

44. Complexity : DEPTH

47. Inscribed marker : STELA - dah~! I had an "E" at the end first

48. High-tech worker : 'BOT - Robot

49. Taken out, in a way : ON LOAN

51. Back in the day : LONG AGO

56. Daughter of Loki : HEL - unknown to me, hence one bad cell....

57. "We Three Kings" kings : MAGI

58. Joining device : YOKE

59. Ring material : ONION - semi-fooled me, but once the "---ON" was in place

62. Desierto's lack : AGUA - once I figured out this was not a personal name, but Spanish for desert....

63. Ravel's "Gaspard de la __" : NUIT - considered to be one of the most complex solo piano pieces - watch here at about 16:30 to see how he crosses his hands back and forth

64. Nice book : LIVRE - French for "book". Ugh, enough with the  foreign stuff, OK~?

65. Treated : SEEN - like doctors; I was thinking "ON ME"

66. Mdse. containers : CTNs - I C a lt f ctns @ UPS

67. Pool events : MEETS


1. Chinese tea : CHA

2. Nessman of WKRP : LES

3. Be a team : ACT AS ONE

4. Turkish skewer : SHISH - kebabs~!

5. Friends you may never see : PEN-PALS - I saw that this was part of a popular discussion this week

7. Havana "How do" : HOLA

8. Trojan War hero : AJAX

9. Like some rude jokes, briefly : NON-PC

11. Cookout fare : FRANKS

12. Wait to land, perhaps : CIRCLE

13. Reserved, with "for" : SPOKEN

22. Style : LOOK - here's where I twas thinking "ELAN" first

23. Takes it slow, in a way : SIPS - I don't take it at all - Jan 8th was my 10-yr AA anniversary

24. "Yes!" : AMEN - huh; I had the "M" and "N", so I went with "I'm In"

25. Chuckleheads : YO-YOs

29. Hitch : STINT - Got it this time

34. Songwriter Green : CeeLo - had a huge hit with "F*** You"

38. 1991 "Favorite Album - Country" American Music Award winner : REBA LIVE - Reba TIME~!? Nope.  Reba VIBE~!?  Uh-uh.  Dang. 

39. 1970 sci-fi film starring Joan Crawford in her last big-screen performance : TROG - Never heard of it - IMDb       
Blue Oyster Cult had fun with her, tho ( more piano, too~! )

40. Regarding : AS TO

42. Start of a favorite-meal reminiscence : I HAD

43. 1998 "King Lear" Olivier Award winner : IAN HOLM - I know him from "Alien"

44. Doctrines : DOGMAS

45. Anger : ENRAGE

46. Harass : PLAGUE

50. "This I Promise You" band : *NSYNC - not that I heard the song, but with the "C" in place....

52. Bottled-up type? : GENIE - har-har

54. Boor : LOUT

55. Similar : AKIN

60. Scrap for Fido : ORT

61. Video game letters : NES - Nintendo Entertainment System


Note from C.C.:

Please click here for a Caesar coleslaw recipe Yellowrocks (Kathy) sent to me last night. Here is what a savoy cabbage looks like. As Kathy says, you have slice it thinly, the leaf has a kale-like quality.

Jul 19, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013, Alan DerKazarian

Theme: Where have you BEAN hiding?

Examples of this confusing PLANT, are hidden within six sets of consecutive answers using 14 of the 15 squares available in rows, starting in row 1 and ending with row 15, with the a central reveal telling you what are hidden are types of beans, and they are "jumping" across the black square. It is not common to have a reveal on Friday, but without it, this might have been too hard. A variation on the overlapping fill revealing a hidden word, as here the overlap is between to different answers. A total of 95 squares in the theme, yet in a format that looks like a Saturday themeless, with triple stacks of 9's in the corners. I think the challenge to put this together was amazing, and while I am really confused by 22A and 44D, I think this what appears to be the debut puzzle by, I am guessing, a Dentist from New England who coincidentally went to Tufts, and went to the ACPT this year,  captured your attention and was a bumpy but satisfying ride.

1A. *Seat often against a wall : DIVAN. with  6A. *Antsy : ILL AT EASE. and VANILLA (bean) us revealed. There are many multiple word answers like ILL AT EASE which made the solving harder.

15A. *Microscopic menace : E. COLI. with 16A. *The economy, in many debates : MAIN ISSUE.= :LIMA (bean).

29A. *100 centavos : ONE PESO. with 31A. *River spanned by the Three Gorges Dam : YANGTZE= SOY.  (Or SOYA). Both clues required some knowledge.

43A. *Forage plant also called lucerne : ALFALFA. with 47A. *Garlic avoider, traditionally:  VAMPIRE.= FAVA. I did not know Alfafa (not from little rascals) had another name.

63A. *Cultural artifacts : AMERICANA. with 64A. *Struggling : VYING.= NAVY. Again like Saturday, no gimmes.

65A. *Game piece that can stand on either end : CANDLE PIN, with 66A. *Sycophant : TOADY= PINTO. Another hint to the New England tie, as this form of bowling is popular in few places, though it was a TV regular when I was a child. ARTICLE.

and the reveal

36A. Seed containing moth larva, and what is aptly hidden in each puzzle row whose clues contain asterisks : JUMPING BEAN. Is it un-pc to say Mexican Jumping Bean?


17. Music genre : METAL. One of my favorites. LISTEN.(3:26).

18. It's not always met : POTENTIAL. Ah, wasted.

19. Cow-horned goddess : ISIS. I like the Brazilian version LINK.

20. Emma of "Dynasty" : SAMMS. One of my favorites.

21. Co-star of Ingrid in "Autumn Sonata" : LIV. ULLMANA.  A 1978 Swedish drama film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. The film stars Ingrid Bergman, Liv Ullmann and Lena Nyman. It tells the story of a celebrated classical pianist who is confronted by her neglected daughter. It was Ingrid Bergman's last performance in a major theatrical feature film, and the film won a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1979 Golden Globe Awards. (per wiki).

22. Bean cover? : HAT. Man, this clue confuse the hell out of me; eventually I thought it was accepted as not conflicting with the theme because it did not relate to vegetable life but an expression for the human head.

25. Long in films : NIA. Very actress intensive. Another LINK.

26. U-boat, e.g. : SUBmarine.

33. Rod Stewart's first wife : ALANA. Another female; Alan where was your mind. Also married to George Hamilton.

35. Subvert : RUIN. She did not ruin his career.

40. Ship's spine : KEEL. Let's keep ours even.

42. Ziggurat features : TIERS. Pyramid like structures built in ancient Mesopotamia and coming to the FUTURE.(1:25)

51. Overtime cause : TIE.

52. Portugese pronoun : ELA. Similar to Spanish and French.

53. Common ___ : ERA.

54. Considerable amount : TON.

55. Work with, as clay : KNEAD. If you need to relax it is good to knead.

57. Cole Porter's alma mater : YALE. An obscure New England fact 41D. 57-Across grad : ELI.

58. UMass athlete : MINUTEMAN. Another one.

62. With 38-Down, Arctic denizen : POLAR. and  38D. See 62-Across : BEAR.


1. Venus ___ : DE MILO. Poor girl lost her arms. The back STORY. Venus is the Roman Aphrodite.

2. Strands in winter, perhaps : ICES IN. My meh of the day in an otherwise awesome creation.

3. Offered for a special intention, as a Mass : VOTIVE. You buy the candles.

4. Pained cry : ALAS. Another near ALAN word (like Alana).

5. Zippo : NIL. Zilch, nada, bubkis.

6. Rambunctious sort : IMP.

7. Vientiane's land : LAOS. A remnant of the French influence in Indochina, LINK.

8. Long account : LITANY. She had a litany of complaints.

9. Lack of vigor : ANEMIA. Well the cause of a lack of vigor.

10. Heartless guy? : TINMAN. A shout out to our prodigal son, who is loaded with heart.

11. Neighborhood figures?: Abbr. : ESTS. It cost me something in the neighborhood of $200.00.

12. Faulkner's "___ Lay Dying" : AS I. many think this was his best novel.

13. Latin possessive : SUA. In the law, when a judge does something on his own accord, it is called SUA SPONTE.

14. New Zealand longfin, e.g. : EEL.

22. Bridge position : HELM. Sulu on Star Trek.

23. "Stat!" relative : ASAP.

24. Singer Basil or Braxton : TONI. More women.

26. Sci-fi setting : STUN. "Set phasers to stun, Sulu, Spock."

27. Israeli arm : UZI.

28. Son of, to an Israeli : BEN. An odd sort of clecho.

30. Golfer Creamer : PAULA. Is this a sub-theme for the men or what!?!?

32. Apprehend : GRASP. I grasped where he was headed.

34. Picnic pest : ANT.

36. Barcelona boss : JEFE. Also, in the Mexican and Colombian cartels, the chief.

37. Buckle : GIVE. When Shaq sat down the chair....

39. Aretha's singing sister : ERMA. Rough to be Aretha's  SISTER. They say she did this song first.

40. Kit ___ : KAT.  Candy bar of choice in one of the offices where I work.

44. Soup bean : LENTIL. Really?????

45. Take for a ride : FLEECE.

46. TripTik, notably : AAA MAP.

48. Roma's home : ITALIA.

49. WWI French aviator Garros : ROLAND. They named the tennis stadium where they play the French Open after this man.

50. Einstein's "E" : ENERGY=   mc2  

55. Southeastern Turkey native : KURD.  They know whey?

56. "___ California": Red Hot Chili Peppers hit : DANI.

57. It has its ups and downs : YO YO. Fun clues.

58. Bub : MAC.

59. The Beatles' "___ Loser" : I'M A. Someone else can link.

60. Three-time All-Star reliever Robb : NEN. He was one of the many All-Stars the Marlins gave away. His father Dick Nen was a major league first baseman.

61. Bread served with chicken tikka masala : NAN. Love the placement, nen nan.

62. Cpl.'s inferior : PVT. Well I wonder what Alan's private thoughts were when he built this entertaining Friday foray. Mine are: it is time for me to head to the hills, until the next time. I leave you with these two classic BEANS.(0:56) and BEAN.(2:29).

Lemonade peace out. Thanks all.