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Jan 12, 2020

Sunday January 12, 2020 David Alfred Bywaters

Theme: "Up Above" - Up is added to front of each theme entry.
3. Like many characters in 22-Across?: UPSET TO MUSIC. And 22. Mozart works: OPERAS. One more cross-reference: 24. Mozart works for 22-Across: OVERTURES.

12. Fashion house employee?: UPSCALE MODEL. Scale model.

14. Belt firms?: UPHOLDING COMPANIES. Holding companies.

25. Some online forum posts?: UPLOADED QUESTIONS. Loaded questions.

28. Like an enthusiastic shrubbery salesperson?: UPBEAT ABOUT THE BUSH. Beat about the bush.
63. Unwanted piano key noise?: UPRIGHT CLICK. Right-click.

66. Niacin and protein, say?: UPSIDE OF BEEF. Side of beef.

Great visual! We don't often see theme entries placed in Down entries, unless the theme itself dictates, with reveals like DOWN *, or * FALLS.

One of the simple themes from David. His puzzles often have tricky wordplay.


1. Cozy: SNUG.

5. Dublin-based air conditioner company: TRANE. Ours is Rheem.

10. Fontaine filler: EAU. French "Fountain". Also 40. Fromage hue: BLEU.

13. Red and blue: PURPLE.

19. Sulk: MOPE.

20. Seriously flirt with: HIT ON.

21. Matterhorn or Jungfrau: ALP.

23. Informally formal entry announcement: IT'S I.

26. "Friends" friend: PHOEBE. "Smelly Cat".

27. "Friday I'm in Love" group: THE CURE.

29. Google __: MAPS. And 47. Google __: EARTH.

30. Rival of J.H. and W.K. Kellogg: CW POST. Post Cereals.

32. From bottom __: TO TOP.

33. Hiker's path: TRAIL.

35. Hall with Oates: DARYL.

36. Clear (of): RID.

39. Ambulance worker, briefly: EMT.

42. Unhappily unaccompanied: LONELY.

44. Holder of rays: DAISY. Can't wait to see this again.

46. Modernist's prefix: NEO.

49. Staff helper: AIDE.

50. Big finish: FINALE.

51. Intend: MEAN.

53. Bad sort whose second syllable is often dropped: HOODLUM. Hood.

55. Hart part: ANTLER.

56. Incisively sarcastic: CAUSTIC.

59. Intl. supporter of the arts: UNESCO. My pal Lesley (the Guangzhou girl) was in Xi'an last week. She went to this UNESCO site of course.

60. Metric wts.: KGS.

61. "__ luego": HASTA.

62. Enticed: LURED.

64. Like some ancient Icelandic works: EDDIC.

66. Strike caller: UMP.

69. Bigeye or yellowfin: AHI.

70. Appliance alert: BEEP.

72. Times and Herald, in NYC: SQS. Squares.

74. 21-year-old currency: EURO.

75. Taro dish: POI. Never tried poi. I bet I'll love it, since I love taro.

76. U.S. org. chaired by the president: NSC.

77. Aerosol targets: ODORS.

79. Eurasian range: URALS.

81. Surveying partner of Dixon: MASON. Oh, the Mason–Dixon line guys.

83. Area __: RUG.

84. They may abut peninsulas: INLETS.

86. "Kim" author: KIPLING.

88. Scold: BERATE.

91. Loses it: GOES APE. Surprise to see GONE PRO (100. Surrendered amateur status).

93. Incursion: RAID.

94. Calendar listings: EVENTS.

95. Search: HUNT.

96. Name after Paul or before Peter: SIMON.

98. Chicken source ... and product: EGG. We also have 124. Chicken choice: BREAST.

101. Often perpendicular measure: DEPTH.

102. Get to: ATTAIN.

104. Hindu princess: RANI.

105. Conquistador's treasure: ORO. The Korean "gold" is just "Kim", like Kim Jong-un.

106. Significant period: ERA.

107. The "Iliad" and the "Odyssey": EPICS.

109. Like some cookies: OATEN.

111. Impish: ELFIN. Spitzboov, do you have a childhood picture to share with us?

113. Submit a new invoice to: RE-BILL.

115. No longer fooled by: ONTO.

116. Render nonfunctional: DISABLE.

118. "Absolutely!": SO TRUE.

120. Mutton dish: IRISH STEW. Here is a well-known Xi'an mutton dish (Paomo).

123. Rightmost menu, often: HELP.

125. CO rank: COL.

126. Northeast express train: ACELA.

127. One in the headlights?: DEER.

128. 1994 Grammy Lifetime Achievement awardee: ARETHA.

129. Way in: KEY.

130. Grandmas: NANAS.

131. "In that case ... ": IF SO.


1. In love: SMITTEN.

2. Off somewhere: NOT HOME.

4. Insurance giant: GEICO.

5. Son of Odin: THOR.

6. Rosie, notably: RIVETER. The only one I know.

7. Consumed: ATE.

8. Marilyn's birth name: NORMA. So pretty.

9. Involve: ENTAIL.

10. Rabbit __: EARS.

11. Pub order: ALE.

13. "Row on row" blower in a classic poem: POPPY.

15. Flying Clouds, e.g.: REOS.

16. Like some court motions: PRE-TRIAL.

17. Workplace with tests: LAB. I was very nervous last November when Boomer's PSA went up. Dr. Nina calmed me down. Dr. Downs also said it's normal for the numbers to fluctuate. He said he has another patient whose prostate cancer metastasized to the bone. The guy's PSA number was 50 for six consecutive months. They had a bone scan but found no more bad cells.  

18. Salem-to-Boise dir.: ESE.

31. Twisted: WRY.

34. Bible book: RUTH.

35. Emulate Columbo: DEDUCE. The detective.

37. Many a map dot: ISLE.

38. Garment worker: DYER.

41. Social activist Guinier: LANI.

43. Good name for a Swedish soccer goalie?: NILS. Cute clue.

45. Picnic invaders: ANTS.

48. Time piece: HOUR.

50. Muslim mendicant: FAKIR. Wiki says it's Arabic for "poverty". And it refers to "a Sufi Muslim ascetic who has taken vows of poverty and worship, renouncing all relations and possessions. Fakirs are prevalent in the Middle East and South Asia. A fakir is thought to be self-sufficient and possesses only the spiritual need for God".

52. Ga. winter hours: EST.

54. People: ONES.

56. Sleuth Charlie known for aphorisms: CHAN.

57. Sighed lines: AAHS.

58. Jazz singer Laine: CLEO. Dame.

65. Gloaming: DUSK.

67. Tidal influence: MOON.

68. Send a text to: PING.

71. Borders: EDGES.

73. Span. title: SRTA.

78. Prominent noses: SNOUTS.

80. Nile serpents: ASPS.

82. Muhammad with gloves: ALI.

83. Tirade: RANT.

85. Horne or Headey: LENA.

87. Golfer's choice: IRON.

88. Old historian of older Britain: BEDE. The Venerable Bede.

89. One or more times: EVER.

90. Witty exchange: REPARTEE. You can find it our Comments section.

92. Hibernia: EIRE.

97. South African liberator: MANDELA.

99. Ornamental front ends: GRILLES.

102. Feel sick: AIL.

103. Revolutionary Hale: NATHAN.

108. Michelangelo masterpiece: PIETA.

110. Puccini masterpiece: TOSCA.

112. "Well, __-dah!": LAH-DI.

114. Part of Q.E.D.: ERAT.

115. Unctuous: OILY.

117. "As __ saying ... ": I WAS.

118. Entrepreneur-helping org.: SBA.

119. Bruins legend: ORR.

121. Shad spawn: ROE.

122. Half a score: TEN.

Dec 27, 2019

Friday, December 27, 2019 David Alfred Bywaters

"I, uh..."

17. A vat, some cloth, etc.?: DYER NEEDS.   Dire needs.

24. One in a Mesoamerican cleanup crew?: MAYAN SWEEPER.   Mine sweeper.

38. Apothecary's concern?: PHIAL MANAGEMENT.    File management.  As Canadian Eh would tell us, phial is just another name for vial.

47. Large cat romantically interested in opposite-sex large cats?: STRAIGHT LION.   Straight line.

60. Surprisingly genteel outbreak of lawlessness?: CIVIL RIOT.   Civil right.

Had to ask for help to get the theme on this one.   The common phrases follow the 5 theme answers.   Just not sure that I agree about 17A, but the others all change a long I sound to an uh sound.  Dyer and Dire sound like the same pronunciation to me. 


1. Stop lying: RISE.   Get out of bed, perhaps.

5. Suburban expanse: LAWN.

9. Comes impressively into view: LOOMs.

14. One may be pitched to a publisher: IDEA.

15. Canal that helps connect the Great Lakes to the Atlantic: ERIE.   Excellent story and photos in this PBS article.

16. Capital SSW of Damascus: AMMAN.   The capital of Syria is Damascus.  The capital of Jordan is Amman.  The currency of Syria is the Syrian Pound.   The currency of Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar.

19. Surprise in a bottle: GENIE.  

20. Shade tree: ELM.

21. Jazz saxophonist __ Cobb: ARNETT.   No idea.   He was known as "Wild Man of the Tenor Sax."  JzB probably nailed it.    I would have known war correspondent Peter Arnett.

23. Angle or angler's necessity: LINE.   LurE first.  Should have paid attention to both parts of the clue.

26. Not from around here: ALIEN.

29. Any of four palindromic emperors: OTTO.    I wonder if any of them were nicknamed Desper ?

30. Gels: SETs.

31. Moody: IN A PET.    I read that "in a pet" can mean a fit of peevishness, sulkiness, or anger.

35. Object of podiatric study: TOE.

41. Serious misdeed: SIN.  

42. Not on the fence: OPTING.

43. Túpac Amaru, e.g.: INCA.   Perps.  There was a rapper named Tupac Shakur, so Tupac struck a bell.  Amaru did not. 

44. Beige look-alike: ECRU.

46. Big celebrations: FETEs.

53. Oxen group: TEAM.   The yoke's on them.

54. Ex __: out of nothing, in Latin: NIHILO.   Thank you perps.

55. Saddlebag carrier: ASS.

58. Make over: RENEW.   A variant for the typical redo.

62. Being dragged behind: IN TOW.   There goes Jinx !

63. Largest human joint: KNEE.

64. Not doing anything: IDLE.

65. No longer hip: PASSE.   Huey Lewis sang to us that "It's hip to be square."

66. Fax button: SEND.

67. Like some pockets: DEEP.   Deep pockets are required for the fitted sheets on some thicker mattresses.   In your gums, they are bad for the health of your teeth.   And as we all know, it's another term for being financially well off.


1. Lift: RIDE.

2. Pastoral verse: IDYL.    Hey !   What happened to the other L ?   Either way, after listening to some pronunciation clips, it sounds like idle or idol to me.  

3. Appear: SEEM.

4. Facial projection: EAR.

5. Not sure (of): LEERY.

6. Sports venue: ARENA.

7. Increase in girth: WIDEN.

8. Fits one within another: NESTs.   Nesting dolls, boxes, bowls, tables, measuring spoons... What else ?

9. Hang back: LAG.

11. Capable of anything: OMNIPOTENT.   A powerful word.

12. Nearly half of New England: MAINE

13. Express contempt: SNEER.

18. Indian bread: NAAN.

22. With 10-Down, breakfast choice: TWO EGG, and 10-Down: See 22-Down: OMELET.   Two egg omelet.   How adding cheese, diced ham, green bell peppers and onions ?

24. Tableland: MESA.   Devils Tower, pictured at 9A, is considered a butte, not a mesa.

25. Suffix with cigar: ETTE.

26. Egyptian serpents: ASPS.

27. City near Provo: LEHI.   I've never been to Utah.  I thought the 4 letter city near Provo was Orem, since that is what we most often see in crosswords.  People from the state are called ?????

28. Nomadic sorts: ITINERANTS.   Nailed it with the IT start.

31. Call into question: IMPUGN.

32. Member of the 2019 World Series champs: NAT.   The Washington Nationals.

33. Request from a Midwestern cheerleader, maybe: AN I.    Take your pick from Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, or Iowa State.    I watch when the Ohio State marching band dots the i.   I haven't heard any college cheers where the name is spelled out.  High school, yes.

34. God with a flute: PAN.   Didn't know Jean Pierre Rampal or James Galway from a couple of puzzles in the last few weeks, but Pan was a gimme.

36. Barely at all: ONCE.  Sometimes, barely at all is once too often.

37. LAX postings: ETAs.

39. Actress Petty: LORI.   No idea.   But then I learned she played Geena Davis's little sister in "A League of Their Own"

40. Comportment: MIEN.

45. Hitchcock was known for them: CAMEOs.   Here's 20 of the documented 39, but I couldn't spot him in a few.

46. Deluded one: FOOL.

47. Denude: STRIP.

I would have loved to see the clue simply as Delude, followed by Denude, but it was still fun.

48. Singer __ Marie: TEENA. The "Ivory Queen of Soul" here singing  "Square Biz"

"In 2004, while Teena Marie was sleeping in a hotel room, a large picture frame fell and struck her on the head. The blow caused a serious concussion that caused momentary seizures for the rest of her life." - Wikipedia

49. 2006 "American Idol" winner Taylor __: HICKS.   Nailed it with Taylor.   DW is a fan of Idol.

50. Yours, once: THINE.

51. Animate: LIVEN.

52. Sheepish admission: I LIED.   Until I finally decided to stop lying and get out of bed.

55. Assistant: AIDE.

56. Cobbler's concern: SOLE.   You can get sole year round from New England fishmongers, and you can probably find an old-timey cobbler to resole your shoes if needed.

57. Dance part: STEP.

59. "SmackDown" org.: WWE.    World Wrestling Entertainment.   SmackDown is a brand for this professional wrestling and sports entertainment corporation.

61. Unburden: RID.

You can also check your answers here:

Dec 20, 2019

Friday, December 20, 2019, David Alfred Bywaters


It is not often I am inspired to begin a puzzle write-up with a musical link but 'tis the season. Chanukah (Hannukah or however you want to spell it in Roman letters) begins this year on Sunday at sundown and Christmas is next Wednesday. The world is loaded with HOLIDAYS and I hope you all enjoy yours. I don't want to forget Festivus or Kwanzaa.

On to our delightful puzzle from DAB. When I started blogging here more than a decade ago, the first thing I learned was to look at 17 Across for a hint to the theme.  This week that is SAYCHEESE. If that is a themer then HAIRSALON also has to be part of the theme. That left me a BIGMESS. The second thing I learned from C.C. was "don't panic", so next is to look around the edges or at the Down fill. TA DAH! I found the rare Friday reveal: 26D. Disappointment ... and a hint to four puzzle answers: LET DOWN (7). So we need four fill with the trigram LET heading down from L-T.  The rest was interesting mental pictures.

3D. That one curl that makes the whole hairdo work?: KEY RINGLET (10). A Key Ring...

9D. Perfectionist butcher's pride?: CUTLET CORNERS (13).
The meat man does not Cut Corners.

18D. Breakfast theater offering?: HAMLET AND EGGS (13). Our Shakespeare fill, Ham and Eggs.

30D. Hollywood's latest canine discovery?: DOG STARLET (10).
Dog Star following in Lassie's paw steps.

There was one serious Friday clue/fill difficulty - ALBEDO - I am looking at you


1. Work with dough: BAKE. We kneaded to start with a pun.

5. Cylindrical granary: SILO. Hmm, silo (n.) 1835, from Spanish silo, traditionally derived from Latin sirum (nominative sirus), from Greek siros "a pit to keep corn in." It sounds like some Asian influence.

9. City in Illinois' Little Egypt region: CAIRO. I did not know the current status of the Southernmost CITY in Illinois.

14. Blessing ender: AMEN.

15. Letter-shaped auto feature: T-TOP. I like it near 19A. Chophouse choice: T-BONE.

16. Stomach trouble: ULCER. Stomach ulcers, which are also known as gastric ulcers, are painful sores in the stomach lining. ... This allows the digestive acids to eat away at the tissues that line the stomach, causing an ulcer. Stomach ulcers may be easily cured, but they can become severe without proper treatment. I will not post pictures.

17. Words before snapping: SAY CHEESE. Pictures not tempers. It perhaps comes from former Ambassador Joseph E. Davies and is guaranteed to make you look pleasant no matter what you’re thinking. Mr. Davies disclosed the formula while having his own picture taken on the set of his “Mission to Moscow.” It’s simple. Just say “Cheese,” It’s an automatic smile. “I learned that from a politician,”

20. Estonia, once: Abbr.: SSR. Soviet Socialist Republic.

21. Inlet: ARM. Meh.

22. Eases up: RELENTS.

24. Self-conscious question: IS IT ME? Yes, it is!

26. Performed eye surgery on, maybe: LASED. A mini-CSO to me as I have had YAG Laser surgery - not the popular one.

27. Win-win: NO LOSE. A partial?

29. Not getting along: AT ODDS.

33. Troll's cousin: OGRE. Are they REALLY related?

34. Code of conduct: ETHIC.

36. "Wow!": OOH. It needs an "AAH" to make sense to me. It has a clecho - 39A. "Wow!": OH GEE.

37. Dark: UNLIT.

38. Stir: ADO.

41. Really dug, with "up": ATE.

42. Hard wear: ARMOR. Very funny clue.

44. Antarctic explorer James: ROSS.
This famous MAN.

45. Spiral pasta: ROTINI.

47. Tree used for furniture and food: WALNUT. In case you want some nuts or syrup HOW TO RECOGNIZE a Black Walnut Tree.

49. Jingle-writing guy: ADMAN. Don Draper.

51. Render fizzy: AERATE. Like some others, I think of golf courses and greens.

54. Difficult and confusing situation: BIG MESS. I told you NO POLITICS!

57. Source of animal protection: FUR.

58. Sushi garnish: ROE. I am not caviar or other fish egg lover.

59. Script you can eat: ICINGWe can't write in script here but Happy Birthday.

60. Permanent purveyor: HAIR SALON. Nice alliteration.

63. Obscure: BEFOG.

64. Magazine with a pronoun for a title: ELLE. A French pronoun.

65. Baseball team whose original full name is rarely used: METS. They were officially named the New York Metropolitans, after an 1883 short-lived team.

66. Outplays: BESTS. Like Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy.

67. Speculator's panicky cry: SELL.

68. 53-Down synonym: ITSY. Teeny weeny? 53D. 68-Across synonym: EENSY.


1. Low voices: BASSI.

2. Gather: AMASS. Like Uncle Scrooge- a fortune.

4. Letter abbr.: ENClosure.

5. Man cave setup: STEREO. Surround sound?

6. Bag of chips at checkout, say: ITEM. Random.

7. __ Altos, California: LOS. They have many very pretty and very expensive houses there.

8. __ house: OPERA. It was the only five letter fill that came to mind.

10. Planetary reflected-light ratio: ALBEDO. After reflecting on this clue, I realized I did not know it was the proportion of the incident light or radiation that is reflected by a surface, typically that of a planet or moon. The word comes from the Latin  ALBUS.

11. One who is more than just famous: ICON. Same start and length as IDOL.

12. Monthly check: RENT. Somewhat random.

13. Mine products: ORES. No, they are mine!

23. Actor Morales: ESAI. The first crosswordese fill I learned.

25. Bagels and donuts, shapewise: TORI. I like bagels and donuts, but I feel like some music with my coffee.

28. Tailor's task: SEAM. This seems incomplete.

31. "That __ it!": DOES. See, I told you so!

32. That girl: SHE. This show predated the Mary Tyler Moore Show
Now I get mail from her and St. Jude's weekly.

33. Not taken by: ON TO.

35. Group dance with hand-holding: HORA.

37. Nasser's org.: UAR. The United Arab Republic was a state formed by the union of the republics of Egypt and Syria in 1958. The juxtaposition is fun!

40. Happy __: HOUR. Are you aware of Sober Curious? Or do you get buzzed and dance the Hora by the Hour?

43. Lens holders: RIMS. Meh.

46. "You're wrong about me!": I AM NOT. Not a chance.

48. Poet's honor: LAUREL. These days you get a hardy handshake and no wreath on your head.

50. Hearth sweepings: ASHES.

52. Sweetie: TOOTS. This term is no longer pc to call a female. Spenser still calls Dr. Silverman "toots" at times.

54. Lettuce type: BIBB. Bibb lettuce is smaller butterhead lettuce with soft leaves used primarily as a salad green but also works well as a wrapper for foods.

55. Frozen drink brand: ICEE.

56. Computer images, briefly: GIFSGraphics Interchange Format is a bitmap image format that was developed by a team at the online services provider CompuServe.

57. Sate: FILL.

61. Tankard contents: ALE. Arrgh.

62. Athos, vis-à-vis Aramis: AMI. They were French after all, just like M. Dumas.

We made it to the end of the puzzle and what appears to be my last puzzle blog of 2019. Thank you all for all the kind words and happy thoughts during the 11th year of C.C.'s creation. Thank you, DAB for being one of our regular Friday warriors. Also kudos to everyone who has created for our enjoyment. C.C. what a nice place you have here. Until next year GWATCDR, Lemonade out.

Nov 29, 2019

Friday, November 29, 2019 David Alfred Bywaters

"Turn of Phrase"

17. Plumbing expert?: DRAIN BRAIN

25. Cub Scout meeting refreshment?: PACK SNACK.

30. Candlemaker's choice?: WICK PICK.

45. Zookeeper's job, at times?: BEAR CARE.

51. School sports upset: JOCK SHOCK.

64. Inflated thread-count scam?: SHEET CHEAT.

Swap the words in the answers to get the real phrase.   I have no idea what a pick wick is, but a few references say it is a pick like tool used for raising the short wick in an oil lamp.


1. Fit together: MESH.

5. Explodes: POPS.

9. Sources of shade: ELMS.    So elms throw shade ?  They seem more stately than that.

13. Lope opening?: ANTE.   "Home, home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play."   Except, of course, they're really not antelope.  They're pronghorn.   Kind of like buffalo v. bison.  Commonly accepted misnomers.

14. Pacifies: CALMS.

16. "The disease of kings": GOUT.    I once had to see a backup doctor when mine was away.   My sprained wrist was misdiagnosed as gout.    Gout is now on my record at the hospital.  

19. Tasmania's highest peak: OSSA.   Didn't we just have Abel Tasman last week ?  Or was it in a link from Lemonade ?  Anyway, Mount Ossa is as high as Denver, CO.

20. Lively movements: RONDOSHelp me get her out of my heart   Sounds like the definition of a rondo to me.   The refrain.   Yes / No ?

21. Snare: TRAP.

23. Idiosyncrasy: TIC.

24. Break up: END IT.    Cause ending it is hard to do.

27. Mex. neighbor: USA.

29. Robbery: HEIST.

35. Food distribution giant: SYSCO.   The world's largest.  Headquartered in Houston. 

38. Instrument named for an animal part: HORN.   Love the opening of this song.

39. Name related to Marge: PEGGY.    I tried Midge.  My Aunt Peg would have been disappointed.

42. __ beer: NEAR.   Tried one once.

43. Two-run homer situation: ONE ON.

47. United Kingdom language: SCOTS.  One of three native languages spoken in Scotland today.

50. Private __: EYE.   A gumshoe.   A detective.   A dick.    Have you ever seen The Bank Dick starring W.C. Fields as Egbert Sousé, "...a drunk who must repeatedly remind people in exasperation that his name is pronounced "Sousé—accent grave over the 'e'!", because people keep calling him "Souse" slang for drunkard" ? 

54. Kosher deli offering: LATKE.    They tasted a lot like potato pancakes to me too, Yellowrocks.

59. Place for a slip, perhaps: ICE.    Cute clue.

60. Cry of pain: YOWL.     Tried yelp.   Painful reviews.

61. Drawing tool: SIPHON.    Nice wordplay in the clue.   Loved it.

62. Give temporarily: LEND.   First instinct was loan.  Waited for another letter from a perp.

66. "I did it!": TADA.    No melodic tada at WaPo like we had at the Mensa site.

67. Like cornstalks: EARED.

68. Wight, for one: ISLE.    The Isle of Wight is just south of England.

69. Highbrow, perhaps: SNOB.

70. Pugilistic victories, briefly: TKOs.    Technical knockouts

71. Prized: DEAR.


1. Familia member: MADRE.    Esposa de su padre.   As Hahtoolah would quip, today's Spanish lesson.

2. Company whose failure brought down an accounting firm: ENRON.   Arthur Anderson.

3. Remain in force: STAND.   e.g. The judge's gag order will (remain in force) (stand).

4. Alpine protagonist: HEIDI.   Johanna Spyri's Swiss miss

5. Banned pollutants: PCBs.    Polychlorinated biphenyls

6. Tool secured by tholes: OAR.    Typically mounted on the gunwales

7. Oro y __: Montana's motto: PLATA.

8. Taint: SMIRCH.

9. Psych 101 subject: EGO.

10. Drifting, possibly: LOST AT SEA.

11. Bach's bailiwick: MUSIC

12. Neat pile: STACK.

15. Treacherous type: SNAKE.   "Instead you lay still in the grass, all coiled up and hissin' " - Keep on Loving You - Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon.

18. Still in bed: NOT UP.   But not necessarily asleep.

22. Pitchfork-shaped letters: PSIs.

25. Walk or run: PACE.

26. Timberlake's former band: NSYNC.   Justin Timberlake. 

28. Liquid sample: SIP.

30. Question of identity: WHO.   Who Are You is an album and song by English rockers The Who.

31. It carries a charge: ION.

32. Orchestral climax: CRESCENDO.   There are two in The Beatles A Day in the Life.

33. Rap: KNOCK.  

34. Cold War agcy.: KGB.   Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti - Committee for State Security

36. Sleeper or diner: CAR.  

37. Smeltery supply: ORE.

40. Nerd: GEEK.    It's all geek to me.

41. Happy fan's word: YAY.   

44. Intrusive: NOSY.

46. Natural history museum item: RELIC.

48. 56-Down's opposite: THOSE.   And, of course,   56. 48-Down's opposite: THESE.

49. "I'm not impressed": SO WHAT.   "Big whoop"

51. Stuns at the altar: JILTs.   Maggie Carpenter left three grooms at the altar before the big city columnist came to town to investigate.  Name the movie.

52. Eel's element: OCEAN.

53. Counter tender: CLERK.   Be harsh. 

55. Ladybug prey: APHID.    I read that each ladybug can eat up to 50 aphids a day.

57. Eucalyptus eater: KOALA.    Heartwarming story last week about the lady that saved the koala from the fire in New South Wales.

58. Put in: ENTER.  

61. Norms: Abbr.: STDs.    Who says, "The standard is the standard ?"   Don't rack your brain unless you are an NFL fan.  NFL Article from 2015

63. Apply with care: DAB.    And the initials of today's constructor !

65. Fair-hiring letters: EEO.   Equal Employment Opportunity.

Here's another place to check your grid:

Note from C.C.:

Here's a picture of Bill G's granddaughter Bella enjoying the rain. Good to see you back in blue, Bill! Thanks for persevering through the login troubles.

Nov 3, 2019

Sunday November 3, 2019 David Alfred Bywaters

Theme:  "Don't Miss the Finale" (Final e)  - E is added to the end of each familiar phrase.
23. Coiffure created using a mirror?: SELF-MADE MANE. Self-made man.

25. Catholic leader appealing to a younger demographic?: TEEN POPE. Teen pop.  Wiki says "Pope John XI (931–935) was 20 at the beginning of his papacy. Youngest pope.
41. Aggressive tie feature?: POWER STRIPE. Power strip.

46. Becoming a full-grown dog?: PUPPY FATE. Puppy fat.

66. Topper for a tiny barn?: MINI VANE. Mini van.

70. Result of a hotel sprinkler malfunction?: WET SUITE. Wet suit.

89. Abundant greens?: BUNNY HOPE. Bunny hop.

92. Sleazy bar offering?: INSTANT WINE. Instant win.

112. Sad Rogaine result?: DOWN PATE. Down pat. Fun image.

114. Superhero beachwear?: SWIMMING CAPE. Swimming cap. Should have avoided 16. Gown complement: CAP.
All the added E's are silent. No syllable is added to any of the entries. Did I miss any other layer?

Heavy themage. Total 10. Yet David still manages a 140-worder.


1. Apes: MIMICS.

7. Wise advisers: SAGES.

12. "That's how it __!": GOES.

19. Parks with games: ARENAS.

20. Plane figure: PILOT. I'm glad the Southwest pilot camera was just a joke. Scary.

21. Emotion linked to schadenfreude: ENVY.

22. "'I __ you liked your drink,' sez Gunga Din": OPE. Hope. And 90. Luck, to the Bard: HAP.

27. Pry: SNOOP.

28. Nailed: ACED.

29. School support gps.: PTAS.

31. '50s TV innovation: COLOR. My dad got us one in the late 1980s.

32. Longing: YEN.

33. Slender bit of stemware: FLUTE. This is Chinese flute Dizi.

35. Woos: COURTS.

37. Branch of Islam: SHIA.

38. One often seen in a parlor: PIANO. Our editor Rich Norris is a piano player.

39. Establish firmly: ENROOT.

40. Coll. major: ENG.

49. Soft leathers: SUEDES.

50. Convert to ready money: CASH IN.

52. Pharma offerings: MEDS.

53. Downed: ATE. And 63. Much party food: SNACKS. Guangzhou's 7-Eleven stores have wonderful snacks. I really miss those sticky rice dumplings.

54. Game with plenty of kicks: SOCCER.

57. Extremity: END.

58. Window coolers: ACS.

59. Some pvt. equity ventures: LBOS.

61. Ejection: OUSTER.

69. Not Rep. or Dem.: IND. And 45D. Strongly favoring one side: PARTISAN.

72. Termination: DEMISE.

73. Two trios: SESTET. Six.

75. Alike, in Arles: EGAL.

76. Tats: INK.

77. Letters on a tap: IPA. Beer tap.

79. Basilica display: MOSAIC.

82. Challenge to "You're wrong!": AM I

83. Horse hue: ROAN.

85. "Manic" time in a 1986 hit: MONDAY. Manic Monday.

87. Duped: FOOLED.

95. WWII carrier: LST.

96. Krishna, for Vishnu: AVATAR.

98. Events with vandalism: RIOTS.

99. Surprised greeting: OH HI.

101. Small size: PETITE. Do any of you shop at Express?

102. "Inferno" part: CANTO.

103. Wall et al.: Abbr.: STS.

106. Signs: OMENS.

108. Bento box staple: RICE. Japanese moms spend lots of time on their kids' bento box.

109. Sulk: POUT.

110. Inborn: NATAL.

117. Period: ERA.

118. Part of Xerxes I's realm, nowadays: IRAN. The king in "300". He has lots of piercings in the movie.

119. Where sailors go: TO SEA.

120. Called from a sty: OINKED.

121. "L.A. Law" actress: DEY (Susan)

122. Audition cry: NEXT.

123. Reactions to mosquitoes: SWATS. Mosquitoes here in MN are vicious.

124. Derisive looks: SNEERS.


1. Sizable: MASSY. Not a word I use.

2. Goddess of peace: IRENE.

3. Fruit served in balls: MELON.

4. Dope: INFO. Thanks for the info on your smart vacuums. I'll stick to dumb one.

5. Settings for many ghost stories: CAMPFIRES.

6. U.S. number-issuing agcy.: SSA.

7. Ronnie of the Ronettes: SPECTOR. Unfamiliar to me. The singer with the second tallest hair?

8. Actress Anouk: AIMEE.

9. Pleased: GLAD.

10. Geological period: EON.

11. Squish: STEP ON.

12. Elude: GET AROUND.

13. Convenient, as shopping: ONE-STOP. Tiny ONE dupe: 43. Tyke: WEE ONE.

14. Night before: EVE.

15. Coordinate audio and video: SYNC. My iPod Classic sometimes triggers the "Power surge on the USB port" error. Do any of you use a powered USB hub? Dell says I need one for 11-year-old iPod.

16. Asset in a crisis: COOL HEAD.

17. Names (to): APPOINTS.

18. House of Lords group: PEERAGE.

24. Frighten: DAUNT.

26. Places to buy stamps: Abbr.: POS. Post Offices.

30. Romanticized 18th-century highwayman Dick: TURPIN. Wiki says he's an "English highwayman whose exploits were romanticized following his execution in York for horse theft."

34. Dogie catcher: LASSO.

35. Middling grades: CEES.

36. Frequent auto race sponsor: STP.

38. One on foot, in signs: PED.

41. One of a Biblical 150: PSALM.

42. Offer more than: OUTBID.

44. Clinches: ICES.

47. Workout ctrs.: YMCAS.

48. Grass used on some golf greens: FESCUE. Never heard of the term.

51. Sheep tender: HERDSMAN.

55. Baskin-Robbins buy: CONE.

56. Word with stick or ball: CUE.

58. Army-forming insect: ANT.

60. Like a monkey: SIMIAN.

62. OKC-to-Tulsa dir.: ENE.

63. "Go __ Watchman": Harper Lee novel: SET A.

64. Rwanda's capital: KIGALI.

65. Pollen producer: STAMEN.

67. Title Brooklyn lawyer in an Alabama courtroom: VINNY. "My Cousin Vinny".

68. Want as a price: ASK.

70. Jazz guitarist Montgomery: WES.

71. Leave out, in speech: ELIDE.

74. Little dogs: TOYS.

77. In a hurry, maybe: IMPATIENT.

78. Appropriate for versification: POETIC.

80. Otherwise: IF NOT.

81. 18th/19th-century agricultural innovation: COTTON GIN. Eli Whitney invented it. Handpicking cotton is hard on hands.

83. Mount with carved heads: RUSHMORE.

84. Coming: ON THE WAY.

86. Ominous: DIRE.

88. Paper cut cries: OWS.

89. Full-__: purebred: BLOODED.

91. More than exhaust: OVERTAX.

93. Psychological wounds: TRAUMAS. Has any of you read Sebastian Junger's "Tribe"?

94. "__ a stinker?": Bugs Bunny: AIN'T I.

97. Manhattan Project projects: A TESTS.

100. Quaint stopover: INN.

102. Heavenly body with a tail: COMET.

103. Vampire's undoing: STAKE.

104. Slim candle: TAPER.

105. Flexible Flyers, e.g.: SLEDS.

107. PR firm's forte: SPIN.

109. Leaning Tower site: PISA. My favorite Pisa guy.

111. Common adolescent affliction: ACNE.

113. "You __ here": ARE.

115. "Golly!": WOW.

116. Refusals: NOS.


Oct 31, 2019

Thursday, October 31st 2019 David Alfred Bywaters

Theme: Tricky Treats - Five punny theme entries in keeping with tonight's scare-fest:

18A. Halloween feeling in a warren?: RABBIT FEARS. Rabbit ears. I thought these antennae had gone the way of the dodo, but recently people who are jettisoning cable TV are using digital antennae to pick up the local free-to-air stations.

24A. Halloween feeling near a water supply?: WELL DREAD. Well-read loses its hyphen for the theme entry.

39A. Halloween feeling in the office?: CLERICAL TERRORS. Clerks make clerical errors. Fire-and-brimstone-preaching priests are clerical terrors with their Sunday sermons.

54A. Halloween feeling in the yard?: LAWN SCARE. The lawns around here are scary, my neighborhood goes all-in at Hallowe'en. They're generally pretty cared-for too, so that's a two-fer for me today.

62A. Halloween feeling in the loo?: FLUSH FRIGHT. Flush right, otherwise known as right-justified, in typographic alignment terms (in case you were wondering as I was!)

Fright-night theme from David today, and he didn't scare us too badly with terrible puns (an occupational hazard as a crossword constructor!) I thought this was fun, once I tumbled to the theme it was entertaining finding the others. A quick solve for me for a Thursday, and not a lot to make me POUT. Let's find and go seek ....


1. Spot for a salt scrub: SPA ... where you will doubtless be exposed to the aroma of ...

4. Aromatic evergreen: BALSAM

10. Wind with nearly a three-octave range: OBOE. I know pretty much nothing about orchestral woodwind instruments, but it's the only four-letter one, so not a tough fill no matter how you clue it. Its cousin is the English Horn, which isn't English, and isn't a horn. Makes sense, right?

14. Fresh from the oven: HOT

15. Collection of hives: APIARY. A honey farm, if you will.

16. Sullen look: POUT

17. Track: RUT

20. Buffalo lake: ERIE

22. Like the vb. "go": IRR. Irregular. It seems like most verbs in the English language are irregular.

23. Belly laugh syllable: HAR. I don't think I belly laugh. I chuckle mostly, and I have cried laughing which mostly involves snorting when you can draw breath. I'm not sure how you spell a chuckle or a snort-laugh.

27. Valleys: DALES

31. "Take Care" Grammy winner: DRAKE.  A very melodic rapper is Drake. Here's the "Take Care" video, featuring Rihanna, from 2012. 300 million+ views on YouTube.

32. "We've waited long enough": IT'S TIME

34. Bebe's "Frasier" role: LILITH. Speaking of Grammy winners, what happened to the Lilith Fair?

38. Overlook: OMIT

44. Enjoy privileged status: RATE

45. Poise: APLOMB

46. It may get the ball rolling: INCLINE. Or the car, which is a lot less fun.

48. Trio in "To be, or not to be": IAMBS. This "Hamlet" snippet is an example of iambic trimeter, three iambs forming the line.

53. "Borstal Boy" author Brendan: BEHAN. This might be a little obscure for some; A youth member of the IRA, Behan was jailed at 16 after being arrested in possession of explosives while on a solo mission to bomb Liverpool docks. The "Borstals" were part of the system of youth detention centers in the UK. I re-read the book a few months ago after many years. The Borstal experience described seemed almost quaint compared to today.

58. Angel dust, initially: PCP. The street name for the hallucinogen phencyclidine. How do I know this? The movie "Trading Places" with Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy. Honestly, officer.

60. "You wish, laddie!": NAE!

61. Put out: EMIT

67. Summer hrs. in Denver: MDT. There's a slow-burning move to abolish Daylight Savings time here in California. Prop Seven passed in 2018 to begin the process to allow law-makers to progress the initiative.

68. Stood: ROSE

69. Paparazzo's gear: CAMERA

70. Mature: AGE. The verb form.

71. Lumberjacks' tools: AXES. Ox, Oxen. Ax (or axe!) Axes. How the heck anyone learns English as a foreign language is beyond me.

72. Gave it more gas: SPED UP

73. Finch family creator: LEE. To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper.


1. Astute: SHREWD

2. Bartender, often: POURER

3. Fifth-century conqueror: ATTILA

4. Soap unit: BAR

5. Two (of): A PAIR

6. Cuba __: LIBRE. Rum, cola and a squeeze of lime. "Free Cuba" was the slogan of the Cuban independence movement in the Spanish-American war.

7. Brand of hummus and guacamole: SABRA. There's about a billion different flavors of hummus now. When I make it, I stick to the basics - garbanzo beans (dried, not canned), garlic, lemon juice and tahini, a pinch of cumin; I serve it drizzled with some olive oil and a sprinkling of ras el hanout, a Moroccan spice blend. I love hummus, when I make it it nets out at about 3 lbs a batch. Here's some that I made on Sunday. The green dab is zhoug, a middle-eastern blend of cilantro, chili and spices.

OK, let's get back to the crossword!

8. Actor Millen of "Orphan Black": ARI. Thank you, crosses.

9. Folk story: MYTH

10. Wheeler-dealer: OPERATOR

11. Feathery neckwear: BOA

12. CSNY's "__ House": OUR. Cute song written by Graham Nash while he was living with Joni Mitchell and later recorded by the band.

13. Many "Guardians of the Galaxy" characters: E.T.'S. I have to confess I have no idea how to punctuate plurals of acronyms which include periods. That's my best shot above.

19. Latest things: FADS

21. Rockies bugler: ELK. I didn't know that elk bugled, a learning moment for me today. The elk mating call is termed a "bugle". Who knew? Not me.

25. Sandwich source: DELI

26. "Same here": DITTO

28. Vehicle with a partition: LIMO

29. Mideast potentate: EMIR

30. Slowly sinks from the sky: SETS. When I visited Malawi in Africa, which is very close to the equator, the sun seemed to set in about five minutes flat.

33. Those folks: THEM

35. Confident words: I CAN

36. Suit part sometimes grabbed: LAPEL. I think you have to grab them both at the same time, right?

37. Unhealthy: ILL

39. Nursery piece: CRIB

40. Narrow way: LANE. We visited the famous lane in Liverpool a couple of years ago. Every road in England is narrow, even the new ones. Driving is a heck of a lot of fun when you have to choose between sideswiping the oncoming tour bus or scraping the wall (or the pedestrians!)

41. Engrave: ETCH

42. Backslides: RELAPSES

43. Hitting stat: RBI'S. Runs Batted In, now a word in itself, not necessarily an abbreviation.

47. Advance slowly: INCH

49. Big club: ACE. Handy when playing 51D.

50. Koala, for example: MAMMAL

51. Game based on whist: BRIDGE

52. Living room piece: SETTEE. Originally, the settee, couch and sofa where quite distinct items of furniture, but nowadays they've all come to mean the same thing. It used to be an indication of social class back in the UK (less so today) which word you used.

55. Japanese art genre: ANIME

56. Carried on: WAGED

57. Big name in Indian politics: NEHRU. The first Prime Minister of India following independence from the British in 1947.

59. Some GIs: PFC'S

62. Monk's address: FRA. "Fra" is sometimes thought to be an abbreviation - it's not - it's derived from the Italian for "brother". The monk and painter of the early renaissance, Fra Angelico, translates as "the angelic brother". Like any Italian renaissance artist worth his salt, he painted on the walls of the Vatican. It must have been difficult to find elbow room in there.

63. Cured salmon: LOX

64. Employ: USE

65. 31-Across genre: RAP

66. Covert information source: TAP. With fewer and fewer landlines, the wire tap is going virtual, eavesdropping on cellphone conversations and hacking into IP networks.

And with that, I'm tapping out! Stay safe this Hallowe'en, and be careful if you're driving after dusk, the kids don't stop to think when they run across the road to the next "Trick or Treat" target house.


Oct 25, 2019

Friday, October 25, 2019 David Alfred Bywaters

"Jack and the Beanstalk"

17. Bingeing on chicken pieces?: WING FEEDING.   - Wing Ding

26. Roman naturalist's baseball-playing namesake?: PLINY THE FIELDER.  - Pliny the Elder
43. Prize coveted by competitive trees?: BEST OF THE FOREST.  - Best of the rest

57. Sports Officialdom Illustrated cover image?: PHOTO OF UMPS.  - Photo ops

 "Ari, get the press ready for photo ops in the White House lawn.  I'll be pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey."   And then this happened:

37. Source of the fairy-tale sequence that creates four long puzzle puns: GIANT.


1. Bewildered: DAZED. and confused. - Led Zeppelin.

6. Public row: SCENE.

11. Friend: PAL.

14. Missouri tribe: OSAGE.

15. Lake that ultimately feeds 8-Down: HURON.    And... 8(D):  Lake ultimately fed by 15-Across: ERIE.

16. "__ we good?": ARE.

19. Meadow: LEA.

20. Vote against: NAY.

21. Employee's request: RAISE.

22. Tale of Achilles and Agamemnon: ILIAD.

24. Tasting room container: CASK.

25. Soon, to a bard: ANON. This was the prevalent definition way back when.
In the age of internutland, it's the abbreviation for a poster that writes under the cloak of anonymity.

33. Climbing and passing places: LANEs.  For any flatlanders:  "Large vehicles can present problems for other traffic on hilly terrain and may lead to risky passing behavior with limited sight distances. Climbing lanes provide additional capacity on uphill grades to allow faster traffic to pass slower traffic without the increased risk of making the passing maneuver in the opposing traffic lane."  US DOT 

34. Preserves, in a way: CANs.

35. "Hooray!": RAH.

36. Inch, e.g.: UNIT.

39. Interlaced: WOVE.

40. Executive gp.: MGT.

41. Chart entries: HITs.

42. Tailed orbiter: COMET.

47. Negotiate a green: PUTT.  One thousand one,  one thousand two,  one thousand three...
Never a doubt !

48. Echelon: RANK.  Yeoman is not a rank.

49. Airport conveyors, or what are sometimes placed on them: BELTs.

51. Wispy clouds: CIRRI.  

53. Spanish she-bear: OSA.

56. __ Today: USA.

60. Apple product: MAC.

61. Superficial: OUTER.

62. Boredom: ENNUI.
 63. Take to court: SUE.

64. Is crowded (with): TEEMs.

65. Falls from the sky: RAINs.


1. Low: DOWN.  Glum.  Melancholy.

2. Nearly 9% of Earth's surface area: ASIA.

3. Half-baked: ZANY.

4. Chicken producer: EGG.

5. Pays a share of: DEFRAYs.  Paul Coulter used defray in last Tuesday's puzzle.

6. Arab leader: SHEIKH.

7. Subjects of bovine mastication: CUDs.

9. Denial from Denis: NON.

10. Auto mechanic's concerns: ENGINEs.

11. Pop or tot, e.g.: PALINDROME.  Evil olive. 

12. Bailiwick: AREA.

13. Heavy metal: LEAD.   Listen to the band cited at 1A for an example.   Rolling Stone's ranking of the 40 Greatest Led Zeppelin Songs

18. Right on the map: EAST.

23. Web prefix with cat: LOL.

24. Tech review website: CNET.

25. "__ Nobody's Business": blues standard: AIN'T.    Always liked the clue "Is not wrong."

26. Assess the depth of: PLUMB.   This word was also in last Tuesday's puzzle. 

27. "Blue Sky" Oscar winner: LANGE.   Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Lange starred.

28. Where everything should be: IN ITS PLACE.

29. Online money: ECASH.

30. Ventilation source: FAN.

31. Roof edges: EAVES.

32. "I can't go all my life waiting to catch you between husbands" speaker: RHETT.   "Where shall I go?  What shall I do?"    "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

37. Donation: GIFT.

38. Big comm. company, once: ITT.     ITT_Inc.

39. __ load: WORK.  

41. Trendy nightclub: HOTSPOT.   The best hotspots in '80s Houston were in the Galleria area of the West 610 loop.    Gilley's wasn't bad, but it was a long drive from the NW side.

42. Pine, e.g.: CONIFER.

44. Son of Akhenaten: TUT.    By an undetermined wife.   His stepmother was Queen Nefertiti.   Nefertiti and Akhenaten had a daughter that Tut married.  So he married his stepsister and his stepmother was his mother in law. - Summarized from a NatGeo reading.

45. Box score statistic: ERRORS.  2 by the Nats and 1 by the Stros in this game:

46. Gambling game involving matching cards: FARO.

49. Borrows without returning: BUMS

50. Jacob's brother: ESAU.

51. Dove home: COTE.

Sheep and pigeons also live in cotes.

52. List part: ITEM.

53. Hyatt competitor: OMNI.

54. Like a web: SPUN.

55. Sale warning: AS IS.

58. Tint: HUE.

59. Duessa's foe in Spenser's "The Faerie Queene": UNA.   The Faerie Queene - Characters

Check you entries against this grid:

Notes from C.C.:
Look who are here: Lemonade,  his wife Oo and Jeffrey Wechsler. Lemonade said "We had a very nice long visit, the only benefit of a long layover on our way home from visiting Oo’s mother and son".