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Apr 6, 2020

Monday April 6, 2020 Norfleet Pruden

Theme: BROADWAY (52. Where the answers to 20-, 24-, 36- and 46-Across have appeared in lights) - Places that are also Broadway plays.

20. Where Will Rogers was born: OKLAHOMA.

24. Where Bulls and Bears are cheered: CHICAGO.

36. Where the Beverly Hills Hotel is located: SUNSET BOULEVARD.

Boomer here.  

24A. did not mention the White Sox or Cubs. I told C.C. today that I really did not mind being stuck in the basement with the TV. However, I wish there was a Twins game or a golf tournament to watch.  I am stuck with reruns. But I am proud of my state's governor because his early action regarding closing of non-essential business (Bowling centers not essential???) seems to have people in their homes and the Covid-19 has not devastated our population as seriously as other parts of the US.  And of course I realize that this Crossword Corner has visitors from all over our country and I hope all of you are safe and we can get by this pandemic.


1. Worshipped one: IDOL.  My vote is for Buddy Holly.

5. Outer garments for Batman and Superman: CAPES.  Don't tug on Superman's CAPE, don't spit into the wind, and Don't mess around with Jim Croce.

10. Kite stabilizer: TAIL.  Brings back old times.  My Mom used to say "Go fly a Kite", and I did.

14. Congregation area: NAVE.  Not any Congregations here in the places of worship.  First time that I can remember Easter being "Stay at home". 

15. Popeye's main squeeze __ Oyl: OLIVE.  "I'm strong to the finish 'cuz I eat my spinach."

16. Meat safety agcy.: USDA.

17. Boring party, say: DRAG.  How about a quarter mile race??

18. Light measure: LUMEN.  Graybar sold GE Lamps by the watt, not by the LUMEN.

19. D.C. MLB team: NATS.  Short for Nationals. Our Twins used to be called Senators when they played in Washington D.C.

22. King with a golden touch: MIDAS.  I used them once for brakes and it was not a great experience.

23. Ripped: TORN.

26. Parisian parting: ADIEU.  "I'll hang my heart on the weeping willow tree, and may the world go well with thee."

29. Capital of Greece: ATHENS.  Capital of grease - Kentucky Fried Chicken.

31. Goes down to defeat: LOSES.

32. Reddish-brown horse: ROAN. ROANs will be running in Louisville in September this year. Maybe.

33. Color variant: HUE.

40. Decide (to): OPT.

41. Sabrina portrayer Melissa Joan __: HART. "Sabrina the Teenage Witch".

42. Noncom nickname: SARGE.  Beetle's boss SARGE Snorkel.

43. Quagmire: MORASS.  I'll leave this one alone.

45. Bygone: OLDEN.  Mets Pitcher - an Olden but a Gooden.

46. Where Arthur ruled the court: CAMELOT.  It's where you park your camel when you are going shopping at the mall.

49. Against: ANTI.

51. Make one's case: PLEAD.  I PLEAD NOT Guilty.

56. What no centipede has exactly 100 of, oddly: LEGS. I never counted a centipede.

57. Roles on 52-Across: PARTS.  I was Noye in a play by Benjamin Britten.  I built a boat and sailed it in a fludde.  Best part about it was it was in an all girls school so all the animals in the cast were girls. God was from De La Salle.

59. First-rate: A ONE.  "A One and A two"  Lawrence Welk.

60. Eurasian border river: URAL.

61. Erupt, as tempers: FLARE.  This is what I miss a lot, when Ron Gardenhire (Now in Detroit) comes out of the dugout to visit with an umpire.

62. Skipjack or yellowfin: TUNA.  I've only heard of StarKist.

63. PlayStation maker: SONY.

64. Formally gave up: CEDED.

65. __ out a living: barely manages: EKES.  Many people are in this predicament.  I hope the stimulus helps my fellow Americans.


1. Prefix with Chinese: INDO.  C.C.'s friends in China are mostly Outdoor.

2. __ horse: long shot: DARK.  "DARK STAR" was a thoroughbred that won the 1953 Kentucky Derby.  I had a friend who called himself Dark Star and he was a handicapper at our own Canterbury Downs track.  I never knew his real name but he was a customer at my baseball card store and a great friend.  He had a membership at our Interlachen (home of a Solheim Cup) and also at Riviera in California.  RIP Dark Star.

3. Shaped like the president's office: OVAL.  Also the track at Indy.  Not sure if the 500 is still scheduled for Memorial Day this year.

4. Inheritors: LEGATEES.

5. Red, white or blue: COLOR.

6. Wellesley grad: ALUMNA.  I get it.  You need to be female to be an ALUMNA.

7. Fine cotton: PIMA.

8. Mother of Cain and Abel: EVE.  I have heard of them but no one has ever told me what year they lived.  My faith tells me that if EVE never took a bite out of that apple, we would not be dealing with the coronavirus this year.

9. Capitol Hill VIP: SEN.  Our Senator Amy Klobuchar (Last four pronounced "SHAR") has a husband who contracted Covid-19.  He has recovered and is taking it easy at home.

10. Forum garments: TUNICS.  Similar to some religious vestments.  Not being used too much recently.

11. Carne __: taco filling: ASADA.

12. Luggage label: ID TAG.  We have tags that slip into holder on the outside of our luggage.  Not sure if we'll be flying too much any more.  MSP is a Delta parking lot.

13. Rodeo rope: LASSO.

21. Social unit sharing the same dwelling: HOUSEHOLD.  Sounds more like holding down a house, which we are doing to comply with our governor's direction.

22. State nicknamed the "Land of 10,000 Lakes": MINNESOTA.  Shame on anyone who did not get this on the first try.  Actually it's a lie - we have over 15,000 lakes, but who's counting.

24. __ En-lai: CHOU.

25. Recover from injury: HEAL.  Go away virus.!!

26. In addition: ALSO.

27. Make spiffy: DO UP.

28. Stevie Wonder's "__ She Lovely": ISN'T.  "Life and Love are the same."

30. Harness race paces: TROTS.  "Not a wholesome trotting race, NO, but a race where they set down right on a horse!!  Like to see some stuck up jockey boy sittin' on Dan Patch?  Makes your blood boil what I should say.  Professor Harold Hill in "The Music Man".

33. Difficult: HARD.  We used to have an AWA pro wrestler named Hard Boiled Haggerty.

34. Strong desire: URGE.

35. 8-Down's first home: EDEN.  Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant's home is in EDEN Prairie MN.

37. Tropical root vegetable: TARO.  I think if you add a "T" you have fortune telling cards.

38. Babysitter's bane: BRAT.  My son's name is BRET.  I used to tell friends that I named him right, but I spelled it wrong.

39. Bear out, as feelings: VALIDATE.  My handicapped parking permit has been validated.  I have a temp right now but I am supposed to get the official rear view mirror hanger by June.  Not holding my breath, our DMV is at minimum duty.

43. Pitifully small: MEASLY. So many folks with MEASLY unemployment insurance.  I hope the stimulus helps them out.

44. Existentialist Jean-Paul: SARTRE.

46. Not quite a B: C PLUS.  Oh yeah!  I am familiar with that grade.

47. Last Olds model: ALERO.  I used to love Oldsmobiles in my younger years.  I owned a 1957 - 98 and a 1961 - 88 with a 394 engine.  Yes, I got a few tickets.

48. Mullally of "Will & Grace": MEGAN.

50. Snooped (around): NOSED.  Reminds me of Pete Nokio in the GEICO commercials.

52. Slim nail: BRAD.  Remember Seinfeld's Elaine's Mr. Pitt ?  Well this Mister BRAD Pitt is no longer married to Angelina or Jennifer.

53. "The Caine Mutiny" author Herman: WOUK.

54. Diarist Frank: ANNE.

55. Affirmative votes: YEAS.  The Senate approved the Stimulus 96-0.  That vote tally is unheard of in this day and age.

57. Rank below cpl.: PFC.  I was there once.  I ended up a Specialist 5.  Not bad for an Army rookie.

58. Lager alternative: ALE.  I like the Ginger kind.


Mar 27, 2019

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 Norfleet Pruden

Theme: On your Marx, get set  .  .  .  Three long answers are common, in-the-language phrases doubling as movie titles.  These movies star a band of brothers.

20 A. Shenanigans: MONKEY BUSINESS.  Mischievous or deceitful behavior.  Also, a 1952 movie staring Carey Grant, Marilyn Monroe and Ginger Rogers.

But more to the point, this 1931 movie featuring the aforementioned siblings.

In either case, you can find the entire movie on Youtube.

37 A. "Nonsense!": HORSE FEATHERS.  An expression of disagreement, disbelief or frustration. Also, another epic on the silver screen, this time from 1932.

53 A. Nabisco product whose package formerly displayed circus cages: ANIMAL CRACKERS.  Small cookies in the shapes of zoo and circus animals, available since 1902.

And, sure enough, yet another movie title, from 1930.

66 A. Surname of the stars of 20-, 37- and 53-Across: MARX.  Groucho [Julius,] Harpo [Arthur,] Zeppo [Herbert] and Chico [Leonard.]  A fifth brother. Gummo [Milton,] never appeared in any of their movies.  [Wikipedia]


1. Sow chow: SLOP.  Unspecified liquid or semi-liquid kitchen scraps as an alternative to Purina Swine Chow.

5. Sport with clay disks: SKEET.  The disks are propelled in the air as shooting targets.

10. "House Hunters" channel: HGTV.

14. Kind of curriculum: CORE.  A set of common courses required of all students, irrespective of their major.

15. Mural prefix: INTRA-.  Literally "within the walls," referring to sport or other competitions among students of a single institution.

16. Nécessité for a soufflé: OEUF.  French eggs.

17. Food thickener: AGAR. A gelatinous material extracted from red seaweed.

18. Anti-wrinkle option: BOTOX.  A drug prepared from botulism toxin used to treat certain muscular conditions, and to remove facial wrinkles.

19. Hearty bowlful: STEW.  A meal of meat and vegetables cooked together in broth.

23. Wrinkly little dog: PUG.  A small breed with a deeply wrinkled face.  Any irony with 18 A?

24. Gore and Green: ALS.  AL Gore is a Viet Nam war veteran, former Representative in Congress, Senator, Vice President and presidential candidate.  AL Green is a singer and ordained minister who has led a complicated and eventful life.

25. Defunct supermarket chain that once had nearly 16,000 stores: A AND P.  Originally the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company.  they went out of business in 2015, after 156 years.

27. Lines on a list: ITEMS.

29. Thick slice: SLAB. As bacon, concrete or marble.

32. Break bread: EAT.  Together with other people.  Evidently, the referent is the Last Supper.

33. Adds bubbles to: AERATES.

36. Tropicana Field MLB team: RAYS.  Last year they won 90 games and finished 3rd in the powerful AL East division, behind the Red Sox and Yankees.

40. Cry under a pop fly: MINE.  So that other fielders will back off and avoid a collision.  Except for a weird 2 games series that the Mariners swept from the A's in Japan last week, the regular season starts for the rest of MLB tomorrow.  The Tigers open at Toronto, 3:37 pm local time.

41. Shiraz resident: IRANIAN.   Shiraz is the 5th most populous city in Iran.  It has been a population center since at least 2000 B.C.  This week, torrential rains have lead to devastating flooding and several fatalities.

42. Find a job for: USE.

43. Organic compound: ENOL. More common in crosswords than in chemistry labs, probably.

44. Freeways and parkways: ROADS.  Thoroughfares.

48. Store in a queue for printing: SPOOL.

50. Like some pkgs.: PPD. Post Paid or Pre Paid.  [???]

52. India-born author Santha Rama __: RAU. [1923-2009]  Author of several books.

58. Soon, long ago: ANON. It can be traced back to the 11th century, meaning "in one" indicating "right away."

59. Baby's ailment: COLIC.  Frequent extended episodes of crying in small infants, with no identifiable cause.

60. Oodles: LOTS.  Non-specific large quantity,

61. URL connection: LINK.  Direction to an internet site, not to be confused with a sausage unit.

62. Tiny amount: TRACE.  Non-specific small quantity.

63. Beekeeper played by Peter Fonda: ULEE.

64. Deck quartet: ACES.  A deck of cards has four cards of equal rank, in each of four suits.

65. Underground home of the Ninja Turtles: SEWER.  Never watched them


1. Shrimp dish: SCAMPI.  Large shrimp sautéed in garlic and butter.

2. Leave a chat room, say: LOG OUT.  Or LOG OFF.  Need perps.

3. Grand Marnier flavor: ORANGE.  A blend of Cognac, essence of bitter orange and sugar.

4. Central __: "Friends" coffee house: PERK.

5. Female oracle: SIBYL. A so-named single prophetess in the 4th and 5th centuries B.C. located somewhere in Anatolia.  After that time SIBYL became a title and there were several found in various locations.

6. Drawer handles: KNOBS.  Suitable for pulling.

7. Words to a traitor: ET TU.  From when Caesar was sectioned.

8. Love god: EROS.  From Greek mythology, the son of Aphrodite, not to be confused with the too-cutesy, cherubic renaissance representations of his Roman counterpart, Cupid.

9. Roll to the runway: TAXI.  The motion of an airplane while on the ground.

10. Biblical prophet: HOSEA.  From the 8th century B.C.  He was often viewed as a prophet of doom.  Hence the expression: "No waya, Hosea!" But his messages often contained a promise of restoration.

11. Comes close to: GETS  NEAR.  Approaches

12. When general U.S. elections are held: TUESDAYS.  In November.

13. Ex-GIs' gp.: VFWVeterans of Foreign Wars.

21. Makes less difficult: EASES.  Alleviates, mitigates, assuages.

22. Catch red-handed: NAB.  This expression goes back to 15th century Scottish law, referring to catching a murderer in the act.

26. Qt. halves: PTS.  Mind your P[int]s and Q[uart]s.

28. Stable mother: MARE.  Horse mom.  Mental and emotional condition may vary.

29. Base runner's ploy: STEAL.  In baseball, attempting to advance a base while the ball is being pitched.  A risky maneuver that can be rewarding.

30. Like tough economic times: LEAN.  Indicating that there is little opportunity to improve the situation by trimming.

31. Wine province near Turin: ASTI.  Purveyor of bubbly spirits.

34. Free __: carte blanche: REIN.  Unfettered freedom of action or expression.  Kind of like what I have here.

35. Jackson 5 hairdo: AFRO.

36. City that aptly rhymes with "casino": RENO.  Casino city.

37. From Latin America: HISPANIC. Relating to country of origin in Spanish-speaking Central, or South America and the Caribbean, regardless of ethnicity.

38. Like a typical therapy session: ONE ON ONE.  A meeting or encounter between two individuals.

39. Capital of Canada?: HARD C.  If you can't say anything nice  .  . .

40. Juilliard subj.: MUS.  The Julliard School is located in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in Manhattan.  In addition to MUSic, it also offers degree programs in theater and dance.

43. Shade tree: ELM.

45. Colorful ring: AREOLA.  A small, circular colored area.  I'll leave google image searching to the curious.

46. Quick mover: DARTER.

47. English Channel county: SUSSEX.  On the eastern part of the southern coast, along the English Channel, due south from London.

49. Sty chorus: OINKS.  The singing of swine.

50. Haggling focus: PRICE.  Negotiating a deal.

51. Indiana NBA player: PACER.  At 45-29, they are currently third in the Eastern Conference, behind the Raptors and 76ers.

54. Show parts: ACTS.  Acts are further divided into scenes.

55. Handed-down stories: LORE.  Historical knowledge, traditions and stories, generally passed from person to person by word of mouth.

56. Crab's grabber: CLAW.

57. "America's Got Talent" judge Heidi: KLUM.

58. Miss. neighbor: ALAbama.  A southern state located mostly between Georgia and Mississippi.  From my observation, it's mostly forest.

Thus endeth another Wednesday.  Having left my Marx, I will now bid you adieu.

Cool regards!

Aug 1, 2012

Wednesday, August 1 2012, Norfleet Pruden

theme: that's gross!

17A. One in a dozen difficult jobs : LABOR OF HERCULES. greek mythology. hercules performed twelve labors given to him by king eurystheus.

32A. One in a dozen old family lines : TRIBE OF ISRAEL. old testament. jacob had twelve sons, from whom descended the twelve tribes of israel.

52A. One in a dozen constellations : SIGN OF THE ZODIAC. wikipedia says in both astrology and historical astronomy, the zodiac is a circle of twelve divisions of celestial longitude that are centered upon the elliptic: the apparent path of the sun across the celestial sphere over the course of a year.

melissa here.

very straightforward theme, but i had to stare at the theme answers for a while to figure it out. the zodiac gave it away. i know very little about mythology, and had no idea about labor of hercules.

twelve dozen is a gross, and twelve gross are called a great gross.

a dozen, a gross, and a score,
plus three times the square root of four,
divided by seven,
plus five times eleven,
equals nine squared plus zero, no more.


1. Use as an ingredient : ADD IN

6. Coordinating pillowcase : SHAM.

10. Big fishhook : GAFF

14. "__ evil ..." : SEE NO

15. Something in the air : AURA. i like this clue.

16. Fisherman's gadget : LURE

20. Command from le général : ORDRE. french for order.

21. If nothing else : AT LEAST

22. Strait of Gibraltar port : TANGIER. pretty.

24. Antiseptic element : IODINE

25. "As Husbands Go" novelist Susan : ISAACS

26. Without : SANS. merriam webster says: Middle English saun, sans, from Anglo-French san, sanz, modification of Latin sine without.

28. Mountain goat's perch : TOR. wikipedia: A tor is a large, free-standing residual mass (rock outcrop) that rises abruptly from the surrounding smooth and gentle slopes of a rounded hill summit or ridge crest. like this.

29. V __ Victor : AS IN

30. Mischievous sprites : PIXIES

37. Wrongly desires : COVETS

38. Fed. crash investigator : NTSB. national transportation safety board.

40. Commotion : ADO

43. "Nothing's stopping us" : LET'S. i suppose.

44. Change the expiration of, as milk : REDATE. re-dating …. never a good idea. let's not.

46. Fishy fellows? : MERMEN. just seems wrong.

48. Event after morning twilight : SUNRISE

49. Find after digging : UNEARTH

51. __ pool : TIDAL

56. Cupid's counterpart : EROS

57. The Miners of Conf. USA : UTEP. university of texas at el paso.

58. Shakespearean barmaid : WENCH

59. No longer in the oven : DONE. by that definition, i guess these are done.

60. Some hosp. staffers : LPN'S. licensed practical nurse.

61. Seamless transition : SEGUE


1. Subj. taught in silence : ASL. american sign language.

2. Justice Dept. division : DEA. drug enforcement administration.

3. Sophisticatedly charming : DEBONAIR

4. Like ammonia, chemically : INORGANIC

5. Alternative to Alpine, in skiing : NORDIC

6. Not as dangerous : SAFER

7. "What'd you say?" : HUH?

8. Cordoned-off space : AREA. seems a little weak.

9. Bond's were shaken : MARTINIS. the apostrophe gave it away.

10. Bonded, in a way : GLUED

11. Café specification : AU LAIT. coffee with milk.

12. California's largest inland city : FRESNO. didn't know this trivia.

13. Rankle, as resentment : FESTER.

18. Metal-yielding rocks : ORES

19. The Yankees' Mariano Rivera, e.g. : CLOSER

22. Niña's aunt : TIA. spanish.

23. Mgr.'s helper : ASST. assistant.

26. Puts through a strainer : SIFTS

27. Center of rotation : AXIS

30. One who "can survive everything but a misprint": Wilde : POET. oscar.

31. "A Summer Place" actress : SANDRA DEE

33. Ravel classic : BOLERO

34. Momentous : EVENTFUL

35. Online stores, collectively : E-TAILING. wanted e-tailers.

36. WWII carriers : LST'S. wikipedia: the military designation for naval vessels created during World War II to support amphibious operations by carrying significant quantities of vehicles, cargo, and landing troops directly onto an unimproved shore.

39. Comb user : BEE. honeycomb.

40. Pleasantly diverted : AMUSED

41. Young Vito Corleone portrayer in "The Godfather Part II" : DE NIRO

42. End of an old trail : OREGON. the oregon trail ran from independence, missouri to oregon city, oregon.

44. Phillies catcher Carlos : RUIZ

45. Provides funding for : ENDOWS

47. Pastor's place : MANSE. residence of a minister.

48. Instruction manual segments : STEPS

50. URL leader : HTTP. hypertext transfer protocol.

53. Feathery layer : HEN. great clue.

54. Start to puncture? : ACU. acupuncture.

55. Cohort of Fidel : CHE. castro and guevera.

Answer grid.


From C.C.:

Please click here about about the 2nd National Brain Game Challenge to be held on Sept 30, 2012. It's a part of "a collaborative effort by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and Merl Reagle to boost awareness of lifestyle choices that promote brain health, as well as raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. (Merl’s mother in law had Alzheimer’s disease)".

Aug 24, 2009

Monday 24, 2009 Norfleet Pruden

Theme: Scope of a Thorough Search





Argyle here.

Four theme entries is unusual for a Monday puzzle. The first three consist of words that are opposite each other. The last one is not.

That said, let's see how many more we can come up with. I'm sure most of us will have extra time on our hands after breezing through this weak start to the week.


1A: Dogie-catching tool : ROPE.

5A: Looking like you've seen a ghost: ASHEN.

10A: Poi base: TARO.

14A: "Iliad" or "Odyssey: EPIC.

15A: Not a soul: NO ONE.

16A: Greek war god: ARES. Thor in Norse myth.

19A: Rod's companion: REEL.

20A: Sweater wool: ANGORA.

21A: Mythical city of gold: EL DORADO. What they drive in EL DORADO and who might drive them while ELO plays on the radio.

23A: Ottoman governor: BEY. Under the Ottoman Empire a BEY was the governor of a province. Other Turkish titles are AGA & PASHA.

24A: Nightmare street of movies: ELM. And MAIN (54D: Common street name).

26A: One having a little lamb: EWE.

33A: Planetary shadow: UMBRA. Still in the dark?

36A: Thinks (over) carefully: MULLS.

37A: Partner of a tournament "am": PRO. Pro-Am golf tournaments are usually a lot of fun and raise money for charities. The AMatures will pay a lot to play with a PROfessional.

38A: Chat: TALK.

39A: Roman senators' attire: TOGAS.

40A: Immense: HUGE.

41A: Previously: AGO.

42A: Pine product: RESIN.

43A: Headquartered: BASED.

47A: Walking on __: elated: AIR.

48A: Doo-wop horn: SAX.

49A: Play segment: ACT.

52A: Gloria Steinem, notably: FEMINIST. Yesterday's CATT ("Friend of Anthony") too.

57A: Home beverage counter with a sink: WET BAR.

59A: One with burning pants?: LIAR. Liar Liar Pants on Fire! is an expression of unknown meaning but well-established origins. In its most complete version, it is rendered “Liar, liar, pants on fire/ Hangin’ on a telephone wire!” It is most commonly associated with accusations of dishonesty

62A: Very dry: ARID.

63A: Up in arms: IRATE.

64A: Bad day for Caesar: IDES.

65A: Lottery-like game: KENO.

66A: Dressed like a superhero: CAPED.

67A: Keeps after taxes: NETS.


1D: Post-op treatment: REHAB.

2D: Offer one's view: OPINE.

3D: Word with bank or back: PIGGY.

4D: Canyon phenomenon: ECHO. Also a lovely Greek nymph who pined away for Narcissus.

5D: Historical records: ANNALS.

6D: Instant lawn: SOD.

7D: Digger's creation: HOLE.

8D: Carbon compound: ENOL.

9D: Renegotiated contracts: NEW DEALS.

10D: Paved: TARRED.

11D: Vicinity: AREA.

12D: Physician Walter for whom an Army hospital is named: REED. Dr. Walter Reed (1851-1902), Conqueror of the Yellow Fever.

13D: Norway's capital: OSLO. Previously Christiania.

18D: Venue for games: ARENA.

22D: Has title to: OWNS.

25D: Champagne and orange juice cocktail: MIMOSA.

27D: Bug: IRK.

28D: Made trenches: DUG IN.

29D: Spiral-horned antelopes: ELANDS.

30D: Numbered work: OPUS. Plural can be OPUSES or OPERA.

31D: Encourage: URGE.

32D: __ the line: obeyed: TOED.

33D: Brigham City's state: UTAH. Home of the Jazz.

34D: Wise men: MAGI. Singular is magus.

35D: Stain: BLOT.

39D: Fabulous: TERRIFIC.

40D: Solo played by Harrison: HAN. Also the name of a Chinese dynasty.

42D: Jockey strap: REIN.

43D: Put in cartons: BOXED.

45D: Arrangement of locks: HAIRDO.

46D: Acted sleepy: YAWNED.

49D: Put up with: ABIDE.

50D: West Point undergrad: CADET.

51D: Rapunzel feature: TRESS.

52D: Anti-aircraft fire: FLAK.

53D: Emerald Isle: EIRE. Sometimes it's ERIN.

55D: "Nobody doesn't like __ Lee": SARA.

56D: Mouth, in slang: TRAP.

58D: Duplicate: TWIN.

61D: Had lunch: ATE.

Answer grid.

Picture of the Day: Here is great photo of our fellow solvers T Frank and his lovely wife Jean. They are going to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this coming weekend. The invitation to the reception contains this photo taken at a NROTC Ball held in the armory at Brown University. It was taken shortly before they were married. Jean was a senior at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she majored in fashion and design.