Apr 6, 2020

Monday April 6, 2020 Norfleet Pruden

Theme: BROADWAY (52. Where the answers to 20-, 24-, 36- and 46-Across have appeared in lights) - Places that are also Broadway plays.

20. Where Will Rogers was born: OKLAHOMA.

24. Where Bulls and Bears are cheered: CHICAGO.

36. Where the Beverly Hills Hotel is located: SUNSET BOULEVARD.

Boomer here.  

24A. did not mention the White Sox or Cubs. I told C.C. today that I really did not mind being stuck in the basement with the TV. However, I wish there was a Twins game or a golf tournament to watch.  I am stuck with reruns. But I am proud of my state's governor because his early action regarding closing of non-essential business (Bowling centers not essential???) seems to have people in their homes and the Covid-19 has not devastated our population as seriously as other parts of the US.  And of course I realize that this Crossword Corner has visitors from all over our country and I hope all of you are safe and we can get by this pandemic.


1. Worshipped one: IDOL.  My vote is for Buddy Holly.

5. Outer garments for Batman and Superman: CAPES.  Don't tug on Superman's CAPE, don't spit into the wind, and Don't mess around with Jim Croce.

10. Kite stabilizer: TAIL.  Brings back old times.  My Mom used to say "Go fly a Kite", and I did.

14. Congregation area: NAVE.  Not any Congregations here in the places of worship.  First time that I can remember Easter being "Stay at home". 

15. Popeye's main squeeze __ Oyl: OLIVE.  "I'm strong to the finish 'cuz I eat my spinach."

16. Meat safety agcy.: USDA.

17. Boring party, say: DRAG.  How about a quarter mile race??

18. Light measure: LUMEN.  Graybar sold GE Lamps by the watt, not by the LUMEN.

19. D.C. MLB team: NATS.  Short for Nationals. Our Twins used to be called Senators when they played in Washington D.C.

22. King with a golden touch: MIDAS.  I used them once for brakes and it was not a great experience.

23. Ripped: TORN.

26. Parisian parting: ADIEU.  "I'll hang my heart on the weeping willow tree, and may the world go well with thee."

29. Capital of Greece: ATHENS.  Capital of grease - Kentucky Fried Chicken.

31. Goes down to defeat: LOSES.

32. Reddish-brown horse: ROAN. ROANs will be running in Louisville in September this year. Maybe.

33. Color variant: HUE.

40. Decide (to): OPT.

41. Sabrina portrayer Melissa Joan __: HART. "Sabrina the Teenage Witch".

42. Noncom nickname: SARGE.  Beetle's boss SARGE Snorkel.

43. Quagmire: MORASS.  I'll leave this one alone.

45. Bygone: OLDEN.  Mets Pitcher - an Olden but a Gooden.

46. Where Arthur ruled the court: CAMELOT.  It's where you park your camel when you are going shopping at the mall.

49. Against: ANTI.

51. Make one's case: PLEAD.  I PLEAD NOT Guilty.

56. What no centipede has exactly 100 of, oddly: LEGS. I never counted a centipede.

57. Roles on 52-Across: PARTS.  I was Noye in a play by Benjamin Britten.  I built a boat and sailed it in a fludde.  Best part about it was it was in an all girls school so all the animals in the cast were girls. God was from De La Salle.

59. First-rate: A ONE.  "A One and A two"  Lawrence Welk.

60. Eurasian border river: URAL.

61. Erupt, as tempers: FLARE.  This is what I miss a lot, when Ron Gardenhire (Now in Detroit) comes out of the dugout to visit with an umpire.

62. Skipjack or yellowfin: TUNA.  I've only heard of StarKist.

63. PlayStation maker: SONY.

64. Formally gave up: CEDED.

65. __ out a living: barely manages: EKES.  Many people are in this predicament.  I hope the stimulus helps my fellow Americans.


1. Prefix with Chinese: INDO.  C.C.'s friends in China are mostly Outdoor.

2. __ horse: long shot: DARK.  "DARK STAR" was a thoroughbred that won the 1953 Kentucky Derby.  I had a friend who called himself Dark Star and he was a handicapper at our own Canterbury Downs track.  I never knew his real name but he was a customer at my baseball card store and a great friend.  He had a membership at our Interlachen (home of a Solheim Cup) and also at Riviera in California.  RIP Dark Star.

3. Shaped like the president's office: OVAL.  Also the track at Indy.  Not sure if the 500 is still scheduled for Memorial Day this year.

4. Inheritors: LEGATEES.

5. Red, white or blue: COLOR.

6. Wellesley grad: ALUMNA.  I get it.  You need to be female to be an ALUMNA.

7. Fine cotton: PIMA.

8. Mother of Cain and Abel: EVE.  I have heard of them but no one has ever told me what year they lived.  My faith tells me that if EVE never took a bite out of that apple, we would not be dealing with the coronavirus this year.

9. Capitol Hill VIP: SEN.  Our Senator Amy Klobuchar (Last four pronounced "SHAR") has a husband who contracted Covid-19.  He has recovered and is taking it easy at home.

10. Forum garments: TUNICS.  Similar to some religious vestments.  Not being used too much recently.

11. Carne __: taco filling: ASADA.

12. Luggage label: ID TAG.  We have tags that slip into holder on the outside of our luggage.  Not sure if we'll be flying too much any more.  MSP is a Delta parking lot.

13. Rodeo rope: LASSO.

21. Social unit sharing the same dwelling: HOUSEHOLD.  Sounds more like holding down a house, which we are doing to comply with our governor's direction.

22. State nicknamed the "Land of 10,000 Lakes": MINNESOTA.  Shame on anyone who did not get this on the first try.  Actually it's a lie - we have over 15,000 lakes, but who's counting.

24. __ En-lai: CHOU.

25. Recover from injury: HEAL.  Go away virus.!!

26. In addition: ALSO.

27. Make spiffy: DO UP.

28. Stevie Wonder's "__ She Lovely": ISN'T.  "Life and Love are the same."

30. Harness race paces: TROTS.  "Not a wholesome trotting race, NO, but a race where they set down right on a horse!!  Like to see some stuck up jockey boy sittin' on Dan Patch?  Makes your blood boil what I should say.  Professor Harold Hill in "The Music Man".

33. Difficult: HARD.  We used to have an AWA pro wrestler named Hard Boiled Haggerty.

34. Strong desire: URGE.

35. 8-Down's first home: EDEN.  Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant's home is in EDEN Prairie MN.

37. Tropical root vegetable: TARO.  I think if you add a "T" you have fortune telling cards.

38. Babysitter's bane: BRAT.  My son's name is BRET.  I used to tell friends that I named him right, but I spelled it wrong.

39. Bear out, as feelings: VALIDATE.  My handicapped parking permit has been validated.  I have a temp right now but I am supposed to get the official rear view mirror hanger by June.  Not holding my breath, our DMV is at minimum duty.

43. Pitifully small: MEASLY. So many folks with MEASLY unemployment insurance.  I hope the stimulus helps them out.

44. Existentialist Jean-Paul: SARTRE.

46. Not quite a B: C PLUS.  Oh yeah!  I am familiar with that grade.

47. Last Olds model: ALERO.  I used to love Oldsmobiles in my younger years.  I owned a 1957 - 98 and a 1961 - 88 with a 394 engine.  Yes, I got a few tickets.

48. Mullally of "Will & Grace": MEGAN.

50. Snooped (around): NOSED.  Reminds me of Pete Nokio in the GEICO commercials.

52. Slim nail: BRAD.  Remember Seinfeld's Elaine's Mr. Pitt ?  Well this Mister BRAD Pitt is no longer married to Angelina or Jennifer.

53. "The Caine Mutiny" author Herman: WOUK.

54. Diarist Frank: ANNE.

55. Affirmative votes: YEAS.  The Senate approved the Stimulus 96-0.  That vote tally is unheard of in this day and age.

57. Rank below cpl.: PFC.  I was there once.  I ended up a Specialist 5.  Not bad for an Army rookie.

58. Lager alternative: ALE.  I like the Ginger kind.



OwenKL said...

To her mother, said ANNE from Tacoma
"I have an URGE to leave home, Ma!
To a city so grand
By an ocean strand --
So she moved to ATHENS, OKLAHOMA!

Had King MIDAS ruled in CAMELOT
It might have changed things quite a lot.
There knights so bold
Were worth their gold
And he might for the Holy Grail have sought!

In New York, BROADWAY plays do thrive.
CHICAGO has its Lake Shore Drive.
In L.A. is large.
Zia Road in Santa Fe is where I'm alive!

Ten-thousand lakes has MINNESOTA,
Some as MEASLY as an mini-iota.
But when a lake
They say is Great
It kind of helps to up the quota!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Fir with no erasure.

OK Boomer, sizing lighting by the watt is soo 20th century. LEDs provide about twice the LUMENs per watt than florescents and about 10 times as much as incandescents. My oven and my microwave don't have LEDs yet, but almost everything else in my HOUSEHOLD have them.

Zoe (pronounced "zoey") is EVE in Greek.

CSO to Boomer and CC @ MINNESOTA. I'm learning about its geography by reading a lot of John Sanford during the shutdown.

CAMELOT reminded me of Moody Blues' Are You Sitting Comfortably. FLN, WC this a hyperlink, or just "link" but is not NSFW.

Thanks to Norfleet for the nice easy Monday puzzle. And thanks to Boomer for more fine PUNishment.

Hungry Mother said...

Clear sailing today. I saw OKLAHOMA somewhere in the Bay Area around 1950. I used to frequent coffee houses on SUNSETBOULEVARD during the summer of 1960. I’ve visited CHICAGO and ATHENS a few times. I saw Les Miz on BROADWAY.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Learned that I don't know my NAVE from my APSE. All things church are a tad alien to me. Also tried PVT before PFC showed up. I noticed the MINISODA CSO to C.C. and Boomer. Thanx, Norfleet (Bet you had a nickname growing up. What was it?) and Boomer. (Did you name that son after Bret Maverick?)

LUMEN -- The LED bulbs are still rated by a wattage equivalent. We replaced six 60-watt bulbs in the bathroom with equivalent LEDs. Now, instead of using 360 watts, we're using only 36. The power companies have increased their KW/hour rates to make up for the lost usage.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Norfleet Pruden, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Well, I could not sleep any longer, so I got up, made a cup of Earl Grey, and did the puzzle. Being a Monday, the puzzle zipped right along. I did not time myself, but it was pretty quick, for me.

Caught the theme easily. The only one of those I have seen is Oklahoma.

Boomer: Enjoyed you Camel Parking Lot. Camelot.

LEGATEES and PIMA took me some perps.

I volunteered to call 50 members of our Scottish Rite Valley to see how they are coping with the Corona Virus episode. Got up through 34 yesterday. My voice is about shot. Hope to finish today.

Hope everybody is doing well. See you tomorrow.


( )

Anonymous said...

Today's puzzle took 4:42. Caught the play/place theme early. Didn't know Sartre.

inanehiker said...

Speedy run today - at first I thought it was going to be a "states" theme with OKLAHOMA and MINNESOTA, but there were no other vertical theme answers.
I'm a big fan of musicals - I've seen all of these but none of them on BROADWAY. For other musical fans- Andrew Lloyd Webber is showing one of his musicals on stage on You Tube every Friday night for a few weeks under the headline "The Shows Must Go On" - the first was last week "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat"

Thanks Boomer for your always humorous blog and Norfleet for the puzzle (where I live there are several people with Norfleet as a last name!)

Yellowrocks said...

1-2-3 done! I have seen all these plays in Community Theaters. Some of our little theaters have excellent acting, although the staging is not as elaborate as on Broadway. I have also seen all these plays as movies on TV. I am a big fan of the old musicals, too, inane hiker.
Boomer, my mom used to say, "Go fly a kite." Do today's kids ever hear that or is it passé?

I will have to study "Word for Dummies" today. I have a project I do only once a year and so forget how to do it. I fool around on the computer until I happen upon the way to do it. Then I wonder how I did that, so I can't write it down for next time. Once I get going, I can glide along for hours, but I hate the fumbling start. I don't have the excuse of being too busy these days.

Socrates said, “To be is to do.”
Jean-Paul Sartre said,“To do is to be”.
Who said, “Do be do be do”?

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy puzzle, easy theme. All well-known BROADWAY plays. CSO to CC and Boomer w/ MINNESOTA.
No issues with the solve.
Carne ASADA - Initially read 'carne' as 'came'. 'Taco' made me look HARDer.
EDEN - re: first home. Our first home too. (town in Erie Co., NY.)
ADIEU - Some Germans say Tschüüß; kind of a borrowing/adaptation from the French.

Curious why the constructor OPTed for 2 cheater cells. Maybe some maven can weigh in.

Boomer, thanks for the MINNESOTA 'take' each week. Puts things in balance.

desper-otto said...


Husker Gary said...

-MIN NE SO TA where the snow comes sweepin’ down the plains! :-)
-No NAVE yesterday, just a drive-thru palm pickup from masked priests
-To PLEAD not guilty doesn’t mean you didn’t do it
-OVALtine - Ovaltine was developed in Bern, Switzerland, where it is known by its original name, Ovomaltine (from ovum, Latin for "egg", and malt, which were originally its key ingredients). You’re welcome.
-Joann and her twin are LEGATEES but the memory home will get all their mother’s money first
-The PIMA tribe in Arizona are cotton growers and casino operators
-I use an ID TAG and a bright pink belt around my luggage
-Boomer would call lakes around here ponds

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a nice, pleasant start to the week. I really like a puzzle that keeps you guessing until the reveal and today's did just that. I've seen a lot of Broadway shows, but none of these four. I guess the timing of when I had easy access to New York City is the reason. I liked the Brad/Brat duo and the Color ~ Hue combo. As noted, Minnesota CSO to the Burnikels and Asada to Lucina.

Thanks, Norfleet, for a fun solve and thanks, Boomer, for your playful commentary. We need all the levity we can get right now and you supply it non-stop. 🤡


Thank you for all the birthday sentiments. It was a quiet day, spent alone, but several phone calls and cards from family and friends were much appreciated.

Stay safe, all.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

FIR with all hits no errors. Typical Monday breeze.

Spent years dealing with REM, RADs, Seiverts and Grays calculating exposures as Rad safety officer. Left most of the calculations to the physicists. ....US round trip fligjt coast to coast flight dose of 10mrem. Equals radiation from one chest xray minus the peanuts.

That being said

Try these on for SIGHS

"Where to buy a used dromedary"......CAMELOT

"Actor Cage and last Czar of Russia"....TUNICS

"Guys in charge of British restrooms".....LUMEN

"Simultaneously eat and fib"....CHOU En Lai

(Had one for MORASS but the crossword police threatened to delete the post)

So the Guv'nuh may send the NYS national guard to seize our upstate ventilators. Should be a real Kodak moment. Tanks rolling up the Thruway.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Ray, I had a friend who had a summer job crawling into new pipelines and holding xray film for weld inspection. They gave him a dosimeter (looked like a fountain pen) to clip on his shirt and they collected it every day. He's a smart guy and kept a log of the readings. He happened to see the official records of his exposure, and they grossly understated the amount of radiation he received. Don't know what ever became of him; hope he's OK.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

My badge used to read high as a resident until we figured out that my wife was washing it still attached to my lab coat. (Either that or our house was built in a uranium mine.)

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Physicist again figured that one out

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Norfleet and Boomer.
I FIRed in good time today with just one inkblot - Sega changed to SONY with the perps.
Perps also filled in the unknown HART and faintly remembered WOUK.
I thought we were going on a trip today (virtual of course) with OKLAHOMA, CHICAGO, ATHENS, MINNESOTA, DC, SUNSET BOULEVARD, BROADWAY - even CAMELOT & EDEN.

(d'o, Spitz gave me the answer previously for the NAVE/apse dilemma; think of NAVE like Naval with the boatlike shape of the sitting area of the church)

I smiled at SARGE & PFC, DARK horse & ROAN.

When we find it HARD to remain isolated in our HOUSEHOLDS and the URGE to go out causes tempers to FLARE, remember that ANNE Frank spent 761 days in a room in the Secret Annex with fewer amenities and the need for silence.

Belated Happy Birthday to Irish Miss.

Wishing you all a good day. Stay safe.

Irish Miss said...

Ray @ 10:02 ~ Thanks for the chuckles.

CanadianEh @ 11:04 ~ Thank you for the birthday wishes. Please check my comment to you on Sunday @ 11:25 am. I'd love to hear your input.

desper-otto said...

CanadianEh!, the little church of my ute was just one rectangular room -- no apse, no nave, just front, back and sides. Forty folks in attendance would've caused standing room only. I haven't attended much since those days.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Jinx...the rest of the post would have said.. Any unusual badge or device reading would have been evaluated by a radiation physicist to determine skin dose etc and the biological effects. Since accumulated annual dose is a also factor may mean he had to refrain from any further exposure.

Misty said...

Delightful Monday puzzle, a great way to start the week--many thanks, Norfleet. It was fun to see all that geography filling in, OKLAHOMA and CHICAGO, and then SUNSET BOULEVARD, which struck me as a little too specific. But when CAMELOT turned up, I realized it was show biz we were dealing with, not geography, and so BROADWAY made perfect sense in the end. A real fun solving experience. And your commentaries are always fun, Boomer, many thanks for that too.

Well, we're having a pretty heavy rain this morning, and while working on the puzzle, the power went off. Yikes! What to do--I could hardly see, it was so dark. Then looked across the street and noticed the neighbors had light. Then went back to my family room, and my light had also come back on, thank goodness. But then spent the next minutes getting all my clocks on time again. Just praying that the power stays on for the rest of the day.

Have a good one, everybody.

Lucina said...


Fast and easy Monday, thank you, Norfleet Pruden! May I call you NP?

PIMA cotton used to be grown on the PIMA reservation a half mile away from where I live, along PIMA Road, but now office buildings are sprouting along there and replacing it. Two casinos, about five miles apart, are part of that skyline.

Of the shows mentioned, I have seen CHICAGO on BROADWAY and some others not appearing in the grid, Annie, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Jersey Boys, Cats and Newsies. Bebe Newirth appeared as Roxy in CHICAGO.

By a strange quirk of fate I have visited BROADWAY in NYC several times but never SUNSET BOULEVARD in Hollywood.

The NAVE at our churches is strangely silent but our Pastor sends an inspiring and comforting letter every week by e-mail.

Since I failed to check the downs, I initially entered FEET instead of LEGS for the centipede and required wite-out, drat! The other place was where I accidentally misplaced the RK in DARK.

Boomer, thank you for the puns, jokes and wit! I imagine you enjoyed seeing MINNESOTA in this grid.

Stay safe, everyone! In my daily walks I'm enjoying our gorgeous spring weather.

Mailman1959 said...

I used Midas once about 25 years ago. Never been back since. They made matters worse and wouldn't correct their mistake.

desper-otto said...

Sounds like everything they touch turns to...

AnonymousPVX said...

This Monday grid went quickly but not without error.


Not a fan of musicals at all, but I still knew those. I think the last musical I went to -and enjoyed - was Fiddler on the Roof. Before that..Mary Poppins. Also can squeeze in My Fair Lady.

Some please explain how no one is working, nothing productive is going on, yet the stock market is up.

See you tomorrow, stay safe and stay the “eff” home.

Wilbur Charles said...

FLN: Nice try. I see many tried that number where I pulled it from. I love your Redsox moniker. One of the "curses_ of the Redsox was that Don "oops I missed another one" Buddin married Pinky's daughter and we were stuck with that stuff for seven years

But the answer wasn't a SS, but a 2nd baseman.


CrossEyedDave said...

Re Sunday,
1st third was really hard, 2nd 3rd much easier,
never got to the last third because I went outside
and started a small fire to burn some leaves (ran out of bags)
which attracted the neighbors.

We ended up sitting around the fireplace for about 5 hours
(making sure we were ten feet apart...)
just chatting the afternoon away...

Belated Happy Birthday Abejo & Irish Miss!
I couldn't find a cake on a ten foot pole,
so I hope this one works instead...

oc4beach said...

Nice easy Monday puzzle from Norfleet and a very thorough tour through the grid by Boomer. It took a while to finish the puzzle because I was baking 5 loaves of bread at the same time.

I got the theme, so, Broadway filled in quickly. Like others I had to erase FEET for LEGS. Maybe they should be called LessThanCentipedes.

I needed perps for HART also and a number of words were filled in before I actually got to the Down clues.

Not a big fan of musicals, but I knew them all. When I was a kid, my Mother loved musicals at the movies, so my sister and I had to go along. Back then I liked Westerns and War movies.

It seems that we are keeping in touch more than usual with friends and relatives. Email, Texts, ZOOM and phone. Had a ZOOM conference call for coffee with some nieces this morning. It was nice. I guess being cooped up has helped in some ways.

I have a project that I want to do but haven't started other than setting up the equipment and rounding up slides and negatives. I plan on converting all my slides and photos to digital format. DW got a Digital converter for me for Christmas. This seems like a good time to do it. However, I'll have to wait a bit until my DW finishes her project and clears out of "My" workspace. She is rounding up all of the tax information that she needs to do the taxes and has them spread all over the ping pong table in the basement rec room. Hopefully soon.

Everyone take care and watch what you breath and touch.

CanadianEh! said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Abejo!

I missed doing the CW and visiting the blog on the weekend (and I see I missed a CSO yesterday EH).
IM - I became more familiar with Maude Lewis a few of years ago when there was quite a bit of media coverage of the discovery of one of her paintings in a box donated to a thrift shop in Ontario. I believe I may have shared it before.
The painting auctioned at $45,000, to be used by the Mennonite Central Committee; the proceeds will to further the organization's relief work in areas such as Nigeria and South Sudan, where they are trying to alleviate the effects of famine.

CanadianEh! said...

SPOILER ALERT: This is not meant to be political but,

Canadians are saddened by the words coming from your OVAL office re decision to order the medical manufacturing giant 3M to cease all exports of N95 face masks to Canadian and Latin American markets to ensure there were enough for Americans. We may have laughed at those who hoarded the toilet paper; we are not laughing at this.

The Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador did not mince his words and reminded listeners of the story of Come From Away:
"Newfoundland and Labrador will never give up on humanity. We will not hesitate for one second. If we had to repeat what we did in 9/11. We would do it again," he said.

Even if supplies are eventually restored, the hours of worry, behind-the-scenes negotiations etc. by our politicians, ambassadors, front-line healthcare workers, will have taken a toll.
In the words of our Prime Minister, "the goods and services that are essential to both our countries flow in both directions across the border, and it is not in any of our interests to actually limit that flow. It is in both of our interests to maintain this extraordinary close relationship.”
Enough said!

Anonymous said...

Some legal niceties:

LEGATEES get theirs by last wills; inheritors, by inheritance (not the same thing).

PLEADing does not make a case; it merely indicates it (as Husker Gary indicated). You make it by proof and argument.

Wendybird said...

After being extremely intimidated by yesterday’s puzzle ( My ability level, not the puzzle’s fault) today was a nice and easy stroll.

OKLAHOMA remains my favorite musical of all time, although Phantom, with Michael Crawford, is a close second.
Thank you for a pleasant start to the week, Norfleet. Boomer, I love your tours!

After 3 weeks with no socializing at all, we had a delightful happy hour yesterday with 2 other couples via Zoom. We all had our cocktails and snacks in our own houses and were able to chat and laugh for about an hour. Gave us a real lift.

Misty, I’m sort of around the corner from you, and the rain is just pelting down! Good day to turn the fire on and watch old movies!

Pat said...

This was a fun puzzle! Thanks,Norfleet, for the entertainment! Thank you, Boomer, for your always enjoyable expo!

I had a couple write-overs but nothing major. Perps worked.

I'll take a CSO at Minnesota, having lived there for 5 1/2 years.

This quarantine got old a couple weeks ago already and we're stuck until at least May 1st. I have the Corner and Facebook for companionship and am still allowed to go outside and walk the dog.

Tomorrow is National Beer Day! That makes today New Beer's Eve! (groan)

Have a nice day. The weather is pleasant today.

CrossEyedDave said...


I'm stuck in quarantine,
& i'm running out of Cat jokes...
(family not amused - news at eleven...)

Before quarantine...

& how it's going now...

Thanks for the foamy heads up Pat!

Ol' Man Keith said...

The rains were heavy last night and this morning, and so I dreaded facing the drain in the main part of our patio. For years it has been clogged and the yard has flooded precariously.
Last month our gardener offered to fix the problem, and he and an assistant worked all day and into the evening to clear it. They used rooters and instruments I'd never seen before. They lay on their sides in gross puddles of dirty water. They came up with armfulls of muddy weeds, one load of clotted matter after another--from the central drain, and from three or four of the subsidiary ones.

The Happy Result. So when I looked out of the door to see the damage, I was thrilled to see--nothing. No pool, nothing rising today, not even a little puddle.
Thank you, Mel! A fine job! I feel happier about sending you the check for the extra work!

Oh, the pzl. Also fine work from Mr. Pruden! Happily, I knew all these shows. The only one I actually saw on BROADWAY was CHICAGO. A real delight--as was the movie.
Boomer, your exegesis was a pleasure, as always.
The only near-Natick for me was 7D crossing with 15A. I just wasn't sure whether OLIVE Oyl used an "i" or a "y" for her first name, and PIMA isn't a known name for cotton.
We have a 3-way on the far side.
Today’s central anagram refers to either a male child of one of the sultan’s favorites,
or to the sly young man who pretends to be a eunuch so that he may surreptitiously enjoy the delights of the harem, the…

inanehiker said...

If you are a fan of musicals and specifically "Hamilton" - on John Krasinksi's You Tube series he started SomeGoodNews - he featured a youngster who wasn't able to go to the musical because of all the theaters being closed and he got Lin-Manuel Miranda and the original cast to do the opening song for her on Zoom - it was great. Start at 8:25 if you just want to see that part!

Jayce said...

A quick hello to you all.

Misty said...

Good suggestion, Wendybird. Can't use the fireplace, but will watch some fun TV.

Wilbur Charles said...

TAIL brings back painful memories of that Saturday clue: Toys with tails. I wanted PEKES. My worst effort in memory.

The Senators and Twins both were involved in the 1967 Pennant Race. The front-runner, Chi-Sox were eliminated prior to the last weekend by the aforesaid SENATORS. Leaving Redsox and Twins to fight it out

Not to speak of Sgt Bilko.

Gardenhire had nothing on Earl Weaver

Many a Boston TUNIC was rent when Brady chose the Bucs

This was my first day with puzzles insert and I promptly solved the wrong one. Then I went to CC, saw a brand new constructor name and MINNESOTA!

Quick solve but as usual other things got in the way including a nap. Hi wikwak.


Wilbur Charles said...

Oops, I saw OKLAHOMA

Jinx in Norfolk said...

My favorite Broadway play was How to Succeed in Business (without really trying). I think I was about 10, and I can still sing many of the songs (but only in the shower). I sadly thought of that production when Covid-19 hit. "New Rochelle, New Rochelle, that's the place where the mansion will be. For me and my darling bright young man...". Robert Morse was that "bright young man". I felt really old when he played the role of the geezer in Mad Men.

My favorite off-Broadway show was The Fantastiks. I've seen it done by several different companies, and in the round as well as in proscenium.

TTP said...

Not much to add, but I enjoyed Boomer's review a lot.

Boomer, we had a good Midas nearby that I used from time to time over the years. The first time I used them was when I needed a muffler, and then started using them for routine maintenance. Then, after a time, it seemed that they always found something extra that needed to be fixed.

Somebody stop me if I told you this story before, but the final straw was when Midas told me I needed my front struts replaced on my van. I don't recall the exact figure, but it was near $1000. That didn't sound right to me, so I told them no, and called a local independent mechanic that I had used a couple of times before, but quite a bit farther away. He said he would call me back after looking some things up. He did. He said that my year and model did not have struts. It had shocks. He replaced both for substantially less. I think it was around $100.

Pat, thanks for the New Beer's Eve joke :>)

Lemonade714 said...

For you inanehiker -


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Norfleet for the quick Monday puzzle to ease us back into the work-week.

Thanks Boomer for the jaunty expo.

WEES - thought we were going w/ States but the pinwheel didn't compute.

WO: put ALE in PFC's spot.
ESPs: LEGATEES is new to me, HART, WOUK, and CHOU.
Fav: MORASS is a fun word.
24a - liked the (maybe) misdirection of Bulls & Bears - could be Wall St.

{B+, B+, A, A}

FLN - Happy Birthday IM & Abejo!

CED - LOL Covid cake. Pop's DW's BDay was Friday. He gave her a toilet-paper-roll cake.

Enjoyed reading everyone today - thanks!

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Thanks for dropping in, -T. I always look forward to your late night posts.

Did you take a crack at my late post FLN re. "Combination Lock"?

It can be solved with just the first three clues.


Ps, Pinky Higgins???? Care to take another crack at it?

Anonymous T said...

WC - 042 Jackie Robinson? Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...


I was just going through some old stuff,
& came across a blast from the past!

(I think it was April 2012)

I guess things haven't changed much...

PK said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes for Agnes & Abejo!

Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

I'm a 'luddite' when it comes to musicals. I don't like the new ones much but am a big fan of the oldies; The Music Man, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady... I almost hated Cats.

Jayce, hello back at you.

WC, I would have liked to have tried your puzzle but I didn't understand the significance of the clues. I hope it's not old age having withered my brain...

CanadianEh!, the current events like that make me sad.

I used to enjoy flying kites. I got a lot of string on a big metal spool and I would try to get the kite as high as possible, sometimes almost out of sight.

Take care of yourself and each other.

~ Mind how you go...

Lucina said...

As children, flying KITEs was one of our best past times. We made them from newspapers though I don't now recall what we used for the spine. The TAIL of course, was made from rags.

From reading One Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini I learned that kite flying is an important activity in Afghanistan, even with festivals to participate in kite flying by massive throngs of people.