Apr 28, 2020

Tuesday, April 28, 2020 Kevin Salat

Don't Cross Me!  The circled letters spell out three separate threats.  I think my Mom used a couple  of these phrases back when we were kids.

18-Across. 1981 fantasy about thieves hopping through historical eras: TIME BANDITS.  I MEAN IT!

39-Across. Many a millennial, now: THIRTY-SOMETHING. TRY ME!  This was also the name of a television show in the 1980s.  I called it NerdySomething.  The characters were all such whiners.

60-Across. "It's taken care of": YOU'RE ALL SET.  OR ELSE!

And the Unifier, which is a 2-parter:

5. With 47-Down, multitalented Broadway star ... or what's "veiled" in this puzzle's circles: TRIPLE. //  And 47. See 5-Down: THREAT.  Together this gives us a Triple Threat.  And, as we saw above, the circles gave us three threats.

Today's puzzle had lots of CSOs to our regular posters.  Can you find them all?

1. Disorderly do: MOP.

4. Canadian capital: OTTAWA.  Hi, CanadianEh!

10. River to the Severn: AVON.

14. Sashimi choice: AHI.  Yummers!  (or should I say nom nom nom?)

15. Investigated deeply: PROBED.

16. Gossip columnist Barrett: RONA.

Rona Barrett (née Rona Burstein; b. Oct. 8, 1936)

17. Derelict in one's duty: LAX.

20. Ensnare: TRAP.

22. Hedgehogs and gerbils, often: PETS.

23. Ski lodge mugful: COCOA.  I would have gone for something a bit stronger.

24. Story in installments: SERIAL.

26. The Auld Sod: EIRE.  Hi, Abejo!

27. Alternatives to teleprompters: CUE CARDS.

31. Stick-in-the-__: MUD.

34. Channel covering Capitol Hill: C-SPAN.

37. Site with posts: BLOG.  A CSO to all reading this commentary.

38. Green and brown garb, for short: CAMO.  Can you spot the owl?

42. The Beatles' "Abbey __": ROAD.

43. Sicilian volcano: ETNA.

44. Nickname for the MLB's Angels: HALOS.

45. Quarterback Dawson: LEN.

46. Patent pursuer: INVENTOR.

48. 10:1 or 5:2: ODDS.

50. Poet Langston with a Spingarn Medal: HUGHES.  I discovered Langston Hughes (né James Mercer Langston Hughes; Feb. 1, 1902 ~ May 22, 1967) when I was in high school.  He is one of my favorite poets.

54. __ wave: TIDAL.  Ever wonder what a Tidal Wave is?

56. In the distance: AFAR.

59. Gutter locale: EAVE.

63. No longer edible: BAD.

64. A midi covers it: KNEE.

65. Hebrew prophet: ISAIAH.  A book of the Hebrew Bible is named after him.

66. State east of Wash.: IDA.

67. Grub: EATS.

68. Contribute to a GoFundMe campaign, e.g.: DONATE.

69. Boxing count: TEN.

1. Ice-creamy drinks: MALTS.  Yummers!

2. Chicago hub: O'HARE.  The airport is O'Hare.  Originally, however, the airport was known as Orchard Field, hence, the airport code ORD.  In 1949, the name was changed to O'Hare to honor Edward Henry O'Hare (Mar. 13, 1914 ~ Nov. 26, 1943), a World War II flying ace, who was killed in the War.

3. "Inside Out" (2015) studio: PIXAR.  Pixar is a computer animation company that is a subsidary of Disney Studios.

4. Decide: OPT.

6. Heavy book: TOME.

7. Help with a robbery, say: ABET.

8. Halloween decor: WEBS.

9. Cavity-fighting org.: ADA.  As in the American Dental Association.

10. Zeal: ARDOR.

11. Phone message: VOICE MAIL.

12. Suspicious of: ON TO.

13. Artemis lunar program org.: NASA.  Hi, Gary!

19. TV maritime drama: NCIS.  //  And 28-Down. 19-Down network: CBS TV.  I have never watched this show, but the initials stand for Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

21. Captain Jean-Luc of the Enterprise: PICARD.  Hi, Picard!

25. Uncle's love: AUNT.

26. Cube part: EDGE.

29. Solo: ALONE.

30. Like some clock numerals: ROMAN.

32. "Sorry, that's not happening": UM ... NO!

33. Pooches: DOGS.

34. Key near Alt: CTRL.  As in the Control Key.  On my Mac keyboard, the full word "control" is spelled out.

35. Adidas product: SHOE.

36. Keyboard work for two: PIANO DUET.

38. Dead battery's need: CHARGE.

40. Desires: YENS.  Also the currency of Japan.

41. "... wherefore art __ Romeo?": THOU.  A reference to Willie the Shakes.  Hi, OMK.

46. Doing nothing: IDLE.

49. Challenges: DARES.  This could go with today's theme.

51. Checking for messages, e.g.: HABIT.

52. Dodge: EVADE.

53. Police car, usually: SEDAN.

54. Little fella: TYKE.

55. New Rochelle college: IONA.

56. Part of aka: ALSO.

57. Spanish dessert: FLAN.  Yummers!  When I lived in France, I ate these all the time.

58. Home of the world's six tallest buildings: ASIA.  Here's a list of the World's Tallest competed buildings.

A view from the Shanghai Tower.

61. Assistance: AID.

62. None of __ above: THE.

QOD:  The presence of those seeking truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they’ve found it.  ~  Sir Terry Pratchett (né Terrance David John Pratchett; Apr. 28, 1948 ~ Mar. 12, 2015), British humorist and novelist


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I enjoyed the Salat course. Turned into a quick one. In answer to anon yesterday, I kept writing as fast as I could, and it still took me 5 minutes to finish this one. A Roger Bannister solve is definitely out of reach. In my haste I easily got TRIPLE THREAT, but didn't realize it was the reveal. D'oh. Had the circles, but after seeing I'ME AN IT, I stopped looking at 'em. Thanx, Kevin and Hahtoolah.

TIDAL: When I was on Guam we got a tsunami alert. I was in Agana, so I drove to the top of the bluff behind downtown to see the action. It never appeared. Later it was reported that the tsunami hit, but it was only 8-inches high. I'd call that a TIDAL bore.

Sad times in the awl patch. The company I retired from declared Chapter 11 on Sunday. On Monday the NYSE stopped the trading and announced they're delisting the company. Glad I never invested in their stock. I'd obeyed the old rule: if you invest in your employer and the company goes under, you not only lose your job, you also lose your retirement.

Texas has announced that businesses can open up on Friday, and the guvner said that his rules supersede those of local jurisdictions. I hope things go well, but I sure don't have a nice warm, fuzzy feeling about it. As for me and my house, we shall serve meals at home.

Lemonade714 said...

I am not sure I am into the trend of hidden words in circles. NCIS is and has been a very entertaining show for a long time. THIRTYSOMETHING was clearly a product of its generation. STAR TREK:PICARD is a new show on CBS ALL ACCESS

Thanks, Susan and Kevin

Henry said...

What does CSO mean?

Yellowrocks said...

Kevin, good one. Susan, great links and pics. Most of us parents likely have used those threats a time or two. It is interesting that when parents become grandparents we often become more mellow.
At first I was looking for a name at 5D, but a few perps suggested TRIPLE, so 47D was THREAT.
Triple threat on Broadways is the ability to sing, act, and dance.
We seem to get circles more frequently these days. I'm not complaining. I think circles make it easier for the constructor to place the theme words.
Unlike most people, I do not care for flan. I don't like the jiggly slippery texture.
Susan , your illustration of the cube reminds me of teaching fifth grade geometry. I made cut and fold patterns that the kids taped together to make 3-D models. This was one of my favorite subjects.
I wanted ABBEY LANE, but CTRL nixed that. R for ROAD.
PROBE/investigate deeply, brings to mind dental probing. Yikes! With social distancing there is a reprieve of several months.

Anonymous said...

Today took 4:39. Farther off-the-pace from the 4 minute barrier. I guess Mondays are my only shot, and it'll have be an easy-for-Monday puzzle at that. May even need a strong wind at my back. Thanks, D-O for sharing.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I had a lot of fun with this solve, one of the reasons being what Hatoolah pointed out: the numerous CSOs to many Cornerites. In addition to Hatoolah's mentions, I'd like to add: CanandianEh (Ottawa), Chicago group (O'Hare), Lucina (Flan and Habit), and Steve (Avon and Eire). I also liked Thou crossing Halos and Bad crossing Habit, and the cute trio of IDA/AID/ADA. The theme and execution were spot on.

Thanks, Kevin, for an enjoyable and entertaining solve and thanks, Hatoolah, for a visually pleasing and enlightening summary. My favorite pix was the Barrel of Laughs/Stick in the Mud.

Madame Defarge, welcome back! So glad to hear that your ordeal is over and that you're back on the road to good health! 💐🌸🌷

Stay safe, all.

Irish Miss said...

Sorry, I duplicated the CSO to CanadianEh, but that's okay; she deserves it! 🇨🇦

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Yep, I saw the owl.

And, I got the solve without erasures or look-ups. Hallelujah!
Easu Tuesday. After getting TRIPLE THREAT, the theme surfaced quickly. I pre-filled part of OR ELSE. THANKS KEVIN FOR A FUN PUZZLE.
SO to Picard with 21d PICARD.
[Learnt that the AVON is tributary to the River Severn.
The Severn experiences an extreme tide range, and its estuary is shaped so that
TIDAL bores can form. Would that be a clecho between the two fills?]
THIRTY - Most of our (lower) numbers have Germanic etymology: Akin to German dreißig, L. German dörtig, Dutch dertig.
CSO to CanadianEh! @ OTTAWA. Also name of several US counties. OTTAWA sand (from Illinois?) is a lab standard and an important silica source for glass making.

Wilbur Charles said...

Another bed online XW. This time when no "Congrats" hit I found it was an auto-filled typo. So ten whole minutes but I needed plenty of perps which fortunately, early week, were plentiful.

I didn't realize that the THREATs we're in circled order. Now "Do not ride your bike off the top steps at the school and down two flights!", OR ELSE! Never occurred to mom nor the Principal. Nor climbing up to the window ledges but they did catch me because a class walked by and saw me through the window.

Frank Gifford was one of the last triple threats. He actually did FG duty once, ran, threw and caught passes. Then got creamed by Chuck Bednarik.

The S is Shout, the O is Out. The C? Xword? And yes, a CSO to our (Captain) Picard.


Hungry Mother said...

I caught on to the theme early, but it was no help because the puzzle was so easy. I’m not complaining. NCIS, in all three variations is one of our favorite shows on CBS All Access (we’re cord cutters).

Husker Gary said...

-THREATS without actions make for bad parents and educators
-TRIPLE THREAT = Rita Moreno to me. Lee Marvin? Not so much
-C-SPAN does not turn its cameras to show the pol is usually speaking to no one – or might as well be
-Every flight through O’HARE requires a Chicago Dog from a food cart
-Artemis seeks to return us to the Moon by 2024 which will serve as a gateway to Mars
-Talk about drama? After 15 years Pauley Perette left NCIS claiming abuse from star Mark Harmon. Her exit episode was extremely awkward as she refused to work in the same scene with him. She tweeted NO I AM NOT COMING BACK! EVER! (Please stop asking?) I am terrified of Harmon and him attacking me. I have nightmares about it.
-“’Whyfore’ art thou Romeo?” makes more sense to me
-Nerdy me really enjoyed this vídeo about the tallest thing man could really build

jfromvt said...

Pretty basic Tuesday, but we seem to be on a circle binge in the last week or so. Just curious, for those that do other puzzles like the NYT and WSJ, do they use circles as often as the LAT? I really don’t care for them; in my opinion they often are just a gimmicky way to show the reveal, or make the solving too easy.

Shankers said...

Looks like finishing times are a popular topic today. Mine was ten minutes, but benign tremor kept it from being lower. Didn't pay any attention to the circles. Maybe I could do a TV Guide xword in under 5. Missing my twice weekly bridge group, but that will hopefully start up again soon.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

FIR with no inkouts because I took time not to be impulsive and let perps do their job. So no rush to write in "dollars" for Canadian Eh's capital: the usual CW ruse. Held off on series for SERIAL. (my favorite is Raisin Bran). duels for DARES. Didn't even try to squeeze Flipper into the "Maritime Drama" slot.

FLAN, crème caramel and crème brulée are similar...but FLAN is obviously easier to order.

Why didn't Will just say "Why are you Romeo?" and not confuse us

Abby Lane moved to Abbey ROAD, Downtown.

Took a trip with a university buddy to Lucerne, Switzerland when we were twentySOMETHINGS.. "Best hot COCOA" he claimed. We should ask for Ein Kakao. Waitress gave a strange look and asked "Eine Schokolade?" "Ja!!" She brought us 2 cups of hot water with a packet of chocolate powder on the side!!

Speaking of Threats to intelligence.

My wife drives a minivan but ______ sedan.....IONA

If the harp won't play the tune will the _____?...... PIANODUET

A beverage Adam's wife made out of the forbidden fruit ........EVADE

A rare sunny day. DW and I taking a drive through the SW Adirondacks for a change of scenery. Returns to gloom and cold the rest of the week.

MAILMAN1959 said...

NCIS is my favorite drama on TV. Missing Abby but not Tony.
A STATE EAST OF WASHINGTON could have been any from Idaho to Maine.
I first had WIG for HALLOWEEN DECOR.

Lucina said...


Thank you, Kevin Salat and Susan for today's entertainment!

As has been noted, this was really easy but fun. Thank you, Irish Miss, for the CSO. I love FLAN and used to make it frequently but not since I have been off sugar. In fact, I don't eat any dessert. No MALTS either.

It's been over 50 years since I wore a HABIT. I was THIRTY SOMETHING.

Langston HUGES is also one of my favorite poets. And NCIS is one of my favorite TV shows.

Raisin Bran is a SERIAL?

Readings from the Prophet ISIAH are frequent at Sunday Mass.

THOU shalt not .. . . . . is medieval terminology that lingers in the language.

Nice CSOs to PICARD and Canadian Eh!

Enjoy the day, everyone!

Spitzboov said...

NCIS is our favorite TV drama, too, in what otherwise is a vast wasteland. I don't miss ABBY.
Agree with MM1959 about the STATE clue, but held on to IDA until 3 easy firm perps confirmed it. Can't think of any other State abbv's with 3 ltrs. Postal codes are 2 ltr; cw's need a minimum of 3 ltrs.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Kevin Salat, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Hahtoolah, for a fine review.

Puzzle zipped right along. Theme worked after I had them all.

Liked ISAIAH, one of my favorite prophets.

Needed some perps for IONA. I know we have had that before.

HUGHES was unknown. Perps.

My daughter's guy-friend is getting a Patent. So, I guess he is an INVENTOR.

I shut my VOICEMAIL off for my home phone. Too many crank calls. So, I hooked it to my fax machine. Now they get Modem Tone.

I like NCIS. Never knew the Mark Harmon story. Interesting.

Nice day here now. Supposed to rain later. See you tomorrow.


( )

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Lucina @ 10:39. A miniseries on the CHEX network about a poisoner of breakfast foods. Infamous Cereal Killer

Picard said...

Thank you all for the Shout Outs to PICARD today! I MEAN IT. And I also immediately thought of CanadianEh with OTTAWA. Fun theme. I never knew the meaning of TRIPLE THREAT. It sounded like something scary. Learning moment.

Here is a campaign meme getting around for PICARD-Riker 2020. I would vote for them!

As for PIANO DUETs, we have an amazing pair of brothers called The Piano Boys who play around Santa Barbara. I have many photos and videos of them performing both formally and informally.

Here is my article from two years ago of the Piano Boys. Please scroll down to hear their delightful PIANO DUETs

Give it a listen OR ELSE you won't know what you are missing!

desper-otto said...

Spitz, your comment about state 3-letter state abbv's sent me researching. In addition to IDA, I found 10 others: ALA, ARK, DEL, FLA, ILL, IND, NEV, TEX, WIS, WYO. But with a clue of "State east of Wash." I expected it to be the state directly east, which turned out to be correct.

Lucina, "THOU shalt not .. . . . . is medieval terminology that lingers in the language." More current terminology -- "The management would prefer that you don't..."

WikWak said...

Well, lookie lookie—here I am and it’s not even noon yet (Didn’t we have NOON very recently? Like maybe yesterday perhaps?)

Thanks to Kevin we had a nice fun run through the circles, and thanks to Hatoola we also had a nice stroll through the reveal.

WEES. Just a straight run horizontally and by coming here I saw the tons of verticals I had missed. Never watched NCIS, and while my BH loves FLAN in all its guises I really don’t like it. No, I mean really.

Must be nap time somewhere… have a good afternoon, stay safe, stay healthy.

Misty said...

Fun Tuesday puzzle, many thanks, Kevin. Not as easy as yesterday, but then, it shouldn't be.

Didn't know NCIS or its network, but perps across words helped. I love circles (sorry, if you don't)--they're a huge help with the solution for me. Like Yellowrocks, I too kept thinking the Broadway star was going to be a person and wondered (for a minute) why I'd never heard of TRIPLE THREAT. But that's what makes it fun. But I still don't understand the green and brown garb.

Hahtoolah, you sure had lots of tasty things to comment on this morning. And thanks for that cute STICK and BARREL cartoon.

Have a good day, everybody.

desper-otto said...

Misty, camouflage (CAMO) uniforms are normally made in shades of green or brown.

SwampCat said...

Thanks Kevin for a perfect Tuesday. I’ve never understood the fascination with timing the solve. I want to make it last as long as possible. I often work across and down together so I don’t miss any clues. Opinions vary!

NCIS- New Orleans is a guilty pleasure for me in quarantine. I started watching for the shots of my town but the stories are HABIT forming.

Hahtoolah, great tour and pictures! Where did the expression Stick in the MUD come from? I’ve heard it all my life.

D-O we’re in it together in the Awl patch.

Stay safe everyone!

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Oops! Missed the am. Thanks, Kevin. I had a good run this morning. Everything fell into place with a second look on some with the crosses. Didn't know/remember TIME BANDITS. I did get THIRTY SOMETHING for Millennials because I recently realized time is marching on for everyone--not just me. I remember 30-Something, but I never watched it. Finally, the long fill came, but the circles did nothing for me.

That is until Hahtoolah explained them. Thanks for that and another fine tour. Great links.

Ray-O-Sunshine, you are on a roll this morning and I am enjoying it...Thanks.

Thanks, IM and C, Eh.

Sun's out and I'm going to try a short walk. Be well all.

Spitzboov said...

D-O @ 1134. Thanks. Some of those have appeared occasionally in the past. NY is frequently abbreviated NYS (State), but State is not part of its name.

AnonymousPVX said...

This Tuesday grid went quickly.

No write-overs today.

I’m not sure if I forgot to post yesterday or if it got deleted(?).

On to Wednesday.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Kevin and Hahtoolah.
I finished in good time (no I don't keep track) and FIRed. Only one inkblot (Eel changed o AHI) and I saw the TRIPLE THREAT theme.

Wow, a CSO (coincidental shout-out) for me on the second clue! (Thanks for the extra one IM) And then a multitude of them for other Cornerites in the whole CW.
I noted RONA and IONA.
I also smiled to see that the BAD HABIT of checking for messages had VOICE MAIL just a blank square above it.

Did anyone else notice that we had ALONE (solo), Piano DUET , and TRIPLE threat.
Also there were other numeral references (whether ROMAN) or not: THIRTY, TEN, and ALSO indirect references SERIAL, ODDS.

Speaking of AVON, the Stratford Festival (Ontario) has cancelled its season for 2020.😥

Wishing you all a good day. Stay safe!

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle and the nifty TRIPLE THREAT theme. Count me among those who don't look at the elapsed time because we like to savor the solve. LOONEY had to change to OTTAWA, TODDY to COCOA, UHUH to UMNO, JUMPER to CHARGE, and FOOD to EATS.

Stick and Barrel sounds like the name of a retail store.

Ray - O - Sunshine, I like your puns.

I think the words in much of the first half of The Messiah are from the book of ISAIAH.

I didn't notice all those things, CanadianEh!

Now I'm going to check the financial news to see which awl company y'all were referring to. Best wishes to you awl.

Lucina said...

Those PIANO Boys are amazing! Thank you for posting.

Yes! You are on a roll.

Java Mama said...

Good afternoon everyone! Many thanks to Kevin S. for a fun Tuesday ride and to Hahtoolah for an entertaining expo. I got a chuckle out of the ROMAN numeral quip.

Pretty smooth sailing from top to bottom today. I don’t time myself, preferring to enjoy the process as it unfolds. Got the long theme fills with only a little perp help for TIME BANDITS. I even got the TRIPLE THREAT reveal, but got a bit hung up thinking the circled letters were anagrams. Once I parsed TRY ME, the rest became clear. I’ve never tasted FLAN, but think I would probably like it since I’m quite fond of anything resembling caramel.

Here in Ohio we’re about to begin a slow, cautious and multi-phased process toward re-opening businesses and getting people back to work. Here’s hoping that this one-step-at-a-time approach will strike the right balance between keeping people safe and allowing them to once again earn a living.

Glad to hear you’re on the mend, Madame DeFarge. Keep well, everyone!

CrossEyedDave said...

Maybe I'll post 3x later...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Hahtoolah.
I never played in the show, but I directed it once, and as any drama professor must, I coached countless batches of students in it.
I remember having to explain to a zillion new Juliets that this line does not mean she's asking the whereabouts of her lover.

CAMO? Yes, I spotted the owl straightaway. My surname is Fowler.

A very enjoyable pzl today!

A rather interesting anagram may be seen in the main diagonal on the near side.
First, some context:
Studies have shown that women who live and work in close proximity may find that, over time, their monthly cycles start occurring in synch.
This can be extra dangerous for the victims of witches, especially when the poor souls are unfortunate enough to incur the wrath of an entire coven during a full moon. They may find they are afflicted not by an ordinary spell or curse, but by the Weird Sisters'...

Ol' Man Keith said...

PS. MACBETH is one of the plays I directed several times, with bevys of wonderful actresses playing the Witches.
I know whereof I speak.

Vermontah said...

Good evening folks!

I do enjoy little comment boards like this, no politics, no flames, just some fun. Reminds me of the old days with the List-serve discussion boards, though those could get pretty lively.

Ray-0, Flan and creme caramel are almost identical; one's Spanish (YUM) and one's French. Creme brulee (sorry, don't know how to make an accent on this keyboard) is similar in that it's made with custard, but it has that glorious crust of burnt sugar on top that you have to tap through with your spoon until it shatters into the custard. It's called Crema Catalana in Catalunya and it's one of my very favorite foods.

MALTS took me a while, my first thought was SODAS. Am I the only one who feels old thinking about malts and ice-cream sodas? Try finding a good ice-cream soda these days.

Who knew that Ottawa was spelt with an "a?" I thought it was Ottowa.

OHARE and LAX in one grid. SFO was a solution in the NYT puzzle today. Someone must want to travel!

What are "props?"

Yuman said...

Picard, enjoyed the Piano Boys and loved the big smiles on their faces as they played.

Yellowrocks said...

Picard, thanks for the delightful piano duets.

Picard said...

Lucina, Yellowrocks and Yuman thank you for checking out the PIANO DUETs by the Piano Boys!

Lucina wow you were a nun in a HABIT when you were THIRTY SOMETHING but you went on to have children and grandchildren? Can you share what that transition was like?

I loved "Checking for messages" as a HABIT.

RayOSunshine thanks for the humor!

Wilbur Charles said...

Where (fore) art thou Wilbur? In Romeo, NW of Ocala, as I type. I LIU: She's saying "Why, of all the hot cuties I have to fall in love with a Montague".

I recall you giving us a link to the Piano boys earlier. Quite a duo.

I never knew Rodenbury was constrained in the original Star Trek. Possibly because they were going where none had gone before. I do recall pilots having access to some TV station apparently out of Danang watching Star Trek. Not for me, though.


Misty said...

Thank you, desper-otto, for explaining CAMO to me--now I get it.

Lucina said...

Thank you for asking. Most of the commenters who have been posting for a long time know my story but I'll recap it for you. I entered the convent at the age of 14, though not as a nun, but as an aspirant until I was a senior in high school. Then I formally entered religious life with The Sisters of the Precious Blood of Dayton, OH. After my training I taught elementary school for the next 11 years then decided I was not really cut out for that life. I asked for and received a dispensation from my vows, returned home and lived with my widowed mother for a while. I taught in public school, met my husband, married, at the age of 40 had one daughter; she in turn has four children. Her oldest one is 23 and is the mother of my great-grandson. The hardest adjustment for me was using money as I had not had that experience since I was a teenager and then in a limited way. My husband was a patient and loving person who helped me adapt into the world.

Michael said...

CED ... the Starter Kit, and especially the Expansion Pack, right below the Triple Hit, were also worthy!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Lucina @ 10:45 via Picard thanks for sharing your story again.