Apr 7, 2020

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 Gary Larson

You're Such a Ham.  The word "Ham" is found spanning the two words of each theme answer.

17-Across.   *   New Jersey city on Raritan Bay: PERTH AMBOY.

25-Across.   *   Leader of the pack: ALPHA MALE.

38-Across.   *   It prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures: FOURTH AMENDMENT.  The text of the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution reads:

     "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

49-Across.   *   Light-bulb-over-the-head instance: AHA MOMENT.

And the unifier:
61-Across. Spam relatives ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues: CANNED HAMS.

1. Unresponsive state: COMA.

5. Loosen up, to a pitcher: THROW.

10. Light bulb unit: WATT.  The Watt is a unit of power, as defined by the International System of Units (SI) as a "derived unit of 1 joule per second, and is used to quantify the rate of energy transfer."  All clear now?  It is named after James Watt (Jan. 19, 1736 ~ Aug. 25, 1819), a Scottish inventor.  The important thing is to know that when you flip the switch on your wall, the overhead light goes on!

14. Welcoming: OPEN.  Many restaurants are now open for take-out only.  They still welcome those orders, though.

15. African howler: HYENA.

16. "Sin City" actress Jessica: ALBA.

Jessica Marie Alba (b. Apr. 28, 1981)
19. Thick slice: SLAB.

20. Semicircle, say: ARC.

21. Green Gables girl: ANNE.  Anne of Green Gables is children's novel first published in 1908 by Lucy Maud Montgomery (Nov. 30, 1874 ~ Apr. 24, 1942) about a young orphan girl who is sent to two middle-aged sibling who wanted to adopt a boy to help with the farm.  Instead, they got .  It is set in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  I remember visiting the Anne of Green Gables Museum with my family when I was young, and after I had read the book.

22. Kick back: CHILL.

23. Comic Smirnoff: YAKOV.  Yakov Smirnoff (b. Jan. 24, 1951) was born in Odessa, Ukraine.  He emigrated to the United States in the 1970s.  Oh, and by the way, that's Dr. Smirnoff to you.  Last year he earned his doctorate in psychology.

28. Wiener schnitzel meat: VEAL.  I'll just note here that eating veal is controversial due to the treatment involved in how the animals are raised.  Enough said.

30. Red Sea country: YEMEN.

31. Trembling trees: ASPENS.

34. Terrier's sound: ARF.  A crossword staple.

35. Disney frame: CEL.  A crossword staple.

42. Boy king: TUT.  His formal name is Tutankhamun.  His tomb is said to be cursed.  You be the judge.

43. Mr. Rogers: ROY.  Oh, I forgot about Roy Rogers (né Leonard Franklin Slye; Nov. 5, 1911 ~ July 6, 1998).  The only Mr. Rogers that I could think of was Fred Rogers (né Fred McFeely Rogers; Mar. 28, 1928 ~ Feb. 27, 2003).  Roy Rogers' 3rd wife was Dale Evans (née Oct. 21, 1912 ~ Feb. 7, 2001).  He was her 4th husband.

44. Cleared from the board: ERASED.

45. Family car: SEDAN.  Did you know that the word Sedan was first used to describe a car in 1912?

48. Elvis' middle name: ARON.  Elvis Presley (Jan. 8, 1935 ~ Aug. 16, 1977), of course.  There is some controversy over his middle name.  It is sometimes spelled as Aaron.

52. Sherpa's land: NEPAL.

56. Large pears: BOSCS.

57. Actress Skye: IONE.  Ione Skye (née Ione Lee Leitch; b. Sept. 4, 1970) makes frequent appearances in the crossword puzzles.

59. The "E" in BCE: ERA.  As in Before the Common Era.

60. Boo-boo: OWIE.

64. Tease mercilessly: RIDE.

65. Curved moldings: OGEEs.  O, Gee!  It looks rather like this doorway.

66. Frozen drink brand: ICEE.

67. Souvenir shop apparel: TEEs.

68. Lyrics: WORDS.

69. Rx items: MEDS.

1. Insured's contribution: CO-PAY.

2. Wagner work: OPERA.  Richard Wagner (May 22, 1813 ~ Feb. 13, 1883) wrote many operas, but he is probably best known for his Ring Cycle, a series of 4 operas.  The Ring Cycle is loosely based on Norse mythology.  Many opera houses recently performed the Ring Cycle over the course of 4 years starting in 2013 to mark the 200th anniversary of Wagner's birth.  A brief bio of Wagner

3. Pharmaceutical giant: MERCK.  Merck is one of the largest pharamceutical companies in the world.  It was incorporated in New Jersey.

4. Industrious crawler: ANT.

5. Word in a comparison: THAN.

6. Pew book: HYMNAL.

7. Buck the system: REBEL.
Rebel Wilson (b. Mar. 2, 1980)

8. Beatle bride: ONO.  Yoko Ono (b. Feb. 18, 1933) makes frequent guest appearances.  John Lennon was her 3rd husband.

9. "No __!": "Uh-uh!": WAY.  No Way did you miss this answer!

10. Message on a dusty car: WASH ME!  My car desparately needs a good wash.  It has been sitting idle in my carport for the past three weeks collecting pollen.  I did take it for a spin the other day just to give it a bit of a "let stretch."

11. NATO and others: ALLIANCES.

12. Pre-Little League game: T-BALL.   

13. Card-playing surface: TABLE.

18. Lack, briefly: HAVEN'T.

22. Cell pic taker: CAM.  As in the camera in the cell phone.

24. Walkie-talkie word: OVER.  Roger that.

26. Combustible pile: PYRE.

27. Playboy founder Hugh: HEFNER.  Hugh Marston Hefner (Apr. 9, 1926 ~ Sept. 27, 2017) published the first issue of Playboy in 1953.  Thursday marks the 94th anniversary of his birth.

29. Hindu retreat: ASHRAM.  Some are quite exotic.

31. Away from the bow: AFT.

32. Trifling amount: SOU.

33. Saves for later: PUTS ASIDE.

34. __ Ray, one of folk rock's Indigo Girls: AMY.  I know of the Indigo Girls.

Amy is on the right.  Emily Saliers is on the left.

36. Chicago-to-Lansing dir.: ENE.  As in East-North-East.

37. Inc., in England: LTD.

39. Top of the line: A-ONE.

40. Went on and on: DRONED.

41. Pride of lions?: MANE.

46. Show hosts: EMCEES.

47. One side of a two-column list of rules: DOS.

48. Made up (for): ATONED.

49. Scrub the launch: ABORT.

50. Mandel of "America's Got Talent": HOWIE.  Howie Mandel (né Howard Michael Mandel; b. Nov. 29, 1955) got his start on St. Elsewhere, a hospital drama that aired from 1982 to 1988.

51. San Fran gridder: NINER.

53. Tranquility: PEACE.

54. Packing heat: ARMED.

55. Does high-tech eye surgery on: LASES.

58. Legendary loch: NESS.  Real or a Hoax?  You be the judge.

61. Milk source: COW.

62. Previously: AGO.

63. Pronoun that's a homonym of a religious song: HIM. vs Hymn.

Here's the Grid:

Be safe, everyone and mind those stay-at-home orders.  They really can help the spread of the virus.


Anonymous said...

One of the easiest Gary Larson puzzles I've solved on quite awhile. Even better than yesterday.

Lemonade714 said...

Gary continues to pump out puzzles and Susan writes about them. This was a fast fun solve featuring some interesting stuff. I enjoyed seeing IONE SKYE so soon after writing about last Friday when discussing her father. HOWIE MANDEL may be the most successful OCD performer who shaves his head (which was a mop of curly hair for years) because it makes him feel cleaner. I never watched St. Elsewhere

Are 49-Across. * Light-bulb-over-the-head instance: AHA MOMENT and 10- Across. Light bulb unit: WATT an intended clecho.

My only unknown AMY Ray was filled before I saw it. I enjoyed the INDIGO GIRLS but never learned their names.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

fir, but had to fix two names that I misspeled: IONa (FLN) and ANNa.

SEDAN would better clued "family car, once". All the soccer moms drive SUVs now.

Just had HEF, now HEFNER. Nice set of fills.

I remember listening to Howie Mandel and Howard Stern discuss their OCD on Stern's radio show. Very informative. (Stern is one of the best interviewers I've ever encountered - right up there with Barbara Walters.)

Thanks to Gary for a nice 'n easy Tuesday special. My favorite was "Mr. Rogers" for ROY. And thanks to Hahtoolah for the fun review. Maybe I'll mask up and hang out at the supermarket more.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Theme music for social distancing.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

With MALE and BOY in place, I knew where this theme was going. Not! How does "canned" fit with the theme? This was a quick, enjoyable solve. Thanx, Gary and Hahtoolah.

ERASED: I use LastPass as my password manager. Anybody else use one? When I do taxes, my passwords are written on the back of my name badge. Bad security, I know, but I've gotta write 'em down somewhere.

HOWIE: Never watched St Elsewhere, but is that a young Mark Harmon on the right in that photo? Sure looks like him.

Hungry Mother said...

Super easy, but ROY was a blast from the past. I was a Gene Autry fan. I sorta got the theme as I was going along in that I saw the H’s.

desper-otto said...

As a kid, I thought Roy Rogers was much cooler than Gene Autry. Ken Burns, in his Country Music series, painted a much different picture that Gene was the true king of the cowboys. Roy got his start as part of a backup group on Gene's records.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

DO, I don't need a password manager. I just use P@ssw0rd4Jinx for all of my logons, so I don't have any trouble remembering it.

OK, I lied. I use Dashlane for everything except my financial accounts, and those I just remember. (There aren't that many of them.)

inanehiker said...

This was a fast run - even with unknowns (to me) like PERTH AMBOY - wonder how locals say that - or do they have a shortened version?

D-O - I think the CANNED part of the theme is because it is packed between/in the middle of two other words

I loved St. Elsewhere - several actors got their first major role there besides HOWIE Mandel: Mark Harmon, Denzel Washington, Ed Begley, Jr., David Morse...

Gotta go see people with tele-appointments- irks me that Medicare requires me to see them at my bricks and mortar office when I could see them just as easily in my home office!

Thanks Susan and Gary!

Yellowrocks said...

Nice puzzle. Easy. I didn't look for the theme.
I am surprised that I needed so many perps for Perth Amboy, NJ. I have passed the signs on the highway dozens of times.
Didn't know AMY, but AM- crossing RO-had to be Y. I was so stuck on FRED that it took a while to see that ROY was Rogers.
Susan, I loved the picture with the three kids with light bulb helmets. How on earth did you find that? As a teacher AHA moments were the best reward, especially with kindergartners because they are so open and expressive. So much is new to them that you can actually see their growth from day to day and sometimes from minute to minute.
Inane hiker @ 8:03, that is so unreasonable. When my son was laid up for weeks with a severely broken hip, he soon was required to commute into NYC by train, often SRO, and then walk a mile to the office in a great deal of pain. His work was all done by phone and computer. It was set up in the early weeks so that the clients thought he was at the office instead of home, so why require his presence so soon?
I have lived in NJ since 1960. We have always have heard Perth Amboy pronounced just the way it looks, with equal emphasis on all three syllables: PERTH (rhymes with worth) AM BOY. .

Anonymous said...

I've never played baseball, only watched it. Can someone explain loosen up=THROW? You might loosen up by throwing lightly, but I don't understand how they are synonyms. Thanks in advance!

desper-otto said...

Anon@8:49, I'm not a baseball fan, either. But I do recall that pitchers warm up in the "bull pen" throwing pitches before they take the field.

Sherry said...

Nice fill.

Husker Gary said...

-AHA MOMENT – After an hour, I see it is not plugged in!
-“No Contact” delivery has entered our lexicon of still OPEN restaurants
-That pitcher warming up has a big ARC to his first THROWS
-King TUT meets Downton Abbey
-52. Home of Chomolungma - NEPAL. Too hard for a Tuesday?
-Tease mercilessly reminds me of a grim scene in Full Metal Jacket
-My friend Dani OGEE ranks right up there with C.C. among brilliant ladies I know
-The first six lines Gene Pitney sings here contains the word THAN
-We may be cancelling our $25/month unlimited car washing agreement
-Our TABLE from The Amish Furniture Store of Nebraska will take 65 days to deliver (about May 1)

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Chortled at Hahtoolah's last visual.

Nice clean solve. Nothing ERASED today. PERTH AMBOY was easy, but wondered where we were going with the theme. Got it with CANNED HAMS. Nice choice of fill to demonstrate the theme.
HIM - I tend to pronounce the 'n' in 'hymn' so I questioned the homophone attribution. No big deal; perps were solid.
COW cows - Ger. Kuh, Kühe, L. Ger. Ko, Kö; Dutch koe, koeien. (probabably a triphthong.). @ 1630 each day my Dad would announce it was time for "Kö melken". Sigh.
BTW - Did you know German has no triphthongs but Italian and Spanish do? English has a few such as

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I saw the H A M grouping early on, but the revealer was still a surprise. Like Lemony, my only unknown was Amy. I liked Owie crossing Howie and Peace next to Armed. My favorite C/A was Pride of lions?=Mane. I was unaware that Roy and Dale had multiple marriages.

Thanks, Gary, for a Tuesday treat and thanks, Hatoolah, for a much needed delightful diversion, full of facts and fun graphics.


CED, thank you for the birthday cake with its timely theme.

CanadianEh, thanks for the information on Maude Lewis. I highly recommend the film, Maudie, to everyone.

Stay safe, all.

Oas said...

Good morning all .
COMA A word that sent chills through our bodies and caused DW and me to check our breaths.
Our dear brother inlaw Jon , age 74 , my sister’s hubby for over 50 years, upon arriving home from a 3 week vacation in Mexico was diagnosed with having strep, high fever and cough and sent home with some antibiotics. My sister also sick with fever vomiting and diarrhea was put on IV antibiotics then sent home . Both were tested for Covid19 but test results took several days to come back. Jon returned to the emerg barely able to breath and was promply air lifted to a hospital treating Covid19 patients . He was stll conscious and able to talk to his wife on the phone but no visitors allowed. Soon after, he was put into induced COMA , intubated and sometime later on dialysis as his kidneys needed help.
This happened 7 days ago . The good news is he is doing better breathing on his own now , his bloodwork looks good , and his kidneys, though weak are functioning.The last word from the doctor was that they would be slowly bringing him back to consciousness . The doctor cautioned that it would not be a quick recovery but it looked hopeful. Both test results showed positive for Covid 19. My sister is recovering at home in isolation and is eating again. She said this was not the best way to lose 20 pounds.:) My mom 95 was in her apartment til my baby sister took her to her place in the country to ride out this scourge.
Keep looking up!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Started off with a bang. FIR but many false starts. Jacob to Yacob to finally YACOV. Had" soy" first (milk comes from a COW too?). Thought initially of computer "spam"

Looking over the produce section BOSC pears dont look big to me compared to their Bartlett and Anjou cousins.

OWIE is cheap fill . Beatles bride brings to mind the sad tale of "Eleanor Rigby" probably their most depressing song.

Away we go...

"Corrals for donkeys"...... ASPENS

"The tiger utters a growl but 'ROAR' is what _____ ALLIANCES.

"Violently stub out a cigar"........ASHRAM.

"Baffling magic trick! Don't know _____ does it?....HOWIE
(Poor Howie Mandel... was already a pre COVID germapobe)

BTW. Does anyone else absolutely love "The Carbonaro EfFect?"

Was enjoying readng in the privacy our back yard provides last summer surrounded by old growth forest when a drone started circling overhead. Noisy, irritating and intrusive. Maybe I should purchase one and see how "they" like getting....DRONED

OAS...hoping for a complete recovery for your sister and brother in law.

Oas said...


Yellowrocks said...

OAS, how scary. I am glad things are looking up. Here's to a complete and speedy recovery for your sister and brother in law.

One terrible trait of COVID 19 is that it has similar symptoms similar to many other illnesses, so it is difficult to be sure you have it until it is very far advanced.

desper-otto said...

Speaking of COVID-19, I was shocked yesterday when I learned that the survival rate for virus patients placed on a ventilator is only 20%. OAS, it's good to hear that your sister and BIL are in the recovering phase.

Oas said...

Thanks D-O. I had heard earlier that if the condition of a patient on a ventilator didn’t improve in the first 3 or 4 days the survival chances diminished greatly. Knowing this caused the news to hit hard.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Gary Larson, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Hahtoolah, for a fine review.

Puzzle went easily. Caught the theme after 61A. I do like Spam, however, we do not eat it hardly at all. Don't know why.

Oas: Best of luck to your family with this COVID-19. Hopefully it will turn around soon.

I watched "All Rise" last night and the FOURTH AMENDMENT was part of the court case. Interesting.

Good cartoon for ARMED. Hot dog and a bun.

Old "Hef" has been in our puzzles a couple times now, lately.

Well, have to run. Tons to do.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Wilbur Charles said...

Bill G., FLN, Each clue listed below refers to it's corresponding 3 digit number above. fe. Clue 4 says none of the digits in 738 are in the combination. Thus clue #1 (682)indicates the combination ends in 2 or begins with 6.

Quick solve, unlike Gary's Sunday piece of work. Great piece of work from Hahtoolah as usual.


Misty said...

Delightful Tuesday puzzle, Gary--thank you, very much. I was so happy that I got the whole thing but then noticed that I forgot to change HAVE NO to HAVEN'T. But just a one letter error--still great to get the rest. Like Desper-otto, I too thought the BOY/MALE appearance predicted a gender theme, and was surprised when it turned out to be CANNED HAMS. But there they were, in the middle of all the theme words. Always love all the great pictures in your commentary, Susan, and the information on ROY Rogers and Dale Evans was a surprise to me too. They seemed like such an ideal couple, when I was a kid--who knew?

OAS, what a worrisome family crisis--so glad your broher-in-law and sister are doing better. Best wishes for a full recovery for both.

Have a great day, everybody.

Lemonade714 said...

ROS, you need to send out your clues and collaborate with an experienced constructor.

OAS- a sad and frightening story with what looks like a happy ending on the horizon. Best wishes and prayers a complete recovery for your sister and brother in law.

ST. Elsewhere was never a big hit but if you review the FULL CAST there were many more beyond MARK HARMON who appeared.

Lucina said...


Lots of HAM but no rye in today's puzzle. Thank you, Gary Larson.

Also, I learned that Dale Evans was married three times, VEAL is used in wiener schnitzel, and BOSCS are large pears. Really? They don't look so large next to their relatives.

I had to pronounce ALLIANCES several times before I got the joke. LOL

Though I have been to New Jersey only twice, I don't recognize PERTH AMBOY so likely did not go there.

Those MERCK containers are often seen in dockside photos.

I learned ASHRAM when reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love.

Sunday we saw HEF, today HEFNER.

The picture of an OGEE surprised me; I thought it was a more rounded arch so that is something else I learned.

In movies, seeing a PYRE floating out to sea moves me deeply.

My daughter tells me I should have a CAM installed in my computer. Can anyone tell me, first, if it's possible and if so, how.

I liked the HIM/HYMNAL parallel. Also TABLE/TBALL.

Thank you, Hahtoolah, for your delightful commentary with sweet illustrations.

Stay healthy, everyone!

Lucina said...

I also hope for a complete recovery for your sister and brother-in-law.

Old Okie said...

Nice puzzle, typical easy Tuesday puzzle.

I think it is the normal for Hollywood stars to be married three or four times.

For the first time in my life I made a grocery order online, I ordered it from The local Tribal owned store and they will bring it out to my car on Friday morning.

The Virus is making me stay home and stay safe, as an eighty year old man with asthma I would stand little chance of surviving it.

AnonymousPVX said...

This Tuesday crossword was a surprisingly easy Gary Larson go.

No write-overs today.

After moving to SC 10 years ago I am no longer surprised by the multiple marriages here in the Bible Belt.

Lucina, ask your daughter which Web Cam to get for your (older?) computer. They usually just plug into a port, or hook up through Bluetooth.

See you tomorrow.

inanehiker said...

Thanks YR for the pronunciation lesson - so if I'm ever in NJ....

News on the street (at work) is that Medicare will be changing the guidelines for the telehealth, everything is changing so fast I wouldn't be surprised, and I will be happy!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Lucina, look for "webcams" on the mail order outfits, or if you are inclined, Best Buy or Walmart. Should just plug into a USB port, although they will probably suggest loading their software. I always try new hardware without doing that, because they are often paid by third parties to install unnecessary software.

D-O, I found a study on ventilator survival a couple of weeks ago at NIH. This study was done a few years ago, and tracked people who went on the ventilator for any kind of respiratory failure. In that study, only 30% of patients were still alive one year after going on the vent. It doesn't surprise me that survival drops to 20% in the presence of COVID.

I looked it up after Gov. Cuomo implied that every ventilator used saved a life. (He just misspoke, since he had previously stated that the survival rate wasn't good. He's under extreme stress now, so misspeaking is certainly understandable.)

Yellowrocks said...

All my references say HYMN is pronounced HIM without the N. In my 82 years belonging to and visiting church circles of several denominations it has always been just HIM. Many words that end in MN have a silent N, but the N is voiced when you add a suffix.
column - columnist
autumn - autumnal
solemn - solemnity
hymn - hymnal

Anonymous said...

D-O, this is anon@8:49. Thanks for your help about the pitchers!

Wendybird said...

FLN, Pat, I grew up in Ann Arbor. Spent a lot of time “Upnorth” as an adult and purchased several Ken Scott photographs of Lake Michigan and the beach in front of my parents’ home. They are prominently displayed in our California home. Small world!

OAS, what an ordeal for your family. I hope the return to good health continues.

Thank you, Gary for a relatively easy puzzle and Hatoolah for a very entertaining tour.

My favorite AHA MOMENT as Reading Recovery teacher was when the light bulb went on for an at-risk first grader , and they discovered they COULD READ. Changed their lives!

We are doing all we can to follow the guidelines and protect ourselves and others. Stay safe everyone.

Irish Miss said...

Oas ~ Best wishes to your sister and her husband for a complete and speedy recovery. What a nightmare for your family to go through. Prayers go out to all.

Abejo, I watch All Rise and enjoy it. I thought last night's episode went over the top a little with Emily's near-hysterics. Also, unless I missed something, her client didn't look like someone who would be defended by a Public Defender. Those nits aside, I like the story arcs and the ensemble cast.

Oas said...

Thank you all for best wishes and prayers . Sis is recovering OK . Brother in law improving in some respects but breathing on his own remains a difficulty and he’ s still getting help from the ventilator . Slow but hopeful, we wait.

Spitzboov said...

Effective immediately I will stop pronouncing the 'n' in hymn. I doubt anybody was hearing the n anyway, so it was probably a wasted alveolar nasal effort on my part.
When mn are the final consonants, the n is silent.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Oas, I thought he was off the ventilator. My remarks were totally inappropriate considering your situation. I apologize.

Pat said...

This was an easy Tuesday edition. Thank you,gary L., for the fun time. Thank you Hatoolah, for the great write-up.

My only write-over was 33d, Saves for later... PUTSAway/PUTSASIDE. Ran out of letter with the answer.

Fav clue/answer was 15 a. African howler HYENA. Mich. State Univ. has had a research camp in the Maasia Mara wildlife National Reserve since 1988 where they study Hyenas. One of my nieces, M.,majored in Zoology at MSU. She had the opportunity to go to Kenya for 10 weeks to work at the camp, which she did. A couple years after she graduated, someone who was supposed to go over for a year wasn't able to go so M. was asked if she'd like to go back. She jumped at the chance! My daughter, L., had Africa on her bucket list and decided she should go while she knew someone there, so she spent a week at the camp. Great adventures!

Wendybird,small world indeed! I'm from a small town south of Ypsi and still have family in the area. And thank you for supporting my brother. If you're on Facebook and like his page, he posts a new picture several times a week.

Oas, positive thoughts and best wishes for your sister and BIL. Hope he continues to make progress.

Wilbur Charles said...

Spam and eggs is one of my fav breakies. Just south of Clearwater Beach is a restaurant that served same and I tried to work it into my shuttle schedule.

Re. THROW and the illustration. A critical part is using the back foot to push off timed with the pivoting of back and hips. The rotation of the back is also key but having the back foot stabilized against the pitching rubber is the trick for maximizing speed. The terrible mechanics of MLB pitchers amazes me.

Coincidentally, we three ,B.,P. et moi, watched the movie Downton Abbey last night. Interesting to see the hierarchies of staff and royalty. Was that Redgrave as crusty old Violet? I'm guessing the date is early post WWI.

Oas, a friend drank himself into a COMA TWICE!!! And probably will again. Reminded me of a guy that drank on antabuse, TWICE


Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

D-O, I LOVED that country music show and an watching it a second time. I grew up being a big fan of Gene Autry, less so for Roy Rogers. My father had met Gene Autry incidental to his job as an internal auditor for the Navy. He took me to a big indoor rodeo show featuring Autry and we got to go back stage. I got an autographed photo which I still have.

OAS, best wishes for your sister, brother-in-law and you.

FVLLN, I'm a 'luddite' when it comes to musicals. I don't like the new ones much but am a big fan of the oldies; The Music Man, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Guys and Dolls ... I almost hated Cats.

Jayce, hello back at you (from last night).

CanadianEh!, the current events like you mentioned yesterday make me sad.

I used to enjoy flying kites. I got a lot of string on a big metal spool and I would try to get the kite as high as possible, sometimes almost out of sight.

Take care of yourself and each other.

~ Mind how you go...

Sandyanon said...


Maggie Smith

Lucina said...

Thank you for the many suggestions about a CAM. When I talk to my daughter this evening I'll ask her about it. I shall also ask Mark; he's very tuned in to electronics.

Insofar as I can recall, neither ROY Rogers nor Gene Autrey ever participated in the Phoenix annual rodeo parade, but I clearly recall Hopalong Cassidy with his piercing blue eyes looking down from his horse. As I've mentioned before, we would have the day off from school to attend the parade.

Yellowrocks said...

Oas, sorry I did not realize BIL is still on a respirator. You, he, and your sister are all in my thoughts and prayers at this tough time.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - what type of computer do you have? Laptop? Desktop? Windows? Mac?

D-O: I use KeePass. All passwords are vaulted on MY computer (not the cloud).

Play later, -T

Jinx in Norfolk said...

-T said "All passwords are vaulted on MY computer (not the cloud)". Dashlane too.

Ol' Man Keith said...

ROY Rogers was my hero, and Trigger was my horse.
I just put up with the draggy times his movies gave to the "Sons of the Pioneers."
I figured the music was for grown-ups (rarely seen in our kids' matinee audiences), just the same as any (yuck!) "love interest."
Roy wasn't big on the kissy-kissy scenes.
(Later on, I found the origin of the notion that the he-man cowboy had little time for the women-folk. In the original script for The Girl of the Golden West, by David Belasco (the source for the opera), there is a bit of dialogue between the hero and the girl, where he says:
"Gal, ya got the face of an angel. guess I better go water mah hoss!")
Now THAT'S a real man.

Nice pzl today. Fun throughout.
A 3-way on the far side.
The central anagram invites us to share bits of gossip & politics in another version of a forum referenced in today's pzl.
Come, gather around the...

CrossEyedDave said...

Late to the party again,
(Actually went out w/DW & braved the line @ Home Depot
to get leaf bags. (She's got me cleaning up the back yard... (Help!)

Hmm, Theme=canned ham..
Sorry, but I am just not inclined to post another
rerun of William Shatner playing Captain Kirk...
(I am trying to improve Irish Miss' thoughts of my posts...)

Thanks for the info Desper-Otto,
I would rather be dead than intubated.
(hmm, maybe that's why ventilators have such a poor outcome...)

Gosh!, now I've got "myself" depressed.
I think I will find some encouragement in Bill G's post...

Yellowrocks, Thanks for the Silent N - voiced N example.
(I never knew!)

& Spitz! Triphthong is a thing?
(wait, how many H's? dang, I am starting to sound like Daffy Duck...)
Actually, you should not post these words on a Crossword Blog!
Some constructor may pick up on it & make things harder than they already are...

Speaking of Harder Crosswords,
Did you know there was a word such as: Burgoo
Crossword constructors out there, if you are going to use such
an obscure vowel cheat, it is required that you
understand the meaning of the word...
luckily, you don't have to taste it.
but, as a solver, I am sure it would leave a bad taste in my solving experience...

Spitzboov said...

CED - You read my mind exactly. Maybe we can stretch out the time between Erie and Alou.

Irish Miss said...

CED @ 6:57 ~ Recipe for improvement=Fewer felines and more canines. It's been a dog's age since you've posted any clips of man's best friend! 🐩🦮🐕‍🦺🐕

CrossEyedDave said...

But? Irish Miss?
How can I post Doggie pics & stay with the Theme?

Also, Daughter #1 cheered me up the other day.
I wanted to pass on the video she posted, but
it took a day to figure out how to transfer it to YouTube.
I wanted to post it yesterday, with the Broadway Show theme,
since she always wanted to be on Broadway. But with the lights out,
& a day late, oh well, timing is everything...

Jinx in Norfolk said...

CED, Kentucky Burgoo is featured at the Derby (and at Keeneland racetrack as well. But they make it out of beef for the more genteel clientele.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Gary and Hahtoolah.
I FIRed in good time with only a couple of inkblots. Hand up for trying to fit PUTS Away before ASIDE, and my HAMS attempted to be cured before being CANNED.
But getting that theme reveal set me back. Like d'o and others, I saw BOY and MALE in those starred clues, plus MEN was in AHA MOMENT and again twice in FOURTH AMENDMENT. It required an AHA MOMENT to decide that the theme had nothing to do with the male sex. (And we had HEFNER too!)

Another hand up for wanting Fred before ROY. Somehow I never think of ROY as Mr. Rogers.
I'll take a double CSO with 69A and 3D. When I started my professional career, 3D was known as MERCK, Sharp & Dohme. (Jinx, does this ring a bell with you!) (And apparently it is still that name outside of USA & Canada.)

I smiled at the clue for HIM, when we had HYMNAL too.
I also noticed OGEES, ICEE & TEES in order (65, 66 & 67A)

BillG - You were the only one brave enough to wade into current events. But there seems to be a resolution today that will benefit both sides, and that is what was hoped for.

Oas - thought and prayers for continued recovery for you BIL and sister.
Best wishes to you all. Stay safe.

SwampCat said...

Is it okay if a puzzle is easy to say it’s wonderful? This one was both.

Thanks for the entertaining write up , too!

I’m intrigued that we are fighting the Roy vs Gene wars after all these years. I am firmly in the Gene Autry camp! I thought Roy was kinda fake. Too clean looking , and his hat was too new looking. Yes, yes, I know they were not REAL cowboys...with cows....but there is a limit.

Last night ESPN ran a replay of the first Saints game back in the Superdome after Katrina. Steve Gleason, who has been battling ALS for years, blocked a punt which was recovered for a TD. Actually not a big deal in the outcome of the game, but an emotional boost to a city that was hurting. I was amazed that I cried least night! And I knew how it all turned out!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks for the fun little Tuesday puzzle Gary - theme was not apparent until the end, which is nice.

One problem though, as I DON’T LIKE SPAM!. [Python Live (and much older)]

Great expo Hahtoolah - nice sidelinks for extended learning.


Runnerup - AHA MOMENT. Had an Indian CS professor that would interrupt his lectures with animated commentary...
"OK. This is where da rubbard meets da road. //roll the r in rubber//
You will have your aha moment.
Just wait."
He was a fun guy and good prof.

WASH ME - Daughters' & DW's cars haven't moved in 3+ weeks and are caked in pollen (and DW's is in the garage!)

Smooth DR OMK.

OAS - Scary. Glad to read things are on the upswing but still... God Speed to you and your family.

YR @1:04p - I never thought about that re: MN words. Cool

MERCK? I recall they got hit hard by NotPetya when it escaped Ukraine.

C, Eh! - That the 3M issue even came to that is ridiculous.

CED - The KITE video was the serenity I needed this eve. Thx.

Cheers, -T

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Gary! Great expo, Hahtoolah!

Hahtoolah had to inform me as to the theme. How could I have missed that? My mind isn't too sharp lately.

OAS: thinking of your family with prayers.

My BFF's granddaughter, who lives near NOLA, had a caesarian section to deliver twins early this week. So far all are okay! Drs. wanted her delivered and out of the hospital as soon as possible in this scary time. One baby was breech and the mother's blood pressure was very high. Life goes on...

Oas said...

thanks again for all of your concerns. Sister's daughter is a nurse and we depend on updates from her. It's tough waiting knowing 7 days is a long time to be intubated. No need to apologize Jinx the breathing on his own was too weak but showed some promise.

Lucina said...

My computer is an Acer desktop with Windows. More information than that I cannot give you because I don't know.

Today I ventured out to the grocery store, with mask, and saw only about a dozen or so people so we could stay well away from each other. Only two others were wearing masks besides me. The TP shelf was empty. I found everything else.