Apr 4, 2020

Saturday, April 4, 2020, Brian E Paquin

Themeless Saturday by Brian E. Paquin

Brian E. Paquin is the author of today's puzzle. He is our retired computer systems developer, and now crossword constructor from Kingston, Ontario. He and I were of very like mind today as I polished this puzzle off very quickly (I have sworn off  saying my solving times here).

On Brian's last themeless Saturday he included actress Anna Paquin as fill and said she might be some distant relative as she was born in Winnipeg, Ontario.

Here was Brian's gracious reply to my inquiry about this puzzle:

Hi Gary,

Not a lot to say about it...I liked the way it turned out, except maybe for the S/E corner.   41A ESSE, 41D EKEOUT and 54D SST are all tiresome entries to me.  But if there is to be a weak area, then the S/E is my choice.  Solvers will have enjoyed the better parts by the time they get there.

Let's see what Brian has developed for us today from north of the border:


1. One of the partying elite: A-LISTER.

8. Dessert option: A LA MODE 

15. Emphasize strongly: RAM HOME - Every government agency is trying to RAM HOME wha we must do be safe(r)

16. Online group study: WEBINAR - When I think of all those trips to The University of Nebraska at Omaha I made to get my Masters...

17. Visiting the Louvre, say: IN PARIS - What Rick and Isla will always have

18. Namesake of brunch sauce: HOLLAND - HOLLANDAISE sauce originated in Normandy, France in 1651 as Sauce Isigny not HOLLAND. [Side note - French fries are said to have originated in Belgium and Crab Rangoon in San Francisco] 

19. Sweet after-dinner drink: PORT WINE - On the subject of name derivations, PORT WINE came from the Portuguese city of Oporto

21. Cpl., for one: NCO - Non Commissioned Officer

22. Some street performers: MIMES - Wait a minute... 

25. __ learning: ROTE 

26. Conks out: DIES.

27. "The Cookie Never Crumbles" co-author Wally: AMOS - Famous AMOS

28. Stick: MIRE.

29. Apollo unit, briefly: LEM - Here's the ascent stage of the Lunar Excursion Module taking off from the Moon to reunite with the Command Module that was still orbiting the Moon so the three astronauts could return to Earth. 

30. Flour bag abbr.: LBS.

31. Enthusiastic well-wisher: BACKSLAPPER - Gone with hand shaking for now

35. Retire: PUT OUT TO PASTURE - Subbing keeps at least one foot out of the pasture

37. Took over in a supervisor's absence: HELD THE FORT - After President Reagan was shot, Alexander Haig strode into the West Wing and said he was in charge, i.e. HOLDING (DOWN) THE FORT. Some thought, "Well, 38. __-di-dah: LAH"

40. __ web: DARK Here 'ya go

41. To be, in Latin: ESSE - "
ESSE aut non ESSE illud est quaestio" - Hamlet's musing

42. Hardy title teenager: TESS - TESS of the d"Ubervilles 

44. Small store: MART.

45. 12-time NBA All-Star Olajuwon, as originally spelled: AKEEM - Alt. spelling on this card

46. Big bird: EMU - If commercials are supposed to be annoying to stick in your mind, the poor EMU and his witless handler are successful

47. Dessert made with Oreos: DIRTCAKE - How 'bout adding some (Gummy) worms?

49. Fell behind: RAN LATE.

51. Baseball's Browns, since 1954: ORIOLES - They started as Milwaukee Brewers in 1881 but moved to St. Louis in 1901 as the Browns where they played for 52 years and then became the Baltimore Orioles in 1954 which they still are 39. So far: YET.

1891 Milwaukee Brewers
55. Camera maker that merged with Konica: MINOLTA.

56. What financial projections are compared with: ACTUALS - Everybody's 2020 financial projections are pretty much trash now

57. Guile: SLYNESS.

58. "We're done": THAT'S IT - Going to Husker games?


1. Bush press secretary Fleischer: ARI.

2. PC linkup: LAN - Local Area Network

3. Little rascal: IMP.

4. Pentagon and others: SHAPES - Those pentagonal home plates are still in storage

5. Corrida chargers: TOROS - Corrida is a word meaning bullfight

6. Muslim noble: EMIR 23. Permeate: IMBUE IMBUE used in The Call an EMIR might say

7. They're not for everyone: RESTRICTED AREAS - It'd be about a 20 hr drive for me to get to this famous RESTRICTED AREA

8. 1957 Marty Robbins hit: A WHITE SPORT COAT to wear to the 13. Prom, say: DANCE. - This avid Marty Robbins fan first put his less famous song A BIG IRON ON HIS HIP which fit but the title is only BIG IRON and, uh, wrong!

9. Spaghetti Western director Sergio: LEONE - The Danish National Symphony performs the haunting theme from the spaghetti western The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with plenty of voices but not one discernible word. [A Danish orchestra directed by a Japanese-American woman that is the theme for an American-Style western directed by an non-English speaking Italian man shot mostly in Spain]

10. Up to it: ABLE.

11. Wire measure: MIL - 1 MIL wire is .001" thick

12. Without thinking: ON AN IMPULSE - Last week I showed my prized Superman shirt of my misspent yute. ON AN IMPULSE I thought I could fly and took a leap. I told mom and the doctor I was pushed.

14. Hungarian mathematician Paul: ERDOS - The one unknown for me but if you're interested

20. Museum piece: WORK OF ART.

22. "Happy Days" character Ralph: MALPH - If you really care, you'll know which one he is in this picture

24. Promising forecast: MOSTLY SUNNY - Is the same as partly cloudy?

26. Commerce, e.g.: Abbr.: DEPT 

28. "Do the __!": MATH - Can I afford this Ferrari on a retired teacher's income? 

29. Stand the test of time: LAST.

31. Target: BUTT - Being the BUTT of the joke is misery for some and a 
32. Playful prank: LARK to others

33. Scrub away: ERASE - 44 sec. video of amazing 3D art and ERASING it

34. Alter, as a skirt: REHEM - This dress has had some significant REHEMMING

36. Poems of honor: ODES.

41. Just manage: EKE OUT.

42. Contract listing: TERMS - Selling my MIL's house contained TERMS where she had to pay for a new roof

43. Text alternative: E-MAIL 

44. Catchers' catchers: MITTS - The first catcher to use one was thought of as a sissy

45. Curly-tailed dog: AKITA - Can't we all use a cute picture today?

47. Valley: DALE.

48. Bridge structure: ARCH - For some reason, the General W.K. Wilson Bridge is called the Dolly Parton Bridge. 

50. Actor Chaney: LON.

52. Scale notes: LAS - A note to follow SO(L)

53. Skull and Bones member: ELI - These three members of this secret society at Yale later became presidents. The Video Daily Double Jeopardy question for the far left man is, "Who is the only president to later become Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court?"

54. Old boomer: SST.

I add for no apparent reason: If Brian drove from his home in Kingston, Ontario to Buffalo, N.Y. he would travel from  the east end of Lake Ontario to the east end of Lake Erie. 

Note from C.C.:

Constructor Todd Gross created a series of YouTube videos on themed crosswords. Click here for his latest "For the Birds". I would not have seen the extra layers without his explanations.


Lemonade714 said...

Another interesting puzzle created by one of the Saturday specialists, Brian and skillfully filleted and served up by HG.

I was surprised to see a-lister and à la mode together to begin the puzzle. Dessert made with Oreos: DIRTCAKE and 1957 Marty Robbins hit: A WHITE SPORT COAT rang no bells. It was nice to be reminded of PAUL ERDOS from my days as a math major in college. I also still take the CSO with LEM

FLN - Big Easy, I really know better than talking when I do not know anything, but I blame it on COVID-19. -T, my point about QUIK was two=pronged. The clue did NOT refer to NESQUIK and even if it did, the back end of every portmanteau automatically a suffix? I leave it up to all the English teachers.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Reserve to Resurect (misspelled) before RESTRICTED finally appeared. Didn't fall into the "Big Iron" trap, though. Noticed the SO to Lucina at DALE. I'm completing my 10th year in the PASTURE. Finished in good time, and enjoyed the outing. Thanx, Brian and Husker.

Weird map questions: 1. To drive from Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Ontario you go in which direction? 2. To sail from the Atlantic (Caribbean) to Pacific via the Panama Canal, in which direction do you go?

1. South
2. West to East

BobB said...

The president in question is William Taft.

BobB said...

You probably have to been born in the 40s to remember "A white sport coat and a pink carnation".

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW, being careless with tense in the fill HoLD THE FORT. Should have caught it at IMBUo, but inadequate P&P doomed me. And I erased IMBed to get there, my only scrubaway.

CSO to LEM714.

CSO to our Monday scribe at "old Boomer".

The wonderful little Tabby's Restaurant in Silver Springs, FL offers Oreo churros, served AL LA MODE. Yummy! I hope they make it through this period. The restaurant is less than a year old.

MOSTLY SUNNY: How I Learned to Keep Smiling Through the Rainiest Days is a book by Janis Dean, a Fox News weather reporter from Ottawa. She wrote the book after being diagnosed with MS.

Thanks to Brian for another fun grid. My favorite was BUTT for "target". And thanks to Gary for your always-interesting commentary.

oc4beach said...

Another up early (5:00am is early for me) morning. Too many things rattling through my brain to keep sleeping.

Challenging puzzle from Brian that was enjoyable and ultimately doable. HG's tour through the grid was enjoyable and well illustrated (i.e. visual).

Perps were helpful this morning, especially with ERDOS, a total unknown.

LEM filled in immediately. I worked on the Ascent Stage of the LEM as a designer, many eons ago.

Like HG, Marty Robbins was one of my favorites when I was a teenager. In fact, I wore A WHITE SPORT COAT and a pink carnation to the Senior Prom, but I wasn't all alone at the dance, just mostly alone because she spent most of the time with her friends.

Along with the CDC, the Governor of Pennsylvania has "suggested" that we should now wear face masks when we go out. DW is a great seamstress, so she said she will make some for us. I do have a few of the molded dust masks from my workshop that I can use, but they won't last long and you can't find any in the few stores that are open.

Stay well everyone.

Hungry Mother said...

FIR and very quickly. Looked for a missing DOWN in my FORT. In 2003, while in Spain for 4 months, my wife and I visited Mini Hollywood, where a lot of spaghetti westerns were filmed. It was one of our “clueless” days when we did a lot of dumb things that came out OK.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I wasn't born yet in the '40s, but I remember Marty Robbins from El Paso more than WHITE SPORT COAT, even though I remember that song.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Brian E. Paquin, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Husker gary, for a fine review.

HG: You meant to say the East end of Lake Erie. You can't stump me on an Erie question. Ha Ha

Puzzle went great today. I got up early. Could not sleep and jumped into it. As usual i bounced around and picked the cherries. That helped a lot. I was able to get 7D, 8D, and 35A easily, so that helped a lot.

I remember Marty Robbins singing that song. I think Pat Boone sang it as well. And I was born in the 40's. Believe me, I feel it every day.

Did not know LEONE and ERDOS from the NE corner. Took a bunch of perps for them.

Of course I tried RESULTS for 56A. ACTUALS worked much better.

And so, with that I am going to hit the hay for another hour or so. Good Morning.

See you tomorrow.


( )

jfromvt said...

I was able to finish this one pretty quickly. Sometime you're just on the same wave length as the constructor.

Enjoyable puzzle, well done with some creative long answers.

inanehiker said...

This felt a little overwhelming with the long answers both directions - but OTOH once I got a toehold a huge space would get filled in. A WHITE SPORT COAT was a complete unknown- I wonder if I listen to it if I would recognize the song. With RESTRICTED AREAS - I started out with the REST and thought it was going to have "restaurant" or "rest areas" in it.

Thanks Gary for the fun blog - I especially enjoyed the choir/orchestra version of "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
and thanks to Brian for a creative puzzle!

Yellowrocks said...

I was right on Brians' wave length and solved this one lickety-split. Easiest Saturday LAT I ever saw. Only ERDOS was unknown, gotten with all perps. Usually my first thought turned out to be correct. Of course, I needed a perp or two sometimes to jog my memory. I see that jfromvt found it easy, too.
Gary, great blog.
The emu and his witless handler give me the wrong message. I get the impression that the insurance company it represents is witless, too.
I loved a skirt I got when skirt lengths were quite long. I kept cutting inches off the bottom and rehemming it over many years as skirt lengths rose. When skirt lengths went back down, there was nothing I could do to save it. And by then I was too old to wear a skirt that barely covered my butt.
Back in the day when students could bring treats for the class I saw plenty of Oreo dirt cakes or dirt cupcakes with gummy worms.
I recognize A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation from the 50's.

Montana said...

Good morning, old friends!
Thanks for the expo, Husker.
I agree with Yellowrocks. This was the easiest Saturday puzzle, ever, for me. I don’t think I have ever completed a Saturday puzzle without help.
I thought perhaps this was mistakenly a Monday puzzle!
I went straight through. There were a couple clues I wouldn’t have known but the answer was already filled in.
Usually I do the puzzles online at night but did this one in the morning. My local state newspaper has quit carrying the LA Times puzzle.

Well, safe living to you all,


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I set an all-time record by solving this in 13.33, on a Saturday, no less! But, boy oh boy, did I enjoy it. The fill was lively and so much of it was totally unforced and "in the language": Mostly Sunny, Put out to Pasture, On an impulse, Work of art, Ran late, Held the fort, etc. Liked the duos of LAN and Lon, and Las and Lah. Erdos, Malph, and Dirt Cake were unknowns. CSO to CED and Jinx at Imp.

Thank you, Brian, for a most pleasant distraction and thanks, Gary, for educating, while entertaining.

Stay safe, all.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

One of the easier Saturdays. No searches needed. FIR. Never heard of ERDOS but perps were solid. Nice intro, HG. Thanks.
I still have my MINOLTA SLR, bought in a ship's store in 1972.

Re Kingston. Several times a year we would have to meet with Ontario Hydro staff on mutual operational matters. Travel to Toronto or from there to the Utica area was not efficient. So often both parties would drive about 2½ hours to Kingston and meet there. Lunch at Miss Piggy's was always a plus.

As Hamlet was quoted in Berlin: Sein oder Nichtsein; das ist hier die Frage:

Big Easy said...

Good morning from Covid19ville. Brian's puzzle shot out of the gate in the NW as there were all gimmes and slowed to a crawl as I went down the grid. I got stumped at the Marty Robbins song that I didn't know. A WHITE SPORT COAT was all perps. 'El Paso', well everybody knows that song.

It took 20 minutes to finish with ERDOS, MALPH, & DIRT CAKE filled by perps.

WEBINAR-Gary, we know that most of things taught in college can be learned by any diligent student without attending class. I think this virus isolation will shake the foundations of many colleges. They just want the money for making students take worthless classes.

PUT OUT TO PASTURE- I didn't give them a chance and they didn't have the guts to fire me. I walked out of the office in Sept. 2000, they kept paying my salary, and the next April I got a call while I was playing golf offering me a couple of years salary. I said OK. They were afraid I would work for the competition.

Brian Paquin said...

I was a bit surprised that people thought this puzzle was easy, but constructors don't always know one way or another.
I was a toddler when Marty Robbins had his big hits, but I still know them well. His music has a lot of staying power.
Spitzboov: Chez Piggy was owned and operated by Zal Yanovsky of The Loving Spoonful. He used his payoff money when the group put him out to pasture. He also owned a bakery.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Is there a Blue Moon? Is today not a Saturday? Not only FIR but NO crossouts. I may just clip out the finished puzzle and send it in with my MENSA application. ACTUALly more like a midweek challenge. The end to end clues were easy fill and the rest just fell into place.

Alternative facts...clues...etc:

"Alternative to mud pie"......DIRTCAKE.

"Go nuts when you see a mouse".....EKEOUT

"Craggy steep rocky area"....RAMHOME.

"Mr. Godfrey's sculpture".....WORKOFART

(Last and worst.....

"Louis was bored boilng milk so he hired a lady of the evening to ____" ..PUTOUTTOPASTEUR.

My unsolicited "tuppence" re: nursing student in the ER.....The best nursing schools place students into clinical settings early. This is not free labor. The students are supervised by clinical instructors not just given a thermometer and BP cuff and let loose. If the student balks at being exposed to possible or proven COVID poz ER patients (or for that matter patients with active TB or MRSA etc.) now is the time to find another career path. day off and finished the puzzle too quickly. Pretending to still pore over it or DW will find projects for me to do that I keep putting off.

Have a Happy Palm-less Sunday tomorrow. C U on Monday.

"No Hon, can't tidy up the garage, still working on the crossword"

NaomiZ said...

Like most of you early birds, FIR but leaned on perps for ERDOS, A WHITE SPORT COAT, MALPH, and AKEEM. I enjoy a challenge that can be overcome. Thank you, Brian and Gary!

Lucina said...


Thank you, Gary and Brian for a quick and, for a Saturday, easy solve.

Gary, actually CORRIDA means "a run"; there is also CORRIDO which is a type of DANCE. The TOROS make a run for it when released from the pen. The only time I've seen that was in Pamplona, Spain on July 11 circa 1995.

Yes, I'll take the CSO at DALE.

Growing up we had only one radio station and Mary Robbins (live) was regularly featured on it. My favorite, of course, is The Streets of Laredo.

Solving with ink I never fill an answer ON AN IMPULSE so it takes a while longer but finished with very few errors, 5 in fact, made obvious by the wite-out.

No way did I remember Ralph MALPH but it perped easily.

For some reason A LISTER and A LA MODE amused me.

The clue and answer, RESTRICTED AREAS, was clever.

Any time I buy slacks the are too long and I have to REHEM them.

Thanks again, Gary and Brian. This was a treat!

Stay healthy everyone! I see that our landscape crew are all wearing masks.

TTP said...

A nice challenge today that I really enjoyed. I liked the three grid spanners, and along with the other longer answers, made for a quick Saturday solve. Very clean. No dreck. Husker's write up was the icing on the CAKE.

My only unknown was ERDOS. When the 5 letter name started with E, and mathematician was in the clue, Euler came to mind.

Other answers didn't come to mind quickly, but as they emerged, I knew them. Ad JzB, says "frex" (for example) A WHITE SPORT COAT, or ORIOLES for "Baseball's Browns, since 1954". Before my time, but easily worked out.

A WHITE SPORT COAT was and is played on the "old country" music stations. Of course, some of the "old country" songs weren't all that old when I was growing up.

AKEEM came easily. No perps required. He was a star on the amazing U of H Cougars teams, and then the star player on the Houston Rockets teams. I was a fan of those teams.

My last fill was the M in MIRE and MATH. Don't know why "Do the ____ !" wouldn't come to mind, especially when it was the favorite expression of an old friend. He even said in situations where no math would have been involved.

DIRT CAKE is okay, but my mother and sister made the best Mississippi Mud Cake !

As to ACTUALS: "Everybody's 2020 financial projections are pretty much trash now", I was reading a CBO (Congressional Budget Office) report sometime in January on the projections from (I think it was) 2018 though 2022. Yeah, all bets are off.

"Thought of":
Boomer at the old Boomer clue.
oc4Beach at the LEM answer.
Dash T at DARK web.
Hungry Mother and Fermatprime at ERDOS. I just figured that if anyone knew that answer without much thinking, it would be university professors in the math field.

Brian, we always like it when the constructor visits and comments, so thank you for that, too !

desper-otto said...

TTP, A White Sport Coat... was played on the top 40 stations, sold a million copies, and won a grammy. Marty Robbins was primarily a country artist, but he had three "pop" hits during his long career -- the other two were El Paso (of course) and Don't Worry with that weird bass solo at 1:26 -- everybody wondered what the heck that instrument could be.

Brian Paquin said...

I find it disturbing that few people know of Ralph Malph. Disturbing because it makes me feel as old as I really am.

desper-otto said...

Unfortunately, I'm old enough to remember Ralph Malph, and inked him in immediately. He was at the bottom left in the picture Husker linked.

Misty said...

How nice of you to stop by, Brian, and I found your puzzle a bit tough but a lot of fun.
Started out slowly with LAH-DI-DAH which gave me REHEM. Then YET gave me ODES and BUTT, and ODES gave me TESS, and so it went, slowly filling in places here there and everywhere. Yep, was born in the 40s and can still hear the melody of a WHITE SPORT COAT and a PINK CARNATION in my ear. So glad the weather has been MOSTLY SUNNY, because we're supposedly getting a lot of rain in the coming week. (No big deal, I guess, since we're all Corona-stuck at home all the time anyway). And one little question, wasn't it ILSA, not ISLA, who hung out with Rick? Fun Saturday puzzle, thanks again, Brian, and great pictures and commentary, Gary.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

Brian said...

I remember seeing the Ascent Stage of the LEM blasting off live. I thought it was one of the coolest images of that age. A question for Husker or oc4beach. How did they make the camera pan up to follow the stage? With a 7 second time delay for signals from the earth to the moon, it doesn't seem the ground control could be sending the signals. I would think the astronauts would have been too busy to control it themselves locally. If is was done automatically, it sure would have been a complicated system.

TTP said...

D-O, maybe that's where I also heard it. On the Top 40 oldies stations. But it was definitely known.

The very beginning of "Don't Worry" sounds familiar, but I think I would have recalled that weird bass solo. In fact, if you hadn't said it, I too would have been wondering what it was.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

And who could forget the classic Jimmy Buffet album A White Sport Coat & A Pink Crustacean? My favorite cut is the poignant He Went to Paris.

AnonymousPVX said...

This Saturday puzzle seemed to go quickly. Because It was very well clued.

No write-overs today. Because I didn’t guess at anything. Not even “ERDOS” which was new to me.

Ralph Malph wasn’t, and I am happy to remember that.

After being President, Taft finally got the only job he really wanted.

Just bought 200 face masks on eBay, there are lots available...these are the regular 3 ply non-woven masks, not the N95 medical grade ones. They won’t go bad if I don’t use them all up...they’ll last until the next wave.

See you Monday. Stay safe.

Husker Gary said...

Here ya go, Brian!

Wilbur Charles said...

I kept trying to spell and fit Sauterne where the simple port was all I needed. I see Marty Robbins and I automatically assume I'll need 16 perps. Coulda had it right off. "...And a pink carnation…" Not to speak of spelling MALPH. I thought it was Mouth.

I remember, age 11, putting the MITT on my right hand *and I'd hold the fort. Oops long story, narrativable on demand. Preferably in the ether. Either long or not worth telling.

And… I had Louvre mixed up with Lourdes and thus IN PERIL.

Speaking of.. Lucina, you surely recall "mourning and weeping in a vale/valley of tears". DALE fit though.


*I'm left-handed. Rarely do we Catch. But I'd read "The Connie Mack Baseball Book", cover to cover .


Spitzboov said...

Brian @ 0949 - - Thanks for the additional background on Chez Piggy. Prompted me to go to Wiki and Youtube to learn more. Sorry to learn of Zal's early passing.
And thanks again for a fun solving experience.

Roy said...

<a href=">A white sport coat (and a pink carnation)</a>
Remember from radio oldies weekends in the 60's.

Roy said...

this work?

Brian Paquin said...

I never met Zal, but he was a character...guitarist with the shaggy black hair:

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Brian for a nice Saturday puzzle that, w/ P&P, was completely doable. Fun stuff in the grid too. Also, thanks for popping in today.

Great Expo HG. Got more links to click later.

I did the puzzle over breakfast and, unlike Ray-O, showed DW I nailed the puzzle. Out to the garage sanding-down old patio furniture I went...

WOs: Len b/f LON; looked for bOok learning b/f ROTE.
Fav: MOSTLY SUNNY just 'cuz.
Runner-up: RALPH 'the Mouth' MALPH.
//BrianP - I think, with this crowd, it's the 'younger' solvers that know Happy Days - I had The Fonz lunch-box in 1st grade ('76)

I don't know A WHITE SPORT COAT or Marty Robbins; perps were kind. //Jinx - OK, I do know El Paso - thanks.

Hi Montana! Nice to see you swing by The Corner.

Spitz - I still have my Mom's late-'70s Minolta SLR. Fun camera if you can find film :-)

Play later - nap time b/f our virtual get together w/ DW's family tonight.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Wilber Charles:
Yes, I most certainly do remember that prayer, Hail Holy Queen, and it's an appropriate one for the current situation, IMO.

It's going to be exceedingly odd not to participate in Palm Sunday and Easter services, something that hasn't happened since I was an infant. All of Holy Week will be missed.

For those who participate, how are you dealing with Passover?

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

"Poor banished children of Eve"...U R correct Lucina. Exiled in our own homes

Wilbur Charles said...

Lucina, I first learned valley then I read a later version as vale. Also, "Satan and all the evil spirits who wander around the world".... Now I'm reading it as "prowl". Now…

So our catcher could no longer catch." I can do it"(MITT backwards for a lefty). This was playground baseball for midgets: 10-12*. Now, runners on first and third. Routine LL play is "just let the runner steal second", no throw.

Oh no. Not Billy Baseball. I meticulously drew out the play. 2nd baseman will cut off the throw if runner on third tries for home.

Pitch is thrown, runner heads for second. At the last second I fake the throw to second and I've got the runner trapped off third. I snap a throw down and….

Bobby, the third baseman is completely faked out. Ball bounces off his MITT, runner walks home, game over.

I think Bobby went on to have a successful career. Did the ignominy bother him? Nah, he had more important things in life than baseball if you can imagine that.

Me? Serious resentment, but had to be nice to Bobby and never, ever talk about it nor worse cast blame.

I was able to handle things with the mitt on backwards.

Connie Mack, Johnny Bench, Wilbur Charles . Same mantra: Never let that guy on first get a free base.


*When I coached midgets while in college my catcher was 8. Great athlete. SS same age.

Lucina said...

. . . and after this, our exile ...

Java Mama said...

Good evening, everyone! Not much to add re: puzzle that hasn't already been said. However, apropos of Lucina's comment about missing Palm Sunday and Easter services, you may want to check if any of your local parishes offer live-streaming options. DH and I have "attended" Mass via live-stream the past two Sundays, and while it isn't quite the same as being there in person, it does help one feel connected to the larger community. I'm not sure if there are similar options with respect to Passover and other seasonal observances.

Stay safe, all!

Yuman said...

Lordy, I missed 27 across “Amos” even though I have a box of 42 pkgs. of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies delivered from Sam’s Club sitting in my pantry.
Husband and grandsons “need” their cookies when grandma isn’t baking.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Excellent, just excellent all around! What a wonderful pzl!
Of course, my superlatives mean only one thing--that I was able to finish a Saturday Xwd with no errors.

My LA Times was not delivered today, so I had to go online and print out the pzl.
I hate when that happens.
I do.
One diagonal only, on the front end.
The anagram reminds me of a time when I was in the South of France and dined at a Vietnamese restaurant. They had a great Hearts-of-Palm Salad--the first time I enjoyed hearts-of-palm. What a delectable delight!
This anagram tells us there is another treat to be had. Maybe some day I will order the...

Wilbur Charles said...

Did show into us the fruit of thy womb...
I created a version to honor my mother. She was always there even when I (and my sister at an earlier time) were in -

I also rewrote the Lords Prayer. It's used in meetings I attend(before CV19) and some have problems with the "religiosity". So I demonstrated that at the core were seven or eight basic principles. Doesn't help with the atheists though.


Brian said...

Thanks, Gary @1:49PM for the story behind getting the video of the LEM Ascent Stage. It was fascinating that it took 3 tries (Apollo 15, 16, and finally 17) to get the shot.