Jun 13, 2008

Friday June 13, 2008 Barry Silk

Theme: PIG OUT

17A: Coin repository: PIGGY BANK

65A: Unskilled emoters: HAM ACTORS

11D: Fish of the wrasse family: HOG SNAPPER

29D: Flat-topped topper: PORK PIE HAT

I wish 65A were singular so all the theme answers can have a consistent form pattern. Good puzzle though, with Z, X, and all those K's. I did not strike out this morning, but I was half dazed by this new constructor Barry Silk's pitches.

This guy has quite an arm. I expect him to clue Reds' Edinson VÓLQUEZ (1.56 ERA, stunning!) in his next puzzle soon. By the way, regarding last Saturday's Tariq Aziz cross-hair target grid, Barry Silk said that the pattern he chose "was not meant to resemble anything in particular". I sure like Sandra's interpretation.

I would not have got OBOL (28D: Old Greek coin: OBOL) and KOPEK (36D: Part of a ruble) without the across clues. I did not know either of them, nor was I familiar with PHYLA. I was so happy to see OCHOA (64A: Lorena of LPGA) in the puzzle today. Love her and Suzann Petterson. The 2008 US Women's Open will be held here in MN next week. I've never seen Lorena in person before, nor have I seen Michelle Wie, who easily earned her qualification spot last week. I would have clued HOLE (27D: Aperture) as "Tiger's target", you know, with the US Open going on now.

Learned something new this morning: Piglets can also be called farrows; pigs between 100-180 pounds are called shoats; a gilt is a young pig that has not produced a litter; and a barrow is a castrated male pig.

Two more things:

1) JAF asked the other day "How to do better at crossword", I recommend reading "How to Conquer the New York Times Crossword Puzzle" written by Amy Reynaldo (Orange). I've benefited enormously from her tips and instructions. She said that yesterday ANTES, ANTI, ANTIC are unrelated, since they have different root words. ANTE comes from Latin (before), ANTI from Greek (opposite), ANTIC from Italian Antico or Latin Antiquus (ancient, old).

So, TMS crossword constructors, please let me know if my criticisms of your puzzles are not on solid ground. I will never improve if you remain silent. In the meantime, since today is "Blame Someone Else Day", let's heap on our editor all the inaccurate/wrong clues, dull theme, unaesthetic grid, etc.

2) As you all know, Times of India carries TMS puzzle as well, here is a Crossword Op-Ed piece written by Mangesh Ghogre, one of our fellow solvers in Mumbai. Thought you might be interested.

Alright, enough babbling, let's tee off:

Front Nine:

4A: BYU location: PROVO. Why abbreviation in the clue?

9A: TV screening device: V CHIP

16A: Tom T. Hall hit: I LOVE. I LOVE U2.

19A: Enter name and password: LOG IN

20A: National park in Alaska: DENALI. Nailed it this time. Alaska's first governor is William A EGAN.

23A: Master conductor: MAESTRO. I like almost every Bob Woodward book, except MAESTRO, too many sophisticated financial terms and economic lingo for me to understand.

27A: Navajo's neighbor: HOPI. Beautiful HOPI pottery.

31A: Discovery rival: VISA. You could not believe the troubles I went through to get a VISA to the US.

37A: Wham!: POW. Senator McCain's campaign staff need to make contact with our editor, that's for sure!

40A: "Casablanca" co-star Peter: LORRE

41A: U.S. pub. grp.: GPO. It refers to "General Post Office", right? (Update: It stands for Government Printing Office.)

42A: Word with big or bad: APPLE. Meet APPLE Martin!

45A: Lounge lizard: CREEP. Political junkies are probably familiar with Nixon's CREEP.

47A: Calvin of fashion: KLEIN. The Obsession, for Men.

52A: 2005 MVP: AROD. Justin Morneau's surname has 4 vowels, and he is the 2006 MVP. I wonder why crossword constructors do not clue him.

53A: CCCLIII tripled: MLIX. Just for Mkat!

58A: Driver's license requirement: EYE TEST

60A: Final summary: WRAP UP

69A: ___ nous: ENTRE. Listen to Debra Ollivier's advice dispensed in her wildly popular "ENTRE nous", drink your wine, eat your cheese and enjoy your chocolate!

71A: Several of Siena: SETTE

72A: Corp. investment in the future: R AND D

Back nine:

1D: Letters for Nob Hill cops: SFPD (San Francisco Police Department)

4D: Biology kingdom divisions: PHYLA. Singular is Phylum. A new word to me.

5D: End of pay?: OLA

8D: Actor Werner: OSKAR. No idea, only know OSKAR of "Schindler's List"

9D: TV handyman Bob: VILA. Stranger to me also. I strung his name together from across clues.

12D: Like Wrigleys' walls: IVIED

18D: More ill-smelling: GAMIER

24D: Power peak: SURGE

25D: Circus apparatus: TRAPEZE. Would not have got this one without ZEE (50A: Last letter)

32D: Author Dinesen: ISAK. "Out of Africa" author. I wonder if ISAK is now a popular name in Denmark.

38D: Mixed bag: OLIO. It's Zaqi Zaba (杂七杂八) in Chinese. Letter "u" does not always follow "q" in Chinese.

39D: Make one's way: WEND. Another new word to me.

43D: Dabble in: PLAY AT

49D: Obtain by intimidation: EXTORT

51D: English prince: EDWARD. Which EDWARD are we talking about here? Him, Prince Charles' brother?

53D: Persian words?: MEOWS

54D: French school: LYCÉE. French secondary education terms: Collège and LYCÉE (grades 9-12). The students are ÉLÈVES, which was clued as "French classful" by our editor in May and stumped many solvers. Just remember those"École attendees" ÉLÈVES can refer to a broad range of students (enfant/adolescent/adult), full time/part time.

56D: Old anesthetic: ETHER

Finally, 67D: Atlas abbr.: MTN (Mountain). Here is a message from the spice girl POSH (61D: Swank): "listen, baby, Ain't no mountain high enough...if you need me, call me...". Enjoy!



Katherine said...

Good morning CC and gang! I guess I am the early bird today. I had a hard time with this one. I don't know how you figure them all out CC. Thanks for all the links today.

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning.
BYU - maybe less room than Brigham Young University.
Remember though - Times of India crossword does not match up with the ones here in the U.S. I found that out when I went to India last couple of weeks. They had one from last February.
Dang! Now I'm obsessed with that photo, C.C.
Corp. Investment for the future is "R and D" for "Research and Development." That gives "arced" for "bowed." "Arcer" would make no sense.

Dr. Dad said...

By the way, C.C. You can blame the "R and R" thing on Dennis today. After all, he's the one that pointed out that it is "Blame Someone Else Day."

Everyone please avoid the "Unlucky 13" today as well.

Have a great one!!!!

Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and fellow DFs - pretty smooth sailing this morning with some perp help. Still find it cumbersome doing the puzzle online vs. the actual paper; it's just not as fluid.
C.C., GPO stands for Goverment Printing Office.
Kit, I think you're right - I may have to come over to the dark side.

Sunny day here so far; hope it's a great weekend for everyone. Don't forget to blame someone else for anything that goes wrong today.

Dr. Dad said...

Dennis - 8 minutes. You?

Dennis said...

drdad, 6:35 online with a couple mistakes.

Bill said...

C.C., 72a should be R and D for research and development. Which makes 57d arced instead of arcer.
Not really great today. Had to call Mr. Google to find 66d, 71a and 11d. Never heard of a hogsnapper before even tho the other clues said that's what it had to be!!
HOGSNAPPER!!! Sounds almost LEWD!!!

C.C. Burnikel said...

I figured out the theme earlier on. Z & X did not pose any problem to me today at all.

I meant R & D. Yes, "Times of India" has a 3-month lag. What photo are you obsessed with?

It's your fault that I wrongly typed in R AND R for 72A. I got ARCED right.

Kim said...

CC & Gang,

I too had trouble with this one Katherine. I think we are on the same page most days!

My problems come from golfers/baseball players that I am unfamiliar with as well as authors. Guess I better put the historical romance away and find some that are less smutty!

CC, regarding the Tartars from yesterday, I was talking to the hubby about it and lo & behold, I remembered that from way way back in school!

Everyone have a safe Friday 13th!

Dr. Dad said...

c.c. - Calvin Klein, The Obsession For Men.

Dennis said...

Oh sure, blame the guy that's out of town. Actually, it's Lois' fault - for any number of reasons.

Barry G. said...

Morning, folks!

Today's puzzle was as smooth a glass. Well, almost. I hit a slight bump in the SW corner when I put ECOLE for 54D. Fortunately, 53A quickly showed me the error of my ways and I was able top LYCEE out of the deep recesses of my memory. I've never heard of Ms. OCHOA, I'm afraid, but once I got LYCEE I was able piece her together with the cross-clues.

And yes, the clue for 4A is definitely BYU (Bringham Young University) and not BYT. For anybody that cares, BYU is actually my alma mater, so I always love seeing it and Provo in the crosswords (along with the neighboring city of Orem). Just don't ask my why I went there, as it is a loooong story... ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi, C.C. and gang, I missed checking in Wednesday night, and there my name is (Kit, baby fox). Thanks for the mention, C.C. You made my night. I flew through Wednesday's puzzle, finished Thursday's without benefit of help, but it took a little longer. Loved all the works of art today. Beautiful.

Dennis, what's a person to do? From what I've read, Lois has thought of many things you can do, none of which will maintain your "puritanical" nature! Being naughty is much more fun, and you sure sound like a fun guy to me. Everyone seems to have a great sense of humor, and laughter is the best medicine.

Lois, you make me laugh out loud every night, and by one or two in the morning, I really need a laugh or three. Thanks.

C.C., I was flipping channels and caught David Cook on The Tonight Show tonight. He was on the outdoor stage singing "Time of My Life." He was soooo good. I've decided to become a "Cougar for Cook." The man is hot. Wish I'd have known earlier; I would have let you know. Probably on line by now.

Just saw on the weather that Minnesota is having severe weather again. Hope all is well. It's supposed to hit Ohio Friday night. So sad for all those people in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Terrible flooding. We can't stop Mother Nature.

Two in the morning here. Happy Friday, all.


Dr. Dad said...

Barry - now it begs the question. Why did you go there?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Katherine & Kim,
Is LYCÉE & OCHOA corner your main problem today?

I've corrected my BYU mistake. I still think it should be clued as "Utah city". The clue seems to be asking for an abbreviated answer.

Dennis said...

Barry, I've found that when someone says "don't ask", they usually want just the opposite. So why BYU?

Dick said...

Good morning Cc and DFs. Good puzzle today and no difficulty until I hit the SW corner. Don't know why I cannot remember French school but it would not come out of the recesses of my mind this am. I had no idea about 30D so I guess an had KAPEK which gave me GAO (General Accounting Office) and I was happy with that. I also did not know nor have I ever heard of Hogsnapper. I liked the clue for 72A.

Katherine said...

CC, Yes, I had trouble with Lycee and Ochao, but also with 9A, 11D and others. Kim, I think we ARE on the same page. I don't know any of the sports people, and authors either. Unless they are very well known.

Kim said...


Yep, that was my problem child today!

Only a few days left down here in my sunny FL. Next week its off to Maryland for a month. I know I"m not gonna like doing the puzzles online, but I'll just have to get through it. I also have been saving the other 2 puzzles from my paper, so I'll take them with me!

Have a great day!

Dick said...

Here is a link that will show a picture of a hog snapper. As its name implies it is one ugly fish.

Dr. Dad said...

I thought I would put this in. It is about Mukesh Ambani's $2 Billion House in Mumbai.
I saw it being built when I was there.

Dick said...

Barry why BYU?

Katherine said...

drdad, that place is awful. I wouldn't want to live there.

Barry G. said...

I've corrected my BYU mistake. I still think it should be clued as "Utah city". The clue seems to be asking for an abbreviated answer.

Perhaps, except that universities are routinely referred to by their initials. Would you feel the same way if the clue were "MIT city" and the answer were CAMBRIDGE? We always just called it "The Y," btw.

And I really wasn't hoping people would ask why I went there, I swear! Especially since this is a public forum and the story would involve giving out way too many personal details of my life. Maybe when I've gotten to know you all a bit better...

Dennis said...

drdad, that was a great link; thanks. I hope they do a video tour when it's complete. Have to agree with Katherine, though; it may be an architectural wonder, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Dick said...

Barry how about after a few drinks as that is what loosens up Lois.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Would you get GPO without the down clues?

Now I am curious to see what Barry Silk has to see about his 4A clue.

Dr. Dad said...

Barry, you know us all as dysfunctionals. If that isn't knowing us a bit better - - - well, you get the picture.

Dennis said...

C.C., yes, but only because I know it pretty well; I've been to their bookstore in D.C. several times.

Who do we blame for Friday the 13th?

Dr. Dad said...

Lois - is that you in the "Obsession for Men" photo?

Dennis said...

Nah, can't be Lois - that woman's covering up. I sense Lois would be more like, "hey, look at these babies!"
Lois, don't blame me for the above comment; Dick made me do it.

Anonymous said...

@C.C. - My submitted clue for 4-Across (PROVO) was "Brigham Young University city". That clue was changed by the editor. Generally, when a clue is abbreviated, the answer is also abbreviated, so I'm not sure why the editor opted to change it.

Also, there were some entries in the grid that were changed by the editor as well. For example, my corner starting at 27-Across was:


C.C. Burnikel said...

Barry Silk,
Thanks for checking in. I am glad you validated my point on PROVO clue. I think I would like your 28 OHIO than William's OBOL, which was impossible for me without the across clues.

Barry Silk's original clue would give ORCS for 34D. I've never read "Lord of Rings", are ORCS creepy?

Anonymous said...

Good morning CC: Fun puzzle w/only a couple of snags. I first thought that we were into something if only17A were piggy back, but no. Hope springs eternal and sure enough 43D 'play at' crossing 'A Rod' and boy my breath is quickening. Then pow, sur, hole, entre, surge, arced, and I'm about to wrap up when 'creep' and that double fugly
'hogsnapper' pops in & wrecks the moment. There aren't enough rubies,rubles, Pesos or kopeks in this world to get past that. That's no accident of nature, that's a man made chemically caused mutation. It's all drdad's fault. Who else works with chemicals! Oh, right! Dennis! It's Dennis fault! Yeah, that's the ticket! Alcohol pollution! Oh oh, he's in FL surrounded by water and fish! The Marine life in FL is in danger! I'll rescue the 'marine life' all handle the fish! 'Come with me', Dennis, you marine you!

Superfrey said...

Nice puzzle.... great to see that Barry Silk responded again too.

Barry... despite the changes this was a really nice puzzle. I think the editor wanted people to know what BYU was in order to create the possibility of doubt. I thought it was clear however.

Only needed help on Kopek and Obol though I put them in as guesses and got lucky.

Kim... you probably can get the Washington Post in Maryland. I noticed the last time I was in DC visiting my daughter that they had the Tribune Puzzle as a bonus puzzle. I don't know if it is there everyday... but if it is... you can do it on paper :-)

C. C. Justin Morneau sure deserves a mention... but his name would not fit well into a puzzle unless it was one oriented to sports. AROD could go in any puzzle.

BYU BARRY.... give us the abridged version of the story :):):)

Have a great day all. sorry I missed yesterday... golf got in the way.

NYTAnonimo said...

Enjoyed this puzzle but cheated to finish the NE corner(asked spouse what answer was to Like Wrigley's walls-IVIED and TV screening device-VCHIP). I was not familiar with HOGSNAPPER either and forgot Bob VILA last name.
Enjoyable puzzle and writeup. Thanks Barry and cc. Also enjoyed Mangesh Ghogre's article. I'd seen an article on that billion dollar home in the NYT drdad, same week they talked about the slums and gated community in India. Makes one pause. And enjoyed Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Carpe diem!

Anonymous said...

Barry: Dick is right. A few drinks before and after breathing is medicinal, not harmful. I highly recommend it.

drdad: No, that Obsession model is not me. One hand is not enough to cover up my 'assets'...if I were to cover them up. Dennis is soooo right! The sisters need to be free every now and again, and again, and again.

NYTAnonimo said...

Here's the car to go with that house.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add: 'Dick' always makes me say and do those things. It's his fault.

Barry G. said...


Well, seeing as how today is National Blame Someone Else Day, let me just say that it was entirely my parent's fault that I ended up going to BYU... ^_^

Dr. Dad said...

Yes Orcs are creepy. They are a corruption of elves done by Morgoth the "Black Enemy." Morgoth was the first Dark Lord, of whom Sauron was only a servant.

Dennis said...

Lois, regarding your 8:18 -- I'm sure I would...

C.C. Burnikel said...

It must be painful for Barry Silk to see his 34D: ORCS altered into SECS then. It would be a great ORCS/CREEP intersection, right?

Dr. Dad said...

nytanonimo - I saw the gated communities and the slums. It makes one pause even more when you see them in person as opposed to reading about them. I saw several poor people taking bucket baths in the slum areas. Some of those slums that contain about 300-400 shacks are just 200 yards away from the two-billion dollar house. Pretty sad.

MH said...

Back from the East Coast where I spent 1 day in Miami and 3 days in Washington DC. Spectacular lightening/thunder storm in DC on Tuesday night.

This puzzle was pretty easy but I'm a little out of practice so it took about 20 minutes. I got messed up in the NE corner where I had VCR** which lead me to RED SNAPPER (before I figured out the theme). Once I figured out the pig theme I fixed that and the rest was cake. Have a great weekend everyone.

Anonymous said...

On "phyla"...A mnemonic device for remembering the biology divisions is:
"Kindly plant corn of father`s grave, son"...kingdom,phylum,class, order,family,genus, species.

Kim said...


Thank you for the tip on the Post. I know I can get it, but with taking care of an infant, I won't be able to do it at the crack of dawn, but would have to do it a little later in the day. At least it would be on paper!

Thanks again!

Dick said...

Jeeze I spelled 25D TRAAEZE and this gave me 41A as GAO which I found acceptable. Had to go back and correct that one. It's a good thing I can get the real answers on this blog.

Lois I was wondering if I might take your sisters out tonight?

Razz said...

We're fast approaching 300K visitors to C. C.'s corner of the world. But it's not my fault that I have to come back several times a day to see what all of my fellow D. F.s are sharing. I blame C. C.,
Dennis, Dr. Dad, Katherine, Lois (oops not my fault, I mean Mistress Lois), Bill, Kim, Barry, Kit, al.

Oh yeah, it's Friday but not my fault it took soooooooo loooooong to get here.

Have a great weekend.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone! Once I remembered how to spell Calvin's (47A) last name, I was able to wend my way through the rest of the puzzle. I did try PENNYBANK instead of PIGGYBANK, but quickly realized my error. Cute Tom T. Hall video. Why in the world would anyone named their child "Apple?" Dick, I think Lois indicated that her sisters are out quite a bit!

carol said...

Morning C.C. and everyone,
all fine until the SW corner. I was never good with roman numerals, so no hope for 53A and I wanted to put "ecole" in for 54D, but would not work - finally blamed the whole mess on my cat and quit!!

Lois, you are picking on the boys again and making them crazy (you go girl:))

Dick, do you really want Lois any looser? If so, do you own a "surge" protector?? How about a "trapeze"?
You are aware that she doesn't seem the type to just 43D these things.

Hope all of you have a great Friday the 13th...and if you don't, blame someone else.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Anonymous @10:19am,
Thank you very much for the mnemonics. Very appreciated.

Carol et al,
I am the UMP here. I declare everything is Dennis' fault, so stop blaming, please!

Dennis said...

Fellow DFs, to be positively, absolutely correct in assigning blame, we MUST blame C.C. -- after all, she started this whole thing.
We're merely the sheep (or rams, as the case may be).

carol said...

C.C. - ok, time out-(I know that is not a baseball phrase) I was blaming my cat! Dennis is set on blaming you.
I wouldn't do that, I would blame the constructors of all the puzzles we have trouble with. :) Or we could still just blame Dennis and the other "rams"!!

C.C. Burnikel said...

I thought APPLE is a sweet name for a girl. As for 47A, don't forget another fashion designer Anne KLEIN (DKNY).

Anonymous said...

mark buenos aires

No idea of BYU or Wrigleys - I thought the latter was something to do with chewing gum! Also Tom T Hall and handyman Bob are unknown, and I log on, not log in, so that corner had a few unfilled boxes.
Otherwise at first i put spike instead of surge and pose before posh but all worked out in the end.

Why does oboe appear so often, and isnt hautboy a piece of furniture?

Soon worked out the American Zee as opposed to the English Zed. There have been many Prince Edwards, most not as effeminate as this one.

Bright sunny day around 60 fahrenheit, 15 celsius

have a good day and "bien fin de semana"

Anonymous said...

Dick: You are hilarious! Of course you can take the sisters out tonight; however, they not only travel in pairs, but we've also grown attached to one another, so you'll have to take the 'whole' package. If that's a satisfying arrangement, then just let my people know when you'll be coming.

Dr. Dad said...

Mark Buenos Aires - hautboy is oboe. Lazy Boy is a piece of furniture (a recliner).

Lois, I hope your sisters aren't just that, aka NUNS. Dennis will be in trouble when he tries to get them to recline in his Lazy Boy.

I must concur with the blame thing. Almost 300K visitors ago C.C. started this thing so it is her fault. LOL.

Katherine said...

Razzberry, I am honored! Hahaha, especially since my comments aren't all that profound.

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all ...

this was the right amount of challenge for me, had to scratch around for a few.

c.c. i agree with your opinion of 4A, and love your observation about barry silk's intended crossing of orcs and creep .. too bad, it would have been good for friday the 13th. definitely blame the editor for that.

for everything else i blame dennis.

lois said...

drdad: I guarantee my sisters are not nuns. They may have habits of their own and pray to be lifted, but they are not nuns!

Dennis: All barnyards are the same! The rams are always blaming the ewes! ewe did this, ewe did that. We're always knee deep in sheep! We're always in deep sheep! Sheep happens! I think ewe need to consider all of the 'ram'ifications here. Ewe are not looking at all the angles... only the 'curves'. And sometimes, those curves are balls. So, I rest my case. Dennis is to blame.

Razz said...

Okay UMP C.C. - Ewe make the call... Was Lois' curve a ball or a strike? Either way it wasn't my fault!

Lois: All this time I thought you were a lioness but come to find out ewe are sheepish!

Crockett1947 said...

Razzberry, Oh no, Lois is no lioness she is THE Tigress!

Anonymous said...

Read you all almost everyday. Try to finish crossword everyday before work and check in with you all at night. Discovered game called Banagram, you fellow puzzlers may enjoy. It's a cross, no pun intended, between Scrabble and anagrams. No fancy scoring just "word fun!"

Anonymous said...

Read you all almost everyday. Try to finish crossword everyday before work and check in with you all at night. Discovered game called Banagram, you fellow puzzlers may enjoy. It's a cross, no pun intended, between Scrabble and anagrams. No fancy scoring just "word fun!"

Anonymous said...

C.C. and gang: What a wild bunch today. I love the blame game. But poor Dennis seems to have had the lion's share heaped on him, especially by the tigress! So many funny comments today. Really enjoyed them. The link to the Tom T. Hall "I Love" video was great-very different.

I finished this without help, but it took awhile, about 20 minutes. Never heard of hogsnapper but got from cross words. And oboe seems repetitive.

Dennis - think you are already on the dark side.

Does anyone know why people are afraid of the number 13? It's my lucky number, but then I've always been a little odd...

Have a great weekend, all.


Mr. Corcoran said...

hello hello, just realized i did the saturday puzzle (online) so my comments should not go here...will post tomorrow when everyone is parti (really partis but every"one" is so deceiving...)i do think you will all find saturday easy going although I always confuse the mercenary clew with today's extreme metalers...Today's futball pairs sweden with spain. go zlatan!

Anonymous said...


Calvin Klein - remember Back to the Future?
"Why do you keep calling me Calvin?"
"It's written all over your underwear - Calvin Klein"
Love that line.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Anonymous @7:16pm,
Thank you for the Banagram. I was not aware of it before.

I am an odd ball too. I am not fearful of 13 at all.

Good to hear from you again. Been traveling?

Will talk to you in today's comment section then.

I am not familiar with that line. Thank you for letting me know.