Sep 11, 2008

Thursday September 11, 2008 Alan P. Olschwang

Theme: Life is Hard (Evan Esar quip)

17A: Start of a quip: SOME MEN MAKE

28A: Part 2 of quip: DIFFICULTIES

40A: Part 3 of quip: AND

50A: Part 4 of quip: DIFFICULTIES

65A: End of quip: MAKE SOME MEN

"Make difficulties"? I've never heard of this phrase before. Only familiar with "make a difference/distinction". Or "make bed", "make a blunder/boner", "make a choice/a decision", "make a commitment/promise/confession", etc.

"LOVE" makes more sense than "DIFFICULTIES" in this quip, don't you think so?

It's an OK puzzle, not terribly boring. I don't think there should be a question mark for CHRISTMAS (35D: Present time?).


1A: $ in banks: ACCTS. Or a simple "Stops on my rte" for Xchefwalt. He has to attend to his green bean and potato customers.

6A: FDR's biographer: ALSOP (Joseph). Gimme to me. ALSOP's name is mentioned in almost every JFK book.

11A: Card game for two: WAR. No idea. Is it easy to play?

14A: Hogwash!: HOOEY. Hmm, not "balderdash", "tommyrot" or "poppycock". I could picture Barry's smile. I still want to know more of "nonsense" synonyms. Besides "baloney", "lapdoodle" and "bosh", what other "worthless" words do you use every day?

15A: Mongol invader: TATAR. They were Muslims, right?

22A: Sandal strap: THONG. Wow, she was wearing the wrong THONG.

24A: Mennen shaving product: AFTA

43A: Greeley or Mann: HORACE. Knew Mann, not Greeley.

53A: Dry, red wine: CHIANTI. Do you like Diana Lane's "Under the Tuscan Sun"?

57A: Dentist's direction: RINSE. Katherine probably wants RINSE to be "Shampoo direction".

58A: CI quadrupled: CDIV. Roman 404. We get new visitors every time there is a Roman numberal involved.

70A: Video game name: ATARI. Apple's Steve Jobs used to work for ATARI.

77A: Stupefy with desire: BESOT. What's the difference between "BESOT" and "infatuate"?


1D: Chan's words: AH SO. I learned this from doing Xwords. Have never seen any Charlie Chan movies.

3D: Follow: COME AFTER

4D: Hit one's drive: TEE OFF. Oh, you are talking about golf.

5D: Pathetic starter: SYM. Or better, "Phony" starter.

8D: Patronize, as an inn: STAY AT

11D: Black __ spider: WIDOW. New to me. "Black" I can understand, why "WIDOW"?

31D: Hawaiian island: LANAI. "The Pineapple Island".

37D: Barcelona Mmes: SRAS. "Barcelona Mlle" would be "SRTAS".

41D: Elmer, to Bugs: DOC. From "What's Opera, Doc?". New to me also.

47D: __ Laredo, Mexico: NUEVO. "New" in Spanish.

51D: Capricious: FICKLE. Virgil said "A woman is always a FICKLE, unstable thing." I think men are the same, if not more so.

52D: Shaped like a cylinder: TERETE. No idea, this Vanda TERETE flower showed up when I googled, so pretty.

60D: Sea turtle grp.: ISTS (International Sea Turtle Society). Unknown to me.

62D: First name in architecture: EERO. His father is Eliel, also crossword-friendly, with 3 vowels.

67D: Fairy queen: MAB. Did MAB originate from Shelley's "Queen MAB"?



Dennis said...

Good morning, c.c. and fellow DFs -- not much to comment on with this one, everything kinda fell into place. I liked the quote; it's oh so true, and I enjoyed the intersection of "has at" and "thong".

c.c., 'besot' and 'infatuate' are synonymous. And you should definitely hit the g-spot for info on black widow spiders, who eat their mate after sex. I'll stop there.

Make it a great day - weekend's on the way. I hope you guys in Ike's path are taking precautions - this looks like a bad one.

Dennis said...

Also, I hope everyone will take some time and think about what today is, and what it means.

Dick said...

cc and DFs Puzzle was easy and everything seemed to mesh early. For some reason I got the theme easily this morning and that made the rest of the puzzle easy. cc I did not have any problem with the ? mark on 35D and in fact that made the answer obvious for me.

Dennis I guess I have been doing the black widow spider thing backwards all these years.

Dennis said...

dick, just a perfect line; almost fell outta my chair.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Dennis & Dick,
How can men "make difficulties"? It does not make any sense to me. "Some men make love, and love makes some men" is much easier for me to understand. Would you guys be able to get ISTS (60) without the crossing fills?

Dick said...

Dennis a good reminder as to what day this is. Lest we never forget. God Bless America!

For those in the path of Ike stay safe and good luck.

I'll be back later.

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning to C.C. and DF's.
Like Dennis, this one had everything fall into place.
Didn't a sandal or flip flop get called a thong a little while ago. Now it's a sandal strap!
I think the question mark for the Christmas clue is oday. Without it one might start thinking about what you call the present time, e.g., "now," "today," etc.
Dennis - this is dangerous (will get the sirens going) but why can't the black widow eat her mate during sex, if you catch my drift?
C.C. - I'm not sure she is even wearing a thong.
All golfers should have spectators like those shown in the picture.

I take the time every year to remember what day it is. 9/11.
Never forget!! I know it's bad etiquette to advertise but I'm going to try and do a tribute (or whatever you want to call it) today. 'Nuff said.

Have a great Thursday.

Dick said...

Cc I think the phrase means that men are so difficult to deal with that they cause many difficulties for women in particular. Then in other instances difficulties (bad situations) make men stronger. And, no I would not have gotten ISTS without the perps.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Dick & Dr. Dad,
Without the "?" in the clue, CHRISTMAS is more intriguing, as the solvers are forced to think of other options like "Now" & "Today".

Argyle said...

Good Morning, I gotta run but 60D online was clued as "Adherents".

I've got a woman making difficuties.
C'ya later.

KittyB said...

Good morning cc, and dfs.

This was an easy puzzle for Thursday. I guessed the L in ALSOP, and got the rest without Googling. DEED gave me the D for CDIV, and the E for AGLET (which I can never remember).

I didn't know ATNO or TERETE, but they came from the fills.

c.c., I think the phrase is 'green beans and French fries,' and yes, the game of war is easy. Several decks are divided up between two players. They turn cards over simultaneously, and the higher card wins the trick. If they both turn over the same card, they go to war, which involves putting down three more cards to see who wins the trick.

Online, 60D is clued as 'adherents.'

Gentlemen, I don't believe that anyone in the US, and few in the industrial world, will be able to forget this date. I'm sure we will all remember those who were lost, and the heroic efforts to save them. It will be a contemplative day.

KittyB said...

c.c., for some reason the ? in 'present time?' made me wonder if he was alluding to Christmas Past, Christmas Present, from a "A Christmas Carol." So, the ? didn't seem so odd to me.

"...a woman making difficulties...." Argyle, you just wanted to jump-start the conversation, didn't you! lol

Dick said...

Cc for some reason I cannot get the link for Under the Tuscany Sun"? to work. Am I the only one with this problem?

Barry G. said...

Morning, folks!

Still battling my cold, but at least I'm alive. Not terribly conscious, but alive....

Nice puzzle today -- just challenging enough to be interesting without being obnoxious about it. And yes, I smiled when I saw the clue for 14A. ^_^

I didn't know ALSOP or ISTS, but was able to get them via the perps. I'd never heard of NUEVO Laredo, but I'm fluent in Spanish and was able to guess it easily enough. I thought I didn't know TERETE, but then I remembered seeing it in a puzzle before. Certainly not a common word, however!

As for Queen MAB, she certainly predates Shelley by quite a bit, since Shakespeare mentions her in "Romeo and Juliet." I'm not sure where he got the name, though.

Dennis said...

dick, same problem with the link. c.c.?

C.C. Burnikel said...

What does "I've got a woman making difficulties" mean? Boy, I would not have understood your "R-W" link last night without reading Dennis' explanation to Carol. You are such a coded Santa, so enigmatic!

OK, I see your point with "?". You are right, it's "Green beans and French fries" for our flower/flour besotted guy.

Sorry about my mistake. I changed your "Sales Rep" status into a farmer. I love farmers though. I buy fresh vegetables and fruits at Farmer's Market every week in summer time.

Oh, I had no idea that Shakespeare mentioned MAB in his works. Maybe Clear Ayes & Ken & Doesitinink can find out more information about the root of MAB.

Dennis & Dick,
I've relinked. Does it work now?

Bill said...

Me, too, CC, No link.
Didn't know ALSOP. There are so many biographies about FDR that his name didn't pop up very quickly with Mr "G".
ATNO: Atomic Number..pretty common, I guess, but not to me.
TATAR: sounds like something we should have for lunch! No, had to look it up.
AGLET: I thought that was a lace end. I found no references to a lace CAP!
ISTS: OK, if you follow turtles. The ISTS is located in La Jolla, CA, if anybody wants to know.
although TERETE is close to being right, the definition says
"cylindrical shape, slightly tapered at the ends"
THONG? Why do cops get the good stops??
GOLF: I always knew there had to be SOMETHING interesting about it!!!
Well, 4 days, 4 xwords, and no home runs this week. Not even a good solid base hit.
My stance must be off (or is it my stroke?)
CYA Later
Oh, new picture later,too!!

flyingears said...

"How great are the dangers I face to win a good name in Athens."
=Alexander the Great

The picture shows a guy (or gal) in a bike LOSING its front wheel. I can imagine when the bike hit terrain...

LOVL (laughing out VERY Loud: made-up... Sorry)

Oh, that's why I couldn't get the quip. I couldn't fit WOmen. I don't think WE ARE so difficult. Maybe MISunderstood. WOMEN ARE difficult and hard to please... He, he. Let's watch THE ladies get to me today. I would rather be playing MY golf game, Ah, C.C. and lois??? LOVL

A couple of nice clues:
=35D had me thinking on the time (as notable)
=69A has not been used recently... It could be the lace cap just to get us confused (as it did to me...)

Dick said...

Flyingears thanks for the explanation of lace cap. I totally missed seeing it that way and it now makes sense.

Bill said...

My own personal swimming pool in 1946!

CC, link works now.

Bill said...

V-8 moment!!! LACE CAP = a cap on a lace! What a doofus. I was thinking about headgear!
Flyingears: Bet that'll leave a mark!! Looked at that yesterday and was convinced that the landing wasn't going to be pretty!

KittyB said...

Here's a change of picture that I promised. This one was taken the last year I taught (many moons ago). My principal told me that if I didn't get my picture taken, he would withhold my paycheck! So, immediately after marching in a parade with my band, I raced to the photographer, just in time to have the pic shot before he closed for the day. The lopsided bow blouse dates the picture; the girls can guess how long ago it was taken. Normally, I'm not so flushed or sunburned. It was a beautiful fall day, as I recall, my favorite time of year.

Dick said...

Cc your link works now.

Dick said...

kittyb mice picture

Dick said...

Execuse me kittyb I wanted to say nice picture

Dennis said...

kittyb, what dick said.

C.C. Burnikel said...

What's spouting in your pool? Maybe cops all have eagle eyes in spotting which girls are (not)wearing THONGS? I think your stance was off, not your stroke, since you were trying to hit a home run. Not sure though, Nancy knows the best. So, if "there had to be SOMETHING so interesting about golf", are you going to hit the club then? I recommend you start with 7 iron, practice, practice and practice. Very interesting posts from you lately. Very amusing.

C.C. Burnikel said...

This is the third time I ask you this question: "What is "dirty rotten rakenfratzen"? What is the meaning of "rakenfratzen"?

Barb B,
I read your classical music choices with fascination earlier this morning. I think now I understand why your posts are always so calming & sweet.

Just the Kitty I have in my mind, so gentle and pretty. I love your hair.

Bill said...

CC, That's my cousins arm. She was about 15 or 16 at the time. I cropped her out of the pic 'cause I didn't want the male DF's to get excited. She was in a "bikini" top and shorts. Now, we all know what a "bikini" top consisted of in 1946, don't we??

Bill said...

CC, I'm going to presume to answer for Carl.
"rakenfratzen" means any cuss word you want it to!
It's a substitute for something you might not want to say in mixed company.

Dick said...

Bill wow do I ever remember those big old wash/rinse tubs that went with the wringer washers.

C.C. Burnikel said...

D'oh! I did not notice that's an arm. It looked like some powerful spout from your tub.

A lucid dream...
Happy Birthday! I hope you realize all the dreams you've set for yourself this year, and I hope you make it extra special.

Sept. 11 profoundly changed my life and my attitude towards American people. I was a Chinese before 9/11, and became an American on/after 9/11, even though I still hold Chinese citizenship.

KittyB said...

Dick, should I assume that the 'mice' comment was a typo, or is that your sense of humor? *G* It seems rather fitting, doesn't it?

Thanks, guys.

c.c., I was rather ticked that I had to sit for that picture that day, but it was such a gorgeous day, it was tough to be too upset. Prior to that year, my hair was so long it touched the chair when I sat down. I cut about half of it off just before that picture, and right after the picture I had it permed. I had a MANE! Now it's just short and wavy.

I don't know that I'm a gentle person, c.c., but I don't care for arguments.

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

How can men "make difficulties"?

c.c., try substituting 'cause' or 'create' for 'make.' in a nutshell (so to speak), some men merely create difficulties, and others become men as a result of them.

holy hotwick .. is alan olschwang showing some df?? look at the upper section of this puzzle:

some men
come after
stay at
have at
ate away
thar (she blows)

he seems to be very tenacious, with has at and stay at, then finishes strong with planted items/seeds, and stupefy with desire. he even brought the chianti and the ale.

i think i need a cold shower. either that or dennis's recipe for eggs.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Anyone who loves flowers & herbs & gardening has to be a gentle and loving person.

"Create" does make sense, thank you. Holy hotwick analysis! No wonder Dennis loves TULIPS so much now. So what kind of TULIPs do you like? Red or yellow?

Ken said...

Good morning, C.C. et al. My noddy brain was working this morning AGAIN!
Count me in with those who thought 69A was headwear. Did anyone else think 7D was a lame clue. I've seen the expression "on the lam" used in "the criminal took it on the lam", but never as a verb. Oh well.
C.C. When I was in the Navy, we used the expression "dirty, rotten ratzel fratzer" to speak of a person we were humorously degrading, such as your opponent in a poker game who just won the pot. I'v never heard it in civilian speech.
Also, WAR is a very simple card game where two people split the deck in half. Neither looks at the pack of cards they have. Each player places a card face up; whoever played the higher-valued card takes both. When the cards are of the same value, eg both Aces, each player plays another card and the winner of that play takes the Aces too. It is mostly a young child's game or a game an adult will play with a child to teach them about playing cards in general. Eventually, one player ends up with all the cards and thus has won the "war". Nations would be better off to use this game than the current policies.

Kittyb: That long-haired style has always been my favorite. Nice picture. Have you ever seen Crystal Gale's hair(Loretta Lynn's sister). She wears it nearly to mid-calf. I dunno what she does with it when doing chores. *G*

DoesItinInk said...

Today's puzzle was a pleasant challange. I got it all correct without help and no guessing, though I did have to get TERETE and ISTS from the crosses.

cc: I liked the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun"...and loved the books by Frances Mayes about her and her husband's adventures of living in Tuscany.

The term Black WIDOW spider is derived from the myth that the female kills the male after mating.

luciddreamundremt: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

flyingears said...

Ditto on dick's and dennis' comments. Long hair IS ALWAYS a very good choice. My wife has long hair too.

Carol in CA said...

My flag is flying today!

flyingears said...

I hope it's a myth. Sometimes I sleep with one eye open, especially after "playing golf" and have a heated discussion than my golf game... I wonder why she has an orange hourglass in her chest... hmmm...

Anonymous said...

C.C.: It is"SOME MEN MAKE DIFFICULTIES AND DIFFICULTIES MAKE (not MAKES) SOME MEN. You had me confused there for awhile.
I agree that LAMS is a lame clue (7D).

Yes, a contemplative day for us.

Anonymous said...

PS, C.C.: The expression Bugs Bunny, a cartoon character, used was,"What's up, Doc?" The opera part was probably just that particular segment.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thanks for the WAR & the horizontal door BREAD BIN.

I liked "Under the Tuscany Sun", the book, not the movie. Do you also like Peter Mayle'"A Year in Provence" and other series?

Sorry about "Make Some Men" mistake. I was totally confused this morning about the quip. Thanks for the "Doc". I look forward to a "What's up, ___?" clue soon.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Clear Ayes,
Regarding Sara Teasdale's "After Parting", you called it as "stalking by poetry". So it's a very unpleasantly possessive poem? Esp since you said she was "overpowering him with her desire". Have you read any other poems of similar content?

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I'm a little behind this morning. Our little community had a lovely sunrise memorial service at a local park. Today is one of the few occasions which would make me willing to get up at 5:00 AM. This is the third year that we have done this. It isn't religious in nature, just respectful and contemplative. The woman who originally thought of it, has given a very short, less than 5 minute speech. Then if someone wants to say something about "where I was" on Sept. 11th, they can. After that, we have a couple of minutes for silent thinking, or praying or meditating. Then we all hug, or shake hands and go home. It's very simple, but it is a nice neighborhood way to mark the day.

I haven't finished the puzzle, so I'm avoiding reading the comments. I'll check back in a little while when (hopefully) I have conquered Mr. Olschwang's famous "Thursday Quote" crossword.

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys, don't stop worrying yet. This is from the National Geographic as googled about the black widow spider:
The animals most at risk from the black widow's bite are insects—and male black widow spiders. Females sometimes kill and eat their counterparts after mating in a macabre behavior that gave the insect its name. Black widows are solitary year-round except during this violent mating ritual.

DoesItinInk said...

cc: I have not read any of Peter Mayle's books, though I have at least one on my shelf. I think I enjoy Frances Mayes' books because they are from a woman's perspective.

carol said...

Good Morning C.C.and fellow crazies, Quite a few unknowns again, but with head scratching, my can of V-8 and Mr.G, I was able to do a fair job.

Dick @ 6:07 LMAO

Melissa, great "read" on Mr.Olschwang's sensual clues!! He also had "cream",along with "ah-so" and things "shaped like a cylinder" Whew is right!

Bill - cute picture, rub-a-dub!

Kittyb, nice new picture of you! Pretty!

carol said...

Ooops, hate to use another comment but I forgot to say this is me on my brand-new Columbia bicycle!! I was about 6. I loved that bike, and had it til I was 14!

Clear Ayes said...

Thanks again, Kittyb, you have said just about everything I would have said about this puzzle. I had a little glitch with the cross of ATNO and ALSOP, but the A seemed right. I really liked the "Lace cap" clue for AGLET, even though it was confusing. BTW, very nice photo.

Bill, I also have a photo wash tub bath. It was taken around the time (6 years, maybe) I was learning to play WAR, Go Fish and Old Maid.

Black WIDOWs are a fact of life in California. Leather gloves are a necessity when G.A.H. is bringing wood from our woodpile into the house. He always inspects each piece. I've known several people who have been bitten. Luckily, they are pretty slow moving and like their environment to be dark and quiet. According to Wikipedia, although sexual cannibalism is what they are known for, quick witted (for a spider) males do manage to escape. Talk about "survival of the fittest"!

Wood Scorpions are also nasty little critters. We always shake out our gardening shoes to make sure none of these have crept in during the night. Both G.A.H and I have been bitten, but their bite is more like a been sting.

Carol, nice bike! Looks like you were much more sensible that the person in Argyle's photo

C.C. My second take on Sara Teasdale's poem was just a possible interpretation. After reading it several times, it started to make me uncomfortable and I began to look at it a little differently than an uber-love poem. I'll have to look around for another "I love you so much!" poem that makes me want to take a second or third look.

embien said...

9:22 today TATAR and TERETE were gotten via the crosses. The online clue for 60d was adherents which makes it a lot easier than the turtle society clue.

I loved Under the Tuscan Sun (the movie, never read the book). You can see a lot more (and I mean a lot more) of Diane Lane in Unfaithful I think it may have been Lois who recommended this movie--whoever it was, thank you, I enjoyed it immensely.

Peter Mayle's Provence books are also very enjoyable, thanks c.c. for reminding me of him. He is the author of A Good Year which was made into a movie with a totally miscast Russell Crowe in the lead. If you enjoy wine you will probably like the movie, though the book is infinitely better. My favorite Mayle book is A Year In Provence, though French Lessons is awfully good. Peter Mayle

Clear Ayes said...

"A Year In Provence" was a British TV series and was shown in the US in 1993. It was based on the Peter Mayle book. It lasted for 12 episodes, each episode describing 1 month of the year. It is available at Netflix. Gorgeous scenery, fantastic food! The series starred John Thaw, who was also the wonderful Inspector Morse.

Clear Ayes said...

There I go again with that -ing participle! "Describing", or "describes", which one is correct. Help me here, English teachers.

melissa bee said...

@embien: i mentioned unfaithful a while back because of the score (ry cooder and ali farka toure's 'ai du' is spectacular - i use it in my massage room often). c.c. has referred to it also - i have been a big fan of diane lane's ever since. glad you liked it.

Barb B said...

Vanda Terete is absolutely gorgeous, but where’s the dew?

Quip was easy to figure out, so the rest wasn’t too ‘difficult.’

I had to laugh at at-ah so crossing hooey, then realized I didn’t really know how to spell hooey and laughed some more.

Didn’t know Atno or Tatar (but might have recognized tarter), tereet, eero (even though we’ve had it before), or aglet, but got them all from the crosses. Not very exciting. I see thong is back, still a shoe.

I liked the clues for cream and Christmas.

Ok, here’s a very lame attempt at df’ness

Confusus say
Ah So,
Thongs not best things on earth, But next to best thing.

Ken said...

Clear Ayes: You pose a great question. My sense would be that since you set the tense with "lasted", you would say "described one month." If you were describing..oops...discussing an ongoing series, you'd recast the sentence to be something like "It lasts for 12 episodes, each episode describes one month."
Thus describes agrees with lasts.
A third way might be It lasts for 12 episodes; each episode describes one month. I feel the semi-colon separating two independent clauses, would work better at least in written English.
I'd like to hear the more learned chime in on this one

Ken said...

Clear Ayes: Btw, I believe the rule is to write out zero through nine, but use digits from 10 on up.

Jeannie said...

I don't know if I am just getting smarter or just plain lucky. The ones I didn't know I was able to get from the crosses. I don't think I have had to go to the g-spot so far this week.

Got to thinking about the banter going around a couple of days ago regarding wringer washers. I think it was Kittyb that said women with certain generous endowments really had to be careful. I wonder if that is where the saying "they really got their tit in a wringer" originated. LOL.

Also, did you know that the praying mantis will bite the head off her mate during mating?
Supposedly, it speeds up the process and makes the male more fertile.

Thank you Drdad for your memorial posted on your blog. It was very well written and touching.

Jeannie said...

One last thing...this one for Dennis. I had to laugh when I penned in hooey!

Mr. Ed said...

Good morning C.C. & all

Just a quickie this morning(yeh! I know)! I'll even make it worse, I'm in and out today so it's gotta be... whatever! My head just wasn't up to this one today. Got frustrated & my brain shut down. CRS! Coffee couldn't even wake it up this morning. I got the quip but many crosses still don't work so maybe later...

At least the Black Widow waits til after mating to kill the male. Female Mantids bite the head off their mate during the act and expect him to finish the job anyway... btw, which he obligingly does ...thank you very much!

@c.c. I guess I've been away too much. I missed your prior requests re: "dirty rotten rakenfratzen"? What is the meaning of "rakenfratzen"?

Yosemite Sam would walk away frustrated mumbling that phrase in Looney Tune cartoons. Yosemite Sam

It's just a 'nothing' expression of frustration. I didn't see it on this link and I may have even mispelled it since I've never seen it in print. But, anyway, it's something that has stuck with me.

9/11 I'll never forget!


Dick said...

Sally was your photo taken in Hawaii?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Funny how you connected "Unfaithful" with Lois. My favorite Mayle book is also "A Year In Provence".

Barb B,
Wonderful "THONG". Ah so, THONG is next to best thing. I like u, I like ewe. I was so pleasantly surprised that you noticed the absence of DEW. He probably only has time for the flower early in the morning. I see silent tears on those petals.

Clear Ayes,
I remember similar wash tubs in my childhood. But it's for washing clothes. I had my first washing machine in 1994. Did not know what a drier was until I moved here in 2001. What was "north 40"?

C.C. Burnikel said...

I am sure you will like Peter Mayle's books. He is very insightful and observant. How about "Eat, Pray and Love"?


Mr. Ed said...


I phased out and forgot to mention that the Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd Opera/Doc becomes clear on that same link I provided in my l:00pm post.

Now, seriously folks... I'm gone!

DoesItinInk said...

cc: No, I have not read "Eat, Pray and Love"...though it too is on my shelf. I am so far behind in my reading! There is never enough time.

Barb B said...

I bought three copies of Eat Pray Love, so I could give two away – also made sure that the Library Director bought a copy for the public. Melissa Bee recommended it to me.

Ok, here’s the lame finish to the lame Confusus saying

Snacks with Chianti and cream.
Men ate away, over hills and into inlets

Clear Ayes said...

The first thing I thought of when I saw the Vanda TERETE was Iris

Ken, I know you're right about writing numbers. I usually use all numerals on email or the blog because it is an informal setting, it saves space, AND I'm a lazy typist.

C.C. In land surveying a Section is 640 acres. Sections are usually subdivided in quarters or smaller areas. One 16th of Section is 40 acres. "North 40" (or south 40, or back 40) is a common farming term referring to a geographical area of a farm. I used it to indicate the top (north) area of the puzzle.

C.C. Here's a delightful little poem about love. It may be familiar to many readers. No hidden meanings here; just a wistful reminder of youth and a moment frozen in memory. Haven't we all had one of those moments?

Jenny Kissed Me

Jenny kissed me when we met,
Jumping from the chair she sat in.
Time, you Thief! who love to get
Sweets into your list, put that in.
Say I'm weary, say I'm sad;
Say that health and wealth have missed me;
Say I'm growing old, but add -
Jenny kissed me!

1835 - Leigh Hunt

Dr. Dad said...

I think Dick Dastardly's pal Muttley mumbled something along the rakenfratzen line (maybe not quite but close to it).

carol said...

Clear ayes, speaking of sweet and favorite childhood poems, I have always loved Robert Louis Stevenson. This is one of them from my childhood that I have always treasured.

Bed in Summer

In winter I get up at night
and dress by yellow candle-light.
In summer quite the other way,
I have to go to bed by day.

I have to go to bed and see
the birds still hopping on the tree,
or hear the grown-up people's feet
still going past me in the street.

And does it not seem hard to you,
when all the sky is clear and blue,
and I should like so much to play,
to have to go to bed by day?

Dr. Dad said...

Carl and Cokato - that means that the male praying mantis has no head during sex. Or should I say gets none?

Jeannie said...

Drdad, He starts out with a little head and completely loses it before fruition.

Buckeye said...

Hello, c.c., Had to drag Alsop from the dregs, took awhile for Christmas to sink in, (good for the ?), terets & Aglet was slow-coming. I see thong and RNA are back.

Those girls in the "driver" photo are present at all the courses I play. Now you see why I "hook". I do not belong to any "club" because I refuse to join any organization that would have me as a member.

I'm surprised that nobody knew ISTS. I'm a charter member of the International Sea Turtle Society here in Ohio. The sea turtle is the state turtle of Ohio - I think; being so close to the ocean and such.

Happy Birthday, Drempt.

I agree with Dick. I've got that black widow thing bass ackwards. Too much Thalium. "DAME BRAMAGE!".

"I will never forget!!!"

If I may go back to yesterday's puzzle, re: George Szell (pronounced -soft "z"ell or /'sel/). He was director of the Cleveland Symphony during it's greatest years of the 50's and 60's. Some thought him too strident and lacking imagination, but he denied that, saying that composers had different styles of manner and "warmth". He is quoted as saying "I can't pour chocolate over asparagus". (Better than the current "They're putting lipstick on a pig".) Critic Donal Henahan call Szell's Cleveland, "The world's keenest symphonic instrument" and many said the sound was so "tight" it was as listening to a chamber orchestra.

Eugene Ormandy's Philidelphia, Szell, Fritz Reiner's Chicago, Loenard Bernstein's New York and Max Rudolf's Cincinnati were rated the top five symphony orchestras.Most thought Ormandy and Szell battled for the top spot. Check out some old records, tapes or remastered discs and you decide for yourselves. After all, what do you have to lose? I can think of a lot of worse things to do than listening to the masters play the masters.

I must be off.

Mr. Ed said...


Hmmmmm! A point to ponder! I think I'd like to think that he's merely male and like all of us, we lose our 'head' for sex... so to speak!

Barb B said...

Clear Ayes
Nice Iris - beautiful. But no dew.

Where's Lois? There are so many wonderful words to play with today, I want to hear her take.

xchefwalt said...

Good afternoon c.c., DF’s and all. No puzzle for me today (my loathing for quips are well known), but things are ramping up in Florida and today has me distracted.

I guess I’m the token NYC kid, and as such, I mourn this day and what it did to my family, friends (both personal and professional) and city. Although I had no family in the WTC, my professional mentor, Frank Lima (who was one of my culinary school instructors) was, and perished along with countless other foodservice workers. It is only by the grace of God that I did not accept an offered position as a sous chef at Windows.

The worse 8 days of my life were those following the attacks, trying to contact family and friends to see if all was well. I have many that through their professions (TV, recording industry, legal) could have been in those buildings on that day. As I was in Florida, it was agonizing trying to call everyone.

Thank you, drdad for your tribute.

@c.c.- you can call me a farmer, but I prefer gardener, although maybe I’m a little bit of both, as a gardener tends to FLOWER and farmer grows wheat which becomes FLOUR.

Keep today special, everyone. Never Forget.

Clear Ayes said...

Hello Groucho...oops, I mean Buckeye. Glad you are back. I see you did not mean you don't belong to any organizations. Sea turtles are particularly endangered in Ohio and need all the help they can get. Keep up the good work.

Carol, nice to see another R.L.S. poetry fan. "A Child's Garden of Verses" was one of the first books I was given. One of my favorites is

Whole Duty of Children

A child should always say what's true
And speak when he is spoken to,
And behave mannerly at table;
At least as far as he is able.

And Now For Something Completely Different ...

This is from the Wikipedia article on Sexual Cannibalism. A little harsh, perhaps?

"There are two obvious advantages to sexual cannibalism:

* Natural selection - Any male who succumbs to the female's attempts to devour him before mating occurs fails to pass on his DNA. This is only applicable in species in which the male is not fully complicit in his demise.

* Nutrition - Any male eaten by a female, whether he has mated with her or not, provides a female with nutritional benefits which might increase the quantity or quality of her offspring."

Dick said...

drdad I resemble your comment at 2:06

Dick said...

drdad nice tribute on your blog. Even after seven years it still brings a tear to my eyes. No I will never forget!!

carol said...

drdad, Nice words, thoughts and pictures on your blog today. We will not ever forget that terrible day. I remember my friend calling me (very early morning here) and telling me to turn on the was live footage from NY and almost unbearable to watch.

Buckeye said...

@clear ayes. I knew I couldn't sneak a "Grouchoism" past you. Just as you can't sneak a "Rocky and Bullwinkle" past me. Thanks for the "foreign accents, symbols and more" from yesterday. Not that I doubted you, but I tried them on
"Word" and was so delighted with my newly taught toy, I managed to kill an hour just writing letters I never sent.

I've family in Houston and awaiting news about "Ike". Y'all be safe down there!!!!!


Dennis said...

drdad, you did a wonderful job with your tribute, so much so that I'm profoundly sad and angry all over again.

Anybody else up for reenlisting?

Buckeye said...

To All; I see where Vegas has my "Bucks" a 10 1/2 point dog to USC. 'Tain enuff!!!! If we play like we did last week, they'll be bringing us home in body bags. With "Beanie" Wells out and P.P. execution, I may have to cancel my "smoker" cooked pork tenderloin dinner and go directly to the shed. (That's where my Dad took me to "whoop my butt"). That liquid sunshine you will all see Sunday will be my tears of disappointment.


KittyB said...

Bear In There by Shel Silverstein

There's a Polar Bear
In our Frigidaire--
He likes it 'cause it's cold in there.
With his seat in the meat
And his face in the fish
And his big hairy paws
In the buttery dish,
He's nibbling the noodles,
He's munching the rice,
He's slurping the soda,
He's licking the ice.
And he lets out a roar
If you open the door.
And it gives me a scare
To know he's in there--
That Polary Bear
In our Fridgitydaire.

Thank you all for your nice comments about the new picture I've posted.

To the guys, I think it's safe to say that many, if not most, men prefer long hair on women. I can't imagine why Crystal Gayle has let her hair grow to such lengths, though, because it's horribly difficult to manage. I'd think she must resort to braids to keep it out of things, and to be able to roll over in bed.

Carol, great bike picture!

Lucid...Happy birthday!

You're welcome, Clear Ayes. I see we agree on the puzzle again. I'm glad I don't have to deal with all those insects in our wood pile, thank you very much! I'll have to see if I can rent "A Year in Provence."

Cokato, I wasn't the one who talked about endowed women and wringer washers. (At least, I don't think I did... CRS these days.)

Buckeye, how ya be, hon? It would be fun to listen to performances of the same work by the five conductors, to see if I consistently choose one over the other four. It's possible that I might prefer one of the conductors for Baroque, another for Classical, another for Romantic and so on. I suspect there are enough CDs at the library that I could run a comparison like that.

I hope you all have a good evening.

Dennis said...

buckeye, I think Southern Cal's primed for an upset Saturday night; should be an interesting game. And hey, it could be worse -- I just saw that LSU's a 42-point favorite Saturday.

carol said...

Cokato, I was the one who referred to the "endowments"in the wringer. I liked your quote probably was the true origin. Can you imagine?? OUCH!

Kittyb, I absolutely loved the "Polar bear" poem!! Thanks.

Clear ayes, cute picture of you in the "tub". We had one of those but I never took a "dip" in it...just ran though the sprinkler a lot. We were easily (and cheaply) entertained in those days weren't we? :)

lois said...

Good evening CC & DF's: My kind of puzzle for sure! I about lost it when 'thar she blows' came under 'snacks', and oh so many more. Great fodder!

CC you made me LOL. I also loved how Argyle associated me w/Unfaithful. Appreciate the thought, Santa baby. My chimney has been swept and kept...waiting.

Dick: LMAO Backwards? And here I thought the spiders had it backwards all these years!

barb b: Great 'DF'ness'. I think you're crossing over just fine. Keep it 'up'!!!

Melissa: You crack me up! The only thing I can add is 'oak', which brings up 'hard wood'in my 'den' of iniquity. Olshwang outdid himself today. I'd choose Dennis' egg recipe any day. I like my eggs the same way I like my men, sometimes over easy, more often hard, but always hot and fresh and 'naturally' served in bed.

Carl: What man doesn't lose his head over that activity?

Chef: either way you're always 'bloomin'....'coming to fruition'.

drdad, your tribute was exceptionally well done. Thank you. The morning announcements at school today were also exceptionally well done and by the kids themselves. I was so proud of them. None of us will ever forget.

Dick said...

Lois I guess you like your eggs anyway but soft LOL.

Buckeye said...

@kittyb; You're right about the sound of symphony orchestra's lending itself to different music. The orchs. express the conductor's ear, so the sounds would lend themselves to his interpretations. Bernstein was not critically recognized for his orchestra but lauded for his written music. I agree. I love "West Side Story" and "Candide".

I tried to conduct the overture to "Candide" and realized I couldn't do it with two hands. Too complicated with beat and overtones. I tried a third appendage but was arrested for "indecent exposure". I don't know why, because the piccolo player, who was used to small instruments, was the only one who saw it. Brings to mind "endowed like a stud parakeet". (My motto).

Love your new pic and the quilts.


Argyle said...


I go away for a few hours and I don't know what is going on.

C. C. said... 7:05 AM: Argyle, what does "I've got a woman making difficulties" mean?
That meant I have a friend in the hospital with a minor heart problem and his noddy wife is having a crisis. She is one of those people that is always having a crisis. If she doesn't have a real one, she makes one up. Anyway, I had to go calm her down and convince her she will survive, her husband certainly will.

Boy, I would not have understood your "R-W" link last night without reading Dennis' explanation to Carol.
Well, how do they clue an alphabetical string of letters?

And then...
Clear Ayes said...11:47 AM: Carol, nice bike! Looks like you were much more sensible that the person in Argyle's photo
What is that suppose to mean? My photo is just me and my dog.

And THEN...
lois said...4:46 PM CC you made me LOL. I also loved how Argyle associated me w/Unfaithful. Appreciate the thought, Santa baby. My chimney has been swept and kept...waiting.

Lois, I consider you always the Siren call! It was embien said...11:47 AM: I loved Under the Tuscan Sun (the movie, never read the book). You can see a lot more (and I mean a lot more) of Diane Lane in Unfaithful I think it may have been Lois who recommended this movie--whoever it was, thank you, I enjoyed it immensely.

Can I trust you df's whilst I go out for a little supper?

Clear Ayes said...

Sorry Argyle, That's my short term memory fooling around with my brain. I looked at Flyingears' photo of the crazy bike person, scrolled up to "Leave your comment", and proceeded to type Argyle. I see you used the word "whilst" in your post. Good for you. I tried for a while and just couldn't remember to keep doing it.

Buckeye, I understand now why you cannot be offended. Your motto might tend to make anything someone else said seem like a compliment. However, G.A.H. and I always stop by the bird cages when we go to PetSmart for dog food. Those little parakeets are mighty feisty little characters. I can't tell the difference between the boys and the girls, but they all seem to have an abundance of birdie testosterone.

I also love Bernstein's "Candide". I've never seen "West Side Story" on stage, although I do have the Broadway cast album. It's wonderful, so much better than the movie.

I'm not fond of "West Side Story..The Movie". I know it won loads of awards, but Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer weren't very good. They spoiled the movie and a good portion of the music for me. Their singing had to be dubbed, the chemistry just wasn't there, he was a totally wimpy Tony, and heaven knows where she dug up that accent. Rita Moreno, George Chakiris and Russ Tamblyn almost made up for the lead actors failings.

Time to get ready to go spoil somebody else's music. Tonight is our chorus practice. We're not wonderful, but we do have fun.

lois said...

Argyle: Oops, my bad. I was running out the door and didn't have time to double check my reference. But you made me gut level laugh! Sooooo funny! Great comment! Love your expletive! And that's so good of you to go calm down a 'noddy wife'. I know a 'naughty' one who needs calming, if you're up to another errand. I'm pretty sure you'll get breakfast in bed there.

Dick: LOL You're right in the truest sense, but 'coddled' eggs are good too, at times.

Embien: sorry for the earlier mistaken reference. I still appreciate the association though. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

just in case someone needs it

Argyle said...

I thank you, Clear Ayes and Lois for clearing that up.

If any of you would like to watch, "What's Opera, Doc?" be aware it is 6:53 long. It is the original cartoon.

Boomer said...

I believe "Ratzenfratzen" was also in "Bull Durham". Somewhere between "You hit the ball, You catch the ball, and you throw the ball" and "How'd we ever win 8".

I didn't do the puzzle today. Too Hard. Went bowling instead.

Anonymous said...

I like that you show highlites that I can click on to reveal things such as maps pics, etc.. It's GREAT!