Oct 27, 2008

Monday October 27, 2008 Norma Steinberg

Theme: Phrasal Verbs with OFF ON

17A: Authorize in writing: SIGN OFF ON

56A: Argue toe-to-toe: FACE OFF ON

11D: Begin, as a trip: START OFF ON

28D: State one's opinions: SOUND OFF ON

I wish 56A were SQUARE/SLACK OFF ON, then every theme entry would start with letter S.

I really liked the ERIE clue (13D: Superior's inferior?), very clever. UNDO (14A: Cancel) could be clued as "Computer edit command" to complete a computer sub-theme, together with EXE (20A: Program file extension) and UNIX (2D: Trademark DOS).

It's an OK puzzle. I didn't find the theme inspiring though.


15A: Icefield: FLOE. Dictionary says ice FLOE is smaller than "Icefield", which is smaller than ice sheet and similar in area to ice cap. Very confusing.

21A: Essential meaning: POINT

36A: French you: VOUS. "Voulez-VOUS" from "Mamma Mia!".

40A: Seine feeder: MARNE. Unknown to me. See this map. It's a famous W.W. I battle site. Alfred Joyce Kilmer, the poet of "I think that I shall never see /A poem lovely as a tree" was killed at the second battle of the MARNE in 1918.

42: Homer's TV neighbor: NED. No idea. NED is always clued as "Actor Beatty". So is Bart Simpson's "Aye carumba" is a corruption of Spanish "Ay caramba"?

43A: Deuterium discoverer: UREY (Harold). I forgot. Saw his name before. He won Nobel Chemistry in 1934 and he was also involved in the Manhattan Project.

44A: Film festival site: CANNES. Palme d'Or for CANNES, Golden Lion for Venice Film Festival (the oldest film festival in the world).

55A: Actress Woodard: ALFRE. Ha, what can I say. I forgot her name again. Do you watch "Desperate Housewives"?


1D: Italian actress Elenora: DUSE. No idea. Wikipedia says she is the first woman to be featured on the cover of Time magazine (July 30, 1923).

6D: Michael Caine film: ALFIE. I've only seen Jude Law's 2004 ALFIE.

8D: Only penciled in: TENTATIVE

26D: Singing chipmunk: ALVIN. Here is their "The Christmas Song". So weird.

27D: Singer Pat: BOONE. Here is his "Ain't That a Shame".

31D: Unmanned aircraft: DRONE. I wonder if the constructor's original clue is bee related, since she has STING (34A: Wasp attack) gridded so close by.

34D: Nerve - wracking: STRESSFUL

37D: Indian garb: SARI. Has anyone seen "The Darjeeling Limited"?

57D: Temporary mania: FAD. I can never understand the Beanie Babies FAD.



Dennis said...

Good morning, c.c. and gang - very fast puzzle this morning, not so much as a pause, especially once the theme became apparent. The only one I didn't know, 'urey' came easily with the perps.

Today is National Tell a Story Day - I think we've got that covered already, no?

Have an outstanding Monday, and GO PHILLIES - one more win! I hope to hell they get it tonight, 'cause I'm running out of gas from lack of sleep.

C.C. Burnikel said...

So DUSE (1D) was a gimme to you? Wikipedia explained "glider" as unpowered aircraft. What does "unpowered" mean? Doesn't it need gas?

TMS Sunday puzzle is not available on line anywhere.

Thanks for those gems of information on various languages.

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning C.C. and DF's.

How about "Switch Positions" for the theme?

This was another easy puzzled. Sub 8 minutes.

Not a lot to say on this one.

Dennis mentioned Tell A Story Day (which is covered, yes).

It is also Navy Day, commonly celebrated on October 27th. This date was selected as it was the birth date of President Theodore Roosevelt, an avid supporter of the U.S. Navy. In the 1970's, research determined that the birthday of the U.S. Continental Navy was October 13, 1775. At the time, efforts were made to move Navy Day to this date. However, Navy Day in the United Stares is still largely recognized as October 27th.

Finally, it is Cranky Co-Workers Day - as if that pain-in-the-cubicle next to yours really needed another excuse to annoy the hell out of you!

Have a great Monday!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Dr. Dad,
Good to see you back! I saw a puzzle with theme answers where every OFF is switched to ON and every ON is switched to OFF. I don't think it applies to today's puzzle.

Clear Ayes,
You are incredible. I like how you glean information from the web and then summarize and present to us in lucid English.

So you understand both Greek and Hebrew?

C.C. Burnikel said...

What a sweet story! Thank you for sharing with us.

Anonymous @ 10:59pm,
Nice to have your take on NAPPY. I hope I did not offend you by my comment. I did not mean that.

Argyle & Richshif,
How about SHAZAM?

Dennis said...

c.c., yes, "Duse" was a gimme because I'd seen it within the week in another puzzle.

Gliders are typically towed aloft by another plane, then released to soar unpowered. They have no engines. If you catch the right thermals, you can stay up for a long time. Let the DFettes chew on that one.

Dr. Dad said...

Dennis - If there is a lot of "hot air?"

Bill said...

Easy one today. Anything I didn't really know was filled by the adjecents.
I especially liked 54d. As the xword "DRAWS TO A CLOSE". Too bad it couldn't have been the very last clue.
Is there a sub theme we're missing?
Some one named "AL" maybe?
CY'all later

Dennis said...

drdad, yes, heat can certainly keep it up.

Barry G. said...

Morning, folks!

Well, this was a very easy puzzle for me as well. Except for the middle section, of course, where I totally crashed and burned....

I erroneously put STOIC instead of STONY for 29D, which gave me MARIE and UREC instead of MARNE and UREY for 40A and 43A. I thought MARIE was an odd name for a river, but I'd never heard of MARNE so I couldn't tell what it should be. Ditto for UREC and UREY -- neither one sounds like a real name to me, so one was as good (or as bad) as the other. Ah well...

Other than that, the only unknown in the puzzle for me was DUSE, which was easily gettable via the perps.

KittyB said...

Good morning, C.C. and all.

We had a full day yesterday, so I didn't get to the puzzle until late. I had all but six answers filled in when the cat decided he needed to sit on the puzzle. I wanted to cuddle with him more than I needed to finish the puzzle. I had trouble with the long "......and Hubert" answer, but the rest wasn't too bad.

Today's puzzle was fairly easy. I've seen DUSE before, but forgot it, and didn't know UREY. I wanted to put JOANN where ALFRE belonged. All these problems were resolved with the fills.

I think I've seen about four episodes of Desperate Housewives. If I was interested in it, I'd have to move to another room to watch, as a kindness to Dear Husband.

I have not seen "The Darjeeling Limited," and I didn't know that Jude Law had remade "Alfie." I suspect he did a great job with the role.

This will be another busy week for me. We are visiting with family in Indiana for a long weekend, so I need to cram what I would normally do on Thursday and Friday into the first three days of the week.

Have a good Monday!

Anonymous said...

Let's say I have an academic knowledge of both Hebrew and New Testament Greek. I need a dictionary when I sit down to use either one. Notice that modern Greek, though descended from earlier Greek, has developed over the centuries and is not useful to me.

Jeanne said...

Morning all,
An easy one to start the week. Did want stoic for 23D but corrected myself soon after.

Spent part of Sunday changing summer to winter clothes in the closet which was not a fun way to spend the afternoon. However all the sport wins: Penn State, Eagles, and Phillies 2x's made the weekend very enjoyable. Would love to see the Phillies wrap it up tonight.

Dennis, I must confess, I never stayed awake for the ending of the Saturday night/Sunday morning game. I'm not a fair weather fan just a very tired one.

DoesItinInk said...

Today’s was an easy puzzle. Like Barry, I had a few stumbles in the middle, having at first stoic instead of STONY, but MARNE cleared that up for me. I did not know the discoverer of deuterium, though UREY could be easily arrived at via the cross words.

@barry: You may remember Marne as the site of the famous World War I Battle of the Marne?

@cc: SARI is a garment worn by many Indian women. Gandhi wore a dhoti made from homespun cotton.

No, I have never seen Desperate Housewives: I watch almost no television. But I have seen Darjeeling Limited…the music of which I really liked. The film however…well, I confess to not really understanding the films of Wes Anderson. His dysfunctional families are more dysfunctional than I can relate to!

g8rmomx2 said...

Hi c.c. and all,

Well I was really proud of myself that I finished this puzzle in record time only to find out that as Barry did I put stoic/Marie/Urec instead of stony/Marne/Urey. Did not know Urey or Marne although they do sound familiar to me now! Urec and Marie both sounded plausible to me. Oh well...

Have a wonderful day

Ken said...

Good morning, C.C. and all. This was a 12 minute puzzle for me. I rarely think about the time, but this one just zoomed (for me) by.

Drdad. Nice to see Harold Urey get some space.

Word of the day. Manticore: noun (MAN tih kor) A legendary animal the head of a man, the body of a lion and the tail of a dragon or scorpion.

The book of fantasy stories contained pictures of manticores chasing prey.

kazie said...

G'day to all,
Like Barry, I started with stoic, and forgot about Marne. Also didn't know Duse.

I have seen "the Darjeeling Limited", admittedly a strange film, but enjoyable.

c.c., You're welcome, I like to help where I can.

kazie said...

Did someone mention contranyms the other day? I got the following today in my "word of the day" email and thought it worth sharing:

Words that contradict themselves:
autoantonyms, contranyms, self-antonyms, enantiodromics, amphibolous, janus words.

For example, when you sanction a project, do you approve of it or disapprove?
Should one be commended for oversight (watchful care) or reprimanded for oversight (error or omission)?
When you resign from a job, do you leave it or re-join (re-sign) it?
When a proposal gets tabled, is it being brought forward for discussion or being laid aside?

Martin said...

Easy puzzle... wrote STOIC instead of STONY... didn't know DUSE... could have got it from the perps if I had more time to think about it... yes, I know, same as almost everybody else.


Anonymous said...

Because this was posted late last night, I would like to copy it here:

Anonymous said...
Anonymous, Sallie and CC,
I'm black and in my culture, when another black calls your hair nappy, it is not a complement. When a white person uses it toward an African American, it is derogatory.

October 26, 2008 10:59 PM

kazie said...

I meant to point out yesterday and kept forgetting...To add a lighter side to this discussion, in Oz "nappy" is a noun and refers to a baby's diaper, short for napkin. What is known as a napkin here is called a serviette.

Golf Gal said...

Good Morning. Easier than usual puzzle or maybe my mind works better before noon. I had the same issue with stoic instead of stony, didn't know Duse or Urey. Superior's inferior came easily since I'm in the Great Lakes state! But not for long. We head west this weekend and will spend the winter in Arizona. Not sure if this puzzle will be in a local paper (it isn't in the Arizona Republic)but will keep up with your interesting comments, and perhaps the puzzle, online.
Golf Gal

JIMBO said...

'Mornin all,

Since this puzzle was so easy for most of you, then you know that it was moderately hard for me. I stumbled in the midsection on stony and Urey; The remainder came through with good guesses and surrounds. And , of course, a lot of gimmies.

It was enjoyable; But any puzzle is enjoyable to me if I am able to complete it unaided.

So this is tell a story day. O.K.
In the early and late 20's
my dad had a traveling tent show featuring silent movies and a Black Bear that he would wrestle as a concert. There was no top, though, only side-walls made of canvas.
On one occasion, there was a tree nearby and some young men chose to climb the tree and look over rather than pay the admission. Their mistake!!! Dad brought out "Old Fannie" the bear and tied her to the bottom of the tree.
End of story. He allowed them to come down the following morning.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!


Anonymous said...

Kazie; "If there is a lay the main motion aside temporarily without setting a time for resuming its consideration, but with the provision that it can be taken up again whenever a majority so decides, this can be proposed by the motion to'Lay it on the Table.'"
Subsequently a motion may be made "To Take from the Table" to bring it back.

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised.

Anonymous said...

How about a sub-theme of A String of STs? Stressful, Stan, Sting, Stove & Stony anchoring the center, and Start off on in the NE?

Razz said...

So so puzzle...

Now to the story, which is in the form of a recipe. Hope all of the holiday cooks are paying attention.

From an old family recipe. Not my family, of course, but a fun loving family nonetheless... Please read carefully.

The Best Fruit Cake Recipe Ever:

1 cup Butter
1 cup Sugar
4 large Eggs
1 cup Dried Fruit
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
1 teaspoon Baking Soda
1 tablespoon Lemon Juice
1 cup Brown Sugar
1 cup Nuts
1 or 2 quarts Aged Whiskey

Before you start, sample the whiskey to check for quality. Good,
isn't it?

Now go ahead, select a large mixing bowl, measuring cups, etc. Check the whiskey again, as it must be just right. To be sure the whiskey is of the highest quality, pour 1 level cup into a glass and drink it as fast as you can.
With an eclectic mixer, beat 1 cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar and beat the hell out of it again. Meanwhile, at this parsnicular point in time, wake sure that the whixey hasn't gone bad while you weren't lookin'. Open second quart if nestessary. Add 2 large leggs, 2 cups fried druit and beat til high. If druit gets shtuck in peaters, just pry the monsters loosh with a drewscriver. Example the whikstey again, shecking confistancy. Then shift 2 cups of salt or destergent or whatever, like anyone gives a shit. Chample the whitchey shum more. Shift in shum lemon zhoosh. Fold in chopped sputter and shrained nuts. Add 100 babbelspoons of brown booger or whushever's closhest and mix well.
Greash ubben and turn the cakey pan to 350 degrees. Now pour the whole pissin' mesh into the washin' machine and set on sinsh shycle. Check dat whixney wunsh more and pash ou.

Enjoy your Monday - Razz ;~p

kazie said...

Thanks for the clarification. This morning I had omitted, for the sake of brevity, the latter part of the following, which may or may not add to the confusion.

But after razz's recipe, who would even care?

"When a proposal gets tabled, is it being brought forward for discussion or being laid aside? Depends on which side of the pond you're at. If the former, you're in the UK; if the latter, you're in the US."

Buckeye said...

Hello, all. Well, I'm about to be asked to quit my comments on this blog.

To Anon; 10:59P yesterday. "I'm black and in my culture, when another black calls your hair nappy, it's not a complement. When a white person uses it toward an African American, it is derogatory".
I have often said on this site, that I cannot abide political correctness. It is just a way to "dumb down" our culture. If an African American can use words to describe another African American, then so can we all. I do not refer to myself as a German/American or an Irish/American, I refer to myself as an American. I make fun of the German and Irish stereotypes, just because it's funny. No blood, no foul. If we continue to divide ourselves with language, phrases and idioms we will never come together as one. Get over it, anon 10:59. You may say I've never experienced slavery. BUT NEITHER HAVE YOU!! We have had, throughout American history, brilliant Blacks-African Americans- that have made this country great. Espouse them and get over this invasive "self-pity" in which African Americans find themselves. I respect and honor your heritage. But I refuse to take responsibility for things that happened before I was born. For the record, this whole Bill Ayers affair with Barak is nonsense. Obama was 8 years old when Ayres was pulling his stupidosityishness. (Check Fred).

c.c.; you can delete this if you feel it is too controversial. And to add fuel to the fire, I've already voted......For Obama!!

I must be off.

carol said...

Razz : Thanks for the recipe!!! LMAO! Great way to start the day (with a laugh, not a glass of whiskey) :)

Dennis and drdad, blowin'in the wind again?

Golf gal, what part of Arizona? My sister and her husband live in Lake Havasu City...They love it, golf all the time but I don't see how they stand the heat in the summers!

Fast puzzle today for me as well.. nothing to add on that score.

Cokato, re what happens in the"the shed": our lips are sealed - no wait, that won't work at all.

Razz said...

Oh heck Buckeye...Pul up a forsk and hash shum chakey wiff me...


Razz said...

I'll bring dessert for the next woodshed luau!

Buckeye said...

Razz; Without a doubt, the cleverest, funniest and most thought out entry ever put on a computer. The fruit cake recipe is priceless and I'm copying it and sending it all over America. I WILL give you the credit. Thank You!! I haven't laughed so hard in years. A needed break from my previous posting-which came after yours, as we crossed in writing. Tranks agrin!!!


Buckeye said...

Razz, I think c.c. needs a bigger woodshed. It's getting crowded in here. I'm going to have anuthor pisch of cak.


JIMBO said...


What a classic!!!!
Could'nt read all of it at once. Had to stop several times to wipe the tears from my eyes so I could see.

kazie said...

On your 11:21, adding to the politics of it--wasn't every thinking American protesting in the 60's and early 70's? Does that make them all terrorists? Were the perpetrators of the Boston Tea Party also terrorists? If there's an immoral government in power it should be the duty of citizens to protest.

Dennis said...

kazie, I'm not sure how your 11:45 post ties into buckeye's. What am I missing?

And no, not every thinking American was protesting back then; some of us were fighting in Vietnam, giving something of ourselves to the country that had given so much to us.

Buckeye said...

Thanks, Dennis!!!!


kazie said...

I've just sent razz's recipe to friends and family around the country, in Oz and Europe. I added the warning that they should relieve themselves before reading, necessary for some, I'm sure!

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

record time for me today. but i didn't get off on the theme. i prefer when theme answers don't share common words or strings of letters.. it's too easy to just fill in 'off on' or, on friday all the 'arry's. i like to think more. also, for most of today's theme answers, the trailing 'on' seemed unnecessary.

i did see 'the darjeeling unlimited' and loved it.

besides tell a story day, and cranky co-workers day .. it's also my daughter's 19th birthday. happy birthday brown-eyed girl .. you make my heart sing.

kazie said...

Sorry if I offended you. I was referring to his Bill Ayers comment.

I realize there were a lot of you, and Australians too, who were caught up in the Vietnam thing, but I don't believe it had anything to to do with defending our countries, any more than the invasion of Iraq does now.

But this is probably getting too political, and I'm sorry to have opened it up.

carol said...

melissa, your daughter is beautiful, tell her happy birthday!

Dennis (11:51) AMEN

Now, let's all try to play nice.

Dennis said...

kazie said: Sorry if I offended you.... I realize there were a lot of you, and Australians too, who were caught up in the Vietnam thing, but I don't believe it had anything to to do with defending our countries

kazie, no offense taken; I didn't understand the correlation.

Just a couple points: I wasn't caught up in the Vietnam thing, I volunteered. And I didn't go because I believed I was defending the country, I went because the country needed me there.

Dennis said...

melissa, the apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree. Hope it's her best birthday yet.

Dennis said...

kazie, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the Australian soldiers were some of the best, most courageous fighters I ever had the honor of serving with.

kazie said...

Thank you Dennis,
I spoke out of turn without thinking, and I feel sincerely sorry about it. There are good reasons for c.c.'s rules about no politics, and I forgot and got carried away. It won't happen again.

ski said...

Buckeye, thanks for your 11:21 post. It expresses many of my thoughts as well. I don't think everything needs to be "politically correct". I do try to respect other people beliefs and opinions and hope that they respect mine.

@Dennis, I also wanted to thank you for your volunteer service for our country and your comments at 11:51.

I was recently reminded of a song by Terry Kelly, which can be viewed at the following site:
A Pittance of Time

Dennis said...

ski, just an outstanding clip; thanks for sharing it.

kazie, no problem; no harm, no foul. I'm probably overly sensitive about things like that.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone! It's nice to be home and nice to find that I can still do a crossword! New words today were all names: UREY, ALFRE, and DUSE. I missed reading the blog and look forward to catching up on things this week (including my travel blog, which is woefully two weeks or more behind the times, alas).

I also thought the 13D clue was clever. My clue for 37D was "Indian garb."

Barry, I also had STOIC, but I had heard of the MARNE, so I made the correction before crashing and burning.

Happy Monday!

Mr. Ed said...

Good morning C.C. & all

Another blackout for me but with the qualifier that I stumbled like so many of you did. I had overwrites on stony/marne/urey in the center and waste/actor/terse/acres/tons in the NE. I finally got 'em after several false starts.

I think we need to add "wentoffon" to the list of phrasal verbs.
@Buckeye, 'mijo'(Spanish street slang contraction of 'mi amigo'), re your 11:21 AM: I commend your courage and I understand your anger. You voiced many of my thoughts. I read the original post last night and my thought was; 'when will this s**t end'. We are THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Stop dividing us with racism from EITHER(or any) direction. Words are only 'words' and only hurt if you allow them to hurt. I think it's time to pull up our omni-racial big-boy(or girl) panties and get over this crap.

@C.C. - I penned a lot more but sent it to the cutting-room floor so I wouldn't give you another headache.

The above ain't political... it's from buckeyeville, & it's just gud ol fashun angre! I think I need another cup of joe!


Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, This morning's puzzle wasn't difficult, but that is what I want in a Monday puzzle. No Sunday puzzle for me, so I like to ease into the week with as many gimmes as possible. The only correction I had to make was 62A, where I had SALE instead of LESS. Science guys and terms are always tough for me, but UREY filled in from the perps.

C.C. Thank you for the nice comments. Yesterday was a stay-at-home Sunday, so I had lots of time to check back on the blog, read the interesting posts and add some of my own.

I did see "The Darjeeling Express". I really enjoy director Wes Anderson's disfunctional families. My father's family had more than their share of somewhat similar quirky characters, so perhaps that's why I can relate.

Buckeye, Anon @10:59 answered a blog question concerning how the word "nappy" is perceived in the Black community at large. He/she didn't attach any right or wrong to that perception, or even if it was his/her own personal opinion. The statement simply is what it is. Maybe Anon doesn't have anything to "get over". Personally, I think Anon 10:59 should be thanked for responding and for placing him/herself in a heated line of fire.

BTW, we have voted already too. My advice is vote early and often!

Melissabee, Beautiful girl!

Jimbo, Thank you so much for your story...more....more!

Back to baseball. After the Civil War, poet Walt Whitman said, "I see great things in baseball. It's our game -- the American game. It will take our people out-of-doors, fill them with oxygen, give them a larger physical stoicism. Tend to relieve us from being a nervous dyspeptic set. Repair these losses and be a blessing to us."

That quote was partially repeated in the movie "Bull Durham", which I think is a much better baseball movie than "Field of Dreams"...and certainly a whole lot sexier.

I couldn't find a "baseball poem" by Whitman, but I liked this one by Robert Francis.

The Base Stealer

Poised between going on and back, pulled
Both ways taut like a tightrope-walker,
Fingertips pointing the opposites,
Now bouncing tiptoe like a dropped ball
Or a kid skipping rope, come on, come on,
Running a scattering of steps sidewise,
How he teeters, skitters, tingles, teases,
Taunts them, hovers like an ecstatic bird,
He's only flirting, crowd him, crowd him,
Delicate, delicate, delicate, delicate - now!

Barb B said...

Today seemed like a good day to try the expert setting on the online version, since I knew Monday is our easiest day. I put stoic first, and had to google MARNE AND UREY, which corrected the problem. I thought SARIs were women’s wear, but what do I know? Must be unisex.

I haven’t seen Darjeeling Limited or Mama Mia. Both look like funny movies.

Golf gal, I hope you keep in touch while you’re snow birding.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kayla. She is amazing.

Thank you for serving your country - us. I know it didn’t come cheap.
I remember those times as a bewildering time of torn loyalties. I usually see good points on both sides of controversy, making it difficult to choose one side over the other. That being said, I think that generally speaking, our VN Vets were trashed, and never recognized properly by either side.

Agree with Clear Ayes about Nappy discussion. What will it take for reconciliation, I wonder? Our culture is so sadly polarized.

embien said...

7:29 today. As usual, it's the names that get me: DUSE, UREY, ALFRE (all gotten via the crosses, but previously unknown to me).

A nice Monday puzzle, and I personally enjoyed seeing all the OFF/ON terms.

@c.c.: 42: Homer's TV neighbor: NED.

Check out this picture from NE Portland Ne(d) Flanders Street

Buckeye said...

I shant dwell on this subject any longer except to say I was not addressing anon 10:59P personally, but rather making a statement that it's time to put actions ahead of words. If I caused anyone to think about this statement with any degree of interest, I'm truly, truly, truly........glad.


DoesItinInk said...

@barb b: Saris are not unisex garments. Please check my 8:31 am posting.

Bill said...

OK, If we're gonna talk baseball here's a

Baseball Story

DoesItinInk said...

Hating any sort of conflict, I hesitate to post this…but I will anyway.

Here is what I think about comments that anonymous wrote and to which several have replied. If my friends or family tell me that I am overweight, for example, I might not like it. I might even be hurt by the comment. But if someone outside my sphere of family/friends made the same comment, I would be offended. Though anonymous made his/her statement in the context of black vs white, I think in the end it is not so much about racial division as it is about what is acceptable from family/friends/community in contrast to those outside that sphere.

Hair – good hair – is an issue in the African-American community, and if you are not African-American, the reasons that this is an issue may not be apparent. But because it is a common issue in the African-American community, it is easier to accept the criticism from another African-American. If you are not black, you are not a part of the community that shares the concern. Hence, it can be offensive.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Doesitinink & Barb B,
SARI clue is solid. Gandhi could refer to Indira Gandhi. I saw this deceptive clue in another puzzle before.

I liked your story. I agree with Clear Ayes, you should tell more about your life.

I just learned that Greek does not belong to either Romance language or Germanic language. It's must be very hard to grasp, not to mention the old Greek.

Yes, Martin brought up the self-contradicting word lists after Chris & Ink's MOOT discussion. Thanks for "Janus word". It sounds so evocative.

Jeannie said...

Dennis, do you really want us to "chew" on that one?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Anonymous @ 10:33am & Bill,
Good observations on ST* and AL* & ENDS.

I agree with you on OFF ON and *ARRY, very boring for me. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Hi Pat! Thanks for the "A Pittance of Time" link.

Jeanne said...

I don't know how many of you have seen the Vietnam memorial in D.C. but it is the most moving and emotional monument I have ever seen. I don't know if it was because it was our generation or the design or observing the emotions of all that were there, but you will be moved beyond belief.

@Clear ayes, Agree that "Bull Durham" is a great baseball movie and very sexy. Loved it.

C.C. Burnikel said...

I am so happy to see you back. I missed reading your take on the puzzles. Sorry for not responding to your travel blog. I was too lazy.

Clear Ayes & Jeanne,
I like "Bull Durham" too. And "Major League", "The Natural" , "The Pride of Yankees", "Eight Man Out" & "61". But my favorite is still "Field of Dreams", so touching!

I noticed that you mentioned Xchefwalt very often in your posts. Who is he?

Golf Gal said...

Carol, We live east of Phoenix, in the foothills of the Superstition Mtns. (Gold Canyon) The LPGA has been played in a neighboring area for several years. At this point there is no sponsor (Safeway declined to renew their sponsorship after the tournament in March). Since we enjoy volunteering at this event, we hope it will continue.
Golf Gal

KittyB said...

Ken, I believe that David Weber used the word 'Manticore' as the name of a coalition of planets in his Honor Harrington scifi series.

Golf gal, find us on-line. We can point you toward the web address if you need it. I think most of my household would like to move toward warmer weather about now. It's been in the 40s for a week or more, and we're expecting a hard frost tonight.

Jeanne...GREAT baby pictures! I have to do the closet thang, too. I'm about two weeks late, and I'll have to help my mother with hers. I'm trying to talk myself into doing it tomorrow. :-(

Melissa bee, is that a picture of your brown-eyed girl? Or could that be a picture of you? No matter's a lovely picture of a lovely girl!

Clear ayes, you sound like a true Chicagoan..."Vote early vote often!" *G* We are holdouts in this household. We're very much on the fence. It would be lovely if we could pick and choose which part of each candidate we like, and combine them into a third.

Jeannie said...

C.C. I seem to remember him as our chef here on the blog. If I remember right, the last time he blogged he had been very busy with work and hockey and such. But it would be nice if he poked his head out once in a while.

KittyB said...

bill, I love being directed to that clip about Rick Monday saving the flag! Thanks.

Crockett, nice to have you back. I hope your travels went well.

It's been interesting to read all that has been posted on the subject of political correctness, and the use of words in the US. With November creeping up on us, and Thanksgiving around the corner, I'm contemplating the issue of giving thanks. I'd say we should be thankful that C.C. gives us a forum where we can talk about things like this.

Thanks, C.C.!

DoesItinInk said...

@cc: Oops! I didn't even think about Indira Gandhi...and I should have.

Anonymous said...

I hit this blog every now and again because I enjoy the puzzles and I enjoy the banter because it makes me laugh - you guys are funny!
Recent dialog regarding race has been interesting and has dredged up an old question of mine. I'm not a political person, or even politically correct, but I've often wondered why it is that when the african-american person puts down a white person it's because of "black pride", but when the caucasian-american puts down an african-american person it's "racism". It's always seemed to me that the two are the same.

I've noticed there are "rules" relative to the discussions amongst you folks, and am truly only asking out of curiosity. If I am out of line, I apologize. I am a WWII vet, watching a lot of my friends pass on of late and am just wondering what some of you think.

carol said...

To anon at 3:46 pm, thank you for your service to our country! You are of my parents generation and it was correctly termed "The Greatest Generation".

Crockett, welcome back !!! We missed your comments, let us know how your trip was and give us a picture of 2 if you have the chance.

Bill said...

CC, DrDad @5:52 (I think) was being slightly DF with his on/off theme.
I'm pretty sure he wasn't thinking "electrically"!

Buckeye said...

Kitty B. You mentioned to Jeanne you were two weeks late. Should we be sending congratulations or be concerned?

To anon 3:36. Thank you for your service and for being part of the "Greatest Generation". I've created too much controversy today to comment on your legitimate question except to say this is still the best country in the world and I hope it stays that way.

To all of you who have served and to those who demanded change, I say THANK YOU!!!


Mr. Ed said...

Isn't it amazing that we can all read the same "words" and derive different interpretations from them. Anon @3:46, I would refer you back to my post of 1:13PM regarding 'double standard'.
Having said that, I think we tend to read what we want into words. So, in the end, it's probably best to 'agree to disagree' and as Bon Jovi would say; Have a Nice Day!

@kittyb - I endorse your comment about "It would be lovely if we could pick and choose which part of each candidate we like, and combine them into a third" wholeheartedly. I am so disgusted with politics and 'least objectionable' shouldn't be an option!!!! I would favor enacting a 'none of the above' but realistically, that option would never be able to outvote the extremes. Where am I and what am I doing in this handbasket?

@cokato - poked his head out?????? I would have thought you would want it.....

Oh drats! Back to the shed!


Ken said...

@anon 3:46. The veterans of WW II not only served valiantly for the right cause, but formed a cadre to whom "serving" meant at home as well as abroad. I believe no other generation has formed the American character as well. My thank you goes to you as well.

@kazie. I've tried various Sci-Fi authors, from Ursula LeGuin, an Oregonian, to Heinlein, Asimove, Piers Anothony and others. I've a fairly imaginative mind and thought I'd enjoy them but they rarely held me.
Only Edgar Rice Burroughs' stories of "BARSOOM" held my interest. I also enjoyed Asimov's short stories, but the others lost to stories with locked rooms and dead bodies.

RichShif said...

Good afternoon c.c. and all

Well gooolllee (as Gomer Pyle), I think c.c. understands exclamations!!!

Today was an easy puzzle. Made some of the same errors in the beginning i.e. stoic. Did not care for face off on, generally only use face off. I was thinking of hockey for icefield, so I had rink. Did not consider floe for an icefield but couldn't get the perps to work out.

Going to pool league tonight, will check back late this evening and response to anything that I need to tomorrow.

Buckeye said...

Lord, what have I wrought? What you sow, ye shall also reap.

Please allow me to relate a true story. For those of you who are parents or grandparents, please relate this story to your younger kin.

It was a warm, autumn afternoon and I was standing on the platform of the New York Central train station, awaiting a train that would take me from Middletown to Columbus, Ohio and The Ohio State University to the beginning of my search for further wisdom, education and knowledge. My mother, two aunts, an uncle and my father (who only had an eighth grade education) were there to see me off. As the train pulled in, my father pulled me aside and said, "Son, follow my six pieces of advice and you will always have friends, wealth and happiness.
And to this day..............

I've never drawn to an inside straight. God help my worthless soul.


lois said...

Good evening CC & DF's: Easy puzzle done in 'Dennis time' at work before everything went 'down hill' in a bandhasket. So, I've had some well deserved 'jood admustments' and must say I'm feeling so bust metcher. Now, let me get this straicht: We have a drunk fruit wearing a nappy, cooking a cake for our wonderful veterans while celebrtating beautifyl Kayla's birthdy, rooting for the Phillies and trying to rembmer if it's his turn to be on or off b/c his theirmals have kept him up more than 4hours. Did I get it right? Ok, then. It's gotta be Monday and I'm going for a refill...and looking for that moose to storke. Enjloy your night and a sincere "thank you" to all our veterans.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thanks for the NED link. What's wrong with the letter D?

I should thank YOU for the vast range of musical knowledge you've brought to this blog.

Oh...the earmuffin loving guy...I forgot.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Richshif & Lois,
Did you notice how much you two have in common?

That's a great link. I've never heard of Rick Monday before. His surname could be a great Xword answer. Wikipedia says he is "still in possession of the flag he saved from being burned. He was offered a million dollars for it recently but turned it down."

Jeannie said...

Carl, leave it to you. But if you think about it, he has to poke his head out first. Did you have a chance for dinner before you had to slink back in there? Are you warming up a place for me? It is getting to be that time of the year when we need to stoke the fire. Lois, bring the whiskey. I'll try again, xchefwalt bring FOOD when you get here, as it is just a matter of time before you do arrive.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Razzberry et al,
The 10:43am post is funny. But I did not enjoy the subsequent follow-up weird spelling comments. Don't write like that any more.

Jeannie said...

C.C. yes, that is him. Leave it to you to remember him by that little comment so long ago.

Anonymous said...

You probably are already aware that the English language has innumerable words from other languages. Look up on the web "Greek words commonly used in the English language" and you will be amazed at how much that language has contributed to ours.

Buckeye said...

Sorry c.c.; Lois re: your 5:29 posting. I couldn't have said it more betterfuller.


melissa bee said...

thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. kittyb the pic is of my daughter.

@lois: your 5:29 was sparkling. i'll join you in that refill .. just as soon as i finish this first one. cheers.

lois said...

Melissa: Thank you. Cheers back atcha! And many many more. Here's to Kayla's 19th birthday! And to her 19th plus 1 minute... and to her 19th plus 2 minutes...etc. I hope she has a great time!

Clear Ayes said...

Back from art class. Tried my hand at pastels for the first time. I'm not sure if I like them or not. I think I need to buy a set that are a little better than the cheapie beginners set I have. That would explain why my "Girl In Tutu" doesn't resemble Degas ballerinas....Yeah, that's the ticket!

Doesitinink @ 2:50, very good comment. Even so, if G.A.H. hints that I'm overweight, he'd better start ducking! LOL

Buckeye, But an inside straight is sooooo tempting.

Kittyb, LOL Yup, that's my old-time Chicagoan coming out. I don't know if Al Capone really said it or not, but it does make a good story.

Buckeye said...

ClearAyes: Pastels, IMHO, are over-rated. I thought the original Russell's were better than his pastel period. Even Remmington tried it for a while, but gave it up. However, you must paint what you see - be it pastels or life-like oils or watercolors. Or charcoal. Or pencil. Or soft rock. Or .....

I have found a poem that I will send along. Maybe. Are you familiar with Joseph Campbell?


Buckeye said...

Damn. I've taken up too much space today. Melissa bee. We used to say on radio, "Cute Kid". At 19, let me say, with affection and understanding (2 25+ daughters), beautiful young woman. Does she know her mother is a siren???


carol said...

Clear ayes, it's always better inside when it's straight! :)

Cheers to you, Lois and melissa: bottoms up as they say!

The woodshed is filling up, we will be warm from the body that bottle, who can blow up the air mattress?
Where are the guys?

carol said...

I have dredged up an old photo of one of my Halloween "monster's" that I created out of chicken wire, coat hangers and "stuffing" (I made 2 of them and will post the other one and more 'homemade'things tomorrow. I started in 1987 and was the first one in our area to do anything like this, scared the --- out of some of the little trick-or-treaters, but I was always at the door to tell them nothing was "real". They still looked dubious. A lot of them really loved all the scary things.

Jeannie said...

Carol, my guess is they are watching the world series. I am starving in here and Carl keeps stepping out on long periods of time claiming he needs to "relieve" himself. I am pretty sure we gals can "blow" up that mattress all by our lonesome. We should probably lock the door too. That might teach the guys a thing or two. Drdad, how do you escape the woodshed punishent? Or for that manner, C.C. where are you? Clearayes, you are the most "sneakable" part of the DFette's club. You dance almost as well as C.C. Tango anybody? Melissa, beautiful daughter. I wouldn't expect anything less from you.

carol said...

Cokato, yes, let's lock the door and we'll keep all the booze, warmth and any food to ourselves. Let 'em huff, puff and blow the shed down. If they can do that, they may be worth letting back in...ooohhh that sounds really good.

Anonymous said...

finishing up today's puzzle now, i only have one blank box left. the end of last week and this weekend were way too busy! the phils-rays game was just delayed for rain - oh no!

dennis, i'm sure you were very excited this weekend! didn't all of the philly teams win?!

buckeye, i was surprised what a low-scoring game that was this weekend! it was very exciting here in state college after that. osu is expected to go to the rose bowl!

just finished the puzzle :) have a good night and tuesday everyone!

Jeannie said...

Carol, as always, you have a plan. Not so good a one last night like us having to keep our lips sealed. Hey, sometimes it's torture in here (mostly it's a GOOD time). C.C. just stop in for a visit sometime seeing how you built this shed. Granted, we don't have our own CHEF. Clearayes, bring some of your artwork. Our walls in here are barin'. Oops, that just suspended me again. Thank God Carol has blown up the mattress.

xchefwalt said...


carol said...

ooohhh, look who just "poked" his head in!

I don't know if having our "lips" sealed was necessarily a good idea! We should be "open" to new expressions, feelings, sensations, etc. Do you think we should let the "chef" in

embien said...

@c.c.: Embien,
Thanks for the NED link. What's wrong with the letter D?

The street sign is NE FLANDERS ST, and someone has added the "D" to make it "NED FLANDERS ST". Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons is from Portland, and there is a long tradition of "Simpsonalia" here in this town. A lot of the names in the TV program come from local references.
Ned Flanders St

Jeannie said...

xchefwalt, enjoyed the poke; maybe you can pre-LOONNGITT? Carol and I are stuck in this stupid shed once again. Is that B&B open? I have a little snapper that can trim up the fringes. I definetely say let any man who can cook in.
Carol, maybe we can finally get a decent meal in there. Carl, you are on your own as you never came back from "relieving" yourself.

Clear Ayes said...

Buckeye, I am only familiar with Joseph Campbell via the PBS series with Bill Moyer. Always interested in any poetry!

I like both Remington and Russell. We are talking about Frederic and Charles aren't we? I always think of them as "the cowboy artists". When I think of pastels, I think of Degas and Renoir.

Cokato, RE: DFette-ness...Like I said yesterday...when the mood and the opportunity presents itself! Thanks for the invite to hang my "artwork" in the shed. I've said before that I have no shame when it comes to posting stuff here, but there are some limits. Of course, it is pretty dark in there, so maybe I'll scan something and come knocking. Is Xchefwalt cooking up a late night snack?

Jeannie said...

clearayes, as far as exchefwalt, it remains to be seen. But I am sure that any tasties he brings there are going to be well worth the weight. Bring your artwork and stop in for a whiskey. Oh wait, Lois and Carol drank that already and we have no idea where Carl is.

Mr. Ed said...


'Bout time you came back into the open. I thought I heard rustlin' in the bushes. But, I think you're getting an 'unearned run'. Not that I'm complainin' cause I need some help in here. And dennis only volunteered to guard the door but he didn't specify whether that was to keep us in or others out.

@ cokato - that little blue pill has a four hour time limit. I'm going to check out the 36 hour version for my next refil. Plus, we're right up against that dreaded century mark. Drats!!!!