Jul 11, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011 Ed Sessa

Theme: I'm Not Angry - But all of the theme answers start with a synonym for angry. (What husband hasn't heard, "I'm not angry. Why should I be angry?")

17A. Rhetorical question on a sultry day : "HOT ENOUGH FOR YOU?"

26A. Shellfish order : STEAMED CLAMS. Next Sunday is our family reunion. Steamed clams and BBQ chicken. Um-m-m.

38. Pitcher's malady : SORE ARM

48A. Off one's rocker : MAD AS A HATTER. Hat makers worked with mercury and it caused them to appear mad. Other possible derivations.

63A. What you're solving (in more ways than one, based on the starts of 17-, 26-, 38- and 48-Across) : CROSSWORD PUZZLE

Argyle here. Interesting unifier. The word CROSS is a synonym for angry, the theme words are "CROSS WORDS" and the answer to the clue is "CROSSWORD PUZZLE". Two spanners, two almost(12) and a compact center = happy Monday; good job, Ed.


1. Cookie quantity : BATCH. The Santa in me wanted a PLATE.

6. Partner of a mani, salon-wise : PEDIcure

10. "Dancing Queen" group : ABBA

14. Hawaiian hi : ALOHA

15. Neural conductor : AXON

16. Area outside the city, briefly : BURB. Shortened form of suburb.

20. Appear to be : SEEM

21. Illness suffix : OSIS. Halitosis(bad breath) being one of the less serious ones.

22. Blood lines : VEINS

23. Enjoy a chaise longue, say : LAZE add 31A. Striped cat : TABBY and you get this.

25. Subtlety : NUANCE

32. __ polloi : HOI

33. Deck swabbers : TARS. Sailors.

37. Cavity fillers' org. : ADA. American Dental Association.

42. Tennis do-over : LET

43. "Sexual Healing" singer Marvin : GAYE

45. Meaning of a wd. : DEFinition.

46. Shrek's love : FIONA

52. Boutonniere spots : LAPELS. Image.

55. Striped fish : BASS

56. Earthy tone : OCHRE

57. Lion's den : LAIR

59. West Point, e.g.: Abbr. : ACAD.. West Point, The United States Military Academy home.

66. Lottery-like game : KENO

67. Look at leeringly : OGLE

68. Italian white wine : SOAVE. Soave is a small comune of the Veneto region in the Province of Verona. Map.

69. Original sin site : EDEN

70. Carpenter's supply : WOOD. Hey, Splynter.

71. U.S.-Canada defense acronym : NORAD. North American Aerospace Defense Command. They're the ones always tracking me in December.


1. Scroogean outbursts : BAHS. In 'Dickensesque' writings.

2. Natural balm : ALOE

3. Shopping bag : TOTE

4. Class with flasks and beakers : CHEM LAB

5. Solo in "Star Wars" : HAN. In the handy 'take-home size'.

6. Stopped briefly : PAUSED

7. Vet : EX-GI

8. Homer Simpson outbursts : D'OHs

9. Having one flat, musically : IN F. ?

10. How lovers walk : ABREAST

11. Poker tournament entrance fee : BUY IN

12. Rodeo bucker : BRONC

13. Nasty treatment : ABUSE

18. Slimy stuff : OOZE

19. Latin egg : OVUM

24. Writers Lowell and Tan : AMYs

25. Neet rival : NAIR

26. Party without women : STAG

27. Exclamation with a flourish : "TA-DA!"

28. Cybermarketplace : E-BAY

29. Master slicers and dicers : CHEFS

30. Hawaii's Mauna __ : LOA. Volcano.

34. Scads : A LOT

35. Russo of "Get Shorty" : RENE. With Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito, and John Travolta.

36. Marquee luminary : STAR

39. Las Vegas numbers : ODDS

40. "The Crying Game" actor Stephen : REA

41. Advanced degs. for writers : MFAs. A Master of Fine Arts (MFA) is a graduate degree typically requiring 2–3 years of study beyond the bachelor's degree.

44. "Nature" author : EMERSON. Ralph Waldo.

47. "What craziness!" : "IT'S A ZOO!"

49. Brewpub pints : ALES

50. Tolerated : ABIDED

51. Heavenly music maker : HARP

52. "Social contract" philosopher John : LOCKE

53. Like a big landowner : ACRED. It's in the dictionary, but not in common use.

54. Call up : PHONE

57. Nike's Swoosh, e.g. : LOGO. Lego Logo.

58. Folk singer Guthrie : ARLO

60. Drug kingpin : CZAR

61. Edison's middle name : ALVA

62. Ownership document : DEED

64. "Golly!" : "WOW!"

65. Mil. branch with ships : USN. United States Navy.

Answer grid.


Note from C.C.:

Here are two more "Hard to Believe" pictures. Tell me who do you think the cool guy is. (Added later: Yes, it's Spitzboov!)


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Total speed run today, which is just fine for a Monday. The theme was pleasant and the fill was, with a couple of exceptions, spot-on. One exception, of course, was ACRED. I don't care if it's in the dictionary, it certainly doesn't belong in a Monday puzzle (if anywhere, to be honest).

The other one that seemed a bit iffy to be was "Drug kingpin" for CZAR. I've heard the term Drug CZAR before, but that just refers to somebody with overall responsibility for U.S. drug policy and I'm not really sure that can be considered a drug "kingpin". Ah, I'm sure it's perfectly fine. Never mind...

kazie said...

Good Monday CW. I had to WAG most of the names, but had forgotten ALVA and didn't know SOAVE, so the V was missing.

Cute avatar, Hahtool!

creature said...

Good Morning CC, Argyle and all,

Great write-up, Argyle. I always wondered who kept an eye out for your comings and goings. Thanks.

Ed, nice Monday puzzle; tying theme to CROSSWORD PUZZLE made it cute.

I wonder why hatters need mercury to make hats. The article doesn’t seem to address it; or am I still asleep?

My guess would be Spitzboov .

Have a nice day everyone.

Argyle said...

Link at 23A is fixed.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning Argyle and the gang. I went through this one so quick I missed reading some of the clues as many perps filled themselves. Thanks, Ed, for a fun start to the week.

How many acres must one own to be considered well-ACRED?

Spitzboov is my guess on the "hard to believe" photos also. Whoever it is, what were your intentions regarding that calf?

Unknown said...

Whew! Monday's puzzle was a n easy one. Just who decided that the puzzles would start with an easy one and get harder as the week progresses? not complainin;just wondering.
At any rate, I am glad that Monday's are easier than others.
Thanks, Argyle.
CA, imagine that the chemo is a herd of old-fashioned "Pacman"-eating boogers. One of my friends who had chemo said that the visual image helped her beat the blues and fear that having chemo caused.

Today I'd like to bake a batch of cookies while listening to ABBA! Later on, while my pedi dries, I may be found dreaming of saying aloha to the hotter than Hell sun from my ochre tinted patio. From my chaise longue, I might even laze away the evening with a Tabby on my lap while sipping an ale. Oh, the pictures a simple puzzle can conjure-up ! Tada!
Am I as "mad as a hatter?" Hehehe, must be the heat!
Have a dreamy day, all puzzlers!

Jacel said...

Good morning. Ed, that was a great puzzle.

Even after I solved CROSSWORD PUZZLE, I could not connect it to the theme answers. I guess my brain is not in gear yet.

That was an easy Monday puzzle and I really enjoyed it.
My favorite was MAD AS A HATTER.

Argyle said...

The mercury used in early hat making was applied to fur to mke it into felt. I found this site that doesn't mention mercury by name but will tell you an awful lot about making a fur/felt hat. link

Dick said...

Good morning Argyle and all, a fun puzzle this morning, but I had a few miscues that were not corrected before coming here. I did not know Shrek’s love and ended up with Biona (which looked OK to me) because I put MBAS for 41D. The other problem was inserting cure for 6A for partner of mani. I also wanted Lord for 60D in lieu of Czar.

Oh well, overall a fun puzzle to start the week.

Hope you have a great Monday.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Great write-up, Argyle.

Not real difficult but in the north central, i entered 'cure' to go with mani. When I wanted AXON for 15a, nothing fit. DOH. So I came back at the end , saw PAUSED, and sussed out PEDI. Guess I kind of reversed the intent of the clue. All worked out well and there were no other problems so I did not get HOT, STEAMED,MAD, or CROSS. Nice Monday puzzle.

Used to live in EDEN (NY). Any sinning there stayed there:-)

Forecast >90ยบ today. HOT ENOUGH FOR us.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. and all,

This was a speed run for me, although I had never heard of acred, hoi polloi, or soave.Like Jacel, I had to have Argyle explain crossword. DOH!

It's a zoo here today as I have the 3 boys.DH hibernates.:-)olly olly oxen......

Avg Joe said...

Fun puzzle that was Monday easy, but entertaining. I've always liked the phrase Mad as a Hatter, but had no idea as to the origin. Also found out that I'm "acred". Not real sure how I feel about that. Is there a cure for the malady?

Lemonade, per your request late yesterday: No, my avatar is not available for other's use. But I suppose anyone could see it as a mirror, if appropriate.

carol said...

Hi all - Wow, this started out as a speed run, but I ran into a speed bump in the lower half. Didn't know: SOAVE,MFA'S, FIONA,LOCKE, ACRED (really??? it's a word for someone who has lots of land????). I put in CAPO for 60D. Perps helped some but I had to have help.

I couldn't even guess at who's in the mystery picture.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, What a nice Monday puzzle.I see the AMYS showed up. I'll have to find an AMY Lowell poem...I don't think AMY Tan writes anything buy prose.

Doesn't everyone walk ABREAST when they are in the company of someone else? It can't just be lovers. I wanted something more like IN HAND, or ARM IN ARM, but neither one fit.

I got a little stuck in the SW when I was thinking John DONNE, instead of John LOCKE at 52D. Got it worked out though.

Ahh, memories. I think it was in the fourth grade when our teacher let us all take turns rolling beads of mercury around in our bare hands. I guess it seemed safe at the time.

LOL, MomSpeaksOuts, Thanks anyway, but, Gosh! I think your imagery makes it seem pretty icky! Don't worry, this is my forth time around, so I pretty much know what to expect.

I'm voting for Spitzboov too.

Clear Ayes said...

It isn't easy to find a cheery AMY Lowell poem. So serious AMY didn't seem to fare well in love. If you are ever mourning for a lost love, here's the poem to get out and have a good cry over. (Or, just open the refrigerator and have a dish of pecan praline ice cream...that's what I'd do.)


I learnt to write to you in happier days,
And every letter was a piece I chipped
From off my heart, a fragment newly clipped
From the mosaic of life; its blues and grays,
Its throbbing reds, I gave to earn your praise.
To make a pavement for your feet I stripped
My soul for you to walk upon, and slipped

Beneath your steps to soften all your ways.
But now my letters are like blossoms pale
We strew upon a grave with hopeless tears.
I ask no recompense, I shall not fail
Although you do not heed; the long, sad years
Still pass, and still I scatter flowers frail,
And whisper words of love which no one hears.

carol said...

CA: LOL - about playing with mercury beads!! Today, people would wet themselves, holler for the EPA, put up a plastic tent over your whole house, put warning signs on your lawn and call the media! True, it's not the safest stuff but 'cmon.
I just have to laugh at how over-reactive we have common sense, not any thought given to what actually occurred, just a knee-jerk 'all-in-one' response. Little Johnny takes an aspirin to school and he's vilified, expelled and treated as a 'CZAR'. end of rant :)

Tinbeni said...

Fun Monday!!!

5 tight theme answers and my Land BaRon (off the 'R' in CROSSWORD) being written over to ACRED.

Well I know I don't quality. But I do remember I own something like 6 sq.inches of Alaska from a Cereal Box Top promo back in '60's.
(Hmmm, I wonder where in the Yukon my 'homesite' is ...)

"Drug kingpin" = Czar. We've seen this one before in our grids.

Anonymous said...

Little Johnny takes an aspirin to school and he's vilified, expelled and treated as a 'CZAR'.

...and yet, they can give out condoms and take your daughter for abortion counseling without your knowledge or consent.

guess: the daring young man is The Marine.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

It was a good and full of fun puzzle today. I needed DH's help in the SE corner, even though I did have the two Zs and Alva and Deed. CZAR just didn't come to me and I didn't know SOAVE or NORAD.

I join with all of you who think the mystery boy (don't start) is Spitzboov.

Such a great way to start the week.


Anonymous said...

P.S. Clear Ayes, you are an inspiration to us all. Always cheerful, always upbeat.
(Maybe it's Charlie who helps you keep that wonderful attitude.)

Lucina said...

Hello, Puzzlers, Argyle, C.C. and all!

It's good to be home again and yes, IT'SHOTENOUGHFOR you here in Arizona!

I'm so glad it's a Monday puzzle and with a cute theme, Thank you, Ed as your last one was a bear!

We saw many ACRED ranches in Montana and man, do they grow hay there! Bales and bales of it.

Perhaps you also heard about the fatal bear mauling at Yellowstone; we were not in the vicinity but our guide received word of it while we were touring.

Yellowstone is astonishingly beautiful and large! I had no idea it is 2.2 million acres!

And Mt. Rushmore is equally impressive. If you've been there, you know. Sadly, the 4th of July fireworks were cancelled because it's so dry. Very disappointing.

What nice new AVATARS Hahtool and CA. Is that you as a young girl, H?

I hope your Monday is cooler than mine! I'll miss the 80 degrees.

Lucina said...

I also vote for Spitzboov as the young daredevil.

CA, I assume you are undergoing more chemo. Positive thoughts going your way. Anyone as vibrant as you are can overcome, I feel sure.

Jerome said...

NUANCE- What you get when your uncles remarry

ITSAZOO- Honda, Toyota competitor

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Sessa for a very nice Monday puzzle. It was easy enough, but I, for one, am extremely appreciative of small favors. Thank God, for Mondays.

Thank you Argyle for your always sparkling commentary. Now I finally know what 'felt' is - it is not cotton, nor is it vegetarian, but it is organic. However, since I use felt hats, during the winter, I should try to pray for the souls of the little rabbits, though.

(Now, I also realize why felt hats are somewhat expensive - unless they are Chinese made.)

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Anon, who, (yesterday), linked the 'Lone Marine Rolling Thunder' from Youtube. I had tears in my eyes. Patriotism takes many forms.

Mercury Cautioner said...

Perhaps, this has been mentioned before - but elemental mercury is not that poisonous - remember Hg thermometers, and mercury amalgams still used in dental bridgework and fillings - even today. So if you have mercury in your house lying around, ( as I do - ) , properly encapsulated, it is not toxic. Only, a 100 years ago, it was used as ( among other things - ) a laxative ( see 'Murder of Napoleon' book, etc.)

It's the Mercury compounds that are very toxic - oxides, chlorides, sulfides ( Vermillion, Cinnabar) and Nitrates and ofcourse, the Organo-mercurials.

The compound used in 'Hatting/Hatters' was Mercuric Nitrate, in a process, called 'carrotting' to separate the fur from the pelt/skin - which caused the medical toxicity, for the workers, on long term use.

To those, who had 'played' with Hg, in your high school labs, in days of yore - you have little to fear - BUT DONT TRY IT NOW - AND DONT TRY THIS AT HOME. (Mandatory blog warning .... )

Darwin Admirer said...

This is a question for Hahtool - because 1. she is a lawyer,in Louisiana and 2. she works with some Govt. there.

Yesterdays,(Sunday's ) Doonesbury , by Garry Trudeau cartoon, had a strip about the teaching, in a biology class, in a high school, of alternative theories, to Darwin's Evolution.

It implied that the State of Louisiana, REQUIRES, 'alternate' theories, like 'Creationism' to be taught, in the high school science classes - as a requirement of state law.....

My question is -

1. Is this true ?

2. Does the U.S. Supreme Court have no jurisdiction, in all this ?

Babychild said...

Quick question, does anyone know if the Merl Sunday Crossword usually found on the L.A. Times site will ever be updated? It still has last Sunday's. I know I can find it the Wa Post site, but somehow it's not the same.
Thanks for all your help.

dodo said...

Good morning, puzzlers

Speed run for me today. TGIM!
Thank you, Ed and Argyle. I'm earlier than usual. I'll whip through the comments and be back.

dodo said...

Agree with Barry re: CZAR. Wrong side of the "War".

I think the pix must be Spitzboov.

Avg.Joe, how about a youthful picture of you?

Gotta go. CL8er.

Chickie said...

Hola Eaveryone, A speed run for me as well. Even though I didn't know Emerson, Rea and Gaye, they all filled in with the perps.

I did catch on after the first two theme answers, so sore and mad were easy fills. A fun, not maddening puzzle today.

Hands up for acred. I put a question mark by the clue when I filled in the answer. Thanks Argyle for letting us know it is a real word.

I vote for Spitzboov, too.

Really cool here today. Lucina, too bad we can't average out your hot and our cool weather.

Husker Gary said...

Hi all! Hot enough? YES, after 3 days of moving daughter and attending big parade in town yesterday with heat index north of 100, it is toasty! Played 31 holes this morning before bugs and heat drove me off the course.

-I had a DOZEN cookies
-We played with mercury toys and the mercury itself when the toy broke as a kid. It made a dime very shiny when you wiped it on.
-A broken mercury thermometer across the hall from me caused the state to close down 6 classrooms for a week until Nebraska could get an environmental guy here in a Darth Vader suit to clean it up. OMG!!
-Teaching creationism in school seems out of place but if you want controversy watch and listen to these excerpts from a text in the Tucson United School District. Their required ethnic’s studies have anti-Americanism and anti-capitalism throughout. Tucson is roiling in the situation.

Husker Gary said...

Here is Ethnics Studies in Tucson link

Jayce said...

I think the cool guy is Spitzboov.

Got the grandkids staying at our house all this week, so most likely won't be posting here much.

Good Monday puzzle today. Fun to solve.

I wrote a question mark next to ACRED also, and a smily face next to ITSAZOO. No Bahs or Dohs today.

fermatprime said...

Hello all!

Refreshingly easy puzzle today. Thanks Ed, Argyle.

Am dead as a doornail. Tummy on fritz most of night. DirecTV man here now installing system. ATT cut off sharp at 12:01 AM. Fortunately, PBS airing of Miss Marple mystery on computer began at that time so I was able to finish watching. What an ending!!!

Dodo: Did you get my message from last night? (A friend described how to open additional windows on a Windows machine. Different procedure altogether. Get help if you need it!)

Cannot wait to try to sleep again. Tomorrow I am slated for a mammogram, after 3 years dodging the issue. Hope they can accommodate people in wheelchairs!

Bye for now!

Jeannie said...

I thought this one was pretty easy today. Soave, Amy’s, Rea, and Rene all filled in themselves via the perps. How “acred” are you Windhover? I am only ¾ acred. My guess is that that “cool” guy in the pictures is Spitzboov.

CA, sorry to hear you have to endure more chemo. But as everyone else has said, if anyone can beat this thing you can!

Today is National “Cheer up the lonely day”. Try to do your part.

crazyhorse said...

Easy puzzle today, thank goodness.

Argyle, love your writeups.


Just google Merl Reagle and you can download his Sunday puzzle, usually on Saturday afternoon


Argyle said...

ACRED doesn't sound so bad if you consider the phrase, "LANDED GENTRY" has a similar meaning.

Darwin Admirer 2 said...

Thank you, Hahtool for answering my question. Much Appreciated.

dodo said...

Quality Point (from last night)

Where have you been? The last Olympics were in Beijing, China.

Lemonade714 said...


great puzzle and write up, but I am writing a brief, so I must be brief. justice holmes always wrote his briefs and opinions while standing expressing the view that nothing insures brevity like tired legs.

Anonymous said...

Easy today had fun I figured out the theme. Crossword puzzle

hot (as in under the collar),
steamed, sore and mad.

Fun Facts By David Letterman

Despite the popular commercial, no one has ever said more ovaltine please.

Before the stapler was invented everything had to fit on one page.

Anonymous said...

Are there any funny ones?

Avg Joe said...

Argyle, I actually tried justifying the use of "acred" in exactly that context. It didn't help at all. I submit that it's a valid usage, but I don't have to like it.

Red State, I'm not so sure about your Ovaltine claim. Listen to This:-)

JD said...

Argyle, again my thanks for your write up. I always come away with new information.

Joe, what a hoot that link was to Mrs Murphy's Ovaltine. In college, we were addicted to Ovaltine. Every night our neighbors came down to enjoy a cup with us.Funny, they were SAE frat boys who seemed to enjoy it too.

Gary, that was a horror story about the thermometer. I have yet to dispose of my thermometer.

Hahtool, I think you were precious in 1st grade. I was ALWAYS awkward.

On that new state law, I think it is important that kids be exposed to both creationism, and evolution. Before teaching an extensive unit on Early Man , I really had to explain theory. I also read many "beginning" myths, including a children's Bible version. I never had a parent get upset with the evolution of man after doing that.

I have to take back my earlier words, It definitely was not a zoo here. Had a delightful day with "my boys."

dodo said...

Thanks, Fermatprime. Tomorrow our volunteer computer guru comes to help those of us in need of a hand. I'll see if he can help!

Anonymous said...

there hasn't been a decent entry since 3:50p. what have you l-----s done to the blog?

Frenchie said...

Good evening C.C.and Argyle,
Good write up, Argyle...loved the links!
Good puzzle, Ed! I really had fun with it!
I'm back in the desert and happy to be back in touch. I always enjoy reading the blog and comments. All the good things that happen in your lives makes me happy!
Until tomorrow,

I'm out.

Lucina said...

So many of you have changed your Avatar! I'll have to take time to study them; right now one of my sisters is still with me but she shall return to CA tomorrow and I'll have more time.

That's a lovely pic. Is that you?

Good night, everyone.