May 20, 2012

Sunday May 20, 2012 Will Nediger and Andy Kravis

Theme: Insert-a-ble - "Ble" is inserted into common phrases.

22A. Where peasants work? : NOBLEMAN'S LAND. No man's land.

45A. Fight organizer? : RUMBLE RUNNER. Rum runner.

67A. Telescope protector? : HUBBLE CAP. Hubcap.

94A. Commercial jingle segments? : PRICE WARBLES. Price wars.

119A. One tending a brush fire? : BRAMBLE STOKER. Bram Stoker.

16D. Doesn't speak clearly? : MUMBLES THE WORD. Mum's the word. This one involves grammatical change.

50D. Aimless walks around the Gateway Arch? : ST LOUIS RAMBLES. St Louis Rams. RAMBLES is a noun here, right? Since it's "Aimless walks" rather than "Aimlessly walks".

I had guessed the theme was inserting ABLE when I glanced at the puzzle title. But then all the new theme entries would be just adjectives from their verb forms and there would not be much change in terms of meaning. So, not an option.

I talked before about how a grid & fill often reflect its constructor's interest and background. Today's TOM THOMSON (5D. "The Jack Pine" Canadian painter with an echoic name) is a good example. It's a total stranger to me and I would not have put him in a grid. Will Nediger is a Canadian and a very knowledgeable and talented constructor.

Looks like this is Andy Kravis' debut. Congrats!


1. Cardiovascular implants : STENTS

7. "Apostrophe (')" album maker : ZAPPA (Frank). Not familiar with the album name.

12. Word with first, second or third : BASEMAN

19. How some tapes are played : IN A LOOP. I guess so.

20. '90s sitcom bookstore owner : ELLEN. Ellen DeGeneres. So witty, genuine and warm.

21. With deception : UNTRULY

24. Telescope user's aid : STAR MAP

25. Timberland : FOREST. Man, I just realize that this rapper's name is Timbaland.

26. Sarkozy's state : ETAT. Sarkozy lost power last Tuesday. His state now is "sorrow".

27. Luxurious fabric : SATIN

29. "The Price Is Right" action : BID

30. Senior attachment? : ITIS. Senioritis. I used to think it referred to old people's senior moment.

31. Fireplace shelf : HOB

33. Alumni newsletter word : NEE

35. Where Jefferson can be seen : NICKEL. D'oh!

37. VW followers : XYZ. Alphabet.

38. Doughnut shape : TORUS. Plural is tori.

40. Saws : ADAGES

42. Charcuterie fare : MEAT. Did not know the meaning of Charcuterie.

47. "Thong Song" singer : SISQO. No idea. The song title does sound familiar.

48. Puts forward : POSITS

51. "Perfect! Right there!" : AAH. 53. Place to hear 51-Acrosses : HOT TUB.

52. MSN alternative : AOL

54. Decides one will : OPTS TO

55. Appointment book opening : SLOT. And 60. Ones without appointments : WALK-INS. Clue echos.

57. Fair vis-à-vis cloudy, say : NICER

59. Loft filler : HAY

62. In the thick of : AMID

64. Hold water, so to speak : COHERE

66. Mary Jane, e.g. : SHOE. These shoes are all the rage now, with Mary Jane style ankle strap & rounded toe, thanks to Lady Gaga.

70. GI delinquent : AWOL

73. Father of the Titans : URANUS. Their mother is Gaea.

76. Eczema symptom : ITCH

77. Hand raised in support, say : YES VOTE

80. "A Farewell to Arms" conflict, briefly : WWI

82. Nocturnal insects : MOTHS

84. Fall in the rankings : SLIP

86. Puts on notice : ALERTS

87. Reservation waster : NO SHOW

89. Green gp. : EPA

91. Clark's "Mogambo" co-star : AVA (Gardner). Perfect measurements.

92. Mozart movements : RONDOS

93. Big yawns : BORES

97. Many miles off : AFAR

98. Sales targets : QUOTAS

99. Inn season visits : STAYS. Nice "Inn season".

100. Chowderhead : SAP

103. Enterprise crewman : MR. SULU

105. Hairy TV cousin : ITT

107. Sale rack abbr. : IRR

108. Puppeteer Baird : CORA. Total stranger. Wife to Bil Baird.

109. One of the Books of Wisdom : JOB. I could only think of Solomon.

111. "Cape Fear" actor : NOLTE (Nick)

113. __ avis : RARA

115. Archipelago component : ISLAND

117. "Could regret this, but tell me" : I'LL BITE

122. Prince of the Tigers : FIELDER. Prince Fielder. Previously with the Brewers. Can't get my hand on Bryce Harper's rookie cards now. Hot!

123. Forearm bones : RADII

124. Prepare for a comeback tour : REUNITE

125. Australian brew : FOSTER'S. And 126. Australian gems : OPALS.

127. Burning : ARDENT


1. Putting on airs : SNOOTY

2. City in NW Iran : TABRIZ. See this map. In northwest. I saw 2 more cities ending in Z. No such thing in Chinese. Z & ZH only start words.

3. Nice girls? : ELLES. Nice the French city of course.

4. Discouraging words : NOES

6. Chic getaway : SPA

7. Citrus shaving : ZEST

8. Literary middle name : ALLAN. Edgar ALLAN Poe.

9. Level of achievement : PLATEAU

10. Treaty-signing memento : PEN

11. Additions : ANDS

12. Push-up garment : BUSTIER. Look, some girls are so lucky.

13. Shenanigans : ANTICS

14. Displayed zero talent : STANK

15. Go astray : ERR

17. Jai __ : ALAI

18. "Blue" TV lawmen : NYPD. Linda, we need an Andy Sipowicz in our neighborhood.

19. Implant, as an idea : INFIX. Alright.

23. Fantasy writers' awards : NEBULAS. Guessed.

28. Sweet wine with a woman's name : ANGELICA. Ah, wine, Marti's forte, as is skiing or any risk-taking activity.

32. Heavenly body : ORB

34. Novelist Ferber : EDNA

36. Throw off : EMIT

38. __-frutti : TUTTI

39. Oceanographer's workplace : SEA LAB

41. Shortly : ANON

43. Blue hue : AQUA

44. "Twelfth Night" sir : TOBY

45. One taking chances : RISKER. Well, Splynter is one. Tough to be uprooted and move to a new city so far away.

46. Four-sided figures : RHOMBI

47. Nursing a grudge : SORE

48. Comic strip punches : POWS

49. Aquarium beauty : OPAH. "Beauty", ha ha! Beholder issue.

53. "Clever" : HEH

56. Isn't quite perpendicular : TILTS

58. Work to edit : COPY

61. Sealed : SHUT

63. Render harmless, in a way : DE-CLAW

65. Winged croakers : RAVENS

68. See to the exit : USHER OUT

69. Scotch choice, familiarly : CHIVAS. Chivas Regal. Was just asking Argyle about Whisky, Whiskey usage the other day. They use "whisky" spelling in Canada.

71. Preminger of film : OTTO

72. Minus : LESS

74. Baking entrepreneur Wally : AMOS. I have yet to try a "Famous Amos" cookie.

75. "Get cracking!" : NOW

78. One with a long commute, perhaps : EARLY RISER

79. Gin berries : SLOES

80. L.A. Sparks' org. : WNBA. Do they have good attendance, Bill?

81. Shepherd's comment : WOOF

83. Cookout aid : SPIT

85. Missing something : PARTIAL

88. Title for Brahms : HERR

90. Berry rich in antioxidants : ACAI

94. Tugboats, at times : PULLERS

95. "CHiPs" actor : ESTRADA. We see ERIK more often.

96. Watering hole : BAR

98. One issuing a citation? : QUOTER

100. Penetrate the mind : SOAK IN

101. Gulf War reporter Peter : ARNETT. His daughter is married to John Yoo, known for the "Torture Memos".

102. Father on a base : PADRE. Military base.

104. Slyly cutting : SNIDE

106. An official language of Sri Lanka : TAMIL

108. Knockoff : CLONE

109. Sec : JIFF

110. Hodgepodge : OLIO

112. River originating in Cantabria : EBRO. I only know it flows to the Mediterranean.

114. DH stats : RBIS. DH = Designated Hitter. Or Dear Husband on the blog.

116. Simple earring : STUD

118. Short order? : BLT. Sweet little clue.

120. Criticize : RAP

121. Big Band __ : ERA

Answer grid.

Happy Birthday to Mainiac!



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

A fine Sunday effort. I struggled mightily for awhile until I finally figured out the theme with MUMBLES THE WORD and was able to go back (and forth) inserting BLE into the other theme answers where appropriate. That helped a lot.

A little bit of junk fill today (yes, INFIX, I'm looking at you), but not much. A few bizarre clues for common words (Charcuterie? Prince of the Tigers?) and plenty of missteps on my part (ULNAE instead of RADII, TEHRAN instead of TABRIZ, SINK instead of SLIP, SEABED instead of SEALAB, etc., etc., etc.).

Overall, though, a very enjoyable solve.

CrossEyedDave said...

I just read yesterdays late nite comments, & had to chime in after Marti's post. Heights never bothered me until 1986 when DW & I on our honeymoon decided to rent a car, & drive up Mt. Haleakala in the dark to see the sunrise.

No lights, no guardrails, & at about 7000' the car started making funny noises. My 1st thought was that the carburetor was not set for this altitude. Having never driven a front wheel drive car before, i had no idea we hit a large patch if ice & the noise was the front wheels spinning as we were on the edge of the precipice.

Coming down poor DW had to drive because i could not uncover my eyes.

Note: video gets good @ 2:15, terrifying @ 4:00 & you must see the shuttle crew @ 6:24.

desper-otto said...

Hello, C.C. and Sunday Solvers! I had trouble getting started, but once I got RUMBLE RUNNER, I was able to go back up, finish NOBLEMANS LAND and things fell into place quickly. Fun puzzle, and a pangram, I believe.

C.C., you weren't in this country back then, but the Baird's puppets were daily visitors on Dave Garroway's Today Show on NBC. And are you implying that those women are BUSTIER? By the way, I enjoyed your ETATS/sorrow comment.

Have a great day, everyone!

emjay said...

Hey, C.C. - Don't envy those lovely ladies in a 12 down. With help from a plastic surgeon and a lot of money, you too can be 12 down.
Really liked this puzzle - especially "Bramble Stoker."

HeartRx said...

Good morning C.C. et al.


C.C., I’m with you about the meaning of senioritis – learning moment for me today! Unfortunately, I did know what a charcuterie was, so I was looking for a French word that had to do with MEAT. Finally figured out they were just being cutesy with the clue. I never heard of SISQO either, but the perps seemed solid, so I kept it.

And I knew ANGELICA (thanks, C.C.!), but I find them overly sweet wines and usually don’t drink them. Unfortunately, I was thinking of ANGELICo, the liqueur (Named after Fra Angelico, who was a man…). So that made me think that the middle theme entry was a HUBBLE COP. (Really, sometimes you do need a cop to protect your hub caps…). But then, I digress…

HeartRx said...

I stumbled in the SE, because I was thinking “Father on base” was a COACH (as in Little League??). Duh, don’t even ask what my mind was thinking for 119 A, because I had BRAMBLE, forgot that the theme was just adding BLE and not MBLE, and kept wondering what a BRA SoaKER is??? Finally change “hoop” to STUD at 116D and finally STOKER appeared. CORA crossing ARNET could have been a Natick, but a SWAG got it done.

Favorites entry was MUMBLES THE WORD, but I thought they were all good. Fun stuff, and thanks for the workout Mssrs. Nediger and Kravis. I’m off to read up on SISQO, and add him (her?) to my word list…

HeartRx said...

CED @ 7:49, LOVED that ride – can I do it again??? Reminds me of some ski trails I have been on. I have also driven up to Haleakala crater. On the day we went, we were above the cloud line, and all I could see was a sea of white around me. Beautiful.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning! Great blog, C.C.

I had a lot of false starts on this one, Tehran/Tabriz, which caused oneLOOP before IN A LOOP, uLT before BLT, and a few others. I got the theme with HUBBLE CAP (and finally rmembering to check the title which was above the fold in the paper) and that helped straighten out my seniorITIS induced errors.

It wasn't easy or quick, and I had quite a few writeovers, but I did git it done and enjoyed it.

CED, I made that same drive, at the same hour of the night, for the same purpose. Fortunately, we didn't have any ice, but a lot of rain, on the way up. Usually, it clears above 7000 ft, but that morning it was still socked in at the summit, there was no sunrise to see, and the snow/sleet was really blowing. I had fun taking pictures of a Japenese couple throwing snowballs at each other. DW would only get out of the car long enough for me to take a picture of her standing in front of the observation building and then reminded me that I had promised to take her someplace warm for her winter vacation.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning all:

Another Sunday toughie. I finished but not without some help and a lot of write-overs. Had date before slot, and, like Barry, had ulnae before radii, and Tehran before Tabriz.

Thanks to the constructors and to CC for a fine expo.

Isn't I'll Have Another some horse! I hope he will win the Triple Crown. BTW, where has Tinbeni been?

Have a super Sunday everyone.

Lucina said...

Hello, cyber friends! Lovely review, C.C. and I second emjay's assessment of the busty ladies, something achieved through the magic of surgery.

Happy, happy birthday, Mainiac! It has been great to see you back.

Wow! It was quite the RAMBLE today and a good workout for the brain! The NE yielded its secrets early on and then down from there though I started with MUMBLES THROUGH but then realized it had to be WORD with AWOL and so on.

A very clever theme and quite doable puzzle even with many unknowns such as charcuterie but MEAT emerged with TOBY and AQUA. SISQO was also unfamiliar to me, but again, it perped out.

Only the NW gave me fits and that's because I wanted HEARTS as transplants and misplaced AMIS, another error. at 4D, but after erasing and restarting, it all fell in though I looked up TABRIZ first.

I love sweet wine so I'll have to try ANGELICAS. CHIVAS is good, too, for an occasional nip.

Nice going, Mr. Nediger and Mr. Kravis, and thank you.

Have yourselves a fantastic Sunday, everyone!

Grumpy 1 said...

Dang! How did I miss Maniac's birthday notice in the writeup?. Have a really great one!

Argyle said...

Wouldn't that Ava Gardner picture make an awesome jigsaw puzzle?

Lemonade714 said...

Mainiac, HBDTY and many more.

C.C., those girls were not lucky, just willing to pay. There are still a few Sophia Lorens in the world, but not many.

Puzzle was fun,. write up great.

Nice day, and I am off to work

eddyB said...

No hockey game last night so this one had my full attention. Thought that there was a lot of junk fill.

Senioritis has to do more with HS
and college seniors who can't wait for June.

Have never seen Scotch whisky with an "e".

Went looking for something to cook out side yesterday. Found some dover sole and made a lemony tartar sauce. ( Jill gone again).

Bump day at Indy. Watching live video. Kings at noon.

Catching up with season enders that I missed. Have to wait two more days to see Bones on line.

Over did it Friday - never learn.
Knee lasted two minutes and neighbor had to get me in my chair and wheel me in the shade. Getting old sucks.

Take care. eddy

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Warm Sunday morning greetings to you all and happy birthday wishes to Mainiac.

I liked this puzzle a lot, especially the inserted BLE letters. The first one I got was NOBLEMANSLAND, which of course helped a lot with figuring out the others. Very clever. I like that kind of wordplay.

SISQO was also a total unknown to me, as was the term charcuterie, as was the name of the Twelfth Night sir, so I had to turn on the red letters to finish that area.

Took WAGs and perps to get much of the other fill, too, such as TABRIZ. Had ANGELInA in there for far too long.

Thanks for your writeup, C.C.

Those are really weird looking shoes.

Best wishes to you all.

Irish Miss said...

Just realized that I forgot to wish Mainiac a very Happy Birthday.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Will and Andy, for a swell Sunday puzzle. Not easy by any means. Thank you, C.C., for the write-up.

Started this in the morning in Reading. Finished while traveling west to Erie. Just crossed the Allegheny River at Emlenton on I-80. Beautiful day. Almost 90 degrees.

I don't recall seeing a puzzle in a long time that had the NW square black. Very unusual.

Got STENTS easily. If they would have been available about 23 years ago my father may still be still be alive.
He died 22 years ago at age 66.

Bounced around and got a word here and there. First theme answer was RUMBLE RUNNER. That helped with the rest of the puzzle. Took me a while to get BRAMBLE STOKER. Mainly because I do not know what a BRAM STOKER is.

ETAT came easily for 26A. I think I have that word baked in my head. I'm getting there.

Had DISARM for 63D. After a lot of gnashing of teeth changed it to DECLAW.

I too had ULNAE for 123A. RADII became obvious.

COHERE was tough. I think that was my last entry.

Happy Birthday Maniac. Have many more!

Did not do the puzzle yesterday. Too busy with the wedding, etc. Was nice to be with my brother and two of my three sisters. Visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown. Impressive. Nice statue of Jan Pawel II.

Today I will visit my mother in the nursing home where she resides. Then back to Chicago.

See you tomorrow.


Lemonade714 said...

In the ironies of words, in Fort Lauderdale, the restaurant on the site of the main library is call Charcuterie, Too with the original a catering company. Anyway, I am back because while Eddy B. is correct getting old is not easy, we still get to enjoy the grilled sole and the hockey and the rest, so I guess the trade off is worth it.

Argyle, you have an interesting mind to think of jigsaw puzzles while looking at that Ava Gardner pic.

I have a golf tournament June 1 and I have not played in a very long time, so I asked a lady friend if she wanted to come with me to beat some balls, and she seemed upset? Ah, well.

Lucina said...

BRAM STOKER is the author of Count Dracula.

Husker Gary said...

Golf and yard work and then a lovely Sunday puzzle from Will and Andy. Life is good!

-The HUBBLE space telescope does have a hinged cover
-Z _ _ _ _ was ZZTOP for me first. Who knew ‘
-Sheldon’s friendship algorithm got stuck IN A LOOP
-My iPhone has a wonderful app that allows you to hold the phone up to the sky and identify the objects in the sky
-All seniors get seniorITIS but I think there is freshmanITIS, etc. as well
-Hey, VW is alphabetical, doh!
-sisqO/tOby was my closest Natick
-Our church always seems to have ushers that are NO SHOWS and so I get recruited when I am not singing
-My salesman friends miss QUOTAS at their own peril
-Don’t we all feel like JOB some days? I will probably get no responses to name the musical that contains the lyric
Your mood and your robe
Are both a deep blue
You'd bet that Job
Had nothin' on you...

-I thought it might be garment in which one would DO a push up. Wait a minute…
-Lemon, I had a friend with a T Shirt that said “It takes a lot of balls to play golf the way I do!”

Husker Gary said...

p.s. C.C, those girls borrow DuPont’s old slogan – “Better Living Through Chemistry”. Diodes aren’t the only use for silicone. I was outraged! All right, not so much!

HBD, Mainiac, you old, uh, mainiac!

HeartRx said...

Husker G., at first I thought those lyrics belonged to "Jesus Christ, Superstar". But I know just about every song in that one by heart, and didn't remember those. "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" would be a another candidate. Hmm..any other "religious" musicals out there? AHA! "Godspell". 5:14

CrossEyedDave said...

Things i learned here on the Blog:
Bram Stoker, Senior"itis", Sisqo, opah, Noes just feels wrong, & i cannot write "declaw."

Great misdirections: 81D Shepherds comment,,, i wanted "wolf", tugboats can be pushers or pullers. & everytime i see a 4 letter river, i put Ebro & wait to see if i have to change it.

Argyle@1:22 Jigsaw Puzzle? Ouch!

Re: Mt Haleakala, at the top, we got out & saw shooting stars like never before. then froze our butts off. Running for the shelter to get warm, we passed a sign that said "do not run at this altitude" as we were about to pass out. I did not see this sign though.

Avg Joe FIP said...

Late to the party. Been busy mowing, painting and working a few hours. Fun puzzle though! I'd call it Wednesday level.

Marti, your comment about seeing cloud level from above really took me back. there's nothing like the first time you're descending a steep mountain and suddenly get to that altitude....then plunge into the shroud. Ethereal is the only word that readily comes to mind.

fermatprime said...


Before I forget, HAPPY BDAY MANIAC!

Thanks to Will and Andy for a fun puzzle. Great exposition, CC! Favorite answer: BRAMBLE STOKER! MR SULU sure gets around on TV as of late. No cheating. Some WAGS.

My helper managed to come home from the hospital and provide me with food and tea and turtles with food, thank heavens! This starving bit is no fun, and never results in weight loss. As I mentioned, I can eat only soft foods, so as not to dislodge the remainder of the small bit of crown holding down my bridge on one side.

Harvey having splendid Masonic time in Bakersfield. Four more days.

The electric company sees no need to notify you before they replace telephone poles, precipitating long lack of phone and electricity.

I hope that the weather is nice where you are. It is splendid here!

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy Birthday Maniac!

Hmm, what kind of Birthday Cake do you get for a Maniac?

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh Shoot! i spelled Mainiac wrong,,,


HeartRx said...

CED, NOES may "feel" wrong, but Merriam-Webster says it's perfectly correct. Think about it: If you saw "nos", wouldn't you pronounce it as "naws" (short "o")? So the "E" is absolutely essential to get the correct plural of NO, with a long "O" vowel. BTW, I had the exact same thought as you when I saw it! (^0^)

Avg Joe FIP (??) Talk about plunge into the shroud: One time I went to Austria to ski with my friends. I arrived after an all-night flight from Boston, and we immediately drove up to the Tyrol. Our destination was Pitztaler Gletscher, Austria's highest ski area. Well, after a sleepless plane ride, and going from virtually sea level to more than 2 miles up, and feeling pretty groggy already, I got off the gondola at the top to find that we were completely surrounded by clouds. If you have never been on a (white) ski slope surrounded in (white) fog, you can never imagine the disorientation that I felt!! I just shoved off, and followed Ralf and Erika and prayed that I would make it to the bottom alive! (I am here today to attest: I did.) And I'm out!

Lucina said...

RE: Mt. Haleakala, when my late DH and I went, it never occurred to me that above 10,000 feet it might be a tad cold and windy, so I wore a sundress with a circular skirt and when the skirt billowed from the high winds, I almost took off like a balloon and gave everyone a free show!

Live and learn!

Bill G. said...

I just finished the puzzle (5:30 pm) and I thought I would make a few comments before reading everybody elses. Then Jordan and I will head outside to see a bit of the eclipse.

C.C., I don't know much about the LA Sparks. The Lakers and the Dodgers are enough for me. Also, what did you mean about the bustier girls being so lucky? Maybe they won the lottery? :>)

From my POV, those shoes illustrating Mary Jane's look gross. Do girls or women like the way they look or are they just a fad?

OK, off to check out the eclipse and then read the comments.

Avg Joe FIP (from IPad) said...

From here on the plains, the Sun has a cookie bite out of the bottom. While nowhere near a complete eclipse, it's likely to be the nearest I'll ever see. Looks promising.

Marti, All my skiing was in CO, so all was above 9,000', and a little above timberline. It's not a lot of fun being enshrouded, but it happens often. Still, I doubt you could ever get used to it.

Bill G. said...

I'm back. I enjoyed the theme and it certainly gave me an advantage on some of the theme words. Fun puzzle! Thanks for the writeup, C.C.

Happy birthday Mainiac!

Marti, yesterday you talked about not 'doing' Facebook. Neither do I but I think this blog seems to be a better option for me. I can stay in touch with lots of interesting, intelligent folks.

We projected the eclipse through a pinhole. It works fine but the image is very small. Then enough cloud cover came by so that you could look directly at the sun through the clouds.

I seem to be in the minority but I'm not sure those bustier girls have been enhanced by anything except the garment's pushing and lifting. But I'll defer to those with more experience.

C.C., I totally agree about Ellen. She has the funniest and most imaginative 'talk' show on television and she's a very considerate and generous person.

I also agree about the wonderfulness of Sophia Loren. The closest person these days, IMHO, is another Sophia, Vergara that is. She is a knockout, seems smart and is very funny.

The eclipse is near maximum. I could see a thin crescent through the cloud cover.

Bill G. said...

Our handyman told me about a cable channel that plays lots of old TV shows; like Hazel, Dragnet, Sanford and Son, All in the Family, etc. I came across two episodes of WKRP in Cincinnati. I'm about five minutes into the first one and tears of laughter are already rolling down my face. It's the episode where rival station WPIG challenges them to a softball game. Geez, I loved that show.

Anonymous said...

Husker's song lyrics are from "Godspell" - "Yes, It's all for the best."

slow but sure day today--even filled in I didn't get Heh for "clever".
And agree with infix being lame. Loved all the bad pun long answers.

Anonymous said...

Late to the party again, but I came back to be sure to wish Mainiac a belated happy birthday. Hope it was a good one, and that you appear more frequently. You are missed.