May 15, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 Jerome Gunderson

Theme: Are your legs tired? - After Monday's workout, catch a ride on the first syllable of these four phrases. It's the way to go.

17A. Attire with deep pockets : CARGO PANTS

27A. Place offering good looks? : VANTAGE POINT

36A. "Good job!" (and a hint to the beginning of 17-, 27-, 43- or 57-Across) : "WAY TO GO!"

43A. Lake Tahoe's sole outlet : TRUCKEE RIVER

57A. Penniless, as in the opening of "Me and Bobby McGee" : BUSTED FLAT

Argyle here. I'm saying that BUS is the first syllable of BUSTED. Call it crossword license, like poetic license.(Janis4:50) I found it strange I didn't find any puns. What's up with that, Jerome? No matter if your driving style is 3-Down or 32-Down, this should be an enjoyable puzzle.


1. Phone-to-computer link : MODEM

6. Picture of health? : X-RAY

10. Doubtful : IFFY

14. Mimic's skill : APERY

15. Box office sight, often : LINE

16. The Big Easy acronym : NOLA. New Orleans, LouisianA

19. Sketch : DRAW

20. Nikon D3S, e.g., briefly : SLR. (single-lens reflex camera)

21. Chops meat : PORK

22. Peaceful protest : SIT-IN

23. Cake layer : ICING

25. Bullets with luminous trails : TRACERS

30. Frittata needs : EGGS

31. Frenzied indulgence : ORGY

32. Martini request : DRY

35. Ra or Odin : GOD

39. "The Color Purple" actress __ Dawn Chong : RAE. Google images.

40. Past : AGO

41. Creme-filled cookie : OREO

42. Pyramid plateau : GIZA. Fascinating view.

47. Renaissance : REBIRTH

50. Stand up : ARISE

51. What the fashionably late never are : EARLY

52. Saharan : ARID

53. Many AARP mems. : SR's

56. Having a tiff : AT IT

60. Mystical character : RUNE

61. Egyptian symbol of life : ANKH

62. Helmsley dubbed "Queen of Mean" : LEONA. At one time, there were twenty-three hotels directly controlled by Leona Helmsley.

63. Went lickety-split : SPED

64. Snoopy : NOSY

65. Longtime NBC newsman Newman : EDWIN. I don't believe he was the nosy type.


1. Apples on many desks : MACs

2. Play-of-color gem : OPAL

3. Bold bravery : DERRING-DO

4. Work measure : ERG

5. Mr. Magoo's malady : MYOPIA

6. Bigger than average, commercially : XLARGE

7. Hockey venue : RINK

8. Colony crawler : ANT

9. "Uh-huh" : "YES"

10. Charge with a crime : INDICT

11. Area of expertise : FORTE. Pronunciation note: Link.

12. Pizazz : FLAIR

13. Shows boredom : YAWNS

18. Early Atari video game : PONG

22. Company that made Japan's first plastic radio : SANYO. (1952)

24. Pennies: Abbr. : CT's

25. Spanish bull : TORO

26. Diana who played Mrs. Peel : RIGG

27. Old Chevy : VEGA.

28. Wide-eyed : AGOG

29. "The Chosen" author Chaim __ : POTOK. A Jewish author and rabbi, Potok is most famous for his first book The Chosen, a 1967 novel which was listed on The New York Times’ best seller list for 39 weeks and sold more than 3,400,000 copies. (Wikipedia)

32. Best way to cross a speed bump : DRIVE SLOW

33. Bring down, as a house : RAZE

34. Wine datum : YEAR

36. Fret : WORRY

37. Stuck in __ : A RUT

38. "Ugh!" : "YECH!"

42. Enlistees, for short : GI's

43. Leaning : TILTED

44. Like the smell of soil : EARTHY

45. Pennsylvania port : ERIE. You should be able to find some Pennsylvania port in this list of 141 Pennsylvania wineries.

46. Conundrum : RIDDLE

47. Backsides : REARS. Link.

48. Enjoy to the max : EAT UP

49. Salty solution : BRINE

52. Questions : ASKS

54. Hindu princess : RANI

55. Zany Laurel : STAN

57. Outlaw : BAN. The verb form.

58. One, to Juan : UNO. (Spanish)

59. Gave a lot of bologna, say : FED. Seems like a odd clue but it's OK; I like bologna.



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Smooth Tuesday solve with a nice theme. What's not to like?

Minor slow downs at EDWIN (never heard of him) and YECH (wanted YUCK), but the perps came boldly to the rescue. TRUCKEE RIVER and POTOK, on the other hand, were both well within my wheelhouse, so that helped.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Yay, Jerome, Awesome Blossom! Fresh and original theme. Way to go!

fermatprime said...


Nice work, Jerome! Swell write-up, as usual, Argyle!

No problems today or yesterday. Nice shout-out to Apple!

Cap broke on one of my teeth, holding down a bridge. Can't see my new mercury-free dentist until Thursday. Sob.

Did anyone watch Bones? Pretty scary. They gave us no previews to second half. Bummer!

Have a good day!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. What a fun puzzle. We haven't seen one of Jerome's puzzles in a long time. I found lots of fun clues that really made me laugh.

My absolute favorite clue was What the Fashionably Late Never Are = EARLY.

Of course, NOLA was a gimme.

Picture of Health = X-RAY was also fun.

I don't really think of ICING as being a Cake Layer, but without the Icing, why EAT UP the cake?

Chaim POTOK is one of my favorite authors. I discovered The Chosen in High School, and quickly all of his other works.

QOD: He has Van Gogh's ear for music. ~ Billy Wilder.

Lemonade714 said...

Welcome back JG, great to see you. It has been more than a year since Argyle blogged your most recent LAT effort. This puzzle seemed like a seamless extension to yesterday, where after we RUN, we get this Theme where again we go in order from smallest to biggest we get in our vehicles. This was a real ORGY ( right after our first LOIS sighting in a while) of fun fill from DERRING DO, DRIVE SLOWLY to old time references EDWIN Newman, Mr. Magoo, LEONA, TRACERS from the Viet Nam war days, our long time drool MRS PEEL and nice misdirection like Mystical character, not a person but an alphabet. WAY TO GO!

Mainiac said...

Morning Gang,

Great puzzle! Got my footing with Busted Flat. I was determined that 17 across had to be Khaki Pants which ended with some fixing with Modem and Myopia. Really fun.

Nice write up Argyle.

Have a good one.

Nick said...

Hey guys.

I'm not as energetic about this puzzle, as quite a few squares (including some in VANTAGEPOINT) required a dictionary here, a wiki search there, and more red lettering than I'd like.

All that said, I did get the theme unhelped, and this does seem like a Tuesday, just one I needed a handicap on.

Then again, maybe this was an "old-farts-do-best" puzzle.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

Nice Tuesday offering with some fun stuff. Had one wag, the letter G for 42A & 42D. GIZA was a total unknown, & GI'S for enlisted personnel seemed like a stretch. For sure there was a time when all GI'S were not enlistees . Why is my software telling me ENLISTEES is a spelling error?

Didn't make the connection between the theme clues and unifier until Argyle explained it.

Nice to see the lovely Diana Rigg recognized again. Thanks for the link Argyle.

Off to see UCONN & RHODY play baseball this AM in Norwich at Dodd Stadium, a favorite ball park. Hope the rain holds off.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning Argyle and all.

I'd like to hoist an ØL to our puzzle maker today. Good job Jerome. WAY TO GO!

The solve went fairly easily, including the theme fills, but didn't 'get' or look for the connection until I was done. And voilà, it all made sense. Noted the DF: ATIT. This post is submitted from a MAC. Re: 43a, I can't think of a natural Lake that doesn't have a sole outlet. They usually have multiple inlets but only one outlet, unless the outlets are manmade. Nice early-in-the-week puzzle - a little of everything.

Enjoy the day.

Yellowrocks said...

I thought of bologna as BS, and the answer as the idiom, FED a line to.

desper-otto said...

Good morning, all.

Quick, easy Tuesday effort. No, Nick, this old fart didn't have any problems. FIELD before FORTE and YUCK before YECH, but otherwise it was a speed run to the bottom.

Argyle, interesting view of Giza plateau. I had always thought it was right on the Nile. Would have bet my asp!

Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C., Argyle and gang - greetings from our beach-front paradise here in sunny Highland Beach.

Had to drop by when I saw Jerome's byline this morning; it's been too long, my friend.

A fun, easy puzzle. I particularly liked the deception in 'Chops meat' and 'Gave a lot of bologna, say'. Also liked seeing an orgy with Diana Rigg in it and Spitzboov, not only did Jerome go DF with 'atit', but he also went T&A with 'atit' crossing 'rear'. Nice Tuesday effort with a clever theme.

It was great seeing Lois reappear last night, albeit toned down. Lois, please tell me you haven't given up your DF roots. And hopefully we'll see MelissaB, Carol, JD and some of the other long-timers drop in as well. Your presence is missed.

Hope it's an outstanding day for everyone; carpe diem!

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jerome G., for a great puzzle. Thanky you, Argyle, for a great review.

Really enjoyed this puzzle. actually had it today, instead of yesterday where is was not available.

MODEM came easily for 1A. MACS, OPAL, and ERG also popped in. DERRINGINDO and MYOPIA took a while, but they fell.

CARGOPANTS was my first theme answer.

Worked my way down the puzzle with few hesitations. Did not know POTOK, but got it with perps. Sounds like quite an author. I will have to check that out. I read a lot.

Been near the TRUCKEE RIVER many times while working in Nevada.

My home town made it again. ERIE

No French words! Thank you, Jerome. I knew there had to be a reason I zipped through this one.

Now I have to head up the hill and dig six holes with a post hole digger, 20 inches deep. Then haul 60 gallons of water up. Getting set for a percolation test on the property. Hope it does not rain.

Tonight we are eating golabki at my wife's aunt and uncle's next door. Only my wife is in Illinois so I will eat her share.

Using my cell and IPad together to post. Love this.

See you tomorrow. Abejo

Mari said...

Good morning everybody. Fun Tuesday puzzle, easy - but with some head scratchers.

My favorite clue was 21A: Chops Mean: PORK. I was thinking of Chops as a verb.

My favorite Cake Layer: ICING. But seriously, I've never met a cake I didn't like. In fact, Mom says my first word as a baby was "Cake!" It's amazing I'm not XLARGE.

My driving is more along the DERRING-DO style, but I can't recall the last time I got a ticket.

Amazing picture of GAZA. I didn't realize the pyramids weren't in the middle of a desert.

Husker Gary said...

Fun Tuesday, Jerome! I was trying to make the first word fit the theme and then, duh, it’s the first syllable!

-Blair, NE has had a windfall from a huge ethanol plant locating just outside town but there are hundreds of TRUCKS on its main street each day. Some silver linings have a dark cloud.
-What singer was “makin’ love in my Chevy VAN”?
-SIT-INS/Occupy tents are gone outside state capital after many months. I wonder how these peeps support(ed) themselves.
-In Fla. gator is the “other white meat” along with PORK. Gator CHOPS?
-Even low fat OREOs are great!
-Is it safe to visit GIZA these days? It’s on my bucket list.
-Fashionably late doesn’t cut it with us!
-Leona – “Only little people pay taxes”
-Edwin Newman seems to hearken back to a day when news people gave info and not opinions
-My MAC will soon celebrate 6 years on my desk
-I always say FOR TAY’ (as in the Chicago Bears running back Matt)
-I thought that current The Avengers was bringing back Emma Peel
-You can raise a barn or RAZE a barn

Qli said...

Thanks to Jerome for a puzzle that I enjoyed a lot, and to Argyle for the witty write up and great links. I am not an old fart, and still sailed right through this puzzle.

I enjoyed the link for REARS (but then, I have been told I have an EARTHY sense of humor. Has anyone else seen the rendition of that link without the pants and shoes, and with wrinkles? :)

I just knew Dennis would comment on ATIT!

Hand up for posting from a MAC.

My DH loves any variety of OREO, but the pink strawberry cream ones are my favorite.

Sfingi said...

Didn't care for mems. as an abbrev. for members.

@Barry G - when I read your comment about about working from home, and not really enjoying it because you're social, it was so like my son's situation. He's worked at many computer companies around the Boston area for a dozen years, and moved around there - Lexington, Melrose, Somerville, Brookline. Then, at 37, he met his fiancee and followed her to W. Hollywood - where he still does the same job from home, wishing for something more social.

Edwin Newman was the eminence grise of braodcasting and hosted SNL.

Ron Worden said...

Good morning to all and thanks to Argyle for your write-up. Hand up to Jerome Gunderson for a fun puzzle. Really liked Truckee don't think I have seen that before. To Husker G. Sammy Johns was driving that one hit wonder. Have a great day to all. RJW.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning all:

Good job, Jerome, and nice expo, Argyle.

Went astray with Gaza before Giza, but everything else was a breeze.

Watched Water For Elephants last night and was extremely disappointed. I don't understand how movie makers can make such a mess out of such a great book. They did the same botched-up job with The Bonfire of the Vanities.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

chin said...

I am still convulsing over 32D. One CANNOT drive "slow" since "drive" is a verb and requires an adverb. It should be "drive slowly" but, of course, that does not fit.

I never thought about the icing on a cake being a layer but I like it. For some cakes, the cake layers are the justification for the icing. Liked the rune clue. Could a Scottish mystical character be a "Mac-a-rune"?

Especially liked the picture of health. Cannot wait to use it on my doctor. Almost makes me want to go break a bone or something.

xyz said...

A Tuesday puzzle with MYOPIA is allowed YECH and POTOK!

Argyle said...

Here is some interesting trivia about the Truckee River. Named for an Indian chief, it flows from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake in the Great Basin, a salt water lake with no outlet. Map.

It is also mentioned in this song, Darcy Farrow.(3:33)

Misty said...

A speed run leading to a trifecta (sudoku, kenken) this morning--there's no better way to start a Tuesday! Many thanks, Jerome, and hard-working Argyle. And also thanks, Lemonade. I got the theme this time but hadn't noticed that the vehicles got larger and larger. Clever.

Happy memories of our only ever canoe trip on the Truckee. Thank goodness our friends knew what they were doing, since I can't swim very well.

Chin, loved your "Mac-a-rune."

Watch the "f" word, everybody--you don't want to offend us sweet seniors!

Have a great Tuesday!

eddyB said...

Jerome. Way to Go! Thks for the shout out.

JD. LMAO at the video. Every boater
should see that as an example for what NOT to do. Idiots.

Chickie. How does Denny's at 2060S.Bascom sound? I'll let you pick the day and time per your schedule.
I'm hungry for pancakes.

Rangers up one.


Mari said...

Leona Helmsley's dog was better off than I'll ever be.

Lemonade714 said...

Yes, Jerome no puns and no anagrams; you trying to fool us?

PK, I am not quite finished with the Atkins version of Spenser so I am reluctant to make any comment, but so far it is close but does not capture the rhythym of Parker. You always know when you reading Robert Parker, and you know this is Spenser, but not Parker.

I know we have many in the education field here, so I am providing this LINK which I would like you all to read and provide comment. The web site sends one little excerpt daily and I really enjoy it.

Glad to see Dennis and Mainiac here with everyone else to say hi to our own Jerome, who like so many left the Js out.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

A fun puzzle, Jerome ... I really enjoyed it. Thanks for a great write-up, Argyle ... I liked all the illustrations - including them adds a lot!

No problems today ~ just one write-over - Field/FORTE. I could never bring myself to pronounce the latter as "fort," even though I knew it was correct. I was glad when I learned some time ago that "for-tay" is acceptable.

For no particular reason I liked: AGOG, YECH, ATIT, IFFY and PONG!

I, too, paused at DRIVE SLOW (rather than 'slowly') but I think it's another one of those things that's now accepted. I hear it often and have probably said it as well.

Off to the eye doctor ~~ enjoy the day!

Lucina said...

Hello, Blog friends! I'm so glad to "see" you, Argyle, and enjoyed your commentary.

It's just great to be back in familiar territory after four days in Las Vegas, that money pit! My nephew's wedding was beautiful, of course, though sad because his dad, my late brother, was so recently gone. However, we ate some very rich ICING on the wedding cake.

Jerome, what a delightful welcome back for me to have your puzzle! I loved sashaying through it as I would follow you by any means, CAR, VAN, TRUCK or BUS.

Picture of health X-RAY made me smile as did "place offering good looks" which at first I thought might be VANITY MIRROR but then the crosses enlightened me.

MYOPIA is exactly what ails me now and for another few weeks.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend with wonderful puzzles. In LV there was not a newspaper to be seen and internet cost $13.95 per day! Needless to say my puzzle withdrawal began almost upon arriving there.

I hope this Tuesday brings you a REBIRTH, everyone!

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle. SLOW seemed off to me too. How about "Grammatically incorrect way to cross a speed bump"?

Barbara caught a flight this morning to have a little reunion with her brothers and sister in Oakland. I took her to the airport at 8:20. The traffic was stop and go much of the way. I had forgotten how much I dislike driving (crawling) during the peak hours. So it's going to be lonely around here for a few days. I miss my dog especially at times like this.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Jerome! Good to see you again, amigo. Fun puzzle. AHA -- just the front ends of the first words. Well played, sir! REARS followed.

ATIT followed by BUSTEDFLAT?!? Does not compute.

In the press of other things, never got to the puzzle yesterday. Life is busier than ever. Good thing I'm retired. I don't have time to go to work.

Nate's baseball team was in a tournament last weekend. They won the first two games 10-0 and 18-1. Then they lost the next game 1-0.

Regular season starts tonight.

Yard work beckons; IMBO.

Cool Regards!
JzB still AGOG over MS RIGG

HeartRx said...

Hello puzzle folks,

Argyle, you did this one proud. Thanks for the entertaining write-up.

Jerome, WAY TO GO, indeed! It is so nice to see one of your puzzles, and when I saw your byline, I couldn’t wait to dive in.

Favorite clue was your original “Chops meat” for PORK. Great misdirection! And what’s not to like in a puzzle with ORGY, ATIT, REARS and DRY martinis?

Then we have the Egyptian thing going with GIZA, ARID , RUNE, ANKH. What a FLAIR you have with words ! Thanks for a fun Tuesday romp.

Jerome said...

I had taken a step back from writing crosswords for a few months. The puzzle world can become all consuming. Diogenes spent his time with a lantern searching for an honest man. I was spending way too much time with my lantern searching for a good theme. Clues can be rewritten. Fill can be redone. Black squares can always be moved around. But without a good theme you can't even begin to write a puzzle. I grew wary of the obsession: Where's the theme? Under the bed? Hiding in the closet? Printed on the back of a cereal box? Written in the stars? In the corner of my mind, unseen and unknowable like a speck of dust in the corner of a giant room? In the babel of barrom bullshit... In a hymn?

Well, I'm returning slowly. I'll admit, I miss the fame and fortune of puzzle writing.

Thanks Argyle for the nice critique. A special thanks to Dennis and C.C.

And to those who enjoyed the puzzle, the biggest thanks!

Bill G. said...

I just finished watching President Obama on The View this morning. He comes across as being very personable, intelligent and capable. It's nice to see an important leader in an informal format like that.

Jazzbumpa said...

Jerome -

I think "under the bed" and "back of the cereal box" have great potential.


Jerome said...

Jazz- Cereal box only gives me RIBOFLAVIN. Can't do much with that.

Argyle said...

You mean the RIB OF (Linda)LAVIN?

Qli said...

Jerome, Jazz, and Argyle, you may be onto something; nutritional supplements tangled up with names of actors. Like NIA (vardalos)CIN, etc.....

Anonymous said...

Jazz - under the bed does have potential, doesn't it: dust bunnies, boogie man, perfect stranger, missing sock…

CrossEyedDave said...

This was my 1st Gunderson puzzle, thanks Jerome, i can't wait to say good to see you again! I didn't understand "chops meat=pork" until i read it here, Then i thought, "what about lamb", hmm this clue is sneakier than i thought...

I think i have been spending too much time here on the Blog, i stopped in a store today & saw these & thought, "Tinbeni would love this!"

Car, Van, Truck, Bus, doesn't matter, you still need one of these

Why drive when you can hump slowly

Anonymous said...

I didnt like todays puzzle. Sorry. But i did like ankh rune derringdo, for a tuesday. So i made a six layer cake. One cake layer, icing, cake layer, icing, cake layer, icing. Oh i should sue the bakery for asking for a two layer cake when they sent me a four! I loved car van truck, that was cool. But it just wasnt fun solving.

PK said...

Great puzzle and commentary! I'm surprised no one commented on the close proximity of EAT UP and REARS as well as EAT UP to A TIT. Then there is DRIVE SLOW! OOOOh yeeesss!

I'm trying to remember if there was an ORGY in POTOK's "Chosen" but it's been so long...and I have a hard time....

Argyle, honey, if Edwin wasn't nosy, he's the only successful journalist on the planet who wasn't. An insatiable curiosity is a must for the job: see all, know all, tell all!

Hahtoolah said...

PK: Absolutely NO Orgies in The Chosen. It wasn't that kind of book.

Mari: I was in Egypt a few years ago and it is a bit disconcerting to see the pyramids in the midst of the city. The Sphinx is literally across the street from shops. It is a beautiful country, but I am not sure I would feel safe there today. Even when we were there, we had a body guard with us at all times.

LA CW Addict said...

Hi Everybody:

Great puzzle, but I need somebody to explain TRACER to me.

Don't get Lemonade's comment about RUNE "and nice misdirection like Mystical character, not a person but an alphabet." Wonder if Google would help? Didn't have time to check it today.

Spitzboov, what is null L?

Hand up at 10D for those who wanted arrest instead of indict at first.

Favorite clue: Renaissance

Argyle: Thanks for the photo of the Frittata and the clip of Mrs. Peel. That was really a cool show, but so long ago!

70 degrees in Central NY right now! Just lovely weather!

Spitzboov said...

LA CW Addict: Re: what is null L?

It is not a 'null'; rather the Norwegian letter Ø. Øl is the Norwegian word for ale or beer I believe. Click on the 'ØL' in my 718 post. It'll explain itself. I was trying to honor Jerome's heritage since he did such a good job.

CrossEyedDave said...

LA CW Addict@6:06


& an example

A mystical character could be a mysterious person like Merlin the Magician, or Gandalf the Wizard. Or a character could be a letter, or in this case a Rune

& how can you be a LA CW Addict if you are in Central NY???

LA CW Addict said...

Spitzboov: I meant no offense; it's just that I cannot duplicate the zero with the line through it on my computer. Was curious as to what it meant.

CED: Thanks so much for your kind answers to my questions. In order to answer yours, I would have to say that I became the LACW Addict after accidentally stumbling not only upon the puzzle itself, but also this blog. After my Father passed, I needed something to occupy my mind - so much unfinished business, etc., I was tormented. This has given me so much help. Please see my postings last Thursday night @ 8:24 & 8:33. I don't want to regurgitate what I have already written. I do so look forward to your posts as well as Bill G's. I want to get my own avatar soon... and yes, I really do live in NYS-- not the greatest state, but I suppose, not the worst!

Before closing, I would like to add that when I first started doing these puzzles, I was lucky to finish a Monday puzzle. I have improved so much! My goal is to get M-F puzzles perfect, and then graduate to the Sat/Sun puzzles!

I am just so glad you guys are here. It is such a great blog, and I get so much enjoyment out of it.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Late to the party today; I imagine everybody has gone home for the night. Anyway, nice puzzle which I enjoyed solving. I also have enjoyed reading all of your comments, as I always do. Good night, sweet dreams, and my I send my best wishes to you all.

Jayce said...

LA CW Addict, good to read your latest comments; thank you.

LA CW Addict said...


Your posts are also among my favorites. I am picky! Did I spell that right? Oh gosh, getting too pedantic!

Have a nice evening. Getting ready to let the dog out once more and go night night (as I say to him). Gotta get up @ 6 and go to work! The hour comes way too quickly.

Misty said...

LACWAddict 7:46--so glad you're on the blog and that it gives you comfort. Me too--it always helps to have the distraction, and the camaraderie on a difficult day. And, by the way, I too thought of ARREST before putting in INDICT.

lois said...

Good evening, CC, Argyle, et al.. Well done, Santa baby! Love your style. And it seems to me that Jerome has outdone himself and I love his DFness. WAT YO GO, Jerome! No YAWNS here, by GOD! This puzzle went from A-TIT X LARGE to one BUSTED FLAT and it bEGGS the question, “Am I the only one who ASKS, ‘Is there NO-LAw to BAN such deviANT RAZE-ing?’” Where is Dennis and his jIFFY boob company when ya need him? Even if he wasn’t bottle FED, I would RIGG it for him to stay in such A RUT and to encourage him to DRIVE least EARLY on, if that’s not already his WAY TO GO and ARISE to the occasion. CARGO PANTS and TILTED REARS! Ya got ‘em comin’ and goin’, Jerome. Excellent job! Fun stuff!

Bill G: from yesterday: nazi regime: yes, harsh principal. I plan to out last her. It just can’t happen soon enough. Waiting for the Peter Principle to set in….yet again for her. Ya gotta wonder who’s steering the ship sometimes

Spitzboov said...

LA CW Addict: No offense taken. I was just trying to answer what I thought was your question.

To make the ø on a Mac, just press down the option key while pressing the letter o. To make the capital, Ø, press the shift key, as well. On a PC, you can probably invoke the character set.

Also see this Wikipedia page

Jazzbumpa said...

Lemon -

Love the Mia pic.


Bill G. said...

Hey Jayce, I'm still up, starting to watch the Dodger game.

Nobody tackled this the other day, maybe because most folks had gone to bed. A word ladder: Change one letter at a time to get from TREE to CHOP. (The second word in my approach was FREE.) Intermediate words must contain four letters and must be included in standard dictionaries. You should need fewer than 10 steps.

LA CW addict, thanks for the kind words. I hope you will go blue and post a resume like I did so we can find out a little about you. I went to college in your neck of the woods, in Ithaca, NY.

Lois, I'm thankful I never had to put up with a principal like that. I had a few complaints about a few of them but by and large, they were pretty competent and easy to get along with if you were doing a good job and dealing with students and parents effectively.

Lemonade714 said...

JzB thank you so much.

Lucina said...

Here's my version:
tree, free, Cree, crew, chew, chow, chop

Bill G. said...

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy...

Very excellent and better than I did. I didn't use a proper noun like Cree but I didn't say you couldn't, so well done.

Say, how are you doing with the fires? Not close to you I'm hoping.

Lucina said...

Thanks, Bill. The fires are frighteningly close to the city on the west end. Today the high, strong winds fanned the flames even more. It's dangerous.