May 17, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012, Steve Salitan

Theme: Danny Thomas starring in Make Room for Daddy, of course I am too young to remember this show so I must have seen it on TV Land.. Each of the four theme answers are two-word names of Television Shows, with the second word describing a type of room. We have only seen Mr. Salitan with themeless Saturday offerings recently, but he put together a nice grid with lots of interesting long fill along with the theme. I kept looking for a pun on the show names, but they were straightforward, and the reveal buried at the end confirmed the only other link between the shows.

17A. Gene Rayburn-hosted program with a six-celebrity panel : MATCH GAME. Who did not love Charles Nelson Reilly. GAME ROOM is probably where we had the TV in those days.

35A. Sitcom that received 17 Emmy nominations in 2011 : MODERN FAMILY. Hmm, I guess I must start watching this show. I take it back, the TV was in the FAMILY ROOM.

41A. 2000s high school drama : BOSTON PUBLIC. One of the many shows from David Kelley, but starring such great names as Chi McBride and Fyvush Finkel. PUBLIC ROOM is more common a phrase in England I think, or maybe any room open to the Public, I guess many might have TVs in them, like at a Pub?

60A. Jon Stewart vehicle, with "The" : DAILY SHOW. Contemporary humor on Comedy central, I never watch. SHOW ROOM. Ironically, this is not the room where you watch your shows, but where you go to shop for the new TV. And the unifier....

48A. Den, often, and in a way, what 17-, 35-, 41- and 60-Across end in : TV ROOM.

Let us see where Steve takes us.


1. Result of a dough shortage? : DEBT. Well I was thinking of the invention of bagels, or doughnuts. Not a great start.

5. Java neighbor : BALI. Geography, rats. All part of Indonesia, I think.

9. "Godzilla Raids Again" setting : OSAKA. I hate starting 0 for 3, but Tokyo also fit. Time to start looking at the downs.

14. End of a court game : ALAI. Jai Alai. We just had cesta recently.

15. Finished : OVER. Will solving this ever be over?

16. One learning the ropes : PUPIL. Why ropes? Why not ropes?

19. Key component : EBONY. Piano keys. LINK.

20. City south of Juneau : SITKA. More geography, A harbor city where the Alaska cruise ships go.

21. Org. that works with vets : SPCA. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; veterinarians not veterans.

23. Photog.'s blowup : ENLargement.

24. Telly Savalas trademark : NO HAIR. More old TV trivia, Kojak. I had a hard time sussing this one.

28. Home near a fire : TENT.

32. Protected side : LEE.

33. Nancy's comics cohort : SLUGGO. Quite the cute couple.

34. Assortment : OLIO. I nominate this as the official word of the Corner, to go along with Loon, the official bird, and Morel the official picture. C.C.? (From C.C.: I like this choice. DF is good too, though 2-letter.)

37. Cal Ripken, for one : ORIOLE. Of the Baltimore persuasion.

40. Long-billed birds : IBISES.

45. Nobel Institute city : OSLO. For Jerome and our Scandinavian contingent.

46. Rubbed off : ERASED. Sorry, my mind did not go in that direction when I first saw this cue. I guess some of the old DF from this site is rubbing off on my innocent mind.

47. Sot's shakes : DTS. Delirium Tremens.

50. Watcher : EYER.

51. Down : MOROSE. If you are UP are you LESSOSE?

52. Hail, to Caesar : AVE. Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant. Hail Caesar, we who are about to die salute you. The great things we learn doing puzzle.

53. "The Loco-Motion" singer Little Eva's last name : BOYD. Did not know the name (her middle name was Narcissus) but know the SONG.

55. Iraqi port : BASRA. More geography, I need a refresher course.

57. Traffic light signal : ARROW.

64. "Mean Girls" star : LOHAN. Can you say Train Wreck? She is no Nancy.

65. Cookie Monster pal : ELMO. Sesame Street.

66. Meeting place for Plato : STOA. Back again, feeling its OATS?

67. Plunders : LOOTS.

68. Deeply absorbed : RAPT. How to describe all of your current state of mind as you read my words.

69. "___ knowledge..." : TO MY.


1. Distressed gal? : DAMSEL. Oh goody, one I know. EXAMPLE. For our own Dudley.

2. Lancelot's unrequited lover : ELAINE. Oh my, not Guinevere, but this MAIDEN.

3. War component : BATTLE.

4. Bit of time : TICK. Or tock?

5. Peat source : BOG.

6. Gardner of film : AVA. Beautiful, married to Mickey Rooney and Frank Sinatra. This LINK is for you Kazie.

7. Moon vehicle : LEM. Lunar Excursion Module.

8. Words spoken in a huff, perhaps : I RESIGN. No politics from me.

9. Crude org. : OPEC. I really like this clue, nice play on words.

10. Like quarks : SUBATOMIC. Physics, right up there with geography.

11. G.I. Joe's address? : APO. Army Post Office.

12. Clan members : KIN. or Kith? Right Sylvester?

13. Rita Hayworth husband ___ Khan : ALY. Another movie beauty from the past.

18. "Star Wars" hero : HAN SOLO. Harrison Ford, I would not mind kithing him.

22. Side views : PROFILES. I like my left side best, or is it the right?

25. Rival of the past : OLD ENEMY. When I was in high school, Jenny...oh never mind.

26. Color chart component : HUE.

27. Cabinet dept. : AGRiculture.

29. Some Ivy Leaguers : ELIS. The Yalies.

30. Where many a felucca is sailed : NILE. Hahtoolah, did your husband sail your felucca while you were in Egypt? No clue. I know they must be sail boats.

31. Plays (with) : TOYS. With my emotions, the rat.

35. Lake transport : MOTOR BOAT, Nice long fill

36. Follow, as rules : ABIDE BY. Another Friday fill.

37. Reed in a pit : OBOE.

38. Far from bleak : ROSY. All rosy cheeked.

39. Man, for instance : ISLE. Off of Great Britain.

42. Poker : PRODDER. For some reason this makes me think of Allan Sherman.

43. Former Egypt-Syr. alliance : UAR. We are back in Egypt.

44. Seji Ozawa led it for nearly 30 yrs. : BSO. This is a gimme for us in Massachusetts who love the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The best.

47. Race for, as the finish line : DASH TO. I was lucky I had the perps filled here.

49. Saint Lawrence ____ : SEAWAY. In Canada, and maybe our last geography of the day.

54. Dominates : OWNS. Novak Djokovic owns Nadal.

56. Second: Abbr. : ASST. Who said, "I would like to introduce you to number two."

57. The whole enchilada : ALL.

58. Literary hopper : ROO. Kanga's baby in Winnie the Pooh.

59. Air density symbol : RHO. More PHYSICS.

61. Chef's recipe words : A LA. Carte. A LA Mode.

62. Sitter's challenge : IMP. Tyrion?

63. Fortune : LOT. Well it is my lot in life to finish up and get out of here. See you next time.

Answer grid.

See you next week, same time, same channel...



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Wasn't a huge fan of this one, to be honest. To be even more honest, the fault probably lay more in me than in the puzzle itself.

The theme was decent, except that I've never heard of a PUBLIC room before and that killed it a bit for me.

SITKA was a complete WTF unknown to me that took every single cross and still looked wrong even after getting it via the perps. Geography has never been my forte.

IRESIGN also took every single cross to get because I just refused to believe that something as bad as IRE SIGN would go into the grid without a question mark in the clue to indicate it was a play on words. It is punning on FIRE SIGN, right? Well, that's what I thought until I came here and saw that it was actually I RESIGN. *D'OH* And please, don't ask me what I was even thinking in the first place to come up with IRE SIGN, since I fully realize (in retrospect) that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the clue...

Finally, I ended up shooting myself in the foot in the NE corner. I initially had AGA Khan and eventually changed it to ALI. And left it at that. As a result I stared at EBONI for about 3 minutes, knowing it couldn't possibly be right, but unable to find my mistake or figure out what it could possibly mean. I finally turned on the red letter help and had anothe *D'OH* moment.

C.C. Burnikel said...


Re: NIRO yesterday. Your "Actor Robert De __" is exactly what we would have clued the entry. But Rich said NIRO is "part of a name, I don't allow it".

HeartRx said...

C.C., good to know! I just removed that entry from my word database. But I think it's interesting that the following clue "Hernando de ____" SOTO is allowed!!

HeartRx said...

Here is a fun clip from one of Seji Ozawa's early appearances in this country…

Lemonade714 said...

Good morning:

Thank you for the answer CC. This was a tougher Thursday than we have had lately. Who remembers where the Godzilla movies were taking place, I thought they were all in Tokyo; and Little Eva's last name or when I looked at BSO, I kept thinking why would the Broward Sheriff's Office be in a puzzle. But lots of fresh fill like PLODDER, SUBATOMIC and MOTOR CAR. All in all thank you Steve, and hearti, as always....

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Marti and friends. Interesting how each of us perceives the difficulty of different puzzles. I found this one to be the easiest of the week, with lots of fun puns. To me, the Shortage of Dough = DEBT was a great, punny start!

I loved the Key Component = EBONY and Reed in a Pit = OBOE and Home by a Fire = TENT.

What is East of Java?

Although it is true that Telly Savalis had NO HAIR, when he played Kojak, he was never without a lollipop.

Yes, Marti, we took a Felucca along the Nile when we were in Aswan.

I learned that Man is not a Male, but an ISLE. (Hey, I had _ _ LE, so Male seemed logical!)

QOD: It is always in season for old men to learn. ~ Aeschylus

C.C. Burnikel said...

Oh dear, Hahtool!

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

A toughie today because of my unfamiliarity with the TV Shows that made up the theme entries. Had to rely heavily on perps to let me make a reasonable WAG. This was another puzzle where it was a letter here, a letter there and eventually a word.

Haven't looked up QUARK yet but when I first saw it, SUBATOMIC sure didn't enter my mind.

Liked 33A, SLUGGO. Always read the comic strip NANCY. Is it still published?

Wanted Lollipop for Telly's trademark. (From Kojak) We both suffer from NO HAIR, but I believe his was by choice.

Also liked 1A, DEBT. Like Marti, I was thinking something from related to a bakery.

7D LEM reminds you sports fans of what former NFL player?

Big day for my "better half" today. Her work will be on display at Eileen Fisher's in Westport, CT for a month or so. They are having a meet the artist reception tonight tonight. She's psyched.

Lemonade714 said...

Congrats to the BH for her big night, Westport- classy.

Lem Barney of the Lions of course. I personally thought it was just an abbreviation of LEMonade.

Felucca? I say let's SING .

Hahtoolah said...

Honda: congrats to your wife. How exciting. Too bad I live so far away; it would be nice to see her exhibit.

Husker Gary said...

We have a lot of TV’s and with PBS, History Channel, TCM, Nat Geo, ad infinitum there is ALWAYS something worth watching that does not insult your intelligence. In my earliest years we had two channels and Beverly Hillbillies was a phenomenon. No, really!

-Steve’s lovely Thursday offering made me stop listening to ESPN Radio concurrently. I had to bear down a little bit in spots.
-Fun write-up and ya gotta love the Dudley Do-Right link, Marti! You with an enemy? Come on!
-The Match Game was fabulous as the clue writers and panelists tiptoed up to the edge of what could be said on TV at that time, e.g. “Mary liked to pour gravy on John’s ___.”
-TV’s in a PUBLIC ROOM were common in my college days and you had to be there early to get a good seat for Batman
-Joann was finally amenable to a cruise to Alaska and then that idiot/coward sank the Costa Concordia
-LOHAN got all the right parts except the unit that goes between her ears.
-Old punch line all of you know, “Ve haf vays to make you TOCK!”
-AGA Kahn? Not so much.
-The LEM supported 3 men for 4 days in the Apollo 13 mission when it was intended for 2 men for 2 days on the Moon.
-Farmers here decry food stamps issued by the AGR dept but cash their subsidy checks from that same source
-Oh, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and NOT the Boy Scouts of America
-Marti, Mario SOTO played for the Cincinnati Reds

desper-otto said...

I liked this one, though I did have a few over-writes today: IRESENT/IRESIGN, TOKYO/OSAKA and hand up for MALE/ISLE. Didn't get the theme, as usual. And I can honestly say I've never seen any of the theme answer shows.

But I did finish it, so I'm LESSOSE than I might be. Thanks, Steve, and nice write-up Marti. I do remember Make Room For Daddy. There was quite a buzz when Sherry Jackson did a spread in Playboy a few years later.

Argyle said...

Pub is just the shortened version of public house/room, but you knew that.

desper-otto said...

Husker, your Batman reference reminds me of Marti's sign-off with their "Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel..."

And now I'm gonna have a daylong earworm with the Batman Theme...dada dada dada dada, dada dada dada dada, BATMAN!

Anonymous said...

I got sidetracked with the Telly Savalas clue as I put sucker in at first because I couldn't figure out a way to but "bald" in.

The rest progressed smoothly with heavy reliance on the perps, especially once I found my stronger reading glasses and Sot's snakes, became Sot's shakes.

Yellowrocks said...

This puzzle took a little longer than a normal Thursday, but I was rewarded by DEBT, EBONY OBOE, OPEC,TENT, etc. Very punny today.

I'm a fan of Ozawa, so BSO was easy.

I, too, wanted to give Telly a lollipop. Next thought was bald. Finally NO HAIR.

HH ,Congrats to BH. You must be so proud.

Lemon, I like the way your mind works: FELUCCA/Finiculi Finicula

I knew Godzilla raided either Tokyo or OSAKA. I had the A from Aly, so it was OSAKA.

Yellowrocks said...

Happy Thursday. Up until midnight last night I thought today would be Wednesday so I missed my Wed, appointment. Getting today's puzzle right helped restore my sanity.

On Tuesday, I tried to dance again after four months of sitting it out. My repaired knee, although not 100%, held up well. My unrepaired knee wimped out after 6 minutes and a friend filled in.

HeartRx said...

HG @ 7:34, Re: SOTO. Thanks for that baseball reference. We all know I'll store that one away in the sports sieve part of my brain (for about 2 seconds!!) In the Feb 17, 2010 LAT, The clue was "Explorer Hernando de ___", so I found it odd that Rich rejected C.C.'s NIRO, but published that one.

HH, congrats to your wife! Can you take pictures and share with us?

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning! Thanks for the great expo, Marti.

As several have mentioned, this one needed more than the usual amount of perp help, but It did come together in the end.

Barry, I had to chuckle at your IRE SIGN problems. I guess that would be a legitimate fill if clued as "smoke coming from one's ears?" or "beet red face?"

I stepped into that Aga before ALY mess, too. What the heck is a PUPIg, anyway? D'OH!

I liked today's geography lessons. I've been to BALI, SITKA, OSLO and BOSTON, but have missed OSAKA, so far.

All in all, I found it a bit harder than the recent Thursdays, but I really enjoyed the puzzle.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Good write-up, Marti.

Maybe the geography helped, but I didn't think it was hard for a Thursday. Only cities south of Juneau I could think of were Ketchikan, and Sitka, which was the right length. While the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in OSLO, all the other Nobel prizes come out of Stockholm. Fun theme, but the names of the 'shows' mostly had to wait for the perps. OSAKA was a WAG. Had APO again. Wither FPO (Navy)? Many clever clues - I especially liked those for NILE and OBOE. EYER is a crossword word - to a German speaker, the homophone EIER means 'eggs', and vulgarly means 'cohones'.
Thanks Steve for a great puzzle.

Sunday late afternoon on the 20th is an eclipse of the sun viewable in parts of the western US. See Eclipse.. A partial eclipse can be viewed as far East as the Appalachians where sunset will terminate the event.

Have a good day.

CrossEyedDave said...

Busy red letter day for me, must rush off to work. Too bad really, without the head scratching, & complaining, most of the fun is gone too...

I am having trouble finding DF in "rubbed off", it only reminds me of silly putty

Marti's Dudley DoRight clip reminded me of a show that i used to watch growing up.

Sherry Jackson grew up nice

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Never watched MATCH GAME or BOSTON PUBLIC; never even heard of MODERN FAMILY, so this was tough.

TOKYO before OSAKA; AGA before ALY. Couldn't come up with SLUGGO'S name. Finally got through with lots and lots of perp help.

Except for one flaw - the LOGAN-RHO cross was a natick. The unfortunate Lindsay never entered my mind.

Man is an ISLE?!? - sombody please inform Mr. Donne.

Danny Thomas was from Toledo.

Speaking of KIN, here's a picture I took of my mom yesterday, on her 91st birthday.

Cool regards!

Ron Worden said...

Good morning to all and happy Friday eve. I like some found this a pretty easy mellow puzzle for Thur. Some really good new answers,subatomic, motorboat,and debt I thought were clever. The Match Game was a funny show also think Richard Dawson is also worth mentioning as a panelist. Have a great day to all. RJW

Tuttle said...

I must have sat there for five minutes wondering if "mosase" was some odd term for goose feathers. Finally figured it wasn't looking for the United Arab States (the UAR plus Yemen) and the Boy Scouts of America (or the Business Software Alliance) for the Ds. Was still rubbing my head about BSO - thought it odd that a Japanese man would be leading the Black September Organization - until I came here.

Ron Worden said...

To JazzB: Wow your mom looks great hope she has a wonderful birthday. Today would have been my Dad's 90th but sadly he passed back in 1989 RJW.

Steven J. St. John said...

Another nicely constructed puzzle! This has been a good week.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning everyone:

Great puzzle, Steve, and nice expo, Marti.

Didn't have any problems but didn't get the theme until coming here.

JazzB, what a beautiful picture of your Mom! Very best wishes to her, belatedly.

HondoH, congrats and good luck to your BH on her show; that is quite an honor.

Happy Thursday everyone.

HeartRx said...

JazzB, wow! I wish I could look as good as your mom at 65, let alone 91!! HBD to a great gal who gave us an equally wonderful son!!

ARBAON said...

It`s gratifying when other minds (which I consider to be great) make the same first answers as I do..."aga" "tokyo" (and trying to fit in "lollipop.")
"Klinger" was also from keeping with the sitcom theme.
Don`t usually try the puzzles from Wed.- Sat. but had some extra time and was also gratified to realize I got 3/4 of the puzzle on my own! Cleverest clue? "Home near a fire" although "dwelling near a fire" might have been a better clue considering the answer(IMHO.)
Never saw an episode of the three sitcoms...made it much more difficult than if I had. RJW: My Dad would have been 90 yesterday...I lost him in 2004.

Favorite quote from the Perils of Pauline/Dudley Do-Right genre:
"Hayup!, hayup! Saiv me frum a
fait wurse thayun dayeth!"

Anonymous said...

Surely this blog was written by Lemonade714.

Seldom Seen said...

The panel of the MATCH GAME would appreciate MOTORBOAT crossing LOHAN, especially after seeing the picture of her that HeartRx showed us. This IMP thanks you.

Misty said...

Terrific Thursday puzzle--many thanks Steve, and Marti, for the delightful write-up. Nancy and SLUGGO were my favorite cartoon characters when I was a kid. And I had to laugh out loud when I finally realized which VETS we were talking about. I too thought 'lollipop' for Kojak and nearly put in 'sucker.' And I still can't believe it's ALY and not either 'Aga' or 'Ali' for the Khan. But this is all what made the puzzle challenging and fun.

Warm congratulations to your wife, Hondo, and JazzB, my new ambition is took as great as your mom when I reach 80!

I'm off to lecture on my favorite female literary character, Molly Bloom (related to Leopold, not Leo) at the Senior Center this afternoon.

Have a terrific Thursday, everybody!

Lucina said...

AVE! AVE, Puzzlers! And hail, to you, Marti, for a fine commentary.

I'm in your DEBT for that as I had NICK of time and left it. My eyes are really bad!

Loved thinking about all these past shows when TV was so much fun to watch. Now of course I do watch THE DAILY SHOW and mostly it's quite funny.

Like most of you I ERASED AGA for ALY, MALE then ISLE when ORIOLE then made sense.

Had no idea what BSO meant until your blog, Marti, but that is curious, its crossing BOSTON PUBLIC.

Loved the cluing for DEBT, SPCA, TICK, OBOE. So much to like in this puzzle. Thanks, Steve Salitan.

Lindsay LOHAN is so talented, it's a shame she's so dysfunctional. I was surprised that she attended the media dinner in Washington.

Here is wishing you all a far, far from MOROSE Thursday! JZB, I love the photo of your Mom!

HH, congratulations to your BH!

JJMcK said...

I'm not sure how Danny Thomas fits into the Theme of this puzzle. I liken it as basic kinds of TV shows we all watch ( Comedy=MODERN FAMILY, Quiz=MATCH GAME, Late Night=DAILY SHOW, Drama=BOSTON PUBLIC) Then there's the Cop Show reference to KOJACK with "NO HAIR". Sports TV Reference to Cal Ripken = the ORIOLE's. You might even go so far as the reference to ELAINE (from Seinfeld) for Lancelot's love.... but that may be stretching it.
And where do we watch all these shows as the unifier.... in the TV ROOM.
I could be totally wrong. It's just a different way of interpreting this puzzle. I don't get the Danny Thomas inference.
BTW, I got stuck on SITKA... had to go to Google Maps for that one.

PK said...

This puzzle went easily for me for a Thursday. I pretty much perped my way through a few letters at a time. Had never watched any of the programs, but heard of them.

I am old enough to remember when Rita Hayworth, my then favorite star, married Prince Aly. We took Life and Look magazines and I poured over the glamorous pictures. After all I had Rita Hayworth paper dolls.

Had DTS and erased it, because I thought that referred only to the delerium not the shakes. I soon put it in again. Actually, I did not "HAVE" DTS--I mean I "wrote in" DTS.

I've been somewhat MOROSE because three old friends have died in the past two weeks. May have to stop reading the obits in my hometown paper to stay happy.

Lemonade714 said...

JzB, Wonderful picture of your mother. And many more.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I've done the puzzles all week, but have just been able to get onto the net to read the past blogs. My computer is sick. My DH (The computer Dr.) is working on it, but still hasn't resurrected my e-mail. I'm lost without it!!

I wanted to tell C.C. and DonG. how much I enjoyed the puzzle yesterday. So much fun in one small space of the newspaper.

HH, Congratulations to your wife on her big night. Pictures would be nice. Good suggestion Heart RX.

Without my e-mail I feel I'm out of touch with everything. I know I've missed some important messages as I attended a meeting yesterday morning and didn't have three of the pieces of paper I needed to follow along with what was happening. All had been sent by e-mail. Oh well, the Dr. is working and my computer will get well.

Have a great day everyone.

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle again today though the theme was nothing special. Still, a good puzzle as always in the LA Times.

Speaking of that, I have come to really respect Rich as the editor that makes it all work so well. Still, he makes some choices that seem a bit arbitrary to me. That would include NIRO, and rejecting a couple of the great puzzles that show up in the Curious Conundrums. Then there are the very few entries that seem off or incorrect to some of us but neither the constructor nor Rich stop by to explain or defend or admit an oversight. That being said, I really appreciate the consistent high level of puzzles we get to discuss here.

I'm off to get my older car smogged today. I always feel anxious while the test is running but, heretofore, it's always passed with flying colors.

CrossEyedDave said...

Match Game bloopers

Modern Family with George Clooney.

No links from The Daily Show, because i can't find anything that isn't political.

a must see Boston Public rant

& finally, Elvis Presleys' TV Room in Graceland.

HeartRx said...

JJMcK @ 12:31 PM, the theme was TV shows that could have their second word follow the word "Room". "Make Room For Daddy" was a TV show with the actual word ROOM in it.

CED @ 1:52, funny bloopers. Do we ever see that kind of stuff nowadays?

Bill G. said...

My '93 Camry passed smog testing again. It's still OK to drive me and my bike down to the bike path once a day.

I used to love Boston Public but it was second place to Boston Legal, one of the most consistently enjoyable shows I can remember.

Anonymous said...

anon@11:26, I had the same exact thought. Why did you think so?

- John

Lemonade714 said...

Good question to both you John and Anon 11:26, why pray tell?


Anonymous said...

Exact-same... redundant.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. The write up did not seem egotistical to me at all.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to go negative, so I'll just say that it had Lemonade's 'touch'.

- John

Lucina said...

R.I.P. Donna Summer. This announcement made me feel very emotional as the 70s is when I met my late DH and we had many memories linked to her songs. Besides, I loved disco music!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was the comment that he wants to kiss Harrison Ford...

Marge said...

Hello everyone,
It's been over a week since I could get to this blog and last week was so busy. I am glad to get back to it. Then we went to a funeral in Indiana, leaving on Sunday after church. We ended up traveling on Mother's day. We stopped at a restaurant called Delany's, which is about halfway between Rockford and Bloomington,IL. They had a great buffet!

I hadn't seen Jai Alai for quite a while, it used to be used quite often. I wanted sucker for Telly also, and when I looked it up it only gave lollipop for his trademark so had to wait for the perps.

I never heard of quarks or felucca.

Hondo,when I go to Atlanta the news paper there still has Nancy. I don't know if they are new episodes or old one like the PEANUTS that are in the papers these days.

HeartRx- I loved that episode of "What's My Line" It brought back memories.

Lindsey Lohan is a sad case. She was such a lovely and talented child, and I once heard her say that she worked most of her childhood. Her Dad was a mess too,so she didn't have good role models.

Jazz, your Mother is beautiful! My Mom died in 2007 at 97 years.I was lucky to have her so long.

Have a good evening all.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I finished today's puzzle, but not without a lookup on Mr. G. I did not know Boyd. The Y should have been evident, but it just didn't click.

I liked the Literary Hopper/Roo. Hare wouldn't fit. Also, Org. that works with vets/SPCA. Both clues were on my favorite's list today.

Marti, I enjoyed your writeup. Thanks for the geography lessons. There were a lot of them today.

The garden calls.

HeartRx said...

Lemony @ 2:38, sorry, I haven't a clue!

Marge, glad you liked the "What's My Line" clip. It is really interesting to see such a young Seji, compared to today!

Anonymous said...

With this crowd, shouldn't the theme been the TV Show "Romper Room"???

Well you can 'turn on the red letter help' and have another 'D'OH' moment, or call it 'what it is' a DNF !!!

LA CW Addict said...

Marti: Can you explain this comment with regard to Lohan? "Can you say Train Wreck? She is no Nancy." Who is Nancy?

I missed the "a" in Sitka, otherwise everything else was correct. Matchgame was the only TV show I knew. Do not watch much modern television anymore. Find it boring and pretty much a waste of time (highly geared around just one thing) if you catch my drift. I also feel that the quality of the shows is inferior to past shows that I used to love, but that's just my opinion.

I thought this was quite a difficult puzzle; it took me some time to finish.

Liked the way Damsel was next to Elaine. My favorite clue was "reed in a pit".

Well, let's see what tomorrow brings!

Anonymous said...

Jazz: great picture of your mom on her
91st. She surely looks good.

And Hondohurricane: congratulations to your wife's exhibit. Sounds spectacular. Will there be pictures?

The puzzle? Got 27 correct answers, none of the theme. Did figure out TV ROOM, but it didn't help with the long theme ones. Don't watch that much TV, and never have. Prefer to read.


crossword girl said...

I wondered too about "Nancy", then thought maybe the comic strip Nancy?

LA CW Addict said...

Crossword Girl: I thought of that, except, imho, I think Nancy is ugly! I know it's just a comic strip but..., so not sure what Marti meant.

JzB - meant to say earlier that your Mom is certainly doing something right to look that good! My Mom will be 89 in September. She gets 9 hrs of sleep per night. Maybe that has something to do with it? I've always got a cat waking me up for something; if their bowl is empty then it's an emergency, and my two new 1 yr olds think that 5:00 am is the time to roll! Oh lord, what was I thinking when I adopted them?

Anonymous said...

Wow. For once I disagree with some. For a while I thought I was a loner. I totally enjoyed today's puzzle. The funnest Thursday in a while! I got it all with not that much difficulty. It did help that I knew all the shows in the long answers except for Modern Family. Olio, Bali, Ava, Basra (really Basrah, been there, got the tee shirt) and Ave Maria we have had before and I remembered. I think people would say "I quit" before "I resign" if it was in a huff. Well I must dash to my motorboat to pay my debts sluggos. SEA YA!

Bill G. said...

Re. TV, I probably watch too much; mostly dramas for entertainment, Nova on PBS, Dodgers, Lakers (maybe not much longer) but not reality shows. The only (somewhat) exception is the Ellen show. She's consistently funny and imaginative, way more entertaining than Letterman or Leno, et al. I just spend an hour grinning and LOLing at her show this afternoon.

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Steve S., for a swell puzzle. Thank you, Marti, for the nice review.

I started this puzzle at 5:30 AM. Put it aside to finish planting my garden. We had a frost last night.

Finished planting at 8:00. Packed and headed for Reading about 10:00. Worked the
Puzzle for a short while en route. Arrived at Reading. Had dinner, went to the Ascension Day Service. Watched "Person of Interest". Then finished the puzzle.

Here I am.

Got DEBT, ALAI, DAMSEL, and BATTLE in the NW. That got me started.

Bounced around and got words here and there.

Had a problem with 57A. Had AMBER for quite a while. Finally erased it and put in ARROW.

Thought 28A Home near a fire. TENT. Was a good clue/answer.

Had BASRA recently. Filled in easily.

We will always remember Cal Ripken as an ORIOLE.

Did not know BSO. Perps to the rescue. Now I know it after reading the review. I guess I am mo familiar with the CSO.

Anyhow, I am shot. Ready to crash. See you tomorrow.


fermatprime said...


Great puzzle, Steve; swell recap, Marti!

No problems. Am old enough to remember ALY. No problem with BSO. The theme answers were achieved by perping, mostly. Did get BOSTON PUBLIC otherwise, however. Watched 2 or 3 times.

The closers on NCIS and NCIS LA were pretty horrifying! We know David McCallum's character lives though because he renewed his contract for 2 more years. Hope they keep Jamie Lee Curtis!

Went to a holistic dentist today. More on that later. Very interesting. Great expenses to come, though.

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

In Canada we do not spell Saint Lawrence but it's official name is : St. Lawrence...get your facts straight!

Argyle said...

© 2012 Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation.

Better tell them.

HeartRx said...

Thx Argyle, and g'nite!!

windhover said...

Don't mess with Argyle - he's the man. :)
Love those authoritative Anons, eh?