May 9, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 Don Gagliardo & C.C. Burnikel

Theme: I'M BLANKING - the three theme clues all have a "nil" as their answer. The unifier ... wait, what was I saying?

19A. Relationship where three is a crowd : LOVE TRIANGLE. The French might argue that a menage a trois is a perfectly normal arrangement.

28A. "Not another word!" : ZIP YOUR LIP. Nothing here except to make you smile

44A. Original Tevye player : ZERO MOSTEL. Oh Goodness. What a wonderful actor!

53A. "Forget it!", and a hint to the starts of 19-, 28- and 44-Across : NOTHING DOING

Well now, was it just me or was this a real Wednesday challenge? Hello everyone, Steve here and a little bit humbled by this outing from C.C. and Don. Usually I can stroll in on the third day of the week, flex my cruciverb muscles and finish things up pretty quickly. This one - not so much. I was doing a Saturday dance and loved it.


1. Leaves with a peppery taste : CRESS. In England we at least warn you and call these leaves Mustard Cress

6. Experian, formerly : TRW. Obscure, or just me?

9. FDR's dog : FALA, Cute.

13. Blimp filler : HELIUM

15. Young gang member : HOOLIGAN. I had trouble with this. Mainly because I've known many old hooligans, it's an Irish thing.

17. Pilot Earhart : AMELIA. See later comment

18. Classic sitcom sidekick : ED NORTON.

21. Makes level : EVENS. My first word of the puzzle, and lightly filled.

22. Nats' MLB div. : NL E (National League East). Oh, c'mon guys! Three abbreviations to clue one obscure one?

23. Entering-a-hot-tub sounds : AAHS

27. Revival setting : TENT. Loved this clue/answer.

31. Swamp critters : CROCS. Because Alligators, cottonmouths and ewwwwww didn't fit :)

33. With agility : NIMBLY. Needed crosses to exclude an "E" anywhere here

34. [Headdesk] : DOH. [Faceplant} Been that kind of day.

37. Mineral in the raw : ORE

38. Pebble Beach prop : TEE

39. Capp and Capone : ALS

40. Gamer's screen image : AVATAR

42. Happy hoops sound : SWISH. Go Lakers!

46. Feminizing suffix : ETTE

50. Canal to the Hudson River : ERIE

51. "__ we there yet?" : ARE

52. Roll-on brand : ARRID

57. Warning often shouted too late : IT'S A TRAP!

60. Emulate 17-Across : AVIATE. So I thoroughly SWISHED through the previous eight, then came up short on this one. DISAPPEAR is not a good first reaction; PLUMMET, MISS ISLAND, BAD NAVIGATOR and then I thought I should come back later.

61. Health program since 1965 : MEDICARE

62. Performer using lots of notes : SINGER. Hmmm

63. Beach toy : PAIL. BALL first. Darn.

64. Hot : MAD

65. West Yorkshire city : LEEDS. I lived here between the ages of two and eight, so just had to figure out whether BRADFORD, SHEFFIELD or LEEDS would fit. I'd tell y'all about my first kiss in the playground, but 7-Yo's don't kiss and tell


1. Après-ski hangout : CHALET. No, sorry. BAR. The chalet is the après-après-ski hangout :)

2. Do away with : REMOVE

3. Late news time : ELEVEN. Oops, I just missed it. Anything happen today?

4. Bit of muscle? : SILENT C. Wow, I was just about to ask for help here and finally saw it.

5. Looks good on : SUITS

6. Piz Bernina's range : THE ALPS. I said on my last outing that K2 was the most beautiful mountain in the world, but Piz Bernina comes close

7. Dangerfield of "Caddyshack" : RODNEY

8. "The World of Suzie ___": 1960 film : WONG

9. Pistol, e.g. : FIREARM. Not sure whether to hyphenate or not?

10. Player rep. : AGT. The Agent. Sometimes a great representative, sometimes not. SHOW ME THE MONEY!

11. Thai native : LAO. I'll need to research this one tomorrow. A native of LAOS maybe, but Thai? I'm sure this is correct, but I'm really surprised. I had no idea.

12. Former Texas governor Richards : ANN

14. Scuff up : MAR

16. Texter's roar : LOL. Hmmm, no, this is a texter's snigger. A roar would be ROFLMAO.

20. How freshly caught fish should be kept : IN ICE. Ahhhhh, no, sorry. On Ice.

24. Actress Jessica : ALBA

25. Cross-country course feature : HILL

26. 1974 Gould/Sutherland CIA spoof : SPYS.

28. Black-clad, masked hero : ZORRO. zzzzzz, zzzz zsssrrrrp! Love Zorro!

29. Newsman Roger : O'NEIL

30. One-eighties : UIES. Or UYES.

32. Give in to wanderlust : ROAM. This was my favorite clue/answer in the whole puzzle. Elegant, short and sweet, and made me think three times before .. oh, it couldn't be anything else!

34. Stupefy : DAZE

35. Walkie-talkie word : OVER

36. Big name in espionage : HARI. She wasn't that large, actually. Oh well.

38. Experienced trick-or-treater, perhaps : TWEEN. Hmmmm. Anyone?

41. Pedicure focus : TOENAIL

42. Like crosswalks : STRIPED

43. Leading lady : HEROINE

45. About 30% of Africa : SAHARA. Darn, I had DESERT and was so happy with it. Then not so much.

47. Emergency room procedure : TRIAGE

48. Added some color to : TINTED

49. Border neateners : EDGERS. I came back to this after I'd filled it and looked twenty times at it - I'm still not convinced - even so it went in without a thought - I really shouldn't keep second-guessing myself

52. Ibuprofen brand : ADVIL. I had some minor surgery last week. Advil was fine, the optional Oxycontin was the most weird feeling I've ever had and I really don't recommend it.

54. Available sans Rx : OTC. Not the Oxycontin. See above.

55. 37-Across carrier : TRAM

56. Utility bill item : GAS. Ohhhh, c'mon!

57. Little dickens : IMP

58. Spot in the afternoon? : TEA

59. Reagan-era mil. program : SDI

Answer grid.

Well, a Wonderful Wednesday. Thanks to Don and C.C. for what was a brain-stretcher for me. I like the Wednesday puzzles, you're never quite sure what you're going to get!

1) Note from C.C. & Don:

When I first proposed this idea to Don, it's simply a set of three entries: ZERO MOSTEL, ZIP YOUR LIP & LOVE CONQUERS ALL. Don said: "I won't say that it does nothing for me, but it needs more. Maybe a simple unifier like NOTHING DOING. I just like to stir things up, don't I?". This is the way he always improves my ideas.
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Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Nice, fresh puzzle. I agree with Steve that 20D should have been ON ICE instead of IN ICE, but that was the only thing that grated on me. Everything else was smooooth...

The clue for 1A stumped me for awhile until I had my V8 moment. 4D would have slowed me down as well, but at least that one had a question mark to indicate that it was tricky and, knowing Don's penchant for cluing silent letters, well, it was practically a gimme this time around.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Steve and Friends. I thought this was a great Wednesday puzzle. My only error was to think that Hot meant a Fad instead of the emotion MAD.

Lots of clues had me thinking of another answer, but the perps straightened me out. Like Steve, I initially thought of Beach Ball instead of the Beach PAIL. I also though of On Ice instead of IN ICE.

CRESS was my last fill, because I was thinking that Leaves was used as a Verb instead of a Noun.

My favorite clue was Performer Using a Lot of Notes = SINGER.

Gators are the Swamp Critters living near me.

My late night news comes on at 10 p.m., not ELEVEN.

Spot in the Afternoon was another good clue. Nice Cuppa, where are you?

QOD: Though familiarity may not breed contempt, it takes the edge off admiration. ~ William Hazlitt

HeartRx said...

Good morning Steve, C.C., Don et al.

What a fun puzzle today! I had no idea what the theme was until I got to the unifier, because I was too busy just filling in both across and down as I went along. One of my fastest Wednesdays ever. I would have loved to see 53A clued as "Fuhgeddaboudit!".

I agree about the "bar" being the après ski hangout, Steve! I had some of the same thoughts as you while I solved the puzzle:
-LAO for Thai native? That can't be right...Maybe the editor meant "Thai neighbor".
-Also wanted "on" ICE instead of IN ICE.
-And "ueys" instead of UIES.

Since I was solving both ways today, the perps helped guide me to the correct answers in each case, though. Thanks C.C. and Don for another happy hump day!

Argyle said...

38D. Experienced trick-or-treater, perhaps : TWEEN

Not yet a teenager but don't call them a "child".

Old enough to not need a sitter but still too young to be a sitter.

Any other "old enough ... young enough" sayings?

Abejo said...

Good morning from damp Pennsylvania, folks. Thank you, Don G. And C.C., for a great Wednesday puzzle. Thank you, as well, Steve, for an equally great write-up.

Here I am again typing on my IPad and looking at the puzzle on my cell phone. This is great!

My first entry was FALA for 9A. Always remember that dog from old crosswords.

Then got AMELIA and MAR in the NW. Then TENT and EVENS. Then came REMOVE and ELEVEN. Then the rest up there. CRESS was last.

SILENT C was clever. That took some thinking.

ZIP YOUR LIP was my first theme answer. The rest came slowly with perps.

Had STUN first for 34D. Fixed that to DAZE after a while.

LAO for 11D came with perps. Not sure if a LAO is from Thailand. Others felt the same, I see.

Had DESERT before SAHARA. That goofed me up down there for a while.

ED NORTON was one of the funniest characters ever. The Honeymooners and All in the Family are my two all time favorites.

Our news comes on at 10:00 in Illinois, but 11:00 in Pennsylvania.

Off to get some work done. See you tomorrow.


Avg Joe said...

I didn't have quite as much trouble as you did Steve, but agree it was tough for a Wednesday. Maybe Thursday level. Hands up for oN ICE. Thought tween was very clever, and was on the right wave length with my first guess "teen". Fidn't dit!

Too old too young sayings? My father used to say: "I'm at an awkward age. Too tall for keyholes, too short for transoms."

Husker Gary said...

NOTHING bad to say about this lovely hump day exercise from Don and C.C.! Silent C almost got me!

-In Caddyshack, what article of clothing was RODNEY Dangerfield referring to when he sarcastically said to Ted Knight, “Looks good on you!”
-HELIUM is much heavier than Hydrogen but I think the Hindenburg passengers would have preferred it
-Gleason and Carney, how ya gonna do better?
-The best movie ever made about a Revival in a TENT
-The ERIE Canal was the Manhattan Project of its day
-Sheldon’s IT’S A TRAP
-Here in the Midwest our news comes on at ten and I barely can make that some nights.
-Now this guy WAS IN ICE
-We get some 6’ Trick or Treaters among our 150/year
-We have a motorized EDGER that does a neat job!
-Off to sub! School ends next week here.

desper-otto said...

Good morning, all.

As usual, I didn't know this was a DG/CC effort until I arrived here. I liked the puzzle, and it turned out to be a quick solve. Hand up for questioning LAO, but the perps were solid.

I did think that Piz Bernina was probably an opera diva, so I was wondering how many octaves were in her range. D'OH! AMELIA placed symmetrically with AVIATE was a nice touch (not a Nice touché).

Tinman should like AVATAR...IN ICE, not so much.

Argyle, old enough to know better, too young to care.

Argyle said...

For the woman with the most
enigmatic smile since the Mona Lisa:

Dear Amelia(3:07) by Vance Gilbert.

A very haunting song but be aware, the end of the clip, it goes right on to a different clip, not related.

HeartRx said...

Argyle @ 6:56
38D. Experienced trick-or-treater, perhaps : TWEEN:

"Too old to believe in Santa Claus, but too young to drink..."

kazie said...

I found this a real challenge. didn't know of Zero Mostel, never heard of Tevye, Experian or TRW and where was I when FDR had a dog? I got most of it only by serious wagging.

That's not to say I didn't like it, but it was a bit more than expected on a Wednesday. it's really impressive how our dynamic duo keep appearing so regularly now. congratulations to you both, C.C. and Don!

Mari said...

Hi all, Nice Wednesday puzzle, getting progressively harder.

I finished it with some PERPS and WAGS.

I PERPED 1A: CRESS - never heard that one before, and 4D: SILENT C.

Never heard of 34A [Headdesk], but I guess DOH makes sense.

Favorite answers were HOOLIGAN and IT'S A TRAP!

Didn't even notice the unifier until Steve pointed it out.

Avg Joe @ 7:34 am: I like your young/old saying ;)

Lucina said...

Hello, all, Enjoyed your write-up, Steve, thanks.

Since I normally solve across then down, this was a quick sashay, and like Abejo, started with FALA.

Loved the SILENTC which I didn't get, of course, until seeing Steve's visual.

Had no idea about Piz Bernina but THE ALPS filled in nicely as did NLE. Hand up for BALL before PAIL.

SWISH always reminds me of that scene in Gone With the Wind when Rhett Butler bought Mammy an under slip and she relished the SWISH as she walked. I guess I've seen that too many times!

Our news is also at ten and some even at nine.

Nice going, Dynamic Duo!

it's back to bed for me. You all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Hahtoolah said...

Kazie: Tevye was the father in Fiddler on the Roof.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning Steve and everyone.

I think IN ICE is ok, because when a fishing trawler brings home the fresh fish, there's not enough surface area to put them all 'on' . The ice has to be co-mingled with the fish.
A good Wednesday level workout, butmost of the fill was common enough and there weren't many misdirections. SILENT C? No lookups were needed and there were no strikethroughs. Theme was real easy. Favorite fill was ED NORTON. Thanks Don and C.C.

Hope we don't have much political discussion on MEDICARE today. :-)

Enjoy your hump day.

Montana said...

Good morning everyone,
I like Wednesday puzzles. I can usually solve them now. Thanks CC, Don, and Steve.
Didn't know cress or silent-c, but worked across and down together and solved that corner.
I thought indigenous people in Thailand were Lao, so didn't slow down there.
Girl's teams at local high school are Mettes, abr. for female Mustangs.
Didn’t know the baseball clue, but perps solved it. Thought TEENS before TWEENS.
News is on at 10 pm in MT.

Have a good Wednesday,

PK said...

TWEEN: Too old for toys, too young for boys!

Loved the QOD, Hahtoolah!

I still don't get either Experian or TRW! HUH? Neither do I understand [headdesk] DOH? Explain, please.

I had lIMBer before NIMBLY. I'm not either one.

Enjoyed the puzzle and comments!

Kazie, got a chuckle about you "wagging" the dog.

desper-otto said...

PK@9:02 -- TRW was a large, multilimbed corporation into lots of different businesses, one of which was credit reporting. In the 90's the credit reporting part of it was spun off as Experian -- one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the US.

When you finally get the answer and feel so stupid for not getting it earlier, you hit your head on the desk [headdesk], or as Homer Simpson would say, "D'0h!"

Irish Miss said...

Good morning everyone:

Thanks Don and CC for a fun and challenging Wednesday romp and thanks, Steve, for a snappy expo.

Went astray early on when I got the famous dogs mixed up and put Asta instead of Fala. Other than that, smooth sailing.

Have a great day all.

kazie said...

Thanks for Tevye--I have a hard enough time remembering names of people I know let alone film/play/TV characters!

I wasn't even thinking of the connection to the dog!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

This challenging puzzle has plenty of NOTHING. (Purdy good SINGER!)

The unifier really makes it, and is helped me get ZERO.

If you can g-spot it, it must be right.

I suppose ELEVEN and 12-year-olds are TWEENS. My two are both in plays the next two week ends, Rebekka in Beauty and the Beast, and Lexi in Josheph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

How can we not have an ALBA image?

How about some STRIPED TOE NAILS?

Too bad ARRID couldn't cross SAHARA.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

Cool (but not IN ICE) regards!

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

Didn't have much trouble today because perps took care of the unknowns such as TRW, DOH, SDI, & LAO. The rest came easy.

From the moment I saw The World of Suzie Wong, I was totally infatuated with Nancy Kwan. Lousy flick, stunning lady.

Always looking for reruns of the Honeymooners. Great comedy.

Hand up for wanting ON ICE instead of IN ICE.

I remember ZERO MOSTEL in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum many summer's ago. He had a walking cast due to, as he explained, an accident in his chariot, 19?? style. He put on a Helluva show with one good leg.

I never thought of a HOOLIGAN as being age related. Still don't.

Happy hump day.

Tinbeni said...

Steve: Nice write-up. It felt more like a Thursday level offering to me.

Don G. & C.C. Thanks for the FUN Wednesday. Thought the NOTHING theme was really something. LOL

Liked the shout-out to AVATAR, who (BTW), would have preferred NO-ICE instead of the In-ice-v-On-ice thingy.

Not a fan of [Headdesk] for D'OH. Then again, I'm not a Homer Simpson fan.
As such, I prefer the word 'duh' for my head-SLAPS.

Husker: Wasn't it his (silly) golf hat? LOL

Cheers to all at Sunset.

Lemonade714 said...

Welcome wednesday warriors:

As always a fine creation from our own dynamic duo, and you all have highlighted the most relevant comments. In doing so you do once again make clear how diverse the solving experience is, where to some this was easy and to others hard. Certainly many clues were intended to slow us down, but as already said, if you know about silent consonants and some trivia this was doable.

Maurice Schwarz was actually the first Teyve, appearing in a 1939 film in Yiddish, which was thought lost, but rediscovered in 1978. The search for LOST FILMS, a fascinating topic, which I learned about from reading the Valentino books, written by LOREN ESTLEMAN about a guy from UCLA who hunts for lost films. For all the others who read mysteries, Estleman is a good storyteller and his short stories are often excellent.

Yellowrocks said...

Good morning folks, Neat puzzle. Don and CC. Nice expo, Steve.

We used to pick and eat wild CRESS along streams while we were hiking. Some of you may know of it as WATERCRESS.

I'm with Spitzboov @8:30. ON ICE doesn’t have to be literal. It can be an idiom meaning chilled. I looked up how recreational fishermen should care for their catch. It is recommended that they put fresh ice on top of each layer of fish, which literally places the fish IN ICE.

When you look up LAO people in Wikipedia you can find a section about the LAO in Thailand.

The Honeymooners with Ed Norton and Jackie Gleason is a favorite in this house. We have most of the episodes on DVDs.

I used to review my credit on TRW.

Of course, you can always provide libations and invite a group of friends to hangout at your ski CHALET.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve for a wonderful blog to a wonderful puzzle by the Dynamic Duo.

Learnt a lot about Menage a trois and Mr. Mitterrand. His political flip-flops and opportunism were much bigger than his mere personal affaire'(s). ( I assume that french politics are not subject to blog censorship or taboos).

IMHO, Mata Hari was a third class dancer (?), with a sad and tragic personal life and not much of anything, leave alone a spy. But the french revel in their scapegoats. Thus is history.

Yellowrocks said...

That's LAO PEOPLE (2 words) in Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

I totally agree with Steve that this was too full of unknowns to make it a satisfying Wednesday. Piz Bernina? Experian? Big name in espionage?
I have lived in Vienna and would never refer to Alps as The Alps. That's even after I looked up Piz Bernina. Sadly, once I get annoyed, I stop really trying. And the abbreviation for U turn usually escapes me.

Enough of my rant.

Hope the rest of you have a great day.


Ron Worden said...

Good afternoon to all and happy hump day. Thanks Don and C.C. for a great puzzle and Steve for the musings. I really liked headdesk as a clue,but I zoomed right through with no smudges. To Lemon I have been doing very well and walk fine and wear it all day without any problems so far. I go back next week for them to see how I am doing. I took the baby to get her regular drivers license on Mon. she passed with flying colors,hardly seems like she can be 16 time flies. Have a great day to all.RJW

JD said...

Good morning Steve, and our Dynamic Duo who done it again,

Lots of fun and very fair for a Wed.After filling in what I knew, I was a serious wagger, like Kazie, and would not have gotten cress without the perps.The downs were good to me.

Loved Pebble Beach prop, and bit of muscle!

Seriously, y'all remember FALA??? I can go back to Nixon's Checkers, and Johnson's Him and Her. Oh, and R.R. had Rex (how appropriate), but FDR?Loved it anyway.Seems he was in a movie on the day in the life of a dog at the White House.Gary, I enjoyed reading that update on Otzi. My classes were excited when he was discovered; mummies always were the highlight of our Egyptian unit.

School is out June 1st...earliest ever!!

Lemonade714 said...

RW: great news, you too JD. And CA, creature, Jeannie, Buckeye, AL, Mainiac and all of our MIA posters, hope all is going well.

Gee Sallie, now that you have a new avatar, you do not have to be crabby...JK

Spitzboov said...

FDR speaking about FALA

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm getting better at doing these crosswords! Thanks for all the help I've received from you folks and previously from the LA Crossword Confidential people. It's fun!

Anonymous said...

NLE is just bad. Using Jazzbumpa's logic makes it wrong also. Can't Google it.

CrossEyedDave said...

WooHoo, i finally aced a DG/CC puzzle, & on Wednesday too!

Wees on many write overs, plus Utility item being "tax", sidearm before firearm, & before i had the theme 53A was "not happening" until a "heroine" with "advil" saved me from that headache.

Speaking of heading for future CW reference, what is the meaning of the "brackets" in [headdesk]?

Re: in ice, i was with everyone else at 1st, but you can't argue with JzB's picture.

Admiral Akbar rehearsing it's a trap!

Loved all the "tween" references

I believe Kramers entrances were modeled after Ed Norton...

I see this this plant often & just discovered it's one of the Spring Cress's that can be used as a condiment. (at yr own risk)

Anonymous said...

Old/ young..
Old enuff to know,to young to resist

CrossEyedDave said...

Irish Miss yesterday@4:19 Re: youtube

Your computer is suffering a buffer overflow error. i cannot help without knowing PC make/model, windows/mac, operating system version, video cards installed etc... (too many variables)(plus i really don't know how to fix it...)
i would give you a youtube link, but i guess it won't be much use if you can't watch the dang thing!

ANYONE OUT THERE know how to fix this?

Re: Pool Lift
There aughta be a law against too many stupid laws.

Anyone out there know who the Philosopher was that said something to the effect that the downfall of civilization will be caused by the people rebelling against frivolous laws?

A quote from the Florham Park NJ town meeting by Recreation Committee member and former NFL Football Giants defensive tackle Tony Siragusa. “If you can’t afford it, move out of town”. In response to over 100 people questioning how we are going to pay for new sports fields.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Had a very enjoyable time solving the puzzle today. Hand up for beach BALL and SIDEARM. Working the acrosses first, the first fill I entered was HELIUM, the second was AMELIA, the 3rd was ZERO MOSTEL. On the downs, because I already had the S in MOSTEL, I put in SAHARA right away and didn't even think of DESERT. Saw the ZIP and ZERO, so I wanted 19A to start with ZILCH. Wasn't familiar with the term "headdesk" so it took the perps to get it. I love that "Leaves" can be either a noun or verb, and it fools me every time.

Thanks for a fun puzzle today.

Anonymous said...

Please someone answer CrossEyedDave about those brackets. I've seen that before and thought it was a misprint in our rapidly declining newspaper.

Jayce said...

Re watching Youtube videos. I rarely have trouble watching them on a Windows XP computer. They always freeze up after about a minute when I try to watch on my iPhone. I don't even bother to try Youtube on my iPhone any more because of that. Viewing Youtube clips on my Kindle Fire is iffy; sometimes I can watch them all the way through but more often they freeze up almost as badly as on the iPhone. My wife can't make Youtube work at all on her old Mac Powerbook. For these reasons, I don't think it is a buffer overflow problem. I think it may have something to do with how the videos are indexed; it is indexing that allows you to scroll "fast forward" through a video and to scroll back and forward to any specific point in it, and when the indexing gets out of sync the video simply stops.

Lemonade714 said...

Crossword clues in square brackets indicate a non-verbal action or a utterance. In this case we were to imagine someone hitting their head on the desk in frustration. Wikipedia uses as an example clue of [It's cold!] with the fill BRR.

eddyB said...

Late news @10PM - a carry over from days in AZ. Knew eleven was wanted.

On ice/in ice didn't matter. Pictured a solitary man in a trout stream keeping his catch on a stringer in the water. Clue didn't mention any thing about commercial fishing.

Germans denied a source for He. Had to use H. Used to make H in chem lab.

Real nice Wednesday puzzle.

Eagle flew over and put money in Checking Account. Love second Wednesdays.


CrossEyedDave said...

Irish Miss,

I Googled "ipad youtube black screen" & it looks like a lot of people have the same problem. Forum corrections range from simple "reset IPAD" (hold home & wake/sleep buttons) to changing flash players (basically reinventing the airplane)

Best advice, call Apple tech support. (i did this with my wife's ipad, & they actually answered the phone! & walked me thru the problem!)

Now i am having problems, whenever i sign onto Google Blogger i get "Error performing your request
We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

The following errors were found:
Input error: Memcache value is null for FormRestoration "

Yet it works fine on the second try?

seareeferd said...

Laos and Cambodia were originally part of The Thai Empire "Siam".

Husker Gary said...

Post subbing Musings

-Right, Tin, Rodney said that after he said, “Do you get a bowl of soup with that hat?”
-I also made H in class for kids, put it in a balloon and then put a match to it – BOOM! H was the main fuel in the Saturn V moon rocket and was 2/3 of the fuel in the External Tank on the Shuttle
-CED, Look out Sonny, it’s a trap!
-HOOLIGAN then, THUG today.
-QOD, familiarity does breed contempt if you are a teacher who wants 13 year olds for your best friends.
-Off to mow/mulch yard. It’s growing way too fast.

Anonymous said...

WTF is a tween? I was in thailand (bangkok, pataya) many times and there are many from loas there. I avoided them cause they were mostly all prostitutes. Of coarse the authors have never been fishing. How can you put fish in ice? I liked Topols' Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof, but I never saw Mostel on his stage version. Other than that fairly easy wednes day at least for the northern part of puzzle.

Grumpy 1 said...

Great puzzle, CC and Don, and a fun writeup, Steve. I haven't had a chance to comment for the past week as we were up in Ohio for graduations and visiting with family. At least I was able to get the puzzle online and finish it each day. Our oldest grandson graduated from Kent State University School of Nursing, Magna Cum Laude, and our oldest granddaughter graduated high school and Community College at the same time. She will be entering Case Western Reserve University in the fall.

TRW was a gimme since that was an old time Cleveland, OH company and their various endeavors were in the news when we lived in that area.

The perps were kind on the trickier clues and a few unknowns, so it all fell into place.

I have no problem with IN ICE vs on ice. Fresh fish will stay fresh for a long time when frozen IN ICE. Not so long when on ice. We used to fish for perch in Lake Erie and often would have too many for immediate consumption. We would put the fillets in a container with water completely covering the fillets and freeze them. The fish was still fresh months later.

Hand up for "old enough to know better, too young to resist". I still haven't outgrown that one.

Misty said...

Am late getting to the blog today and must have missed something because I still don't understand 'Experian' or [Headdesk]. But even so, I got the whole thing with perps and ended up loving this puzzle from the Dynamic Duo. And, of course, Steve's write-up.

Have a great Wednesday, everybody.

Sfingi said...

Too many abbrevs.

Didn't know Piz Bernina. Thought it was some kinda sports guy. Also, din't know Roger O'Neil or [Headdesk] or that CRESS had a peppery taste. Waited on the ball/PAIL thing. However, no googling today.

Wanted "stay awAy" for ITSATRAP.

Haven't heard TWEEN in awhile.

@JD - we remeber FALA because we are old. Because loud noised behind me actually hurt my ears now, I got a hearing test and found out I'm beginning to go deaf. Huh?

@Anon 1:38 - we have one of those newspapers. Last year they started making it smaller. Not that I'm also going blind, but whom do they think reads newspapers? Seniors. At least make the obits and puzzles bigger.

@Lemonade - Ill have to check out this Estleman.

Fiddler on the Roof - one of the few musicals I like.

Tinbeni said...

Jayce @1:37pm
I also wanted 19A to start with ZILCH since I had the ZIP & ZERO themes and thought we were going for 'Z' letter theme words meaning NOTHING.

Grumpy 1: Congrats on the Grand-kids graduations.

re: IN-ICE or ON ICE ... you all know how I really feel about this ...

I think the 'freshly caught fish' should be 'cleaned' and then cooked.
Does that mean I like my fish NEAT?

Cheers !!!

Steve Jobs said...

in ice vs. on ice

should have clued it as: Apple app for visiting the south of france.


Susan said...

Fun puzzle--thanks CC and Don. Thank you Steve for the explanations.

I also had on ice and did not know TRW. Hooligan didn't come to me right away I thought of wannabe. Oh well.

Also thought of Leaves as a verb at first. As a child I used to go on picnics with my grandmother at a place that had a little stream and she would wade out and get watercress. One time a big rat poked its head out at her from a bunch of the watercress and I don't think we ever did that again.

From yesterday's talk about Meow. That cat was from the same animal shelter where I got my last two cats--the first I had and loved for over 18 years. The second was the one I lost 11 days ago to a coyote or mountain lion. I'm not ready to go back to the shelter yet.

Have a nice rest of the day to all.

thehondohurricane said...


Siragusa played for the Indy Colts & Baltimore Ravens. Never was with the Giants. He was a key on the Raven defense when they kicked the Giants butt in the Super Bowl.

dodo said...

How about "Age and experience will
Outsmart youth and beauty" ?

I'm not too sure about the last two qualities. bit they work.

PK said...

Sfingi: my sentiments exactly about newspapers being read mostly by seniors. The paper I read daily has a new printer as of this week and smaller paper and print size. The font is less bold also. Now almost unreadable without a magnifier.

When the paper stopped printing in house, they canned 34 people. They called this all progress. I call the whole process self-destruction.

Susan said...

Hondo, have you seen "Flower Drum Song"? Nancy Kwan was gorgeous in it--the movie.

PK said...

Postscript: The puzzle clues in my paper are now too small to read. I've resorted to blowing the puzzle up 129% on my copier so it is more eye-friendly. Looking at a computer for any length of time really hurts my bleary eyes, so I don't enjoy working them electronically.

Avg Joe said...

Lot's of divergent views on the content today. The one I'm most surprised by is FALA. I'm not old enough to even remember DDE with any clarity, let alone FDR, But Fala has been such a CW staple over the years I filled it in without a second thought. I'd guess the major difference is the number of years solving.

Hand up for getting caught in the Meow trap yesterday. Very funny Eddy:-~

Sfingi, I find your comment about hearing things behind you interesting. A few years back, I'd been doing a lot of mowing of high old growth grass under windy conditions and my ears plugged up with wax and debris from the mowing (and maybe a little help from a cotton swab not designed for the purpose). A very strange sensation. But the oddest part was that I could barely hear someone I was facing while any sound coming from behind me was completely clear and would drown out the sound from much closer sources. Even if it was a block away. Sounds like you're going through something similar.

Finally, and not to be political, but today's headlines clearly demonstrate that we live in "interesting times".

Anonymous said...

careful joe, you might get deleted making fun of meow...

Blue Iris said...

Tweens don't want to be called children, but just don't fit in with teenagers. Since they are eleven and twelve year olds, they used to be called pre-teens. Our school district struggled on where to put 6th graders."Too old to be with grade schoolers, but too young to be with teenagers." I was a middle school nurse and spent a great deal of time helping 6th graders who weren't quite ready to be with big kids. They were a refreshing change to 7th and 8th graders who some call mean. I call them overly honest.

dodo said...

()I loved this puzzle, C&D. Steve, you outdid yourself!

Hand up for "ball" before "pail". I didn't know the meaning of [headdesk] even after "doh" went into 34A. Thanks for the explanation. Like Tinbeni, I prefer "duh". i thought "Piz Bernina" must be some Olympic skier or something. I knew it had to be something about Switzerland because of "Bernina" which is the name of my favorite sewing machine, made there. I don't see why one wouldn't say "the Alps". We say "the Rockies".

Anyway, I do appreciate a Wednesday puzzle that I can finish without lots of snags. I had more trouble spots on Mon. and Tues. this week, so far!

Thanks for the "in ice" verification, Spitaboov. I've seen pix of those big fishiing boats with their big hauls. No way could all those fish be "on ice". And doesn't a champagne bottle pretty much sink into an ice bucket ?

(apologies on the length)

NYTAnonimo said...


When your head connects with your desk. Often used in online chat as an expression of frustration or disappointment.

TRW helped create a variety of corporations, including Pacific Semiconductors, the Aerospace Corporation, Bunker-Ramo, Experian, and TRW Automotive...

LA CW Addict said...

Aced this one, but had my doubts, particularly with TWEEN. Got the unifier first which helped me solve the other three "nils". Googled TRW, but does not mention what the letters stand for. Refers to TRW Automotive.

Three credit reporting agencies (FYI) are Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. I guess they keep your FICA scores.

Had cuticle for 41D until I realized it had to be toenail. Did not like the answer DOH.

Wish someone would link to Ed Norton. Loved The 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (whoops, my kitten) Honeymooners. They just don't make TV like that anymore!

A great evening to all!

eddyB said...

Sorry folks. Was disgusted when I heard about Meow's death. Hold that ALL life is sacred and didn't see any thing funny about it. Someone let Meow get that way.

Old enough to remember DDE, FDR and Winnie's black poodle Rufus. Besides, Just watched Winds of War.

Rangers game 6 in 1/2 hour.


Lucina said...

Grumpy 1:
Congratulations on the accomplishments of your grandchildren! It certainly reflects well on you!

Lemonade714 said...

NYT Anonimo

Hey, it has been a while. I always like it when our missing past posters drop by. Hope all is great

CrossEyedDave said...

For you & yr kitten LA CW Addict

The Honeymooners "The sleepwalker" - Part 1/3 (10:26)

The Honeymooners "The sleepwalker" - Part 2/3 (6:05)

The Honeymooners "The sleepwalker" - part 3/3 (9:29)

Art Carney 1959 Whats My Line (7:47)

Art Carney 1953-4 Whats My Line (6:42)

Grumpy 1 said...

Thanks for the compliments, Tinbeni and Lucina.

BTW, TRW is the initials of Thompson, Ramo and Wooldridge. I worked for two years with a man that had been a butler to the Thompson family.

Steve said...

@Steve Jobs - awesome!

I just noticed that I meant to comment [FACEPALM] on D'oh, not [FACEPLAT]. That would be something you do on the way back to the CHALET after too much apres-ski.

HUTCH said...

Unfortunately DNF. Had 'ringer for 'using a lot of notes',i.e. a player ringing glasses and gar for56down for garbage. seemed OK to me.

Hahtoolah said...

Grumpy : congratulations to your very talented grandchildren. Is your granddaughter the same one who was in the Shalespeare contest a few months back?

Avg Joe said...

For those of you west of central time, If you only watch one performance on Idol this year - even if you've never watched it - you have to see Joshua Ledet singing "It's a Man's World" in the second half of the show tonight. WOW!

Everything else was excellent. But that performance was unbelievable.

LA CW Addict said...

CED: Bless your heart and thank you! I enjoyed every segment!

What a great talent he was! I think Joyce Randolph is the only one left from the Honeymooners cast, unless she died and I missed it... but I think she is still with us. She too is a lovely lady and talent.

Anonymous said...

Good night everyone.

My apologies for being so negative this morning. (But my avatar hasn't changed. It is a shot of a Sally Lightfooted crab.)

Glad those of you who got the puzzle, got it. I surely missed a lot.

May I add my congratulations to grumpy 1, and good for you on your use of the leg, Ron.

Lemonade714 said...

Sallie I was just teasing because of your avatar. Grumpy, it is time be Proud1. congrats