May 7, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012 David Steinberg

Theme: Monday, Monday - Yes, yes, six fun things to say.

19A. Capital of American Samoa : PAGO PAGO. Atlas image.

51A. South Pacific resort island : BORA BORA. Another Atlas image.

9D. Hawaiian food fish : MAHI MAHI. Image, the way I like to see it.

10D. "Va-va-voom!" : "HUBBA HUBBA!". An Americanism from WW II, a shout in appreciation of a pretty girl. Unknown origin.

27D. Washington city famous for sweet onions : WALLA WALLA. Map.

37D. Disease caused by vitamin B deficiency : BERIBERI. From Sinhalese, by reduplication from beri - weakness. Sinhalese - of or pertaining to Sri Lanka. The only one word entry.

ArgyleArgyle here. A good offering from our wunderkind constructor. Interview. Solid entries, with a few words that if you don't know already, how did you get this far. Emil Jannings, I'm looking at you.


1. Poi maker's need : TARO

5. Sudden twitch : SPASM

10. "Rumour __ It": Adele song : HAS

13. Muffin ingredient : BRAN

14. Knee-to-ankle bone : TIBIA

15. Free of contaminants : PURE

16. Email folder : SENT

17. Old Testament patriarch : ENOCH

18. New York City theater award : OBIE

21. Weather map air pressure line : ISOBAR

23. Green and Gore : ALs

24. Nebraska city : OMAHA

25. Lumberjacks, often : SAWERS

29. With 43-Across, shrinking Asian lake : ARAL

30. Oft-replaced joint : HIP

33. Disneyland shuttles : TRAMS

34. Train station posting : SCHEDULE

36. Wrinkly citrus fruit : UGLI

37. Persian faith that promotes spiritual unity : BAHÁ'Í

39. Kinda sorta : A BIT

40. Archer's target : BULL'S EYE. What's the consensus on "The Hunger Games".

42. Chance for a hit : AT BAT

43. See 29-Across : SEA

44. Greek god of war : ARES

45. "__ as she goes" : STEADY

46. Collaborative websites : WIKI's. The base word is from Hawaiian.

48. One may be SWAK : LTR. (letter)

49. Like the darkest maple syrups : GRADE B. Link. Darker = more flavor.

56. Pack of quarters, e.g. : ROLL

57. Virtuosic piano work : ETUDE. I would think there are some that aren't virtuosic; it's just we don't hear about them (and a good thing).

59. Say and mean : AVER

60. Competent : ABLE

61. Ruffles chip feature : RIDGE

62. Lightsaber wielder : JEDI

63. Arthur of "Maude" : BEA. Don't get her ruffled.

64. Magnified map detail : INSET

65. Yankee slugger, to fans : A-ROD


1. Cookbook abbr. : TBSP

2. Geometric calculation : AREA

3. Pushed the doorbell : RANG

4. Not snowed by : ONTO

5. Makes off with : STEALS

6. Worrisome engine sounds : PINGS. From using too low a grade of gas or the timing is off.

7. Peek ending : ABOO

8. Incite to pounce (on) : SIC. Oh, the [sic] is pronounced seek; I did not know that. This "sic" is pronounced sick even though it came from 'seek'.

11. Opera showstopper : ARIA

12. Futurist : SEER

15. Bear who loves "hunny" : POOH (Winnie)

20. Most golfers' goals : PARS

22. Red tag event : SALE

24. Black-and-white ocean predator : ORCA

25. Hard pencils to sharpen : STUBS

26. Debate : ARGUE

28. Oscar winner Jannings : EMIL. But what else do you know about him? Link.

29. Fire remnants : ASHES

31. Homer epic : ILIAD

32. Not worth the bother : PETTY

35. Go out with : DATE

38. Roll call replies : AYEs

41. Drink with sashimi : SAKE. Sashimi - raw fish cut into very thin slices.

42. Gillette razor : ATRA

45. Space between curbs : STREET

47. Just sitting there : IDLE

48. Ski resort building : LODGE

49. Snatch : GRAB

50. Judge Judy's garb : ROBE

51. Blossoms-to-be : BUDS

52. Cabo's peninsula : BAJA. Cabo San Lucas together with San José Del Cabo is known as Los Cabos. Capo means cape. Map

53. So last year, as a fad : OVER

54. Start again : REDO

55. Desertlike : ARID

58. __ Pan Alley : TIN



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Easy breezy Monday, for the most part. My one stumbling block was at GRADEB at 49A. I've never heard of it before, and I initially had SAKI instead of SAKE at 41D, which had me staring at GRADIB for a few seconds and wondering WTF? Didn't take too long to clear that up, however, and I sailed through the rest.

Elsewhere I've barely heard of Adele and don't know any of her music, but there weren't many three-letter words that would fit into "Rumour ___ It" and I guessed it correctly right off the bat.

Hmmmm... I wonder if anybody on BORA BORA or PAGO PAGO ever gets BERI BERI?

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

Not much to say today. A straightforward, (almost too easy) start to the week. After my recent string of DNF's, I'll take it. Other than GRADEB, no slow down 's or wags of any kind.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. This was quite a speed run. Just what I needed to start off the work week.

We had half the Mahi-Mahi in yesterday's puzzle.

I had GRADE A maple syrup on my Eggo this morning.

ENOCH is said to have been one of Noah's great-grandsons. He is not one of THE patriarchs, however. The Patriarchs are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

I love Adele. She has such a nice voice. Here's another one of her songs.

QOD: Meetings are indispensable when you don't want to do anything. ~ John Kenneth Galbraith

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Cruciverb doesn't appear to have today's puzzle available at the moment. Anybody else having trouble?

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, David Steinberg, for a swell Monday puzzle. thank you, as well, Argyle, for the swell review.

To Dudley: I tried the Cruciberb site last night about 11:30 PM CDT. No puzzle. So, I waited until this morning and used the newspaper.

Fun puzzle. No write-overs (for a change).

Theme appeared early on and helped make the puzzle go more quickly.

Had to look hard at GRADE B for 49A. Then it became obvious. Had no idea they graded maple syrup so strictly. Argyle's link was excellent. I do like maple syrup on my pancakes. Only thing is, I eat them maybe once a year. When my mother and I were hiking the Appalachian Trail we bought some maple syrup up in New England, at local farms. Thought that was neat.

WALLA WALLA for 27D came right to mind. I have been selling their competitors for the last 4 days. Vidalia's. I understand there are actual competitions between the two types.

Hopefully I can cut my grass later today. It has been raining hard for two days here in NE Illinois. I am off to Pennsylvania tonight.

See you tomorrow.


Avg Joe said...

A very enjoyable yet simple puzzle. Nothing to not like, lots to like. Just right to start the week.

CED, from yesterday (and tying in with today's Hunny clue) it was Kenny Loggins that wrote House at Pooh Corner

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Fun puzzle today, and so simple for a just-right Monday feel. Hahtoolah, I love Adele too - "Rolling in the Deep" is one of her best, IMHO.

Abejo, I was trying to fit "Vidalia" at 27D, but it wouldn't fit!!

Hava a nice day everyone!

Husker Gary said...

-Goody, goody a fun Monday, Monday!
-Betty Grable? Hubba hubba!
-I had a hamstring SPASM on the seated leg curl machine last week and did my best to hide it until I could walk again. Hard to do when you are writhing on the floor!
-The ISOBARS are close together in Nebraska. Better have some rocks in your pockets!
-We spent the day in OMAHA yesterday at the beautiful Omaha Botanical Gardens and a Storm Chaser’s Triple A baseball game.
-My friends are replacing HIP and knee joints faster than their ATRA razor blades. Dang birth certificates!
-Pujols finally got an AT BAT with a home run yesterday. The Angels deserve at least that for $20,000,000+/year
-SWAK was a great ballad of my childhood! Are they doing the Jerk?
-My goals are PAR and losing 30 pounds. I’ve done one of those.
-What TV series had these lyrics in a song on one episode - Oh Tokyo, They got some SAKE, and SASHIMI, and some clean sheets, Oh, kimono, oh, kimono

Anonymous said...

Good morning CC, Argyle Argyle, et al. Fun puzzle and a speed run. I love the quick enjoyable aspects of Mons and Tues's puzzles and Argyle Argyle's outstanding beri beri humorous write ups. Always make me happy happy. I ran across then hit the perps and voila! Hung up my cabo and put on my ROBE and thought, 'This BUDS for you, David Steinberg!' Cheers!

Lois - having trouble signing in

Anonymous said...

we take the Dayton Ohio Daily News and part of the down from 25 to 49 were missing from the hints. Pretty disappointing.

Mari said...

Vrooooom! And it's outta here!

I like Monday puzzles, but they go by so fast. Not much to say that hasn't been said. Thanks to Hahtoolah @ 6:42 am regarding the Old Testament Patriarchs. I was thinking of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as well. Will you miss dear Marilyn as she leaves Chicago?

39A: Kinda Sorta: A BIT got me. I was leaning towards IFFY.

Big storms last night. We lost our power at home around 10 pm and it hasn't been restored. I hope this isn't going to be like last summer when we suffered multiple lengthy power outages.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning all:

Very enjoyable Monday effort. Thanks, Dave, and thanks Argyle for your expo.

Did have a couple of write-overs: for email folder, I first put save instead of sent, and for wrinkly citrus fruit, I had kiwi instead of ugly. Otherwise, easy-peasy.

Dudley @ 6:52-I tried to get the puzzle from Cruciverb from 10:00 until 1:00 am with no luck. This morning I went right to the newspaper.

Have a merry Monday everyone.

Husker Gary said...

A possible Monday diversion. I have over 200 electronic crossword flash cards at

Crossword Flashcards

Click on Play this game! and have at it.
Clicking on the card gives you the answer.
Clicking on Remove card takes that card out of the game
Clicking on Try again later will keep that card in the game and revisit that clue after you have been through the deck
-The counter will diminish by 1 each time as you remove cards

I’ve gleaned these from different puzzle sources but mostly the ones on this site (REBBE and TABARD from yesterday). If you get over 90% (B+), I’m impressed.

Dudley said...

Thanx Abejo. Still no puzz at Cruciverb.

I'm usually amazed when I hear people claiming they don't like maple syrup, especially those who prefer fake stuff like Mrs. Butterworth's or similar. I wonder if they ever tried Dark Amber or Grade B. Both are flavorful, while the lighter grades are just painfully sweet.

I worked on a rustic sugaring operation as a kid; it's a lot of work.

Irish Miss said...

I wish autocorrect would mind its own business and leave ugli alone!

Dudley said...

Irish Miss-

What's a newspaper?


Yellowrocks said...

WEES. easy, simple Monday puzzle. I haven't heard HUBBA HUBBA since I was a preteen.

I bought many a light saber for my grandson when he was younger. He had a whole arsenal so that when his friends came over he shared and they had wars.

I love sushi and sashimi from excellent restaurants. Super market and food court sushi is not so good. DIL's is terrific. I don't care for most SAKE, but a friend poured me a very expensive one and it was great. I'm usually not this fussy.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Thanks for the comments, Argyle.

A BONBON of a puzzle, today. No BOOBOOs in a fairly fast solve. Wanted North Platte for OMAHA (just kidding, Husker). Think SAWER is usually spelled sawyer. Don't know about PETTY. Petty larceny isn't petty; Petty Officers aren't petty; they're NCO's.
Just ruminating. Good job, David.

Dudley - We only use Maple syrup in our house.

Have a great day.

Hahtoolah said...

Dudley: my grandmother lived in St. Johnsbury, VT, which it the home of Maple Grove. I grew up on the real thing.

Husker Gary said...

Dudley, I think the newspapers are over there by the hula hoops. I still get one though.

Spitzboov, I was going to put NORTH BEND because that is where I'm headed to play. That billboard will still probably only have that Helgenberger woman's name on it ;-).

Hahtoolah, QOD corollary about meetings - The worst day I ever had on a golf course was infinitely better than the best teacher's meeting I ever attended!


CrossEyedDave said...

Husker Gary @8:04


i just spent the last 1/2 hour looking for a clip of the crossword episode where they were looking for the Yiddish word for "bedbug."

kazie said...

No real problems for me today either, and only one WAG at the end of GRADE B. BERIBERI took care of the doubts there.

We've also had too much rain to do any mowing here in SW Wisconsin. The lawn look a little like a field of undulating green waves. Today doesn't look too much more hopeful.

Have a great day everyone!

Montana said...

Good morning. Monday puzzles are fun, but this one was almost too easy. WBS. Finished in one pass, reading clues both directions. Thanks David and Argyle.
Didn't know Emil or about syrup, but perps filled them in.
Son and DIL honeymooned at Bora Bora.

Have diet-controlled diabetics at my house. On French toast days, 2/3 of each piece gets sugar-free syrup, but other 1/3 gets pure maple syrup from Vermont. They love it. Eat the maple syrup part last to savor the taste.


ARBAON said...

A speed run today...under 4 minutes.

OMG! I`m channeling Dennis! (and in keeping with the theme)

A speed run today...under 4 minutes.

Cleverest clue: Space between curbs.
Clue I dis-agree with: "robe" for Judge Judy`s garb. She`s now garbing herself in "cutsy reparteé for the camera." I also liked the sharing of the "d" and the word similarities of "arod" with "arid".

As always: Good job, Argyle!

Still Anonymous said...

Thank you Argyle for a wonderful blog and David Steinberg for a wonderful, wonderful puzzle. Argyle , I really learnt a lot,( and with pleasure ) - who knew "sic" was 'seek' and vice versa ? (I'm afraid though, if I call it 'seek', people are going to laugh at me ).

I did not know that 'Vancouver' was in Washington State - boy, the Canadians are going to be as mad as hell - 'these Yanks steal everything' - Don't they have any shame ???

Barry G, - Beriberi comes from eating polished milled rice (also, exclusively ! ) , that has had its husk, bran and germ removed ... it can easily be avoided by eating 'brown' rice, or "not too - " polished rice. Since people on the Polynesian islands don't generally eat rice -- Pago Pago and Borabora natives are unlikely to get Beriberi. (lol) Drs. Christiaan Eijkman (Dutch) and Sir Frederick Hopkins, got a Nobel prize in Medicine for this discovery.

Next .... 'Wiki' is pronounced 'witi' or 'viti' , from the Hawaiian word meaning fast or quick ... Aaaarrgh ! Next, I expect to be told that 'Argyle' is pronounced 'scot' or 'scotch' ... (neat, no ice please).

Virginia said...

Thanks for a fun puzzle, one pass and it was done! Also a fun write-up and thanks for the Adele clips, she's so great!

Fishy stuff today with Sashimi (love it! Sushi? not so much) and MahiMahi. We catch them off of Baja, Great game fish! Down there it's called Dorado.

I too tried Vidalia before Walla Walla.

kazie said...

Still anonymous,
I think the [sic] that Argyle evoked as sounding like "seek" is the Latin word used in writing when quoting someone else's error. Latin vowels before a single consonant are all long sounds.

What we would use when urging a dog to go after something or someone would still sound like "sick". So you wouldn't be likely to use the "seek" pronunciation aloud in public.

Lemonade714 said...

You really socked it to us, Argyle, with a wonderful write up of a true Monday puzzle. WEES. I did like seeing HUBBA HUBBA and found this extensive EXPOSITION of the expression.

I went to boarding school and we tapped the maples and made our own syrup. They are still doing it almost 50 years later. They sent me some of the new version, not as dark as our, but who knew of Grade B. We were not satisfied with B in those days.

Young David, thank you for your work to start our week.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Got the puzzle from Cruciverb about a half hour ago.

Nice easy Monday, but still possible to screw up. Mispelt ROLE and had some sort of a typo on the R of ATRA. Finding a mistake like that is close to impossible.

Does PAGO PAGO, WALLA WALLA or BORA BORA have the best couscous?

Heavy SCHEDULE this week. Concert Friday, two granddaughters in plays the next two weekends, mom's day on Sunday . . .

I posted two more vids from our spring concert.

Raining here today.

Cool regards!

Lemonade714 said...

While Americans, including me, are woefully limited in our knowledge of geography, the people of Vidalia, Georgia would be heartbroken (no pun intended marti) anyone could think the sweetest onions are from any state but Georgia. Drive through and pick some, and you will agree. You can eat them just like an apple, they are that good. IMO

Sfingi said...

There is as much real maple syrup in Upstate NY as in New England. There was a farm in Sauguoit (beyond New Hartford) where one could drive up, take yer gallon and leave yer $. I prefer GRADE B, if you can find it, because it's tastier. Still expensive, though. I keep meaning to bring my own real stuff to Denny's. Don't ever suppose these restaurants would spring for the real stuff! Then there's the sugar candy.

Looked up SWAK after. This obsessive initialization is a youngster thing, from texting, I guess. If I could see the tiny keyboard, I might try it. The iPad I would need would have to be as big as a coffee table book.

Bill G. said...

WEES. A fun puzzle for me where the theme helped with solving. Thanks David and Argyle.

Hands up for real maple syrup. I think the fake maple flavoring comes from the sap of certain pine trees. There is one restaurant near here that will provide you with real maple syrup for a little extra charge (50 cents I think).

Argyle said...

SWAK is from the same age as hubba hubba.

Thank you, kazie, for clearing up sic! and [sic]. I knew I left it muddled but was running late.

Nick said...

Hey guys.

A struggle, but I made it through honestly with some maneuvering.

Argyle, THE HUNGER GAMES IS GREAT, AND SO IS THE AVENGERS! I know most of you are old farts that actually would have preferred that marigold movie, but comeon! The real question is who's a better archer, Kaetniss or Hawkeye? (Or the protagonist from Pixar's Brave)

Lucina said...

Hello, hello, puzzlers, puzzlers. Thank you, thank you, Argyle.

HUBBA HUBBA! What a fun puzzle from David Steinberg. Thank you, Thank you.

I hit the BULLSEYE as I sashayed through this as fast as I could write. One write over, too, as I can never remember if it's SAKI or SAKE.

SWAK predates modern texting, always written on the outside of the envelope and marked with a red kiss. Ah, those teenage years.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Lucina said...

Our book club read The Hunger Games and I utterly disliked the premise of it so there is no way I will watch the movie.

My daughter and SIl saw The Avengers and pronounced it great. I'll just go with their opinion.

Misty said...

David, dude, what a terrific puzzle! Along with Argyle's write-up, you've gotten my week off to a terrific start! Getting a Monday trifecta of puzzle, sudoku, and kenken didn't hurt either. So thanks, everybody!

I had a moment's hesitation at AYES because I kept thinking it had to be HERE. And I'm glad somebody finally explained (or at least pointed to an explanation) for SWAK. Just goes to show there were not many love letters in my youth.

Anyway, a great start to the week! Have a good one, everybody!

Anonymous said...

Complete phrase (circa WW2)

Hubba hubba ding ding. Baby you've got everything!

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Wonderful, Wonderful write-up & links.

David I enjoyed the FUN, FUN theme.
Liked how DATE crossed STEADY over the SWAK LTR.

Husker; I hope you get mostly PARS today. (When are they going to update that sign???)

Cheers to all at Sunset!

eddyB said...

Gave up on cruciverb at 10PM PT and went to the Chicago Trib site.

UPS delivers the real thing from Vermont Country Store.

Try pulling both calf muscles at the same time. Keep taking Vicodin just to stand up.

Take care. eddy

Tinbeni said...

Husker @8:18am
re: "Crossword Flashcard" game.
I'd say 90% looked familiar but without the help we get "from the perps" my grade was probably a 'D' (maybe 'D+').

Can't wait to see how many appear in our puzzles this week.

Anonymous said...

I heard: "hubba hubba ding ding, you got a figure like a washin` machine!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. WEES. A fast solve, easy, yet plenty of fun. Once I got PAGO PAGO and MAHI MAHI the other doubled entries came quickly. Favorite is HUBBA HUBBA. Was looking for another doublet for 40A and 34A, which slowed me down for A BIT. Only writeover was LTR, where I had entered ENV at first. I sealed lots of love notes to girlfriends with SWAKs back in college. Only entry I didn't like much was SAWERS.

Hands up for maple syrup. We won't have any other kinds of syrup in our house.

oo ee oo ah ah, ding dang WALLA WALLA bing bang (Nope, I sure am no Adele.)

Marge said...

Hi all,

I enjoyed this puzzle too. I saw the light when Mahimahi came in 10D. I usually work across and down as I go. Since I already had pagopago I got the theme. There was a movie in the 40's called " South of PagoPago." That's where I first learned the name. It was pronounced PahngoPahngo.

As for WallaWalla,when I was 13or 14 years old I read a biography of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman who came to that area to start a mission. They had a baby daughter. In 1847 they were killed and are buried there. There is info at "Whitman Mission National Site".

I also goofed on 49A and wondered what gradib meant. We usually use lite Maple flavored syrup which has fewer calories and certainly not a flavorable.

Have a great day all!

Husker Gary said...

Tin, et al, I get about 90% of those flashcards (that means missing about 20 of them) when I haven’t looked at them for a while but they have helped me with some of the more esoteric words we encounter. I tried to only use words we have seen at least twice but CAPAPIE and some others sneaked in. You’re right about perps helping jog memories!

Quia is a program I have used for years for kids to review for exams anywhere they have web access. My NASA kids had to score at 95% on the Florida cards before I would let them go. A principal once told me that kids do better on exams if they know what material on which they are being tested. You can ask higher order questions but they have to know the rudiments first.

I have over 100 of these review exercises and they served me well on a computer test on terms/parts that I had to know – 150 m/c questions.

Jayce, gotta love that Witch Doctor!

CrossEyedDave said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Interview with David Steinberg":

David, I applaud you for doing such a great, possible-to-do X-word puzzle for Monday, May 7. It is refreshing to have someone who apparently isn't trying to out-do the puzzlers of all time by making their clues so clever that I can not solve the puzzles. At your tender age, you probably haven't yet had to try to be the brightest bulb on the tree. You are probably an advanced kid in school, I'll bet. When I was fifteen I was one month away from graduating from high school at Alexandria, Alabama, then entering college at age sixteen. I am a life-long lover of words.

Please keep up the good puzzle work. And thanks again for today's good puzzle.

Julia in Bend Oregon

Bill G. said...

I'm not a big fan of Judge Judy. She's too self-centered in a mean way. I do like The People's Court judge Marilyn Millian. She's a very smart person and seems to be able to cut through the bull sh%t and figure out who's lying or exaggerating and who's telling the truth.

JD said...

Hi all,
OK, I'm writing without reading,so most likely I will be repeating.

1st thing I did when I got home today was check on "gradib"..a big thanks to you Argyle for clearing it up. If only I had spelled sake correctly! And, a link too!!! OOOO, I remember buying grade B maple syrup for that disgusting lemon cleanse(with cayenne pepper) that I could not drink. YUK

Loved your theme, David. "Aboo" brought a smile. Waited for the final e to show up for filling etude, and Enoch had to be dragged out , one letter at a time.

Holey's 93 here today!
Enjoy your evening

David Steinberg said...

Thanks, everyone, for all the nice comments. I'm glad this puzzle was as fun to solve as it was to construct!



JD said...

Pip-Pip for David!

Cross-Eyed Dave, enjoyed that link. Did anyone else automatically start doing the hand jive with that? It was a tad faster than the "old" version.

Hahtoolah, I am also an Adele fan.

I'm off to practice the can-can, or maybe a cha-cha while DH plays the tom tom.

Yellowrocks said...

Bill G. @5:48 Amen. She’s more of a B than a judge.

I got Enoch right away, but I agree with Hahtool, Enoch does not fit my definition of a patriarch.

My development is getting city sewers this spring. My back yard was dug up to install piping a couple of weeks ago. The twp still needs to dig a trench to my house which will go right through my tomato garden. I suspect this will be done at the very end. I fear there will be no garden tomatoes this year. SOB SOB.

Eddy, how are you? How are things progressing? I worry about you. I am sending healing thoughts your way.

Bill G. said...

JD, I would never have guessed that The Cats would be 93 today. Probably it's in the 70s in San Francisco. I guess it's similar here. Today got up to about 70 here but inland in Orange County or north in the San Fernando Valley, it was probably close to 90.

HUTCH said...

I heard about the city slicker who decided to clean up his maple syrup,cleaned it, purified it,filtered it so as to remove all the bugs, insects,twigs and bird droppings! No-one would use it! Tasted terrible.

Anonymous said...

Vantz- yiddish bedbug

Beej! It,s vantz

JD said...

Forgive me if someone has already posted this at some time. It is a beautiful flash mob from Copenhagen.

Eddy, hoping Jill is back home to help you.

WEES...what is it?

Bill G. said...

WEES, What Everybody Else Said.

EddyB, good luck with those calf muscles. How did that happen?

I enjoyed that flash mob. I don't know exactly why but I find flash mobs really appealing.

Sfingi said...

Sealed with a kiss is old, but not the initials.

eddyB said...


Tripple digits in back yard this afternoon. Sandals and shorts weather.

Meow died. Age two, wt 39 lbs. Crash diet didn't save her.

Season ender for Castle tonight.
Will they or won't they?

YR. Better. But, it's a good thing this chair has five wheels.

AuH2O Group still fighting the sale of Coyotes. Yours for $170

Spinach salad with HB egg slices, bacon and red pears for dinner.

Back to hockey eddy

Argyle said...


Anonymous said...

We got the theme right away & breezed through the puzzle. Hahtoolah, you had your generations reversed. Enoch was Noah's great grandfather. As a kid, we had a riddle, "Who was the oldest man who ever lived yet he died before his father?" The answer, Methuselah, who lived to be 969 but died before his father, Enoch who never died. God translated him, because he was a perfect man. Gen. 5:24;Heb.11:5

We went to our granddaughter's graduation yesterday at Aurora Univ. It was held in a tent & midway through the ceremony, they cancelled it due to a forecast for a storm if 50 mi. winds & heavy rains. Bummer! And It never happened.


Anonymous said...

Oh, there are lots of non-virtuosic etudes, and we do hear about them quite a lot - Chopin's Op. 10 No. 3 and Op. 25 No. 7 and Liszt's Harmonies du soir stick out as prominent examples - and it's a good thing too, since those are often the best ones!

xyz said...

... catching up this week. Straightforward and clean puzzle, no bumps, no crud. Nice Monday.

I even knew (guessed) the Bible Clue (where I am clueless).

[Is a double parenthesis-containing sentence allowed???]