Dec 15, 2012

Saturday, Dec 15th, 2012, Neville L. Fogarty

Theme: None

Words: 72

Blocks: 30

 A fun romp of a Saturday, missing just the "Q", with some good fill, lots of references that I could identify with, and enough perps to cover the obscure answers.  Neville is the young man who was on Jeopardy ( see this from C.C. on the blog ) and has a blog of his own, with a weekly crossword offering - see here - and - gave himself a bit of a shout-out today with 42D.~!!!  One grid climber:

7. "Perform This Way" parodist : WEIRD AL YANKOVIC - oh, what song to link?  "I'm Fat", "Smells Like Nirvana"?, "Amish Paradise"?

and some other long fills I liked -

36. Of the 48 states, it has the largest island : NEW YORK - YEAH~!!! A shout-out to my home on Long Island~! ( the "r" in Port Jefferson is painted on my roof....)

5. It was dissolved by the Belavezha Accords : SOVIET UNION - I did not know there was an accord to officially dissolve the union.

25. Teleportation device for chocolate, in a 1971 film : WONKA-VISION - "TV Mike's" demise when he decided to become the first kid to be beamed into TV; from the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, the film version of Raold Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Loved this song done by Gene Wilder ( who I thought was great as Wonka, too ).

ONWARD, quickly, I have to go to work this AM~!!!


1. Confusing places : MAZES

6. Unfaithful : TWO-TIMING - How DARE you?!?!

15. Matter of faith : CREDO

16. "Huh?" : BEG PARDON?

17. When Othello says to Desdemona, "... would thou hadst ne'er been born!" : ACT IV - HA~! I filled in ACT II, and was almost right....

18. "The Birth of a Nation" period : SILENT ERA - nice to see more than just ERA in a puzzle

19. Clarifying words : THAT IS....

21. Black's opposite, financially : RED - How many of you are going into the "red" this holiday season?  - and I don't mean that red colored dress....

22. Brewer's need : OAST - aw, I almost filled this in, but waited

23. 1972 Eastwood title role : JOE KIDD - funny how this is followed by the next clue, and "Outlaw Josey-"  (from 1976)

25. Country with a dragon on its flag : WALES