Dec 29, 2012

Saturday, Dec 29th, 2012, Ed Sessa

Theme: None

Words: 72

Blocks: 32

  I believe this is Mr. Sessa's first LAT Saturday puzzle, at least looking back through the blog.  I did see lots of Sunday grids.  This one was fun, got stuck only in the Mid-West, having tried NY METS for the baseball team ( I know, 1962 ), and G-MAN for CZAR.  Lots of geography, and I have to admit a DNF by one letter, the "V" in MORAVIA (and LAVER) - two names I just didn't know, so I WAGed a "D", then an "N".  Bzzzt.

One grid spanner:

38A. Display anger : CLENCH ONE'S FISTS - not something I am prone to doing; biting my lower lip, well that's something else....

two 12-letter fills:

19A. "Don't just sit there!" : "SAY SOMETHING~!" - I had started with "DO...", and ran short on fill

58A. 2005 Christopher Nolan action film : BATMAN BEGINS - great movie, a well-done adaptation of the comic book vigilante; still have not seen the final movie of the trilogy.  Also a semi-clecho with 35A., Bruce Wayne's alter-ego

and three 9-letter climbers:

9D. Leave without reason? : BRAINWASH - I get it, but it's not quite right to me

20D. Hairy crawler : TARANTULA - I will not link any pics; but I will link this song from Dusk Til Dawn by Tito & Tarantula

34D. You can't eat with one : CHOPSTICK - had me fooled at first; I thought "you can eat with chopsticks - oh wait, ONE....ah-a~!"



1. Least likely to be free : BUSIEST

8. Prime time for clammers : EBB TIDE - had LOW tide to start

15. Desperate way to run : ON EMPTY - feel free to link the song from Jackson Browne

16. Unlike bald tires : TREADED - both my van and car are well treaded right now

17. Increases, as production : STEPS UP

18. Bearded ladies and sword swallowers : CARNIES

21. Sunny Day Real Estate's music genre : EMO

22. Rating org. : MPAA - The Motion Picture Association of America; my brother bought me the Blu-ray '50 years of James Bond' collection, complete with a "slot" for when Skyfall is available; what, no $5 off coupon???