Dec 6, 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: "Love knows no season" 3:31

17A. Typically pink-flowered bloomer : CABBAGE ROSE.

23A. Gateway Arch architect : EERO SAARINEN.

37A. Key Egyptian artifact unearthed in 1799 : THE ROSETTA STONE.

49A. Postwar reception : HERO'S WELCOME.

And the unifier:

60. Tools of the mischievous god hidden in 17-, 23-, 37- and 49-Across : BOW AND ARROW. I highlighted him in red for all the world to see.

Mischievous, indeed.  Had it not been for EROS, I would still be part of the 11-D. Single and looking group: DATING POOL.

This is a very open grid, with only 34 blocks. Nice long down fills, too. In addition to 11-D, which I mentioned above, we have 28-D. Defroster alternative: ICE SCRAPER. A not so nice reminder about what's in store for us Northerners over the next few months, but lovely fill for a puzzle!  Let's see what other mischief C.C. will get us into.


1. Sundsvall rollers : SAABS.  Ahhh, same as last Thursday when we had "Maine-et-Loire" hinting at the French for ami.  This time, the car has been clued with more late-week difficulty by using "Sundsvall" to hint at the Swedish imports.  But unless you knew that Sundsvall is a city some 250 miles north of Stockholm, you didn't have much of a chance.

6. Trickeries : SHAMS.

11. Pops : DAD. Pa, papa, daddy, daddio...

14. Portion out : ALLOT.

15. Knighted conductor : SOLTI. Sir Georg, that is.  Here he is conducting the London Symphony in a beautiful version of Elgar: Enigma Variations. 3:45

16. Took in : ATE. Did you get taken in by this clue?

19. Paris pronoun : TOI. French for "you," with the easy hint using "Paris" as the adjective. My other guess would be "moi." (It's all about me...)

20. Title words preceding "beneath the milky twilight," in a 1999 hit : KISS ME. By the group Sixpence. 3:11.  It was a 29A: Hit, maybe: SONG.

21. "So relaxing!" : AHH.  We had our book club meeting at a day spa last week. I heard lots of "ahhs."

22. Worrisome engine sound : PING. My most worrisome sound is when I hear the mechanic say "Uh-oh" from under the hood.

26. Set straight : ALIGNED.

30. Breeders' Cup event : RACE.

31. Loses on purpose : DIETS.  Love this clue! I was thinking about someone who "throws" a game or a fight.

34. Light touch : PAT. And the nickname of my BFF.

41. Coll. applicants : SRSSeniors applying to college.

42. Big name in beer : STROH. The company broke up in 2000, and STROH's is now brewed by Pabst.  Or so I'm told...I don't drink beer.

43. Mindless process : ROTE.

44. Manitoba tribe : CREE.

46. Blood sugar regulator : INSULIN.

53. Neutrogena rival : OLAY.

54. Like "ifs" and "buts": Abbr. : PLU.ral.

55. Throw a feast for : REGALE. I always thought this meant to make someone laugh, but it also has a broader sense of entertaining (as with a feast.)

59. Back talk : LIP.

62. Cezanne's summer : ETE. Paul Cezanne was a French post-impressionist artist. So you know you are looking for the French word for "summer."

63. Pad user : STENO.grapher.  I doubt that there is a big future for STENOs nowadays.

64. Light wash : RINSE. Very light.

65. Le counterpart, in Leipzig : DER.  Leipzig is, a German town, SW of Berlin. Map. C.C. is sending us all over Europe on this puzzle! "Le" and "DER" are the French and German words for "the."

66. Like-minded gps. : ASSNSAssociations.

67. Guide : STEER.


1. Grain holder : SACK.

2. Jai ___ : ALAI.

3. Mass robes : ALBS. Plain white robes that are worn by priests.

4. Raspy-voiced "Like a Rock" singer : BOB SEGER. Great song. 5:55

5. Where the anther is : STAMEN. I thought it wath going to be "under your nothe."

6. Dallas-to-Houston dir. : SSE.

7. Wedding dances : HORAS.

8. HI hi : ALOHA. Cute clue! HI is the abbr. for Hawaii.

9. Highest peak in the Calif. Cascades : MT. SHASTA. Calif. is abbr. because of "MT." in the ans.

10. "Sprechen ___ Deutsch?" : SIE. (Back to Leipzig!) "Do you speak German?"

12. Do a makeup job? : ATONE. Another great clue.

13. Stoop : DEIGN.

18. "Unfaithful" co-star : GERE. Richard Gere and Diane Lane co-starred.  I have not seen it, but I understand it received mixed reviews.

22. One that stands to prevent a strike : PIN. HaHa - great shout-out from C.C. to her DH "Boomer." Of course we are talking about bowling pins here. (From C.C.: This is Rich's clue. He always makes me look smarter.)

24. More strange : ODDER.

25. Soft-spoken painter Bob : ROSS. Remember "The Joy of Painting" on TV?  He was soft-spoken because he hated his previous career in the military, where he had to yell constantly.

26. Liberal subject? : ARTS.

27. 1939 Garland co-star : LAHR. Bert Lahr and Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz."

32. "Who am ___ say?" : I TO.

33. Moral principle : ETHIC.

35. Con : ANTI.

36. Summer intern, often : TEEN.

38. Plural medical suffix : OSES. Dermatoses, neuroses, psychoses, thromboses...

39. Stock holders? : STEW POTS.  Another fun clue!

40. John Wayne classic : TRUE GRIT. The remake in 2010 starring Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn was surprisingly well-done.

45. Campanella of Cooperstown : ROY. No clue, but I know C.C. will help me out here! (From C.C.: Roy Campanella was one of the first Black players in Major League. First Black catcher. He joined the Brooklyn Dodgers a year after Jackie Robinson did.)

Jackie Robinson, Don Newcombe, Roy Campanella
47. North of Paris : NORD. Back to Paris for more French.

48. Mascara mishaps : SMEARS.

49. Sank, in a way : HOLED. HG, have you HOLED any putts lately?

50. High class : ELITE.

51. Cary of "The Princess Bride" : ELWES. Still haven't seen this one - it's on my Netflix list, though!

52. Blond comic strip teenager : LUANN. This comic strip.

56. Secretary of Education Duncan : ARNE. Arne Duncan took over from Margaret Spellings in 2009.

57. Get whipped : LOSE.

58. Fancy pitcher : EWER.

60. Org. with Eagles : BSABoy Scouts of America.  Eagle scouts, that is.

61. Hardly shows of support : NOS. Like this? 0:17.

That's all I have to say, so I'll sit back now and let everyone else have the floor!


Notes from C.C.:

1) MT SHASTA is for Melissa, who longs to move in there eventually. I plunked it down early on (as it's an answer that crosses three theme entries) and was so pleased it worked.

2) Happy Birthday to the always cheerful and happy Lucina! Hope you're feeling better.

L-R back row: Chickie, Clear Ayes, Garlic Gal
   Front: JD, Lucina, Dodo
June 23, 2011


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Nice to see a solo effort from our fearless leader! I knew I was in trouble, though, when I saw the clue for 1A...

I found the puzzle as a whole pretty challenging, although I did manage to make slow and steady progress throughout. I figured out the theme answer based solely on the clue, and that let me go back and fill in some empty spots in the grid.

The hardest spot was the NW. In addition to the insanely hard clue for SAABS, I've never heard of a CABBAGE ROSE before, wanted SILO instead of SACK, could only think of PETE SEGER and guessed MISS ME instead of KISS ME for the unknown song referenced at 20A. Took awhile to get out from under all that...

Lots of wonderfully tricky clues today. Especially loved "loses on purpose" for DIETS, although it took forever to understand.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Marti and friends. What an appropriate puzzle for our HeartRx to provide the commentary for! Fun puzzle and Love is Gonna Get You.

I had no idea what a Sundsville roller was, so I started with the downs. My first thought for 1-Down was Silo, then I filled in S A A, and know that 1-Across was the Swedish car the SAABS. Ironically, 1-Down was not Silo, but SACK.

Interestingly, I knew the Unfaithful co-star was Richard Gere because of the recent gossip news about Halle Berry and her current boyfriend, Oliver Martinez, who beat up her former boyfriend.

My favorite clue was Stock Holder? = STEW POTS

Happy Birthday, Lucina. Hope you are feeling better and can enjoy your special day.

(I think this is Donna Levin's birthday, too.)

QOD: I busted a mirror and got seven years of bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five. ~ Steven Wright (December 6, 1955)

thehondohurricane said...

Good morning everyone,

It seems like this weeks puzzles have been on the more difficult side and today was no exception for me. My hold ups today were some of the 3 & 4 letter fills. French is not a strength for me and 19A TOI was a ????? I kept trying to make MOI work, but I finally succumbed.

I wanted ZIE for 10D, not SIE. But SHAMZ made less sense,

Laughed at 22D PIN & 31A DIET.

Marti, Roy Campanella was the Dodger catcher and the team leader. His career was cut short when he was crippled in an auto accident in LA, circa 1958. Spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He died at a relatively young age.

I really enjoyed the Elgar:Enigma Variations. Thanks Marti.

But I have to admit to a DNF. The L in 54A & 51D was left out. For 52D I had LEANN. In other words, I was again out to lunch.

Argyle said...

I thought it was a little easy for a Thursday but with some road blocks thrown in to keep you honest. Love is Strange.

thehondohurricane said...


Lucina, Happy Birthday. Enjoy the day and do whatever you would like to.

HeartRx said...

Good morning, friends!

I didn't time myself when I was solving it, but for some reason it seemed on the easy side. My French and German came to the rescue several times, giving me just enough letters to solve the perps that were questionable.

Happy birthday, Lucina! I hope your beautiful weather continues for the festivities!

desper-otto said...

Good morning, Marti, C.C., et alii. (Don't know if that's used correctly.)

I really thought this one was gonna get me. After getting SAABS and SAARINEN I thought "AA" was going to be part of the theme. Then my ARNE was ANNE, and LUANN was BETTY (from the Archie comics). So BOW AND ARROW took forever to appear. I kept tweaking things in the south until it finally worked. Felt like a Friday puzzle.

I'll bet Abejo will have something to say about the number of foreign cities in the clues and foreign words in the answers. Sundsvall was new to me, though I did spend a month in Hedemora one week.

Anony-Mouse said...

Thank you C.C. for a challenging puzzle and Marti for a wonderful commentary. I was reluctant to 'enter' a Thursday, especially after a disaster yesterday, but I tried, in honor of the constructor .... and I did it, but with a lot of difficulty, and three or four lucky guesses. Marti, thank you for 'Winter Wonderland'.

I like puzzles - math, lateral, mind bending puzzles where I can reason - but difficult CW puzzles just 'blank' me out. Maybe its the left brain, right brain thing.

I had SILO at first too. Eero Saarinen and The Rosetta Stone were lucky guesses. I read a whole book, of 600 pages, on the deciphering of TRS - done by a code breaking, french linguist, about 30 years after the discovery.

Hahtoolah, your QOD reminds me of the 'Watergate' era, when Nixon's assistants changed their chant from 'Four more years' to '10 to 15 more ...' .... and instead of saying, 'Excuse me', they started saying, 'Pardon me .... '.

Have a nice rest of the week, you all, and best wishes.

Al Cyone said...

A few WAGs in the NW and NE corners (Sundsvall rollers? really?) but it ended up being pretty typical (for me at least) for Thursday. [10:41]

Anony-Mouse said...

Happy Birthday, Lucina, and best wishes for many, many more happy years. I love your posts and marvel at the maven from New Mexico. I like to dream and salivate at your delectable recipes, but I would never try cooking Mexican food at home. I buy about 50 tortillas every month, but I use them like an Indian 'roti'. I used to roll them out, from scratch, by hand, but now, thanks to the supermarket, I've forgotten how to do it.

Tinbeni said...

Marti: Thank you for the write-up & musical links. *:._.:*~*

C.C. Nice puzzle, though my "perps" are quite tired after their work-out.
Again, Rich reinforces with a recent prior clue/answer. Stoop=DEIGN.
My first thought for a Stoop is a porch in front of a home.

Lucina, Happy Birthday! 21 again? I'm not surprised.
BTW, Scotch is perfect for what ails you.

My fave today: 8-D, HI hi, ALOHA and a great "shout-out" to chefwen.

CED, Interesting Siphon link yesterday. (A former girlfriend's nickname)

A "toast" to all at Sunset. (which w/b NOW ... if I was in Moscow!)
I'll wait ... but that "It's 5-o'clock somewhere" may come into play.
Cheers !!!

Mari said...

Good morning everybody. Great puzzle today, so many wonderful clues - I loved it!

16A - Took in: ATE
29A - HIt, Maybe: SONG
31A - Loses on Purpose: DIETS
22D: One that Stands to Prevent a Strike: PIN (I wanted UMP)
39D: Stock HOoders: STEW POTS
60D: Org with Eagles: BSA (I wanted NFL)

Desper-Otto: I wanted BETTY instead of LUANN too.

With this many great clues, what can go wrong? I know we're all going to have a great day!

desper-otto said...

Lucina, hope you're feeling better and are able to enjoy your birthday.

There's an interesting article about Winter Wonderland in today's Chronicle. The writers are virtually unknown. The words were written by Richard B. Smith, 34, while dying of tuberculosis in PA. Felix Bernard wrote the music. They both died before the song became popular. That was eight years later with the hit version by the Andrews Sisters and Guy Lombardo.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for one swell puzzle. Thank you, Marti, for the great write-up.

Enjoyed this puzzle. However, as others have said, the 1A stopped me cold for a bit. Then I got ALAI and ALBS easily. Wagged STAMEN. SAABS then became obvious.

North Central was easy. The SIE came with perps. Since I had three I was OK.

In the NE we had DEIGN the other day. So it popped in my head. DAD and ATE game me ATONE. After DATING POOL, I easily had TOI. Only three perps. My french is really getting better.

For 23A, EERO SAARINEN came easily. I had a few crosswords and then I saw him. EERO is actually crosswordese in my opinion. We have had him for years. I think we have had his father as well. He was an architect too. Eliel ???????

THE ROSETTA STONE was easy once I had a few crosswords. What a terrific discovery that was. Never realized it was in the late 1700's.

56D ARNE Duncan worked in Chicago at the schools before going to DC.

NORD for 47D was a piece of cake. Three perps and I wagged the R with REGALE.

This was a great puzzle. Really liked it.

Happy Birthday Lucina. Nice photo.

Have to make about 50 calls for my church today (phone calls). We are having a fund-raising campaign.

DSee you tomorrow.


Abejo said...

Anony-Mouse: What book did you read on The Rosetta Stone? Sounds interesting.


Yellowrocks said...

Happy Birthday Lucina. I hope you are feeling better.
-Clever puzzle and great write up. I saw ROS in every theme answer. After the unifier I saw EROS.
-SAAB was difficult for me even with the perps, AABS. I never thought of a make of car.
-Hand up for Mari's favorite clues.
-Like Marti, I used to think of REGALE as related to stories or humor, but have since learned it includes feasting.
-I haven't heard or thought of STROH in years.
-When I tutored and had to help students memorize, I shunned mindless ROTE. Memorizing something with meaning is easier than going by ROTE. If the material was something like state capitals, I organized them into manageable groups.

Avg Joe said...

A crunchy brain teaser today. Thank you C.C. and Marti.

I didn't fall for the silo trick, but it took a long time to see the simple SACK as an answer. Liked the clues that everyone else has mentioned, but wasn't thrown by LuAnn, as it's a feature in our paper.

I wasn't familiar with the phrase "Love knows no season" in Winter Wonderland, so before clicking, I expected a Norman Blake song that features that phrase at the end. Billy Gray.

Duty calls. Later.

kazie said...

congratulations on a brilliant puzzle, C.C.! It almost kicked my butt.

HBTY, Lucina! ...and many more!

I got all this out with just perps and WAGS, except LuANN and Plu. Since I'd guessed LIANN and had no idea about ELWES, I drew a blank on P-I. Most of the names were either forgotten or complete unknowns --what else is new?--but I managed to guess all the others.

The map of Germany is a bit inaccurate. Leipzig is actually closer to the Czech border than to Berlin, WNW of Dresden.

If Sie was spelled with a 'z', it would sound like 'tsie', not a 'zzz' sound. Rather, a single letter 's' is used to get the 'zzz' sound in all German words.

Sfingi said...

Got nowhere in NW. Did not know Sundsvll, BOBSEGER, KISSME, and had Silo, not SACK. Listened to both tunes, as I always do, and didn't like either.

Thank goodness, thus, for CABBAGEROSE, which grows wild in Upstate NY.

Another Google was for LUANN. Age is against me today.

Also wanted NFL! For me to go first for the sports, amazing!

Bt, theme was easy, and did get STROH right off.

Factoid - both ROY CAmpanella and Natalie Imbruglia are half Sicilian.

Lemonade714 said...

A Thursday with marti and C.C., what a great way to start the day. How perfect is it to have a theme about love for our own Valentine baby heartbreaker the divine miss m.? This arrow really hit the bull’s eye for me, with lots of great fill alluded to already.

I loved the juxtaposition of engine noise PING and ALIGNED which sounds like another common car problem. We also have ALLOT, ALAI and ALBS. I did not know ARNE Duncan or the group SIXPENCE, but it was all doable. STEW POTS TRUE GRIT MT SHASTA some nice non-theme fill, and the sprinkling of French, German and the hint of Hawaii made this a Thursday test.

HBDTY Lucina and many more.

Roy Campanella was much more than just an ex-Negro League star who became the Dodger catcher, as he helped them to their first ever World Series title in 1955, won three MVP awards. He was a great baseball player at a difficult time. He even took over as manager for Walt Alston in a minor league game and became the first black to ever manage in professional game outside the Negro League.

Thanks guys for a double treat.

Anony-Mouse said...

Abejo, I can't remember the name of the book - it was several years ago. All I remember was that it was an old publ., pre-1930, and translated from the French. It was quite technical. I found it in a thrift store, (when I used to visit some - ) and I bought it, but with my 10 k books, I know I won't find it now.

The Rosetta stone, was not complete - it was broken on the top, and on the edges, so one had to guess at many of the missing pieces.

You have to realize, this was done before computers, and before code-breaking was known as a science, and that hieroglyphics, like Chinese (?), is pictorial and does not follow usual rules of grammar.

The final solver, Jean-Francois Chompillion, in 1822, built on the partial successes of at least 4 or 5, other predecessors - like Andrew Wiles, the ultimate solver of the Fermat Theorem.

Hope this helps - try Google or Wiki. Best Luck.

Anonymous said...

Anony-Mouse @7:47
When did they move Scottsdale, Arizona to New Mexico?

HeartRx said...

Avg. Joe @ 8:47, those few opening lines of "Winter Wonderland" are often omitted, but I thought it was appropriate for a puzzle about the Love god.

The lines about Parson Brown were also changed in a 50's version to read:
In the meadow we can build a snowman,
and pretend that he's a circus clown.
We'll have lots of fun with Mister Snowman,
until the other kiddies knock 'im down!

Annie Lenox includes both versions, as well as the opening lines.

Anonymous said...

Nice Thursday walk in the park.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

What a wonderful puzzle! C.C. ~ I am in awe of your talent! I can't imagine how much thought goes into creating such great word play. Marti ~ your write-up was a joy to read. Great info, explanations and musical links. I was enjoying Christmas music the whole time I was working on the puzzle ~ thanks!

My experiences were similar to many of those already mentioned ~ a number of write-overs but easily corrected with perps.

~ My biggest problem was the bottom-center. For 60D - Org. with Eagles, I tried NFL and then BWA ( I was thinking of bird watchers.) Finally STENO led me to BSA. I had been thinking 'Mouse' for pad user)

~ PLU took me way too long but it finally gave me STEWPOTS.

~ I give one of my kitties two INSULIN shots a day. She's doing well!

~ ROY Campanella came easily as my maiden name is very close to his last name.

~ LUANN was an unknown - I, too, was thinking of Betty.

~ 'Where the anther is' - following the quethtion? As Splynter would say, "HAR HAR."

~~ Happy Birthday, Lucina! I hope you do more sashaying than running today. Have a great year!

Mari said...

Avg Joe @ 8:47 am: I LOVE that picture!

Happy Birthday Lucina!

creature said...

I'm with Avg Joe today- a crunchy brain teaser. Love the time working on this kind. Thanks, CC.

Marti, thanks to you also. Fun.

Happy Birthday, Lucina! And many more. Hope you're getting better.

Off to appt.

Have a nice day everyone.

HeartRx said...

Creature, so great to hear from you today! I hope all is well, and think of you often! Hugs.

JD said...

Good morning Marti, C.C., et al,

Hand up for silo, and then when I had the k, I thought maybe husk...but that didn't sound right. And so it went, a word here, a word there. I did go to Mr. G several times because I was adamant I would finish.Thought it was fun, and, of course, I always learn new things along the way.Thanks for the informative write-up, Marti.

Luckily the Rossetta Stone, True Grit and some others popped out right away, so I could do some serious chipping.

sie: it's one thing to hear it, and another to write it. :-)

HBTY, Lucina...may your day be merry and bright ♪♩♬♫•*¨*•.❤.•*¨*•♫♪•.¸¸.•´♫♪♩♬*¨*`•.♥.•´*♫♪♩♬

Anonymous said...

Today's effort seemed to be a tale of two puzzles. I work the across clues and then the down. My fingers didn't need to type that often when working the across clues.

Lucina said...

Good day! And what a great day it is as I was able to hold down my coffee!

Snap! Crackle! Pop! That's how this lovely puzzle struck me, very crisp even though SAAB beat me as I had no idea about Sundsvall. Maybe that's where they are made.

Thank you, C.C. you absolutely amazing wordsmith!

Loved the clue for STEWPOTS and DIETS all made even more fun by Marti's delightful write up.

Thank you for the birthday wishes and happy birthday to Donna Levin!
I recall that we share the day.

My family will throw a feast for me and my granddaughter on Sunday. She'll be 3 tomorrow.

Have terrific Thursday, everyone!

Lucina said...

I believe anony-mouse must have read the tamale recipe which is from my New Mexico side of the family and assumed that's where I'm from.

I would refer him to our wonderful map from Husker Gary.

Abejo said...


Thank you for the response. After I sent the note I did go on the internet and did a couple searches. Found several books, some of which were children's books. I did not find the one you were referencing, 600 pages, but I will keep looking. Thank you very much for your help.

Best Regards,


JJM said...

This literally took me 1/4 of the time it took to solve yesterday's puzzle. I still can't get over how bad that one was. This one was fun.

Hahtoolah said...

LaLaLinda- I liked your little joke!

Lucina said...


Love your avatar of kitty sitting on Santa's lap!

Misty said...

We love your puzzle, Dynamic Uno! This one was perfect for a Thursday, tough but doable, with all those fun tricky clues that everybody has already pointed out. Many thanks for posting the Cezanne picture, Marti! And C.C. I loved the photo of the ladies: is that the "California Coven"? May I say, that is a group of snappy dressers!

As for the puzzle, I worried most about PIN, since I had no idea what that meant. Doh! I was even on a bowling league in my younger years. At the same time I goofed on DAD because I had MATING GAME instead of DATING GAME. I guess it's been a while since I stopped dating and started mating.

Finally, what a sad story about ROY Campanella! And the composer who never got to see his song become a big hit. My goodness, life can sure be unfair sometimes.

Lucina, so glad you're feeling a little better. Happy birthday, and enjoy a wonderful Sunday celebretation!

Have a great day, everybody!

willow said...

I like all the foreign words!

windhover said...

Great to see Creature.
Happy Birthday, Lucina.

Irish Miss said...

Good Afternoon:

Hand up for silo before sack and NFL before BSA. Kudos to CC for a tough but fair Thursday offering and to Marti for a super expo. Needed help for Luanne and plu. Enjoyed the many clever clues.

Today was a beautiful, crisp December day with lots of sunshine and no wind. Long range forecast looks dry and temperate. Lucky us but I do hope we have a white Christmas.

Happy Thursday.

PK said...

Hi Y'all, Great puzzle, though I started with a groan on 1 and never did get 1A or 1D. As a grain farmer, we put grain in a truck then a bin or elevator. However, our seed grain comes in SACKs. DUH! I was thinking cars for 1A but SAAB didn't roll to my rescue because I had "Rod" SEGER.

Great write-up and links Marti!

I ended up filling from bottom up today, but it wasn't easy. HEROS WELCOME was first theme to fill followed closely by ROSETTA STONE with few perps. EROS jumped out and let me do the archery fill.

Have never seen a CABBAGE ROSE. What does it say when I get TOI before ATE?

39D stockholders were "ranchers" then "corrals". I thought LUANN was past teens. Put "Betty".

Happy happy birthday, Lucina! May you be able to eat cake!

Tinbeni: I absolutely, positively, under no circumstances, do not want to know how your girlfriend got the nickname "siphon"!

Pookie said...

Congratulations C.C. A fine puzzle.
Stumped me in NW corner.
Had to google Sundsvall and anther
I too thought anther was a lisp.
Gotta get going, lots to do today.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Lucina - Feliz cumpleaƱos.

Delightful [and erotic] offering from C.C. Today. AHH!

EERO SAARINEN was an easy guess but I needed perp help for the spelling.

Real STROH's beer has been gone for a long time. It was brewed right here in Detroit, back in the day.

BOB SEGER is from near-by AA. I like his music in general but hate that particular SONG.

SILO, of course. Never heard of a CABBAGE ROSE; never want to hear a PING. BARBED ARROW before BOW AND ARROW. How clueless is that? Then again, maybe BOWAN DARROW was Clarence's brother.

DATING POOL is new. Hope I never have to dive in.

Finally made it through with a lucky swag at the ELWES - PLU natick.

Dave Brubeck would have been 92 today.

Now we lose one more
Great - He gave us the sound track
For life's Unsquare Dance.

Cool regards!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Happy birthday Lucina. Congratulations C.C. WEES about the puzzle, which I enjoyed solving. And WEES about Marti's writeup, which I enjoyed reading.

At first I thought the mischievous god would be Loki, but couldn't find him hidden in the referenced anthwers. So it had to be EROS.

Not surprising the first answer I solved was SOLTI. Until that I kept thinking, "Oh man, I'm doomed."

CrossEyedDave, I'm in the midst of reading that article about gravity you referred to last night. Thanks.

Best wishes to you all.

windhover said...

There is another (less well known) rocker from AA. One of my favorites, and he's about our age. Do you know of him?

Bill G. said...

A fun puzzle with clever cluing. Also, thanks Marti.

Happy birthday Lucina! Creechure, it's great to see you again!

WEES. Hard but enjoyable.

We got our Christmas tree today. I would have been happy to wait longer. We get it from a local nursery where it's a bit more expensive but their trees are all first class and standing in water. It will be delivered tomorrow.

Years ago we legally went out into a local forest area and sawed down our own tree. The process was fun but it was a pretty scruffy tree.

Husker Gary said...

Wow, C.C. is brilliant in two cultures and then REGALES us with a fabulous puzzle based on a Greek God replete with clever fill. What’s next, leaping tall buildings in a single bound?

-I am just back after a long drive to a funeral in Albion, NE and Joann was driving next to an old farm with a SILO, BARN and hay RACK and I chose the latter grain carrier. Oops!
-We weren’t going anywhere near Manac!
-I can’t blog on an iPhone so that is why I am posting late. BTW, you get 1 cell bar in Albion!
-EPCOT uses Cabbages and broccoli as beautiful ornamental vegetation.
-Too many Vietnam vets did not get that HERO’S WELCOME
-What sitcom had a bicycle delivery boy named PING that was going to sue a main character?
-Loses on purpose is not DIVES, fabulous clue along with that dang ten PIN
-ROTE learning is usually worthless if it is never seen again. I seem to remember memorizing Wilson’s 14 points…
-Roy played for Leo the LIP Durocher.
-The STENOs in Mad Men were in the DATING POOL
-In detasseling, those Anthers have to be pulled before they shed pollen
-Aloha to my friend Chef Wendy on Kauai! I made her Wenderful Muffins yesterday under Joann’s strict supervision. Wow! The neighbor ATE one so fast she couldn’t talk while AHHing.
-My putter has been much better at HOLING, Marti, since I quit looking up before contact. Who knew? Wonderful job as always, my friend.
-Happy Birthday, Lucina!

Lemonade714 said...

WH, why do you know Ann Arbor Rockers?

I think Kenny G is from there; an old law partner moved from Michigan but we did not talk music.

Tinbeni said...

Didn't realize IGGY POP was that old and from Ann Arbor.

Ping sued Elaine on Seinfeld because he hit a car while trying to avoid colliding with her as she is jaywalking.
(if it's a crazy character ... it was probably on Seinfeld).

Husker Gary said...

-Here is one very cool thing about today’s funeral that I’d never seen before for our 90 year old vet. His children hired a bagpiper from Denver and he that drove the 445 miles starting at 2 am this morning. He played Amazing Grace as the casket left the church, played a song as people gathered at the grave site and then played Going Home as he marched away from us at the grave, over the hill and out of sight with the sound fading. What a lovely experience to hear that lovely, mournful instrument. Well worth whatever it cost!
He then got back in his car and started his drive home.

PK said...

Did you see the editorial cartoon of this little gray-haired guy with tiny wings hunched over a grand piano up on a cloud. Two angels are standing behind him. One says, "We moved in the piano when Dave Brubeck arrived."

Lucina said...

I didn't see that cartoon but it is so sweet!

Bill G. said...

Good old dog:
Each morning, a man and his dog walk the three kilometers to the top of the hill and then back down for exercise. The elderly dog can't quite keep up.
The man starts out at his usual steady pace and the dog follows but at half the man's speed. When the man reaches the top he turns around and starts back down the hill maintaining the same steady pace. Before long, he meets the dog. The dog turns around and they go down the hill together. Because they're going down the hill, the man and the dog are walking the same speed because gravity is helping the dog walk faster. They get home together. How far did the dog walk?

Lemonade714 said...

Bill G., just far enough.

Avg Joe said...

Tin, I knew Iggy was that old, but didn't know he was from AA. Here, have some Candy. It'll keep you til dinner.

Lemon, if you ever mention Kenny G and the term "rocker" in the same sentence again we will officially revoke your baby boomer membership. For shame!@!

BillG, the dog walked 4.5K.

Happy B-day Lucina. I hope it's been a great one and that you are feeling well enough to enjoy it.

And I'll beat everyone to the punch (I think....the memory is the second thing to go, after all). Happy birthday tomorrow to Windhover.

Husker Gary said...

p.s. I will send out the latest updated map tomorrow as I said I would yesterday. I will send an updated email with the newest map attached in a cleaner fashion so only the addressee's email shows.

The lastest map has 4 new names and 5 other names rearranged since the original.

Qli said...

Wow, C.C.! Great puzzle. It beat me, but it was great, once I read the blog. Marti, thanks for the witty explanations, as always. It IS all about TOI :)

WEES about the funny clues (I always think of Robin Hood, Men In Tights when I think of Carey Elwes).

Jayce, I also wanted LOKI instead of EROS, but couldn't find him in the clues. Then BOW AND ARROW pretty much locked in EROS.

Hope Lucina has had a good birthday.

Qli said...

You amaze me with your command of English, C.C. Are there crossword puzzles in Chinese dialects? Or would they have to be "cross-phrases"?

Qli said...

and CED, your command of English usually gives me a good laugh!

HeartRx said...

Jazzbumpa @ 2:36, leave it to you to link the coolest Un-square dance ever!!

Husker G. @ 4:06, one of my friends had a bagpiper at his wedding also, and we thought it was beautiful!! They were divorced a year later…just sayin’

Jayce said...

Okay, for what it's worth, the speed of gravity is very very very fast, calculated to be over a billion billion (roughly) times the speed of light. For all practical purposes, and to the best of our ability to measure it, it acts virtually instantaneously even over great distances. Fascinating!

GarlicGal said...

First things first...HAPPY B-DAY, LUCINA! Maybe tomorrow you will be able to keep your oatmeal down. LOL

Misty - yes, the photo CC posted is the infamous California Coven. In fact, three of us will be getting together next week for coffee.

WEES. Cabbage roses have a huge, absolutely beautiful blossom. I have an overstuffed chair upholstered in a cabbage rose pattern. Cary Elwes? ...who doesn't love The Princess Bride?

We are off to see Les Mis tonight. Daughter is once again "in the pit", Keyboard #2. "Look down, look down...etc. etc. 2 4 6 0 1!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday to one and all.

CrossEyedDave said...

Sorry, i guess i am cranky at getting my butt kicked. (& everyone else thought it was easy?)

+ there was a beer question, but i never heard of Strohs!

LaLaLinda @ 9:25, how did you find out your kitty needed insulin?
(My cat was sick recently, & now her water intake has tripled!)

Happy Birthday Lucina!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, What Barry said with addition of not knowing Elwes, and putting in moi for toi. Erasing and a Google to find Elwes helped me finish up but not without spending way too much time on my favorite pass time.

Tricky clue that Sundsvall rollers!

My favorite clue today was Loses on purpose/diet. I need to take heed.

What a nice surprise to see our CA Coven's picture today. A very very happy birthday to you, Lucina. We're having a mini coven coffee next week and wish you were able to join us.

I also had a pang of sadness seeing Clear Ayes in our group picture. We had such a wonderful afternoon that day and this was the last time she was able to be with us.

I thought of Boomer, C.C., with the answer to, One that stands to prevent a strike. But he doesn't often have one pin left standing, I think.

Thank you C.C. for a fun puzzle, even though I didn't finish on my own. Marty, you did another fine job of 'splaining' things today.

Have a great evening everyone.

downtonabbey said...

Thanks Marti for the writeup of this challenger today. Congrats CC for such a nice, romantic venture and your first solo! I am in awe of your skills.

I made circles around this one until I finally got it done. I really liked the way several entries were clued.

I feel blessed to have found this little spot on the web. Happy birthday Lucina, I hope your tummy is better. Please see a gastro doc if you don't feel better soon.

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh, now i remember why i am so tee'd off!

When "diets" appeared instead of "dives" i was stuffing my face full of firecracker mix.

(you know, that stuff they serve at the bar with hot peanuts, wasabi peas & other crunchy stuff...)

Oh Well,,,

Lucina said...

I, too, suffered a pang of sadness on seeing Lois's (ClearAyes) photo. I feel so fortunate to have met all of you and her especially.

Yes, perhaps tomorrow I can hold down the oatmeal. Had soup for lunch and all is well in that territory.

I shall be thinking of you at lunchtime tomorrow . . . .

Lucina said...

I don't know how you do that, but thank you! It's really nice.

The telephone has had a lively workout today as well as the UPS man who delivered flowers from my sister in Charlotte. I love birthdays!

Not only Windhover tomorrow but also Hahtoolah is in this line up, I believe.

LaLaLinda said...


It would be a good idea to have your cat's blood sugar checked. In July, my Gracey seemed "off" to me. She was unsteady on her feet and seemed weak. She did seem to be drinking more water. The litter boxes were also getting soaked very quickly, but I thought it was from the Prednisone my other sick kitty is taking.

I called the vet and they said to bring her in right away. They did blood work and found that she was in diabetic crisis - there had been no indication of any problems just three months earlier at her yearly exam.

I had to rush her to an emergency hospital - she was in critical condition - all kinds of problems with acid in her blood etc, etc. She stayed there for two weeks - LOTS of treatment there and then at home but she made it!

I wish I had picked up on symptoms earlier but the vet said there was no way I could have known. Having your cat's blood sugar checked is a simple procedure, and it could rule out diabetes. Good luck with this and let me know how it goes. (Sorry for rambling on - I tend to do this with kitty talk. =^.^= )

Anony-Mouse said...

Bill. G. - I did the equation, and got an answer - and then I saw Avg. Joe's answer - which was different - and I got all confused - and then I did the equation 4 (count it, four ) times and I think I still have the correct answer.

.... the dog walked 4 Kilometers.

If Distance,( man,uphill) = D = Distance (man,downhill). = 3 Km.

and Distance (Dog,uphill) = d = Distance (dog,downhill)

Total time = Time(man,uphill) + Time (man,downh) = Time (dog,up) + Time (dog,down)

If man speed is x Kph.

Total Time, = T = D/x + D/x = d/0.5x + d/x

D = 3 kilometers , .... eliminate 'x' and solve for 'd'. (d=2, so the dog walked 2d = 4 Km.)

Which country were they walking in ? .... any of 216 countries, other than the USA.... Only USA, Burma (Myanmar ) and Burundi, still follow miles and miles per hour, and the foot-pound system. (lol).

Good night, all.

HeartRx said...

LaLaLinda, one of my cats has been drinking so much water lately, that we started joking about her being the "camel lady." But now, I am starting to wonder. I think I'll bring her in for a checkup and ask them to do a blood sugar test. Thanks!!

Bill G. said...

Anony-Mouse, yes, I agree with your answer. This was Tinbeni's approach.

I think the dog walks a total of 4 kilometers

Since the man walks uphill twice as fast, when he gets to the top of the 3 kilometer hill, the dog has reached half way (or 1.5 kilometers).
Now he (the man) starts to walk down the hill, he is at his same pace (twice as fast as the dog), so when he has covered 1 kilometer downhill, the dog, that was still walking up hill, has covered an additional half of a kilometer uphill ... to bring his (the dogs) total to 2 kilometers uphill.
(Which I should point out he did ALL ALONE since from the first step that man left him in the dust ..., what a louse!).

Now the dog turns around and, as you said, because of gravity he is going downhill at the same pace as the man, and they TOGETHER (finally enjoying some quality togetherness time) walk the remaining 2 kilometers to the bottom of the hill.

So the dog covered 4 kilometers total but only 2 with his best friend.
The man covered 6 kilometers total but only 2 with his best friend also.

I think the man should find a flat place to walk ... so he could spend more quality with the dog. I know I would !!!

Java Mama said...

Good evening everyone, on a “Blog All-Stars” Thursday! It doesn’t get much more fun than C.C. constructing and Marti doing the expo – unless it’s the other way around. This one had me on my toes throughout, but was ultimately do-able. Clue/answer for DIET was a riot. Got SOLTI totally from the perps; thanks for the lovely Elgar link, Marti.

Feliz Cumpleanos a Lucina!! (Sorry about the lack of proper punctuation, but I have no clue how to get a tilde over the “n” in a post.) Hope you’re feeling well enough to enjoy some birthday goodies.

In the better-late-than-never department, a belated thanks to Husker Gary for all his hard work on The Map. Looking forward to getting the update.

Was tempted to ask Tinbeni (@7:50) how his former girlfriend got her nickname, but decided it was NOMB ;-)

Now to go back and enjoy all the links. Have a great night!

Irish Miss said...

Lucina, a belated Happy Birthday. I completely forgot to add that to my earlier post. I hope you had a wonderful day and that you are feeling better.

fermatprime said...


Swell puzzle, CC! Great expo, Marti!

Took it slowly so avoided some traps. No cheats.

I hope that you have had a good birthday, Lucina!

I too have been having stomach problems, especially after quitting Nexium. Am now trying DGL, as recommended on Dr.Oz. So far, great relief!!!!


fermatprime said...

Creature: good to hear from you!

Agree on 4 miles for dog, poor thing!

fermatprime said...

Java Mama: are you using a Mac?

windhover said...

The guy in question is Bill Kirchen, formerly lead guitarist with Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen and current head honcho with Bill Kirchen and Too Much Fun, a rockabilly group. Bill is guitar virtuoso, one of the best.
Kenny G? What Avg. Joe said. Iffy Pop? Cool, but not my genre.
AA is a town where I've had some very interesting experiences over the last few years. That's all I can say. But it's a cultural center of sorts, with a great music scene anchored by a theater called the Ark and an annual music Festival.

Anony-Mouse said...

Bill G. - I was going to give the same exact explanation - but I would have been over my 'post length' limit.

S**t, I'm now over my 'number of posts' limit .....!!

1. If the dog was smart, he would have 'rested' where the man had left him - or gone straight home, alone.

Have you read the book, 'Count Down' by Steve Olson.. ?Houghton, Mifflin, Mariner Books @2004. Its about the race for 'beautiful solutions at the International Math Olympiad' - just up your alley.

Have you tried making 'Hexaflexagons' with your grand-son ? Google it, they are fun to make and play with. You can also get construction paper, template cut outs, on-line to make Icosahedrons (20 sides)and Dodecahedrons (12 sided ) figures. I recently made both. Also an origami figure of 5 intersecting tetrahedra - a lot of fun to make.

I better end.

chefwen said...

Tinbeni - Mahalo

Husker Gary - So happy the muffins were such a hit. If anybody else wants the recipe email me.

The puzzle was great. At first I thought I was just struggling with double vision, but it all fell together in the end.

Manac said...

Evening all,
Really late day today. C.C. You almost did me in on a Thursday. Ran over my allotted time this AM and finished this PM. Stared at "The Rose??? stone" for the longest time. DOH! I agree with Joe, Kenny G?? C'mon. HG, that's too bad... Nicole was so looking forward to company:)

Jazzbumpa said...

Windhover -

Drawing a blank on the lesser known AA rocker.



melissa bee said...

good evening all,

just wanted to pop in and say hello, and thank c.c. for the MT SHASTA entry, lovely to see it there. delightful writeup, marti.

also lovely to see creature here today, best to you.

a very happy birthday to you, lucina, glad to hear you're feeling better.

Dennis said...

Good evening, C.C. and gang - just wanted to wish Lucina a most Happy Birthday and congratulate C.C. for a great effort - I fell for almost all the deceptions.

Creature, as always, great to see you here.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Late again again, but had to congratulate CC on her solo act today! Well done, keep 'em coming please.

Also HBTY Lucina!

Evening Marti, enjoyed your perky write-up as always.

Cheers All!

Yellowrocks said...

PK, I am sorry that you had such a long siege of not feeling well. I certainly hope that this Saturday will be better than last Saturday for you.
I enjoy your stories of farm life and especially your experiences as a reporter. I am actually very much a small town girl. I was raised in a community of 700 residents and many of my associates were farmers.
I would love to get to know you better. Please feel free to email me if you like.
Here's to your health.
Yellowrocks from Kathy.

anonymous said...

I think all of the math problem solvers assume the man walks downhill at the same pace as he walks uphill. This is unlikely. You assume the dog walks faster downhill than up due to gravity. Why not the man, too? I don't think there is enoigh info given to solve the problem.

Manac said...

Anon @ 9:40
There were no assumptions made.
Those were the parameters of the math problem. All the info was there to solve it.

MR ED said...

Good to see CC participating again.

fermatprime said...

I have nets (patterns) for the Platonic solids mentioned above, the Archimedean solids and their duals and more than 100 others. Constructed in Illustrator. Can save in pdf form.

Lucina said...

I had to chuckle at your editorial comments on solving the problem!

Again, thank you one and all for your birthday greetings, my friends. To say that it was a glorious day for me doesn't begin to describe it. Even my students got in on the act. I don't know how they found out because I never mention my birthday in class. But they sneaked in the obligatory cake with candles. Not enough to be sure!

Flowers, candy, cake, friends and family . . . what more could anyone with for?

Lemonade714 said...

Today was the sixth solo puzzle by C.C. You can go back and read them all

Argyle said...

anonymous @9:40 PM

Someone was bound to do it sooner or later.


Java Mama said...

Fermatprime, you asked if I'm using a Mac (re: not knowing how to put a tilde on the "n", yes?) I use a PC, and draft posts in Word, where I do OK with that kind of formatting. But getting the HTML tags right for the blog is still a work in progress for me. Always appreciate any insight from more experienced bloggers!

Argyle said...

This might help. Link.

Java Mama said...

Thanks, Argyle -- I'll study up!

Pinto said...

Argyle, you are hilarious...Link..lmfao!


C.C. Burnikel said...

Chinese use characters, which do not really fit the crossword format.

anonymous said...

My bad. As the teachers always said in school (how many years ago?) read the question carefully......