Dec 3, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012 Gareth Bain

Theme: Oh Tannenbaum - Got your tree yet? The theme entries are items that may be placed on said tree.

17A. Hollywood : TINSELTOWN

24A. Outdoor seating option : C A N E CHAIR. Candy canes.

34A. Festive centerpiece adorned with the starts 17-, 24-, 49- and 57-Across : CHRISTMAS TREE

49A. All the details, casually : BALL OF WAX. Glass ornaments.

57A. Venezuelan natural wonder : ANGEL FALLS. To top it all off.

Argyle here. A nice seasonal offering today. An occasional nut to crunch on but on the whole, a sweet start to the week. Some longish verticals to give it some added sparkle.


1. Mascara recipient : LASH

5. Lie in store for : AWAIT

10. Naval jail : BRIG

14. __ rug : AREA

15. Swiss capital, to the Swiss : BERNE. The French spelling. Official languages are German (63.7 %)(Bern), French (20.4 %), Italian (6.5 %)(Berna), and Romansh (0.5 %)(Berna). Also, Bernese German: Bärn. I hope I've covered all the nits.

16. One and only : LONE

19. "My great hope __ laugh as much as I cry": Angelou : IS TO. "to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return."

20. Impressive property : ESTATE

21. Dugout leader : MANAGER

23. Mattress make : SERTA

26. Airport screening org. : TSA. (Transportation Security Administration)

27. WC : LOO. British (water closet (toilet))

29. Italian three : TRE

30. "Stop-__": UGK hit : N-GO UGK = UnderGround Kings. Clip, if you care to listen.

31. Classic theater name : BIJOU. A recent entry.

33. Ignore socially : SNUB

39. Big cat's cry : ROAR

40. Ballet bends : PLIÉs

41. Flightless Aussie bird : EMU

42. Pickle's place : JAR. Cool alliteration.

45. Computer application file extension : .EXE

46. CBS-owned cable movie sta. : SHO. (SHOWTIME)

52. Group of eight : OCTAD. I have to wait on the ending.

54. Not taking sides : NEUTRAL

55. Pointed abode : A-FRAME

56. Gets hitched : WEDS

59. __ above the rest : A CUT

60. Just right : IDEAL

61. Flower-loving buzzers : BEEs

62. Peeps from pups : YIPS

63. Pub game : DARTS

64. Miss in Mex. : SRTA. (señorita)


1. Most current news, with "the" : LATEST

2. Crops up : ARISES

3. Nissan compact : SENTRA. Production - Subcompact (1982–2000) Compact (2000–present).

4. Assails : HAS AT

5. Blessed with skills : ABLE

6. __ behind the ears : WET. A reference to new borns, hence those that are inexperienced.

7. Yummy smell : AROMA

8. Needing, with "of" : IN WANT

9. Sawbuck, to a Brit : TENNER. A doable guess.

10. HMS Bounty's ill-fated captain : BLIGH

11. '80s-'90s wisecracking TV mom : ROSEANNE

12. Cloak-and-dagger doings : INTRIGUE

13. Former Prizm maker : GEO. Production was 1988–2002: Geo Prizm (1990–1997), Chevrolet Prizm (1998–2002)

18. And others, in bibliographies : ET ALII

22. Unhittable serve : ACE

24. Crotchety oldster : COOT

25. Stick up : ROB

28. Drinks in the a.m. : OJ's

31. "I need a sweater!" : [BRR!]

32. Baseball arbiter : UMP

33. Yearbook gp. : SR's (seniors)

34. Five-time Olympic gold winner Nadia : COMANECI

35. Called to account : HAULED UP

36. "Jeopardy!" host Trebek : ALEX

37. Common dinner hour : SIX. You agree?

38. Make really mad : TEE OFF

39. Civil War soldier : REB

42. Write quickly : JOT

43. Frightened : AFRAID

44. Central African country about the size of Massachusetts : RWANDA

46. Less fresh : STALER

47. "To be, or not to be" speaker : HAMLET

48. Ukrainian port : ODESSA. On the Black Sea.

50. Thirsts (for) : LUSTS

51. Alleged Soviet spy Hiss : ALGER. Accused of being a Soviet spy in 1948 and convicted of perjury in connection with this charge in 1950.

53. "Deadliest Catch" boatful : CRABS. Crab fishing on Alaska's Bering Sea on the Discovery Channel.

55. "__ fair in love ..." : ALL'S

56. Technique : WAY

58. "Dig in!" : "EAT!"



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Don't know if it's my brain or the puzzle, but the going was unusually slow for me today. The theme was fine and timely (we put up our tree last night, although it has neither tinsel nor canes nor angels and "balls" seems a bit of a stretch to describe the glass ornaments).

CANE CHAIR and HAULED UP just didn't spring to mind when I read their respective clues and needed a lot of perps. I actually tried HAULED IN after getting the first few letters, which just messed things up. Other false starts included OCTET for OCTAD, ET ALIA for ET ALII, YAPS for YIPS and SOLE for LONE.

I've never heard of UGK, let alone their "hit" song, so NGO also took a bit of perp help. It took me awhile to parse the answer once I got it, but I did finally get it...

thehondohurricane said...

Good morning everyone,

I thought this would be finished simply by filling in the across words and it worked until 45A where I confidently wrote in EXS. Then to mess it up further I had OCTET for 52A and TEEPEE for 55A. Didn't take long to realize I had a problem.

Eventually got everything straightened out, but my goal of being able to ignore the down clues was gone.

Nice puzzle, but I felt it was a little early in the season for a Christmas theme.

Have a good day.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. I thought this was a very festive Monday speed run. I had to go back and read some of the clues because I had already filled in all the boxes.

I didn't wait for ending of OCTAD, however, and initially tried Octet. I also tried Chalet instead of A-FRAME for the pointed abode.

BIJOU came to me immediately since we had a discussion on that word recently.

I owned a GEO Prizm in the 1990s. I really liked that car. I lost it in a car crash in 1999.

We don't have a tree, so there is no ANGEL on the top. The tree in the office, however, is topped with a photo of our youngest employee (not an angel!).

QOD: Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists primarily in dealing with men. ~ Joseph Conrad (December 3, 1857 ~ August 3, 1924)

Abejo said...

Good morning folks. Thank you, Gareth Bain, for a swell Monday puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the swell write-up.

PK: I sent you a note last night on the Sunday Blog.

As far as this puzzle, it went very easily. I never try to go straight across as hondo did. I am adamant about checking crosswords to insure an answer is correct.

Got OCTAD and ET ALII first pass. you never know on those.

There was another ill-fated captain of the HMS Bounty lately. The replica sank in the Atlantic during this Hurricane Sandy. Not sure if the captain survived or not.

Hope to get my Christmas Tree today. We'll see.

See you tomorrow.


Lemonade714 said...

Gareth has become one of the very productive constructors who always manages a few curves even in his Monday offering. I was tickled by having SERTA and SENTRA in the grid.

I do not eat at 6 but live in the land of the early bird. Jeopardy seems like a good backdrop. 7:30 here

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I confess I thought STOP NGO was about halting a Vietnamese. D'oh! I waited for the perps to finish OCTAD and ALII. My first thought for the Classic Theater was ODEON. In addition to SENTRA and SERTA that Lemonade mentioned, we also had SRTA -- a triumvirate.

And the little angel asked the harassed Santa, "Where do you want me to put this Christmas tree?"

Yellowrocks said...

This was a Monday quickie. Like Abejo, I do Across and Down together and wait to see which words fit, so I had no trouble deciding which ones to use. Stop N Go is a convenience store here.

This was an apt puzzle for me to do today. It will be 60° this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, so I plan to light my outside bushes and set up a small cut fir on the patio. Some years I do this when the temp is in the teens and I have to run indoors to warm my hands every 15 minutes.

On the weekend I will decorate my indoor tree with a lighted angel on top and my large angel collection arranged all around the house and hanging on the tree. I’m into angels and butterflies. We call the glass ornaments BALLs, especially the spherical ones. There will be no tinsel for me. We put the candy canes in a Christmassy dish.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

A very festive write-up, Argyle! I loved the way you "decorated" your post. And although I love Bing Crosby on December 3, by the 24th he starts grating on my nerves...

Fun puzzle from Gareth. When I got TINSEL TOWN, I wondered if it was going to be a Noel theme. But that still didn't help me to get CANE CHAIR all that easily. And for pointed abode, I really wanted "teepee."

Hahtoolah, LOL at your QOD !!

Have a great start to the week, everyone!

Middletown Bomber said...

got the theme quickly though we do not celebrate christmas Would live to see a hannukah theme puzzle since the holiday starts this Saturday night, and next year will start before Thanksgiving. Got Canechair as caning chairs was one of my grandfather's hobbies. the clue for 38D was not my cup of tea would have prefered to see "start a par five" but that probably would have been to easy. enjoy your Monday.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up ... I'll pass on the N'GO link.

Hope Rich has a nice CHRISTMAS Eve puzzle for us (or this one was 3 weeks too early).

My only stumble was at 59-A, where I had "RISE above the rest," before it became apparent that is was "A-CUT above the rest."

Otherwise an easy, FUN Monday offering. Thanks Gareth.

Cheers !!!

Anonymous said...

Great picture of your kitten, Hahtoolah. Did your kitten enjoy wearing that frog on its head? Really brightened my day! Thanks, Kathy

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Gareth Bain and thank you Argyle. Pretty songs to start the day. Well, the first two.

I couldn't type fast enough, so definite speed run. And this time, I entered OCTAD before OCTet.

I'm with you, Hatoolah when you said, "I had to go back and read some of the clues..."

From last night...
Blue Iris,
I'm glad you enjoyed those links. 25 patterns. You are indeed a collector !

Yes, moving. No, I had not, but just did. At least the Wiki version. What was the matter with Liang ? How could he not know ? He was too studious ? All kinds of subtleties and innuendos going on in that touching story. Thank you for sharing.

At least the legend of Liang - Zhu is authentic Chinese. The story of Koong-Se and Chang was invented by Englishmen to promote sales of the Blue Willow pattern.

But I still like both stories.

Mari said...

WBS except DH put up our Christmas tree and outdoor decorations on Saturday.

We took our youngest cat to PetCo to have his picture taken with Santa. (All of our cats have to endure this torture one time in their lives.) All his whining and meowing didn't fool anybody...once Sam got in Santa's lap he was purring!

I liked seeing the word INTRIGUE.

Hahtoolah: Love the kitty photo.
Desper-Otto: Love the Christmas tree/angel joke.

kazie said...

Thanks for covering all the bases on Bern. I was thinking the clue should have read "French Swiss".

Easy for me today. Notes:
EMU is pronounced e-myu.
I also had HAULED IN before UP
My son caught salmon, not CRABS, (thank goodness!) off Kodiak Island for three summers.
The ill-fated Captain Bligh survived and made it to Timor where he and his followers were rescued. He was appointed governor of NSW in 1805 during the British colonial rule, where he later had to deal with the Rum Rebellion.

kazie said...

Forgot to add: there's a third Bounty--second replica, used for the remake of the film. It mostly plies the relatively safe waters (if you don't count sharks) of Sydney Harbour for tourist cruises. When the recent sinking occurred, I was unaware of the other replica, and contacted my friend's son--like a nephew to me--who answered that no he didn't know any of the crew of the ill-fated vessel, and that the above mentioned one, that he had worked on a few years ago was presently showing off its stuff on a visit to Hong Kong Harbor.

Mari said...

Here's one for you, Tinbeni

Yellowrocks said...

Dear Santa, thank you for a festive blog with all the trimmings. Gareth, Your lovely Christmas tree puzzle was just in time for tree trimming. You both got me in the spirit of the season.

We used to trim our indoor tree on Decemeber 24, as my parents always did. Since the children have become adults, this became too much of a rush and made Christmas Eve too frantic. Now indoor tree trimming day is 2 weeks before and outdoor trimming is three weeks before Christmas.

Anony-Mouse said...

Thank you Gareth Bain for nice and easy puzzle. I really, really enjoyed it. I got the Xmas theme right away. Thank you Argyle, for your delightful commentary, and fun links. Probably the first time I heard the whole song by Bing Crosby - its really very nice. I have to confess and tell you, I checked out your house from the flash earth coordinates - say, who's the cute buxom blonde coed waving from the sidewalk, across the street ? - any special friend ?

Yesterday, I spent 3.25 hrs. changing 2 headlight bulbs on my Toyota. Three helpers including the wife ( and her snide comments - ) , 2 utility lights, one 88 pcs. toolbox, 2 pairs of gloves ( shouldn't touch the halogen bulb with your fingers - ) and 4 pages of the repair manual ( downloaded) later - I got 'er done ! My respect for auto mechanics went up 5 notches.

Last week, I had to visit a surgeon at a local clinic, and he let me 'prep in', and visit the pre-op room. There was a 7 mo. old, undergoing a minor op. for a 'undescended testicle' ( I know, TMI ). Anyway, the kid was not in any emergent pain, but a lil scared. Then his father played the 'Gangnam' song on his iPhone, and the kid was sooo happy and started dancing to the tune and jiggling around with profound joy and exhilaration. What is it with this music that it charms the socks off a 7 mo. old ? Think Bach, Beethoven or the Beatles could have done that ?

Have a great week, you all, and best wishes.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Thanks for the comments, Argyle.

Being Monday, I expected to do most of it by gliding through the acrosses. However, I had to skip the NW at first until the brain revved up a little more. Nice theme, liked seeing ANGEL FALLS. Wanted SERTA but considered Sealy. Both start with SE. Wanted to spell RWANDA with a U, but BALL OF WAX wouldn't allow it. No searches needed. I look forward to Gareth's puzzles.

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Is it me or did this Monday offering have just a tad more bite than usual? In any event, thanks, Gareth, for your always-enjoyable challenges and thanks, Argyle, for your always-enjoyable expos.

Temps in the high 40's today and 60 tomorrow. Certainly not typical December weather for the Northeast.

Hatoolah, loved the QOD.

Happy Monday.

Anony-Mouse said...

Mari, a corollary to your link - man goes blind, while 'downing' his diabetes medication, with some shots of Vodka, and then recovers, (his eyesight - ), with 25 yr. old Scotch .... since the Scotch was 'aged', the guy developed cataracts .... I personally think, the story needs to be taken like a Tequila, with a pinch of salt.

Desper-Otto, either my computer is acting up or its eating up some lines .... I can't see the punch line to your joke. Is it meant to be a joke ?

Lucina said...

Hello, friends.

I actually finished this speed run two hours ago but then had to take my SIL to the airport. His grandmother died and he is on his way to Sioux Falls, ND. BRR.

December is a festive month so the CHRISTMAS theme is appropriate, IMHO and my tree is up thanks to my granddaughter.

Didn't have a problem with NGO because the perps filled it. In fact, like Hahtoolah, I went back to read some clues I missed along the way.

Nice job, Gareth Bain and thanks, Argyle, for your lively expo.

Have a terrific Monday, everyone!

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al,

This morning I stole my DH's sport section (before he awoke) to do the much more fun on paper, and I didn't even wrinkle it.:-)

Very timely puzzle. Family arrived yesterday with a tree and put up the outdoor lights since DH is recuperating from knee surgery.

Almost smooth sailing with CW, but misspelled Bligh, so had a delay filling (even thinking) chair. Also spelled plies wrong, so had tic off.Octad was octet at 1st, and tenner was a twenty (bad guess).

Hahtoolah, loved QOD, and your darling kitty.

Mari, interesting article, and loved that you take your cats to see Santa.

Have a lovely week all. I think we may have a day without rain.Good for many who fear mud slides.

PK said...

Hi Y'all, Thanks to Gareth the elf who built the puzzle gift and our resident Santa who delivered. Fun cute kickoff to the season. Thanks, guys!

I liked how AFRAID & RWANDA stood there together. For one & only, I first put LOvE until I got INTRIGUEd. I put TicOFF.

Strange that I remember some strange names. I was only 7 when they arrested ALGER HISS, but I remember going around saying the name with long drawn-out hisssssses.

Abejo, Yes, I got your message late last night. Sorry to hear that you didn't get to meet Connelly, but what a treasure. I read the book and finished Sat. night wishing it wasn't over.

Anonymouse, I laughed over your boogie baby story. When my youngest was about that age, we went to a band concert. My baby wouldn't sit quietly on my lap. He had to stand on my lap with my support and bounce up and down in perfect time to the music, "singing" along loudly.

Anonymous said...

Easy puzzle for me anyway. But a bit tricky.never heard of cane chair, ball of wax, put shag instead of area? Liked yips, my sis got a new Yorkie, awesome! Love pickles, doesn't everyone? Well off to the WC.

Argyle said...

Hong Kong has its own Bounty? Clip

Or is it the same one?

PK said...

Did anyone know how to spell Nadia's last name without the perps? I sure didn't. I remember how it is pronounced which is different.

Ron Worden said...

Good morning and happy Monday to all. Thanks to Gareth for a enjoyable start to the week. Argyle thanks for your insights.
I was saddened by the replica of the Bounty sinking off of Cape Hatteras as it was for a long time docked in my home town. It was heading back to St.Pete during its ill fated final voyage.
Our tree is up, this is our second season with an artificial one. My 21 yr old daughter is unhappy that we don't have a real one,but she doesn't want to help clean up the mess.
Have a great day to all.RJW.

Tinbeni said...

Ahhh, the wonderful healing properties of Scotch ... to bad they didn't let him sip it.
Johnnie Walker Black is a smooth 12 yo that can also turn an ugly woman into a beauty (esp.near closing time).

The Bounty, in Hong Kong, is the one made for the 1984 Mel Gibson movie.
The one that sank was the one made for the Marlon Brando, Mutiny on the Bounty, the 1962 version.

I use to have an office at The Plaza on 2nd Avenue.
Looking down at The Pier and The Bounty in St.Pete.
Wonderful view.

Cheers !

desper-otto said...

Anony-Mouse, your computer isn't acting up. It's a situation where you get it, or you don't. You just have to imagine what Santa said.

Husker Gary said...

It’s not beginning to look much like Christmas around here as temps are in the 60’s and I have shaken enough of this dang cold (God bless my lovely bride and Mucinex) to get back out playing, well, you know (PAR, LIE, TEE)

-While decorating yesterday I wondered where the steeple tree topper we used all through my childhood wound up. Do you have ornaments from your childhood?
-My cousin Stephan in Heiden, Suisse speaks German, Italian, French and English. He’s NEUTRAL of course.
-Baseball is the only sport where the MANAGER dresses like the players
-We’re thinking of switching from a SERTA to a Sleep Number Bed. Yay/Nay?
-I don’t take free public toilets for granted after paying in Europe to use WC’s
-In nursing homes, Lions in Winter still like to ROAR occasionally and that should be respected
-I’ve had an EMU burger and it was lean and tasty
-I got YIPS but wondered why that would be coming from puBs. Dang bifocals.
-WET behind the ears NFL qbs are doing great this year but seeing 38 year old Charlie Batch succeed for the Steelers yesterday and then tearfully hug Big Ben for 30 seconds after the game got to me.
-Watching men pro tennis players exchange 155 mph ACEs is boring (even Nebraskan Andy Roddick). I prefer to watch the women play serve and volley.
-For god’s sakes Hamlet, make up your mind, I’ve got a cab waiting!
-Tin, wouldn’t the woman have to have her own transformative liquor ;-)

Dennis said...

Anony-mouse, just think about where the angel goes on a tree, and how.

carol said...

Hi all,

I guess I'm not alone in thinking this puzzle (while entertaining) was not typical Monday level for me. I really had to struggle and didn't ever get them all.

I had so many question marks that it was embarrassing, especially in the top half.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow. sigh

Anonymous said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Misty said...

Perfectly timed puzzle, Gareth--at least for those of us (like me) who are putting their Christmas trees up today! So thank you, for getting us in the mood. And, Argyle, I too loved your "decorated" gloss on the theme.

I had many of the same false starts as Barry did, but always love a puzzle that features ALEX Trebek. Hope he likes puzzles and appreciates all the nice tributes to him.

Wish it weren't a rainy day to do the holiday decorating today. Guess I'll have to put on some Bing Crosby to help keep the spirit bright.

Have a great Monday, everybody!

Zcarguy said...

Morning all,

I found today's puzzle very easy , I only hesitated at IN WANT , just didn't sound right . Maybe it's just me .

Next time my wife catches me looking at her lewdly I'll say I was THIRSTY.

Geo and Chevy Prism were built by Toyota ( Corolla )

Tinbeni , you have to try the Double Black Label.

Husker Gary said...

Hmmm… what does a man with a cold, nothing else to do and a computer in his lap (hence the name) do? He gets a map of the USA and put the names of as many LA Times Cwd bloggers he can find (currently around 50) on it if they have made their locations made public. I have done just that and shown it to C.C. and she is okay with my posting it which I will do later in the week, sooner if you email me. Here are some caveats

1. The locations are very non specific, especially for all our NE participants who are crowded together up there
2. If you don’t want your name on the map, contact me ( and I’ll take it off
3. C.C. has nothing to do with this map. Address ALL corrections/additions/deletions to me. I’ll attend to them immediately and repost the map.
4. Did I probably forget someone or misplace someone? Are you new here? Of course, so let me know.
5. As I mentioned I will wait to post it until tomorrow or Wednesday to give everyone a chance to think about it. Write me if you want an early copy or to decline inclusion.

I found the map to be very interesting and gives me another little datum to attach to my new found e-friends (don’t cha just love that word?).

C.C. Burnikel said...

Yellowrocks & TTP,
Here is "The Butterfly Lovers". Classic Chinese music.

Irish Miss said...

HG @ 11:02 - What a great idea! I just wish the regular posters such as, PK, Misty, Anony-mouse, etc. would go Blue!

Hatoolah, love the kitty.

carol said...

HG - We had a map a few years ago, it was started by Crockett, he doesn't comment anymore but C.C. knows about it. It was interesting.
Your idea sounds like fun too. I'm in Portland, Or. :)

It's raining here too (what's new) and since we are going to our son's house for the festivities, I am not decorating inside or out - Yay!!!!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Great puzzle today. Thank you, Gareth Bain.

When I filled in TINSEL TOWN I thought the theme was going to be nicknames for towns, such as Bean Town or Splitsville or Sin City. Christmas tree decorations works for me, too!

Wanted LAWN CHAIR until I realized the theme and that "lawn" is not a tree ornament.

Sure enough, I spelled Nadia's last name Comenici, which was almost right, but wrong.

Like you all, I let the perps determine whether it was OCTET or OCTAD and ET ALIA or ET ALII.

Lots of sparkling fill today, including INTRIGUE, ROSEANNE, RWANDA, COOT, and the aforementioned COMANECI,

Hahtoolah, I like your comments. Well, actually, everybody, I like ALL your comments. Best wishes to you all.

Jayce said...

A friend of ours who lives in Zurich likes to make fun of the Bernese accent of another friend of ours who lives in, um, Bern. He also likes to joke about Austrian skiers, whom he claims are inferior to Swiss skiers.

Loved the clue Pickle place.

Sl Zalameh, I laughed at your THIRSTY comment.

Anony-Mouse, such interesting experiences! I think if my Toyota ever needs a new headlight I'll just take it to the dealer.

Lucina said...

I just realized I put Sioux Falls in ND not South Dakota!

My first spelling was Comenici but BALL changed the e to a.

ET ALII was my initial fill then validated by BIJOU and CHRISTMAS.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

We're off to buy a new tree.

Rather crunchy Monday, I thought. Always like Gareth's puzzles.

Here's the Yo Tannenbaum we'll be playing for our winter concert.


Cool regards!

mariposa said...

C.C. thanks for the Butterfly Lovers link. Amazing the balance and control both dancers have.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

We went out for breakfast at 10:30. Retirement is wonderful, having slept until 9.

I must be different (is that news?) because I could do this one with very few hangups. It was great to be able to finish a puzzle like this. My only pause was for 34A Festive centerpiece being a CHRISTMAS TREE.

My late first husband and I always put up the tree after Dec. 21 so as not to mix up son's birthday with Christmas. Maybe I'll do the same this year just in case the world ends.


Lemonade714 said...


One of my unfinished puzzle ideas was a theme where a letter was added to create the next theme word.

Mariposa, a nice blast from the past, our resident butterfly

PK said...

I have expressed my dismay to Gary at a map with all of your locations noted. Some of you have no idea what you might be letting yourself in for. Who knows who is lurking on the fringes. I know many of you lead semi-sheltered lives. As a former newspaper reporter and person with some very bad experiences, I would warn you all to be cautious in trusting that this is safe.

I cannot go blue. Sorry!

PK said...

C.C. I enjoyed the "Butterfly Lovers" very much. Thank you for this and all you do. Are you that limber?

Anonymous said...

I'm with the 4:30 dinner crowd, unlike Seinfeld's parents who were so "snooty" they ate at the full-price time of 5:00 - 6:00.

"If you keep doin what you've always been doin, you're gonna keep gettin what you've always been gettin."
--a great quote from Zig Zigler who passed away this week. His quote applies to people who rebuild on the Mississippi River, who rebuild at the bottom of tree-stripped mountains and who have habits they know they should change, but don't.

I'd like to go "blue" but was told someone else had my name (probably me) but the password was long forgotten.

Steady 80 said...

The above is from Steady 80, but now I've turned to "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

PK, that's a very good comment. It's too easy to find out too much these days. Less is better.

Avg Joe said...

I'm with PK on the map being potentially dangerous. No objections as long as its not more specific than county or large city, but nothing narrower than that. And to repeat my comment from Saturday, it's really not a good idea to tell the world when you are leaving town.

Misty said...

Irish Miss, thanks for the suggestion about "going blue." I've wondered about how to do that, and would be willing, I think, if most of you think it's safe. Just let me know.

fermatprime said...


Thanks for swell puzzle, Gareth! Fun write-up, Argyle!
A bit crunchy for a Monday! But did not fall into to OCT_ _ trap again.

Dinner mostly at 10 PM or later here, if I have any.

Pool (indoor/heated) shows no chlorine. Evidently the guy hasn't been coming for several weeks, even though he told his superiors that he had. Most egregious lie was about Sat. morn. at 9. We tested pool at 2 PM. Zero chlorine. Want a refund, but will probably be hard to get.

Have to visit gyn anon. Have been putting off routine check for a year. She will not be happy!

Finally done with those contractors. Angie's List is going to get a not-so-nice review. Roof leaking over one of the sofas. Will find a handyman soon, I hope.

YR: was unaware of that poem. Thanks!


Mari said...

PK @ 10:02 AM: I did remember Nadia's last name - but not how to spell it. In fact, now I have "Nadia's Theme" running through my head....

Bill G. said...

I think it's a shame that several of you are so concerned about Gary's map. I can understand it, I guess, if you've had a bad experience. I feel it's far more likely to be a victim of a random criminal in your area than someone trolling a crossword puzzle blog looking for his next victim. Going blue seems even more innocuous. I feel C.C. would be happy to give us a list of all of the crimes committed against our bloggers as a result of our "blueness." I have been on the previous map done by Crockett with no ill effects. Misty, I don't see any downside to going blue.

I got to "know" a friend who I met on a puzzle blog. He lived in England. We both felt good enough about our relationship that he flew here for a weekend visit about 20 years ago. Another Internet friend, a woman from Maine, invited Barbara and me to spend a week in her house. It was one of our best vacations ever.

A reasonable amount of caution seems prudent. Worrying about a map on a CW puzzle blog seems like overkill to me. Going "blue" seems even more innocuous.

That's just my two-cents worth based on my experience. Your mileage may differ.

Anonymous said...

Bill G., my observation is that you're always bugging people to go blue so you can "find out more about them" so you might not be the most impartial here.

I'm not in favor of the map. Or having to go blue.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how a map showing the cities or counties where fellow bloggers live could be harmful.

The wet blankets of the blog were laughable. AvgJoe, for instance, has already told us all enough information that with google and five minutes I could probably post his address.

Don't worry people, nobody wants to steal your dull pencils with worn down erasers anyway.

Pookie said...

Hi everyone.
Got through this.
Changed ET ALIS after seeing CHRISTMAS TREE.
Wanted TSB thought it was Transportation Safety BOARD?

C.C. Watched the Butterfly Lovers.
Are they on a show or a contest?
Interesting Pas de Deux.
She is the only woman on pointe.
She can bourré (on his back!) elevé and her arabesque is beautiful.
Would have loved to see them DANCE also.
How much ballet training do you suppose she has had? Of course, the acrobatic aspect is just phenomenal. Thanks for the link.

Husker Gary said...

Friends, this morning has reinforced the axiom, - The devil is in the details. My map idea started out as, and I think remains, a very innocuous idea with a nice upside of being another little unifier for our group. I appreciate all the messages I have received today which are anxious to see this map and appreciated the concerns of those on the other side. Here is some info about the map

1. Everyone on the map has that info listed on their blogger page out in the public domain
2. I would respect anyone’s right to remove their name from the map
3. According to C.C. such a map has existed previously here on the site until that person simply quit updating it. I ALONE would be in charge of maintaining the map and since I have blogged on over 99% of the puzzles the last few years, I will be available.
4. The info is strictly your blog name pasted onto a USA map and covers about 100 sq. mi. (e.g. Husker - and only the word Husker - is in a box stretching from central Nebraska to eastern Iowa with no city or county) which is very non-specific.
6. I am leaning toward not posting the map publicly but perhaps just attaching it to email requests from regulars on this site.

I hope this allays some fears.

Avg Joe said...

Now that I've seen your map Gary, I've got no concerns about it. It's very vague.

Anon @2:37, I agree completely with you, and did before you posted that comment, whether well intentioned or not. I'm not uncomfortable with the info I've put into the profile, but don't care to expand on it.

This is an outgrowth of the conversation on Saturday. With pinpoint accuracy being provided at that time, I though at was very dangerous, especially when coupled with travel plan announcements that so many of you make. If that makes me a fuss budget, I can live with it.

PK said...

Well I'm AFRAID, very AFRAID !!!

PK said...

worried about a little identity theft?

Argyle said...

You can be blue and not divulge anything. There are a lot like that.

Argyle said...

Just not anybody today...yet.

Argyle said...

Here you go RD.

desper-otto said...

Husker, if you decide not to post it, then please email me a copy.

Pookie said...

Husker and all:
Well I just looked up a few bloggers for their locations.
Some are from a specific city or state, but I guess Hatoolah is going to have the biggest share...
she lists her location as
"United States"!!!

Bill G. said...

Anon 2:26, rest assured I have no desire to learn anything more about you.

Gary, I am looking forward to your map.

Tinbeni said...

pas de chat @3:47
Do you think that maybe Hahtoolah is from somewhere near New Orleans ???
(based on her comments?)

Will someone explain to me the risk of "going Blue" ???

As I see it, when I see a comment "IN BLUE" by Argyle ... then I know it is from Argyle ... and only Argyle.

Same with my "Tinbeni" and my trustee side-kick Avatar (he's as loyal as Tonto to the Lone Ranger).
If "Tinbeni" is "in BLUE" ... it's from me and I'm the one doing the "toasting at Sunset."

On well, the sun-is-setting somewhere ... fill in the blank _____ !

Abejo said...

OK. What does "go blue"actually mean?

Abejo said...


Tinbeni said...

Abejo @3:56 and @3:57
It means that you, ABEJO and ONLY ABEJO, sent those comments ... with your family picture avatar.

Dennis said...

HuskerGary, it seems to me that if you just email it to people here who want it, it satisfies both sides of the issue, doesn't it?

I don't really have a dog in the fight; just seems like a logical solution.

PK said...

Abejo - Going blue means that you have signed up for a blogger/google acount, so when you post a comment, your name appears in blue text.

It also prevents others from posing as your persona.

Anony-Mouse said...

Abejo, I am really not up in my 'Americanisms' - but I think 'Go Blue' means,

1. You are a Univ. of Michigan fan.

2. OR, you work, or sometime worked for IBM ( Big Blue )....

3. OR, you are out of breath .... babies can sometimes do this involuntarily - by holding their breath - because they are a) mad, irate or b) for no reason at all.

Adults can sometimes hold their breath, and turn blue - but I don't think they can starve their brains of oxygen, and actually kill themselves. If deeply asleep, they generally wake up - or if on strong tranquilizers, they may kill themselves ... ODed.

4. OR, a person sick or injured enough to stop breathing, turn blue, or a drowning victim, with lungs full of water etc. Either they need immediate CPR, or 911.

5. .... Any doctor in the house ?

6. Or, somebody is feeling really sad.

7. ??? .... I am running out of options.

Irish Miss said...

Misty @ 1:29 - I agree with those who see no danger or risk in going blue. You can share as much or as little personal information as you see fit.

Husker-If you decide to email rather than post the map, please add me to the list.

its me said...

Anon@ 2:26

THANK YOU!!!!! You have said what I always thought,

Now, why need a map when you can look on their "blue name" if you want to know where they live?

IIRC there is already a coupla crooks here, not that I care really.

PK said...

PK did not say those things at 3:12 & 3:15. That's identity theft in its lowest form to mock a concern I had for fellow bloggers who are not as savy as I.

Manac said...

Then what color does a Smurf turn if you choke it??

Anony-Mouse said...

If I am not blue, anyone can take my poster's "name," just as I did with Anony-Mouse...and post comments that I might not want to be associated with.


kazie said...

Why would anyone post travel plans anywhere online. That would be a fools game. I have at times let CC know when I'm going to be gone, but no one really needs to know.

I also have suffered no ill effects from being on Crockett's map all this time.

PK said...

I didn't say that at 4:06 either.

Kiddies, I had an employee of my bank charge things to my debit card. If I hadn't balanced my account every month, she could have done real harm.

There are several women on this blog who live alone. If you think they aren't vulnerable from creeps, guess again.

PK said...

I didn't post the previous message @ 4:26p.


Misty said...

C.C. or Marti, or anyone,

How can I go "blue"? How can I post a profile page (if that's what it's called) on the blog? I'm sorry to be so un-techie or dumb or whatever, but I just don't understand how to do it.

CrossEyedDave said...

Sorry i'm late, i saved the puzzle for the Waiting room. I had to have an ultrasound to check my bad leg for blood clots... Figured i would have to wait at least a 1/2 hour! Well, the parking lot was next to the door, & the room i needed (1 of 300) was the 1st door on the right. & they ushered me right in!!! I was done in 15 minutes! (This is unbelievable!)

So having extra time, i went to Home Depot & bought a Xmas light checker Pro! ($19.95)

It beeps when the power is interrupted, leading you to the fault. But that's not all! Take out any bad bulb in the string, & plug the socket into the Light Checker Pro, pull the trigger, & it resets the shunt in the string!

I fixed three light sets already, it works like magic!!!

So the last set i fixed just as it was getting dark. I put the thingie down somewhere,,, & now i can't find it!


Pookie said...

Tinbeni @ 3:54
I don't know if Hatoolah is from
NOLA, not by anything I read or remember from today.
I do think she suffers from multiple personalities as she changes her avatar a lot and we don't know WHICH Hatoolah is posting. :D
And she dresses up her cat.......

Manac @ 4:19
what color does a Smurf turn if you choke it?? LMAO

Husker: I don't think you intended such an e-ruckus today. For crying out loud you guys, it's just info that you already have listed.
And put me down for S. Calif.

And I never thought that someone else could sign in as
PK or Anony-mouse. What a mess!

Jayce said...

PK, if you were blue, nobody could pretend to be you, which I think is the point.

This sure seems to be a topic about which there are very strong opinions.

Yellowrocks said...

CC Thank you for the lovely Butterfly Lovers. The dance and the music really capture the essence of butterflies.

Personally, I believe going blue is a protection. I like the idea of a map. It seems vague enough to be harmless.

This evening I received a bill from a dentist I don't know. It had my first and last name with a few minor spelling errors and listed my address. I checked back with that dentist. It was for someone who lives on this street with a name almost like mine. My fisrt thought was identity theft.

Lucina said...

I am interested in the map, either publicly or privately, whichever way you decide to go.

HeartRx said...

I think it is no mystery who "Marti DuGuay-Carpenter" is. But you would be amazed what you can find out just by googling. Why, I just went online and searched for images for "Marti DuGuay-Carpenter," and this is one that I came up with...go figure!!

And, even funnier, here is another one!!

CrossEyedDave said...

If you were blue, nobody could pretend to be you...

Jayce has poetic wisdom...

Manac,,,, i am thinking Purple...

Avg Joe said...

OK Marti. Semi-serious question:

Which would you rather be associated with? :-)

Anonymous said...

Why does one person's objection create such discussion. AND...That person's own profile is prolly more specific than Husker's map.

Dennis said...

CED, if I had my way, the guy who invented that light checker would get A Nobel, a Pulitzer (yeah, it's a stretch), an Oscar (ditto) and anything else we could give him. I'll bet no device has saved more hours or prevented more strokes than that one. It has its own special place on my workbench.

Argyle said...

The GPS I listed is for my bedroom; YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Manac said...

Avg Joe,
I thought Marti's second link
@5:07 was a self portrait

HeartRx said...


Java Mama said...

Good evening everyone!. I usually read everbody else’s comments before I post, but I got about halfway through and realized I’d be serving dinner at midnight if I tried to get through them all first. Will try to catch up later. Thanks Gareth for an enjoyable Christmas-themed puzzle to kick off December. Like others, I thought it had a little more bite than a usual Monday offering. Thanks for the swell write-up Argyle. Your picture of the Pointed Abode looked tasty! Favorite theme fill was BALL OF WAX; also thought the Peeps from Pups clue was cute. Fell into the OCTET before OCTAD trap, and had to wait on the perps for the spelling of Nadia’s last name.

Gotta agree with Marti on experiencing Christmas Carol Fatigue after a few weeks. And if I never, ever hear “Santa Baby” again in this life, I’ll die a happy woman. If I hear it in the next life, I’ll know I’m in Hell.

Lemon, DH and I also have a nightly dinner engagement with Mr. Trebek. I’d better start rattling some pots and pans.

chefwen said...

Jayce my butt was parked in that lawn chair before I caught on.

My little Norfolk Pine got decorated last night and will be put in the ground after Christmas. This will be number seven since we moved here. Got me totally in the spirit.

HG - You can add me to that list.

windhover said...

Looks like a pillow fight on the blog today. Feathers everywhere, some ruffled. My address is on my profile. Stop by anytime. We'll open a beer or three. Call ahead, and we'll feed you.
The house rules:
First week is free, after that you buy groceries. Second month, you pay rent.
Color me naive, but then I've loaned money to relatives and they paid me back.

TTP said...

WOW, seems I missed a lot of fun today.

First though, thank you CC. That was beautiful.

To blue, or not to blue, that is the question. Response Part 1:

YOU ARE SAFE GOING BLUE. Just don't put too much personally identifiable information in your profile. eg, real full name, street address, zip. There is no real danger in going blue. In fact, your larger exposures are 1)not keeping a firewall active, 2)not keeping your antivirus program up to date, 3) responding to phishing emails, 4) downloading and running neat little free programs you've found on the web, 5) clicking on links from untrusted websites, and 6) entering personally identifiable data into into spoofed websites.

If you add an email address to your profile, understand it can be seen by anyone that goes to your profile. I would recommend that you create a new one - most ISPs allow you to create multiple email accounts - so that is not the same one you use for business on other online activity. (Plus there are plenty of free sevices that will allow you to set up email accounts such as AOL and YAHOO etc.) For example, I have an email address that I will share with family and friends. Also use it for groupon and getting sale notices from Safway, Kohls, Carson Pirie, Maceys and the like. All online banking, bill paying, online orders is done with a different email ID.

You can do it with one, as long as you aware of who is sending you what and that you aren't absent mindedly clicking on links or downloading files from unknown senders. Let's say you create a new account, MBOB@YAHOO.COM and put that in your Google Profile as your email address. You KNOW that the only mail you should be getting there is from other google bloggers. If you get one from mastercard telling you to update your account, delete it. You don't get that kind of mail on that ID. BTW, don't update that stuff on your normal account. That's phishing. But if you get mail from crosswordc@gmail, you will know it's from CC. If you don't know you can generally open it to see, but just don't click links or open attachments. No different than your current email. It just helps separate the wheat from the chaff.

I would be far, far more concerned about being on Facebook that having a Google Blogger ID. Google will capture some info about your searches and will personalize your future interactions with it's products. So if you search Neil Degrasse Tyson, yes, it's in your browsing history, but don't be surprised if he shows up on YouTube as another video you might want to watch. Your data is aggregated, but anything that identifies you as you is not sold. Google has a very strong track record of protecting user privacy. Facebook, not so much.

MY reason for going Blue ? Someone, not me, demonstrated it today by repeatedly posting as PK. I didn't want anyone posting as (notBlue) TTP pretending to be me. We've come to know PK, and might be tempted to just click a link that came with her PK name, not in blue. Could be risky. Is it really her ? When the poster is Blue, you know the link came from someone that you've interacted with or "know" from this blog. I'll click the links from any blue regular, but hesitate when they are not blue. I went blue because I was posting links and didn't want someone spoofing TTP and posting links under my online persona...

Avg Joe said...

Well OK, this has to go down as one of the weirdest days on this board of all time. So...and in no particular order....

If anyone doubts that travel plans are announced here, read the posts from any given day. Holiday plans, traveling to see a new grandchild, going to the Black Hills, going to any number of nauseum. Please people! Think about it. You're telling the world that you're out of town. You think your only talking to friends, but there's a large unknown and unfriendly crowd listening in.

No one knows how large this room is. You read the comments from those that choose to participate, including the asshats, but there are an untold number of lurkers that don't come forward and might have worse intent. Exercise discretion. It's a simple suggestion.

I could go on, but most of you would be bored and my particular asshat anon will only attack to a greater degree, so why bother. But, PK, I would ask that you send me a private email since we seem to be that minority of two in this crusade. My address is in my profile and I have no way of reaching out to you. (but that's obvious).

Ron Worden said...

To Tinbeni, I worked at 3rd and 3rd south it was Dew Cadillac now it is a Publix. My father also worked there. Those were the days my friend.
A toast or 2 to the old downtown. RJW .

TTP said...

OK, yes, that was way too long. Trying again. Condensed version.

WOW, seems I missed a lot of fun today.

First though, thank you CC. That was beautiful.

To blue, or not to blue, that is the question. Response Part 1:

YOU ARE SAFE GOING BLUE. I wouldn't put too much personally identifiable information in your profile. eg, real full name, street address, zip. There is no real danger in going blue. In fact, your larger exposures are 1)not keeping a firewall active, 2)not keeping your antivirus program up to date, 3) responding to phishing emails, 4) downloading and running neat little free programs you've found on the web, 5) clicking on links from untrusted websites, and 6) entering personally identifiable data into into spoofed websites.

I would be far, far more concerned about being on Facebook than having a Google Blogger ID. Google has a very strong track record of protecting user privacy. Facebook, not so much.

I went blue because I was posting links and didn't want someone spoofing TTP and posting links under my online persona...

Mari said...

Here's a photo of my kitty Sam with "Santa Cat" (avatar).

HG, I'd like to see your map too. It'd be interesting to see how far and wide the CC has reached.

Anonymous said...

Geeez, Let it go Joe!

mtnest995 said...

Seems more like a cat fight than a pillow fight - Geesh. I don't post often, but I read and enjoy the blog everyday.

Having said that - Gary, I would love to see the map - and you can put me right smack-dab in the middle of central California. I truly enjoy the diversity of this group for lots of reasons.

About the puzzle - seemed a little tougher than the normal Monday offering, but was able to finish with no problem. Actually thought the NY Times was a tad easier for a change.

I have a Christmas sweater with a reindeer on it that says " Lighten Up" - sounds like good advice for the few who jumped all over Gary over this issue. Give the guy a break, will ya? He had a very rough weekend. 'Nuff said.

Cheers - and it's sunset - so a toast or two to my cyber friends.


TTP said...

To Avg Joe's point...

If you have a home network and are wireless, you are broadcasting. If you are broadcasting, and a tech savvy bad guy is in range, he can capture your SSID (and zero in to your house or apt based on signal strength) and see whether or not your network is protected. If not protected, or weakly protected, it's relatively easy to link into your network. If you are doing file and printer sharing, the bad guys is in and has access to virtually any resources on your network. If you have previously posted that you are going to be away...

Bill G. said...

Avg Joe, taken in moderation, that all makes sense. It occurs to me that it is possible that some ill could befall one of us from an evil lurker wanting to do bad things to ones of us sharing our personal lives here on the blog. Of course, we don't know if there are any evil lurkers here; we just know about the snarky anons.

After reading Windy's post, it also occurs to me that it is possible that ones of us who, being extra careful to be private, may be missing out on some wonderful experiences like visiting Windy and enjoying his generosity or hanging out with the California Coven or visiting me for a slow bike ride along the wide Pacific or ...?

I do think it is possible to go through life being so careful and prudent that one misses out on lots of good relationships and good fun.

On an only slightly related topic, I was visiting my mother in a local retirement home. She was very open and friendly with strangers. She walked up to the door and said Hi to a young child standing there. The kid let out a blood-curdling scream at full volume. My mother and I were both badly shaken. The kid's mother came up and said not to worry. They had taught him to scream whenever a stranger tried to talk to him. Geez...

Since I didn't think those two previous pictures of Marti did her justice, here's one I found.


carol said...

Java Mama, Boy, do I AGREE with you on that "Santa Baby" song, I have always absolutely HATED it!! I leave skid marks on my kitchen floor trying to turn my little radio off.

Windhover :) Like the old saying goes: "Gas, Grass or Ass, nobody rides for free". Yes, there does seem to be a lot of feathers flying around. Us old ones on here have had our information on 'display' for several years, and no harm has befallen us because of it.
I have made some VERY good friends thanks to this blog. I am grateful.
(but I don't loan money to ANYONE) :)

PK said...

I wish nothing but the best for all of you lovely people.

The guy who was manning the radar screen on Dec. 6, 1941, thought all those blips surely couldn't mean what he'd been trained to think they were. We all know how that turned out.

I didn't mean to cause a ruckus. I just didn't want Gary to publish a map with all the specific coordinates you all had listed the other day. That was scary enough.

Windhover, did you see my post to you Saturday night about the Moran?

Pookie said...

Mari and Sam :D: @ 6:54
That is one BEA-U-TI_FUL Feline!!!!
Hence, my avatar.
Meowy Christmas, Sam and Mari

Manac said...

Dang Bill!
You seem to have a serious woody for Sofia Vergara! Does Barbara know?

Actually, I have conversed with many here privately after I turned blue and enjoyed them all! No bad has come to me and I still welcome the private chats. As to my address to lurkers, bring it on, S. NH is a big place!

downtonabbey said...

Thanks CC, Argyle for everything for today's writeup. This puzzle started as though it were too easy and then stalled in the mid south section. I didn't know HISS and it crossed with ANGELFALLS which I also didn't know. Had a quiet weekend.

Made good progress this weekend in working with nursing home staff on helping my partner's mom get clean clothes on each day. I labeled everything in her drawers etc. and flowered those who have improved with her with kudos. I just don't want them to take things out on her because her memory "reset" every five minutes. Read the blog and did weekend puzzles late.
Goodnite all!

downtonabbey said...

I just read the blog. Re Sleep Number beds: I have read they are the most returned bed on the market. I have heard wonderful things about the temperpedic bed. A close friend had one for seven years and it developed a low spot. Temperpedic took it back and gave her a new one without questions.
Hope that helps. michele

thehondohurricane said...


I'd be interested in the map. I'll take it from the blog or you can EMail it.

JD said...

What is nice about our Corner is that everyone is different and is able to speak out. I may not agree with PK, but then I haven't had any scarey encounters. There are reasons that some have these fears. I have met 11 people from our blog..ALL are really great people. You can tell after reading their blogs for months (years). I agree with Bill about missing opportunities, but do understand others' fears.

Husker, I love your idea of the map.

CC, the Butterfly Lovers was lovely. My legs cramped up watching her.Amazing!

Lemonade, that word game was a regular "sponge activity" in my classroom when we had a spare 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

PK in a paranoid world "what color is the sky?"

Marge said...

Hi all,

This was quite a blog today!I must admit I have given info on traveling. I guess it is better to wait until we get home to say anything.

Gary,I would like to get your map. I also want to say we Badgers were as surprised an the Corn Huskers were about the score on Saturday. We are happy,of course but I did feel bad for you.

We always called our christmas ornamments Balls. Since we will be home for Christmas this year we will bring our little pre-decorated tree up in a few days.We will have my brother and his two sons here also.

I also knew Nadia's last name and most of the spelling but wasn't sure about the last two letters.

I also didn't care to be known as an old COOT. Ha!

This really seemed like a regular Monday puzzle to me. I (and my DH) both thought it was fun.

Have a good evening!

Bea from Fargo said...

Hands up for octet and teepee and Ruanda. Gary, re: map, put me down from, oh I don't know, Fargo! I'm not blue nor do I post often, but it would be fun to see who all may be from the great state of North Dakota. Thank you.

TTP said...

Yes, I probably sound like an alarmist - chicken little if you will.

But IT is my domain, and I understand exposures.

If you are wireless, enable security. WEP is ok, but easily hacked by skilled perps. WPA2-PSK encryption is nearly impenetrable, especially with a strong password. If you had a geek squad type of service set it up, insist that they show you how to change the password. And change it after they leave.

If you are wireless and going away, I would recommend leaving your router on and broadcasting. If someone has been casing your house, omitting that tell tale signal is as good as posting a billboard "I'm away" to high tech thieves.

downtonabbey said...

I didn't give my location Sat because my GPS is in Arkansas. You are welcome to put me on the map in Kemah, Texas. I am sorry this has caused such a ruckus.

I do feel it is a good idea not to post that you are going away. I have heard of people stealing cars in Houston at the Texan's games. The robbers looked specifically for cars with dashboard GPS systems. They took the car at the beginning of the football game. Used the GPS to go to each person's house and the garage door opener to enter the house. Then took all belongings in the house...

However, there is such a thing as being TOO careful. It crosses the line with LIVING your life. I look forward to getting to know those here better, more grandchild photos, etc.

tampagirl said...

I am in California for the holidays spending time with my daughter and son-in-law. Got to witness flooding in North California area. Rained here for 5 days straight. Really enjoyed the puzzle today. Had some doh minutes but just loved the Christmas theme. Put me on the list for the map. I'm not afraid. would enjoy seeing how spread out we are. Stay dry and warm.

tampagirl said...

Amendment to prior post. My other daughter is still at home in Tampa so no vacant house.

windhover said...

PK @ 7:42,
Yes I did, cousin. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. And with that "kissin" designation, you could turn out to be one of my favorite cousins. Haven't had one of those since I was 12. She was 10. I ran into her (literally; I turned a corner in the grocery store and we collided) a few weeks ago and we laughed about it.

downtonabbey said...

I left one crucial point out about the car thieves. Each GPS had "home" listed in it so robbers were able to just press directions to each home. Police said it was a good idea to not store your exact location but a gas station close to your home....

Argyle, you are too funny.

Bill G. your wife will be getting jealous!

Anonymous said...

Good night all.

Bill G. I totally agree with what you said about dangers –lack thereof – of having people on this blog know where you live and going blue. I have been open about this since July 2008 and no adverse experiences.

Interesting pillow fight today.

Husker: put me on your list for the map.

Anonymous said...

PS Because of the info given on this blog, I have been able to meet with two couples and enjoyed it very much.
And I hope CED lets me know when he gets to Naples so we can get together.

Blue Iris said...

Our tree is up and decorated with lights and homemade crocheted garland. We have collected homemade ornaments over the years but haven't got them on the tree yet.
22 days till Christmas.

Really late because I read all 100+ comments. When I turned "blue" on the blog, my son was very weary. After reading some of my emails now, he says mom you've made some nice friends. I like the idea of emailing the map.

Back to cwd puzzle...
One and only clue sounded romantic until the fill was LONE.
Wanted TEEPEE, not AFRAME. AFRAME does sound more comfy for a snowy Christmas.
Ignore socially is not SHUN.
WAY is sure a simple WAY to say technique.
How did TEEOFF in golf become really mad??
Pickles...first thought of comic...Yum, I'd like a pickle...Sounds good then equalled JAR.
COOT...back to Pickles.

Argyle said...

The spam filter is on the fritz again.

Manac said...

OK, my last post for the night.
Tinseltown and a post about the rum Rebellion... Hmm.. Tinsel town Rebellion. Dudley, any comment??
After thinking about it, I may not be the only one outed. How did YOU know about "Great Googly Moogly" ?

Manac said...

I forgot

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Long day, really late to the party.

Just had to be part of a blog day that reached 135 posts!

Manac - a fair question. I knew about Frank Zappa because my older sister's husband was a big fan. They lived with us at home for a few years, thus I heard Apostrophe and 200 Motels quite a bit on the old Pioneer stereo.

Manac said...

Always the gentleman.

Anonymous said...


I am really very crochety and I KNOW It!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Pas de chat,
Good question. It's for a show.

I understand your concern. But as Jayce and others pointed out, you just need to give out as little information as you feel comfortable in your profile. In fact a simple blue PK with no info is fine too. This way, no snarky anonymous can assume your name and post anonymous posts.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Go to blog front page. Under Olio, there's a post on "How to Post a Comment". It covers how to turn blue. If you encounter any problem, feel free to post the question on the blog.

TTP @6:26pm,
Very useful. Thank you!

Avg Joe,
Great advice on not to announce your whereabouts. This blog is just like real life. The vast majority are nice people, but bad apples are there.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Bill G @7:21,
... or what?

Argyle said...

Willow is another blue with no info.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Yeah, PK and Misty, you can set up your profile in the pattern of Willow.

Abejo said...

HG: Put me on the map. No problem.


Jerome said...

Fermatprime- You can spend now until doomsday trying to figure out the theme of a USA Today puzzle... or why it exists. It is the most hideous, unimaginitive, terribly edited puzzle of all time. And that includes the abominations on a drugstore magazine rack.