Dec 30, 2012

Sunday Dec 30, 2012 Pancho Harrison

(If your paper does not carry the puzzle I'm blogging on Sundays, click here to solve on line or print out a copy. We don't know why the LA Times newspaper does not carry this puzzle on Sundays. It's just the way it is.)

Theme: "Missing Piece" - GUN can follow the last word of each theme entry.

23A. Item on a resolution list : STOP SMOKING. Smoking gun.

25A. Wiggly belt? : JELLO SHOT. Shotgun.

47A. Flour or sugar, e.g. : FOOD STAPLE. Staple gun.
70A. Classic comedy duo : BOB AND RAY. Raygun.

93A. Sucker that debuted in 1931 : TOOTSIE POP. Popgun.

117A. '60s-'70s compact resurrected in 2012 : DODGE DART. Dart gun.
121A. Vigorous effort : ELBOW GREASE. Grease gun. 123. Use 121-Across on : SCOUR

36D. Fixture in many an office hallway : CANDY MACHINE. Machine gun.
40D. Tyke : LITTLE SQUIRT. Squirt gun. I just love this picture.

Left to right: Grady (11 months), Truman 3 & Cameron (2 weeks)

120D. Piece that can follow the ends of the nine longest puzzle answers : GUN

Sensitive theme given the Sandy Hook tragedy. But remember Rich arranges his puzzle schedule a month in advance. Pancho created this puzzle months ago.

Pancho is the first LAT constructor we encountered when the Tribune made puzzle change in March 2009, so his name will always be special to me.


1. Argentine grassland : PAMPA

6. Teacher's request : SEE ME

11. Cell unit: Abbr. : MIN

14. Wise words : ADAGE

19. Oklahoma natives : OTOES

20. Poetry middle name : ALLAN. Edgar Allan Poe.

21. "Double Fantasy" artist : ONO

22. Pageant accessory : TIARA

27. Abate : EASE UP

28. Headliner : STAR

29. Choose to participate : OPT IN

30. Dr. concerned with rhythm : DRE. Rapper.

31. __ tai : MAI

33. Some are inflated : EGOS

35. Stick-to-it-iveness : TENACITY

40. Listed in England? : LEANT. We just LEANED.

42. Those, in Tijuana : ESAS

44. Look askance : GLANCE

45. __ test : ACID

51. High degrees : NTHS

52. Floride, e.g. : ETAT. Floride is French for Florida. I thought it's some kind of chemical product.

53. Desdemona's husband was one : MOOR. Othello.

54. Stage direction : ENTER

55. One may be coed : DORM

56. Words to one taking off : DON'T GO. Won't work. Just let him go.

58. Fictional plantation : TARA

61. "Madness put to good use": Santayana : SANITY

63. Richard's "Stakeout" co-star : EMILIO (Estevez). Richard Dreyfuss. 100A.

64. Blast from the past : OLDIE. So many good Chinese oldies are on YouTube.

66. Marcus's partner : NEIMAN

69. Closet contents, maybe : LINEN

73. Snacks in shells : TACOS

75. Jet-setter's transport, perhaps : CESSNA

77. Dutch painter of "The Cat Family" : STEEN (Jan). Drew a blank.

78. Blessing elicitor : AHCHOO

79. Deal with, as thirst : QUENCH

82. Andean ancient : INCA

83. Trailing : BEHIND

84. Baseball family name : ALOU. 3/4 are vowels, hence its frequent appearances in Xwords.

87. Prefix meaning "vinegar" : ACETO

89. Further : ALSO

91. Supermodel Sastre : INES. She was the Trésor spokemodel. I like Trésor, a lot.

92. Pueblo Revolt tribe : HOPI. Easy guess. Unaware of the Revolt.

96. M.I.T. grad, often : ENGR

97. Opposed : AVERSE

99. Splendor : POMP

100. "I have no idea" : GOT ME

102. It's often between two periods : SENTENCE. D'oh moment!

105. Tiff : SPAT

107. Ready, as a keg : TAP

108. But, to Brutus : SED

111. Brink : VERGE

113. Pablo __ y Picasso : RUIZ. What am I, chopped liver? OK, suspension!

115. Plant with stickers : NETTLE

124. Path to enlightenment : ZEN. The character looks like this in Chinese. I don't think Dave will ever be in a  Zen-like state. His brain is way too active.

125. Notre Dame's river : SEINE. Not the Notre Dame Steve & Irish Miss had in mind.

126. River frolicker : OTTER

127. Wimbledon courts, in essence : LAWNS

128. Cockpit calc. : ETA. I wonder why they call it cockpit.

129. Vampire's undoing : STAKE

130. Oscar winner Witherspoon : REESE. She won Oscar for "Walk the Line". Nice movie.
1. Got set for a shot? : POSED. Instinctive fill for me.

2. Fragrant extract : ATTAR

3. Yellowstone bellower : MOOSE. And 7. Yellowstone buglers : ELKS

4. Latino Muppet prawn : PEPE. 100A.

5. Took over : ASSUMED

6. __ Paulo : SAO

8. A-list : ELITE

9. Got by : MANAGED

10. Captivate : ENGROSS

11. Spell-casting art : MOJO

12. Not up to it : INEPT

13. "Cape Fear" actor : NOLTE (Nick)

14. Really hard to hum along to : ATONAL

15. Bad-mouth : DIS

16. "That's the spot!" : AAH

17. Miracle-__ : GRO. Do you snip the tops of your tomato plants to stop growth? I feel you can get bigger tomatoes this way.

18. Use the feed bag : EAT

24. Assigner of G's and R's : MPAA

26. Teddies and such : LINGERIE. So, how many bras do you think an average American woman own?

32. Data : INFO

34. Fill to the bursting point : SATE

37. Digging : INTO

38. Sch. staffer : TCHR. Oh no!

39. Polite rural affirmative : YES 'M

41. Very affected : TOO TOO

43. Without : SANS

45. __ energy : ATOMIC

46. Fang : CANINE

48. Toothbrush handle? : ORAL B. Great clue.

49. Home-school link: Abbr. : PTA

50. 1974 title role for Dustin : LENNY. RATSO fits as well.

52. Henry James biographer Leon : EDEL. Haven't seen this answer for a long time.

53. Alley Oop's kingdom : MOO

57. Infomercial cutter : GINSU

59. Nutritional stds. : RDAs

60. "__ a stinker?": Bugs Bunny line : AIN'T I

62. Church pledge : TITHE

65. Site of a Biblical plot : EDEN

67. In need of a massage : ACHING

68. Midday event : NOONER

70. Baccarat call : BANCO

71. One may include a walk-off homer : RECAP. Not an easy clue.

72. Like pre-digital recordings : ANALOG

74. Fixes the fairway, say : SODS

76. Made tidy : NEATENED

78. Blood typing letters : ABO

80. Bus. driver? : CEO. Didn't see the .

81. URL opener : HTTP

84. Cries of discovery : AHAs

85. It means nothing at Arthur Ashe Stadium : LOVE. Indeed.

86. Go on first : OPEN

88. Bolivian bears : OSOs

90. Tea serving? : SPOT

94. Dazzle : IMPRESS

95. Scout shirt feature : EPAULET. The shoulder piece. 

96. Largest penguin : EMPEROR

98. Breaks off : SEVERS

101. In-flight beverage? : TANG. Nice clue.

103. It doesn't last : CRAZE. I just don't see the beauty of Boyfriend jeans. The holes are great. But the jeans feel so slouchy.

104. White-plumed wader : EGRET

106. Long bone : TIBIA

108. Condition : STATE

109. "It's nobody __ business" : ELSE'S

110. Caterpillar rival : DEERE

112. Mount near Catania : ETNA. In Sicily.

114. Doze, with "out" : ZONK

116. Head of France? : TETE. Literally, "head", in France.

117. High-speed PC connection : DSL

118. Andean tuber : OCA. Our local grocery stores do not carry these. I wonder if they taste like taros.

119. Daily newspaper index : DOW

122. Pint-size : WEE



Al Cyone said...

Good morning from the beautiful, snow-covered, mid-Hudson valley. I think we've seen the last of the (falling) white stuff for awhile though, with temps never getting above freezing in the 10-day forecast, what's already on the ground isn't going anywhere.

A nice, perp-full, Sunday puzzle. [19:18]

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Mostly straightforward effort today. Didn't get the theme until I got to the reveal, but really didn't need to know it in order to get the theme answers.

Enjoyed the fun/tough clue for ETAT (I misread FLORIDE as FLUORIDE and went off on a mental tangent). Also enjoyed learning that CESSNA now makes jets as well as propeller planes.

We've had this conversation before, but I still feel that PAMPA is not legitimate in the singular. The Argentine grassland is called "Las PAMPAs, and at most you can say that PAMPAs derives from the Quechuan word PAMPA.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go shovel...

Unknown said...

Hello from brisk Atlanta! Long-time lurker, first-time poster by name. I enjoy reading the blog each day after doing the puzzle, just to see the different insights. Also, this blog doesn't seem as fractious as other crossword-related blogs (even though it's easy to see who doesn't like whom, haha).

Very unusual for me, I picked up the potential theme when my mind put GUN at the end of JELLO SHOT, and it fit both SMOKING and the theme title. It certainly helped with the rest of the theme answers. The puzzle itself went quietly although I needed 'perps' to finish it. Sunday puzzles are wonderful, if only for their length.

Barry G., Cessna has produced business jets since the mid '90s.

Thanks for letting me join in. I hope everyone has a happy and successful new year.

TTP said...

Thank you Pancho Harrison and CC.

Welcome Jimmy Graham.

I failed at the intersecting C in BANCO and ACETO. Other than that, sure and steady progress from start to end.

Now I have to go make coffee and face the day. This will be the first day in over 300 days that the high temperature won't be over freezing in Chicago.

Spitzboov, re yesterday... SAY SOMETHING

Argyle said...

Jimmy, there's a concept: jello shots from across the bar. I thought Jello shots were wimpy but from a jello shotgun, how manly is that? Viral YouTube, fer sure!

Al Cyone said...

I thought you puzzlers might like to take a stab at this week's NPR challenge:

First, name a U.S. state capital. Rearrange its letters to spell the name of another American city. Remove one letter and read the result backward to spell a third American city. Finally, move the first letter of that to the end to spell a fourth American city. The cities are in four different states. What are they?

You can submit your answer here (though I suggest not posting it on this blog until after the Thursday 3 pm EST deadline).

Anonymous said...

Terrific Sunday puzzle. Thank you.

"Dr. concerned with rhythm : DRE. Rapper."

Maybe he's concerned with cardiac rhthym because of the ill-effects of chronic hostility on the heart.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I took a Pancho to the chops and ended with a dreaded DNF today. I never got off Barry's mental tangent. I was still looking for a word for Fluoride, and I didn't know the name of the bigographer. I WAGged an "A".

My first thought for Argentine plain was LLANO -- I have no idea what it means; it just popped into my head. Maybe llamas roam on the llano?

It's too cold to bicycle, so it'll be another "marching" day around here. BTW, welcome Jimmy Graham.

SouthernBelle said...

Mornin'to all

A real fun puzzle to start off (almost) a new year!

Finished in record time. But certainly won't finish the two page puzzle in the Atlanta paper by Jan. 1.......wonder if our new Jimmy is working it too??

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Pancho Harrison, for a very good puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for the fine review.

I am still too ill to do anything else, so I worked the puzzle, most of it last night and the rest this morning.

Got started in the South and worked my way North.

Theme came early, especially GUN for 120D. After I had a couple of the long answers.

Did not know that Dodge had reintroduced the DODGE DART.

Interesting data on TOOTSIE POP.

Of course I wrote in QUIT SMOKING for 23A. Had to fix that later to STOP SMOKING. One of a few write-overs.

Never heard of BOB AND RAY. I don't get out much.

Liked MOOSE and ELKS.

I had a tough time getting CANINE and ATOMIC for 45 and 46 down. Thye should have been easy. Oh well.

AHCHOO was tricky. I was looking for Jacob.

Never heard of BANCO. Never have played baccarat.

Welcome Jimmy Graham. We will enjoy hearing more from you.

See you tomorrow.


Pinto said...

I always thought Othello was a Moop...

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Fell for the Floride trap, too. I really thought it was a typo. The only Leon I could think of was Uris - hey, it fit for a while. Jello Shot took time to emerge.

Morning Jimmy Graham, did you mean 60's? Cessna was developing the first of a long line of Citation jets in the late 60's, the model 500. They started showing up in 1970, and were successful right off the bat.

Blue Iris from last night - I was out watching Les Miserables also. All in all an excellent production in my opinion, but I was constantly annoyed by the "swimmy" camera work. The bulk of the film was shot with unstabilized hand cameras, and the result was less than ideal.

Argyle said...

Bob and Ray skit. My father___was__a___founding__ __member of_-_S - T - o - A.

Avg Joe said...

This one beat me. Started out quite quickly, but slowed and eventually got a DNF. Could not remember Emilio in Stakeout, so had no E or O at the ends.

Did have Etat entered, but it was a wag I didn't understand. Same for Min as a cell unit. I guess that means Cell phone? Also had cONK out, so FIW on Ruiz. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

thehondohurricane said...

Good morning everyone,

Welcome Jimmy Graham....... Be glad you don't have to shovel brisk!

The predicted 3 to 5 inches turned out to be 13 inches here.

Not too bad a puzzle today, but because of two incorrect wags, a DNF. A D in square 11 and and a Z in square 53 did me in. I was pretty sure OOPS kingdom was a ZOO and never looked at the across answer.

Hand up for LLANO before perps straightened me out. Maybe we were an exception, but my workplace had its CANDY MACHINE in the cafeteria. Our hallways were for people movement, not lingering.

Well, enough procrastinating, time to finish cleaning up the walkways and deck. UGH!

UConn/Stanford ladies game turned out to be a romp. Was hoping for a close game, but at least the right team did the romping


desper-otto said...

Al Cyone@8:02 -- I've solved your puzzle and submitted the answer to NPR. Turned out to be easier than I expected.

We recently bought a 15-movie BluRay package of Hitchcock films, and last night we watched Rear Window. I noted from the credits that Ross Bagdasarian appeared as the composer who lived across the way from Jimmy Stewart. In 1958 that same guy composed and performed a #1 hit tune that went:
And at Christmastime in 1958, under the pseudonym of David Seville, he recorded another hit that went,
"Christmas, Christmas time is near,
Time for toys and time for cheer..." Remember him?

Husker Gary said...

Looking for the theme is part of the game and I didn’t get it until the reveal but had a good time on the way.

-Bob and Ray were a very funny staple on The Ed Sullivan Show
-Our fav Mexican restaurant gives you TOOTSIE POPs when you pay
-A short tempered friend of mine hit the glass on the CANDY MACHINE so hard, it broke and he had to get stitches. EASE UP!
-What’s the difference between a PAMPA and a CAMPO?
-I confidently put down SALT for Floride first. Oops.
-What could possibly go wrong in this Coed DORM situation?
-C.C., please link to a Chinese OLDIE for me.
-I never did really get the tradition of saying Gesundheit for an ACHOO
-Why is ONO considered an artist? GOT ME.
-An out of bounds on our golf course has NETTLES. Of course, I’ve only heard about them ;-)
-It appears that the Muslim Brotherhood has ASSUMED a lot of control in the Mideast
-Omahan Nick NOLTE has led a checkered life and claims this is not his mug shot
-The flood of 2011 still has one of Nebraska’s two ATOMIC power plants offline.
-Our friend’s medical insurance is covering 10 massages for her aches after a car wreck
-A current “fashion” CRAZE I don’t get is the two-day-old beard on men. Do you ladies find this attractive?

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

I enjoyed this Sunday offering very much. Didn't get the theme until the unifier but it wasn't necessary as the theme answers were pretty straight forward.

Nice puzzle, Pancho, and good expo, CC. Thanks for the shout out, CC; there was never a doubt about the river Seine.

Welcome, Jimmy Graham.

We have about a foot of snow on the ground and the temps for the coming week are mighty frigid.

Have a super Sunday.

Anonymous said...

was this a pangram?

Qli said...

Well done, Pancho Harrison. You got me! Thanks to C.C for the explanations.

The theme came easily, but the little names got me: CESSNA, EMILIO, INES,NEIMAN. I was also thinking flouride, so couldn't make that work. Loved Wiggley Belt!

Kids are already on the second part of the flight home. So it's back to the routine around here.

Jill said...

Husker, RE: two-day-old beard.

Depends on the man...

Yes please

Ummm...not so much

Husker Gary said...

Dudley, Yeah, I knew that ting tang Dr. long before Dr. DRE. I’ll take silly lyrics over profane any day. I also remember Alvin’s mentor, David Seville.

Welcome, Jimmy Graham, you become our first name on the map in what Wikipedia calls the Deep South.

HeartRx said...

Good morning C.C. et al.

Nice offering from Pancho Harrison this morning. I loved the clue for ORAL B, and chuckled when NOONER appeared. Would that include a happy ending?

Welcome, Jimmy Graham. Hmmm...jello shotguns? I just had a vision of bar patrons getting their jello shots blasted all over their faces. Too funny!

Anon @ 10:17, not a pangram - it was only missing an X.

We shoveled about 8" of the white stuff this morning. I was thinking of going cross-country skiing, but with wind chills around 7 degrees, I think I'll stay inside, instead!

Anonymous said...

This is the puzzle we had last Sunday!

willow said...

Good morning, all! Thought I'd stop in this morning & say hello before I tried the puzzle. Tried to not look @ the answers! I enjoy following the conversations here, but often feel "too late" to join in. i live in the far west & am 2 to 3 hours behind most of the bloggers. Well, bacon & eggs are calling, so - spaeter!

River Doc said...

Happy New Years Eve Eve to all!

Technical DNF for me today – done in by the NW corner….

Maybe “B-List Bellower” would’ve been a better clue for 21A, as she seems to have an inflated 33A….

Bob and Ray have been replaced by Bob and Tom on radio these days.

First heard the term Banco while watching Sean Connery as James Bond. Surprisingly, Baccarat is very popular here in Vegas.

Too many Mai Tais and Jello Shots might lead to a Nooner, or at worst, a Zonk.

Alou has always been a gimme answer for me. See the link for an interesting factoid about the Alou brothers.

Favorite line from Stakeout: “I love my job, I love my job!”

Yellowrocks said...

Fun! I had SQUIRT and GUN early on, so the themes were easy. The puzzle went down fairly quickly, but I hit a snag at MOJO and MIN. I considered MOJO, but I only knew it as self confidence. An athlete is said to bounce back from a defeat and get his MOJO back. After looking MOJO up I see it is also a magic charm bag.
-I left the M blank because I didn't see how MIN could be a cell unit until Avg Joe mentioned phone. D'oh.
-We had a Dodge Dart in the 60’s.
-ONO is called a recording artist in many articles.
-I liked “It is often between 2 periods”/ SENTENCE and “It means nothing at Arthur Ashe Stadium”/LOVE.
-I always think of wild bar scenes for JELLO SHOTS, definitely a male pleaser.

Yellowrocks said...

Fun! I had SQUIRT and GUN early on, so the themes were easy. The puzzle went down fairly quickly, but I hit a snag at MOJO and MIN. I considered MOJO, but I only knew it as self confidence. An athlete is said to bounce back from a defeat and get his MOJO back. After looking MOJO up I see it is also a magic charm bag.
-I left the M blank because I didn't see how MIN could be a cell unit until Avg Joe mentioned phone. D'oh.
-We had a Dodge Dart in the 60’s.
-ONO is called a recording artist in many articles.
-I liked “It is often between 2 periods”/ SENTENCE and “It means nothing at Arthur Ashe Stadium”/LOVE.
-I always think of wild DF bar scenes for JELLO SHOTS.

PK said...

Hi Y'all, Great puzzle, Pancho! Great expo, C.C!

I ran out of patience in the SW. Couldn't come up with the three first letters for either SCOUR or LAWNS. I thought the courts at Wimbledon were "clays". I don't have to do much scouring anymore with only myself, although I did use ELBOW GREASE on a nasty kitchen floor the other night.

Hands up for cONK. Can someone explain what is 24d MPAA?

Pinto, you crack me up! Also the other night with my typo.

HG: I think I read somewhere that people started saying "bless you" because sneezes were supposed to be the time closest to death--the spirit was thought to be trying to escape the body.

desper-otto said...

PK, MPAA is the Motion Picture Association of America. They rate the movies and assign G's and R's.

PK said...

GUN is on my mind. My 12 yr-old grandson came to me all excited and happy and gave me a great sincere hug yesterday. They had just come from a store where he had spent the Christmas money I and others had given him buying a paint ball GUN for $130 marked down from $346 & lots of ammo.

All his friends now have paint ball guns, but theirs are plain old rifles. What really excited my grandson is his is a "military special" that looks like an Uzi. My son is planning to set up a paintball area in the pasture and bought reloading equipment.

I was very dismayed to have my money spent for this. I was happy to provide him with so much delight. But I was sorry that it took a gun to do it this particular month. Stunned, I didn't say much.

Last year his parents gave him some expensive electronic games & player and said not to take them to school. He took them. They were stolen.

I hope he doesn't try taking the neato Uzi on a school bus to show his friends!!! If it looks real...

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon, everyone. Nice intro, C.C. Thank you.

Nice Sunday puzzle. I seem to be getting used to Poncho's offerings. After several revisits to the solve, I finally got it all. On 52a, I was thinking something chemically, too, but the crosses directed me to ETAT the French concept of Florida.
Those OCAS looked delicious. Wonder what they taste like. I like STEEN's (rhymes with lane) art. So human. My first car was a 1960 DODGE DART with the slant-six engine.
The NETTLE leaf is on the Schleswig-Holstein flag representing Holstein. (don't ask)

TTP @0725: I'm sorry, we got home late yesterday, so I don't know if there was something specific you are referring to. I did not have easy computer access the last few days.

Have a great next-to-the-last day of 2012.

Anonymous said...

Kids have been having fun playing with guns since there were guns. I'm so sick of this wringing of hands over kids playing with cap guns, water guns, etc. Maybe look at what's changed over the years, for instance, organizations like the ACLU doing everything in their power to make it extremely difficult for a family to have someone institutionalized. There's much more to the big picture.

Al Cyone said...

PK @12:42 "Can someone explain what is 24d MPAA?"

Double-click on a word to highlight it, then right-click on it to bring up a menu. Select "Search Google for ___" and you'll almost always get the answer you're looking for (and a few hundred thousand more!). I think right-clicking might be the most helpful, most underused feature of Windows. Note that this works on Chrome but should also work with other browsers (if not, switch to Chrome!).

TTP said...


Hadn't seen you posting for a few days and wondered if you were snowed under. Glad all is ok.

CrossEyedDave said...

I am sorry i missed yesterdays puzzle, as i was setting up a new computer. After 10 years, i felt the old one was too far behind the times. Little did i know i was getting Windows 8, which apparently due to corporate wars does not support Pop 3, which means i cannot get my Cable Company provided Email. Very annoying! Luckily Google Chrome allows access, i just have to do 3 steps, sign on, & jump thru other hoops to get my Email when i used to just push a button on my keyboard...

Todays puzzle, sorry but i really do not feel like linking anything funny about guns lately. How about this missing piece.

28A The original cockpit was a hole dug in the ground in which male chickens would be forced to fight. It resembled the area in which a pilot would sit in old WW1 aircraft.

WBS Re: Floride
I never saw the missing "U"
(does that make any sense?)

115A Plant with stickers = Nettle
Not too many people are aware that this noxious weed has great nutritional value, & its sting is neutralized by boiling. This makes it a great soup green if you can harvest it!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I have to say I didn't like this puzzle very much. The theme was cute, but it seemed as if Mr. Harrison tried to cram in so many theme entries that there was not enough room left for much of anything else except tortured abbreviations, such as TCHR (Oh no!) and shorties such as AHH, DIS, AHAS, OSOS, and GRO.

But I really really did like the theme.

Wanted BISON instead of MOOSE at first, SNEEZE instead of AHCHOO, and LLANO instead of (shudder!) PAMPA. Also fell into the trap of reading Floride as Flouride. That was a fun trap to fall into, though.

My guess is that the average American woman owns twice as many bras as she owns pairs of shoes.

Happy new year's eve eve.

Lucina said...

Hello,C.C. and all. Great to "see" you, C.C. and am always in awe of your English skills.

Very late to the dance as I stayed at my daughter's house last night then had to come and make deviled eggs for the party later today. Also wrapped gifts for the White Elephant game. It's great fun!

Loved this mostly because it was fairly easy although hand up for not getting Floride and thinking of a chemical. Looked up the author and found EDEL. Didn't know.

Otherwise very few bumps along the way and some fill I didn't even realize until reading the blog as they just emerged.

Blast from the past was clever but I had ALFIE for some reason, so DNF there. Drat!

Some really great fill from Pancho Harrison. Thank you.

I hope your Sunday has been super! It's quite chilly here. Temp is in the 40s.

Lucina said...

Welcome, Jimmy Graham!

I live in the far west, too, but believe me, the posts are read as bloggers, including myself, come back periodically during the day to catch up. Others read the late night posts the next morning. So go ahead and post to your heart's content.

LLANO, CAMPO, VEGA and PAMPA are synonyms. It all depends on the context but they all mean the plains. Las Vegas = the plains.

Dennis said...

Good afternoon, C.C. and gang - this was certainly an entertaining puzzle; never saw the theme until the unifier, and it just added to the enjoyment.

I only had one real pause, and that was because I don't remember seeing AHCHOO before, only ACHOO. Has it been used before, and I'm just brain-dead?

anon@1:13, while you've certainly found a kindred spirit in your dislike of the ACLU, the gun subject is a bit heavy for the blog, because like politics and religion, there's some serious emotion on each side of the issue.

Any serious resolutions for the new year? I've gotta get my ass back in the gym; I've taken a couple months off, just because I've been enjoying the Florida lifestyle so much. I also will find something worthwhile to volunteer for.

Did anyone answer the bra question? I'd guess around a dozen.

Hope everyone's having a fun weekend.

Lucina said...

Oh, I forgot about the BRA question. I own two dozen. My size is hard to find so I buy them when I see them. I'd love to have the lacy, fancy ones but they appear not exist for me.

Lemonade714 said...

like C.C. I am always happy to see Pancho, our first LAT constructor. He did fill the grid with theme but TCHR ?

Welcome Jimmy Graham, are you a Saints fan?

Al Cyone said...

CrossEyedDave @ 1:38:

You may already know about this but here's one way to work around Windows 8's lack of support for POP mail.

Pookie said...

Hey Kids, Pretty nice going today. Noticed the missing U from FLORIDE, but couldn't get it until EDEL and ATOMIC.
lEdGE instead of VERGE and Quit instead of STOP.
Almost time to get ready for work. Have a good one y'all and welcome to Jimmy Graham.

PK said...

Al Cyone: I have an IMAC and couldn't get it to do what you said. Have no idea what Chrome is. My computer operating knowledge is very basic. I 'm guessing it is a PC thing.

CrossEyedDave said...

Al Cyone@3:37

Thanks, i bookmarked the page to puzzle out later, but right now, i am all puzzled out...

This windows 8 has got me going, when i 1st clicked your link, it would not let me scroll down. Now when i go back, it works fine. 1/2 my conundrum is i have no idea how many windows i have open! I am learning that you have to resize pages to see whats in the background.

My biggest problem is i have no Email address book. It's on my old PC with the dead motherboard battery, & i don't know if i can boot it up again!

Oh, the puzzle, i wanted to link Mae West, is that a gun in you pocket.... but i can't find it anywhere! Did she really say it?

Best of Mae West

Jayce said...

Man oh man, I am SO glad I got Windows 7, not 8, on the Dell PC my wife got me for Christmas. Windows 8 seems like a huge step backwards. Even the ads about it on TV make it look like a toy.

PK, since you have an iMac, I think you have nothing at all to worry about.

CrossEyedDave, maybe if you just plug your old PC in, the little battery on the motherboard will charge up, if it is a rechargeable type. In any case, I have a feeling your old PC will still boot when you power it up, although you may have to re-do the various configurations that it has "forgotten."

Bill G. said...

Jimmy, welcome from another Graham.

Willow, far west for me too. Whereabouts?

So far, our grandson has avoided guns, much to my wife's happiness. She was upset when our local son bought an assault-style rifle for target practice. The only gun we have in the house is a big plastic thing that shoots a puff of air. It will shoot smoke rings too. It's fun for Jordan and me to play with.

Blue Iris said...

DR. concerned with rhythm (method)-GYN. What do you call a women using rhythm method for birth control? Mama

It's often between two periods- OVULATION.

Get ready for shot? RELAX with upper arm exposed.

What to say when Dr. looks down your throat? AAH

ACHING- In need of a massage. Sad that nurses don't give back rubs anymore. (We gave back rubs as part of bedtime care in nursing school.) I wonder if holistic hospital hire massage therapist?? The RN wouldn't help my husband sit up after surgery. It could then be recorded that he sat up by himself so the insurance company could kick him out sooner.

Our nursing DORM wasn't coed, but I remember girls sneaking boys up the fire escape.

CRAZE- Scruffy look with beards is in, but ironically young men shave chest hair to look more buff.

Argyle, thanks for linking Irish Rovers last night. The school secretary won ticket to their concert and gave them to me. They ask if their were any Irishmen in the audience. We all cheered loudly. They said " OK, fight amongst yourselves."
I plan to return to your Bob and Ray link and listen to other routines on YouTube today.

PK, As children, my sister and I dressed up like cowgirls complete with six shooters and swingset named after ponies. Although, people really do get hurt at times from paintball guns. I hope he was also gifted with goggles.
Argyle, jello shot gun sounds like an unexpected trip to ER, too. Advise goggles again.

Manac said...

CED, This is the closest I could find for Is that a gun in your pocket ? And my son made one of these Potato Gun
Some years back ( The gun not the girl ).

Blue Iris said...

No snowing here in Kansas. I'm sure the farmers are praying for it. It has been an unusually dry year.

Welcome Jimmy Graham!

Willow, I often feel it is too late to post and don't have time-zone to blame. I posted late last night (early AM).

Any New Years resolutions??? Same perpetual resolution from me...Lose Wt. and improve my health...yadda, yadda, yadda

Avg Joe said...

CED, I can relate. I just bought my first laptop a couple months ago after going 7 years with the last desktop PC. I bought it from my son. Thankfully, he reloaded Windows 7 before he sent it off. 8 had come out a couple of weeks before we made this deal, and he'd loaded it, but declared it unfit for consumption, so it was ash canned. Still, there's a huge learning curve in the transition from XP.

I don't know if it applies to 8 , but they do have a couple of tools you should look into. One is windows transfer, the other is windows essentials. Transfer allows you to copy important archival info onto the new machine with relative ease, by stick or external drive. Essentials has a Pop email function that's very similar to outlook has worked fine for me with no difference in functionality.

The hardest thing I dealt with was transferring files to a specific sub-folder. The short answer is use cut and paste rather than "send to". At any rate, good luck, and if I can be of use, don't hesitate to email me privately.

Also, I meant to comment on the answer "nooner" earlier. What a stunner to see in a CWP! What's next? "Morner"? (Like a nooner, only sooner).

Manac said...

Yes, I thought DF when I filled in Nooner

Lemonade714 said...

Chrome is google's operating system, like firefox and internet explorer.

PK said...

Blue Iris, We had cap guns as a child too. We always had loaded guns in the house after I was married. I used them sometimes. Shot blue rock and varmints.

What I object to is the timing and the independent creative kid who may possibly get into trouble with the things. I think paintball guns need adult supervision which my son will certainly give--if the kid doesn't take the gun to school for "show and tell" or invite all his buddies to ride their bikes a couple miles out to his house after school for the hour or so before his mother gets home.

I didn't mind my mother, so I really don't expect him to do so either. He's really bright, but he's still a kid.

chefwen said...

Husker Gary - I emailed you a new recipe as requested a couple of days ago, but have not heard back. If you did not receive it, let me know and I will try again.

This puzzle was approx. 80% better and a lot more fun that today's NYT's. I was surprised when my first thoughts of JELLO SHOT and NOONER actually worked, both brought a chuckle. The E in EDEL/ETAT was my last letter in. Yup, on the fluoride misread.

melissa bee said...

hello all,

wanted to check in and congratulate our prolific group; c.c., dennis and marti all published within days - very impressive.

took my time with today's offering, really enjoyed it - fun to see jd's little squirts - and always a lovely treat to see you, c.c.

welcome to jimmy, and any other newcomers i've missed. also good to see creature recently.

blue iris, that 'fight amongst yourselves' line cracked me up.

jill@10:17 ... not only yes but hell yes.

avg joe, oh i'm sure there are lots of things that nooner could mean .... like, you know .. lunch, or ... a meeting .... or ... oh nevermind.

PK, i always minded my mother - i minded when she grounded me. oh, wait. you meant ... nevermind.

River Doc said...

Lucina @2:37, hate to pick the nit, but the conventional translation of Las Vegas is The Meadows.

Like others, my resolution is to get back into some kind of shape, other than round, that is.

CED @ 5:19 – here’s a link to the Mae West quote you were looking for….

Bill G. said...

Being an older son, I tended to mind my parents and be concerned about their wishes more than my brother did. When I would come home for vacation from Cornell, I would get up Sunday mornings and go to church with them. My brother would sleep in. When I brought a girl home from college, we slept in different rooms. My brother would have gotten a motel room for him and his girl friend except there was a compromise and the two of them slept outside in my parent's Airstream trailer.

As usual, I enjoyed Sunday Morning this morning.

fermatprime said...


Good puzzle, Pancho! Swell expo, CC!

Hand up for FLOuRIDE.

Husker: do not like 2-day beard at all. Holes in jeans either (sorry, CC).

Welcome Jimmy Graham!

A DNF for me. Should have waited until today to finish.

Body aches all over from cold. Friend's back too bad, so no swimming!


Anonymous said...

For those who want to lose weight in the New Year, regular NOONERS are great exercise. They really help if they replace lunch.

Lucina said...

The Meadows? Let's see, what are meadows? Perhaps a large PLAIN but more poetic? Sounds like a euphemism to me.

Bill G. said...

I was just listening to a bit of Mozart's Clarinet Quintet on iTunes radio. I first heard it on MASH and I've been in love with it ever since.

downtonabbey said...

Morning all
CC: thank you for the great blog of the Sunday puzzle. Happy Eve to everyone here.

I agree with Jayce that there were lots of different abbreviations used that just seemed forced. But I did the puzzle online as my eyes were bothering me. I have better recall of words when holding a pen and have heard others mention this too.

My friend, who is a Redskins fan was happily surprised by the outcome of today's game with Dallas.

Welcome to J. Graham! Thanks to Al cyrone for the tip. Didn't know that one.

Have a great last day of the year!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Like this one. Simple & sweet.