Sep 21, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014, C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Taco Filling

We are very close to the autumnal equinox of equal day and night and I'm sure you'll find this puzzle will give you an equal measure of fun themeage and sparkling fill. It's not jusT A COincidence that our lovely blog mistress is today's constructor! Where else could a brilliant woman from China construct a puzzle about Hispanic food but in America? As she wrote, WHAT A COUNTRY!

C.C. has identified the word TACO as being the filling between words in common phrases just as these fillings below are used in actual tacos! ¡Muy Bueno!

Four of her theme fills were the last two letters of one word and the first two of another

23A. Nissan Bluebird competitor : TOYOTA CORONA - Became the number one nameplate in the world in 1997 surpassing the VW Beetle

66A. February 1945 summit : YALTA CONFERENCE - Many thought FDR was very sick at this conference. He died two months later.

88. Strong morning drink : ROBUSTA COFFEE- One of the two main types

115A. Christmas rental : SANTA COSTUME - Argyle apparel?

and three used the A as an article

29A. "That's enough out of you!" : PUT A CORK IN IT 

45A. Didn't panic : KEPT A COOL HEAD - Despite someone saying "Put a cork in it"

108A. Yakov Smirnoff catchphrase : WHAT A COUNTRY - Part of his funny 1985 beer commercial

Add in great six ten-letter vertical fills and learning and we have an very nice Sunday!

1. Gardener's enemy : APHID - Literally small suckers

6. C to C, say : OCTAVE - It's the interval between Some and where when you sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. OH COME ON, you tried it, didn't you?

12. Anti-drug ads, e.g. : PSA'S - Public Service Announcements. There are some graphic anti-texting ones out now

16. Try a little of : SIP 

19. World's largest energy consumer : CHINA - It takes a lot for 1.3 billion people

20. Like some pullovers : HOODED

21. No-luck link : SUCH - CCR sang "I ain't no senator's son"

22. Likewise : TOO

25. Family rec center : YMCA - The largest one in North America will be here in Fremont, NE after the aquatic center is added this fall

26. Unified : ONE - Italy just before it was unified

27. Artist Yoko : ONO

28. Berserk : AMOK

32. Conclude one's case : REST - TV's Perry Mason seldom had to REST his case before someone jumped up and confessed in open court

34. Bordeaux bud : AMI 

35. They bite : TEETH - so do these in your TACO

36. Notable survivor of the Trojan War : AENEAS - Also Homer's subject in The Aeneid

37. Felix Leiter's org., in Bond films : CIA - Anybody remember Gust Avrakotus?

38. Golfer's pocketful : TEES - They can be hard to get in the ground in February

40. Pen handle? : BIC - Ever had a waiter with a dozen in his apron?

42. German gripe : ACH - Is ACH du lieber (ADL) "OMG" in Deutsch?

43. Storied ball dropper : GALILEO - I didn't try it but I was where he did it more than 400 yrs after the event

52. CCXI x V : MLV - Just a minute...

53. Attila, for one : HUN - Did someone ever call him "hon"?

54. Firth or fjord : INLET

55. 1,000-yr. realm : HRE - On what show did Linda Richman say, "The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, Roman nor an Empire, Discuss..."

56. Org. that promotes hunter safety : NRA

57. Sour British brew : ALEGAR - VineGAR made from ALE according to Webster

59. Sno-Cat feature : TREAD - Keep that end down and the tin side up

60. __ Mason: investment giant : LEGG - Okay

61. Lang. of Luther : GER - He wrote his 95 Theses in Latin which were then translated into his native German. The original Castle Cathedral door in Wittenburg, where they were posted, burned but his Theses are on the bronze door there now

62. Mmes., in La Mancha : SRAS

63. Lamb Chop creator Lewis : SHARI

64. Cartoon girl with a talking backpack : DORA - The Explorer, but how 'bout Dumb DORA

65. Campus bigwig : DEAN - Wormer?

70. Doggy bag item : BONE

73. "__ you one" : I OWE - Can I get that in writing?

74. Creek croakers : TOADS

75. Meat order specification : LEAN - Makes for the best TACOS

78. "Just the Way You __" : ARE - She loved me that way when we were first married...

79. Works at home, maybe : UMPS - Going unnoticed is a perfect game for them

80. Prepares, as for action : GIRDS

81. Heavy herbivores : HIPPOS - Africa's most dangerous animal after the mosquito

83. Remote button : REW 

84. Milano Mr. : SIG - Signore abbr.

85. Split causes : RIFTS - A 1912 Republican RIFT gave us POTUS Woodrow Wilson

86. PC-to-PC system : LAN - Local Area Network

87. Letter before chi : PHI

91. Like a sleeping baby : ANGELIC 

93. "Wheel of Fortune" buy : AN E - Thanks Vanna!

94. Lap dog, briefly : POM - ...eranian

95. Newspaper section : ARTS - Ah yes, the thea-tuh!

97. Crossed paths with : MET - Remember the guy going to St. Ives?

98. City with a Kansas State campus : SALINA

101. Café lighteners : LAITS - Cafe au lait- I'll have mine straight up Mr. Barista

105. WWII domain : ETO - European Theater of Operations

106. USAF noncom : TSGT - Tech Sergeant (E-6)

110. Corn holder : SILO - Also missiles

112. "That feels so nice!" : AAH

113. Rand who created John Galt : AYN

114. Political period : TERM - Some would love limits on these

118. Weightlifting beneficiary : PEC - Want good PECS?

119. Actress Lena : OLIN

120. Oscar winner Kidman : NICOLE - She won while she was still feeling empty after her divorce from Tom

121. Spikes, as punch : LACES - Field goal holders are supposed to get the football LACES away from the kicker

122. Atlanta-to-Miami dir. : SSE

123. Teases, with "on" : RAGS

124. Initial phases : ONSETS

125. Quite heavy : OBESE


 1. Lineman? : ACTOR - Clever! I have nightmares about acting and not knowing my lines

2. Mealtime annoyances : PHONE CALLS - It's an election year

3. Classic Western shout : HI YO SILVER

4. Rescuer of Odysseus : INO - I learned her name and gender

5. Some Dropbox contents : DATA

6. "Seriously!" : OH COME ON

7. Browsing activity marker : COOKIE - I clear these out of my browser periodically

8. A.L. East team : TOR - onto Bluejays

9. Become a mother, maybe : ADOPT - We did ADOPT a kitten on September 10th and she saw no reason why  I should be doing my LA Times Crossword on my lap desk as I do every morning
10. Field of action : VENUE

11. Skype appointment : E DATE - Okay

12. Futures dealer? : PSYCHIC - Hey pick the lotto numbers!

13. Sport with a referee called a gyoji : SUMO - The gyoji had better stand back!

14. Ghana's capital : ACCRA - Home to 2.3 million

15. "Hurry up!" : SHAKE A LEG

16. Wiltshire monument : STONEHENGE - The Autumnal Equinox tomorrow will draw an, uh, interesting crowd to STONE HENGE

17. Ancient region of Asia Minor : IONIA - Now in Turkey

18. Millay and Milton : POETS - Edan St. Vincent and John respectively

24. Bobby Jones, for his entire golfing career : AMATEUR - He made his living as a lawyer and retired from competition at 30

30. Time to swing : AT BAT - A C.C. puzzle without baseball? OH COME ON!

31. Snow measure : INCH - One inch of rain can equal ten inches of show. We had a three inch rain last week...

33. __ chi : TAI

39. Downhill, e.g. : SKI RACE - Going down a mountain on two slats at interstate highway speeds? What could possibly go wrong, Marti?

41. Makes sense : COHERES

43. Robin Roberts' show, initially : GMA - Good Morning America. Also the great first line to the chorus of City of New Orleans

44. Jokhang Temple city : LHASA

46. Cuban Liberation Day month : ENERO

47. Court figure : PLAINTIFF - PLAINTIFF Stella Liebeck wanted $18,000 from McDonalds for spilling hot coffee on her leg. They refused and she wound up with $600,000 from a court

48. "Airplane!" hero Striker : TED - Funniest movie ever?

49. It has keys and stops : ORGAN - Where do you even start?

50. Geometry product : AREA

51. "Shucks!" : DARN

58. "Let's Get It On" singer : GAYE - Marvin

59. Signs of spring : THAWS

60. Men with manors : LORDS - Cute! LORD Grantham will be back in his Downton Manor soon on PBS!

63. Temporary fix : STOP GAP - Stop gap tax levies never seem to go away

64. Jordan River outlet : DEAD SEA - Lowest land point on the planet

65. Like some pockets : DEEP

67. Put a cap on : LIMIT - A LIMIT OF five potato chips? Yeah, right!

68. Strong suit : FORTE

69. Hold on tight : CLING

70. Virologist who worked with Epstein : BARR - Nearly 95% of adults have had had the Epstein Barr Virus sometime in their life

71. Layered snack : OREO

72. Big name in athletic shoes : NEW BALANCE

76. Nonsense : APPLESAUCE - Famous APPLESAUCE scene with horrible Bogie imitation from cheesy TV

77. Koufax quartet : NO HIT GAMES - One of the true gentlemen of the game who also retired at 30 because of extreme arm pain from his incredible curve ball

79. Clay or Webster, briefly : US SENATOR

80. Picture file suffix : GIF

81. Millennium Falcon pilot : HAN SOLO - Princess Leia became Mrs. HAN SOLO in the book series

82. [Not a typo] : SIC - Yore (SIC) enjoying C.C. puzzle, ain't (SIC) you?

85. Punic Wars fighter : ROMAN - How Rome beat Hannibal and the Carthaginians
86. Some fruit pie crusts : LATTICES

89. Workbook chapter : UNIT - Unit One in science books is always measurement

90. Op-Ed pieces : COLUMNS

92. Rescue pro : EMT - We have full time ones here but small towns depend on volunteers

96. Add more flavoring to : RE-SALT - The driveway has frozen over again and so...

98. Exchanges : SWAPS

99. "Now I remember" : AH YES - A big part of the song Maurice Chevalier sang to Hermione Gingold

100. Amtrak express : ACELA - Capable of 150 mph

102. "__ big deal!" : IT'S NO 

103. Get ready for a fight : TRAIN - On his first morning of TRAINING, Rocky drank raw eggs. Remember?

104. Matches audio to video, say : SYNCS - The Husker radio broadcast does not SYNC with the TV. The audio for the Fresno game was 3 seconds late

107. This and that : THESE

109. HP Photosmart insert : ORIG - Don't forget your ORIG. on the HP copier

111. Where the Storting makes legislative decisions : OSLO

116. Ballet support? : TOE

117. Check : TAB

Husker Gary


OwenKL said...

I'd sing you a song of how TACOs belong
To a food group of Mexican lineage;
But who doesn't know how a TACO should grow?
They eat them all over this village!

The shell is a boat on which fillings float
A tortilla that's folded and crispy;
It's loaded with beef (or some other meat
If chicken or fish is more thrifty)

Next lettuce, shredded; you can see this is headed
To a meal that's healthy and rounded.
From the dairy sour cream will continue this theme
That on all types of food TACO's founded.

At last, on the top some cheddar we'll drop
We'll sprinkle it lightly or heavy.
In some other kitchens they'll use other fixin's
But in mine now for eatin' they're ready!

Attack this meal humble, the crisp shell will crumble
It's tasty but hardly is neat.
But that's part of the fun when the meal is done,
It surely was messy to eat!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Very solid, enjoyable puzzle today from our fearless leader. I especially liked some of the totally "in the language" phrases such as PUT A CORK IN IT, KEPT A COOL HEAD and SHAKE A LEG.

I found it pretty easy overall, but I did crash and burn at the crossing of ALEGAR and GAYE. I should have guessed the former and remembered the latter, but I didn't. Of course, it might have been easier to remember GAYE if I actually had YALTA CONFERENCE instead of MALTA CONFERENCE. Oops. Even running the alphabet didn't give me the missing G until I finally turned on red-letter help to get the Y in YALTA.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Our TACO fillings were a meaty challenge. I didn't get the theme until done. Lots of learning to do today as well as brain wracking. Thanks, C.C. for a nicely layered & complex feast.

Thanks, Gary for a great expo. I finally looked up Fremont on the map. Further north and larger than I expected.

HeartRx said...

Good morning, everyone!

I actually remembered to look at the constructor and the title before starting this one, so the theme was pretty obvious from the beginning. I loved the zippy phrases like PUT A CORK IN IT and WHAT A COUNTRY!

And of course I was looking for baseball references and thought I had nailed it with TORonto Blue Jays, AT BAT and NO HIT GAMES.

In the end, it was that fourth little three letter baseball reference that almost did me in. I had *MPS and for the life of me couldn't think what kind of works at home we were looking for. HUGE V-8 moment when I finally realized it was another reference to home plate on the baseball field. Sorry C.C. - I will be more vigilant next time.

HG, AH YES, I remember that one!

SKI RACE? Not for a couple more months, please and thank you very much!

Oktoberfest officially started on the dot of noon yesterday, and we will joining in the celebration this afternoon. Can't wait to see what goodies are on the menu.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Nice puzzle, though I didn't notice the theme. I keep forgetting that Sunday pzls have titles. Good job, C.C.

Also good job, H.G. We beat ya -- we got 4.7 inches on Friday -- 5.7 total Thursday-thru-Saturday. And to answer your question about Airplane!, DW has attached a sticky to the DVD case with a big "NO!!!" on it.

My "Strong suit" was ARMOR, and I kept it far too long. YALTA CONFERENCE was timely with the 7-part The Roosevelts on PBS. And NEW BALANCE was a gimme -- I've got five pair in my closet. The "G" in ALEGAR was a WAG, but GAYE seemed appropriate.

Our city council extended our mayor's TERM by one year so the mayoral and council elections would coincide. I don't think that's a bad idea, but I think it should have been voted on by the citizenry. He was elected for 3 years; he shouldn't serve 4 on just the council's sayso. [Rant over]

Al Cyone said...

The Week in Review:

M 5:50 T 6:30 W 8:33 T 9:06 F 16:29 S 19:23 S 20:52

Saturday's puzzle was (no surprise) the most satisfying but Friday's, with that long, improbable string of Rs, was the most fun. Like Barry G., I was stumped today with ALEGAR, GAYE, and YALTA/MALTA. I could hear that song in my head but couldn't come up with Marvin Gaye. Fortunately I opted for Yalta and ran the keyboard.

There's a piece on NPR today which looks at "the differing cognitive abilities of crossword puzzle experts versus Scrabble aficionados". You'll be able to listen to it here. I don't think I'm spoiling the suspense to say that the researcher found some "overlap".

See y'all next weekend.

Yellowrocks said...

Great puzzle, CC. I liked the TACO fill, easy to suss with the title given. HG, fine expo. I recognized your style right away. I love the differing styles of all the expositors. The mix makes it interesting.
I got YALTA, but needed red letters for the G in ALEGAR and GAYE.
Today's Star Ledger had an article by a linguist on the three Jersey accents with many examples given. Contrary to the beliefs of many out-of-staters,especially mid-westerners, JOISEY was not listed. Jerseyites do not say that. Some New Yorkers use it to refer to our state.
Al Cyone , I am interested in your article about "the differing cognitive abilities of crossword puzzle experts versus Scrabble aficionados". The link asks me to wait until 12 PM to hear it. Off the cuff, I believe that many of us on The Corner also love Scrabble and most of us are voracious readers.

Husker Gary said...

For some reason known only to the gods of technology, my embedded videos did not come along with my blog on C.C.’s lovely puzzle. They were there when I sent them and a quick call to C.C. this morning assured me that this does happen on occasion. So here they are:

-Yakov Smirnoff’s “What a country” commercial
-Dumb Dora!
-Applesauce and Pork Chops from cheesy TV
-Ah yes, I remember it well. Already linked by my friend, Marti!

I hope the my text makes more sense now!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

What a nice Sunday romp from our leader who, as always, amazes me with her knowledge of American phrases! Didn't suss the theme until the end. Hand up for being stumped at Alegar, which was all perps.

I love tacos but don't get them often. Thursday we took a day trip to our favorite Block Island, visiting a restaurant that was known for years as the Yellow Kittens. It has been renamed Los Gatitos, and now serves yummy tacos. I'd like some right now!

Big Easy said...

GMA From "The City Of New Orleans" which also happens to be the home of Robin Roberts and her sister Sally Ann Roberts, who has been doing a local morning Television show for over 30 years.

TOYOTA TACOMA came easily, and I've owned two Nissans, but I have never heard of a Bluebird. The rest of the puzzle filled easily with just a few spaces crossed by perps. INO LHASA TED GIF SALINA ORIG. But my last fill was a term that I have never heard: APPLESAUCE for nonsense. It must be a 'northern' term.

Does anybody out there still use a VCR? If not, I think 86A should disappear because I don't think the digital recorders are REWinding.

87A & 33D- same clue basically, ___Chi, with different answers TAI & PHI. Don't see that too often in a puzzzle. One Greek and the other Chinese.

Husker- you wrote "Okay" for a description of 60A LEGG. Legg-Mason Value Trust (new name of Clearbridge)-symbol-LMVTX- the only stock fund to ever beat the S&P 500 for 15 consecutive years. It's had its ups and downs for the last few years but it turned my measly IRA into a sizable sum. I have never sold.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Always a delightful surprise to see CC's byline. This was a fun and fairly easy romp. Fav clues were for ump and actor. No surprise with the baseball references.

Nice work, CC, and great write-up, Gary.

Have a relaxing Sunday.

PK said...

Big Easy, the puzzle was TOYOTA CORONA, not TACOMA. I tried the latter first, too.

Yellowrocks said...

Tad Dorgan was credited with inventing many slang words including
applesauce for nonsense and Dumb Dora. Here is the surprisingly long list. See the section under "Slang."
Link slang

HG's clip reminded me that my kids watched the Brady Bunch in syndication. "Pork chops and applesauce" said the way Peter Brady said it became a catch phrase at our house.

Big Easy said...

PK- I filled the puzzle correctly, just commented incorrectly. Tacoma is the truck; Corona was the small car. CORONA with lime sounds good. Sorry

Steve said...

Thanks for the expo, HG. Great Sunday for me so far - a C.C. puzzle, plenty of food! references, cooking some indian food right now and watching my team (Chelsea)in the Premier League soccer.

The puzzle took me about 10 minutes longer than usual - the US SENATOR and crosses gave me pause.

Not sure I knew what ALEGAR actually was, I've never tasted it, that's for sure.

When I was a kid we lived near Stonehenge and would picnic there on Sundays. You used to be able to actually climb all over the stones - no fences. When I passed by there a couple of years ago you could still get within 100 yards. Now I understand that now you can't even get within 1/2 mile without taking a shuttle bus and paying an admission charge to the site. Funny how that works.

Chairman Moe said...

In old Wimbledon Village, town planners,
Advertised their homesites with some banners;
If you want to "hold court",
We can build you a fort,
Just be sure to always mind your Manors!

Lucina said...

Hola, amigos y amigas!

What fun! My favorite food inserted into the themes! Thank you, C.C. and I loved the cluing for 6A, C to C, say.

It was still a slow start for me but with some ROBUST COFFEE (the only way I like it) I finished with only a few write overs. Just as for some of you, MALTA/YALTA/GAYE held me up for a very long time. Finally, when the light went on and the V8 can came flying at me I gave myself a ta-da.

Yes, C.C., some of the baseball clues almost stumped me but I soldiered on and though never having heard of Bobby Jones I now know was an AMATEUR and UMPS work at home not MOMS. TOR is an A. L East team? You could have fooled me.

But I enjoyed the Americanisms and it amazes me that C.C. has such vast knowledge of them.

This was a great way to start Sunday. Thank you, C.C. and Gary, for a well done review. You deserve an A+.

Have a special Sunday, everyone! Hasta la vista.

Lemonade714 said...

Very fine Sunday, with a well reasoned write up. You have really developed as C.C. Sunday caddy, HG, thank you.

I remember reading about Yalta so I missed that pitfall; is Stonehenge one word or two? Never heard of ALEGAR but it makes sense; I wonder if there is whiskygar? Also did not know TAD.

Snuck in ROBOST COFFEES and CAFE AU LAIT, recalling C.C.'s experience in France.

Anonymous said...

I love your taco song Owen! Sang it out loud...twice.

Bill G. said...

Good Sunday afternoon to all.

This seemed a little harder than usual. I started out fine in parts of the top but got bogged down in places like Toyota Corona which apparently isn't manufactured anymore. I've never heard of ALEGAR. I'm glad I didn't miss GALILEO, a personal hero of mine. Thanks CC and Gary.

Barbara and I visited Stonehenge years ago. I rented a motor bike in downtown London and we set off on our adventure to Salisbury. We could walk up and touch those massive and beautiful stones. It was a great little adventure but a risky one. In addition to dealing with riding on the left side of the road on a motor bike, my old motorcycle was a 1953 BSA. The one I rented was Japanese and had the shifter on the other side. Starting off in downtown London and going around a traffic circle (round about) in the opposite direction was a daunting beginning to our trip.

Argyle said...

A-ha. The Nissan Bluebird sold here from 1968 to 1973 as the Datsun 510. Now that I remember.

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Wasn't going to spend time on cw today because weather is so nice. But, like a moth drown to a flame, did it anyway.
Liked the puzzle. Great theme. (CC must be keeping lists of entries for interesting concepts. Nice array of TACO stuff.)
One Natick - @ 56a - xing of ALEGAR / GAYE.
96D - RESALT seemed stiff.
94a - POM; a kind of SPITZ?
42a - ACH - Has many meanings:
Ach so!
I see!

Ach du liebe Zeit!
Dear me!

Ach du meine Güte!
Good grief!

Ach nee, sag bloß! [ugs.]
Well, duh! [Am.] [slang]

Ach so, ich verstehe!
Oh, I see!

Ach wo!
Certainly not!; By no means!

Acetylcholin {n} /ACh/ [biochem.]

mit Ach und Krach
by the skin of one's teeth

mit Ach und Weh
with doleful outcry

Ach, du auch!
Join the club!

Ach, was soll's!
Ah, what the heck!

Aha!; Ach so! {interj}
I see!

Ach, übrigens
oh, by the way /OBTW/

Ach, jetzt verstehe ich!
Oh, I see! /OIC/

Ach du liebe Zeit!
Oh dear!

Good job, C.C. Bravo Zulu.

Lucina said...

On my trip to the UK in 1996 or 97, I believe, we also were able to walk around the stones and examine them.

Your trip sounds much more adventurous.

Since tonight's meal is already planned, TACOs are out but that sounds good for tomorrow.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Husker Gary, for a fine review.

Finished just before we got to Toledo.

Enjoyed the theme. A few TACOs helped me with the puzzle.

Liked OCTAVE for C to C. It just took me a while,to figure that one out.

I actually got AENEAS. Dumb luck.

I also tried MALTA CONFERENCE first, but changed to YALTA after I thought about it. They had another one earlier in Tehran.

I had better bail out of here. My IPad battery Is down to 3%.

See you tomorrow.



Bill G. said...

I don't know why exactly but I loved this video of a mother cat with a lot of patience with her adopted babies. An unusual family

It's Sunday so it's time for me to say how much I enjoyed Sunday Morning. I am going to get the album of duets with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. (She is such a flirt!) I wish I'd had a chance to cross the Atlantic aboard the Queen Mary. I survived 'New Math' so Common Core doesn't seem so bad to me. I'll see how Jordan does with it.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I liked this puzzle, especially the phrases mentioned by Barry G. Silly me, I kept looking for actual taco fillings such as meat, lettuce, cheese, etc. Didn't even notice the embedded letters TACO until reading Gery's terrific writeup. There's a nice little hole in the wall eatery in Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico, (where our daughter-in-law's parents live), called Marlin Azul, that has the best fish tacos I have ever had. The owner is a really cool guy, too, loves Mozart, and quietly plays classical music in the background in the restaurant.

Splynter said...

Hi there~!

Great puzzle, C.C., and a great write-up, Gary - I especially liked your Roman Calculator app~!


Yellowrocks said...

Just had my DIL's birthday dinner without her, unfortunately. The poor girl has been ill since Wed. My son and grandson came without her after postponing it from yesterday, waiting of her to recover. There was no other date available. I haven't seen any of them since June. I needed them to help eat up all the food. We had chicken marsala, twice baked potatoes, green beans almondine, and apple pie with a butter crust.
I sent home home a large portion of apple pie, DIL's favorite, and card and gift.
It was good to see my son and grandson. I was sorry to miss DIL.

OwenKL said...

Anon @12:58
What did you use for a tune? Hope it wasn't the earworm I parsed it to when writing it: Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald! Anyway, overjoyed you liked it!

BTW, did no one notice that The Aeneid was attributed to Homer instead of Vergil?

fermatprime said...


Fun puzzle, CC, and great expo, Gary! (Wondered where those inserts were!)

A natick at ALEGAR and GAYE. Did alphabet run in my head. No problem with YALTA. Otherwise OK.

Looking forward to some new TV tonight (at last). Especially Masterpiece Theater.

I notice that my Friday and Saturday comments disappeared.

Weather quite nice here now. Several trees have croaked due to drought (worst in 800 years).

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

OwenKL 8:07 Virgil, nor Homer. Good catch.

Bill G. said...

With the use of my DVR, I'm probably the only person in this whole area (maybe in the state) flipping back and forth between Roosevelt and Dr. Who.

Bill G. said...

Well, I should have said that I was watching 60 Minutes also but I didn't want my brain to appear too fragmented.

Do you remember that cute young badass girl named Hermione in the Harry Potter movies? It seems she's grown up very nicely as badass Emma Watson. Here she is speaking very eloquently to the United Nations. Hermione/Emma