Sep 8, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014 Brock Wilson

Theme: Desktop Adjunct - Multifunctional device that goes with a computer.

18A. Dodger pitcher with three 1960s Cy Young Awards : SANDY KOUFAX

31A. Friar from Assisi : FRANCISCAN. Friar Alessandro, the "Singing Monk" of Assisi.

41A. Short exercise dash : WIND SPRINT. Usually sprint to a point and sprint back; repeat.

56A. X-ray imaging technique : FLUOROSCOPY. FDA rap on the subject. LINK

46D. With 57-Down, multifunctional office machine suggested by this puzzle's circles : ALL-IN-. 57D. See 46-Down : ONE. I'm happy with my Brothers.

Argyle here with a debut constructor, I believe. Well done; a touch more difficult than our usual fare but fair none-the-less. The circles weren't necessary to solve it.


1. In addition : AND

4. Infielder's statistic : ASSIST

10. Mop for a deck : SWAB

14. "The Tell-Tale Heart" author : POE, Edgar Allan.

15. Casual slacks : CHINOS. Out of favor? Chinos vs Khakis

16. __ San Lucas: Baja resort : CABO
17. Frying pan spray : PAM

20. Compare prices : SHOP

22. Classic autos : REOs

23. Very overweight : OBESE

24. Blokes : CHAPS

26. Replacements for flat tires : SPARES

27. Prison sentence shortener : PAROLE

29. Restful resorts : SPAs

33. "Over here!" : "PSST!"

37. Honors with a fancy party : FETES

38. National Gallery architect I.M. __ : PEI

39. Second film in a 2000s horror franchise : SAW II

40. Soviet news source : TASS. Launched December 30, 1902.

43. Charge per day, e.g. : RATE

44. Mall booths : KIOSKS

45. Late-night pioneer Johnny : CARSON

49. Tight spots : BINDS

50. Hilo howdy : ALOHA

51. 50-and-over org. : AARP

53. Sign of sleepiness : YAWN

59. Zodiac lion : LEO

60. "Put up your dukes" duke : FIST. I thought of Bert Lahr first.

61. Cut while shaving : NICKED

62. Faux __: blunder : PAS. "My bad"

63. Middle-earth creatures : ENTs. The good tree people.

64. Diners : EATERS. Never heard it used for the building but for those inside, ok.

65. Cloud locale : SKY


1. iPhone add-ons : APPs. 21D. Text messaging devices : PHONES

2. Ark captain : NOAH

3. Blue-staters : DEMOCRATS

4. Cooling units, briefly : ACs. Only need them for a few more days in the NorthEast.

5. Wrinkly Chinese dog : SHAR PEI. Aww!

6. Trig ratios : SINES

7. Prefix with European : INDO

8. Versatile beans : SOYS

9. Cluck of reproach : TSK

10. __ diver : SCUBA

11. Communion bread : WAFER

12. Degrade : ABASE

13. They're stacked in moving vans : BOXES

19. "How clumsy of me!" : "OOPS!"

25. Oct. contest whose winner goes to the World Series : ALCS. (American League Championship Series)

26. __ Diego : SAN

27. Dying-out sound : [PFFT!]

28. Region : AREA

29. Heated argument in public, say : SCENE

30. Settled up : PAID

32. Rotating cooking rod : SPIT. What's cooking?

33. Make fun of : PARODY

34. Region including the Matterhorn : SWISS ALPS

35. Kitchen fixture : SINK

36. Little songbirds : TITs

39. Rotate like a top : SPIN but not like a spit.

41. Pale : WAN

42. Ship's captain : SKIPPER

43. Waterfall sound : ROAR

45. Luigi's drink with latte : CAFFÈ

47. Yank out of bed : ROUST

48. Flu season precautions : SHOTS. The next round will be here soon.

49. Penniless : BROKE

51. India's continent : ASIA

52. Bank holding: Abbr. : ACCT.

54. Frail from the flu, say : WEAK

55. Minding business that's not your own : NOSY

58. NFL gains : YDs. (yards)



Lemonade714 said...

A very nice debut with some new fill.
Fun to see I M Pei and Shsr Pei in the same grid.

Fluoroscopy May not be a Monday word but it filled easily.

Happy week all

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Had a few minor missteps at the beginning (TOO instead of AND, KHAKIS instead of CHINOS), but things settled down after that and the rest of the puzzle was smooth sailing until I got to the theme reveal. No circles for me, so I had to scratch my head for a bit in order to come up with ALL IN and ONE. Of course, then I noticed that all the theme answers ended with the theme words, so I didn't really need circles in the first place...

OwenKL said...

No answers the same as Seattle Times today, but each had a two-word fill that included SAW, and both had circles in nearly the same spots! But LAT had a pair within itself today with SHAR PEI & Ieoh Ming PEI, and a clencho with ark captain & ship's captain (why is one possessive and the other not?)
The cowardly lion? My first thoughts were John Wayne & the Marquis of Queensberry.

A versatile ALL-IN-ONE is nice;
It can make for an easier life.
COPY and PRINT here,
SCAN and FAX there,
Like it's an electronic Swiss Army Knife!

An inward looking FLUOROSCOPE
And outward focused telescope
Weren't watching their path,
They smashed with a crash!
The result was called a kaleidoscope!

(You might have to think about that one for a second.)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!


Remember the FLUOROSCOPes that were ubiquitous in shoe stores. You could look at your toes wiggling in the shoes, all the while soaking up dangerous radiation. Neat!

My printer is a most-in-one. It can't FAX, but it can scan, print and copy. DOES anybody use FAX anymore?

Montana said...

Good morning! Sometimes one needs a breeze-through puzzle to start a week. I wasn’t positive about the N intersection in ALLIN and ENTS but my WAG was correct. I wasn’t thinking ALL IN. I am off to eye doctor appointment this morning. 200 mile drive but weather is beautiful.

Ugh, though, radio says SNOW showers possible on Wednesday night. Not what I needed to hear. Hope weatherman is wrong. We usually get a nice Indian Summer each fall, so I guess a couple days of rain/snow is okay. I also read that the recent rains we had here were the 100-year rains. 6-11 inches in just a couple days. (Our yearly average is @ 10 in/yr) Did a lot of damage to our dirt/gravel roads.

Have a great day,


Yellowrocks said...

I liked the theme. I love my all-in-one. In order for my FAX to work properly I would need a separate phone line. It's not worth it because I seldom FAX. When I was a virtual assistant to a home improvement company, they set up FAX for me here, but now the line is gone.
The doctors here send reports and tests to one another via FAX.
Here CHINOS are still very popular, especially as business casual.
Unfortunately, OOPS and MY BAD are being substituted for SORRY these days. MY BAD turns me off.
DO, I remember those fluoroscopes in shoe stores. They were basically a gimmick because they only showed the bones and did not account for the flesh when checking shoe size.
Fun Limericks, OKL.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Served up an easy one today. Neat theme although I don't think the circles were needed. In other puzzles the unifier clue would simply state something like "at the ends of the longest words" No searches or white-out was needed.
I have a Canon ALL-IN-ONE; a great machine - works well with the Apple OS.
AARP - Don't belong to it.

Have a great day.

oc4beach said...

Nice easy Monday puzzle. I filled in most of the the Across answers and about half of the Down answers to finish the puzzle. As soon as I saw FAX and SCAN in the circles it all fell into place.

D-O: Last week I had to dust off an old thermal printing FAX machine to send a proxy with my signature to the beach house condo association for the Board of Directors election. They would have accepted a scanned copy of the proxy sent as an email attachment, but it was quicker to just send the fax.

I remember sending DataFaxes back in the good old days at work. You had to put the original on a drum and then insert it into a monstrous sized machine to send it. It took 4 to 8 minutes to send one page.

The modern Word Processor then was a Selectric typewriter and carbon paper. Ahh for the good old days. (not)

Anyone remember Mimeographs?

Everyone have a great day and a great week.

Anonymous said...

In the early 1940's I knew a chiropractor who would fluoroscope his patients in the course of their treatments. By the late 1940's he had lost the fingers and thumb of his right hand to radiation burns. Unintended consequences sure can sneak up on you.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Brock Wilson, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

I did not get yesterday's done yet. Maybe later today. However, this morning's puzzle was quite easy and took me only about a half hour, which is pretty good for me.

Montana, good luck with your 200 mile eye doctor appointment. Fortunately for me, mine is only about 12 miles away. When I move to Pennsylvania, that might change. We'll see.

The theme appeared quickly. I had the circles, being in the newspaper today. I still use a FAX on occasion. It is part of my printer. I still have a home phone line. I also scan and email.

FLUOROSCOPY took me a while to piece together. I do remember those shoe store gimmicks. Never used one myself, however.

DEMOCRATS reminds me of all the political ads on TV, lately, and it will only get worse as the Fall evolves. After November 4th, it will all be over.

I have to run and finish my book for my Book Club tonight. We are reading "I am a Palestinian Christian" by Mitri Raheb. Pretty good so far. lots of history I was not aware of.

See you tomorrow.



Husker Chuck (a.k.a. Ergo) said...

Thanks for the write up Argyle. Your reference to Bert Lahr for "Put up your dukes" made me smile.

Montana - A few years ago I had the privilege of visiting every Indian reservation in your state, by car. Never again did I protest my daily 120 mile roundtrip (Lincoln-Omaha-Lincoln)commute for work.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

An easy, breezy start to the week. Had diem before rate but everything else just filled in correctly.

Nice job, Mr. Brock, and nice expo, Argyle, especially the pix of those cute Shar Peis.

Have a great day.

Chairman Moe said...

My Monday Morning Limerick:

A zaftig young prisoner, Nicole,
With the guards, liked to tease and cajole;
She liked flashing her TITS,
And describing her "bits";
Do you think that would grant her PAROLE?!

My "puzzling thoughts" . . .

**WEES, this was a nice debut puzzle; a bit more challenging than most Mondays, but not too difficult. Longer words but everything filled in nicely

**I worked the eastern half of the puzzle first, so the circled clues came fairly quickly - just a matter of getting to the "reveal", and ALLIN ONE were my last two entries - well done, Brock

**a couple of write-overs (had RUSH before ROAR in 43D and ROUSE before ROUST in 47D) but otherwise got through it unscathed

**some cool solves: CHINOS, PAROLE, WIND SPRINT (did enough of those in high school), SWISS ALPS, KIOSKS and SKIPPER. Not your normal Monday words

Have a great week!

Misty said...

I loved this Monday puzzle! I never time myself but I was late getting up this morning and had to get going so I looked at the clock. Finished the puzzle in exactly 9 minutes--Yay! Thank you, Brock--you've just made my day!

Loved the photo of the Shar Peis, Argyle.

Fun limericks this morning, Owen.

The FAX on our new Brother printer doesn't work--a real pain because every so often we need to fax the care-giver's work sheet to the company.

Our Tapas party last night was wonderful with a warm, pleasant evening on our patio. And guess what, the rain held off until this morning when we got a much-needed sprinkle. It doesn't get any better!

Have a great week, everybody!

kazie said...

I did find this a bit chunky for Monday, but it was interesting and I got it out. Going through Argyle's sprint was enjoyable too. I had to look and see what I had for PFFT since it had filled via perps, and I probably wouldn't have come up with that otherwise.

CrossEyedDave said...

Not bad Monday offering, A little tough on spots. Put up your dukes, duke had me thinking John Wayne, but I think Argyle was right, Bert Lahr owns that line...

I had an idea for an all in one machine, but I am still working on it...

This is plan B if the above doesn't sell...

Argyle,,, you know I have trouble parsing, so at 32D when you said "whats cooking" my first thought was you ate everything raw? But of course the pic corrected me... (I was going to show you my fav all in one cooking method...)

Finally, Ents... They keep popping up in CWs all the time, but it is really hard to find a video that does them justice. Hmm, maybe it's time to read The Hobbit again. Maybe Old Man Willow can shed some light on the subject.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Rather a difficult Monday, I thought. Got through it though. I sometimes have a hard time parsing downs, so my last fill - ALL IN - had me ALL IN for a while.

Good puzzle, though. No complaints.

Played outdoors yesterday, and got stung by a bee. My first bandstand injury.

To the Lions game tonight, but I'm more concerned about the Tigers. KC in town for three. It's crunch time.


Ol' Man Keith said...

This one was easy until it wasn't.
Seriously, everything flew into place, as if my pen were set to automatic writing. But when it came time to crack the combination answer, ALL-IN-ONE, I got hung up with ALLIFEND and ALLINOND and a couple of other variations. Sure, the circled letters told me what sort of thing to look for, but I couldn't SEE it for the longest time. (I see that Barry G had a similar delay.) Part of the problem is that I kept thinking that diners could be DATERS.
Well, sure, they could be, but they would have to be EATERS.
It all came right in the end.

Lucina said...

Greetings, friends!

Late today because the RAIN kept me cozily in bed and asleep! It started about midnight and is still lightly falling. We really need it.

I believe it's coming from CABO San Lucas and the Baja Peninsula in the form of hurricane Norbert. I'm sorry for them, glad for us.

Fun puzzle from Brock Wilson. Congratulations if it's your debut opus.

SANDY KOUFAX was wildly famous in the 60s so it came easily and everything else fell in place. Once FAX, SCAN, and PRINT were filled, I knew COPY would follow. What I can't embed in my mind is those little fellows, ENTS so ROUSE stayed. Drat!

Have a happy Monday, everyone!

Pat said...

Happy Monday, everyone!

This is a great start to the week. For the most part, this was a quick fill. The slow section needed perps, then it was done. And, the weather has changed for the better: low humidity and cooler temps. Aahhhh!

I saw a T-shirt once that said, "I'm physically pffft!" Yeah, I can relate to that.

Misty, glad to hear that the weather cooperated with your plans.

I think my printer has the ability to fax but I've only used it to copy and scan.


Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A fairly easy puzzle this morning. My errors were much the same as others. Rouse for Roust, and misspelled FluorIscopy. Spell check doesn't like that either! Ha! Other than that the answers filled in nicely today. However, the unifier All In Ine gave me a head scratcher.

Thanks Argyle for clearing that one up!

Tahoe was wonderful. The weather was perfect and we just lazed around for the days that we were there. We did take time out from being lazy to go to a couple of our favorite restaurants.

I had 28 people here for an alumni get together the day after we got back, so I'm really tired. I'll catch up on my crosswords and correspondence this week and be lazy here at home!

Have a great day, everyone.

Misty said...

Many thanks, Pat. Glad you're having better weather too!

aka thelma said...

I have not read all the blog yet today.... sounds like all is well with you Lucina... I do hope so.... the news made your area look very bad.....

There is major flooding in many places in the area..... record rain fall according to the news......

Avg Joe you might want to call your friend.... tho I did not hear about his area.... just a thought....

My very best wishes to all in the areas around phoenix


Jayce said...

Yesterday LW and I were eaters eatin' in an eatery. Oh, and those carrot greens made a pretty good soup stock last night, so I retract my "ew"s.

Liked the puzzle today; fun theme and some decent fill. PSST and PFFT made me smile, as did SHARPEI and PEI. And yes, I immediately thought of Bert Lahr upon seeing the "put up your dukes" clue.

I haven't sent or received a fax for over a year, but I was glad to have that capability when I needed it.

Do CHAPS ever wear chaps? Or CHINOS? Or both?

Yeah, LW and I are members of AARP. Not really of any benefit to us, however. She likes reading the magazine.

I just realized that ALOHA spelled backwards also looks like it could be a Hawaiian word. Or a euphemism.

Best wishes to you all-in-one.

Steve said...

Nice puzzle, congrats on the debut, Brock. Thanks for the expo, Argyle.

I thought it could be a C.C. when I kept coming across baseball references!

Nice pic of Cabo - I was there in July and going back for Thanksgiving week. The hotel is stay at is on the long beach on the upper-left of the picture. It's the only hotel on that beach so it's nice and peaceful - not least that no kids under 18 are allowed!

My HP all-in-one has a fax, but like YR - don't use it - I don't have a landline. If I need to fax anything - usually a legal document - I scan it and email it to my email-to-fax service.

@Jayce - a quick Google shows me that AHOLA is the last name of a couple of Finnish guys - one a musician, one a motocross rider.

Lucina said...

Thank you! I live in a slightly elevated area so flooding has never been a problem. Just north and south of me are lower lands and since the ground is rock hard, moisture takes a long while to be absorbed.

So far I have't heard from anyone about major problems.

Irish Miss said...

Misty - So glad the weather was pleasant for your Tapas party. I hope Dusty and Misty, Jr., enjoyed some extra kibble-dribbles!

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up & links. Esp. the one with SANDY KOUFAX pitching.

Brock Wilson: Thank you for a FUN Monday puzzle. Nice debut!
The "circles" were superfluous and not needed.

Nothing to drink, so I guess "Puzzle prohibition" is back in vogue.

Fave today, fo course, was TITS ... Hey! I'm a guy. ...'nough said ...


HeartRx said...

OK, all my comments have been made, since I am so late today, so I will just have to comment on the comments...

OwenKL, fun limericks today - especially the "kaleidoscope"!

Hand up for never faxing - like Steve, I scan and send via my fax-to-email service ("MaxEmail").

pje, loved the "Physically pffft" comment!

Misty said...

Many thanks, Irish Miss. I'm afraid Dusty and Misty, Jr. hate our parties because they get locked up in Rowland's study for the duration, where they howl in anger and disappointment until it's over. But I'll do my best to make it up to them today.

I forgot to ask if anyone saw the third episode of the Masterpiece Mystery "Breathless" last night? I must say I never saw the ending of the mystery of what happened in the past coming. It sure took my breath away!

Lucina said...

I watched "Breathless Pt.3" and was totally mesmerized the entire 90 minutes! So much happened! I had no idea how it would end but wasn't surprised about the deaths, just startled.

Husker Chuck (a.k.a. Ergo) said...

Many years ago I was working for a small charity, located in a large office building. We were trendsetters and the first office to own a FAX.

We made it available to all of the tenants, charging $3 to send the first page and $1 for each that followed. And, $1 for each page received. And oh my how the money did flow! It was our third largest 'fundraiser' of the year. We even had to report UBIT on our tax return. :-)

Husker Gary said...

-We have an ALL IN ONE machine but always fear that having one part go bad will necessitate losing all the other functions when it gets fixed
-Veteran teachers on this site remember going from this machine to this machine
-Our guide said ascetic St. Francis would be horrified to see this cathedral built in his name
-The SS fielding the ball gets an ASSIST and the 1B gets the putout
-PSST, Brock used a word without a vowel. TSK, TSK!
-Never look a salesperson in one of these
-Carson gave Joan Rivers her big break and never talked to her again after she got a show running opposite him. We Nebraskans expect loyalty ;-)
-A yawn can be caused by The Chameleon Effect I linked yesterday
-I am struggling to find an APP that will allow me to post from my iPhone when I am blocked by a school filter. Thoughts?
-Dance moves for trig functions
-I’m rooting for my KC Royals to make it into the ALCS
-Which SKIPPER was more psycho – Queeg or Bligh?
-Marie Curie died of radiation exposure from carrying radioactive isotopes in her pocket. Pierre Curie died when he got run over by a horse drawn carriage.

Chairman Moe said...

Tin @ 3:48 - I don't know if you've ever seen his bit on Tits, but Louis CK discusses them for about 5:00 and change on this video clip.

No visuals; none needed!

Avg Joe said...

Enjoyed this outing today. I'd agree the circles were superfluous, but it speeded my solve a little at the last theme fill when copy became apparent. Quite the debut, Brock Wilson!

I've never had an all in one. I print so much (for required record keeping) that a black laser is far more economical than any other option. Still own a fax, but dropped the dedicated line 2 1/2 years ago. During its last year of connectivity I kept track of received faxes. I got 2! That dedicated line cost me $400~, so each fax cost me $200! A couple of clients bitched, but they got over it. These days the only time I use that machine is as a defacto copier. It's simply easier than scanning and I bailed on a true copier nearly 10 years ago...again due to cost of operation.

Thanks for the heads up Thelma. I've got a message out to my Cave Creek friend, but I'm not sure he's in town....not that would help the house. :-(

Unknown said...

This was a fun and easy puzzle. I really liked your limericks, Owen, especially the second one.

Lucina said...

How well I remember that first machine! There was one even prior to it with some kind of jell on which we would manually roll the master copy to imprint it then set it into the machine.

Argyle said...

Agnes gave me a task of getting these pictures to you. Let's see how I did.

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Ok, I had to reduce the size to get them to fit but you should be able to enlarge them on your screen.

Bill G. said...

Hey Argyle, I can't see a thing. No dogs for me...

Argyle said...

Anybody else have the same problem?

Irish Miss said...


Nothing is showing up, just blank spaces.

Argyle said...

Can you see the empty grid I posted last night?

Argyle said...

Try this.
Dogs, dogs, dogs

Peter said...

Clunky fill, especially for a Monday. Wish I could be as positive as many in the thread, but I would be lying. Keep on constructing, Brock!

aka thelma said...


I got the grid just fine.... but cannot open the dogs... either time you posted them.... I get long white boxes with little tiny blue boxes in the middle with a question mark in the little box... I have rec'd other things like that and can never open them.... I have an imac... if any of that helps.... L) :)

Thanx for a good write up today... I always enjoy your recaps... :)

thelma :)

Irish Miss said...

No luck,Argyle. Thanks for trying.

Argyle said...

Too bad; they were funny. Oh well...

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

Wow Brock, nice debut. Argyle - greate write-up (alas, no dogs for me either).

It was fun and relatively easy. I mis parsed WIND (air) as wind (set a clock) and scratched my head for a while at 41a.

Fav - KIASKS. I don't know why I like that word, but I do - maybe just 'cuz they are fun to hack.

Hand up for ROUSe before ROUST, but our little ENTS magically fixed that.

I've got an HP ALL IN ONE. Never faxed with it and every time I want to print to it (instead of the laser) it's out of one ink or the other. It's a decent copier though.

C.C. To Saturday's comments - I appologize.

AND now for something completely different.

Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

Argyle, Yes, I get the empty grid OK but no dog photos.

Anonymous T said...

Oh bummer - 37a was all perps; no idea. I just turned to A2 in the paper and the headline "Rivers FETEd in star-studded sendoff." It's serendipitous and I really am an ID-10-T.

Here's a link to Ralphie May on (S)CUBA diving. Like C. Moe's TITS - MA only.

Cheers, -T