Sep 26, 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014, Susan Stanislawski

Theme: Sounds like....PHUN

A sound-alike pun puzzle where common F words are replaced with sound alike PH words and clued whimsically. I believe this is Susan's debut LAT though I did see a cute Monday NYT she had published in April, 2012. I enjoyed the wit in this effort though again, it did not seem like a Friday to me. There were some nice fill like NAG NAG,  OMERTA,  SEA HAG,  SLIDER, HEXAGON,  RAKES IN, AMEN AMEN,  ANTI-HERO,  SPEAKS UP. Maybe there is more hidden; anyway let us get going as it has been a busy week.

17A. Seriously uncool dairy product? : NON-PHAT MILK. If phat still a positive term?
 (Fat to phat).

24A. Enjoy a TV psychologist? : HAVE ONE'S PHIL. Dr. Phil McGraw, of whom I long ago had my fill. (Fill to Phil).

46A. Followers' flowers? : PHLOX OF SHEEP. Flocks of sheep; love that sheep in the fill means a follower not the animal. The flowers which we had growing wild in my neighborhood. LINK. (Flocks to phlox).

56A. Sign on a hacker's door? : GONE PHISHIN' (11).  Gone fishin' replaced by THIS.
(Fishin' to phishin.)


1. Hamlet, for one : DANE. A gimme start to those who love them some Shakespeare.

5. Happy hour sandwich : SLIDER. This took longer, as I wanted to have a HOAGIE to go with 18D. Composer Carmichael : HOAGY.  Who does not remember STARDUST? (3:19)

11. Modern film effects, briefly : CGIComputer-generated imagery.

14. Troubled cry : ALAS.

15. Roman board game similar to modern backgammon : TABULA. Well THIS is a Friday clue, rather than __ rasa.

16. Cartoon Chihuahua : REN.

19. Farm resident : ANT. I hope no one fell for this old trick, eieio.

20. Mauna __ : KEA. It's higher than LOA.

21. Sitcom world : ORK. How timely with the passing of Robin Williams.

22. Nail polish brand : ESSIE. All perps. LINK.

28. Long cold spell : ICE AGE.

31. Renée's "Chicago" role : ROXIE.

32. Pulitzer author McMurtry : LARRY. He has written lots of BOOKS, but for me it was TV's Lonesome Dove.

33. Church cry : AMEN AMEN. And the equally balanced 65A. Response to constant carping : NAG NAG.

37. Boom, e.g. : SPAR. These sailing terms are beyond me, but it filled. I am sure Jeannie would have explained it; spitzboov?

38. Chose, with "for" : OPTED.

40. Flier on the beach : KITE. Not in So. Fla.

41. Mad Max or Dirty Harry : ANTI-HERO. A nice trick answer.

43. "__ directed" : USE AS.

44. Serape wearer : SENOR.

45. They may be pulled : STUNTS.

50. Isabella, por ejemplo : REINA. Spanish for Queen.

51. Teacup feature : EAR. Next time you are holding one....

52. These, to Thierry : CES. Just french.

55. WWII battle site, for short : IWO.

61. "__ and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance": '70s best-seller : ZEN.

62. Code of silence : OMERTA. They have had so many rat on each other from Sammy the Bull to the Goodfellas I am not sure there is a mob anymore.

63. Sleekly designed : AEROdynamic.

64. Masthead VIPs : EDS. Newspapers, editors.

66. Last little bit : DREG.


1. Dungeonlike : DANK.

2. Natural heartburn remedy, some say : ALOE.

3. The Darlings' dog : NANA. Did you know there is a Disney WIKIA. A friend of my children appears in the Peter Pan online series. LINK.

4. Alleged ability : ESP.

5. Feel a strong need (for) : STARVE.

6. Traditional Hanukkah serving : LATKE. Potato pancake, and they are good all year.

7. "THINK" sloganeer : IBM.

8. Issue of MADD : DUI. Driving Under the Influence.

9. Addition, perhaps : ELL.

10. Collects a lot of, as chips : RAKES IN.

11. Attend uninvited : CRASH.

12. Bottled spirits : GENII. Never quite sure how to spell, usually think of

13. Big name in chips : INTEL. Computer chips

23. Doesn't remain silent : SPEAKS UP.

24. Indiana player : HARRISON.  This one got me, as I filled in the answer and a blank look on my face until I realized we were having a Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones reference.

25. They provide addresses : ORATORS. Cute clue.

26. Iditarod terminus : NOME. The dogsled race.

27. Marked, as a ballot : EXED.

28. "Sing it, Sam" speaker : ILSA. Casablanca.

29. Skip on the sea : CAP'N.

30. Q.E.D. word : ERAT.

34. Carriage : MIEN. A nice Friday word.

35. Nouveau-Mexique, e.g. : ETAT. All French, New Mexico and State.

36. Head of the Untouchables : NESS. Which did you prefer ONE or TWO.

38. Sonoma prefix : OENO. Relating to wine.

39. TA's boss : PROFessor. Teaching Assistant.

42. Honeycomb cell shape : HEXAGON. Six-sided; and the next is 49D. Penta- plus two : HEPTA.

43. Development sites : UTERI. The old choice between Cherie Oteri or...

45. Witch who was a Popeye nemesis : SEA HAG.

46. Cherish : PRIZE.

47. Cut down : HEWED.

48. Community service club, with "the" : LIONS. They do much good work for blind people. READ.

52. "Believe" singer : CHER. Some love HER.

53. Cork setting : EIRE. UK or not?

54. Kiss and cuddle, in Kent : SNOG. A word learned from the British mysteries I have read; sounds like a good choice. A step on the shag latter.

57. Medical suffix : OMA. A word end that sadly often means a person's end. LINK.

58. Pic source : NEGative. Are there negatives any more? I am not positive?

59. Northwest end? : ERN. NorthwestERN.

60. Blue : SAD. Did anyone ever wonder about this use of blue? We love blue skies, bluebirds and lagoons(oops that was last week).

Well do not be too sad, Splynter will be here tomorrow to entertain. May you all be inscribed in the Book of Life for a sweet year. Lemonade out.

Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to Dennis (Left on the photo), who helped me greatly the first few years with this blog. He's also the first blog regular I collaborated with. Still waiting for our NYT. Been ages.



Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and a Happy Birthday to Dennis )!

Mostly fun and smooth Friday puzzle, but I did run into two total unknowns, one annoyance, and one really hard section. I got the theme early on and was able to guess all of them quickly except for HAVE ONES PHIL which took a good deal of perp help.

The unknowns were TABULA and ESSIE. Needed all the perps for those, but at least the perps were solid (once I went with DUI instead of DWI).

The annoyance was EXED. I have never seen that before and really fought against putting it in even after getting _XED. That was part of the reason I didn't get HAVE ONES PHIL right away.

The hard section was the intersection of HARRISON, SPAR and CAPN. The first I just couldn't get from the tricky clue (and thanks to Lemonade for explaining it). The second I just couldn't think of for awhile. And the third... huh? I get that CAPN is short for Captain, but is Skip supposed to be short for Skipper? Ugh, I guess that makes two annoyances for me today. Anyway, I finally thought of SPAR, which forced both HARRISON and CAPN into place despite my lack of confidence in either one. And so I finished unassisted, but wouldn't have been at all surprised to discovered I had made a mistake.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Yup, felt like a Friday to me. I found plenty of ways to go wrong: HOGEY/HOAGY, PRIDE/PRIZE, ETO/IWO, and ASTA/NANA (I mistook Nick and Nora for the Darlings). On the other hand TABULA and ESSIE were unknowns, but perped easily.

I thought the theme was cute, but I wondered at PHLOX OF SHEEP -- I'd misread the clue as "Follower's followers." Another eye test may be in order.

Happy Birthday, Dennis!

Big Easy said...

Well this one did me in in the SE with SNOG CHER DREG and unable to decide between AERO or AIRY and EIRE or ERIN. And unlike Barry, I didn't get CAPN because my boom was SOAR instead of SPAR and I knew CAON was wrong. BTW, the favorite breakfast at USNA is Cap'n Crunch.

The crossing of ESSIE and GENII made me wonder as I knew PHIL was correct and I have never bought ( or used ) nail polish.

The foreign words are familiar but I am not a fan of them; TABULA was all perps, as was NANA. Clues that I liked were for UTERI and HARRISON, who also plays a good ANTI HERO.

HeartRx said...

Good morning everyone!

Happy Birthday, Dennis! I've been wondering how your new "business" is going? Still holding up? ;-)

Fun puzzle - I love puns like this, and thought it was well done. No real problem areas - the "Indiana player" didn't fool me, since I already had HARR- in place. And I loved the clue for ORATORS!

We usually see 27d spelled as "XED" but "EXED" has also been used many times. Can't say that I like it, though.


Anonymous said...

Where is the answer grid?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Refresh your browser. Should be there now.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody.

Wow! What a brain buster: TGIF.

I liked the clue fr Indiana Player: HARRISON. I was raking my brain for Indiana based sports teams. All I came up with were the Pacers.

I had a lot of write overs today. I wanted OTELLO for TABULA, DEAN for PROF and GETS ONES PHIL instead of HAVE ONES PHIL.

Have a great day, happy birthday Dennis!

Avg Joe said...

Happy birthday Dennis! And many more.

Tough outing today. Liked the theme and found it very helpful, but I had a lot of trouble in the SE corner. I'd filled in Gone Phising, not noticing the missing second H. I took several minutes to sort that out, but once I did, the other blanks became obvious.

Yellowrocks said...

Happy birthday, Dennis.
I did most of this on a print out which I left in the car with several undone.
At home as I quickly reworked it in the newspaper the rest of the answers became immediately apparent. Very punny clues.
I was looking for a team, so HARRISON was slow to dawn on me. I had TAKE ONE'S PHIL, so didn't have the benefit of the H. I agree that PHIL is hard to take. Does he seem full of himself?
I have never seen a SLIDER at happy hour, so that took a while, too.
ESSIE was all perps. No other unknowns.
Lemonade, fun, informative expo. Don't they fly KITEs on the beach in S. Florida?
Ever since yesterday I have been trying to think of the game played with milk bottle tops. POG! In modern times POGGS are especially manufactured for the game and for collectors. Have you ever heard of them?
Link Game of Pogs

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Very Friday! Pretty tricky clues. Phun theme that I caught on to with NONPHAT MILK. The NC gave me fits and was the last to fill. I had LATKE but couldn't think of STARVE. (I'd had breakfast.) Didn't know SLIDER, TABULA, IBM or DUI. Had to red-letter run to fill (or PHIL) these. Great puzzle, Susan!

Didn't know ESSIE. I haven't used nail polish since high school. My granddaughter is into fancy nail decorating, but we don't talk brand names.

ZEN was a gimmee. I wanted to buy the book for my motorcycle-owning husband, but couldn't afford it at the time. He would have been insulted by the concept anyway.

I didn't understand HARRISON even when it filled. Duh! My niece named her son HARRISON even though he's Eric's son. She's too shy to suspect her of wrong-doing though.

Happy birthday, Dennis! Celebrate heartily? Is your wife still gone?

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Susan Stanislawski, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for a fine review.

Happy Birthday, Dennis, and many more.

Wow, this puzzle was tougher than most for a Friday. Started it last night and finished this morning.

INTEL faked me out. Finally saw the light and finished the word. I was thinking of some potato chips.

Liked ERAT. One of my favorite latin phrases. Q.E.D.

ANTIHERO was easy once I had six of the letters. Just added an N and an I.

Once I figured out the theme, it helped. Entered a couple more PH's.

SEA HAG was not known. Perped her.

ESSIE was unknown. I had the first four letters and my daughter, who is a beautician, gave me the last E. I did not have INTEL at that point.

Remembered OMERTA from books, etc.

Tried DROP, then fixed that to DREG.

Anyhow, done for the day. It was a workout.

See you tomorrow.



Lemonade714 said...

Happy birthday Dennis and many more. Good to see you here now and then.

I did not mean the puzzle was easy, just the structure, word length etc. Was more like Wednesday. I am spoiled by usually having significantly fewer fill to explain. TABULA was very hard.

EXED really is a semi regular fill appearing once or twice a year.

It is so windy on the beach the kites do not stay for long

Yellowrocks said...

Such excitement! We have a fire truck, an chief's car, an ambulance, and two police cars along with first aiders and firemen's personal vehicles on our block. It seems when a neighbor's power strip sparked and died she called for help. No harm done, no injuries.
Truthfully I am glad for the first responders' vigilance and quick reaction, just in case the situation turned out to be dire.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Well, I got my comeuppance with this one! Didn't really have too many bumps and finished (I thought!) but no TADA. Went back to check for typos but found nothing that looked amiss. Finally turned on the Erase All Errors and, LO and behold, my Response to constant carping=Not Now should have been Nag Nag, so a big, PHAT FIW.

In any case, thanks, Susan, for an enjoyable Friday challenge and thanks, Lemony, for an informative expo.

I am still a little teary-eyed from watching the farewell to Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium last night. And the icing on the cake was his game-winning hit in the bottom of the ninth. What a way to end your career in front of your loyal and loving hometown fans. Bravo, Derek, we love you and will miss you!

Happy Birthday, Dennis, hope it's a special day.

Have a great day.

CrossEyedDave said...

HBD Dennis

Fysics is phun!

Sallie said...

Good morning everyone.

I don't even try to do Fridays. So no puzzle comments.

But had to drop in to wish Dennis a happy birthday. Hope you do something special.


Lucina said...

Greetings, word warriors!

Happy birthday, Dennis! Even though Linda is away, (I think) have a special day.

Well, this was phun! I was on Susan's wave length fairly quickly since she started with one of my favorite DANEs and NANA surfaced again.

INTEL has a large presence and employs thousands of people in this area. I'm not familiar with ESSIE only OPI but it perped.

Loved some of the cluing:
long cold spell, ICE AGE
bottled spirits, GENII
they provide address, ORATORS

Clever theme answers, too, especially PHLOX OF SHEEP and we have CHER again today. It surprised me that I recalled OMERTA right away.

EXED has appeared in many puzzles I've solved, not only the LAT.

Thank you Susan and Lemonade for yet another phun philled Phriday!

Have some phun today, amigos y amigas!

Anonymous said...

Re 12D, GENII is the plural of GENIUS, not of GENIE. The clue should have been "Smart asses," not "Bottled spirits."

PK said...

Oh yeah, The Ryder Cup started today!

Ya'll know what's bad for golf? The first group teeing off BEFORE the butt crack of dawn!

You know what's not bad for golf? A cigar-chompin' Michael Jordan inside the ropes & supporting U.S. at yet another Ryder Cup.. #dealwithit

Hey Rory and Sergio, try harder.

desper-otto said...

My dictionary says it's OK as the plural of genie:

genie |ˈjēnē|
noun (pl. genies or genii |-nēˌī| )
a spirit of Arabian folklore, as traditionally depicted imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp, and capable of granting wishes when summoned. Compare with jinn.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent. (denoting a guardian or protective spirit): from French génie, from Latin genius (see genius). Génie was adopted in the current sense by the 18th-cent. French translators of The Arabian Nights' Entertainments, because of its resemblance in form and sense to Arabic jinnī ‘jinni.’

Yellowrocks said...

There are two meanings of GENIUS. When it means GENIE or JINN the plural is GENII. When it means one having a high IQ, the plural is GENIUSES.

1. plural genii : an attendant spirit of a person or place
plural usually genii : a person who influences another for good or bad
2. plural usually genii : spirit, jinni

3.plural usually geniuses
a person endowed with transcendent mental superiority; especially : a person with a very high IQ

Misty said...

A Friday toughie, for sure, but what PHUN! Many thanks, Susan! It really was fun to see the theme emerge slowly, and there were so many clues from literary, musical, and popular culture--HAMLET, ILSA, LARRY MCMURTRY, CHER, "CHICAGO," HOAGY CARMICHAEL, INDIANA JONES, POPEYE, NANA, REN, and more. A delight!

Fun expo, Lemonade. And Happy Birthday, Dennis--hope you have something fun planned! (I just can't get PHUN out of my system, can I?)

Have a great Friday, everybody!

Anonymous said...

I hope this is the LAST of Susan's puzzles. Makes no sense and was not fun!!!!

thehondohurricane said...

Happy birthday Dennis. Hope your day is full of evertything you like to do (or still can do!).

And thank you for your kind words earlier this week.


Ergo said...

Each day when I go to print out the puzzle I need to avert my eyes from any of the answers posted to the left. Today I happened to get a glance at the term PHAT. Oh well, can't be that much of an advantage. Little did I know.

I really don't think I would have gotten any of the theme answers without that little slip. As it was, I still had to throw in the towel; leaving the Midwest and southwest unresolved.

HARRISON was a fun clue, though I tried like the devil to get HOOSIERS to fit.

CrossEyedDave said...

There is a reason why you don't often see more than one genie...

Tinbeni said...

NON-PHAT MILK and HAVE ONES PHIL gave me the Friday "change F to PH" theme quickly.

I've been to many-a-Happy-Hour ... can't say that SLIDER (burgers) were ever eaten at that time.

Only needed Every-Single-Perp (my ESP) to get ESSIE.
Guess I'm not up-on Nail polish brands. Go Figure ...

Hmmm, my favorites today were EXED, HARRISON, SPAR & CAPN.

Dennis, Happy Birthday! My "first toast" at Sunset is to you.

Chairman Moe said...

A Friday limerick I've been saving. Somewhat theme related:

A young hooker ran into a priest,
Shortly after her John had deceased.
She confessed she had sinned,
But she felt no chagrin;
There were scores from his PHLOCK she had fleeced!

OK, flock wasn't originally spelled with a pH, but I'm known to be a bit acerbic at times ... pun intended!

I liked the theme but it might have been nice to have had a "theme" clue that used pH as a reference to either being acid or alkali. The puzzle was "Friday" enough for me; a few write-overs and one look up.

Happy Birthday, Dennis

Husker Gary said...

-This took time because I was surrounded by 8th graders!
-Today’s theme and refraction!
-Some posit the Little ICE AGE of medieval times caused food shortages that made people more susceptible to the plague
-I OPTED to not sub the first four days of this week
-ANTIHERO Clint Eastwood pushed his SERAPE aside to do business
-Today’s OMERTA
-We don’t have ESP, we’ve just been married almost 50 years
-Remember the scene when Henry Gondorff RAKES IN all of Doyle Lonnegan’s chips
-Pacers, Colts, Hoosiers? Nope.
-A math teacher next door here is an OENOphile with over 200 bottles in his collection
-EIRE, CES, DREG and SNOG made for an interesting corner
-HBD, Dennis. Semper Fi!
-In what movie did HOAGY play piano for Bogey’s girl Slim and not ILSA?
-Kids coming in, read y’all later!

LOIS said...

Good Afternoon CC, Lemonade, et al., One of these days soon I will rejoin you here and finally enjoy being retired.

I just dropped in to join the PHalanx in wishing DENNIS a very very HAPPY and actually boob-a-luba-liciously spectacular BIRTYHDAY. Tin may honor you with the 1st drink at sunset. I will dedicate this whole night to you: all the drinks, toasts, honors and offers, comings and goings, fills and refills, ball busting pool games, and esp. the many rounds of high hilarity. I will celebrate YOU starting soon and through the night. I hope YOUR 24hours are outrageously memorable and I wish you many, many more HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAYS, my friend.

Bill G. said...

That was a fun puzzle. I filled in Harrison but didn't understand it until reading here. I didn't know ESSIE or the Darlings.

Happy anniversary AnonT! Happy birthday Dennis!

Hi Lois! It's good to hear from you again. How's Virginia these days? Retired yet?

Jerome said...

Smart aleck's response to "Rich guy that wrote the HARRISON clue?"

Unknown said...

This was phun. I had two write-overs: donna before REINA and adore before PRIZE. Otherwise, this puzzle was easy for a Friday.

Happy Birthday, Dennis.

Bill G. said...

An annulus (Doughnut shape)
Draw a smaller circle inside of a larger circle producing an annulus. Draw a line segment tangent to the small circle and extending in both directions intersecting the larger circle in two points. The length of the line segment is 10 cm. Find the area of the annulus. (Notice that you are not given the size of either circle. Pretty cool!)

Steve said...

Happy Birthday Dennis!

I thought this was pretty fun, but the theme seemed inconsistent to me - we get FAT and FISHIN' where only the "F" sound changes, but FILL and FLOCKS where both the start and the end sounds change.

@PK - they did wake up a little at the end of the afternoon foursomes. More fireworks to come tomorrow!

Argyle said...

Anybody with me?

The Darlings Salty Dog

PK said...

The comments about the Ryder Cup at 11 a.m. were not made by the original PK. But I'll be glued to the action tomorrow probably. Today at that time I was out to lunch with a couple of my oldest friends from my home town that I hadn't seen for 8 years. Don't know what I ate, too busy jawing & catching up on family and friends.

Chairman Moe said...

OT: The Ryder Cup (Part I)

I know there are a few golfers and golf fans on this blog, so I hope posting an "Other Topic" is OK, considering the fact that this event occurs biennially. I've been more than a casual observer of this, and part of that goes back to 1995 when I attended the Ryder Cup Match at Oak Hill in Rochester NY.

Aside from the outcome (US lost 14-1/2 to 13-1/2) where Europe came from behind to win on Sunday, and for only the second time on US soil, much of the memories are faded. I remember it being rainy and cold the first day, and Corey Pavin making an incredible chip-in on Saturday. During the event, two of the Euro golfers had holes-in-one, but I didn't witness either. It's tough to follow four separate matches when you're on the grounds, so I chose to sit at one hole each day and watch all of the players come through. It was great drama - especially on Sunday - but am glad to watch on TV, as I know I'll at least get to see most if not all of the matches.

Chairman Moe said...

OT: Ryder Cup (Part II)

My initial observation for this year's event (after Day 1) is that our (US) so-called "top-ranked" players continue to under-achieve. And also, that the US Captain, Tom Watson, seems a bit out-of-touch with this generation of professional golfers. He, and his long-in-the-tooth vice Captains, are just too detached from this group to be effective and motivational. I realize that the players are pro's, and should be able to motivate themselves. But I fear that there are too many scars, and too much "baggage" with all of the players on this year's US team who have been on recent losing Ryder Cup teams. It amazes me that guys like Jim Furyk, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, et al, have had such abysmal records in the Ryder Cup. I know Tiger is out this year, and the PGA has a point system in place to gain a spot on the team. But Tom Watson I think blew it with his choices of Mahan and Webb Simpson. Neither was playing that great down the stretch, and Mahan still has, I think, some scars from his last Ryder Cup in 2010

Chairman Moe said...

OT: Ryder Cup (Part III)

Final thought/comment for the day (and a limerick, of course!):

U.S. team held a brief morning lead,
Thanks in part to our "rook's", Spieth and Reid.
These guys were in the "zone",
But for reasons unknown,
They were benched the next match; point, concede!

(My not so welcome or popular prediction: Final Score after Sunday, Euro's 17, Yank's 11)

Avg Joe said...

Moe, I enjoy watching golf, but I don't follow it closely. I also don't play the game (or at least that's my take...I own clubs and go spoil a perfectly good walk once in a while, but I'd have to improve dramatically to be considered a duffer).

But, I can't help but brag just a little with your discussion about the Ryder Cup. We have a nephew that is a caddy at Medinah, where it was held last. I've not seen him since then, so I didn't get a report, but he was pretty excited about it beforehand.

PK said...

Chairman Moe, Alas I fear you may be right!

Math Novice said...

Bill G.

I get x*2 + y*2 = ( 10 / 2 )*2 = 25

I need pi .( x*2 - y*2) = pi.(x - y).(x + y)

I get (x + y)*2 + (x - y)*2 = 2( x*2 + y*2) = 2 x 25 = 50

But, I can't seem to get (x- y)...

I'll try again later.

Lois said...

OMG, Santa Baby, I LOVE that old hillbilly banjo pickin' bluegrass music! Can I be your Salty Dog, Santa Baby..or maybe a substitute when ya get 'chili'? Thank you for that window into yesteryear and the thrill of that knee slappin, toe tappin, hand clappin' music. You know I'm very musically inclined. If you want, I could help you play the jugs, if ya need any lessons, that is.
Dennis is probably the resident expert in that field, but group lessons are so much more fun, don't ya think?

How's this year's list comin', Santa Darlin'? Need any help ranking me in the Naughty or Nice column yet? I'm lookin' forward to seeing you.

Bill G: Thank you. Good to see you too. VA is good. My
neck of the river is at least open to swimming. Bugs are gone. Bunnies are in, as are the hawks. Tree frogs weren't so bad this year and my flower gardens are still beautiful! The Fall colors ought to be some kind of pretty this year w/all the rain we've had. How are you doin' out there?

Dudley said...

Bill G - I get 78.54 square centimeters (25 x Pi). Interesting how there exists a series of diameter pairs with the same result.

Math Novice2 said...

Bill. G. Oooops !

its x*2 - y*2 = 5*2 = 25


Area of Annulus = pi.(x*2 - y*2)

= pi.25


figured it out while driving home, in my car. I see, Dudley got it first. No matter.

Math Novice3 said...

Lois, Lois, Lois - how nice (and naughty) to hear from you !!!

Now, my Friday is complete.

We really miss your sweet talking. ( so said he, with euphemism ...)

I wasn't sure it was really you, but your 'style' is inimitable !!!

Hope you are doing well, and God bless.

Its great to know you are alive and kickin. ;-D)

Ol' Man Keith said...

SPAR did me in. Like others, I had SOAR, but unlike others, I didn't change it , or correct the perp from CAON to CAPN.

So, although I finished in good time, the result is only 98% because I thought CAON could maybe, just MAYbe be some kind of dinghy or "Skip."

Ah, well...

CrossEyedDave said...

HG! Your stepping on my links!
(But in retrospect, I'm honored,, as great minds think alike:)

Bill G, I am seriously biting my tongue trying not to post any Uranus jokes... But I did find this, the 4th, 5th, & 6th pics are amazing!

Argyle, A side link on your Salty Dog post is the pilot episode! (That's it, I'm gone for at least a 1/2 hour...)

Lemonade714 said...

Lois what a joy to hear from you and to know you are still you.

Phil Michelson and Keegan Bradley both had bad years, t h did magic from two years ago is gone

Lucina said...

It's so good to hear from you! You've been missed. Will you be gracing us again or is this a one night stand?

Argyle said...

Oh Lois, one night with you!

PK said...

Lemony, it is so sweet that you really try so hard. Bless your heart.

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Susan and Lemon!

Took a long time but finished w/o cheats.

Anyone see Viola Davis show?


fermatprime said...


Forgot to wish you a HBD Dennis!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Well I did finish a Friday puzzle, albeit with help from my dictionary. Barry, I use nail polish occasionally, but Esse is a new one to me, too. Tabula is certainly a Friday word. It is now in my dictionary for future reference.

Everything has been said about the puzzle, but I wanted to wish Dennis a very happy Birthday, with many more to come.

Part of the CA Coven had lunch together yesterday. JD, Garlic Gal, and I gathered in Morgan Hill, halfway between our homes and gabbed up a storm. Lucina, wish you were closer.

Lois, good to "see" you today.
Have a great evening, everyone.

Pat said...

It seemed to be an interesting puzzle but it was over my head. Just wanted to take the opportunity to say:

Happy Birthday, Dennis! Hope you celebrate lots more!

Happy Anniversary, Anon-T! May you and your DW celebrate many more!

Good evening, all.


Bill G. said...

Math Novice and Dudley, very excellent! Marti also solved it with a very clever and completely different approach.

CED, great photos!

I saw enough of the new Viola Davis show (How to Get Away With Murder) to know I think I will like it. I've set it to record.

Speaking of TV, I am still watching The Roosevelts on my DVR. It so well done and educational but I'm embarrassed to say it's still a struggle for me. One thing that surprised me is that Eleanor seemed like a pretty and attractive girl in her younger days.

Blue Iris said...

Happy Birthday, Dennis! You have the same name as my husband and he's a pretty nice guy. Although, he was a sailor and says he was a punching target for the marines. LOL

I liked fill PHLOX OF SHEEP. We plant phlox as a low growing ground cover.

blue = SAD
WIKI search-Color blue associated with feelings. When Zeus was sad he made it rain. Rain seen as blue. Also associated with blue devils or 'down' spirits. Ships fly blue flags when captain or another officer dies.
Personally, blue is my favorite color and I think serene.

Yellowrock, my kid wanted to collect Pogs and had some free ones from eating out (seems like Pokemon themed). We never bought them. Seemed like it was a lot of money for round cardboard pieces.

The word SNOG does not give me any romantic feelings.

I thought it was purely Disney that NANA, the dog, gave the children their medicine.

Blue Iris said...

In 2005 (seems like yesterday), my husband was in ER with kidney stones. After the CT Scan, the doctor came in to say, "the good news is no more kidney stones. The bad news is you have a tumor the size of a baseball and you need to see a surgeon" and then scurried out of the room.
Long story short, it was a adenOMA mass that was benign and encapsulaed...the best news ever!! No symptoms before or after.

Husker Gary said...

Sorry Dave! When I sub, I usually have to post late and without reading other entries! When I used circular slide rules in my classes 30 years ago, they came with two saying imprinted on them"



There is no downside to thinking like you!!

Bill G. said...

I remember those circular slide rules. I had a metal Pickett (sp?), not circular. I think modern students could benefit from learning to use a slide rule even though a scientific calculator is more accurate and versatile. I think you are more 'connected' to the math with a slide rule.

I like the new Jeopardy champion.

Snogging. Not a very romantic word for sure, but like many English slang words, it has an enjoyable sound to it.

Blue Iris, wow, good luck for you and your husband nine years ago. The news might have killed me right on the spot.

BV Ahlers said...

"OMA" signifies tumor, not specifically cancer or death. LIPOMA is a very non-lethal fatty tumor and neuroma is a B9 growth on a nerve.

Lucina said...

I wish I were closer, too but I'm glad you all had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Like Led Zeppelin, this music may help you to solve.

Got it done just before it ran out.

Anonymous said...

If desper-otto and Yellowrocks think "genii" is an acceptable plural of "genie," they must be relying on the Oxford English Dictionary. Authoritative dictionaries do not give you such. Oxford, Shmoxford.

PK said...

I'm up! Damn golfers...

PK said...

Original PK did not post the above at 4:46 a.m.

Lois said...

OMG, Santa Baby, I LOVE that old hillbilly banjo pickin' bluegrass music! Can I be your Salty Dog, Santa Baby..or maybe a substitute when ya get 'chili'? Thank you for that window into yesteryear and the thrill of that knee slappin, toe tappin, hand clappin' music. You know I'm very musically inclined. If you want, I could help you play the jugs, if ya need any lessons, that is.
Dennis is probably the resident expert in that field, but group lessons are so much more fun, don't ya think?

How's this year's list comin', Santa Darlin'? Need any help ranking me in the Naughty or Nice column yet? I'm lookin' forward to seeing you.

Bill G: Thank you. Good to see you too. VA is good. My
neck of the river is at least open to swimming. Bugs are gone. Bunnies are in, as are the hawks. Tree frogs weren't so bad this year and my flower gardens are still beautiful! The Fall colors ought to be some kind of pretty this year w/all the rain we've had. How are you doin' out there?

Argyle said...

Lois, you naughty girl, the nicest naughty girl ever, you should post this on Saturday's comments so people can see it.


LOIS said...

Sweet Santa Darlin', I'll do whatever you want. Reposting this was a misunderstanding btw the blog window and my memory. Since this post was still in the window, I thought it didn't send. So I sent it. Then I read the other posts. I LOVED your response... Elvis' One night with you. Very hot and sweet, just how I like it.

Anonymous said...

did you say why you don't/can't fly a kite in So.Miami Beach

Argyle said...

I believe lemon said it was too windy.