Sep 7, 2014

Sunday September 7, 2014 Julian Lim

Theme: "I Owe You One" - I O is added to each theme entry, changing spellings when needed.

23A. Outdoor dining area with no chairs? : STANDING PATIO. Standing pat.

32A. Become adept at aerobic exercise? : MASTER CARDIO. MasterCard

55A. Spanish neighborhood known for its kisses? : CHOCOLATE BARRIO. chocolate bar.
80A. Contest to win an objet d'art? : RACE FOR THE CURIO. Race for the Cure.

101A. Brit's New York signoff? : BRONX CHEERIO. Bronx cheer.

112A. TV station mascot? : STUDIO CHICKEN. Stewed chicken. Is it a southern dish? I never had it. I was wondering what a "stud chicken" is. It's Argyle, who has been using this avatar for a long time.

16D. Contact a provisions room on a shortwave? : RADIO THE PANTRY. Raid the pantry.

50D. Buyer of "Gangsta's Paradise"? : COOLIO CUSTOMER. Cool customer. Coolio wrote "Gangsta's Paradise".

So, 3 IO's are added to the end of the first word, 5 to the end of the last word. Very consistent.

I love grids where theme entries intersect. Julian is very very good at it. Luck & skill. We wouldn't see chunky corners today had Julian put all his theme entries in Across. 

Read more about Julian here.


1. Wax museum founder Marie : TUSSAUD. Easy start.

8. Many a Jordanian : ARAB

12. Pacts : ACCORDS

19. 1992 David Mamet play : OLEANNA. Nailed it. Ultra friendly letter combo for constructors.

20. Fancy drink garnish : PETAL. Not OLIVE.

22. Reveal : LAY BARE

25. __ trading : INSIDER

26. Link clicker's destination : SITE

27. Inter __ : ALIA

28. Man of steel? : ROBOT. Nice clue.

30. Suffix with 62-Across : IST. And  62. Exemplary : IDEAL

31. Thurman of "Kill Bill" : UMA

36. Santa __ : ROSA

37. Boxer with titles in eight different weight classes : PACQUIAO (Manny). I recognized his face when I googled.

39. Went hastily : HIED

40. "Curses!" : DRAT. Hold your dominant hand up & draw a capital Q on your forehead. Did the tail of the Q fall towards your left or your right shoulder? You're a terrible liar if it falls to the right. Good liars draw the tail to the left so the person facing them can actually see it.

42. Sch. with the mustachioed mascot Hey Reb! : UNLV (University of Nevada-Las Vegas). Wiki said their sports teams are UNLV Rebels.

43. Kept the dance floor busy, briefly : DJed

45. Gets down : ALIGHTS

48. __ nod: acting honor : OSCAR

51. Biblical name meaning "hairy" : ESAU

53. Biol. majors' awards : BS DEGREES

59. CNN medical correspondent Sanjay __ : GUPTA. I like him.

60. Ring punch : HOOK

61. Pay ending : OLA. Payola.

63. Hertz opening? : MEGA. Megahertz.

64. Scale fifth : SOL

65. "Holy __!" : MOLY

66. Chaney of old horror films : LON

67. River of Germany : EDER

69. Put the cuffs on : NAB

72. Author Dinesen : ISAK

74. Refine, as ore : SMELT

76. Montréal moniker : NOM

77. Texas NLer : STRO. Julian lives in Singapore. No baseball there. (Correction: Astros moved to the American League in 2013).
78. Pained shrieks : YEOWS

83. Colluding : IN CAHOOTS. Love this entry.

85. User's reversal : UNDO

86. Ancient Indo-European : ARYAN

87. Canadian french fries dish : POUTINE. I knew it. I just don't know how to spell it correctly.

88. "Why not?" : LET'S

90. Mudville number : NINE

92. __ butter: cosmetic moisturizer : SHEA. Never tried it. I'm pretty happy with my coconut oil and Argan oil.

93. Ersatz : FAUX

95. Drug-induced hostility : ROID RAGE. Another great entry.

99. Book after John : ACTS

105. Sound file suffix : WAV. See here. Just remember wave.

106. However, informally : THO

107. Blow a gasket : ERUPT

108. Like weak handshakes : LIMP

109. Exude : OOZE

110. Leaf-wrapped Mexican dish : TAMALES. Hmm, Lucina!

117. "Once more ..." : I REPEAT

118. Tune with many high notes : YODEL

119. Winter beverages : HOT TEAS. I really like the gunpowder green in Steve's Numi  box.

120. Jewel case holders : CD RACKS

121. Rebel against : DEFY

122. Expand, as a home : ADD ONTO


1. 50-50 shot : TOSS UP

2. Last syllable : ULTIMA. Learning moment for me.

3. Northwest airport named for two cities : SEA-TAC. Seattle & Tacoma.

4. Sensible : SANE

5. Fish-chips link : AND. Fish and chips.

6. Down Under school : UNI

7. Emmy-winning sportscaster Patrick : DAN

8. Familiar fruit logo : APPLE

9. Show again : RE-AIR

10. Diplomat's case : ATTACHE. Attaché's attaché.

11. Tang dynasty poet Li __ : BAI. He drank a lot a lot and wrote this classic poem. Perfect for Mid-Audumn Festival, which will be celebrated tomorrow. Jayce & Yellowrocks would probably love this clip.


12. Subject of corroboration : ALIBI

13. Do some necking : CANOODLE

14. Skin malady, perhaps : CYST

15. __-Wan Kenobi : OBI

17. Get into gear? : DRESS. I like this clue also.

18. Perfect Sleeper maker : SERTA

21. Moto portrayer : LORRE (Peter)

24. Pet for Pedro : GATO. Cat.

29. "That's strange" : ODD

32. 2013 Literature Nobelist Alice : MUNRO

33. Cough and sneeze, say : AIL

34. Comprehensive command : SAVE ALL. Computer.

35. Hinder's opposite : AID

36. Do-it-yourself floor covering : RAG RUG

38. Farmyard sound : QUACK

41. Sailor, at times : RIGGER

43. 2000 Peace Prize recipient Kim __-jung : DAE. Know for his "Sunshine Policy" towards North Korea.

44. Anniversary bash : JUBILEE

45. Tumult : ADO

46. Asian New Year : TET. Same day as Chinese Spring Festival which is celebrated in Singapore also.

47. Govt. ID issuer : SSA

48. Protest singer Phil : OCHS

49. "Go away!" : SHOO

52. Patronizes, as a motel : STAYS AT

53. Sports __ : BRA

54. Sandwich ingredient for many? : SILENT D. Letter D. Oh, I get the "for many" modifier, as some do pronounce the D.

56. "Check it out!" : LOOK

57. Adidas founder Dassler : ADOLF

58. Let : RENT OUT

63. Internet __: viral item : MEME

65. Five iron, old-style : MASHIE. I used to watch those Bobby Jones stuff on Golf Channel.

68. Pay homage (to) : DO HONOR

70. Domingo number : ARIA

71. Godsend : BOON

73. Harvester's paths : SWATHS

75. Party leaders : MCs. Not political party.

77. More certain : SURER

78. Pup squeak : YIP

79. Roxy Music alum : ENO

80. Sushi topper : ROE

81. Temp. takers, at times : RNs

82. "I'm on it!" : CAN DO

84. Resting : ON A BREAK

88. "__ Aeterna": Requiem Mass song : LUX. No idea. Wiki said it's Latin for "eternal light".
89. Omit : EXCLUDE

91. Sundial number : III

93. Fancy dresser : FOP

94. Not at all settled : ANTSY

95. Forfeited wheels : REPO

96. Asleep no more : AWOKEN

97. Watch in awe : GAZE AT

98. Yet : EVEN SO

99. Top story : ATTIC

100. Vitamin-rich veggie : CHARD. My favorite veggie is water spinach. I was so delighted to find it at the farmer's market.

102. Gets eaten away, in a way : RUSTS

103. HDTV part, for short : HI-DEF

104. Post of good manners : EMILY. Emily Post.

107. Gas partner: Abbr. : ELEC

109. Prefix with -pus : OCTO. Octopus.

111. Mental health org. : APA

113. "The Unknown" director Browning : TOD. He directed  "Dracula" as well.

114. Half a dance : CHA

115. Coal scuttle : HOD

116. "__ be sad if ..." : IT'D



Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Tons of unknowns today. The toughest was that boxer's name, which had some uncertain perps. Sussed the theme early, and that sure helped. Morning, C.C., nice to see your style as always.

Posting from a motel today because our floor got its final coat of polyurethane. That stuff smells terrible! It'll take a while to get back to normal after a disruption like this.

SwenglishMom said...

Well this one knocked me for a loop! Thanks C.C. for your help and thanks Mr. Lim for a challenge today for this ex-pat. Roid rage was new to me, didn't know Oleanna, poutine not on my radar. Lotta red help.

Dudley I guess you're not using the DIY option of rag rugs? You must have a special floor to protect. We had to saw away at the last original floor in our house when we had a pipe break one fateful winter.

Luckily we were on site, and we have a separate water system for upstairs, but it was a drag finding the leak, investigating through ancient wood. Found extremely old newspaper used as insulation.

Happy Sunday all.

OwenKL said...

From my friend "Hap" E. Phace today:

There once was a girl from Ontario
Whose favorite flavor was pistachio,
But as she grew older
Her tastes became bolder,
Now her favorite flavor is f*ll*tio!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I really liked this one overall, although there were some bumps along the way. I got the theme early on, but I thought it was literally adding IO to the base phrases (not just their sounds) and got a bit confused with RADIO THE PANTRY. And then, despite having figured out the fact that it was the sound and not the literal spelling, I got stuck on STUDIO CHICKEN wondering what the heck a "stud chicken" was. I finally just accepted that a stud chicken must be like a stud horse and moved on...

I really liked seeing both CANOODLE and IN CAHOOTS in the grid. I don't know why, but words with double Os in them just look humorous to me.

I struggled with the crossing of PACQUIAO and MUNRO. I've heard of Manny PACQUIAO, but had no idea how to spell his name. Having him cross MUNROE was just cruel, until I finally got the Q from QUACK and realized it had to be followed by a U. Other obscure 9to me) names included Lin BAI and Kim DAE-Jung.

Oh -- and I wasn't thrilled with the clue for HOT TEA. I'm not a tea drinker myself, but my wife drinks it hot all year round, so calling it a "winter" drink seems a bit overly (and unnecessarily) specific.

Ended up with a technical DNF at the crossing of DO HONOR and EDER. I had trouble parsing the "(to)" part of the clue and went with GO HONOR/EGER. When I didn't get the *TADA* I knew immediately where to look, since I wasn't any happier with GO HONOR than I was with DO HONOR.

Dennis said...

Good morning, gang - I had a bad feeling about this one after I confidently wrote in TAUSSAUD to start the puzzle.....and ran out of blocks. At least SEATAC and SANE quickly cleared it up, except for the ink blotches.

After that, things went ok, especially after getting the reveal at 23A. Stumbled a bit trying to remember how to spell PACQUIAO (a tremendous boxer), put YELPS for 'Pained shrieks', knew the word POUTINE but struggled spelling it, but otherwise enjoyed another one of Julian's fine offerings. Clever, clever theme; must've been a bear to put together. As usual, great expo by C.C.

Got back yesterday after three weeks in NJ. We had a huge garage sale and reduced our storage space from a small warehouse to a ten-by-ten storage unit, the contents of which we'll eventually get down here. South Jersey had a very hot August, and temps in the warehouse were well over 100°, so it was a good workout. Made up for it by consuming large quantities of pizza (can't find good pizza down here).

I got talked into accompanying Linda on a business trip. We're turning right around and leaving tomorrow morning for Minneapolis, then Chicago; back home Friday afternoon. I always like wandering around cities I've not been in before, and I'm most looking forward to finally seeing Wrigley Field on Wednesday. Linda has to go back to India in two weeks, but I begged off on that one; she gets to fly first-class (in one of those sleeping pods) if a flight's over so many hours, and I'd be stuck in steerage for sixteen hours. No thank you.

Hope it's a great Sunday for everyone -- if you're a fan, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!?!? GO EAGLES!!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one took some heavy lifting and went three minutes into overtime. Finally got it, though. As others have noted, I thought the theme was to simply add IO to a common phrase, so BARRIO threw me. I finally figured out it was the sound and not the spelling when CURIO showed up.

I was thnnking of what went into the jewel boxes rather than what they went into. D'oh! And great baseball fan that I am, aren't the STROs now ALers, who found themselves totally out of their league?

HeartRx said...

Good morning everyone!

Rats. Done in by the crossing of OLEANNA (never heard of it) and DAN. OLEANNe and DeN seemed plausible...NOT!

Nice expo, C.C.! I also thought of Lucina and her TAMALES. I guess I am a terrible liar - my "Q" tail went to the right.

I also had problems figuring out the spelling on the theme entries, since they all used the sound of the base phrases, but not always the spelling.

Hand up for scratching my head over PACQUIAO and POUTIN. No idea about Li BAI or Sanjay GUPTA, but they eventually came to light.

All in all, a tough Sunday for me, and a DNF to boot! Oh well, at least we have football today. GO PATS!

Al Cyone said...

The Week in Review:

M 5:31 T 5:03 W 9:37 T 8:07 F 14:48 S 16:00 S 24:01

It looks like Wednesday was this week's outlier. I got hung up with CENTS (instead of MINTS) and it took a few minutes to get things straightened out.

Today's puzzle ended with a few WAGs, the final entry being the crossing "n" in OLEANNA and UNI (I didn't know the play and, for the latter, I was thinking what was being asked for was a specific college in Australia, not Aussi slang for "university").

See y'all next weekend.

Dennis said...

Hey, also, the Sunday Silkie is a beauty -- it's themeless and had NO 3- or 4-letter answers. Pretty neat.

Yellowrocks said...

I understood the theme very early which helped a lot. There were many, many unknowns, solved by perps and wags: TOD, POUTINE, DAE, BAI, PACQUIAO. Like HeartRx, my downfall was the NA in OLEANNA. I was looking for a specific university. Thanks for explaining that, Al Cyone. I shoulda guessed that.
Thanks for the Chinese poetry and pronunciation lesson, CC. Lovely poem. I am sure I could never master the rising and falling tones of Chinese. The Chinese character for moon is the same as the Japanese kanji, tsuki. I have forgotten most of the kanji I learned. While I was studying I could read many of the food names, pork, chicken, beef,etc. in the Chinese market. They had the same characters but different words.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Good one, Julian, but difficult in places. I wish Dr. Lim could have studied my daughter who was so sleep deprived at one time that she was inSANE for a year, although functional. Her toddler only took short naps around the clock and demanded attention the rest of the time. Glad that phase passed.

A STUD CHICKEN might be a fighting cock. They're pretty macho.

Lots of unknowns WEES but fun theme. COOLIO CUSTOMER was the hardest for me. Don't follow rap and that SW corner was a bugger.

I thought SANJAY GUPTA started with a "C".

The Chinese Poem was really interesting, C.C. Great expo. Good cultural experience.

Harvester paths = SWATHS. A gimmee. Partial harvester path came early for my corn & soybean crops, I learned yesterday. A huge hail storm a week ago cut SWATHS through my farm county. Insurance adjustors are still at work. They said large hail stones came down for 47 minutes followed by torrential rains. Very unusual.

Anonymous said...

77A STRO "Texas NLer". The "Astros" are an AL West team. There is no Texas NL team

Dennis said...

anon@9:40 -- it's possible this puzzle was submitted when the Astros were still part of the National League.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I guess I'm in the minority today as this was not my cup of tea. I understood the theme early on which helped somewhat, but there were too many unknowns and difficult spellings.

I knew Oleanna because I saw the movie based on the play starring William H. Macy. (Can't remember who the female costar was.). Thought of Lucina at tamales and CC and Abejo at hot teas.

Kudos to Mr. Lim for his efforts and thanks to CC for the detailed expo.

Happy Sunday.

Husker Gary said...

The theme on this wonderful puzzle was great enough but was made even more fun (funner, if you’re 12) by having the sound work and not the spelling. RA(I)DO THE PANTRY – Wow!

-OLEANNA/UNI was my only WAG and I got it. Go me!
-The feminine IDEAL of the 1890’s. Yikes!
-Why do wedding DJ’s get everyone dancing and then put on “undanceable” junk?
-Another sports’ HOOK
-UNDO is a lifesaver for bad tyeping, tieping, typink. Oh, you know!
-DRAT! I went enA/pAutine for one bad cell (never heard of the latter)
-.wav files are great in Power Points. Have fun with these!
-As Husker Ergo thought yesterday, I did ERUPT when Ameer Abdullah cut this SWATH yesterday to win the game
-Today’s NFL games are TOSSUPS when you factor in points you give or get Scroll down for all games.
-Marcellus Washburn asked Harold Hill if he was “going to line up some CANOODLING”
-Soldiers trust their lives to these RIGGERS
-Title of song with a puzzle word and this lyric, “Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it”?

maripro said...

Fantastic write-up, C. C. You always give us such interesting information.
I thought that 120a "Jewel" might refer to the singer.
Spelling the boxer's name was difficult; thank goodness for the perps!
Between football and tennis this is a busy Sunday.

Husker Gary said...

Musings II
-C.C., I made the Q just as you guessed. This brought to my mind something called “The Chameleon Effect” which is mimicking (APING) the actions of someone with whom you are interacting. Next time you are talking to someone, see if folding your arms causes them to do also. Or if you put your hand or your hip, or cross your legs, or if you start talking like a rapper or in a southern drawl, or…
-I am very conscious of this but have trouble resisting.
-Try it with someone.
-Short article from Psychology Today

Splynter said...

Hi there~!

Well-constructed puzzle from Julian, and a Pangram, too. I got the theme at Standing Patio, but the off-spellings of BARRIO and CURIO made me wonder.

I expected no "Ta-Da~!" as there were too many WAGs for me, and sure enough, I didn't get it - but only one bad letter - the "E" in EDER, and I just couldn't see "SILENT D" in the down....

Oh well.


desper-otto said...

In honor of 19a, here's a stupid little ditty from 1959 (1:57). Yeah, I know, it's a stupid song.

Lucina said...

Greetings, friends! I've missed you, C.C., and am glad to "see" you today. Thanks for the shoutout. It will soon be time for TAMALES.

What a great puzzle from Julian Lim who always has unusual cluing. Today I had several connections, SEATAC Airport, where I arrived in Seattle, MUNRO's Bookstore in Victoria where they proudly announce her triumph in poetry. Did I remember that? Of course not!

All in all this was a fun hour though I really wanted PAX Aeterna but of course LUX makes more sense with FAUX.

Must go now. Have a fantastic Sunday, everyone!

Lucina said...

PAX Aeterna: eternal peace

PK said...

Husker, I was looking at your avatar. It looks like Joan has antennas growing out of the top of her head. What is that?

Lucina said...

I can't speak for HG but it appears to be a bridge in the background.

Avg Joe said...

I can't speak for HG either, but that's the northern tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken from the scenic pullout just into Marin Co. looking SSW. The more common view of th bridge, seen in countless photos, is accessed by going 1/2 mile further N then doing a hairpin turn along the W side of e highway with a steep climb to the top of the hill.

Tough puzzle today. Liked the theme and got it all except the NW. I was sure it was Madame Tussant, and even though I had a strong suspicion 6d was Uni, I couldn't let go of it. Not knowing Oleanna didn't help. Everything else fell into place with a great deal of help from the theme.

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Got TUSSAUD OK but ran aground with the SAVEALL/ UNLV cross. Needed lots of perp help but got the rest without mishap. Favorite clue was for 54d SILENT D.
100d - CHARD is in the beet family. Lots of good food there.

Blue Iris said...

Even though Sunday is the beginning of the week, I consider today's puzzle the end to a difficult week. I wanted to sit down to a long distracting Sunday puzzle, but ended up red-lettering most the way through. Looking back I can see the genius in Mr. Lim's Puzzle, but guess I was to tired for it.

Our daughter and SIL visited from Florida and had a huge garage sale of their prior belongings before they married. We have a city-wide garage sale every September so it was very well attended and they made $1,100+ dollars. They flew back this morning. Of course, the house is a wreck after using it as home base all week.
Dennis ,are you as tired of garages sales as I am right now?

I'm hoping for an easy, peasy Monday puzzle tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Husker Gary -
- Title of song with a puzzle word and this lyric, “Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it”?

"LET'S Fall in Love". Cole Porter, I think. Certainly clever enough to be him.

Re: Tamales: I never would have thought of corn husks as leaves, but guess they are, in a way.

Al Cyone - I, too am grateful for your explanation of "UNI". I didn't know Oleanna or Dan, and couldn't get my mind away from looking for a specific school. All I could think of was that maybe "down under" could also apply to New Zealand and maybe there's a University of North Island. Some clues/answers seem so far-fetched to me sometimes I assume they must be.

JazzBumpa - Way late, but anyway kudos on your writeup on Wed. Loved your links - Carmina Burana was one of the most enjoyable pieces I got to play in 30 yrs in the symphony.
The Beethoven's 8th clip was a revelation; I know there are groups that use historical instrument reproductions (even originals in a few cases, mostly strings), but I wouldn't have expected 18th century-type woodwinds to sound so good - must be a lot of work to play them that well in tune. But what really blew me away was seeing the natural horns and trumpets - WOW! I'd been hearing them before the camera was on them and half assumed they were playing modern instruments because they sounded so good! Thanks for that.
Mike Sherline in Na'alehu, HI

Lime Rickey said...

Blue Iris@5:18: "Even though Sunday is the beginning of the week . . . "

It certainly looks that way on the calendar (and I've wondered why that is) but I think most would say that Sunday is the last day of the week. Or, at least, the last day of the weekEND.

Jayce said...

I must be a bad liar. Good thing I don't usually need to; besides, lying is too much work.

Man oh man, reading about Li Bai and that poem, and seeing the image of one of the original texts, sure brings back memories! I was never any good at reading those old books, but the Jesuit scholar-priests I studied under and highly admired were very patient with me.

I found this to be a very hard puzzle, at least in some spots. Like several of you, I had trouble with the spelling of Manny's and Madame Marie's last names, even though I knew them. OLEANNA, however was a gimme, as LW and I saw the play several years ago. It has a strong message.

Speaking of CHARD, LW is making a broth of carrot top leaves as we write. My brain is screaming "Ew!" but I am trying to keep an open mind. I'll find out tonight!

Best wishes to you all.

Rick said...

This may be a very late comment but I felt that this puzzle wasn't well edited. I get the feeling that Sunday puzzles are tough to come by and this one slipped through for a fill.

The theme was at first plain to see but then the RAD THE PANTRY/RAID THE PANTRY, etc., didn't sit well with me.

Sorry but I would have rejected this puzzle

Jayce said...

Yikes ew ew ew! She's making pesto out of the carrot greens!

Emily D. said...

I agree with Rick. This puzzle did not sit well with me, either. Theme answers were not consistent. Changing the spelling of some to make the theme work seems lazy. Also, liberties were taken with other answers. Husks are not leaves. MCs was abbreviated without indication, etc. Yes, there were many clever, not seen before, clues. But overall a frustrating puzzle today.

Bluehen said...

Keep an open mind. DW and I make pesto with the spare carrot tops from our CSA farm share. We like it.

Unknown said...

I solved this puzzle after a few write-overs: RADar before RADIO, OcEANNA before OLEANNA, soy before ROE, TouSAUD, before TUSSAUD. Got the theme early on. All in all, I thought this was a fun puzzle.

Husker Gary said...

Musings 3
-I thought the puzzle was a delight but different strokes for different blokes.
-Yes like the birds, bees and educated fleas, Let’s Fall In Love. This is a Cole Porter standard but this Sinatra guy did a nice job on a Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler song with the same title.
-And, yes, that is Joann and me on the north end of the Golden Gate just as Avg. Joe described.

Bill G. said...

I liked CANOODLE. It's a fun word. I had Sports Bar instead of Sports BRA at first. SILENT D for sandwich ingredient was clever. I guess pronouncing it as samwich is a simpler mouth movement. I think I put the ND sound in sandwich, or at least I try to.

Lucina said...

I recalled that Kazie once mentioned it was known as UNI down under.

Dennis said...

Blue Iris, yes maam, I never want to see another garage sale. In the future, stuff's just gonna go to Purple Heart or a similar organization. No muss, no fuss.

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Julian and CC.

What Rick said. The boxer really messed me up, so a DNF.


PK said...

Husker, I took a professional photography seminar once and one of the lessons demonstrated the importance of always being aware of the background with head shots so strange things didn't appear to grow out of the human subject's head. The leader had a truly hilarious collection of pictures.

Good to hear from you again, Dennis.

Argyle said...

Monday's puzzle has circles. This LINK will show you the blank grid with the circles.