Oct 6, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014 Jerome Gunderson

Theme: You'll never get rich by digging a ditch - Four places that need ditches dug. Because We're in the Army Now!

17A. Letter-routing number : POSTAL CODE. Harrisburg Military Post.

27A. Can in an Andy Warhol painting : CAMPBELL'S SOUP. Camp Beauregard.

47A. World Series setting : BASEBALL FIELD. Naval Base Point Loma.

62A. California Gold Rush figure : FORTY-NINER. Fort Gordon.

60D. Soldier's group, a member of which might be stationed at the start of 17-, 27-, 47- or 62-Across : ARMY. Two states have no Army posts: New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Cpl. Argyle here. Let's see, we had Fort Dix and we broke camp. We have plenty of posts. I'm not off base saying this cruciverbalistic army has got this Monday down. Thanks, Jerome. Tight themeage; first part of a two word entries. Good pace.


1. Club joke teller : COMIC

6. Misfortunes : ILLS

10. Motel worker : MAID

14. Traditional Pennsylvania barn raisers : AMISH

15. Tide type : NEAP

16. Ploy : RUSE

19. Overly submissive : MEEK

20. Poker hand prize : POT

21. Thai language : LAO

22. Baker that "nobody doesn't like" : SARA LEE

24. __ cum laude : SUMMA. (with highest honor)

26. Beer barrel : KEG

32. __ New Guinea : PAPUA

                        World Atlas

33. Hairy Addams cousin : ITT

34. Norwegian capital : OSLO

36. Fancy flower vase : URN

37. Hat for a Western hero : STETSON

41. Former Mideast alliance: Abbr. : UAR. (United Arab Republic)

42. Emily Dickinson, e.g. : POET

44. Apt name for a painter : ART

45. How the elated walk : ON AIR

51. "2001" computer : HAL

52. Mars neighbor : EARTH

53. Traveled around 52-Across, say : ORBITED

57. Mates for mas : PAs

58. Chicken __ king : À LA

61. Fight-or-flight emotion : FEAR

65. Fly like a butterfly : FLIT

66. Reverse : UNDO

67. Early morning hr. : ONE AM

68. Heavy drinkers : SOTS

69. Jump : LEAP

70. Yellowish-brown : TAWNY


1. Dogpatch creator Al : CAPP

2. Melville novel : OMOO

3. Light fog : MIST

4. Suffix with Marx : IST

5. Fried Taco Bell offerings : CHALUPAS. Chalupas are made by pressing a thin layer of masa dough around the outside of a small mold, in the process creating a concave container resembling the boat of the same name, and then deep frying the result to produce crisp, shallow corn cups. These are filled with various ingredients such as shredded chicken, pork, chopped onion, chipotle pepper, red salsa, or green salsa. ~ Wikipedia. Any resemblance to the Taco Bell offering?

6. It may be gross or net : INCOME

7. MGM mascot : LEO, the Lion.

8. Boys : LADS

9. Has a talk with : SPEAKS TO

10. Nearsighted toon : MR MAGOO

11. "The Mammoth Hunters" author Jean : AUEL

12. "Got it" : "I SEE"

13. Fake on the ice : DEKE. 'Juke" on the gridiron.

18. Ram's offspring : LAMB

23. Hi-__ monitor : RES

24. Church-owned Texas sch. : SMU. (Southern Methodist University)

25. Not very much : A LITTLE

27. Chocolate substitute : CAROB

28. Sleep disorder : APNEA

29. Ranks for Columbo and Kojak: Abbr. : LTs. (lieutenants) TV detectives.

30. Customary : USUAL

31. Tartan pattern : PLAID. Maybe you can find your tartan here.

32. Coyote's offspring : PUP

35. Hockey legend Bobby : ORR

38. Enough food for a feast : TABLEFUL

39. Mesozoic or Paleozoic : ERA

40. "That's a fact" rebuttal : "NO, IT'S NOT"

43. Saloon souvenirs : T-SHIRTS

46. Old Testament book before Esth. : NEH. (Nehemiah)

48. Break bread : EAT

49. Computer on an airplane tray table : LAPTOP

50. Unravel at the edge, as threads : FRAY

53. Switch positions : OFFs

54. Move, in real estate lingo : RELO. (ReLocate)

55. Switch partner : BAIT

56. Fully cooked : DONE

58. All over again : ANEW

59. Low in fat : LEAN

63. Old vitamin bottle no. : RDA. (Recommended Dietary Allowances)

64. Once __ while : IN A



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Fun, fast puzzle overall. Had a couple of missteps in the extreme SE corner that tripped me up for a little while, where I put in NO IT ISN'T instead of NO IT'S NOT and went with TAUPE instead of TAWNY. Didn't take too long to get that sorted out, though.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Where is everybody? Must have been drafted...

I didn't get the theme until the reveal, but that's par for me. Nicely done, Jerome. I can't believe there's not an anagram in sight. I enjoyed your tour of army forts, Argyle.

They built a new Taco Bell that's on the way to where I do taxes. I stopped there one morning and asked what sort of breakfasty things they had. I was told that Taco Bell doesn't do breakfast. Since then I've heard that they added a breakfast menu, but I haven't been back.


kazie said...

Fun and quick--good for a busy Monday. I had PROFIT before INCOME, but perps straightened that out in a hurry.

Oh, and I don't like Sara Lee--I guess it's just the idea of it that turns me off. Sweet cakey stuff never was my favorite binge. Plain milk chocolate, fruity flavors, those are things I like.

Clever Apple ad!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Fast focused puzzle. My only problem was I couldn't spell SUMMA correctly. Once that got sorted out, the rest went tout de suite. Liked Jerome's theme.
CHALUPAS was a new learning today.

Have a great day.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day everyone,

Quick going for me today with a couple of fills that left me in sixpence until I read Argyle's write up. they were CHALUPAS, PAPUA $ CAROB, all nicely dumped into the Mid West.

PAPUA new to me, the others wasn't sure about but I trusted the perps;.

Appropriate time of year for 47A, BASEBALL FIELD. Giants still in it.

See "youse"

thehondohurricane said...

Great spelling Skip......... Sixpence s/b suspense.

HeartRx said...

He's baaa-aaack!! Great to see Jerome's byline again. I was thinking of an anagram, but knew that Rich would not publish that kind of puzzle on a Monday.

I had the same missteps as Barry, but quickly corrected them. That's actually how I spotted the reveal, when I was wavering on TAupe vs. TAWNY and checked the perps to be sure.

Really nice tight theme entries, and nary a bit of drek in the fill - just as it should be in an easy breezy Monday puzzle!!!

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jerome Gunderson, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Went through this quickly, but not as quickly as Al Cyone, I am sure.

Theme popped up early. Very good. Made sense.

Did not know AUEL at 11D. Perped

Liked CAPP. Al Capp and Lil Abner cartoon were my favorites. Lots of common sense and political satire in the cartoon.

I took a sleep test last spring. No sleep APNEA for me.

I thought RDA was recommended daily amount. Shows you what I know about that subject, not much.

I started the morning on an Amtrak train from Erie to Chicago. At Toledo they pulled us off the train and put us all on busses to finish the trip. The story goes, there is so much freight traffic (which has precedence) that the Amtak would be severely delayed by many hours. The busses were a better option time wise. Passing through Indiana as we speak on I-80/90.

See you tomorrow.



PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun & so fast I didn't even see the ARMY so had no clue to the theme. Great one, Jerome! Thanks, Argyle.

I didn't see the clue for CHALUPAS either. Wouldn't have known that one.

I had a friend whose parents were missionaries to Papua New Guinea. She spent much of her young life in boarding schools and had no desire to go back to
that country.

Argyle said...

Abejo, you must have missed the update: Recommended Daily Allowance has been superseded by the Dietary Reference Intake. Recommended Dietary Allowances is part of RDI.
(Note to constructors: RDI hasn't been used yet.)

Prof T said...

Had a little trouble getting started on this one. For some reason I struggled a little in the NW corner. Once I got past that, though, it fell pretty quickly.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Easy, breezy romp with a few bumps: Emcee/Comic, Woes/Ills, and No it isn't/No it's not. Had no clue about the theme until getting the reveal. So glad Argyle explained Chalupas as I was going to ask what they were. I have never had Taco Bell food, nor any Sara Lee product, either.

Thanks, Jerome, for a great start to the week and thanks, Argyle, for your take on it. Also, belated congratulations on your second NY Times acceptance.

Madame Secretary was quite intense last night, as was The Good Wife.

Have a great day

Husker Gary said...

-Every middle school boy thinks he’s a COMIC. Nope, just rude and annoying!
-Yesterday we thought Chairman had become Chairperson and today I think MAID is now Housekeeper. Nurse?
-Email from a phisher is a RUSE – an electronic Trojan horse
-Monday level OSLO – no institutions there or currency
-STETSON for our Steve?
-Painter named ART? Burglar/Jimmy, PE teacher/Jim, Plumber/John, Cattleman/Angus, Minister/Christian, Barista/Joe, and…
Going to Mars? Hmmm… I’ll be 84…
-Nothing good can happen if you’re in college, it’s ONE AM and you’re next to a KEG
-Mr. Magoo and then Thruston Howell III for wonderful Jim Bacus
-Where are you on reclining your airplane seat – Never do it, do it when you please or ask permission first. Do you take issue with anyone who reclines into your space>
-Once more into the FRAY

Husker Gary said...

-Here’s a link that will work - Mars by 2030?


HeartRx said...

Argyle, RDA used to stand for Recommended Daily Allowance. That term has been superseded by DRI - Dietary Reference Intakes. Now RDA, meaning Recommended Dietary Allowances, is part of the DRI.

HG, my seat - my rules. I incline at will, and take no offense at others who do so! I couldn't open your Mars link...

HeartRx said...

oops - you're too fast for me, HG! But my question is, "Why would anyone want to?"

JD said...

Good morning all,
Thanks Jerome for an easy start to the week. Loved "apt name for an artist". Was going to put Red, but did the perp 1st.
Had never heard of deke and have watched lots of hockey. Is that term used in basketball too... seems familiar?
Experiencing a week of Indian Summer , a little too hot.

Ergo said...

Thank you Jerome and Argyle.

Only hesitation for me was to reveal FORT and then stupidly stare at the clue wondering how a fort could be a figure.

Husker Gary: Re your musing about the term "nurse." I served as Executive Director of the state nurses association. They (and others across the country) made it crystal clear that the term stood alone and did not need a qualifier like "male nurse."

Anonymous said...

Link How to deke in hockey

Husker Gary said...

-Marti, not only are people interested in going to Mars and back, there is a long line volunteering for a a suicide, one-way trip to Mars where they would live out their days on the red planet. Go figure!
-Uh, I’m not in that line…

Misty said...

Ah Jerome, you got my week off to a great start with a doable, fun Monday puzzle. Many thanks. And of course, thanks to you too, Argyle.

I'm always good on cartoon references, like CAPP and MR. MAGOO. Nailed Andy Warhol's CAMPBELL'S SOUP, and got SARA LEE (not bad on food references, either). Also nice to see Warhol and ART in the same puzzle, even though I suppose he's not really a painter. Thought EARTH and ORBITED was fun. And, of course, coming from Lancaster, PA, I got AMISH.

Have a great week, everybody!

Yellowrocks said...

Another MRI for Alan this AM. His summer attack is still a mystery, although he feels much better now. After I returned home I was called by the imaging center to say someone found Alan's Medicaid card in the driveway and I had to go back for it. His cards were given to me in the waiting room and I put them in my purse. No way could just one have been found in the driveway. The receptionist just forgot to give it to me. I hate when people tell me an obvious lie. I thought of Montana, at least we don't have those gigantic distances to travel.
Fun puzzle, Jerome. Argyle, I liked your tour of military installations.
I stopped going to Taco Bell years ago, although we like Mexican food. Our Taco Bell had indifferent help, very small portions, and unappetizing food. At better restaurants I have seen CHALUPAS on the menu. I'll have to try one.

Lime Rickey said...

HG@11:16: Going to Mars is no more suicidal than remaining on Earth. Either way, sooner or later, you end up dead.

Tinbeni said...

Jerome: Thank you for a FUN Monday puzzle.

I liked the CSO to our Argyle at PLAID.

My faves today (of course) were KEG and SOTS ... go figure ... lol

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Jerome and Santa!

Never heard of CHALUPAS, but everything else known!

Really liked Masterpiece Theater. So glad that they brought back DI Lewis!

Have dentist appt. today. Not much sleep.


Bill G. said...

That was a fun Monday puzzle. Thanks 'Germ Joe' and Argyle.

Here's something I enjoyed and I'm guessing you will too. Any bass players or bass lovers here? All About the Bass

CrossEyedDave said...

Not sure just exactly what to do with this puzzle...

Oh well, when in doubt...





Jerome said...

In the crossword construction world I'm like a bench player on a basketball team. Once in a while coach Norris calls my number and I get to play for a couple of minutes.I'm happy to be in the game today... and thanks for the round of applause.

Lemonade714 said...

Jerome you are more like the Manny Mota of crossword puzzles.

It is a pleasure to see your work and this was truly a classic well done Monday

Jazzbumpa said...


Hey, guy -- always good to see you in the game.

And Hi Gang -

Nice Monday offering.

Didn't get the theme until the unifier.

Needed some perp help here and there.

Last to fall was Mars neighbor = EARTH. Too close to home I guess.

We took a color tour to norther MI over the weekend. Colors were out, but the sun wasn't. Lots of rain and constant overcast. Still a nice get away.

Cool regards!

CanadianEh! said...

Enjoyable Monday puzzle. Thanks Jerome and Argyle.

I thought POSTAL CODEs were a Canadian term and Americans used ZIP CODEs. Our Postal Codes are set up as letter, number, letter, space, number, letter, number. They are a real nuisance to type.

PK @9:11 - I remember hearing stories in my younger days from missionaries in Papua New Guinea. Very primitive and even scary with the head-hunters.

I called my granddaughter Mr. Magoo and now she thinks it is my pet name for her. LOL!

Big Easy said...

Good afternoon. I rarely get to do a Monday puzzle because the newspaper only comes on Wed, Fri, & Sunday but the Times-Picayune has decided to publish a Monday paper during the football season.

As I am typing on HAL ( my computer's name) I forgot how fast I could do the Monday puzzles. The only unknown was AUEL, which I seen before but have no idea who she is. The spelling of CHALUPAS was easily taken care of by the perps.

The theme was easy to see after I complete FORTY NINER.

Husker Gary said...

Rickey, yup, none of us are getting out of this alive. However, the Mars trip is risky in the takeoff, having enough food and potable water, getting pounded by solar radiation out of our magnetosphere, slowing down sufficiently to land on Mars, surviving the touchdown, living on a planet where the average temp is way below zero with no radiation buffer, etc. It amazes me that so many volunteers are ready to go when the odds are horrible.

Mike Sherline said...

Bill G. @ 1:17 - lifelong bass player & lover here, so thanks a lot for the link. That young lady (Katy Davis) is just amazing - I was mesmerized by her videos for a long time. Even subscribed to her U-Tube channel, which I've never done before.

Good puzzle. Thought I was going to get through last week with no lookups, but failed both Sat. & Sun. I use so I can look up one word and am not tempted to look at any others; it's also a lot faster than trying to find what you want by sorting through a page full of Google returns.

Cpl. Argyle - good writeup but I can't see the association between the theme answers and the army post names you put after each at the beginning of your blog (that's why I do the puzzles on paper in pencil with a big eraser handy).

Argyle said...

I listed some installations that used that particular theme word in their designation. Nothing special.

Zen master said...

The association between the theme answers and the army post names is very special ...

You will need more than just a paper and pencil ( and a big eraser - ) to figure that out.

It requires ESP - either you have it - or you don't.

- and if you have to ask, you don't.


Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Quite a week of puzzles, and I liked almost all of them. The Saturday Silkie beat me to a pulp, but yesterday's was rather fun. I don't say Thoreau with an "ah" in it; I say it with an "or" in it.
Today's puzzle was cool.
Congratulations to you, Argyle.
ISIS = asses is fine with me. ISIL = asshole is also fine with me.
Today our microwave oven sputtered and zapped to a sparkling death after serving us well for 40 years. LW and I made a fun outing of going to buy a new one today.
Best wishes to you all.

PK said...

Speaking of ISIS, these beheadings make water-boarding seem pretty tame.

The ISIS' said...

Oh, I dunno - they feel about the same -

- and don't discount the 72 virgins, afterwards - them's no chopped liver -

Unless, of course you are a female of the infidel persuasion. ;-xx)

God, I hope our group makes it into the crosswords next week. We've kept our name so crossword constructor friendly.

Mike Sherline said...

Argyle - thanks. Looking at it again, it should have been obvious. Duh.

Zen Master - ?

Blue Iris said...

OK, here I go.....

BEST on Earth is the U.S. ARMY. They are LEAN and mean. I wouldn't call them MEEK as they allay FEAR ala Uncle Sam. Post 911 , there are no KEGS or even a sip when stationed in the Middle East in the ERA of AL Queda and ISIS. There's no SARA LEE or CHALUPAS in the MRE. RDA is met okay. The POSTAL CODE is APO. LADS and lasses left their mas and PAS behind. They traded their STETSONS for helmets, drab green T-SHIRTS and low INCOME. They RELO often and if a task is not done right they must UNDO and do it ANEW even if it takes til ONE AM. Some may become LTS. Maybe if you are lucky the USO will send a COMIC.
As you can see, I didn't even try to be a POET.

Yellowrocks said...

Blue Iris, clever.

Linda Phillips said...

I save the crosswords to do later, and just did this one. CAMP was very clever, though it might have been unintentional. Camp Campbell, where my father was stationed when he came back after WWII, is now called Fort Campbell.