Dec 28, 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014, C.C. Burnikel

Theme: "The Sixth Sense"-  I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 8.... 

Today I get to ESPouse some comments on this ESPecially fun puzzle by our Extra Special Puzzlemistress C.C.!

ESP Testing in Ghostbusters. Remember which subject did well?

Seeing SPIRIT and SPEED early sent me down a blind theme alley but then I saw the very clever ESP grouping split between two words as either ...E SP... or ...ES P... Seven Across and two Down. Coupled with her always fun cluing made for an enjoyable time on this last Sunday of 2014.

Theme Answers:

23A. Nonconformist : FREE SPIRIT 

33A. Roadwork warning : REDUCE SPEED

45A. Candy that comes in three colors : REESES PIECES - E.T's favorite!

70A. X Games pursuits : EXTREME SPORTS - Knock yourself out! Probably will.

89A. Position held three times by Henry Clay : HOUSE SPEAKER - LBJ knocked heads together and got more things done than as VP.

103A. Athlete's setback : ANKLE SPRAIN 

117A. Pledge drive talk, essentially : SALES PITCH - Like during this fabulous show

15D. Colorado Gold Rush area : PIKES PEAK - The temp dropped 50˚F as we rode the Cog R.R. to the top

80D. Polite acceptance : YES PLEASE

...and the Reveal:

97D. One with the ability hidden in nine puzzle answers : PSYCHIC - The reveal! How come they aren't  getting rich by betting on football or playing the lottery?


1. Holed, as a putt : SANK - "It's in the hole!" Caddyshack 

5. Gives and takes : SWAPS 

10. Unlit : SOBER - Clever. 

15. Showy display ; POMP - Hey, whatever floats your boat...

19. Neat as : A PIN - A wifely trait that my daughter's didn't get 

20. ____ firma : TERRA - Some of California's TERRA sometimes is not so firma 

21. Butt (in) : CHIME 

22. Google Nexus competitor : iPAD 

25. Predecessor of Begin : RABIN 

26. Superman's cover : KENT Really? The glasses and the curl fooled you?

27. Choice cut : FILET

28. Went for a seat : RAN - My best friend's son ran for and now has a seat in the U.S. Senate

29. British aristocrat : EARL - My favorite contribution by an Earl

30. Get hot on Twitter : TREND

31. Longtime Guardian cartoonist Asquith : ROS 
37. Equally hot : AS MAD

39. Rosemary relative : OREGANO

41. Tolkien forest giant : ENT - We might as well learn it. It's not going away

42. "Moneyball" Oscar nominee : BRAD PITT

44. Boneheads : NINNIES 

48. "Gimme __!": start of a Rutgers cheer : AN R 

49. "10538 Overture" band : ELO

51. Good buddy : PAL 

52. HDTV brand : RCA - Now made by S. Korean Company, On Corp,  in China

53. Pulls a fast one on : SNOWS - Can anyone say Bernie Madoff?

56. Don McLean song that begins "Starry, starry night" : VINCENT

58. Large spitz : AKITA - Built for when it 53A's

62. Parts of teacups : EARS - A tea connoisseur like C.C. would know

63. Central Utah city : OREM

65. Pomegranate color : RED - I only learned last week how to eat a Pomegranate

66. Dragon roll ingredient : EEL

68. Room to chill : DEN - Mine's my sunroom

69. Still undecided, briefly : TBA - Like times for televised college football games

73. Permitted : LET - In tennis LET serves are not permitted

74. Huge load : TON 

75. Uni, in sushi bars : ROE

76. You, to Goethe : SIE

77. Tax-sheltered accts. : IRAS - This is the time of year we wished they were Roth IRA's

78. They may be placed : BETS - A scene where the guy on the left BETS on 22 Black on Bogie's advice.

79. Delivery expert, briefly : OB/GYN - Leonard, "Raj you should be an OB/GYN like your dad". Raj, "My God Leonard, I can't even look a woman in the eye!"

81. Canal transport : GONDOLA

83. Forward : PUSHY

84. "Ich bin __ Berliner" : EIN - JFK gave Berlin hope 36 years before the wall came down

86. Has too much, briefly : ODS

87. Styling stuff : GEL - Yeah, it really works on you!

88. Pop holder : CAN - It was glass in my ute and I got 2 cents for returning them

94. Troop support mission : AIR DROP - These kept Berlin alive in '48 and '49. Update: The Berlin mission was an AIR LIFT. The planes landed in Berlin. Here is the story of Operation Little Vittles where candy was air dropped to the children. Argyle.

98. Looks for flaws in : INSPECTS - Did anyone ever get one of those bikini inspector jobs?

99. "The Royal Tenenbaums" director Anderson : WES

101. Eavesdrops, with "in" : LISTENS

102. Stretch : SPELL - Whether  is a bad SPELL of weather

107. Ottoman governor : BEY - Why do I think they weren't elected?

108. "You __ right!" : ARE SO

110. Olympian war god : ARES

111. Auction group : LOT

112. Stern with a bow : ISAAC - How cool is this clue?

114. South Pacific capital : APIA - Looks pretty good from the cold prairie in December

115. Tea grade : PEKOE

119. Brings together : WEDS

120. Revise, as text : EMEND - Certainly part of this process

121. Map fleck : ISLET

122. Spice Girl Halliwell : GERI

123. Hebrides tongue : ERSE

124. Fellas : DUDES

125. Insincere : PHONY

126. Teeny amt. of time : NSEC - Time it takes for the idiot behind me to honk his horn when the light turns green. .000000001 sec


1. Paella ingredient : SAFFRON - Who but Donovan has used this word in a song?

2. Existing independent of experience, in logic : A PRIORI - True by definition - All triangles have three sides? Yes. All tall people like basketball? Nope!

3. Eponymous market analyst : NIELSEN - We hated being a NIELSEN family

4. Joint where kids are welcome? : KNEE - even on artificial ones

5. Son of a Gun! vinyl protectant maker : STP

6. Oddballs : WEIRDOS - Big Bang is making Oddballs more mainstream

7. Pianist Claudio : ARRAU - No chance for me

8. Royal issue : PRINCE - There's probably one in the POMP picture above

9. Held court : SAT 

10. Junkyard metal : SCRAP - Watch out for that dog!

11. Midwest hub : O'HARE - a "gots to have" even when just connecting through O'HARE

12. Fundamentalist region : BIBLE BELT - I think I live in the buckle of that belt

13. Longtime Brit. music label : EMI

14. Second-home income, perhaps : RENT 

16. Feature of club nights for wannabes : OPEN MIC

17. Official order : MANDATE

18. Safeco Field summer hrs. : PDT - Beautiful home of the Seattle Mariners close to the Puget Sound

24. Stretches to the limit : STRAINS - cloth can just take so much

29. Where el sol rises : ESTE

31. Extremists : RADICALS - One man's radical is another's champion

34. Ernest Moniz's dept. : ENER - The present Secretary of Energy

35. 2001 scandal subject : ENRON - Substitute Kenneth Lay for Bernie Madoff from above

36. Who and No: Abbr. : DRS - or J or Dre

38. Rehab hurdle : DTS - My dad went through these

40. Chews (on) : GNAWS 

43. National Humor Mo. : APR

46. Blunted blades : EPEES - Could someone look up how often we've had this word in 2014?

47. Construction site sight : SANDPILE 

49. Continually : EVER -"ForEVER and EVER, Hallelujah, Hallelujah" are words in of one of the most beautiful vocal pieces ever penned

50. Citrus drink : LIME SODA - Usually Lemon/Lime

53. Squabble : SET-TO

54. Big wheel : NABOB - Would have remained in obscurity without Spiro Agnew needing alliteration with Nattering and Negativity

55. Borneo rainforest denizen : ORANG - My daughter's friend was told to stay behind the orange line when walking by the ORANG cages while working at the Omaha Zoo. They were smart, strong and had long arms.

57. Words to live by : CREED 

59. Wastes time : IDLES

60. Brush targets : TEETH - Joann tell the grandkids "It's time to tickle the ivories"

61. Fidgeting : ANTSY - Ever teach a Kindergarten class?

63. Good Grips kitchenware brand : OXO

64. Google Maps offering: Abbr. : RTE

66. Depression __ : ERA - That ERA left a lasting impression on most of our parents and grandparents

67. "The X-Files" extras : ETS -Spielberg had the one that liked REESE'S PIECES "phone home" in his movie

70. Two-time British Open champ : ERNIE ELS - It's said his swing is identical to Michelle Wie's. Not much else ;-)

71. Belarus capital : MINSK

72. __ exam : ORAL - Never had to take one

78. Cake pan trademark : BUNDT

81. Gets buff? : GOES NAKED

82. Role-playing game beasts : OGRES

83. Carrot cousin : PARSNIP - I've never crossed the path of this veggie

85. Pres. advisory team : NSC - JFK and the NSC said no to missiles in Cuba and Khrushchev blinked

88. DXV ÷ V : CIII - If the forum has DXV togas and V senators, how many does each get?

89. "To each __ own" : HIS - this song was #1 for three performers in my birth year

90. Hypothetically : ON PAPER - Where making this made sense

91. Handles for surfers : USER IDS

92. National org. with the slogan "everychild. onevoice" : PTA

93. "Babe" extras : EWES - Did they say their lines sheepishly?

94. Twelve Steps support group : ALA TEEN - Could'a used that growing up

95. Money-back lures : REBATES - Just take 'em off the price and save some paper

96. Plot size, perhaps : ONE ACRE

100. Make waves, in a way : SPLASH

104. Danish coin : KRONE

105. Victoria Quarter city : LEEDS - Third largest city in the UK. Been there, Steve?

106. Rich boy in "Nancy" comics : ROLLO - Richie Rich was in a different venue

109. Rebuttal piece, perhaps : OP-ED

113. Fire __ : SIGN - Ares, Leo and Sagittarius 

114. Leave wide-eyed : AWE

116. Feathered six-footer : EMU - Not that's a REAL Big Bird!

117. Nurse : SIP

118. Muddy home : STY

My ESP tells me I'd better get busy with my chores! Thanks for a lovely Sunday exercise, C.C., and all you do for us "Denizens Of The Puzzle"! 

Husker Gary


OwenKL said...

Unlike Fri & Sat, today's was a victory. I filled it, but no ta-da. Rather than comb through such a large puzzle, I took the shortcut of pressing the Check button, and got two hits, both in the same word -- hypothetically=ON wAvER crossing stretch=SwELL &, which were easily enough corrected with PP (if urine any way curious).

I probably had the same false starts as everyone else, e.g. KARAOKE>OPEN MIC, LEMONADE>LIME SODA. But one stands out: Forward=__SHY. Huh? NOT SHY didn't fit. UN-SHY perhaps?

10A unlit? was easy, though, because I'd just read an article on "The Sober Way To Drink Tequila".

. ~ ~ ▦ ~ ~ ▩ ~ ~ .

An astrologer and a psychic disputed
Over which was the better reputed.
That led to this,
A decision by fists;
Till by black eyes they both were refuted!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

When I saw C.C.'s name as the constructor today, I had a really good "feeling" that this puzzle would be a delight, and my puzzle sense didn't let me down...

Lots of tricky clues today (I almost fell into the SWELL/SPELL trap before the perps saved me), but it was all in good fun. I figured 4D had to be KNEE, since that's the only joint that starts KN__, but I couldn't figure out what it had to do with kids being welcome. Then I thought about bouncing Joshua upon my KNEE and the light went on...

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I couldn't tell it was Husker at the blog controls....until the second sentence. Nicely done. (PS: You typo'd on 1a. Maybe you can fix it before some anon gets irate.)

C.C. sent me down the wrong road several times this morning. a feather BOA, Superman's CAPE, and NITWITS for Boneheads.

Learning moments: PEKOE is a "grade" of tea rather than a type. And teacups have EARS -- I always just called 'em handles.

OXO makes the best can opener and kitchen whisk I've ever owned. Note: They are not the same item.

Husker, even I've had an ORAL exam. It adds $25 to my cleaning bill at the dentist. And you're really missing something by eschewing PARSNIPs. I like to parboil 'em, then brown in a saute pan with a little butter. Mmmmmm.

Yellowrocks said...

Great puzzle, CC. I solved around in a circle going left from center top. I came to the reveal about half way through and it helped with the last half. Fairly easy, but lots of fun. On those clues with several possibilities I waited for perps, so only one write-over. Stern with a bow and handles for surfers, good ones. HG, I recognized your interesting style right off. Enjoyable expo.
Fun limerick, Owen,. I'm glad you're back to writing them.
I wondered about UNI being ROE. I see that it is informally correct, but not what I learned.
"Uni (oo-nee) is the Japanese name for the edible part of the Sea Urchin. While colloquially referred to as the roe (eggs), uni is actually the animal’s gonads (which produce the milt or roe)." Coming from a male's gonads, it wouldn't be roe.

Link more on uni

Big Easy said...

First, Congrats C.C. for your PSYCHIC thinking.

BUT, Husker, you need to change your answer to 1A From SUNK to SANK unless it is U-PRIORI instead of A-PRIORI.

And thank you for including the 'other' Big Easy- ERNIE ELS for 70D.

I really had no trouble solving this puzzle other than it took about 15 minutes longer than normal. The clues such as'Good Grips', ' Twelve Steps', and ' Royal Tenenbaums' were unknowns along with their strictly cross-filled answers.

I had a few slow downs, placing T-BONE for FILET, SWAYS for SWAPS,SIDE for SIGN (never heard of FIRE SIGN other than ashes) and it had to be nanosecond for 126A, guessed NEA for PTA, LEMON ADE for LIME SODA, and don't ask why but is started 97D with ESP but decided that the only ESP CHICk was Jeanne Dixon, so I quickly wrote PSYCHIC.

Other unknowns and learning moments were PARSNIPS, Google Nexus ( a pad I guess), ROS Asquith, WES Anderson, Claudio ARRAU, and Good Grips OXA. My grip strength has basically gone to nothing the last few years.

ROLLO the rich kid- I remember him, Nancy, Sluggo,

HeartRx said...

Good morning!

Fun puzzle and fun expo. Thanks for pinch-hitting HG! I had to chuckle while reading your comment on SPELL.

As far as SAFFRON goes, everyone probably remembers Donovan's song. But do you remember The Hollies?

I can't believe you've never had PARSNIPS! They are slightly sweeter than carrots, and are great roasted, or prepared as d-otto said. Hmmm...I was looking for a veggie tonight, and they would be great with dinner!

Have a relaxing day everyone. Tomorrow it's back to the grind for me.

Al Cyone said...

The Week in Review:

M 6:42 T 5:32 W 11:55 T 13:59 F 11:43 S 32:57 S 25:15

Whew! What a week, Where to begin. Let's start with today. The grid was filled at around the twenty-minute mark but no "TaDa!". For some reason I thought the problem was in the SE corner ("Fire SIGN" just wasn't doing it for me). Five minutes of "combing through" the puzzle (my sympathies to OwenKL) and it turned out the problem was with RTS and ROS (?). Changing the "S" to an "E" yielded the longed-for musical reward.

Then there was Thursday's puzzle. I took one look at it and thought I might have overslept two days. I was headed for a lump of coal in my stocking but persevered and, eventually, figured it all out (though I missed the very clever "shelves" upon which the ELFs sat). Unfortunately, having a faux "Saturday Silkie" on Thursday didn't absolve us from a real Saturday Silkie on Saturday. I had passed my self-imposed cut-off point and a DNF was looming until I changed MODERATE to MODULATE.

All things considered, it was a week to remember (though I'm afraid I'll soon forget it!).

See y'all next year! (Remember how much fun it was to say that when you were a kid?)

Argyle said...

Ok, I got the typo's fixed. Any others?

Anonymous said...

ESPCIALLY at the at the start of the blog needs another E.

Argyle said...

Thank you. Got it.

Anonymous said...

The Berlin Airlift wasn't an AIRDROP (with the exception of candy thrown from the cockpits). The planes landed.

Yellowrocks said...

Anonymous @9:30 I agree.The airlift delivered tons of food and coal per day. It would be very difficult to "drop" such quantities and pick it up efficiently.
ANON @ 9:21. Why is always easier to find others' typos than our own? I am guilty, too.
I love almost all sushi, but not UNI or ROE.
I love teaching antsy kindergarteners. I have less patience with antsy preteens. It is good that there are different teachers who love different age groups.

Argyle said...

Ok, I updated that information and included a link to the candy air drop.

Avg Joe said...

Our paper was late today due to football coverage, so I started my morning ritual with the puzzle instead of ending with it. Despite that disturbance in the force, it was an enjoyable puzzle. So thank you C.C. and thanks Gary for subbing. BTW, the SuNK typo is still in place.....both on the blog and on my solve. So..DNF for me. Otherwise, it was a steady win.

I'd add my vote for parsnips. I try to grow them every year, and usually succeed. But they are fickle and are notorious for poor germination rates. Until this year, I'd only sauteed them with a little onion. This year I tried a recipe where they are combined with carrots and braised in chicken broth. Very tasty. It's worth mentioning that they have far better flavor if they've been allowed to freeze at least once while still in the ground. In fact they will ground store all winter, but that does make it a little difficult to "pick" them in January in northern climes.

Argyle said...

I think it 'took' this time.

Madame Defarge said...

Thanks to C.C. for a fun run today and to Gary for the detail work. I stumbled on several spots where I couldn't alter my thinking. I was stuck at unlit with electricity, and stretch with muscles. DUH!

I love pomegranates. A winter treat. The seeds are called arils. Hmmm...a good crossword answer.

Silly! Of course you can't tell Clark Kent is Superman--his hair is parted on the other side!! ;-)

These new corporate field names are killing me. I admit to cheating on those. I yell to my hub in the other room: Where's ________ Field?! If I know where, I get the team. By the way, speaking of fields: The Bears play (or whatever they're doing this year) in SOLDIER FIELD not Soldiers'. It's proper name is Chicago Memorial Soldier Field. Originally built after WWI. There's a restored statue of a Doughboy--rescued from a park and restored--in the natural light of the South atrium and worth a walk around if you don't enter at Gate 0.

Have a relaxing day!

A. Aajma said...

To a German, Kennedy was calling himself a pastry, similar to a jelly doughnut, because that is what "ein Berliner" is. A resident of Berlin would say simply: "Ich bin Berliner."

CrossEyedDave said...

Fun puzzle, but I didn't see it coming...

Anonymous said...

But JFK wasn't a resident of Berlin.

I think the Berliners JFK spoke to that day understood what he was saying. Click here for the myth of the doughnut.

Bob L. said...

As a fan of the TV show, here is a bit of trivia. The clue was actually incorrect -- it is always "Doctor Who" and never "Dr. Who"

Lucina said...

Hello, puzzlers! What a treat to find C.C.s puzzle and Gary reviewing it! I knew it was Gary when he mentioned Joanne.

A fun run though had to EMEND some of my original answers including AMEND. Once I SANK my TEETH into it, ESP took over, in the themes, that is.

OPEN MIC took a long while to suss.

SIE? Really. LEMONADE sat for a long time until somewhere a bell rang and HOUSE SPEAKER Clay to the rescue.

However, my Spice Girl was TERI and fire SITE didn't faze me. DNF.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Our party yesterday was a smash hit, especially the white elephant exchange. Booze and games really get a fight going.

I'm still working on Saturday's Silkie stumper.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

A. Aajma said...

I was told the Berliner "myth" by the owner of a Konditorei in Berlin when I bought a dozen of them to share around 1979. I asked a German airman if he had gotten one and he answered me in English: "Yes, I have become a Berliner." In German,"bekommen" means to get or receive.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a fun and easy (mostly) offering from our one and only, CC. I caught the theme before the reveal as the ESP sort of stood out after a few theme answers were filled in.

I, too, thought Pekoe was a type of tea, not a grade. Seeing uni reminded me of the scene from The Hundred Foot Journey where the great chef-to-be eats his first sea urchin and is transported to gastronomic heaven. (When the movie ended at 3:00 am, I was transported to dream land!)

Thanks, CC, for another fine effort; you have given us so many this year. Thanks, Gary, for your witty and informative expo.

Have a great day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Hand up for thinking Pekoe was a tea variety. I have a lot to learn about tea, apparently. As usual, I missed the theme until the last nanosecond. All in all a smooth solve, and another crafty project from our fearless leader!

Howdy, Husker, thanks for subbing today!

Rainman said...

Very, very enjoyable today. Thanks, C.C. Very clever cluing.

I started yesterday on this one and it was almost too much for my little brain then. But after finishing it, it was the most puzzle fun I've had all week. And not so much of a learning day today. But more of a taxing day... it taxed my mental strength just the right amount for a totally successful morning.

Favorites today: ARRAU (I saw him live about 20 years ago when I lived in San Francisco), SOBER (clue was Unlit?, priceless), and ISAAC (great clue: Stern with a bow... is that double cluing or something?).

Thanks to Desper-otto for the help. Much appreciated.

What, no birthdays today?

Dudley said...

Oh, Rainman reminded me: that clue for Stern with a bow has got to be the cleverest of the day! I hope that was yours, C.C.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Thanks CC and HG for the puzzle and recap; sorry HG that your team lost their bowl game yesterday - I was pulling for them as I was never a fan of the Trojans

WEES, my final TADA came at the expense of several write-overs, but that's what you get when you guess wrong and do it in ink! I had SWELL before SPELL in the SW corner; originally had TEPID before AS MAD in 37a - otherwise it was pretty clean

SO to Tinbeni for 81d; guessing he had a few moments of that when he visited Hedonism in Jamaica last month!

My limerick based on a solve from the puzzle:

Whenever I lapse into sleep, it seems,
That my thoughts go to prurient EXTREMES;
Then I wake up aroused
After just being drowsed,
And she looks at me and says: "in your dreams!"

Husker Gary said...

-I got to read a bunch of postings on the Husker blog today since I had already done the puzzle. You wouldn’t believe the nit picking about Nebraska’s great effort last night! Oh, you would?
-I know full well that the planes landed during the Berlin AIR LIFT and have passed by the spot where the old Tempelhof airfield operated. I just thought I could piggyback on the Ich Bin Ein Berliner quote, which Snopes and others say the Berliners fully understood and appreciated.
-Mia Kulpa ;-) on the spelling errors, no excuses for that. Thanks for the “clean up in aisle 4”, Argyle.

Bluehen said...

Thanks C. C. for a fun puzzle and H. G. for an entertaining expo. Nothing to add to WEES. I may be absent for a few days. DW gets her new hip tomorrow. Cheers!

BV Ahlers said...

As I have maintained for some time Sunday puzzles are often easier than Fri-Sat ones. Guess I was on CC's wavelength, as I finished completely w/o help in less than an hour. Helped by Safeco field which is 30 miles (1 hour)from me, I'm sure. Really enjoyed some of the misdirections tho! I liked "bow" and "stern" in the same clue!

Yellowrocks said...

Bluehen, I am sending out healing thoughts and wishes for your DW. Please keep us posted on how she progresses.
HG, don't worry about the typos. Your blog was very interesting and worthwhile. As I said before, we usually can spot everyone else's typos before our own.
NPR frequently plays Arrau's piano music.

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

After doing C.C.'s puzzle, I INSPECTED HG's analysis and felt that he elucidated its essence well. I enjoyed the solve and the theme.
83d - PARSNIP - I love carrots, but parsnips 0 not so much. A small amount to enhance a stew flavor is ok.
105 d - LEEDS - Youngest son attended Univ. of Leeds for junior year in exchange program at his engineering school (RPI). He enjoyed it and made some good friends while there.
I liked Stern with a bow, too.

Jayce said...

I liked so much of the cluing; laugh-out-loud funny. Fun puzzle. New Year cheers.

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. Fun puzzle with some clever cluing. Thanks CC and Gary.

WEES. I'm sure I would like parsnips and turnips cleverly prepared. I've mostly had then boiled plainly and they weren't so tasty that way.

I don't know how to eat a pomegranate. Is it worth learning how? If so, how?

Bluehen, best wishes for your DW. I hope you both come through the operation well. Let us know how she's doing.

Avg Joe said...

Couldn't help it. Had to have some parsnips tonight. 4-5" of frost in the garden made it a bit challenging to dig them up, but it worked out.

Here's the recipe I mentioned earlier. Parsnips and Carrots. I tweak it....lower temp, longer time, a bit more olive oil, but the framework is there, and it's very good.

Irish Miss said...

Bluehen - Best wishes to your DW.

skaterina said...

not all the clues got printed for me / tried both the link here and the link from another webpage / huh / how about that ? anyone else have this happen ?

fermatprime said...


Great puzzle, CC! Swell expo, Gary!

No problems!

Best wishes for you DW, Bluehen!


luxor said...

Does anyone know how to get the puzzle from Cruciverb the night before, on a Kindle Fire?

The ego has landed said...

Oh great. Another one trying to be first to post in the morning. Set your alarm like everybody else that wants to be at the head of the line. Or not.

luxor said...

I hardly post at all, much less first, a-hole. I simply enjoy doing the puzzle the night before, since my mornings are spent in therapy.

Montana said...

luxor, I get puzzles using Cruciverb the night before but that is @ 10 pm MST. For some reason Monday's puzzle is already there at 8 pm tonight.
I do them when I cannot sleep, but I am rarely an early poster.


Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you Husker Gary, for a fine review.

Got into this during the Bears game. Game was lousy, but the puzzle was interesting. Then I worked on it during the Packers game. That game was better so the puzzle went slower.

Finally got it done about 9:15 tonight. Tough in spots, but doable.

Theme popped up after a while and after I got 97D, PSYCHIC.

SAFFRON was good. Spice I used to eat a lot of. Not so much anymore.

I love pomegranates. Called Anar in one of their native countries. The best way to eat them is break them apart in a bowl of water, so the seeds do not splash you red. Once apart, simply eat the berries and seeds.

EPEES, a common crossword word. That is OK.

Tried YARD PILE until SAND PILE became obvious.

I am going to cash in my chips. Donating a pint in the morning and have to get an early start. I told them I had recently had shingles. They assured me I could still donate. OK, we will see.

See you tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

I think he/she was asking how to do it on a Kindle.

Dudley said...

Hello Luxor -

I'm not familiar with the Kindle, but on the iPad it was necessary to buy an app that works with the .puz file format used by Cruciverb. Cruciverb makes fresh puzzles available at 10 PM in each time zone the night before newspaper publication. The webmaster at Cruciverb requires that users access the site directly at Once there, you can obtain LATimes (among others) puzzles for free, from the current one to as much as one month old; once you download the puzzle you want, your chosen app displays the puzzle and lets you solve it.

Does that help?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Rainman & Dudley,
The ISAAC clue is Rich's. I also loved his KNEE clue.

Yes, same thing happened to others before. Too many clues on Sundays. You'll have to go to the website for the missing clues.

Bill G,
Try this. It's delicious.