Feb 23, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015 Kurt Krauss

Theme: National Groceries - Foodstuffs and the states that are famous for them.

20A. They're juiced in Jacksonville : FLORIDA ORANGES

33A. They're baked in Boise : IDAHO POTATOES

42A. They're boiled in Bangor : MAINE LOBSTERS

57A. They're shelled in Savannah : GEORGIA PEANUTS

Argyle here. A near pangram. No reveal necessary. Cute alliteration with the cities and preparation methods. A tad tough for any visiting tyros. Fine fun for a Monday.


1. Thom __: shoe brand : McAN

5. Greek Zs : ZETAs

10. This, in Spain : ESTO. (este (masculine), esta (feminine), esto (neuter))

14. Poi source : TARO

15. Motionless : INERT

16. Like spider webs : SPUN

17. __ the Impaler: model for "Dracula" : VLAD

18. One of a 1492 trio : PINTA

19. Ritual flammable stack : PYRE

23. Anteater's sound in the comic "B.C." : [ZOT!]

24. Mobster's gal : MOLL

25. Hawaiian wreath : LEI

26. Flood-control project : DAM

29. Garbage barge puller : TUG

31. Odorless gas : ETHANE

37. Disaster relief org. : FEMA. (Federal Emergency Management Agency)O(for when the dam fails)

38. Put the kibosh on : NIX

39. Exec's "By yesterday!" : ASAP. (As Soon As Possible)

47. Sets aside for future use : LAYS BY. Are you familiar with this phrase?

49. __ and improved : NEW

50. Barnyard home : STY

51. Suffix with transit : ORY. Transitory - not permanent.

52. "Green __ and Ham" : EGGS

55. Knock sharply : RAP

62. One-liner, e.g. : JOKE

63. Make __: get rich : A MINT

64. Dining table expansion piece : LEAF

66. Degree recipient : ALUM

67. Guts : NERVE

68. Year-end clearance event : SALE

69. Office note : MEMO

70. Deuce toppers : TREYS

71. One-named Art Deco artist : ERTÉ. Two initials. The French pronunciation of the initials of Romain de Tirtoff.


1. Network that once employed VJs : MTV

2. Muscle prone to cramps : CALF

3. Devastated Asian sea : ARAL

4. Caffeinated pill : NO-DOZ

5. "Be quiet!" : "ZIP IT UP!". [snicker}

6. Oklahoma city : ENID

7. Early brunch hr. : TEN AM

8. "Star Wars" droid, familiarly : AR-TOO

9. Hollywood hopeful : STARLET

10. "College Football Playoff" network : ESPN

11. Crow's-nest telescopes : SPYGLASSES

12. Deep serving bowl : TUREEN

13. Infant's bodysuit : ONESIE

1. __-Rooter : ROTO

22. Voice above tenor : ALTO

26. "What's the __?": "So what?" : DIF

27. Fruity cooler : ADE

28. "Li'l Abner" matriarch : MAMMY YOKUM. You didn't mess with Mammy!

30. Departed : GONE

32. Furnace output : HEAT. Working overtime this winter.

34. Lukas of "Witness" : HAAS. He was the Amish boy. Google pics

35. "Shop __ you drop" : TIL

36. Neural impulse conductor : AXON

40. Museum collection : ART

41. Would-be social worker's maj. : PSY. (Psychology)

43. "__ your pardon" : I BEG

44. NFLer who plays at the Meadowlands--in NJ, ironically : N.Y. GIANT

45. Scolds but good : BERATES

46. Ugly duckling, as it turned out : SWAN

47. Lumber mill blockage : LOGJAM. Out in the river.

                                    A big one.

48. Bump from which cactus spines grow : AREOLE. Oh?

53. Xbox enthusiast : GAMER

54. Cathedral topper : SPIRE

56. Throb : PULSE

58. San __, Italy : REMO

59. Jealous feeling : ENVY

60. Rip : TEAR

61. Word after sea or before Lake : SALT

65. Doctor's charge : FEE


Note from C.C.:

Happy 76th Birthday to Keith Fowler!  I'll just copy & paste & make slight changes to what he said last year: 

"My branch of the family is not known for longevity, so it will be an enormous leap for me to reach 76 this coming Sunday--Feb 23 at 7:19 pm PST!  At that day/time I will be three years older than any recorded Fowler (of the Shryvenham to London to NY to CT to TN to CA tribe of Fowlers) ever got to be.

My mom (actually a Hocking) reached 73, and my dad's grandfather hit that number too.  while a great many folk live much longer, it just feels mighty strange to me, like teetering on a very high pole, or maybe soloing for the first time, and very slowly."
Keith Fowler!


OwenKL said...

There was a young swain from FLORIDA
Whose girl filled him full of euphoria.
What he filled her with
Every time that they'd kiss
Made their passion run torrid and torrida!

If MAINE is known for its LOBSTERS,
And Chicago is known for its mobsters,
Then in the midwest
Where corn grows the best,
Might Iowa be known for its cobsters?

Now GEORGIA is known for its peaches
But sometimes a crossword clue reaches.
The grid might need pecans,
PEANUTS packed in cans,
Or a Butler whose rhetoric is facetious!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and nice to see you're still alive, Keith)!

I tore through most of this like nobody's business, heading for a record Monday solve time, but then I reached the SW corner and nearly ran into a wall.

That particular definition of AREOLE was not the one I was familiar with. MAMMY YOKUM took awhile to dredge up. LAYS BY is not an expression I've heard frequently (if ever). And I suppose an ALUM (where's the abbreviation indicator?) received a degree some time in the past, but this seems like an odd clue.

Anyway, I managed to pull out of the skid before I crashed and burned, but it was certainly surprising to struggle so much in one spot on a Monday...

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Fun Monday puzzle, but with a bit of trouble in the SouthWest corner. Not a fan of L'il Abner, so struggled with the MAMMY YORKUM / LAYS BY intersection.

The States and their products were easy.

Happy Birthday, Keith. Hope you have a fabulous day.

QOD: I was named Beekeeper of the Year by the Florida State Beekeeping Association. ~ Peter Fonda (b. Feb. 23, 1940) [Peter Fonda played Ulee, a crossword staple, in Ulee's Gold.]

unclefred said...

Nice, fun, easy Monday puzzle. I LOVE Monday puzzles, 'cause I can do 'em!! First had MammiYokum (Doh!) which left "laisby" finally realized it was a "y" at the nexus, although I'd never heard of "lays by" as an expression. Other than that, smooth sailing. Love your daily limericks, Owen, I wish I was that clever. Another day in the low 80's here in Fort Lauderdale coming up. (Rub-Rub!!)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Caught a cold over the weekend -- first one in seven years. So, I went to bed at 8 last night and purposely slept in this morning. Much better today. Not great, but much better. The puzzle was a speed run. I did injure my foot as soon as I could see that the state would be GEORGIA, I confidently penned in PEACHES.

LAYS BY was a common expression from my ute. Of course, folks in those parts referred to a drinking fountain as a "bubbler", so go figure.

Argyle, thanks for the back story on ERTÉ. I had no idea. And no photo for the infamous AREOLE?

Happy Birthday, Keith Fowler. I hope to get to your age someday, but I'm in no rush to do so. Look at it this way -- somebody in the family has to be the oldest. Why not you?

John Burroughs said...

"The red and gray squirrels do not lay by winter stores; their cheeks are made without pockets, and whatever they transport is carried in the teeth"

- Winter Sunshine, 1904

Barry G. said...

Of course, folks in those parts referred to a drinking fountain as a "bubbler", so go figure.

I'm guessing you are either from the Boston area, like me, or from Wisconsin, since those are apparently the only two places in the U.S. where people call drinking fountains "bubblers."

Which is to say that I also grew up calling it a bubbler, but I don't recall ever hearing LAY BY.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

This was fun. For the life of me, initially, I couldn't remember MAMMY YOKUM. I liked the state staples--finally got the peanuts in after last week's (?) pecans. Thanks Kurt.

LAY BY, much the same as "put by" or "set by"--makes me think of colorful produce canned (in jars) and stored in my grandmother's cold cellar. Reading regional American and Canadian writers gave me an appreciation for vernacular English.

Owen, I love your Limericks. Although the mobsters in Chicago (and Illinois, for that matter) have been replaced by elected officials (politicians?). ;)

Argyle, thanks for escorting us.

It's still cold. Stay cozy.

Bluehen said...

Nice easy Monday speed run. One notable slowdown was the Georgia product. Peaches came to mind first, but they aren't shelled. Savannah is on the ocean but shrimp or crab didn't fit. A glance at the perps got me PEA. . . Peaches, really? No, PEANUTS, Jimmy Carter. Duh!

Li'l Abner was my fave comic strip in my 'ute, but I would much rather recall Stupefyin' Jones over Mammy Yokum.

Recall LAYS BY from my 'ute, although "lay up" was probably more common. The phrase was usually separated by the subject, as in "I'm about the lay some tomatoes by".

Bluehen said...

Madame DeFarge,

As I recall, Illinois had some of the best politicians money could buy. Remember Paul Powell? I went to SIU with his daughter Paula.

Madame Defarge said...

Ha, Bluehen!

Sure do remember Show Box Powell. After that all checks were to be made out to "The Secretary of State" without reference to the name of the person in office.

In my lifetime, Governors Kerner, Walker, Ryan and Blagojevich have all gone to prison. There was some talk of changing "Land of Lincoln" on our license plates to read "Where our Governors make our License Plates." ;)

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

What a fun puzzle to start the week! I'm sure Steve enjoyed all the "goodies" mentioned; my fav was lobsters, of course.

Thanks, Kurt and Argyle, for a merry Monday meander!

A very Happy Birthday to you, Keith; hope you celebrate in style. (Today is my father's birthday and, also, one of my childhood friend's.)

Have a great day and stay warm.

oc4beach said...

Nice easy Monday puzzle. I did the Across clues then the Down clues and was done on one pass through.

When I was a kid in central PA I never heard LAYS BY, but I remember the adults saying they were going to LAY IN a winter's worth of canned foods. I always loved eating canned peaches in the middle of the winter. Still do. It is the one and only canned food that my wife LAYS IN. Sound funny, doesn't it.

A lady applied for a new Library card every year. When she got to the question of age, she always answered "over 21." One year there was a new librarian who helped her fill out the form. The age that she put in was "Over 22." So, Kieth, Happy "Over 73rd" Birthday.

Warmed up yesterday to 32°, now it's down to 11° with a low predicted for -5° tonight. Stay warm everyone.

Husker Gary said...

-Piece ‘O Cake on a 0˚F day lacking HEAT
-It’s ground in Omaha – NEBRASKA BEEF?
-Some FLORIDA ORANGES might be frozen this winter
-Asking who used PYRE in a “love” song is just too easy
-Real and Cinematic gun MOLL
-LAY BY in farm country means the final pass cultivating and fertilizing with regular equipment before corn gets too tall as you can see in this video (4:22)
-A “NEW”, rediscovered, 50-yr-old Dr. Seuss book will have its first release this summer
-Variety headline from Yankee Doodle Dandy - Sticks NIX Hick Pix
-One man’s/woman’s ART…
-Our Platte gets ICE JAMS in the spring
-To what part of a GAMER is Kate Upton appealing in this commercial when she says, “Come and play with me”
-Keith - "What light beyond yonder window breaks? It is a candle. Blow it out and make a wish!"

thehondohurricane said...

Good day everyone,

Happy birthday Keith. I, like you, am the oldest living male on both sides of my family. No bitches though, just hope I put up a number that will be very difficult to beat.

Finished today's puzzle error free and with a minimum of erasures. Started slow though. The across clues in the North weren't registering, but the down clues got me going. No hold ups in the Central or Souther sections.

Never have ever heard or used LAYS BY as clued. Probably have voiced a similar phrase referring to certain adult situations though.

We were fortunate this weekend. The storm wasn't as nasty as predicted and we had one day (Sunday) with very comfortable temps. Now the frigid stuff comes back and another winter storm is being predicted for next Sunday. Enough already weather Gods, enough.

Tinbeni said...

Happy Birthday Keith !!!

Argyle: LAYS BY has a different meaning at Villa Incognito.

Fave today was AREOLE ... it's always a fave.

FLORIDA ORANGES was a close second ...

A "Toast-To-ALL" at Sunset.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

Happy birthday, Keith, and may you outlive your predecessors by decades more!

Fun puzzle today with a swing around the states and though I've visited 32 states only GEORGIA from this list. Count me in for PECANS then PEANUTS.

I used to love reading L'il Abner so MAMMY YOKUM was unforgettable.

Thank you, Argyle and Kurt Krauss for today's amusement.

Have a memorable Monday, everyone!

Lemonade714 said...

HBDTY dear Keith, is it 76 trombones in the big parade or 77 Sunset Strip for you today ?

I think of Plains, Georgia and Jimmy Carter when I think peanuts,but they do grow them in SAVANNAH .

Misty said...

A totally delightful Monday speed run--many thanks, Kurt. I didn't know AREOLE and didn't know HAAS, even though "Witness" is a favorite movie since it deals with the Amish in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where I lived in my teens. But I still whisked right through this puzzle. Argyle, I loved the pic of MAMMY YOKUM.

Have a wonderful, celebratory birthday, Keith, with warm wishes from your UCI colleague!

And have a great day, everybody!

coneyro said...

Started fast. Got theme 1..2..3. Then hit 47A and hit a wall. Checked 48D for help help there. My speed run crashed and burned. Never heard of the term "LAYS BY". AREOLE is new to me in this context. I did not know "ERTE" either.

Better luck tomorrow.

Steve said...

Food! Irish Miss was spot-on, right up my alley - thanks, Kurt!

And Happy Birthday, Keith!

@Barry - in England a lay-by is a turnout off a major road. "Rest Area" is too grand a word for it.

Sallie said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Nice Monday puzzle (I could do it!)
As with many others PEANUTS took a bit of thought. Having lived in two of the four states, it was pretty easy – even for a Monday.

Belated happy birthdays to Splynter and Argyle. I read this too late (@11) to post on the day.
And happy birthday Keith. I too am older than any of my relatives made it. Hope my sons do as well. (84)


C6D6 Peg said...

Totally loved this puzzle, with a straight forward theme, and easy to complete.

The best part was the sparkly fill.... not the usual overused Monday words.

Thank you Kurt and Argyle!

john28man said...

I think this is my first no write over solve.

Avg Joe said...

Happy Birthday Keith!!

Puzzle was the same as discussed already. Had swan in place, so peaches was out, but peanuts took a second, but no other slow downs.

CrossEyedDave said...

It does seem that everything odd (except Vlad) wound up in the SW corner...

If orange juice commercials had warning labels...

A little potato joke...

Beware bubblers..

The peanut is an example of intelligent packaging...

HBD Keith!

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Kurt Ktauss, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Happy Birthday, to Keith Fowler, and many more. I read your story about you family longevity, and I wish you the best.

Zipped through this puzzle very easily today.

My only inkblot was where I wrote in EYEGLASSES instead of SPYGLASSES.

MAMMY YOKUM was easy. Lil Abner was my favorite comic strip until Al Capp died.

GEORGIA PEANUTS reminded me of boiled peanuts. one of my favorite treats. Do not get them up here in Chicago. They sell them by the road side down south.

I am not a lobster person. My wife likes them.

I have heard a lot of FEMA stories since going on church mission trips for the last three years. Heading to Colorado in June for this year's trip. Been to Minot ND, New Orleans, LA, and New York, NY.

I always get AXON when it is used in a puzzle. I took an evening college course many years ago at my company. We learned about axons. I am not a college grad, but have taken a few courses through the years.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Chairman Moe said...

"puzzling thoughts"

OK, and my hand is up, too, for confusing AREOLE with AREOLA. You see, the plural of AREOLA looks very similar to AREOLE, because it's spelled AREOLAE. And of course we men, being the pigs we are, ALWAYS prefer them in pairs!! ;^)

Things continue to be busy; good news is that Easter is early this year (traditional time that most Snowbirds return north); bad news is that most will probably stay around through April due to the bad weather in the N US. Those of us who rely on their income are kind of in a "Catch 22" - we can't wait for them to come in the late fall/early winter, and can't wait for them to leave in the spring! If you ever spent any time in S Florida you'll know what I mean . . .

Anonymous said...

I've heard of "lays in" but not "lays by". Live and learn.

Ergo said...

Saturday was impossible. Sunday was filled with far too many obscurities. And then today... I almost, almost waved the white flag until NODOZ popped into my head and the pesky NW finally fell.

Thanks for puzzle Kurt and Argyle for the write-up.

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Kurt and Santa! Nice puzzle! Swell theme! No problems. LAYS BY was new to me, though.

Happy Birthday, Keith! We are now the same age!


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

HBD Keith! Many, many more. You gave me my psudonymn - I'm indebted.

A fun Monday offering from Kurt, a good writeup by Argyle, and the PEANUT gallery (hand up) pipping in.

My write overs were Zap before ZOT - perps fixed it quickly - and WBS; DAM, the SW was a the hardest part. I had MAMMa before LAYS BY (not in my vernacular) but it just had to be.

fav: NODOZ - got me through college.

Cheers, -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks to C.C. for the birthday good wishes and write up!
And THANKS too to the many fellow cruciverbalists who sent me such good thoughts on this 76th b'day.

I must send reciprocal wishes to fellow Pisces and to those whose fathers, best friends, etc. share this day, but especially to all who are my age and (gasp!) older!