Feb 17, 2016

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 Todd Gross

Theme: It's all about space.  But what about time, I wonder?  What would Einstein say?  Actually, that's misleading.  Today's theme goes off to a different dimension - or at least in a different direction.

No double meanings in today's straight forward, sideways and up and down theme.  Simply the grid-spanning titles of three 3-D movies.   No - that's not quite right, either.  As we are about to see, it's the THREE D titles of three movies.

So, first the unifier.   63 A. Like some movies ... literally including 17-, 37- and 56-Across : THREE D.   Usually, this designation indicates that the movie is presented in THREE Dimensional format, where interesting or frightening objects seem to jump out of the screen at you.   But here, it's reconsidered to mean movies with the letter D appearing THREE times in the title.

17 A. 1986 movie set partly in the Australian Outback : CROCODILE DUNDEE.   As near as I can tell, this movie was only released in TWO D flat screen format.  And as near as I can recall, it's a movie about a knife.

37 A. 1988 movie set in a Southern California high school : STAND AND DELIVER.  About a math teacher who inspired a tough group of drop-out prone kids to excel in calculus.  Originally released in 2D, it was re-released in 3D in 2012.

56 A. 1996 movie set in Nevada's Area 51 : INDEPENDENCE DAY.  A seemingly invincible alien force attacks earth on July 2nd.  The scrappy earthlings - specifically Americans - figure out a way to win, a mere 2 days later.   A THREE D rerelease was planned in 2012, but cancelled.

Hi gang, JazzBumpa here to explore what goes along with this solid [see what I did there?] theme.  Let's dig in. 


1. Way back when : AGES AGO.  Back in my 'ute.

8. __ top : PAJAMA.  Sleep wear.

14. Winnipeg's province : MANITOBA.  in western Canada.

16. Doubleheader half : OPENER.   In baseball, the first game of two scheduled on the same day, by the same two teams.

19. Shoe parts : INSTEPS.  For each shoe, the part that covers the INSTEP of the foot - the raised area along the top between the toes and the ankle.

20. Loch with a legend : NESS.  A murky lake in Scotland

21. One-named singer : ADELE.

24. Biol. or ecol. : SCI.   Biology and ecology are sciences.

25. Under attack : BESET.  From Old English, meaning surrounded.

26. Co-star of the 2015 film "Joy" : DENIRO.   Robert

28. Boot attachment : SPUR.

30. "Bridge of Spies" actor Alan : ALDA.

31. Onion rings are fried in it : HOT OIL.

34. Worldwide economic org. : IMF.  International Monetary Fund.

40. Tam or trilby : HAT.   A trilby is not quite a fedora.

41. Pencil tip : ERASER.   True enough - there is a tip at both ends.

42. Time in ads : NITE.  "Night" to the literate.

43. FBI agent : G-MAN.  Government agent.

44. __ of influence : SPHERE.   Also, a round item in THREE D.

46. Start of el año : ENERO.   January begins the year in Spain, and other countries that use its language.

49. Record players, briefly : DJs.  Disc Jockeys - people who play records, not machines.

52. Improve a lawn : RESOD.

53. Roman baker's dozen? : XIII.   Roman numeral.

54. More sudsy : SOAPIER.   

61. Nicks on many albums : STEVIE.  Certain singer, not physical damage.    At the edge of 70, I still love this song.

62. 1967 Temptations hit : ALL I NEED.   After a moment of weakness.

64. Wine competition attendees : TASTERS.


1. "Better Call Saul" network : AMC.  American Movie Classics

2. Long-nosed fish : GAR.  This fish is native to the eastern U. S., Central America, and the Caribbean islands.   It's skin is so tough that early American farmers covered their plows in gar skin.  Native Americans used gar scales as arrowheads. 

3. "Microsoft sound" composer : ENO.   Brian, a pioneer in ambient music, and collaborator with many recording artists, including David Bowie, Talking Heads, U2 and Coldplay. 

4. Like cannoli : SICILIAN.  Cannoli are desert tubes of fried pastry dough filled with a sweet creamy blend containing ricotta cheese.

5. One making amends : ATONER.  Awkward word, though.

6. Mars and Venus : GODS.   God of war, Goddess of love.   Strange bedfellows.

7. Bios are often part of them : OBITS.  Shortened biographies and obituaries.

8. Vanilla containers : PODS.   Beans on the plant.

9. "The Simpsons" shopkeeper : APU.

10. Star of E! network's "I Am Cait" : JENNER.   Is [s]he trans-jennered?

11. Machu Picchu's range : ANDES.

12. Attorney general under Reagan : MEESE.  Edwin

13. "Give it __" : A REST.  Stop it, already.

15. Novelist Waugh : ALEC.  (1898-1981)  Prolific author.

18. Single show : EPISODE.   Weekly installment of TV series program. 

21. Cookbook measuring words : A DASH.  Of salt or a spice.

22. Fourth of 24 : DELTA.  Letter of the Greek alphabet,  Δδ.

23. Run until : END AT.  Terminal date.

25. Calf father : BULL.  Barnyard parentage.

27. Tara family name : O'HARA.   From Gone With the Wind.

29. Harborside strolling spots : PIERS.   Structures extending from the shoreline into the water. Here's the pier and lighthouse at Petoskey, MI on a stormy day in Oct. 2014.   The lack of strollers is notable.

32. Without end : ON AND ON.

33. NFL scores : TDS.  TouchDowns.

34. Green climbers : IVIES. Vines famous for climbing the walls of university buildings.

35. D.C. underground : METRO.   Commuter train system.

36. Set loose : FREED.

38. Sample in a product pitch : DEMO.

39. Hard-wired : INHERENT.  This means existing in something as an essential part of its nature.  I get it, but it's a very strange way of putting it.

43. Mourn : GRIEVE.  Feel great distress, as from a loss.

45. Summary : PRECIS.  As of a speech or written work.  New word for me.

46. Have a place in the world : EXIST.

47. Critical inning : NINTH.    Baseball.  The NINTH is usually the final inning, and the last chance for a team to score the winning run.  

48. Down for a pillow : EIDER.  Duck feathers.

50. Actress __ Pinkett Smith : JADA.

51. Competed in a British bee : SPELT.   "Spelled" spelt as they do it across the pond.

54. Flower starter : SEED.   The beginning of a plant.

55. At Hollywood and Vine, for short : IN L. A.  On a certain street corner in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles.  It became famous almost 90 years ago for the concentration of radio and movie related businesses in the area.

57. Crusty dessert : PIE.   Often, but not always, fruit filled.

58. Fourth of 26 : DEE.  English language alphabet, and a clecho.

59. __ Lingus : AER.   Israeli Irish airline.   [My gaffe of the day]

60. Cloth meas. : YDS.  Yards - measure of length, or square yards, measure of area.

That brings to a close today's EPISODE.  Hope you enjoyed the excursion.   See also, C. C.'s interview with Todd Gross, also posted today.

Cool regards!


OwenKL said...

Once there was a CROCODILE
Who tired of the flowing Nile
So she took a chance
And swam to France,
And now in Paris she's the style!

There was an old man in MANITOBA
Who wouldn't wear clothes while he practiced yoga.
But the weather got chilly
And froze off his willy
So now for her stretches, she wears a toga.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Blew through this one with nary a hesitation. Each of the theme answers were movies I was very familiar with and only needed minimal perp help to get, despite not having any idea what the actual theme was until I got to the reveal ("What the heck is THREED? Is that like a THNEED? Oh, wait-- it's THREE-D...").

Tinbeni said...

Jazz: Always a pleasure when you do the write-up. Great info and wonderful tunes.

Todd: Thank You for a FUN Wednesday puzzle with a nice theme.

I'd like to say I had a fave today ... but there was NO BOOZE in the grid. lol


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, JazzBumpa and friends. This was a very easy Wednesday puzzle. Like Barry, however, I looked at THREED for a monument before catching on that it should be THREE-D. I never saw Stand and Deliver, but did see the other two. Lots of movies in today's puzzle.

JADA Pinkett Smith is married to Will Smith who starred in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

I wanted Bradley COOPER in lieu of Robert DE NIRO as a co-star of Joy. Joy was based on the life of Joy Mangano (b. 1956), the inventor of the Miracle Mop. It starred Jennifer Lawrence as well as Cooper and De Niro.

Bridge of Spies was a fabulous movie and also based on the true story of how the US got Francis Gary Powers back after having been shot down in the Soviet Union.

A Sinner is also One Who Makes Amends.

The first time I heard Adele (née Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, b. 1988), I was totally blown away. She has an incredible voice. She recently released her third album, 25. Each album seems to be named after her age during the production of the album. Tickets to her upcoming American tour were sold out within minutes.

AER Lingus is the airline of Ireland, not Israel, which would be El Al.

QOD: My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength. ~ Michael Jordan (b. Feb. 17, 1963). ~ Michael Jordan (b. Feb. 17, 1963)

Anonymous said...

JzB- Your PIER looks like a JETTY to me. AER Lingus- is NOT Israeli. It's Irish.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

No problem with today's offering from Todd, so long as you don't count missing the theme. Again. I saw the reveal and said to myself, "Gee, all of those movies were released in 3-D? Who knew?" Bzzzzt! BTW, how do you take a 2-D movie and turn it into 3-D?

Trans-jennered -- Cute, JzB. I see that Owen also picked up on that.

Taxing day. Later...

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Zoomed right through, pausing at Précis, a word I've seen but not understood. Going back to suss the theme, the light came on, and bam! I spot three grid spanning titles with three D's. Nice work, Todd, I'm sorry I didn't notice they were in chronological order! That would have pegged the Cleverness Meter.

Morning, JzB, enjoyed the write-up. Stevie Nicks certainly went far with her unconventional, high power vocal style. I wish Amy Winehouse had lived a healthier lifestyle - who knows what music she would have made, had she survived.

Yesterday I was following a car with an unfamiliar version of that oval sticker in the back window - this one simply read W π . It took a little while, but I came to realize it was a clever code for WPI, as in Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Wish I had invented that!

Big Easy said...

Like Barry, I flew through this one until I looked at PRECIS after it was filled. Never heard of it but it was filled by solid perps. I even thought about changing TASTERS to TESTERS but left it. Mick DUNDEE and INDEPENDENCE DAY were gimmes but I have never heard of STAND AND DELIVER but the perps were solid and it made sense.

I wish he/she/it JENNER would just go away. The second biggest narcissist in the world behind POTUS. And speaking of overhyped, I never thought ADELE was that good, just loud. My wife was watching the Grammy Awards the other night and I heard her sing and it confirmed my 'diagnosis' of her ability.

Hahtoolah- Yesterday I threw away a JOY mop that I have had for years. Got a new QUICKIE mop from Lowes for $14.99. The JOY was $19.99.

D-O I also noted the sex-change in Owen's limerick.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Aer Lingus - fixerated.

Pier vs jetty - whatever floats your boat.

Cool regards!

Jazzbumpa said...

Big Easy -

I don't care what your opinion of the POTUS is. We have a "no political comments" policy on this blog, and you frequently skate far too close to that line.

Please have a bit more consideration for the ground rules here.

Thank you.


CartBoy said...

Raced through this one then checked the blog. Had FOAMIER, not SOAPIER and didn't even notice. Of course the crosses with FOAMIER are FEED and SMELT - both words that don't look wrong in a grid. Happy Hump Day!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Hey, got the clever theme today! Fun puzzle, Todd! Great expo & music, JzB!

Owen, when did JENNER move to MANITOBA? Someone called Cait a "reality star". Unreality is more like it. I hate that he's now invaded CW.

JZB: CROCODILE DUNDEE is about more than a knife. Hilarious take on dropping a common-sense outback-capable Aussie in New York. Didn't see the other two movies, but knew the names sounded right after a few perps.

Not only 3-D, but the 4th of D___. Cute, once I caught on.

GRIEVE has been the word of the week around here. Three good friends of family members died, ages 39, 50, & 76. Hadn't seen them in years, but still... I'm used to losing people at my age. The other two were shocks.

Not canola, but HOT OIL.

Hard wire = INHERENT. Took a bit of rumination to agree with that.

billocohoes said...

Just saw "Bridge of Spies" Saturday, so a new clue for Alan ALDA wasn't a problem.

Briefly had that other common musician of Crosswordland, ONO instead of ENO

Haven't seen PRECIS since high school English class a half-century ago.

thehondohurricane said...

Another success, but it sure wasn't as easy for me as others have experienced today. Too many fills that were unfamiliar....JENNER, ADELE, INHERENT, THREED (3D, I know), PRECIS (thought it was wrong),ALL I NEED & JADA to name a few. Result was lots of Wags & perp assistance.

Yet, it was a fun effort for which I thank Todd.

Looking forward to a doubleheader in the coming season. Minor leagues do its right, two seven inning games. You can usually stay for both games and still get home at a reasonable hour.

Time for Casey to get to Day Care where he and the other pups can raise some Hell.

Avg Joe said...

Relatively easy for a Wednesday, but no speed run. Knew themers #1 and 3, but #2 was mostly perps. Couldn't suss the theme itself without the reveal, but it was obvious enough (although I had the same trouble parsing Threed mentioned by several.

It's always a pleasure to have an interview. Thanks Todd and C.C. for that. And thanks for the write up Jazz.

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks for the explanation, JzB. I assumed the movies were in 3-D instead of being SPELT with 3 D's.
Only unknown was JADA, all perps.
Not being a techie, INHERENT was my first thought for hard wired. Certain traits seemed to be hard wired into our personalities. No prob with PRECIS after getting the PRE.
Tin,I thought of you as one of the TASTERS at a wine competition.
Because we have a trans in the family, JENNER comments kinda bum me out.
This morning I had just enough time after dropping Alan at work to go to the Y pool before the Open Swim period closed, but I left my packed gym bag home. Rats!

Jerome said...

Big Easy- I honestly don't think that anyone is more passionate, opinionated and resolute than me about their political beliefs. In the appropriate setting you would know quickly what those beliefs were, and I'd relish the chance to state them and be the last to shut up. This, however, is a crossword blog and not a venue for our wrath and hatred. Besides that, you should have learned long ago that you can persuade people by using intelligence and logic and not by simply spewing venom.

IndyGirl said...

"I don't care what your opinion of the POTUS is. We have a "no political comments" policy on this blog, and you frequently skate far too close to that line."

This comment wouldn't have been made had the post been about, say, Trump. Your hypocrisy is showing. Why is this blog so left-leaning?

Point of order said...

IndyGirl, because no one here would ever accuse Trump of being a narcissist.

Anonymous said...

Point of Order
LOL u R 2 Funny

Jazzbumpa said...

IndyGirl -

You can't possibly know that - so you are making stuff up.

No politics means NO politics - left, right, or, just for today, some third dimension.

The hypocrisy exists only in your imagination - and it takes quite a parallax view to say this inherently apolitical blog is left leaning.

By the way - this little sub-conversation amply illustrates why the no politics rule is in place.

It pretty simple here - no politics, no religion, no personal attacks - and it's not a huge stretch to include public figures and your neighbors under the no personal attacks umbrella. The point is to have fun with crosswords and avoid cross words. Really - it's not that hard.

As I say on my own blog - play nice and we'll all get along.


Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

WBS. This was great fun reminiscing about those three movies, all good ones. JOY is one I haven't seen yet
and am not sure if I will. Possibly every teacher in the country went to see STAND AND DELIVER. It was quite inspirational. And for some reason Edwin MEESE is firmly etched in my memory; could be that Nancy disliked him so much and they were often embroiled in controversy.

Thank you, Todd for this great grid; I'll read the interview later.

I loved the clue for INHERENT, so different. PRECIS is a word we don't often see but it slipped right out.
And is cannoli really SICILIAN? That's a learning moment for me.

Busy day for me today and hope you all have a beautiful day!

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Todd and Jazz!

Got the theme after I saw THREED!

No problems.

Fell asleep in the middle of reading Jazz's words! Just too tired after creating a boot drive for Harvey (of Drive Genius 4).


CrossEyedDave said...

Definitely on Todds wavelength today, & in tune...
Most of the answers just jumped out at me. (with the definite exception of Precis...)

Jzb, had to chime in on Crocodile Dundee, (not because I am an Aussie, but it helps...)
Yes the knife bit was cute, but I would definitely (there's that word again) recommend
the 1st movie as a study in a clash of lifestyles. Plus, if you ever get bored with your life,
try to feel what it would be like to step into some one elses. This movie is a fun 2 hours
of just that...

Oh, & if you ever wanted to see that certain Anon posting,
this is what it would look like...

Jazzbumpa said...

Well, yes - I know Crocodile D was about more than the knife.

But the humor in that striking scene was what stayed with me, and I thought it was kind of a cute joke to make.

I try to be on the light-hearted side with my blogging here, while letting my inherently silly side come through.

Just assume I'm goofing around and the odds will be in your favor.


inanehiker said...

Delightful puzzle and theme today- WEES about not getting the connection to the movies until the reveal. I never go to the literal 3D movies because they cost more and make me dizzy!

Enjoyed the interview as well - will try to do those other recommended crosswords some time

Thanks JB and Todd and for the interview CC!

kazie said...

Nice puzzle. I thought it would be more challenging than it ended up being because of the titles of movies, songs and artists. But I did a lot of guessing and succeeded in the end.

Paul Hogan, star of Crocodile Dundee movies, started life employed as a Sydney Harbour Bridge painter, but then was cast as a humorous super casual character in a string of cigarette ads on TV, which led to special comedy hour shows of his own, and after that, the movies by which he's known here. In the process he dumped his Australian wife of several decades and married his Dundee costar. A victim of too much fame too suddenly, and I think she ended up dumping him, no less than he deserves.

TTP said...

I really liked this puzzle. Thank you Todd Gross and JzB. Also enjoyed reading the interview questions and answers.

STAND AND DELIVER is a favorite movie. Edward James Olmos should have won an Oscar for tha role. Randy Quaid played the crazy cousin in the Vacation movies, and a crazy father in INDEPENDENCE DAY. In real life, he is seems to come across as...

Would an atonal singer be an ATONER ?

ONgoing before ON AND ON and sixth before DELTA, but those errors were easily corrected by the perps. No ERASER needed. Broken pencils are pointless. OK, I'll give it A REST. Wait, one more. Wasn't there a scene in STAND AND DELIVER where the cross-eyed teacher lost her job because she couldn't control her pupils?

Did not recall The Temptations "ALL I NEED." This song by The Hollies, (ALL I NEED is) "The Air That I Breathe" always comes to mind when I hear the phrase "all I need."

Loved the antics of the Leonberger on the Westminster Kennel Club show last night.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Once again, I didn't see the forest for the trees. I, too, thought the Three D meant how the movie was shown and completely missed the 3 D's in the titles. I didn't see Independence Day but did see the other two and had no recollection of them being in 3D, but that doesn't mean much the way my memory is lately!

I haven't seen Joy yet but some of the reviews were very negative about Robert DeNiro's character. DeNiro has also been panned for The Intern which some reviewers said was one of the worst movies ever made. Haven't seen that, either. Personally, I love Robert DeNiro's work.

Thank you, Todd, for a fun solve and for the insight into your puzzle-making world with CC's interview (thanks, CC) and thanks to JzB for the delightful discourse and links today.

Thought for the day: It's too bad that the only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

See that vapor trail over my head? That’s where the theme went. I’m hip deep in 4th graders too so… The EL of ELHI has a very different rhythm!

-I wish we had seen The Martian in Imax 3-D. It was only another 10 min drive
-AGES AGO – 49 yrs ago today, Joann became my wife
-ADELE got off key at the Grammy’s this year because the piano mic fell onto the strings
-DENIRO played the worst father ever in Joy
-I always ask if the Onion Rings are fresh or frozen. I don’t do the latter
-These cheapies have lousy ERASERS (hard as a brick)
-Should have RESODDED
-GAR are a real nuisance in lakes around here
-Name the movie, “Leave the gun, take the CANNOLI”
-My Sub Days always END AT 3:30 – no papers to correct, grades to calculate, parents to call…
-ON AND ON (3:03)
-My Royals shine/shined/shone in the NINTH INNING
-RECESS DUTY!! Read ya later!

Ergo (Husker Chuck) said...

I just don't get around here as often as I like. Trust all is well.

Have to crow a little bit about Sundays Heart grid. I anguished over it until Tuesday afternoon, the NE section eluding me. Finally I changed 'DELE' to 'STOP' and the world opened up. Once "BABEINTHEWOODS" emerged, I was home-free with a puzzle completed in its entirety. Lovin' the crosswords when I can get to 'em. Hope to visit here more often.

Tinbeni said...

Happy 49th Anniversary !!! Joann & Husker

The "First-Toast" at Sunset is to you two.


Anonymous said...

Great puzzle

Jazzbumpa said...

Yay, Gary and Joann!

Here's to 49 more.


TTP said...

Happy 49th Anniversary to Husker Gary and Joanne ! That's wonderful !

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy Anniversary Gary and Joann, just keep Lilly away from the candles...

Another (very) silly movie about conflicting lifestyles:

The Gods Must Be Crazy.

Irish Miss said...

Congratulations to Gary and Joann! 4️⃣9️⃣ 💏

Ergo, hope the job is going well. Stop by more often!

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle as I said late last night. Also the interview. Thanks Todd, CC and JzB.

Thanks for the reminder about why politics should be eschewed on this blog. I have gotten to the point where I tend to speed read over comments by a few certain bloggers and Anons. Even if they aren't political, they tend to be narrow minded and abrasive.

Happy anniversary Gary!

thehondohurricane said...

Happy anniversary to Joann & Husker. May you have many more.

AnonymousPVX said...

#1 - thanks for shutting down the political "talk" by nipping it in the bud. As a New Englander (CT) who moved to SC upon retirement - for financial reasons - I get quite enough political commentary from what have to be the "lowEST information voters" on the planet. I mean, this is the state where a state rep just filed a bill to license reporters. Really. So there is no need to read more of the same quality comments here. Thanks again.

Anyway, a pretty easy Wednesday puzzle that is also quite clever and enjoyable.

CanadianEh! said...

Great puzzle today even if I (like others) did not see the 3D theme properly. It is always interesting to get to know the constructors also. Thanks Todd and C.C. and JazzB.

MANITOBA filled in quickly for this Canadian.
I learned ENERO from crosswords.
I had Long AGO before AGES AGO.
Like billocohoes @ 7:46am, I remembered PRECIS from high school English.
Roman Baker's Dozen was a favourite today.
The fourth of 26 and 24 clues were clever also.

SPELT brought to my mind one of those newly popular grains for gluten-free diets so it would be safe to say that Canadians have adopted the American version, Spelled.

Happy 49th Anniversary to HuskerG and Joann.

Hungry Mother said...

Funny how sometimes the theme helps fill additional theme entries and sometimes the reveal. Very nice puzzle, a bit easy for a Wednesday for me, but no complaints. I enjoy reading the write ups and most of the comments and wish that the comments I don't enjoy were never written.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A fine interview and a neat pzl from Mr. Gross. I got CROCODILE long before I figured out that movie titles were a theme. True theme recognition waited till I had DENCE_AY filled in. The rest flowed easily.

I balked briefly at 63A because THREED did not seem to be a word. My first interpretation (the first that made any sense) was that these films may each have had two sequels, with appropriate Roman numerals. (I don't know that they did, just guessing.) Then I wondered if they'd been released in 3D versions. Only in reading Jazzbumpa's exegesis did I come to my senses.

Misty said...

After my first scan of this puzzle I feared I'd never get any of it, but as often happens, it started at the bottom and slowly, slowly filled in, even with those three grid-spanning movies. Felt great when it was done, although like others, I thought THREE D referred to dimension, not letters, and so didn't quite get the theme until the blog. Still, a great way to start a Wednesday, many thanks, Todd--and you too Jazz B.

For three days in a row now I've gotten the puzzle, the Sudoku, and the Kenken. Feels good after a really tough week last week.

Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

Bluehen said...

Time out. You mean to tell me that _______ top isn't PAnAMA? That's not such a stretch. A panama hat is one form of topper. And onion rings aren't cooked in fryers? Whaddaya think keeps all that HOT OIL in one place? All kidding aside, this was a fun fast puzzle. Thanks Mr. Gross. Always look forward to your guided tours, JazzB. You consistently delight.

Happy Anniversary Gary and Joanne. 49 years is quite a feat in these modern times. Congratulations. Gary, I've seen pictures of the two of you. Was she a child bride?

desper-otto said...

Blue Hen, my first thought was also PANAMA.

On the topic of the "unknown" PRECIS, remember this scene from The Hunt For Red October, Alec Baldwin and James Earl Jones?

Jack Ryan: Where are we going anyway?

Adm Greer: Briefing for Jeffrey Pelt, President's National Security Adviser. Most of the Joint Chiefs will be there, along with a few other people.

Jack Ryan: Who's giving the briefing?

Adm Greer: You are. The yeoman will have all the slides laid out for you. So all you got to do…

Jack Ryan: (Begins to look as though he'd been side-swiped)

Adm Greer: Look, No one understands this material better than you. Just give him a rundown on the sub and a precis of the stuff in your hand. He's liable to ask some direct questions. Give him direct answers.

Argyle said...

Just seeing the title, "The Gods Must Be Crazy", and I start to laugh.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say thank you to all of you who, while acknowledging the limericks today, did not rave about how great they were.

I love limericks as much as the next gal, but limericks are known for two things: wit and meter. If either is off, the poem falls flat.

When they're both off? Oof!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I enjoyed this puzzle. I like (or, more properly, agree with) Todd Gross's preference for low word count puzzles. This was a good one indeed.

I loved "The Gods Must Be Crazy". Saw all three of those movies in the puzzle and enjoyed the first two. Hard to find a movie worth watching these days.

Happy 49th Anniversary to you, Gary and Joanne! Congratulations.

I gotta say, I don't thick the mere mention of a president or other governmental personage can be considered political. If it were, the clue and answer for 12D would be summarily disallowed. AnonymousPVX, I see what you did there.

Well, it looks like I'm going to be putting in many hours of work during the next 2 or 3 months. My employer is anticipating getting a big order and a hefty check soon, so it's full steam ahead on designing a new system. That means plenty of work for me for a while, which I am glad to have. The only thing is, if it turns out we don't get that order and check, spending all that money will leave us pretty well screwed.

Best wishes to you all.

tawnya said...

Hi all -

First, thank you C.C. for the interview! I really enjoy getting to know the constructors and what goes into making a puzzle. While I enjoy solving, I don't think I could ever build one from scratch. There is so much art involved and I am often in awe of the cleverness and beauty you all bring together for us. Thank you.

I enjoyed the puzzle today - like most days - and CROCODILE DUNDEE was the first clue I filled in! Quickly got the other ones but didn't get THREE D until I went back and looked at the titles. I was stumped by the clues for DELTA and DEE, but am thoroughly impressed by them now. Good job!

Hope you all have a great day -


PS re: trolls and politics on the blog Arguments make me very uncomfortable and I try not to get involved. However, reading today's ugliness makes me wonder if troll's mean and hateful comments can be deleted? Probably won't solve the problem today, but at least the regular's won't have their feelings hurt.

Jerome said...

I kinda, sorta hate to say it, but there is a fill word in Todd's puzzle that is an anagram of an OBAMA NIT.

Lucina said...

I believe I forgot to thank you for an outstanding review. You really make me laugh!

Happy anniversary to Gary and Joann!!!

Spitzboov said...


Happy Anniversary to M/M Husker. All the best.
Favorite fill was Roman Baker's dozen - XIII

Avg Joe said...

Happy Anniversary Gary and Joann. That's a lotta years for folks as young as you. Years ago we had neighbors, a wonderful couple who celebrated 70 years together, Harry and Eloise. You have to start quite early to get to that point, and I hope you make it.

Jayce, I hope you are amply rewarded for the imposition on your time in your semi-retirement. Good luck with the endeavor.

Ron, thanks again for the expo, but also for the spot on explanation of the ground rules at 9:00. Let's hope it sticks. Many here stray a little close to the line on occasion, but repeat serial offenses need to be addressed with a little more force evidently.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Y'all gotta stop sayin' how easy this was... I've been getting wrong squares for a week and 1/2 & fell good that I nailed it today. Thank you Todd for a fun Wednesday outing and the interview w/ C.C. Thanks C.C. for facilitating said interview.

Thank you JzB for the musical write-up and funny @9a post (crosswords / cross words - LOL)

WEES - Theme go Whoosh. I thought, "DUNDEE was in 3-D? Er, OK."

WOs: INSole b/f INSTEP, orbs b/f GODS and I was IN CA b/f narrowing it down to LA.

Count me in as ESP on PRÉCIS. The 'I' was a leap of faith as I guess'd ALL I NEED from ALc_NE_D.

Fav: SICILIAN - old WOPs say my family name is even though great-grands came from N. Italy. Oh, and I love a good cannoli - there's a place up the road that flys their shells in from NYC b/f filling w/ his grandma's recipe. Boston's N. End has Mike's but I like the one across the street; less OILy.

I've never seen the movie but I know the song STAND AND DELIVER by Adam Ant.

Fun yoga/toga OKL :-)

Ergo - how's the gig? We were here when you were low; share in the high.

CED - Loved GODS Must be Crazy.

Tawnya - learned not to feed the trolls AGES AGO in my USENET days. Every now and again, I just can't help it...

Happy Anniversary HG & Joan! 49th?!? - you're doing something right ;-)

Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

CC, you know I have never used your Blog for a shameless plug.

But just this once, between good friends,,

If you are ever in Fort Meyers Florida, & are craving some Italian food,
you must visit Bruno's of Brooklyn.

(Be sure to check out the Gallery...)

DW got the crazy idea we should be a silent partner (well,I guess not so silent now...)
in a restaurant. Only because she knew her friends of many years had the talent
to make it possible.

Good Italian food in Florida? Fugettaboutit, (unless you visit Bruno's.)

P.S. The bread is made in Brooklyn using NYC water, half cooked,& then sent frozen to Bruno's for final baking. You will not find bread like this in Florida!

chefwen said...

Congratulations Joann and Gary! How 'bout celebrating the big Five O on Kauai?

Anonymous said...

I remember several occasions when Jzb and Jerome have stood on their liberal soapboxes. Once Jerome went as far as to say that C.C.s policy on political discussions was "just silly". Remember that Jerry? It's all in the archives...

Jerome said...

Spitz- Yup. But do you notice that there is a particular flow and odd relationship between MANITOBA and OBAMA NIT?

Lemonade714 said...

Well golly
I posted from my tablet and the interview went through but the puzzle did not.

It is great to see Todd back after a very long absence.

Good movies are such fun to remember. Did you all see Jeopardy tonight and know who the only living actor who appeared in six (6) of the Top 100 movies?

Anonymous said...

Lemony forgot to mentioned the hint Alex Trebeck gave was that he was in both The Godfather and Apocalypse Now.

Husker Gary said...

-Thanks for all the lovely wishes on our 49th Anniversary. If you knew me better, you would really appreciate Joann’s tenacity and tolerance.
-Chef Wendy, watch out! We may just show up on your Kauai doorstep with suitcases in hand and expect a 5-star meal!! ☺
-We have just returned from Omaha where we ate our favorite restaurant that reinforces the idea that you can’t beat Nebraska steaks.

Bill G. said...

I know of the admonition to which AnonT refers about not feeding the trolls. Often wise I'm sure. But the other side of it is that when a snarky anon says something unkind about one of our posters, it just sits there with the ring of truth unless somebody pipes up with a dissent. I have often posted about little local lunchtime adventures. Several times in the past, some unpleasant Anon has made snarky comments. I am fairly thin-skinned. The ensuing silence left me with the uncomfortable feeling that maybe that's the way most everybody else felt. The passage of time together with some positive remarks and things began to feel better again.

Count me in with those who don't appreciate several inappropriate and unkind posts today.

Gary, what kind of steaks did you have? I have often heard about the importance of proper aging (even years ago from my father) but I don't seem to have any control over that aspect of the steaks I can get. Do restaurants age their beef or do they purchase it properly aged? I wonder, does Costco age their beef? It can be very good.

windhover said...

Beside the obvious foolishness of your comment about BHO, re: Adele. So the entire music public is wrong and you are right? That, Richard, is the textbook definition of narcissism. Go away.

Husker Gary said...

Bill, we ate at Brother Sebastian’s in Omaha which is a very nice “old time steak house”. I had the Filet Oskar that I cut with my fork and Joann had an incredible piece of prime rib that melted in her mouth. The ambience is very cool as well with the air of the motif of an abbey with Gregorian chants wafting through the rooms.

Jerome said...

Windhover, where in the hell have you been? Come back!

Bill G. said...

Geez, I looked at their menu. It sounds great!

Husker Gary said...

p.s. We had no appetizers or dessert, a small carafe of wine, left a $20 tip for a lovely waitress and got out of there for $103

Spitzboov said...

Jerome @ 1928 = Yes but not until you pointed it out initially.

Hopkins said...

Windhover is a bully. Please don't darken our door with your derisive demands. Didn't C.C. ask that you stop with these type of posts or go away yourself?

windhover said...

Gerard Manley, I presume?

Anonymous T said...

Murphy's Law - Delivery Corollary ... Between 3 & 7p means if you're home a bit late they will be there at 3:02 and you miss your window. If you're home at 2:50p - you wait until 9p. Oh well, my new washer is installed. It's an LG HE top-loader. I'm doing my laundry stuck (& stinky) midway since the weekend.

Bill G. Didn't you pay attention? HG had Omaha Steaks! :-).

We order Omaha Steaks for friends who go above & beyond; sometimes reciprocity repays w/ some great beef. Even w/ all the beef in TX, there's something special about Omaha meat. Glad you & Joan had a great time HG - were you TASTERS of the wine or just down the carafe? BTW, that menu looks awesome! Start me w/ the carpaccio.

Kazie - I forgot to mention: thanks for the back-story on Dundee's star.

TTP - cross-eyed teacher; tee-hee. Heard it before, but always a chuckle.

CED - I looked at Bruno's menu too and deep-six'd the left-over BBQ pork chops and cooked up some rigatoni for dinner.

Bill G. Don't worry a bit about posting your lunches. If people don't like the story it's on them to scroll past. Though, if they snark, at least you know they read it :-)

Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

On Masterpiece Mystery, I don't care for the Poirot series much because he isn't very likable. Just the reverse for Grantchester and Endeavor where I really enjoy the characters.

I am usually disappointed by the local weather forecasts regarding rain since the actual result is usually much less than predicted. Today has been the exception with light showers predicted but in actuality, several hours of steady rain beating on the skylights. Yay!

Lucina said...

I love the menus of your lunches! Keep posting them.

And I'm sorry to disagree with you but I think Poirot as played by David Suchet is perfect for the part as Agatha Christie describes him.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - I agree w/ you on Suchet's Poirot portrayal. DW & I watched 'em - fun show.

We're now engrossed in the X-Files reboot. I didn't think it would be any good, but, if you watched the originals, it is self-campy and quite enjoyable. We've got two more before they decide to renew or not.

DW's B-day is tomorrow (well today CST). I get to call her a cougar for the next 5 mo. She's not amused.

C, -T

Bill G. said...

Lucina, I didn't express myself clearly I think. Poirot's character is clever and quirky. I think Suchet does a fine job. My problem is that I don't like Poirot much. I think I read that Agatha Christie had the same problem with him. He solves the crimes but I don't much care about him during the process. Whereas I do enjoy the characters in Grandchester, Endeavor, Foyle's Law, etc. I have trouble with Doc Martin for the same reason.

I made a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today. :>)

Bill G. said...

CED, I'm envious of you and Bruno's. How about sending me a care package of their veal piccata? I'm still full from reading about Gary's beef feast.

AnonT, a big happy birthday to DW. Tell her I think she looks much prettier than you... :>)

Lemonade714 said...

Anon, thank you for completing the clue from Jeopardy.

Bill, it is unfortunate that you and maybe others would find a "ring of truth" in something posted here unless it is disputed. My comments which are often the brunt of scathing insults, are my comments and to discuss someone else's opinion is ultimately a waste of time. While I love seeing Larry (Windhover) comment, the fact that some fool thinks Adele cannot sing is not worth disputing.

I will try Bruno's next time I am in Ft. Myers. It looks like a place, Valentino's in my back yard,

Wilbur Charles said...

Ok. This one was started on the 17th, dropped and found and finished today. Went to the blog to find the 'J' in JADA/DJs. All those years we put 45s and lps on the 'record player' and we never came up with a snappy nickname.
A STEVE(s) came up in another puzzle as an answer to something. Too bad no one will read this and answer.
Lastly. These xword blogs reveal the diversity that's out there
Ok. Brando. What are the other four? On the Waterfront...??