Feb 29, 2016

Monday, February 29, 2016 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Today. Like the month, the entries end with a synonym for leap.

37A. February 29th ... and, based on the ends of 16-, 24-, 49- and 60-Across, this puzzle's title : LEAP DAY

16A. Mideast protest movement that began in 2010 : ARAB SPRING

24A. Cash cache : BANK VAULT

49A. Morally obliged : DUTY BOUND

60A. TV actor who played the Maytag repairman : GORDON JUMP. (The Big Guy, Mr. Carlson)

Argyle here on a very special day. Maybe you math types can figure it out. I started the month and now I am closing the month. When will this happen again? Oh yeah, the puzzle. I better hop to it.


1. Frequent-flier no., e.g. : ACCT. I'm no frequent-flier so no number here.

5. Rental agreement : LEASE

10. Many GRE takers : SRs. College seniors going to grad school take the Graduate Record Examination.

13. Big, fancy dinner : GALA

14. Finalize, as a comic strip : INK IN

15. Tiny pest : GNAT

18. Mount St. Helens outflow : LAVA

19. Cloud computing giant : IBM

20. Crotchety oldster : COOT. "Stay off of my lawn!"

21. Postpone : DEFER

22. "Little Broken Hearts" singer Jones : NORAH. She is the daughter of Ravi Shankar and the half-sister of Anoushka Shankar. You can hear the influence in this song but the meaning?...that's something else.

27. Win-win : NO LOSE

29. Tall tale : YARN or perhaps 61D. Flowery poem : ODE

30. Run fast : GALLOP

31. Bond or Bourne : SPY. Bad boys.

32. [Oh, well] : [SIGH]

36. E-tailer's address : URL. Internet address.

40. Cow sound : {MOO!}

41. Sailboat staff : MAST

43. Will Ferrell holiday movie : "ELF"

44. Really into : KEEN ON

46. Makeover : REDO

48. 14-legged crustacean : ISOPOD. They've been around a long time and come in many forms.

53. Dull finish : MATTE

55. Laura's classic "Dick Van Dyke Show" wail : "OH, ROB!"

56. Dubliner's land : EIRE

58. Golfer's double bogey, usually : SIX. The most common length hole is a par 4, ergo, double bogey(two over par) is 6.

59. Put on weight : GAIN

63. Sound-off button : MUTE

64. Headache relief brand : ADVIL

65. Part of town : AREA

66. Ginger __ : ALE

67. Take care of : SEE TO

68. Second to none : BEST. C.C., of course.


1. "Encore!" : "AGAIN!"

2. Rich pasta dish : CARBONARA. Based on eggs, cheese, bacon, and black pepper.

3. New England shellfish sandwiches : CLAM ROLLS

4. It's picked up in bars : TAB

5. Cosmetic surg. option : LIPO. (liposuction)

6. Dress like Judge Judy : ENROBE

7. Curly-tailed guard dog : AKITA

8. Envy or lust : SIN

9. An official lang. of Hong Kong : ENGlish

10. Big mess : SNAFU

11. "Bolero" composer : RAVEL

12. Set in motion : START

15. Collects bit by bit : GLEANS

17. Where subjects are taught : SCHOOL

21. TiVo, for one : DVR. (digital video recorder)

23. Every bit : ALL

25. "Cagney & Lacey" law-enforcing gp. : NYPD. (New York Police Department)

26. Paddled boats : KAYAKs

28. Swim team swimsuit : SPEEDO. Those crazy boys at Seton Hall.

30. Orbit, e.g. : GUM

31. Sunscreen letters : SPF. (Sun Protection Factor)

33. Uncertain words : I'M NOT SURE

34. Happy days : GOOD TIMES. Both were sitcoms.

35. Sweetie : HON

38. Baseball's Felipe or Moises : ALOU

39. Naval petty officers : YEOMEN

42. "Have a sample" : "TRY ONE"

45. Org. concerned with pesticides : EPA. (Environmental Protection Agency)

47. Tidal retreat : EBB

48. "Ta-da!" : "I DID IT!"

49. Religious doctrine : DOGMA

50. Ryder rival : U-HAUL. Truck rentals.

51. All too familiar : TRITE

52. Timid person's lack : NERVE

54. Yank in China, maybe : EXPAT. Shortened Yankee and expatriate.

57. Chewy caramel candy : ROLO

60. __ station : GAS

62. Quick punch : JAB



fermatprime said...


Thanks, CC and Santa!

Fun puzzle!'


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

This one definitely had some bounce to it and put a spring in my step. Leaps and bounds above our normal Monday puzzles, that's for sure. I just jumped right in and got it done. OK, I'll stop now...

Lemonade714 said...

A nice way to feature our extra day. Of course we always enjoy a C.C. puzzle with Argyle leading the discussion. I liked ISOPOD and CLAM ROLLS being featured. Also the WKRP reminder was nice though JESSE WHITE has the same number of letters which messed me up.

Norah and Sinare back and we get ready for March.

Enjoy the week all.

George Barany said...

I absolutely love the puzzle by my friend C.C., as well as the writeup by Argyle. Amen to the comment about 68-Across.

For a more challenging occasion-appropriate puzzle, I urge readers of this blog to try this one which can be solved on the sides of a coffee mug. The constructor is another friend, Chris Adams. Without giving away the trick, let me just say that he had a special person reason (not required to solve and appreciate the puzzle) for creating it!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! I'm not too sharp at 5 a.m. so I had trouble getting started in the NW but soon got rolling on this. Great one, C. C. Great expo, Argyle.

Like Santa, I'm not a frequent flier so wasn't sure what was wanted here. I eat chicken CARBONARA frozen dinners from Lean Cuisine so I was not thinking of them as "rich" altho bacon & cheese would qualify. I kept trying to put in Isis instead of ARAB before I had SPRING. And "banquet" didn't fit into the dinner slot. Gave up and filled the rest then came back and had no problem.

Had no idea who the Maytag repairman was. Perped okay.

That Norah Jones song is really creepy. Is it the ARAB SPRING anthem?

No idea what GRE meant.

I had a BIL with a Feb. 29 birthday. His wife had a March 1 birthday. They celebrated together but he claimed he was much younger because he had fewer actual birth days.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

After writing "Oh, Bob" I sat wondering what the heck a TBITE could be. D'oh! Finally got 'er done. Almost got me, C.C.

Eggs, cheese, bacon...that's three of the four major food groups. The only one missing is beer. Hmmmmm

PK, your birthday comment made me remember a couple who came in for taxes last week. Their birthdays were just one day apart. I commented on it, and she said that, actually, they were only 5 hours apart. And, they were born in the same hospital. Odd.

unclefred said...

Although I thought it a bit crunchy for a Monday CW, and it took a bit longer than most Mondays, I managed to get 'er done and have fun doing it. Thanx, C.C.! Terrific write-up, too, thanx, Argyle!!

Hungry Mother said...

Looking at my completed puzzle, I don't know why I was slow today. Maybe staying up for the Oscars did it.

Big Easy said...

Congratulations C.C. on both your Oscar and Olympic year puzzles. I usually skip Monday puzzles but since I twiddling my thumbs waiting for GORDON JUMP- one unknown in the puzzle- to return today with the correct parts (hopefulle) to fix my fridge. Circuit board not delivering enough voltage to the heating element to defrost the unit.

NORAH was an easy guess, as was ISOPOD.

Avg Joe said...

Fun and timely puzzle. Very clever. I failed to avoid the reveal, but I already had the first two themers, so it only made it a tad easier. Even remembered Jump after Gordon was filled with perps. Thanks C.C. and Argyle!

I bailed on the Oscars last night at about 9:05. I just couldn't stand another drawn out win by the Mad Max team. You'd think they'd won the Nobel Prize. Did enjoy Chris Rock's comments though.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Today is one of my sister's and her husband's 7th Wedding Anniversary. Married in 1988. If you knew her you would not be surprised.

Puzzle was a little sticky for a Monday, but got through it by jumping around, with a few perps and wags.

Liked the theme.

No idea who RAVEL was. Perps.

Took me a while to remember that ORBIT is a brand of gum. Never had it. I quit chewing gum because I bit my tongue and the inside of my mouth too many times.

GORDON JUMP was easy once I had about eight of the letters.

Wanted CANOES for 26D, but BANK VAULT fixed that. KAYAKS won.

I usually see a bit of Judge Judy each day because my wife gets homeland turns it on. Zany!

It was 60 degrees yesterday and 31 this morning. OK.

I could not get through the Sunday puzzle yet. I may work on it some today.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

...and Happy Leap Day. Mostly breezed right through, but I did have to wait for perps to make Gordon Jump obvious - didn't know he was the bored Maytag repairman, or the bumbling WKRP station manager. Thanks, C.C.!

I was curious how the authorities handle the birthdate of Feb. 29 babies - not well, apparently - and came across this Albany news story . It's about twins from Irish Miss' part of the world, born this date.

oc4beach said...

I did the Across-es, then did the Downs once through, and was done. The perps finished the puzzle. Great Puzzle C.C. and I liked your write up Argyle.

I remember Gordon Jump from the TV show WKRP (1978 - 1982). He became the Maytag repairman about 6 years after the show closed. Usually I wouldn't remember character actors, but his name just sorta stood out. I don't remember any of the other actors names on the show, except for Loni Anderson. Who could forget her. She still looks good at 70.

On a recent trip to New England my DW tried a clam roll and didn't like it, so the next day she had a Lobster roll. She had one every day of the two week trip after that. Suffice it to say she is now hooked on Lobster rolls, but can't get them here in Central PA.

Enjoy your Leap Day.

SwampCat said...

Wow! A crunchy Monday...what fun. Thanks C.C.. Took longer than usual but it was that much more enjoyable. Loved your expo, Argyle.

Husker Gary said...

A funny thing happened on the way to getting the theme in C.C.’s wonderful Monday puzzle, she put the reveal JUMPED in the way! My heart LEAPS when I see C.C.’s byline and she never disappoints.

-I hope the ARAB SPRING will someday mark the start of better times in that AREA of the world
-The inside of the VAULT after Danny Ocean’s crew got done
-Lady Gaga’s moving, emotional song (4:05) with an incredible finish last night at the Oscars tells us all we are DUTY BOUND to help victims of sexual violence
-As a SR. after 4 years of college, I’m not sure how seriously I took the GRE
-St. Helens sans peak is the ugly sister of the beautiful Cascades
-NO LOSE – Kitty stops tapping my nose and gets fed at 6:00 am and I get to go back to sleep
-After 10 viewings, I can’t MUTE Time/Warner commercials fast enough
-Amen on C.C., Argyle
-GLEANER in this part of the world
-Thanks, Argyle, for not showing COOTS in SPEEDOS
-Former SIL always said, “I’m NOT for SURE”. Why add for?
-I am going to reprise my story of TRY ONE when I did that at a grocery store and took a giant slug of what I thought was pop that that turned out to be a sample of Irish Whiskey near St. Pat’s Day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.


WEES. Great puzzle, a little crunchy. but the theme kept it to a Monday-ish level.
BZ, C.C.

Here's another SPEEDO

Lucina said...

Buenos dias!

What fun! Thank you, C.C. and Argyle. You are indeed both the BEST. This was a win-win.

41A held me up for a while as I started with CREW but eventually MAST emerged along with GUM/URL. I didn't recall GORDONJUMP but the kindly perps did.

One of my grand nephews has a birthday today. I don't recall his age.

Have yourselves a grand and glorious day everyone!

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning!

This was a great double header--Monday and our bonus day! Thanks, C.C. for a very enjoyable puzzle. Just enough bite to make me think it wasn't really Monday. Speaking of bite: I loved CARBONARA. How many calories to just think about it??

Argyle, I enjoyed your Leap Day tour. Thanks. I wonder if the photo of the CARBONARA has more calories than just thinking about it. Now it seems like something I want to make for our dinner tonight--no calories on Leap Day???!!!

Have a pleasant day, everyone.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: What a nice wrap-up of this month. Enjoyed the OH ROB link.

C.C. Thank you for a FUN and timely LEAP DAY puzzle.

Kinda liked how SPEEDO crossed GALLOP ... and SNAFU was another fave.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

What better way to end February: A CC puzzle and an Argyle guided tour! 😉 Somehow, CC always manages to add a tad of crunch but still maintains the level of difficulty according to the day of the week. This adds to the solving experience, IMO.

Thanks, CC, for a fun and timely theme and thanks, Argyle, for the expo. Learning moment was Gordon Jump; I never knew his name.

Dudley @ 8:16 - Coincidentally, I had just read that story about the twins before I came to the blog; it's on the front page of the TU.

oc4beach @ 8:27 - I share your DW's affinity for lobster rolls and even though I'm only 150 from the coast, good, fresh seafood is in short supply here, as well. However, if you take a notion to rob a bank, there are many sources of fresh (but expensive) lobster meat in Maine and Massacusetts that can ship it to you. Some of them will even include the New England-style bun. As my husband used to say, "It's only money!" On the subject of food, I imagine Steve enjoyed the clam roll and carbonara duo.

I felt bad for Sylvester Stallone because, with all of the hype, I think he, like everyone else, expected to hear his name called as the winner. It was probably more of a sentimental nomination, anyway, but I'm sure he was very disappointed. My vote for the best dressed lady is Cate Blanchett. While I may have missed a few of the early Red Carpet arrivals, I thought she looked absolutely stunning. Best dressed man was Chris Rock, IMO.

Have a great day.

oc4beach said...

Irish Miss @ 9:56 AM: I agree with your husband that "It's only money!" especially when it comes to food. Eating out is one of my favorite forms of entertainment. When DW says a place is too expensive to eat at, I remind her that if we don't spend it, our son-in-law will. That usually riles her up and we eat well. Of course it doesn't have to be expensive to be good. A good (with the emphasis on good) hamburger is one of my favorite meals.


Avg Joe said...

oc4beach, your story about the lobster rolls reminds me of a friend of mine. I ran into her a few years back, and she mentioned she'd just returned from Baltimore. I asked if she'd had crab while there. "Six times, and I was only there for 3 days. But I couldn't find anyplace that served them for breakfast."

CanadianEh! said...

Happy Leap Day. I was expecting the theme today and C.C. did not disappoint. Thanks also to Argyle.

I found this a little crunchy for a Monday with the NW the last to fall. I wanted a CrabROLL and IOS before IBM but knew GALA had to be correct. A few changes and TADA!

I don't chew GUM and did not recognize Orbit. I had Aleve before ADVIL and Delay before DEFER. This Canadian did not know GRE although we have had it before.

Lots of Canadian connections at the Oscars last night even if they did not all take home an award. Parts of Spotlight were shot in Toronto and Hamilton, and The Revenant in Alberta and B.C.
Best short documentary was won by Pakastani-Canadian film director, Obaid-Chinoi.
Nice shout-out to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) by Brie Larson.
Rachel McAdams looked wonderful on the Red Carpet.

thehondohurricane said...

Tuff time today, but after wearing down the eraser a bit, finally got it done. Some of the goofs were 25D LAPD/NYPD
13A Fete/GALA. 64A Aleve/ADVIL.

COOT reminded me of me! Must admit, my sense of humor isn't as present these days as it was in yore.

Thanks for the OH ROB link Argyle. That show is still on top of my list as an all time favorite.

Ave Joe, Wondered where your crab story was going. You kept it G rated. That's good.

PK said...

Egad, Spitzboov, Putin in a "budgie smuggler"?! Speaking of COOT & CRAB ROLL... Where is the anon who has a fit over Splynter's attractive leg shows? LOL

PK said...

My husband cut a lot of wheat with the big silver Gleaner combines. He cut quite a swath in his day. When the big engine revs up and the sickle header starts to turn, it was as thrilling to me as start of takeoff in a jumbo jet. We're the breadbasket to the world. People used to love an invitation to come out and ride in the combines during wheat harvest. It was a highlight for the foreign exchange students. Never mind the operator is sweaty & dirty & covered with wheat chaff. That adds to the experience.

Bill G. said...

Fun puzzle and theme. Thanks CC and Argyle.

I love crab. I love lobster. Clams and oysters too but maybe not quite so much.

Irish Miss and oc4beach: Back when we were putting three kids through college, I would work hard to find dining bargains or buy one -- get one free specials. That kind of thinking isn't necessary any more but like all habits, it was a bit hard to break away from. Now I try to avoid that kind of thinking and go for quality and taste.

I remember having to take the GREs while working for Hughes and before starting graduate school at night at USC. I actually enjoyed the process, sort of like trying to figure out a puzzle.

CanadianEh! Count me in as a fan of Rachel McAdams. I think she looks good anywhere and anytime. Great smile!

Again (from last night), I was surprised how much I liked Chris Rock at the Oscars. Funny and pointed (but not too much so).

CrossEyedDave said...

Don't jump yet!

Leap day 2020 will occur on a Saturday!

Jayce said...

Very enjoyable puzzle and writeup. Thank you C.C. and Argyle.

AnonymousPVX said...

Nice Monday puzzle with just enough crunch to make it interesting.

Mr. Argyle, unless you are referring to Feb 29th specifically, then the next time you start and end a month is…the next time you start and end a month.

Misty said...

Brilliant puzzle for this particular day, C.C.! You and Rich must have coordinated this in advance, and it made the morning solve an extra pleasure. Many thanks! Also fun expo, Santa--many thanks.

Never heard of GORDON JUMP, but no problem in the end. However, I worried that GUM was wrong because I couldn't imagine how an orbit could by a GUM. Thanks for explaining that it was a brand, Abejo--otherwise, I would have had to ask, and I always feel a little stupid when I do that.

Irish Miss, I too enjoyed the Oscars last night--a bit more tense and rough around the edges than usual, but that made the show even more interesting. I loved their using "The Ride of the Valkieres" to signal time up for the speakers. It should have suggested that if they went on too long, they were going to get scooped up and flown off the stage.

Have a great week, everybody!

john28man said...


Only 29 day months start and end on the same day. 28 day months end one weekday earlier, 30 day ones one later, and 31 day ones two days later so the next occurrence is February 2020.

In the US spaghetti alla carbonara is severely abused. In the Italian tradition there is no cream or, horror of horrors, any peas. A small amount of the water the spaghetti is cooked in is added to smooth the eggs. Also guanciale is used instead of pancetta. Guanciale comes from the cheek instead of the belly of the pig.

Argyle said...

I started the month, here, on a Monday and ended the blog month on a Monday again. When will that occur again? I know every leap day ends on the same day of the week that the month started on. I mean, I'm so cheap, I reuse old calendars.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I DID IT! What fun to get a LEAPin' C.C. On Gregorian Reformation day! Happy 2/29! [Argyle - I calculate 28 years b/f you get to do this again on a LEAP day].

Thanks to both of you for the fun.

WEES re: just the right amount of crunch. The most granola was found at 30d xing 41a - my last square to fall. I was in a verb-state of mind w/ Orbit and kept thinking of staff as cAST. V8 whack when I got to 'M.'

WO: COOk b/f COOT. ESP: 11d.

Fav: GORDON JUMP. Right, The Big Guy. Knew it off the bat and then paused to make sure my memory wasn't messin' w/ me. ODE confirmed.

Runner up: Side-by-side yum-yums at 2 & 3d. 'Course SNAFU always brings a smile to this ex-Army guy and the YEOMEN amongst us.

Actually, the whole puzzle felt like me... I'm KEEN ON things (esp. ALE) a plenty, take a JAB at things I GLEAN, SEE TO what needs to get done, and INK IN my grid when I have SIX minutes to myself. IBM was even in the grid! NO LOSE.

IM & oc4 - it is only $$ when it comes to good food. Don't get me wrong, there's some expensive places that are meh. Ave Joe - yep, in Boston I found myself in the North End every night! Same w/ crab cakes in MD. Can't get too much of a good thing.

I'm DUTY BOUND:WKRP S1E1 (28m). One of the BEST.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Argyle - I just thought about it a bit longer... Even though there are only 28 calendars before repeating, you do both Monday & Tuesday... Back to the drawing-board. C, -T

Yellowrocks said...

CC, thanks for a fine Monday puzzle with just slightly more crunch than usual. You are the BEST. Thanks, too, Argyle, you are always entertaining and enlightening.
I know of only one person in my circle of acquaintances who had a Feb. 29th birthday, a very elderly gentleman who is long since deceased. Nice to remember the kindly old chap.
Today I took Alan to the GP, a very heads up, caring, thorough doctor. You should see the long list of conditions he has ruled out. Thank God for Medicaid and Medicare or I would have lost my house by now. The GP said Alan has been tested for hypothyroid and B12 problems. The next step is to see a lung doctor. Perhaps there is a lung problem or maybe sleep apnea. Alan's being so vague about his symptoms further complicates the diagnosis.
I went for acupuncture today. My shoulder is far more comfortable, but not all better. I was told to treat it more gently to let it heal. My thigh problem could be an IT band injury and she recommended doing exercises for that. The acupuncture for the thigh has helped a little. I am returning for more treatments. Also my back problem could be stenosis and I am doing exercises for that. I am hopeful. If this doesn't work I will go for MRI's and traditional therapy.
Yay to crab in Maryland and lobster in Maine! What great gourmet vacations there.

Montana said...

Great puzzle to start crosswording again. Thanks, CC & Argyle.
I knew yeoman but not how to spell it. Never thought about it before. Perp to the rescue.

I have purchased a printer to print from my iPad. The state paper I subscribe to online, has our puzzle, so I can now print one out each day.
I have a ream of paper at the ready,
Interesting how rusty a person becomes after not solving puzzle for a time. I probably will just read the blog for a bit, then jump in again.


Anonymous T said...

Argyle - got it. APR 2019 starts on a Monday and the 30th is on Tuesday. We won't even have another LEAP year by then. C, -T

Mike Mc said...

I just realized that Leap Year is totally misnamed. If this were a normal year, today would be March 1. But instead we're going to hang around in February a day longer. Maybe we should call it Stay Over Day instead of Leap Day.

Steve said...

Food! Irish Miss - you're right, I enjoyed it! Fun Monday puzzle C.C., thanks for the expo, Argyle.

Echoing @John28man, no cream, no peas. Guanciale if you can get it, pancetta if you can't. Three extra egg yolks for each whole egg, and use pecorino reggiano and parmesan reggiano in a 50-50 ratio so you don't over-salt the dish.

@Madame Defarge - no cream, so fewer calories! Yum!

oc4beach said...

Avg Joe @ 10:38 AM: Baltimore does have a number of restaurants that have crab for breakfast with Miss Shirley's near the Inner Harbor and in Annapolis being one of the best.

Your friend needed to go to the beach in Ocean City, MD and she could have had crab all day long. The Crabcake Factory is a block from my beach house and has some great breakfast selections made with crabmeat. Here is their Breakfast Menu with a number of crab dishes. There are other restaurants there that also have crab for breakfast.

It's easy to OD on crabs if you want.

Bill G @ 11:46 AM & Anon T: I agree that quality and taste are foremost, but if I can get a deal, I'm all for it. That's one reason I like the beach during the off-season. The places that remain open usually have a lot of specials and the food is very good.

All of this talk about crabs and food is making me hungry and ready to head for the beach.


Bill G. said...

I sorta thought that Sadie Hawkins Day was somehow associated with Leap Day but apparently not. It used to occur on November 15. I guess my confusion is that there was a somewhat similar custom associated with Feb. 29. Al Capp could certainly draw Daisy Mae in an appealing fashion.

Geez, I used to love WKRP...

Lots of Rachel McAdams from last night

Avg Joe said...

oc4beach @3:03. Lump crab on eggs Benedict? Sure. Sign me up! And even though I've a reputation for economy (OK, parsimony) I'd even spring for the $32 Benedict with crab, lobster and shrimp. Once. Then I could die. I mean, what would be the point after that?

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thank you, CC!
I'm not the only one who appreciates your contribution to making a Monday pzl more exacting than usual. I used to expect (and get) a let-down at the week's first crossword, but lately I've enjoyed the challenge. It's not that we must cheat or look anything up, but it is fun to find at least three, maybe four or five places, where perps are needed to crack the clues.

And I learned, too -- viz., ISOPOD-- one of those names I probably studied (then promptly forgot) in high school biology. They're not as unnerving to humans as spiders and other instinctively alarming bugs, but still they convey a degree of yuckiness, some aura of the eerie, don't they? As in this example of a creepy Crawly Isopod....

oc4beach said...

Avg Joe @ 3:43 PM: I've had the crab eggs Benedict and it is really good. Maybe I'll try the one with crab, lobster and shrimp. I'll let you know when I do.

FYI: The OC in my handle stands for Ocean City.

Tinbeni said...


Kinda figured the OC was a reference for Ocean City.

My "Best Friend" lives in Salisbury, and whenever I visit we make a "day-at-the-beach."

Living in Tarpon Springs it is Stone Crab ... fresh off-the-boat.

yum ....

Lucina said...

If you want an infusion of Rachel McAdams, go see Spotlight. She is in more than half of the scenes. It is a really good movie and I can see why it won the Oscar. It is acted by a stellar cast: besides Ms. McAdams, Michael Keaton, Mark Rufalo and Liev Schrieber are the main ones, but even the secondary parts have greatly talented actors such as Paul Guilfoyle and others. Though the subject is disturbing, it's worth watching.

Irish Miss said...

Tin @ 4:55 - Just before I came to the blog and read your post, I was browsing Stone Crab purveyors. Will be placing an order later. Yum is right! One of my favorite seafood treats.

TX Ms said...

PK @ 6:12 AM
Norah Jones - Arab Spring anthem? Thank you! Couldn't identify/rectify? the weird vibes after listening to and reading the lyrics, but you aced it...well, IMHO.

Spitzbov @ 8:42 AM
Putin in Speedos? Sorry, but no thanks, but thank you for the time you spent in finding that TMI photo/article! lol!

Ol' Man Keith said...

ATTN: aka Thelma
(cc to CrossEyedDave)!
- Addressing your post of a coupla days ago... After several failures to access a useful photo code in Facebook from my desktop iMac, you were the one who suggested going into System Preferences to enable my mouse for a right-click function. I finally got around to trying that today (thank goodness for the extra "leap" day!), and it MAY have worked!
It did lead me to a different URL than I've been getting, so
a test run...
Let's see if you can access that same picture via this link:
Alaska + Peru
Does it work?

Argyle said...

Yup...and can enlarge 'em, too.

oc4beach said...

Tinbeni @ 4:55 PM: I love Stone Crabs too. For a while I lived on the Space Coast of Florida and developed a real taste for them. You rarely find them up here. The big deal in DelMarVa is Maryland Blue Crabs and Alaskan Crabs (legs.) I like them all. Throw in scallops and shrimp and I'm in heaven.


aka thelma said...

OMK... yes it worked.... lovely pics... I am so glad it worked for you... :)

thelma :)

Ol' Man Keith said...

Great! Thank you, aka thelma!

Anonymous said...

Boom, Roasted!

Lucille said...

RIP George Kennedy. Damn things is blockin' the scenery

Argyle said...