Feb 9, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 Kurt Krauss

Theme: NaCl - Four types of salt.

17. *Oft-minced bulb : GARLIC CLOVE. Garlic salt

24. *Laura Hillenbrand best-seller about a racehorse : SEABISCUIT. Sea salt

38. Recipe direction ... and a literal hint to what you can do to the starts of the answers to starred clues : ADD SALT

50. *Dry-climate landscape option : ROCK GARDEN. Rock salt.

62. *Olympic sport with a hollow ball : TABLE TENNIS. Table salt

Argyle here and I just want to be your salty dog.(2:08) A couple of learning moments plus four long climbers makes this Tuesday fairly easy yet entertaining. Well done.


1. Campaign display : POSTER

7. Tuber made into poi : TARO

11. Actor Beatty : NED

14. Give in : ACCEDE

15. Out for the night : ABED

16. Australian bird : EMU

19. Came in first : WON

20. Woman in a Beethoven piano title : ELISE

21. Oscar night rides : LIMOs

22. Classic sports cars : GTs

23. Absorbed : RAPT

26. Honest prez : ABE

28. Math comparison : RATIO

29. Sally Ride, e.g. : ASTRONAUT

35. Diarist Frank : ANNE

37. Island wreath : LEI

41. "Dig in!" : "EAT!". "Mangia!"

42. Celebrity : FAME

44. Statues, often : MEMORIALS

46. "Now you __ ... " : SEE IT

49. Fist-up call : OUT

54. Palms-down call : SAFE

58. Photo lab abbr. : ENL. (enlargement)

59. Dubai bigwig : EMEER. Alternate spelling.

60. "MASH" setting : KOREA

61. __ juice: milk : MOO

64. Company abbr. : INC. (incorporated)

65. Sheep's cry : BLAT. I'm more familiar with 'bleat' with sheep and "BLAT" from a horn.

66. Candy heart message : [BE MINE]. How long before this?

67. Shatner's "__War" : TEK

68. Backwoods possessive : YERS. Sorta goes with Salty Dog, don't it?

69. Rains ice pellets : SLEETS


1. Cell alternative : PAGER

2. Florida horse-breeding city : OCALA

3. Doc's order to a pharmacist : SCRIP

4. Early communications satellite : TELSTAR

5. Falco of "The Sopranos" : EDIE

6. TiVo button : REC

7. Actress Shire : TALIA

8. Manhattan Project creation : A-BOMB

9. "Au __": "Bye, Pierre" : REVOIR

10. Texas or Ukraine city : ODESSA

11. World's second largest island : NEW GUINEA

12. Showing strong feelings : EMOTIONAL

13. Kirsten of "Spider-Man" : DUNST

18. The Browns, on sports tickers : CLE. (Cleveland Browns football team)

24. Pop in the mail : SEND

25. Windy City commuter org. : CTA. Chicago Transit Authority. Chicago could have fit in yesterday.

27. __ constrictor : BOA

29. Landon who ran against FDR : ALF and was defeated soundly. Kansapedia article.

30. Opening set of TV series episodes : SEASON ONE

31. Hourly worker's device : TIME CLOCK

32. Fleet VIP : ADM. (Admiral)

33. Put into operation : USE

34. Scottish cap : TAM

36. Sci-fi staples : ETs. (Extra-Terrestrials)

39. Diving lake bird : LOON. Our crossword bird.

40. Capote nickname : TRU. Author Truman Capote.

43. It's a scream : [EEK!]

45. Picking-up-the-tab words : "IT'S ON ME"

47. Song words before "with a little help from my friends" : I GET BY

48. Husk-wrapped Mexican food : TAMALE

50. Pay : REMIT

51. Concrete-reinforcing rod : REBAR

52. Shoulder muscles, briefly : DELTs

53. Before, before : ERE

55. Golfer with an "army" : ARNIE Palmer.

56. Deceptive move : FEINT

57. Makes more bearable : EASES

60. Capsize, with "over" : KEEL. Since the keel is on the bottom of the boat, to keel over is not good.

63. Superstation initials : TBS. (Turner Broadcasting System)


Notes from C.C.:

1) Belated Happy Birthday to dear Bill G! I'm terribly sorry that I missed your milestone on Jan 31 due to travel, Bill. How did you and Barbara celebrate? Cuban food again or what? Tell us about the menu.

Bill G & his grandson Jordan

2) Happy Birthday to our Saturday Stud Splynter, who turns 45 today. Splynter has been blogging for us since March, 2011. He only missed one or two Saturdays when he was sick. His dedication and commitment to the blog speak volumes of his character. Alas, I don't think that Blue Eyed Girl solves crosswords or reads our blog.


Barry G. said...

Morning all (and a Very Happy Birthday to Bill G and Splynter)!

Blew through this one so quickly I didn't even notice the theme, even after getting the theme reveal. I think my only do-over was when I tried SEE ME before SEE IT at 46A, but that was really minor and didn't last very long.

Gee -- I didn't realize how much TELSTAR looked like the Death Star. Or is that the other way around?

Lemonade714 said...

Thank you Kurt and Argyle for spicing up our Tuesday.

I had not thought about TELSTAR in years and I do not know if I ever knew New Guinea was the world's second largest island but all the perps were fair. It was also a nice memory to see REBAR which we discussed at length a long time ago.

Bill G, sorry we missed your birthday, SPLYNTER her is to your having a night to remember and for both of you a great year.

unclefred said...

Had "TEABISQUIT" in there for the longest time, buggering up my central, giving me TEND for 24D, and TEA SALT. Stared at it an amazingly long time before the light came on. I was just SO SURE that it was TEABISQUIT!! Oi. Anyway, other than that, great, fun CW, thanks, Kurt. And terrific write-up, too, thanks, Argyle! It just took far more time than it should have due to my bone-headedness.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zipped through this one with nary a stumble, though a few of the answers didn't immediately come to mind. Argyle, right with you on BLAT -- trombone, not sheep. Thought NEW ZEALAND might have been 11d, but then remembered it's two islands, not one. And both together are still considerable smaller than NEW GUINEA.

Don't lots of "ball" sports use a hollow ball? Not baseball, jai alai or golf (is golf a sport?), but certainly football, basketball, tennis, ad nauseum.

Calling it SEASON ONE is an optimistic hope that there'll be a two. Not always the case.

Nice CSO to Lucina with TAMALE.

Unclefred, I feel your pain. I just learned this past weekend that the Cowboys aren't (isn't?) the Denver team.

Happy birthday Bill G (belated) and Splynter.

inanehiker said...

Fun run and clever theme. My husband was making part of dinner ahead before we went to work and had just minced the GARLIC CLOVEs so an easy start.

Another blustery day as Pooh would say.
Thanks Argyle and Kurt``
and HB to Bill G and Splynter!

Tinbeni said...

Happy Birthday wishes to Bill G. and Splynter.
As for "THAT" toast at Sunset ... IT'S ON ME !!!

Argyle & Kurt: Thank You for a FUN Tuesday write-up and puzzle.


Magilla Go-Rilla said...

4D: Early advanced technology. Pretty lame song, however.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Great write-up, Argyle. Thank you.

Happy Birthdays to Bill G and Splynter. Drei mal hoch!

What Argyle said. Fairly easy and yet, entertaining.
Not much to add.
NEW GUINEA - Avatar operated off its north and northeast coast for much of WWII as part of MacArthur's 'Navy'

kazie said...

Nice and easy again today, but unusual in that I totally missed noticing three of the short 3-letter answers because the long acrosses were in before I needed them: TBS, CTA and ADM.

IT'S ON ME would be MY SHOUT in Australia.

Happy birthday to our two Birthday Boys!

TTP said...

Thank you Kurt Krauss and Argyle. Fun puzzle, and easy theme that didn't need a reveal, although it did add some sparkle. Happy birthday Bill G and Splynter.

We use more Kosher and SEA salt for recipes than table salt. Seldom have table salt on the table anymore.

Momentarily had ACCEpt until EDIE came along.

I liked the Candy heart message clue, and answer BE MINE. How timely.

Isn't BLAT the single sylable noise that sheep make, and bleat the warbling multi-sylable sound ?

Argyle, I didn't get to post yesterday. Enjoyed your song choices. My dad waded the creeks pulling up snapping turtles for the annual turtle soup stag supper supporting the volunteer fire department. My job was walking along the creek side dragging the burlap bag. Was taught early to stay away from the business end. This guy should have known better Snapping Turtle.

Today is paczkis day ! .

Tinbeni said...

Argyle, I forgot to mention ... especially enjoyed ...
Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs Salty Dog Blues

And the Beethoven piano Fur ELISE ...
(That is a CSO to Husker Gary's granddaughter ... Elise!)


Avg Joe said...

Another romp today. Tuesday easy with a little punch. No errors that weren't self-imposed (Fleet instead of sleet, even after reading the clue), but none that weren't corrected.

Happy belated B-Day, BillG and Happy timely B-Day Splynter!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

WBS. Zoomed right through and then learned the theme.

Haven't thought about the Telstar satellites for years! They were such newsmakers back in the day, particularly at the beginning. Barry makes a point there about the resemblance between Telstar 1 and Death Star! Had no idea New Guinea was so large.

Morning, Argyle, and birthday wishes to Bill G and Splynter.

I never watched The Sopranos, so I wasn't acquainted with Edie Falco when I stumbled onto Nurse Jackie on Netflix. She was outstanding in the role of a drug addicted but very caring and capable ER nurse in a shabby Manhattan hospital.

CanadianEh! said...

Enjoyable and quick solve today. Thanks Kurt and Argyle.
I had to check it wasn't a C.C. puzzle when I saw OUT and SAFE!

Alternate spelling for EMEER and wanting BAA or BLEAT before BLAT made the south-central the last to fall.

I have seen plenty of 3Ds in my 40 year career. I'll consider it a CSO. Saw the CSO to Lucinda also and the timely Valentine heart.

I smiled at the reverse clue for 15A, out for the night=ABED.

We saw Diary of ANNE Frank at Stratford last summer. Very well acted but of course not a happy ending.

HBD to Splynter and belated HBD to Bill G.

thehondohurricane said...

As others have said, nice easy Tuesday. Thank you Kurt. I was initially thinking blah for 65A & yurn for 68A. Perps straightened me out.

UConn ladies wrapped up the #1 seed for the tournament last night. There will be challenges in March, but they should survive.

Happy Birthday Bill G & Splynter. Hope your day was or will be fun.

CrossEyedDave said...

Wees, & ditto on the music choices!
NW corner took some head scratching, but doable.


Belated Happy Birthday to Bill G!

Happy Birthday Splynter!

Garlic Salt?

Sea Salt?

Rock Salt?

(you may have to think about this one) Add Salt! (or assault?)

& finally, it uses ordinary table salt! But how does it work on mashed potatoes!

Husker Gary said...

I am subbing with one eye on sophomores and one eye on the puzzle that I had to do online since I forgot my Omaha Weird Herald at home. Therefore I blew right by the theme reveal but had fun.

-ROCK SALT was a big deal here this winter
-Those POSTERS live on for months after the elections
-The Bronco defense WON the Super Bowl
-RATIOS I’m teaching today
-Statue MEMORIALS explained
-The less sure the ump is of an OUT or SAFE call the more emphatic he has to be!
-Hmmm… what does this picture of KOREA tell you?
-Less tasteful for “That’s YERS” is “That’s yourin’”
-Steve Martin was excoriating EDIE McClurg in Sunday’s puzzle
-Right now it’s 10 a.m. Tuesday morning here and in Papua, NEW GUINEA it’s 1 a.m. Wednesday
-The CLE Browns have been a disastrous franchise for years
-The last season of M*A*S*H looked very different from SEASON ONE
-The Allies were making a FEINT toward the Pas de Calais when the actual D-Day landing zone was Normandy.
-Belated HBD to Bill and current best wishes to Splynter or as they say in Frawnch, Bon anniversaire! ☺

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Kurt and Santa!

NIice, fun fpuzzl4e!

Learning moment; NEW GUINEA.

Happy belated birthday, Bill. G and happy birthday, Splynter!


Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

Fun puzzle Kurt, but I muck'd up the NW w/ AsCEDE. Not to get EMOTIONAL, but a Tuesday FIW hurts. I'LL GET BY... Thanks.

Thanks Argyle for the music. If you hadn't, I woulda linked Ringo.

Many unknown names emerging from LIMOS today - I don't know the FAME'd's names. Perps to the rescue.

Though we see it oft, I enjoyed seeing Fur ELISE today - yesterday at the MSY bar b/f my flight the pianist started a song w/ Fur Elise; barkeep & I shared smiles. Yes, even the airport has live music in NOLA.

Anyone know Stars from Hum's You'd Prefer an ASTRONAUT album? Ms. Ride is pretty, but I still prefer my English Major :-)

61a elicited laughter - not only did I have a WO (soy b/f MOO) but Louis Black's routine on MOO-cow milk (10:10 - MA-L) came quickly to mind.

My other WO was inking EMU in 19a's squares. Doh.

Happy B-Day (quite belated) Bill G & (not at all late) Splynter. Hope YERS is good...

Cheers, -T

Big Easy said...

Easy as usual puzzle for a Tuesday. Didn't get the theme but had no unknowns. On a personal note, 13D-DUNST, is one I had never heard of until they came to my house to shoot a movie scene two years ago, of which she is one of the stars. It was supposed to be released last year but I hope to see it just to see if they included the scene where the killers go to my house looking for the child with special power.

Midnight Special (2016) - IMDb
Internet Movie Database
A father and son go on the run after the dad learns his child possesses special powers. ... Jeff Nichols. ... Adam Driver, Kirsten Dunst, Joel Edgerton.

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody! Thanks CC and everybody else for the birthday wishes. Son, daughter, wife, grandson and I went to Sammy's Woodfired Grill. Jordan, Barbara and I love their lobster bisque soup. Then we split a thin crust pizza and some other stuff. Because it was my birthday, we had a free sundae for dessert. Very pleasant.


Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

Fun Tuesday romp to spice up our day. No bumps, just smooth sailing all the way. Nice CSO to Lucina and HG's granddaughter.

Thanks, Kurt and Argyle, for an enjoyable outing.

Belated Happy Birthday, Bill G, 🎂. hope it was a special day and Splynter, 🎂. hope your Birthday is very special today! 🎉 🎈

Have a great day.

Misty said...

Fun Tuesday speed romp, Kurt, many thanks! For a change, I got almost all of the names and even the sports stuff (ARNIE, TABLE TENNIS)and all the actors (Dudley, I loved EDIE Falco in "Nurse Jackie" too). NEW GUINEA as he world's second largest island was a learning moment for me, though. Fun expo, Argyle, thanks.

Happy birthday, Bill G. and Splynter.

Have a great day, everybody!

Boo LuQuette AKA Boudreaux in Eunice, La. said...

Pretty much a speed run today seemed easier than yesterday.

Swamp Cat I saw your reply late so I am commenting today. Yes it is fun with the kids like that it's their day.

Today is the last day of fun. The big run comes in from the countryside this afternoon . I am gonna make another video and post it on U tube.

These Traditional Cajun Mardi Gras are way different than Carnival style in NOLA ~~~

Bon Apres Midi from Cajun Country ~!~!~!

Unknown said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Kurt Krauss, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Happy Birthday to Bill G. and Splynter, and many more.

Thank you, Argyle, for the Salty Dog Blues by Flatt and Scruggs. They were always one of my favorite groups.

TTP, we have our paczkis. Fun once a year. Probably have another at church tonight. We have a Fat Tuesday event.

Theme was fine. Everything seems to have SEA SALT in it now. Kind of a craze.

Most ROCK GARDENS I have seen are not in dry landscapes, but areas with plenty of rain. ROCK GARDENS always have plenty of vegetation growing in them, especially flowers.

SLEETS reminds me of last Tuesday, Groundhog Day. We got about an inch of rain and I was out in it for several hours. Not fun.

DUNST was unknown to me. Perps.

Now I have to go back to yesterday and enter the Blog. I just did Monday's puzzle this morning.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Steve said...

Happy Birthday, Bill G and Splynter!

Plenty of Food! to keep me happy today. I mostly use kosher salt while I cook a dish and Maldon sea salt to finish and plate with.

Both (non-functioning) Telstars are still in orbit. With all the space junk out there you'd have thought they'd have bashed into something by now.

Seabiscuit is a great book if you've not read it.

Have a fun Fat Tuesday!

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

Belated birthday good wishes to BillG!! And happy birthday to Splynter! I hope fun is in your plans.

And belated greetings to you all, blogger friends. This rapid romp was fun and I finished it while waiting to have blood drawn prior to my next doctor visit on Friday. And BTW, I'm halfway to my weight loss goal!

Anyway, this salty puzzle WON applause from me with enough SEASONing to bring a smile at the finish. Here in Arizona you will find numerous ROCK GARDENS in every neighborhood. Ours is partial in certain areas and it invites a yearly controversy at the annual meeting whether to replace the grassy areas with rock. Eventually the limitations on water may decide that for us.

Thanks for the CSO at TAMALES!
Have a lovely day, everyone!

Tinbeni said...

Anon-T @10:32
The Lewis Black link ... ALL 10:10 of it ... regarding Milk & Water was a HOOT !!!

... and then I started watching the "other-stuff" linked on the right. LOL

Lucina said...

ROCKGARDENS here in the southwest desert mostly contain cactus and other succulents or dry climate flowers. Bougainvillea thrives here.

Anonymous said...

It may ride atop the fist, but it's the thumb that goes up when "yer OUT."

What Argyle said re BLAT. My dictionaries say BLAT is only a verb. A correct clue, then, might be "Cry like a sheep" (or a goat) rather than "Sheep's cry."

And, ah, er, isn't TIME CLOCK a bit redundant?

Anonymous said...

My dictionaries say BLAT is both a noun and a verb and BLEAT is both a noun and a verb. BLAT and BLEAT are synonyms,in both the noun and the verb senses.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great fun, fast puzzle, Kurt! Another great expo, Argyle!

Happy belated birthday, Bill G. and happy birthday, Splynter, two of our favorite blog guys.

I was sure Lucina didn't miss the TAMALE entry. Husker Gary could sure tell us about raw husks.

How many times have we had "Fur Elise" lately. Must be Rich's ear worm escaping.

I didn't know the signals for OUT & SAFE from these clues somehow, but that didn't slow me down much.

Welcome back, C.C. Do we get a travel report? We missed you, but Gary held the fort admirably.

It wasn't a sheep, but something was screaming outside my window Sunday night. I'm wondering if that fox I saw caught a rabbit. They scream when caught. I didn't go out to see.

Snapping turtles we had in one pond were so ugly, I can't imagine how anyone ever thought they'd be good to eat. I'd rather have TAMALES.

Lucina said...

TIMECLOCK may be redundant but that's what it's called.

Yes, not surprisingly I knew immediately what husked wrapped Mexican food is but I mention it because when we shop for the husks it's getting progressively more difficult to find large, clean husks. They are always free of silks but often they are frayed or split into small unusable strips.

So, Gary, my question is what happens to all those tons of husks? That is a potentially lucrative product begging to be harvested and marketed. I'm surprised an American entrepreneur hasn't jumped on it.

Pat said...

An easy, fun puzzle to work after shoveling a couple inches of light snow. Thanks, Kurt K., and Argyle.

Happy birthday wishes to both Bill G. and Splynter! I hope your day was/is a great one!

There's a critter in the attic. DH has put out bait which is being eaten. This has gone on for a couple weeks. I'm wondering if there are more than one critters and if it's time to call an exterminator.

Joyeux Mardi Gras!


TTP said...

Abejo, I was pretty confident that you would be having paczkis today. I like the raspberry filled ones.

Boo, I liked the Mardi Gras on The Strand in Galveston. Stayed at a B&B there one time.

More blats and bleats

Anon @ 1:36, In Australia they are called Bundy clocks

PK, you said, "I can't imagine how anyone ever thought they'd be good to eat." I have that same sentiment watching Andrew Zimmerman try different "delicacies" on the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods. Look at his episode list

Husker Gary said...

-Lucina, here is what is being done with those husks and stalks. They have little nutritional value but mostly provide filler for livestock feed.

Bill G. said...

~ The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Did I mention how unusually hot and dry it is here? (Yes, I know I did.) The bike ride environment will be kinda hot.

I was sorta rooting for Denver thinking that maybe old Peyton Manning was the underdog. Then I heard and saw him involved with Papa John Schnatter after the game. I don't think I like Papa John very much so now maybe I'm liking Peyton a little less too. Is it too late for me to go back and root for Cam Newton now? Is he any more likable?

Lucina said...

Thank you, HGary. I'm glad to know the husks don't just go to waste and we'll resume our annual search for good quality ones in which to wrap our TAMALES. MMM just thinking about them makes me want some. Of course, now I'm limited to how many I consume.

Spitzboov said...

TTP @ 1620 - Re: "having paczkis today. I like the raspberry filled ones."

BH just came home from the store with 4 of them. And a peach pie. Fat Tuesday, we have landed!

CrossEyedDave said...

Sigh! Maybe I'm not cut out to be a parent...

Daughter#3 wants to be a music teacher,
& College auditions can be so heartbreaking...

So what do I say?

"The irony is that you may be spending the
next four years learning how to reject people just like you!"

(maybe I should look for another line of work...)

Anonymous T said...

CED - Don't beat yourself over it... I've said worse like

"Yeah kid, I like you, but I love your Mother. She wins. Now, go away."

If you read S*&t My Dad Says you'll feel better.

BTW, don't watch the TV show of same title - Shatner was good in TEK Wars, not so much in that (I'll blame the writers).

Cheers, -T

TTP said...

Spitzboov, so perfect for Fat Tuesday ! She is indeed a caring and loving wife. Enjoy.

CED, if that is what she truly desires, then IMHO, all you can and should do is encourage and inspire her, but make sure she takes a pragmatic approach to reaching her goals.

Not to discount what Anon-T just wrote because humor always helps, but perhaps you can help her along by getting her a motivational book or two. I haven't bought it, but I've heard that Daymond John's new book, "The Power of Broke" relates how he set goals every day, and the steps he would need to accomplish each of those goals.

Of course, there's always the Norman Vincent Peale standard, "The Power of Positive Thinking."

"You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated." - Maya Angelou

Boo LuQuette AKA Boudreaux in Eunice, La. said...

Well I am late but here it is

Tomorrow I will have more of Steve Riley and the Mamou playboys in concert !!!

SwampCat said...

Just finished the last of the King Cake. I'll watch the last of the parades on TV. At midnight, the police and the garbage trucks sweep the French Quarter in the final "parade". And then Mardi Gras in New Orleans is over.

It is Lent.

Boo, how was your Courir? Hope you had a grand time!! How ever we celebrate, it is fun!

Anonymous T said...

I forgot to mention my smile at 10d c/a. I've been to ODESSA (just outside of Midland which is just outside of nowhere). Pump Jack/Rocking Horses outnumber ROCK GARDENS in the arid landscape.

Swamp - we have one more King Cake to conquer. I saved a slice for my admin - she's not Catholic so I don't think she'll mind eating it on Ash Wednesday. [the bakery DW get's 'em from started in NOLA]

CED - I'm usually flippant and lean on humour. TTP speaks truth. I do try my darnedest to support my girls' goals and be a good dad. Whining, however, gets under my skin. DW says I'm too harsh with them - "Honey, they're girls." she'll say. "You can't treat them like your dad did w/ you boys." Blows my mind - DW minored in Feminist studies...

TTP thanks for the lesson on Paczkis. Never heard of them. I'm sure Tin will second me - the Moonshine ones sound delicious.

Here's Boo L's link (12:54). Yep, they's be super-Cajun.

Cute Now you SEE IT...(:23) clip.

Cheers, -T

SwampCat said...

This has been my best Mardi Gras ever!.....thanks to Boo and Anon T. . We all celebrate in our own way.....and are blessed for it!!

Anon T, we all eat King Cake when we find it. We purists just don't admit it! Hehehehee

Love to all!!

SwampCat said...

You all need to watch Boo Louquette's video of the Cajun Mardi Gras. Eunice,LA is the home of the oldest and biggest Cajun Mardi Gras in the country. Other towns in South Louisiana have their own celebrations, but Eunice is unique. Costumed riders on horseback scour the countryside for the fixings for a communal gumbo to be eaten at the grand finale of Mardi Gras. Boo explains it in his video. Such a piece of history!!

PK said...

Party on, Y'all! Oh woops, guess it's about over by now.

CED: My daughter wanted to be a music teacher when she went off to college, I thought. Every time she came home, she was considering a different major. I just told her if she was still uncertain after ten years, she would have to quit because we'd be out of money. Her first degree ended up being in business marketing and I thought it was a misprint when I read it in the program. Your daughter probably doesn't really want advice -- just wants Dad listen to her vent. You can't fix everything anymore.

TTP said...

Boo, loved your video capturing the parade there in Eunice. You and your buddy are funny.

I saw your "Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys" videos as well.

Their name reminded me of John Fred and his Playboy Band. I'm sure others will remember them by their big hit in 1968 Judy in Disguise (With Glasses) . They were from Baton Rouge.