Feb 15, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016 Robert E. Lee Morris

Theme: Not for the shallow - The first word in the theme answers can be the end of a phrase starting with DEEP.

38. Pool diving area ... and, literally, what the start of each answer to a starred clue can be : DEEP END

17. *The president's annual salary, e.g. : SIX FIGURES. Deep Six, I'm going with the naval use of the term for a measure of six fathoms; a depth suitable for burial at sea.

61. *Prince film featuring "When Doves Cry" : PURPLE RAIN. Deep Purple. It seems unclear what Prince meant by 'Purple Rain'. Deep Purple is a rock band but what I like best is the use in the opening line of this remake of "Star Dust" by Nino Tempo & April Stevens. Deep Purple

11. *"Sweet dreams" : "SLEEP TIGHT". Deep Sleep. 'Sleep tight' may just mean 'sleep soundly'.

29. *Scatterbrain : SPACE CADET. Deep Space, the final frontier.

Argyle here in the deep freeze. At least we didn't get the wind they were predicting. A musical Monday, not theme related though. Standard pinwheel grid, some standard crosswordese and some c/a from recent puzzles. All-in-all, a good day.


1. Diplomat Henry __ Lodge : CABOT. (1850 - 1924) or (1902–1985)(Jr. or II) He was the grandson of Henry Cabot Lodge.

6. Former Ford division, briefly : MERC. (Mercury, 1938 - 2011)

10. "Kindly let us know," on invites : RSVP. (French: répondez s'il vous plaît). And 10D. English translation of the start of 10-Across : RESPOND

14. Like a noisy stadium : AROAR

15. Length times width : AREA

16. Israeli airline : EL AL

19. Lily that's Utah's state flower : SEGO

20. Mary __ cosmetics : KAY

21. Agree silently : NOD

22. Avoid shipping out? : SHAPE UP. Ultimatum: Shape up or ship out!

24. Electrically connected : WIRED

26. Weds in secret : ELOPES

27. Kind of football kick : ONSIDE. Deliberately kicked short in an attempt to recover the ball.

30. Prairie dog or squirrel : RODENT

32. Brown photo tone : SEPIA

33. Long skirt : MAXI. Not demure when it is see-thru or has a thigh-high slit.

34. Carpe __: seize the day : DIEM

37. Hawaii's Mauna __ : LOA

41. Dean's list fig. : GPA. (grade point average)

42. How some audiobooks are recorded : ON CD

44. Prayer ending : AMEN

45. Autumn shade : OCHER

47. Pencil mark remover : ERASER

49. PC memos : E-NOTES

50. Say yes (to) : ACCEDE

52. Arabian Peninsula country : YEMEN

54. Thick fog metaphor : PEA SOUP

56. Prefix with east or west : MID

57. Comedian Margaret : CHO

60. X-ray units : RADs. (obsolete?)

64. "Understood" : "I SEE"

65. Flanged fastener : T-NUT

66. It's measured in degrees : ANGLE

67. "Why don't we?" : "LET'S"

68. "__-dokey!" : OKEY

69. 1971 Eric Clapton hit : LAYLA


1. Wine barrel : CASK

2. Operatic solo : ARIA

3. Squarish, as some cars : BOXY

4. Lummox : OAF

5. __ and Tobago: West Indies nation : TRINIDAD

6. "All in the Family" spin-off : "MAUDE"

7. Make a typo, say : ERR

8. "Cheers" actor Roger : REES. (1944 - 2015)

9. Redeemed, as casino chips : CASHED IN

12. Unclear : VAGUE. Purple Rain?

13. Lands heavily : PLOPS

18. 2000 Bush opponent : GORE

23. Pub potable : ALE

24. Nintendo game system : Wii

25. Window treatment : DRAPERY

27. Capital of Norway : OSLO

28. Gas used in signs : NEON

31. Team on the farm : OXEN

33. Viral video, e.g. : MEME

35. Fencing sword : EPEE

36. Fourth planet : MARS

39. Approach cautiously : EASE UP TO

40. Fait accompli : DONE DEAL

43. Puts on clothes : DRESSES

46. "Vaya __ Dios" : CON

48. Commotion : ADO

49. Actor Jannings : EMIL

50. Tax deadline month : APRIL

51. Put an end to : CEASE

53. "E" on a gas gauge : EMPTY

55. Rock genre : PUNK

57. Clever : CAGY

58. Sledding slope : HILL

59. Most fit for military duty : ONE-A

62. Regret : RUE

63. Genetic stuff : RNA


Note from C. C.:

Happy Birthday to Hondo (Skip), whose comments often crack me up, esp the grouchy ones :-). Hope Lucy makes today extra special for you, Hondo!
Left to right: Marti, Dudley, Hondo & Montana (Sept 2013) 


Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Birthday to Hondo)!

Negative three right now outside, which is better than yesterday's negative twelve, but still cold. Hard to believe they are predicting rainy and in the fifties for tomorrow... And yes, my car did start (after a little coaxing) and we made it safely to by nephew's birthday party and back.

Easy, breezy puzzle today. After getting 17A and 18D, I thought we were in for a President's Day theme, but apparently not. The actual theme didn't become apparent until I got to the reveal, but by that time I had already filled in all the theme answers.

Only minor hiccup was down in the SE where I tried PURPLE HAZE before PURPLE RAIN. Blame it on Monday morning brain fog, I guess.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Happy birthday, Hondo! Did the lights stay on, or did you get to put that generator to a real test?

Guess who, once again, blew right past the reveal? And who, once again, failed to get the theme even after peering at the completed grid? Yup, d-o, the dense one.

Argyle, couldn't believe the dates you listed for Henry CABOT Lodge. Oh, I see, he was Sr. and a Senator. His son, whom I remember, was Jr. and a diplomat. I don't recall them referring to him as Junior, though.

Tinbeni said...

Happy Birthday Hondo ... the "first" Sunset Toast is to YOU !

Argyle: Nice write-up and I enjoyed ALL the tunes, especially LAYLA.

Robert E. Lee Morris: Thank You for a FUN Monday puzzle with a DEEP theme.


Argyle said...

I added this to the post: (1902–1985)(Jr. or II) He was the grandson of Henry Cabot Lodge. My quick read of them is they both were diplomats but Jr. held ambassadorships while Sr. was more a statesman.

inanehiker said...

Fun speed run today - instead of presidents lots of good music leading up to the Grammys tonight.

HB Hondo!
Thanks Argyle and REL!

My son has a big interview Wednesday all afternoon for a summer internship and has laryngitis - any good ideas about ways to speed his voice recover??

PK said...

Hi Y'all! The theme was too DEEP for me. I don't seem to recognize a "reveal" when it's staring me in the face. Fun puzzle though, Robert. Great expo, Argyle. I had never heard "Layla" despite its popularity in puzzles. Never heard or saw Prince in action before. "Vaya Con Dios" I knew well. Used to sing it.

The only real slow down was CAGY instead of my choice of CAnY.

Wish I could SLEEP TIGHT, but my SLEEP patterns are so erratic it is hard to plan anything. I tend to SLEEP days.

SHAPE UP, I gotta do. Inactivity has invited unwanted girth. But I've lost weight. Go figure! Flabarama!

Happy Birthday, Hondo! Hope you aren't in the deep freeze for your celebration.

PK said...

Inanehiker: Gargle warm saltwater or Listerine then Hall's cough drops. Hope it works. My son once went for an important interview for appointment to a military academy running a fever of 102*. He slept face down in the back seat for three hours to the appointed place, got up, stopped in a bathroom, put on his suit coat and a big smile and went in and charmed the sox off of our Senator and her aide. Then he came out and slept face down all the way home. We went directly to our doctor who prescribed antibiotics.

Lemonade714 said...

RELM once again delivers a good Monday with a very entertaining and musical write up by Argyle. The theme appeared early because of the reveal but it all solved easily anyway.

Growing up in New England and going to private schools we were exposed to the royalty of the BOSTON BRAHMINS
Many of you may not be familiar with all the families but if you like history old and new they are worth reading about.

Enjoy the day

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

Happy birthday, Hondo!

Thanks to REL for a fine puzzle. ONSIDE was of course totally unknown and I still don't understand it but the perps knew. Mauna Kea or Mauna LOA, I'm never sure which one until more letters appear.

The ERASER came into use twice, at DONEDEED/DONEDEAL and ONCE/ONCD. Otherwise, a quick sashay through the grid.

Thanks, Argyle. I enjoyed the music.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Wish I could send you the 88 degrees of warmth today.

oc4beach said...

Another nice puzzle for a Monday. Liked the write-up Argyle. I didn't get the theme, but filled in all the theme answers without any trouble.

I wanted to put in the French word for the R in RSVP, but it didn't fit. Also, it looks like SEPIA is going to be the new "ALOE" and get overused for a while. Do constructors have a rule that they have to use a new word over and over. The clue for it could be "the latest overused word."

HB Hondo.

Inanehiker: My DW has used hot tea with honey to help soothe her throat when she loses her voice. It may not cure it, but as they say "it couldn't hurt."

It's snowing and 14 degrees this morning. Some of that 88 degree weather would be nice.

Stay warm and dry.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Breezed right through with nary a bump on the way. Needed the reveal to catch the theme, otherwise a straightforward, easy Monday diversion.

Happy Birthday, Hondo: hope it's a special day.

CC from yesterday: Glad to hear that Boomer got some relief; let's hope that spray will continue to help.

Inane hiker, maybe some tea with honey?

Snow and freezing rain later today into tomorrow morning, then temps near 50 tomorrow afternoon with heavy rain. Mother Nature and Old Man Winter continue their topsy-turvy guessing game: Is it winter or is it spring? I don't ever remember going from -13 to 49 in just two days.

Have a great day.

Abejo said...

Testing 1, 2, 3, 4


Irish Miss said...

I was so caught up in my weather report that I forgot to thank RELM and my fellow Polar Vortex victim, Argyle. Thank you both! 🤗

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Robert E. Lee Morris, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

After last night's fiasco with trying to post I wantednto send a test first. I am near Gary, IN, now and the connection is much better.

Happy Birthday, Hondo, and many more. I also wished one yesterday to Marti, but it went into outer space. HBD again, Marti.

Puzzle was easy and got trough it quickly. Theme was fine. I did not catch it until I was done.

HENRY CABOT LODGE was well remembered. Both of them. The older from history.

I always get DNA and RNA mixed up. Always get he right one with perps.

We have had CHO at times in puzzles. I am guessing she is Korean.

We have lots of RODENTS (squirrels) that hang around our house. We feed hem. They are fun to watch.

Hope to be home in a couple hours. Had a great weekend in Arlington, VA.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Abejo said...

Inanehiker: Try some Earl Grey tea and honey. Works for me. Might take several cups.


Husker Gary said...

ENOTE to self – Put a TNUT on your sensibilities and not complain as no one else is AROAR about these words!

-If I fall into the DEEP END, call 911, I swim like an anvil
-It took 35 years , but VOYAGER 1 has left the influence of our Sun and has entered Interstellar DEEP SPACE
-With this Bluetooth device I am currently listening to Bach on iTunes without being WIRED
-The ONSIDE kick and the Hail Mary pass are fun FB plays with a small chance of success
-My friend shoots prairie dogs from as far as 400 yds at the behest of ranchers
-PEA SOUP fog were standard in these wonderful movies
-Two OXEN power vehicles got many people from St. Joe to Oregon before I-80
-I hope to live long enough to see men/women walk on MARS
-I’ll finish my Schedule A today and be ready to file today but D.C. ain’t gettin’ it until APRIL 15. I never get/want a refund!
-E on my gauge is still good for 50 miles, I think…
-I loved the picture of four of our puzzling friends.
-HBD, Skip! My Royals this year and your Giants last year won it all. 2016?

desper-otto said...

Husker, you've got more time than you think. Your love-letter to the IRS isn't due until April 18th this year. I was due a small refund this year -- not sure how that happened. I just left it to apply to next year's tax bill. It'll help reduce the quarterly payments.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, RELM, for a nice puzzle. Loved the clue "AVOID GETTING SHIPPED OUT". Very clever!

Thanks, Argyle, for the pics of Trinidad. Love it when you show us places around the world.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday, Hondo. Cheers.

Easy solve, today. No erasures. Nice theme.
DEEP; also deep (long 'a' sound) in Low German. An example of the languages' mutual origin from Old English/Anglo-Saxon.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

The only speed bump was Accept before Accede.

Morning, Argyle! Feels warmer without the wind, dunnit?

HBTY Hondo!

With so many plot lines to wrap up, the pace of Downton Abbey dialogue seems to have cranked up a bit.

Unknown said...

I come to this blog every day to check my answers and read the comments. I usually have nothing to say but today I was very disappointed with the puzzle. It wasn't fun. I filled the puzzle as fast as I could write. There was no challenge. Sorry, but it was way too easy, even for a Monday.

Chairman Moe said...

"puzzling thoughts":

Just a few hiccups today; I seem to recall putting SEGA instead of SEGO - must've been into a video game mindset, as WII was penned in before SEGA/SEGO. Also, I had BOLT before TNUT but realized after it occupied the blocks, that my answer was wrong. I also always want to spell OCHER OCHRE. Maybe because it looks similar to EUCHRE. Those were the only ink blots . . .

Not too difficult for a Monday, but certainly not too easy either. I, too enjoyed the cluing for 22a. Thanks Argyle for an informative recap

Abejo, regarding your losing your post from your smart phone . . . I've done that a few times, and yes, it's very frustrating, as I can never seem to replicate the message I originally typed - suggestion: as you're entering text on your phone, every so often "copy" your text. If for some reason you lose it before posting, you can easily "paste" it back

Belated HB to Marti - HB to Hondo

Enjoy the week ahead!

Chairman Moe said...

Inanehiker: Regarding the sore throat - laryngitis remedy: my better half swears to melting a couple of Hall's Honey Eucalyptus cough drops into a cup of hot tea. Works for her . . .

AnonymousPVX said...

Easy-peasy Monday puzzle that still provided interest. After Friday and Saturday this was a welcome relief. Nothing wrong with an easy one once a week!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Margaret Cho is American. Why is it that people of German heritage were never interred during WWII. Racism is deeply rooted in America.

Yellowrocks said...

Happy birthday, Skip. Enjoy your day.
This puzzle was fun but easy.

Thinking of earlaps from yesterday, Amazon recognizes many words that solvers don’t. Spellcheck in WORD also recognizes earlaps, but Spellcheck here does not.
Link Buy hats with earlaps

AROAR is quite common in prose and poetry. I don’t see the nit about most of these a words.
Link Many examples of aroar

Sat. and Sun. we had sub zero temperatures with high winds and brutal wind chills. Today's temps. are more moderate, but we expect snow and freezing rain later on. I am having my garage door serviced this afternoon so it won't trap my car in or out of the garage. I don't want to leave my car out in the freezing rain.

Next project is to install Windows 10 and then call the tech to sort out any flaws and to restore my sound. I miss all the good music links from the bloggers.

TTP said...

Thank you Robert E. Lee Morris and thank you Argyle. I went off the DEEP END surfing the internet after solving the puzzle and listening to Argyle's musical selections. A very musical Monday.

Learned the MERC was once known as the Chicago Butter and Egg Board.

Dudley, last week I first wanted accept and it was ACCEDE. Today I first wanted assent and it was ACCEDE. I guess you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you'll get what you need.

Happy Birthday Hondo !

Yellowrocks said...

Germans were interned during WW II also, but it was not as all encompassing as the internment of the Japanese.

Link German internment

Speaking of the Japanese internment, many of us here on the blog read The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. It was very moving. I highly recommend it.

Bill G. said...

Happy Birthday Hondo! I enjoy your input.

It's been warm here; warmer than I like it during winter months. The bike path was crowded yesterday including people loitering around taking selfies and some folks texting while riding. Next Sunday I will stay off that stretch of the bike path.

I'm glad some of you enjoyed the video from late yesterday. The Internet is full of garbage but there is lots of good stuff to be found in between the refuse. The Internet has often enriched my existence.

CrossEyedDave said...

Inanehiker, I find gargling with Listerine helps me(Fresh Burst flavor)
but my Dentist is aghast as he thinks the 20% alcohol is an irritant.
(Hmm, I may try gargling with a good Scotch. At least I can swallow it...)

Thanks Argyle, after this I am off to learn Layla unplugged on my guitar.

Happy Birthday Hondo!

Hmm, Google seems to be messing with me on the cakes today....

Oh Heck! Hondo, just enjoy your Birthday!

Lemon, I don't know anything about Boston Brahmins, except for maybe this guy...

E gauge reminds me,
no one believes me, but I tested my Honda Odyssey minivan
& the stupid gauge is out of wack!
The top half of the gauge holds 10+ gallons,
but the bottom half holds less than 5 gallons!

Oh, almost forgot! The puzzle!
TrnAdad b/4 wired. (yeah, electrically connected= wared didn't cut it...)
23D potable reminds me of water, interesting to broaden my diction.)

I find I cannot fully digest the puzzle without reading the Blog,
for instance, 40D fait accompli was a complete unknown.
& the answer, do ned eal,completely unparsable.
(don edeal? d oneadal?)
Thank goodness for the Blog!

I may come back later with silly links for all the theme answers,
(but I think I would have to gargle 1st...)

CrossEyedDave said...

(Ack! I meant to say I may go off the deep end and come back later...)

Jayce said...

Happy birthday, Hondo.

I seem to recall previous discussions about earlaps, with references to dewlaps and lapstrake boat sides, as well as the word overlap.

Best wishes.

JD said...

Good morning, and HB Hondo...

Fastest time ever on a LATimes puzzle. Argyle, thanks for the music links.

Have you noticed that people don't RSVP any more? I think it must be difficult to get a real count for a wedding. Elites make it simple.

YR, I second your recommendation...a good read.

Enjoy your day. So sorry for those of you who are freezing. I always knew that groundhog was a fake.

JD said...

That word was elites. OOPS it got changed again!! E-VITES

thehondohurricane said...

Got through today, but it sure was no romp. Flew through the upper half, but the lower half was like a visit to the dentist. It started with OCHER that I spelled Ochre. Then for 50A, entered Agrees. Perps straightened me out. But the SE corner was a difficult challenge. 40d started as done deed. 63D as DNA. The other blocks were ????????????, all white. Finally changed purple dawn to PURPLE RAIN & DNA to RNA. That gave me the foothold to finish up. Still wasn't sure all was OK until I logged on here a short time ago.

Thanks for the good wishes. The whole family was here Sat evening. That was my best present because it's so rare when we can all be together. But the BIG birthday is tomorrow. Casey will celebrate birthday #1. Probably ship him off to daycare so he can frolic with all his canine friends.

HG, I'm not being greedy, but every other year seems to be the Giants lately. No need to change.

The weather was a bit on the cool side this weekend; 8 to 12 below, but I'll take it over the 90+ days with HH & H in July and August. Power stayed on so the generator stayed off. But the years have taken a toll.... cuddling up is no longer an option to stay warm. The rejection sounds like its coming from an Army barracks! What the heck, after almost 55 years, were still together.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Wasn't this a fine Monday pzl?
Not too hard, nor easy-peasy, it was uniformly challenging to me. I like it when a quarter or third of the fills don't just flow the instant I read the clue, but require a little thought or perp confirmation. "No romp," as Mr. HondoHurricane says above. OTOH, a Monday pzl shouldn't require cheating or even a faint desire to look something up. This one by Mr. Morris filled the bill nicely.
Nice to see a reference to Roger REES, the wonderful British (and naturalized American) actor who died too young this past summer. Many of us first became aware of him when he played the title role in the RSC's televised version of Chas. Dickens' Nicholas Nickleby. It aired here in the early '80s--and was one of the earliest stage and TV specials to run the length of three or four regular stage productions. The original play ran for 8-1/2 hours, and so the TV adaptation was like an early mini-series. Rees was an oafish but sweet hero, both noble and vulnerable. R.I.P.

Misty said...

A Monday speed run is just fine with me and I enjoyed this colorful one (SEPIA, OCHER, PURPLE)--many thanks, Mr. Morris. And you too, always, Argyle.

Have a wonderful birthday, Hondo.

And have a great week, everybody!

CrossEyedDave said...

Argle... argle... argle..
Ok, here goes...

Deep six?

(Hmm, this is why I prefer to get deep with cats..)

I found this under"deep purple?"

again,,, I am going with the cats...

Deep sleep, Human version,

Cat version...

OK, looking for deep space links got a little weird...

Deep Space Nine (lives)

Deep end?

Again,,, I am going with the Cats!...

Avg Joe said...

Happy happy B-Day Skip! Hope you have many more.

Easy puzzle today. Only hesitations were at accede and Trinidad. Did have to write over the D to correct RNA. Drapery seemed a little lonely in the singular. Needed the reveal to get the theme, but that's why it's there. Liked the clue for Shape Up.

Lucina said...

Jayce (from yesterday) thank you for the tip about Gogi in Chandler. I love tips on good restaurants, especially exotic ones. Another Korean one is on Scottsdale Rd and McDowell at Papago Plaza though I haven't tried it yet.

YR and JD:
Absolutely, that is such a good book by Jamie Ford. Two of my friends were interred during that terrible time and they tell me their parents, especially, were traumatized. Not only had they lost all their property but were humiliated as well.

It's so frustrating to plan an event and not know how many people will be there. It's really rude but I don't know what can be done about it. I send numerous e-mails asking for a reply. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Anonymous said...

The Germans who were interred were foreign born, consistent with the long known, constitutionally enshrined xenophobia of Americans. Margaret Cho, like the Interred Americans, is not foreign born. Calling her "Korean" and then defending American racism goes to confirm my statement.

tawnya said...

Hi all!

I enjoyed today's puzzle - it took just a little longer as I didn't recognize the proper name CABOT (then I kept thinking of Law & Order) and SIX FIGURES stumped me for a minute. All in all, good puzzle and nice write up of course!

One nit though - LAYLA was originally released by Derek and the Dominoes on the album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. The album is one of my favorites (I have the it ONCD and two copies on vinyl and uploaded onto my phone). Here is one all my all time favorites from the rock god himself Bell Bottom Blues. So heartfelt and sad.

On that light note, I'm off to study...thanks for the distraction!


PS: @PK - did he get the job???

Grim Reaper said...

Would you folks please look up the difference between "interred" and "interned." I was going to mention it earlier, but I was laughing too hard.

CrossEyedDave said...



Thank you Grim Reaper...

Lucina said...

Well, I know I meant to say "interned" but see it didn't come out that way.

Our temperature failed to reach 88 today, but 85 is good, too. It's been gorgeous!

Jayce said...

Lucina, about Gogi. We love to go there not only for the good food and service, but also because our son and his wife know the owners personally. (Maybe that's why we get good service.) Bring a friend, share a hot stone dish!

Bill G. said...

Hands up for that same book. My daughter was reading it and I got it from her. Really a nice change from my usual crime fiction.

I'm going to head out for a short bike ride along the Pacific in this beautiful weather. Since it's a holiday, it will probably be more crowded than I like it so I'll go a different way to avoid the texters and selfiers. I don't want to have to get interned or interred after running into one of them. Later...

Chairman Moe said...

Jumping on the interred - interned pile:

When Monica, his aide, was interned;
Bill Clinton was eventually spurned.
And Hillary inferred
That he would be interred
If his non-acts of sex weren't discerned

Avg Joe said...

And the message of the day is?

If you're going to be critical of anything....point of view...hairdo...whatever...learn a little bit about spelling and semantics. Doing otherwise seriously erodes the impact.

This has been a hilarious statement on the human condition. You just can't make this stuff up.

Tinbeni said...

Tawnya @4:09
I was at a Derek and the Dominos concert where, when the band came out they were introduced as "Eric Clapton."

Well HE walked up to the mick and said:
"Eric Clapton couldn't make it ... but the band Derek and the Dominos is here ..."

Then he went into the riff to begin playing the about 10 minute, live, electrc version of LAYLA.

It was a wonderful show!

CED ... you are "On-A-Roll" today.


CrossEyedDave said...


I found this somewhere half way thru my link of deep end cats...

(in case you didn't make it that far...)

The 100 Most Important Cat Pictures Of All Time
OK, this is it. This is the one. We can all finally shut down the internet and go home after this.

Manac said...

If Dave thinks I'm going to look at a 100 pictures
of cats, He's #@&king nuts!

And by the way Dave. Thanks for making me paranoid.
I now have checked all the sheets, blankets pillowcases and
towels in my room at the motel. Looks good to me. You just must have won the lottery with your room.

CrossEyedDave said...

RU talking about the monkey man?
(or maybe bigfoot)
that was in my room b/4 me?

Good luck with that paranoia!

(I have found Prozac works pretty well)


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Whoot! A fun easy Monday where perps filled my knowledge gaps (ESPs 1a, 4, 8, 46, &49d). Thanks RELM. Thanks Argyle for another wonderful Monday write-up; enjoyed the tunes. LET'S SEE about my puzzling...

Only one ERR: I spelled 38a DEaP at 1st. Internet 33d fixed that - CED exemplified the LOL Cats MEME ad nauseam :-).

17a took a bit to FIGURE out but PURPLE RAIN was filled as soon as I gave up on wanting Prod ROCK (never ink'd, doesn't count as a WO :-)) and handed the c/a to the PUNK'rs

Fav: 22a c/a. Yeah, I've been told to Shape up or SHIP OUT.

Liked RSVP xing RESPOND and Wine CASK & ALE.

Hated 50d c/a. Dude, It's only February. Don't wake me 'till April. On that topic - D-O: what can you tell us about 1095-C? Apparently we won't get ours until 3/31.

Anyone have a 4.0 GPA? DW had ONE B as undergrad & 4.0 for the rest of her school. Me? I scraped by w/ a 3.299 - Just enough for the DOD to give me the NOD (they rounded-up) to get into their program). I also got exactly the GRE bottom-cutoff for grad-school :-)

HG - I'm a SPACE CADET & would take the 1-way trip to MARS, but,... DW said no :-(.

HBD Hondo! Hope it was great!

Cheers, -T

gmony said...

1971 version of "Layla" was a single by "Derek and the Dominoes" NOT Eric Clapton!!!! His unplugged version didnt come out til way later!!!
He did co write it and sang lead for the song.