Apr 5, 2016

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Donna Karan - Words with the same initials, DK.

17A. *Game with a barrel-throwing gorilla : DONKEY KONG

37A. *Lock insert : DOOR KEY

61A. *Karl Marx opus : DAS KAPITAL

11D. *Temporary housing for Fido : DOG KENNEL

33D. *"The Court Jester" star : DANNY KAYE

68A. Go to pot ... or a phonetic hint to the answers to starred clues : DECAY (D-K)

Argyle here. Nit pickers may be disappointed but an excellent Tuesday for the rest of us. C.C. gave us a nice pinwheel with the reveal if you needed it, tucked in the lower right corner.


1. Riffles (through) : LEAFS. Not exactly a riffle but fun to watch.

6. Kitty cries : MEWs

10. Like some chatter or threats : IDLE

14. Birdbath buildup : ALGAE. Unwanted green growth.

15. Plant "pet" : CHIA. Wanted green growth.

16. Bellyache : MOAN

19. "Flip or Flop" cable channel : HGTV. (an initialism for Home & Garden Television) “Flip or Flop” is about buying a home to resell, basically.

20. Dueling sword : ÉPÉE

21. Stare unsubtly : GAWK

22. Slammer : POKEY. Hoosegow, the joint.

23. Wreck completely : DESTROY

25. "Moi?" : "WHO, ME?"

27. __ Lingus : AER. The Irish airline.

28. Reason for an R rating : VIOLENCE

31. "I __ thought of that" : HADN'T

34. Place to overnight : INN

35. Crooner Cole : NAT. Nat King Cole.

36. Stat that's better when it's lower : ERA. (earned run average)

41. Expressive rock genre : EMO

42. Architect Maya __ : LIN. Designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

43. Serengeti grazer : GNU

44. Crease-resistant fabric : ORLON

46. Sewer system entry points : MANHOLEs

49. Back when : AGO

50. Alpine warble : YODEL

51. Art form profiled in the documentary "Between the Folds" : ORIGAMI. Inferable.

55. Joint sometimes twisted : ANKLE

57. Fishing decoy : LURE

59. Have __: be connected : AN IN

60. "Are you for __?!" : REAL

63. Motown's Marvin : GAYE

64. Prefix meaning "all" : OMNI. All my Omni's.

65. Singer Baker : ANITA

66. Call router: Abbr. : OPERator

67. Bread served with chicken tikka masala : NAAN


1. Stored in the hold : LADED

2. Become running mates? : ELOPE

3. Dancer de Mille : AGNES

4. Skin bronzing from a bottle : FAKE TAN

5. "Understand?" : "SEE!"

6. Jim of "Wide World of Sports" : McKAY

7. Self-help website : eHOW

8. [Don't take me too seriously] : [WINK WINK]

9. Hang loosely : SAG

10. Announcement from the foyer : "I'M HOME!". Lucy?

12. Behind schedule : LATE

13. Green-eyed monster : ENVY

18. "Son of Frankenstein" role : YGOR. It's pronounced "Igor".

22. D.C. insider : POL

24. No longer working: Abbr. : RET'D

26. Sharpen : HONE

28. Computer invader : VIRUS

29. Hunter's garb, for short : CAMO. (camouflage)

30. Thames school : ETON

31. Captain's position : HELM. Not the bell captain.

32. Opera highlight : ARIA

38. Stare rudely at : OGLE

39. "He's a priest," not a beast, per Ogden Nash : ONE L LAMA

The one-L lama, he's a priest.
The two-L llama, he's a beast.
And I will bet a silk pajama:
there isn't any three-L lllama!

40. Bear or Berra : YOGI

45. Propecia rival : ROGAINE

47. Shout out : HOLLER

48. Glorifying verse : ODE

49. Word after work or play : AREA

51. Pest control company : ORKIN. Orkin has more than 400 owned and operated branch offices and 58 franchises in the U.S. The company also has international franchises and subsidiaries located in Canada, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa and Mexico. ~ Wiki.

52. Bit of slapstick : ANTIC

53. Sporty Mazda : MIATA

54. Cavity filler : INLAY

55. Jason's vessel : ARGO

56. Half-moon tide : NEAP

58. Midshipman's sch. : USNA. (United States Naval Academy)

61. Ex-Dodger manager Mattingly : DON

62. __ Thai: rice noodle dish : PAD


Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy Birthday to dear Irish Miss, our gentle & caring Agnes (3-Down). I've been working with Agnes on a few puzzles and I'm constantly in awe of her resourcefulness, wit and efficiency. Agnes has two puzzles in Rich's queue now. Hopefully you'll see them soon.

Eileen (sister of Agnes) & Agnes, Nov 22, 2013

2) Happy Birthday also to Abejo (Bradley), who's always busy traveling and volunteering for various causes. Abejo is Persian for "beer". Bradley worked in Iran for a few years.

Bradley and his Tuba, Church Fat Tuesday Event
3) Five more days to go for Peter Gordon's Fireball Newsflash Crosswords project. If you love crosswords, news and trivia, be one of the backers. For only $7, you get 20 quality crosswords handcrafted by Peter, one of the very best in the business.

Fireball Newsflash are mostly of LAT Tuesday level difficulty. Easily doable. Also, his entries are super fresh (Newsflash!) and clues are always full of fun trivia. Peter is known for seldom repeating his clues. Please click here and back his project. Maybe get that magic blue hat.


fermatprime said...


Swell work, CC and Santa! No problems. Unknowns solved themselves.

Happy birthday to Agnes and Brad! Eat some chocolate cake for me!

Harv will take tax stuff to CPA this afternoon.

Thanks to Moneywell, a banking program, losing all of my bank data (wouldn't read my backups, either), I had to type the whole mess into Quicken (which is again Mac friendly). This added a substantial amount of time to the whole tax mess. The whole process has added years to my life!


OwenKL said...

Television today -- so much VIOLENCE to see!
Chemicals used genocidally!
The inhabitants kill
Of a home in a hill --
And that's just red ants on HGTV!

Doom is assumed, for all things DECAY,
Kingdoms fail; teeth need an INLAY.
DESTROY is the fate,
.................whether early or LATE,
Kinda like what my DOG did to my homework today!

Word's gotten around to all in the AREA,
The society matron will be singing an ARIA!
While her, we adore,
She's tried it before:
Three ladies and two horses nearly died from hysteria!

{A-,A,A-, including bonus for acrostic.}

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Birthday to Agnes and Abejo)!

Got through this one pretty quickly. Minor hiccup at MCCAY and EHOW, both of which were unknown to me, but the perps eventually got me through. Everything else was smooth sailing today.

Lemonade714 said...

A birthday bonanza, with a delightful C.C. special as the gift. Happy birthday and many more Agnes and Bradley (hmm ABC)

The puzzle was fun and I too thought of DKNY when I put in DOOR KEY.

Jim McKay is a legend in Sports broadcasting as well as the voice of the Munich massacre at the 1972 Olympics.

Never heard of EHOW but Pad Thai is a go to meal at my house. That along with ARGO made me feel quite a t home.

Thanks C.C. and Argyle

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This RETD guy had no problem with C.C.'s offering today. Didn't notice the theme, and missed the reveal, because it was already filled. D'oh!

WINK, WINK, nudge, nudge, say no more.

You know the dyslexic wife calls me ORIGAMI, because she thinks I'm a fold art.

Didn't recognize DON Mattingly. I am familiar with Dave Mattingly of NPR's Morning Edition, does that count?

Happy birthday Irish Miss and Abejo. Hope you each have a great day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Zoomed right through today's CC creation, but still managed to notice the dense themage. Thanks, C.C.!

Hand up for thinking nudge nudge, wink wink, but D Otto got there first.

Morning, Argyle, the first year (1979) that I went to the big air show at Oshkosh, I drove there with a similarly impecunious school buddy. Neither of us had a car fit for the journey, so we were allowed to borrow his mom's new Omni, which was called The Momni. It got us there in fine form!

Happy Birthday IM and Abejo, and many happy returns (including tax returns!)!

Avg Joe said...

A very nice Tuesday puzzle from our leader! First fill was Agnes, and saw the shout out, so it was a pleasant surprise to discover it was her birthday. Happy Birthday to Irish Miss and Abejo!

No serious hangups in completing this. Had Gape before Gawk, so that held me up for a while. Everything else filled without error, including the themers. Did not see the theme without the reveal, but should have. Thank you C.C. and Argyle.

kazie said...

Happy Birthday Irish Miss and Abejo!
Like the rest of you, no hitches here today, although did guess some names. In my opinion all Mazdas are sporty, but Miata was the obvious choice. Because I was reading ahead, I saw the reveal clue early, so noticed the starred clues were sharing their initials before I got to the reveal again and that made it a shoe-in.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

One of the simplest puzzles in quite some time. 🍰

Tinbeni said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Irish Miss and Abejo ... "First Toast" at Sunset is to you two!

Argyle: Nice write-up. Especially enjoyed the laugh from the "Do you know who I am?" clip.

C.C.: Thank You for a FUN, FUN, FUN Tuesday puzzle with a great theme.

Considered it a CSO at 24-d, No longer working:ABBR, RETD since I'm "retired" ... again, lol

Just curious, did anyone else think that 4-d, FAKE-TAN was aimed at a certain politician?


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday to Abejo and Irish Miss. Nice SO @ AGNES.

Easy enough for a Tuesday. Chuckled at the reveal DECAY.
HELM - On our ship we had a helmsman and lee helmsman. The helmsman steered the vessel per orders of the conning officer, who sometimes would be the captain, especially in a confined or restricted seaway. The lee helmsman operated the engine order telegraph.
Thanks for the fine puzzle, C. C.

Northwest Runner said...

Wonderful puzzle, even a little baseball to get the season started.

Yellowrocks said...

Happy birthday, Irish Miss and Abejo. I always look forward to your posts.
Neat puzzle, CC.
I have seen the 3-L lllama used as a pun, three alarmer (fire). I suspect Nash invented that one.
I always loved the Miata, but it is not practical for someone who can afford only one car.

TTP said...

Good morning all !

Happy Birthday to Irish Miss and Abejo, with a CSO to our ever pleasant Agnes ! Looking forward to one day solving your puzzles Ms Irish Miss !

I have had the honor to personally meet Abejo. He is just as kind and as caring (and as busy) as he seems. He is a man cut from the cloth of the highest moral fiber and Christian morality. He doesn't seem to need much down time does he ? Carpe diem Abejo. Happy birthday !

Fun puzzle CC. I messed up in the north central but recovered before getting a FIW. I had GApe instead of GAWK, and thus EHOp rather than EHOW. Picked up on the DKs early.

David Daniel Kaminsky was always a favorite. No relation to ex Wisconsin hoops star Frank, as far as I can tell.

Argyle, I liked your consecutive good bad green growth comments. Verdigris has both qualities. I always enjoy your recaps and expansions.

The never satisfied husband of a friend's friend houses a green eyed monster. It is the center of his being. How sad.

I like Flip or Flop, but my favorite HGTV program is Fixer Upper

A fun quiz site many of you might enjoy. Quizzes. Hint, use the search bar at the top to find quizzes in your favorite category, eg baseball, crossword, geography...

Big Easy said...

As Marvin GAYE sang, 'What's Going On'. Maybe I grew up too far in the woods to know all the words but 'Riffles-1A' had me stumped; never knew that word, misread it as 'rifles', and LEAFS was all perps. Add in E-HOW and GAPE instead of GAWK, and I was wondering if I would finish what should have been an easy Tuesday puzzle. Especially after the _HOME-HOME intersection. But Mario came to the rescue.

I noticed the DK (don't know?) theme when I filled in DANNY KAYE. MANHOLES- I once lost a wheel and tire because a manhole was loose and the right rear tire hit the unseen opening.

Porpecia vs. ROGAINE. Let's just say that Propecia (as many of my pharmacist friends laugh about) has the OPPOSITE effect of Viagra, so I don't care if I have any hair.

Dodge OMNI- scariest non-wreck I ever witnessed. Going down the Interstate at about 70 mph many years ago one of those cars suddenly started spinning around in front of me and after whirling around about 4-5 times came to an upright stop in the grassy area in the middle of the road. It didn't turn over and the driver drove it back on the road-slowly.

'Flip or Flop'- I wonder who will eat the bad loans when the next housing bubble bursts.

D-O, I think there are many 'fold-arts' around here.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle, and on my birthday as well. Was that planned? Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Thanks to all for Birthday wishes. I am starting my eighth decade today. Scary!

Happy Birthday to Irish Miss. It has been fun sharing a Birthday with a lovely lady like yourself. It also happens to be Gregory Peck's birthday, as I saw in the Tribune this morning as I was pulling the Crossword out.

TTP: Thank you especially for the kind comments. We will have to get together again sometime.

My good friend in Erie, PA, and I have been sending the same birthday cards back and forth for about 50 years. I just got the package yesterday. I will sign them and mail them back to him in October. It is getting pretty thick now because we keep adding cards, and we save the envelopes too.

The puzzle was fun, but a little tougher than usual for a Tuesday. However, I got it done with a few perps. Theme appeared and did help with a couple.

ONE L LAMA was easy once I had 8 perps.

Never heard of FAKE TAN.

Liked WINK WINK. Clever.

We just had MIATA the other day, so I knew that one.

I have 374 seedlings growing in my kitchen and dining room. I may set them out for a few hours in the sun, if it warms up a little. Can't wait to start planting.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Lemonade714 said...

Today begins the Don Mattingly era in South Florida as manager of the Miami (ick) Marlins. Since half of our baseball fans are Yankee fans, having a Yankee superstar as manager has added a drop of excitement to a team which is still not caught on despite two World Series victories. They will need to win for longer than one year to keep th excitement going.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, "fold art" was called a Spoonerism.

CrossEyedDave said...

Got the puzzle at Donkey kong!

Happy Birthday Irish Miss,
For you, one day, & one day only, I am going cakeless...

Happy Birthday Abejo! I couldn't resist the "cross" reference...
(Oh well, almost cakeless....)

Hmm, is decay just a state of mind?

Husker Gary said...

A great Tuesday excursion! I got the D*K* theme but never thought of it phonetically until the reveal. Dumb Kid!

-I just had a half-hour break as I got called to sub at 10:15 for a sick Spanish teacher. ¡Ay, caramba!
-A modern alternative to DOG KENNELS
-I have never been a fan of “over-the-top” DANNY KAYE
-Flip or Flop is based a lot of the attractiveness of the couple flipping or flopping.
-Millions must have GAWKED in disbelief at the incredible last shot last night that won the NCAA championship.
-WHO ME? I would never stoop to write I knew GNU!
-They’re welded down for New Year’s Eve in Times Square
-I have never had AN IN that did me any good
-WINK, WINK misunderstanding (:53)
-Do you remember the movie where Van Johnson got court-martialed for taking the HELM from Humphrey Bogart?
-I sold my MIATA when its clutch and my midlife crisis both went south
-HBD to Irish and Abejo! I had to write Brad to find out how to pronounce his blog name.
-Tengo que volver a la enseñanza de español !

Lucina said...

Happy birthday, Agnes and Abejo! I hope it's lovely for you both and what a nice gift to have AGNES in the puzzle today!

Thank you, C.C. and Argyle for a sparkling start to my Tuesday morning. I've never played DONKEYKONG but have heard of it. Ditto for GAPE before GAWK which then completed WINKWINK. Cute!

Two of my favorite singers, Marvin GAYE and NAT "King" Cole!

Have a delightful day, everyone! I'm expecting two grand-nieces whom I will babysit today.

oc4beach said...

Nice Tuesday puzzle C.C. and great write-up Argyle. I didn't get the theme, but I didn't need it to solve the puzzle.

Happy Birthday to Irish Miss and Abejo.

HGTV has a number of interesting shows that I have been watching On-Demand. Property Brothers, Flip or Flop and Love It or List It have been my favorites so far. More shows need to be checked out.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words yesterday on my surgeries. I'm feeling better each day.

TTP from Yesterday: I did point out to the surgeon that a 95% success rate is nowhere near 6 Sigma. He said he was aware of that fact. It turns out the surgeon's first two degrees were in Mechanical and Electrical engineering before he went on to become a doctor. Who knew.

Have a great day everyone.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

What more could I ask for on my birthday than a CC puzzle, and a huge CSO, to boot? I wonder if that was accidental or planned, hmmm? Really enjoyed the solve and, as always, noticed the extra-oomph in some of CC's cluing and answers. Had gape before gawk but that was soon corrected. McKay is a CSO (sort of) to my sister, Eileen, but she is a MacKay.

Thank you, CC, for a delightful start to my birthday and thank you for your very kind and sincere compliments. Working with you has been a pleasure, as several other fellow mentees (is that a word?) have already expressed. Thanks, also, Argyle, for the witty and wise write-up.

Happy Birthday, Abejo, as we share another April 5th; I hope it's a special day for you.

Thank you all for the lovely wishes and sentiments; I appreciate everyone's thoughtfulness.

My four sisters, three sisters-in law, and three of my godchildren are taking me out for dinner this evening to my favorite Italian restaurant. I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great day.

Bill G. said...

That was a very pleasant Tuesday puzzle. Thanks CC and Argyle.

Irish Miss and Abejo: I hope you both have very pleasant days and a great year to come. Best wishes!

My son and his new house will show up on HGTV before too long. I'll let you know when I find out.

thehondohurricane said...

I did not have the walk in the park like most of you today, but the eraser needed a workout and it got one. Most of my issues were in the NW & SE. After a walk with Casey, sat back down and the tada light came on.

Happy birthday to Agnes, my neighbor up in the Albany area & AbeJoe. Hope you both have a wonderful day.

Big night for the Lady Huskies. Hope they pull it off. Last game for three of the best ever to play at UConn. Next year the team should be OK, but there will be some losses.


C6D6 Peg said...

Nice puzzle today. Thank you C.C.!

And Argyle, thanks always for the great pictures of places I'd love to see!

VirginiaSycamore said...

Husker Gary,
Would the movie be The Caine Mutiny?

Happy Birthday to Irish Miss and Abejo. Abejo, how is your name pronounced? Until today, I thought it was a Spanish word.

Thanks, CC, FOR a fun puzzle and informative birthday notes. And to you too, Argyle, for a lovely write-up.

DONKEY KONG was THE big Arcade game in my 20s. I had LANGUAGE before VIOLENCE for the R-rating.

All of the answers were doable by themselves, or using perps.

I noticed a plethora of words ending in AY:
and the cute SE corner with AN IN, ANITA AND ANTIC.

I am looking up the link to The GNU song by Flanders and Swann and will post it later.


VirginiaSycamore said...

Links to the GNU song:

THE GNU SONG by Flanders and Swann

AND by the Muppets

In the same genre as the ONE L LAMA.


Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks for today's pzl, CC! It was perfectly calibrated for a Tuesday level challenge and fun to solve. The D-K theme emerged clearly well before reaching the final answer.

DANNY KAYE was a favorite of mine in my kid-fan days. Compared to later clowns (Jerry Lewis, anyone?) his shtick was marked by grace and nimbleness. Like any comedian of his time, he made some clunker films, but I remember him in INSPECTOR GENERAL and THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY with great fondness.

Misty said...

Layers and layers of wonderful treats today--what a great puzzle, C.C.--and what a sweet shout-out to AGNES! Irish Miss, I didn't know you were a constructor--congratulations! How exciting! And happy birthday, Abejo! Also, many thanks for giving us the Nash poem, Argyle.

Loved the running mates clue for ELOPE. My only anxious moment was whether to put DONKEY or DONKEI, since I've never seen IGOR spelled YGOR. Thank goodness I made the right choice.

Tinbeni, loved your FAKED TAN question. Think I know the answer.

Have a wonderful day, everybody!

Chickie said...

Hello Everyone, First and most important: Happy Birthday Irish Miss and Abejo.

Another puzzle without the constructor's name attached. Our newspaper has merged with another local area paper and today was the first day with the new name at the top. It is no longer the San Jose Mercury News--just The Mercury News. I'm not sure if the change in names and the merge has anything to do with the puzzle not being acknowledged, but could be.

That said, I enjoyed today's offering a lot. Thanks C.C. for another fun romp.
I loved the Running Mates? clue. When Elope emerged I had a good chuckle.

I did get the theme, but only after putting in the unifier at the very end.

My one erasure today was for I'm Home. I put in I'm Here so Pokey was a bit slow in coming.

Have a great day everyone. We are to have a real warmup these next two days. It is supposed to be in the mid 80's. Can't believe it for April.

Chickie said...

Abejo, The 8th decade isn't so scary--take it from me. Just keep on doing what you're doing and those years will pass as easily as the past decade has. Faster, but easy!!

Irish Miss said...

CED - I loved the blessing, thank you. (I'm not a cake eater, anyway!) ☘

Thanks again for the birthday wishes, everyone.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Enjoyed C.C.'s puzzle and Argyle's expo. NAT King Cole's "Stardust" is a lifetime favorite.

Happy birthday, Agnes & Brad! It has been nice getting to know you by your posts. Have a special day.

"Between the Folds" was somewhere else recently. Jeopardy?

Good ol' Ogden Nash never gets old!

I thought Jerry Lewis was in that film until I ran out of room. DK was my second choice.

Sewer system entry points weren't toilets, mains, drains... MANHOLES could be interpreted differently.

My granddaughter & her parents, other grandma & aunt are on a trip to NYC with her HS band to play in Carnegie Hall yesterday. They left here in balmy spring weather. I saw on TV the weather turned cold and snowy in NY. I'm wondering how many kids packed coats? My granddaughter is so warm blooded, she wore a sundress & flip flops to my birthday dinner. Her mother & I wore long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Hope she took something a little warmer than that to NY. 173 people went from here and that's a lot of goosebumps.

PK said...

I filed my income tax in early February. The state return was returned to me on my birthday for nit-picking stuff. The forms are printed with crucial line numbers in a pale orange which I find unreadable. My printer interpreted that in a pale yellow which was even worse. So I changed it to black and white setting which gave me a readable gray. Tax reviewer didn't find that acceptable. She also insisted I should fill out and send along two forms on which I would have no entries at all. She sent those forms along when she returned my return. Why not send me the forms with the pale orange print, too? I smell harassment by a reviewer trying to justify her job. The bottom line is that returning my return cost 92 cents postage. My return says I have to pay NO TAXES to the state. I am told there will be a penalty if my return isn't returned to the state by April 15. This is a Shakespeare situation: Much Ado About Nothing. The state has serious budget problems anyway. I will go now and try to satisfy my obligation.

Avg Joe said...

Since it's Abejo's birthday, it's only appropriate that Jeopardy had a final question pertaining to beer. It was an interesting finish, and evidently beer was not a first language for any of the players.

Pat said...

Happy Birthday, Irish Miss and Abejo!

Thanks for the puzzle, C.C. This was a smooth solve! Thanks for the write-up, Argyle!

Like others,I had iGOR/YGOR,GApe/GAWK. Perps corrected them easily. I did get the theme for a change.

Chilly weather this week. I was liking the 60's-low 70's of last week. At least the cold won't last very long.


Lucina said...

Like some of you, I originally had IGOR until DONKEY became obvious had to change it to YGOR.

I love NAT Cole. Thank you for the link, Argyle. You can play anything by him anytime.

We also are expecting a heat wave. It's already 92 now.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Woke to a soaked, almost DESTROY'd, paper. Note to self: change timing on the front sprinklers...

Thank you C.C. for this creative puzzle; love the phonetic theme! Thanks Argyle for another stellar writeup and kicking-off the Tuesday after-party (w/ two Birthdays!).

The puzzle was smooth until I hit the SE. ONE L LAMA I couldn't parse esp. W/ DoS KAPITAL in place.

WOs: put a "y" in ORIGAMI, MC KoY w/ a bad "o" WAG (I GAWK'd at that fix).

ESPs: AGNES and DANNY KAYLE - HADN'T heard of them. I guess they're from a long time AGO?

Misty - I too was almost LURE'd into the "i" in DONKY KONG [2:50] thinking I mis-recalled my misspent-youth at the arcade. I reread 18d's Clue - "Young Frankenstein" and, sure Y not? It's pronounce the same :-)

TTP - Can you SEE GNU and not think "Not UNIX?"

HG - I recall seeing welded MAN HOLES in D.C. too along The Prez's route to the Kapitol.

HBD Abejo! 80? Active as you are? Keep it up mate. CHI spring is coming soon and you can plant those seedlings. Also, I love the mailing cards back & forth thing; ever read the older cards just for giggles?

And a HBD HOLLER* to Irish Miss! No way it was just a CSO. I look forward to your future puzzles. Your Italian dinner sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.

Did no one else want toilets for 46a - "Sewer system entry points"?

With NAT & GAYE in the puzzle, how could one not think of Croce @66a's OPERator?

Cheers, -T
*A sign you lived in the South too long: I had to wait on perps to see if it was HOLLaR or not...

Jayce said...

Happy birthday wishes to you, Agnes and Brad.

CrossEyedDave said...

HG, not a fan of Danny Kaye?

Oh well, it seems in his debut he was not a fan of the movies either... (6:06)

CrossEyedDave said...

Lucille Ball & Danny Kaye

in something completely different...


Avg Joe said...

My fondest memory of Danny Kaye is a skit he did dressed as an infant. It was a recurring theme, but the one that's most prominent in my memory is the one where he repeated: "They never told me not to shave the kitty!" I'd guess I was around 8 years old at the time. I still use that phrase today when I encounter unfamiliar terrain in day to day life. I tried to find it on YouTube, but had no luck. Might be a job for Dave.

CanadianEh! said...

Very late today due to working all day. Thanks C.C. And Argyle for the fun.

Happy Birthday wishes to Irish Miss and Abejo!

Anonymous T said...

C, Eh! An ODE for you...
It's never too LATE to DON a seat at this INN
Where you
Have AN IN
You're like family OR KIN.

//C. Moe / OKL: That's meh at best - feel free to punch it up a bit...

CED - thanks for the links. I see KAYE is from a different ERA.

C.C. I forgot to mention Fav: 40d. Chuckled there. Nicely turned double-play c/a on YOGI.

Runner up: NE Corner: Iceland's POL may get the POKEY from the Panama Papers. I can hear him now? WHO ME? VIOLENCE ensues...

Pass up a reason to link the YGOR ANTIC? Not I.

Well, Rich didn't provide STROs today, but we took game 1 (of what's sure to be >162 game season) against NYC! Fingers-crossed that we're the ENVY of Baseball this year.

Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, shave the Kitty.
It does sound familiar,
& from Danny kaye...

But I am not the person to go looking for it...

Anonymous said...


Lucina said...

Tonight, as most nights during commercials if I haven't recorded a program, I was doing crosswords in a NY Times Crossword Puzzle Book edited by Mr. Shortz, I came across one by C.C.!! Then leafing through it I found more than one by Ms. Zhouqin Burnikel! Congratulations, C.C. on being one of an elite group of constructors!