Dec 8, 2016

Thursday, December 8th 2016 Jerry Edelstein

Theme: Waxing and Waning - as the reveal neatly explains.

18A. "Next subject" : MOVING ON

22A. Historic Potomac estate : MOUNT VERNON. The cupola is to help ventilate the attic, apparently.

38A. With 40-Across, NPR broadcast since 1979 : MORNING

40A. See 38-Across : EDITION. Clever way to span the grid without having 15 letters to do it with. Will irritate cross-reference dislikers, but I thought it was neat.

49A. "Life of Brian" comedy group : MONTY PYTHON. Quite a few Brit references in the puzzle today. Before satellite TV was common, Michael Palin paid to install a dish at the local pub here in Studio City so he could watch the English soccer over a beer or two. Nice chap.

and the reveal:

61A. First or last quarter ... and, literally, what can be found on either end of 18-, 22-, 38-/40- and 49-Across : HALF MOON . Here's the lovely Half Moon Bay near San Francisco: It waxes and wanes with the tides.

Nice theme from Jerry and a good-looking grid with some solid blocks in the NW and SE. Let's see what else we've got:


1. Throws the first pitch : STARTS

7. Find fault : CARP

11. Bygone Ford : LTD

14. They may be hard : CIDERS. The first alcohol we started drinking as teens. The sweet varieties would give you a headache. The dry ones were better. They both got you looking sideways.

15. Tavern : ALEHOUSE

17. Hunt's TV co-star : REISER. Helen and Paul in "Mad About You". Funny show.

19. Made dinner at home : ATE IN. Something I'm quite partial to. I love spending a couple of hours in the kitchen.

20. "Sold!" : DEAL!

21. CIA predecessor : OSS. Office of *ahem* Strategic Services.

25. Son-gun connection : OF A

26. __ land: disputed territory : NO MAN'S

31. Rueful word : ALAS

35. Quick snack : NOSH.

37. Simple home : TEPEE

42. Word with box or light : IDIOT. I had an idiot light in my old Jaguar to alert me to the fact that the gas tank was close to empty. It didn't mean a great deal as the gauge didn't work at all, so the light was always on. I used to fill the tank when the trip-meter ticked over the 200 mile mark. I averaged around 8MPG. That's one big carbon hoof-print.

43. Levelheaded : SANE

45. Timer drizzler : SAND

46. Mussel habitat : SEABED. We used to pull them off the pier supports when I was a kid. No sand.

48. Uno plus due : TRE

56. Plant studied by Mendel : PEA.

59. With 41-Down, tries for a long pass, in football lingo : GOES

60. Odor : AROMA. Morning coffee! Yay! My morning soundtrack is the coffee grinder setting me up for the day. Peet's Coffee, Major Dickerson's Roast. Whole Bean.

63. Action scenes : CHASES

64. Get-out-of-jail card? : BAIL BOND. I'd love to claim that I've never needed one of these. Youthful indiscretions, and all that.

65. Museum guide : DOCENT

66. 32-Down contents : ORE

67. Fruity coolers : ADES

68. "Nothing to it!" : SO EASY!


1. Make a run for it : SCRAM!

2. Connect with : TIE TO

3. Parting mot : ADIEU. En Paris.

4. Lacquer ingredient : RESIN

5. Former Senator Lott : TRENT

6. Lat. or Lith., once : S.S.R. Latvia and Lithuania were Soviet Socialist Republics. Seems a long time ago now.

7. Traffic enforcement devices : CAMERAS. I got nailed for a "California Roll" leaving Malibu Canyon State Park and not coming to a complete halt at the stop sign. I paid for an hour or three of the cost of keeping the park open, which was ironic as I wasn't actually allowed to stay there - the place had been booked out by a movie shoot. I wish they'd posted that at the entrance where I put my $5 in the honesty box before being asked to leave.

8. Take out __ : A LOAN

9. Love Is On makeup maker : REVLON. Thank you, crosses.

10. Upsilon follower : PHI

11. Hauls : LUGS

12. Menu possessive linked to the Qing dynasty : TSO'S. The General's famous chicken.

13. Place in the woods : DEN

16. Tokyo-born artist : ONO

20. Gets the mist off : DE-FOGS

23. World Cup skiing champ Lindsey : VONN. I'd have liked to show a shot of her skiing, but after scrolling down about 300 pictures of her in a swimsuit, I gave up. Great (skiing) talent.

24. "Moi?!" : NOT I!

27. Citi Field squad : METS

28. Polynesian capital : APIA. Nailed it!

29. Bright sign : NEON

30. Text command : SEND

31. "Time's Arrow" author : AMIS. English novelist Martin. The story runs backwards in time - it seems common now, but was very unusual when I first read the book.

32. 66-Across source : LODE. The discovery of the Comstock Lode in Nevada in 1858 precipitated large-scale silver mining across the US. I read once that the miners were looking for salt, but found something a little more shiny.

33. Covent Garden solo : ARIA. London's opera house. I used to drive a truck part-time to pick up produce from the old fruit and vegetable market right across the street. The market buildings are still there, but the stores are all craft and trinket shops now.

34. Pretentious sort : SNOB

36. Eight British kings : HENRYS. "I'm 'enery the eighf I am, 'enery the eighf I am I am, I got married to the widder next door ....."

39. Agenda listing : ITEM

41. See 59-Across : DEEP

44. Shows up : ATTENDS

47. Give to charity, say : DO GOOD

50. Peter of Herman's Hermits : NOONE. Another Brit. He clapped a lot. Coincidentally, Herman's Hermits recorded the "I'm Henry" ditty above.

51. Webmail option : YAHOO

52. Copy exactly : TRACE

53. Old Testament prophet : HOSEA

54. Future foretellers : OMENS

55. Really bad : NASTY

56. Carson forerunner : PAAR. Jack before Johnny on "The Tonight Show".

57. Nobelist Wiesel : ELIE

58. Duck mascot company, on the NYSE : AFL

61. Starz rival : HBO

62. Kellogg School deg. : M.B.A. At Northwestern U.

63. Some retirement acct. holdings : CDS. Certificates of Deposit. I always thought these kinds of abbreviations should be rendered as "CsD" for example, but no-one agrees with me.

Just time to tack on the grid and that should do it for me today.


Note from C.C.:

Happy birthday to our cool Jazzbumpa (Ron), who's taking December off from blogging to focus on his rehearsals and other activities. Hope you don't mind, Ron, I snipped this picture from your Facebook. It's taken by one of his friends. Ron often posts sweet pictures about his family on Facebook, so does our Steve. Wish you could see his Mexico beach & swim-up bar pictures.


windhover said...

Good morning, all.
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. A few more of these and I'll be sipping my bourbon through a straw. But like Tin, with no ice. And in reply to Gay's question, you are correct. I first encountered the poem in a class at Berea College in 1995 titled "God- Hidden and Revealed". Even though I am now and was then "Post-Religious" the poem had an influence through its imagery of Nature. The author, Gerard Manley Hopkins, was an interesting fellow, to say the least. He asked a friend to destroy all his writings after his death. Luckily the friend did not comply.
I believe today is Ron's day in the barrel, so HBTY, and also to My friends Lucy and Hatoolah.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Sailed through this one in good time while listening to MORNING EDITION on the local NPR station. No problems. Thanx, Jerry.

Steve, I remember that Henry the 8th song very well. Our program director edited it down to less than a minute and we played it once per hour when it was #1. After that over-exposure, I still hate it to this day. Don't care for Christmas music for the same reason.

Happy birthday, JzB. I always enjoy your punny writeups. Enjoy your month off.

Big Easy said...

STARTS for 1A? Way to start the puzzle. After filling the unknonwn Hunt's co-star REISER by perps and the easy MOUNT VERNON answer I looked for the spanners but only found 49A, which was easily filled by MONTY PYTHON. I was expecting 'mon-something', only to be MOONed by Mr. Edelstein. My only change was DONATE to DO GOOD for 'give to charity'.

Traffic CAMERAS- love 'em or hate 'em, they are here and effective. Whiners complain when they get ticketed but these same people love them when they are used to track down bank robbers and other criminals. You can't have it both ways. BTW, our neighborhood association bought three Redflex cameras @ $12,000 each to record every license number coming into our subdivision. They are maintained by the sheriff's dept.

JzB- wearing his 'mafia' outfit. There is a local band consisting of TROMBONES with the name of BONERAMA. Backed up by a drummer and guitar player.

IDIOT lights- if you went to the shop every time a 'service engine' light came on in a car you could buy a new car cheaper. Dealers want $100 just to check it.

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Jerry and Steve!

No problems with puzzle.

Happy birthday, Jazzbumpa! And many more!

Have been missing dark chocolate (need ver low carb) since Dr. Mercola ran out. Had part of a Hershey bar last night and had a wonderful nap!

Have a great day!

Stickybeak said...

Well I just spent an inordinate amount of time scrolling through Ron's Facebook page. Geesh Ron, let it go! That kind of anger and animosity will eat you up inside. It's been a month since the election and besides it makes you seem a little off kilter. Go back to posting sweet pics of family although I saw few, just multiple daily rants of no consequence. Oh, and yeah, happy birthday.

unclefred said...

Way over time yet again, but managed to get 'er done. Thanx, JE, quite the challenge. Thanx Steve for the fine write-up!

Tinbeni said...

Happy Birthday, Jazz ... My "first" Sunset Toast is to you!

Faves today, of course, were CIDERS and ALE-HOUSE ... go figure.

Needed ESP to get the author of "Time's Arrow" AMIS ... never read (or heard) of it.
(Maybe I should put it on my "Library List" ...)


kazie said...

No lasting problems today, but the sport references slowed me here and there. Typical Thursday level, I thought, with quite a few WAGS needed.

Happy birthday Ron!

Windhover, you too, belatedly for yesterday...I didn't make it here until now.

MJ said...

Happy Birthday, Jazzbumpa, and good day to all!

I had to take a break in solving today due to all the cross references, but was able to come back and finish it off. Hand up for DOnate before DO GOOD. Needed perps for things I shouldn't have needed perps for, but my brain is fried due to dealing with my mother's crisis and also a very painful situation that another close family member is facing this week.

Thanks for the thorough and informative expo, Steve.

Enjoy the day!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Another clever theme from Mr. Edelstein with just the right amount of crunch. Only w/o was donate/do good but needed perps for a few others, such as Revlon. I could picture Paul Reiser's face but his name was slow in surfacing. I'm still suffering from brain befuddlement because I didn't get the Mo part of the answer until reading the expo. I thought the ending On was half of moon. Talk about not reading a detailed clue carefully!

Thanks, Jerry, for an enjoyable solve, even though I missed the complete theme and thanks, Steve, for the cheery and clarifying commentary.

Happy Birthday, Ron, hope it's fun-filled. 🎂🎁🎉🎈🍾

It's nice and sunny right now but I believe we're in for some colder temps, as are several other areas. Me thinks winter has arrived!

Nice to hear from you, Windy, and hope you had a nice birthday.

Have a great day.

billocohoes said...

Thanks Steve, for the picture of the actual location of the opening scene of My Fair Lady (Liza selling flowers at Covent Garden)

I remember an episode of Bonanza that said the miners were looking for gold but had to get thru all "that blue stuff", not knowing it was silver ore. Don't know if that's accurate either.

Northwest Runner said...

It's Hosea Ore week at the LA Times. I assume the puzzle was constructed, accepted, and scheduled long before Peng Chang-kuei passed away, but I'll take this puzzle as a mystical tribute to the creator of General Tso's chicken.

Gripes for the day. I think of no man's land more as unclaimed than disputed. I am finding the LA Times web site unusable for solving this puzzle using Firefox. Anybody else? Using Chrome it's very smooth, but on Firefox the site freezes on me all the time. Anybody else experience this?

thehondohurricane said...

What a great day! Solved this puzzle without hesitation. I've never timed my efforts, but this was quick.

Never heard of Paul REISER, but I remember Pistol Pete REISER, former major league outfielder. His rookie year was 1940 with the Dodgers and he retired after the 1952 season with Cleveland. His career was interrupted by 3 years while in the service during WW II. Pete ran into a fence or two during his career. Very aggressive outfielder.

Never noticed how MOON was split up by Jerry until filling in 61A. Very clever.

Anyways, my confidence has been restored.

Happy birthday JzB.

UConn ladies did kick some butt last night. Last 10 1/2 hours have been very pleasant!


Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Happy Birthday JzB. Can you please post the link to the 12 trombones of Christmas or whatever that was called? The guy with the goofy cap? Thanks.

The "northern half" of the puzzle was pristine; the "south" had one major ink blot. I was another DONATEr before being a DO GOODer.

Big Easy @ 6:54 ---> regarding BONERAMA. I won't touch that with a 6" pole ... 😜
As promised, here is a limerick that's been warming up in the bullpen:

Peter pledged a new Frat, Pi PHI Chi.
And I'm sure that you know, reason why:
It's 'cause his part-time work
As a Domino's clerk,
Lets the boss there now brag: "Pete's a Pi"

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

The things you learn doing crosswords!

I didn't believe the Moon clue and set out to complain about it, but research suggests the clue is spot-on. Since childhood I had assumed that a first or last quarter moon was that part of the cycle that was exactly 25% obscured or 25% illuminated, as applicable. Wrong! According to Wiki, the phrase applies to a half moon, just as the clue has it. At that point the moon is exactly one quarter, or three quarters, of the way through its illumination cycle, and that's where the quarter-moon name comes from. I stand corrected.

Otherwise, smooth sailing.

Morning, Steve, you've had interesting experiences, that's for sure!

Husker Gary said...

-After a few pockets of resistance were cleared out, victory was mine.
-My astronomy kids thought the MOON came up every night at sunset. Nope! Today the moon will rise at 1:36 pm here.
-An inspirational first pitch in a bullet-proof vest
-I ATE IN for bkfst this a.m. with microwaved bacon and poached eggs. Steve would have probably used the stove and added some wine, cheese and exotic spices!
-A wonderful Christmas in NO MAN’S LAND.
-A prof told our class that it was a female task to erect the TEPEE
-Netflix documentaries gives lie to TV always being an IDIOT BOX
-That SAND will not drizzle through the glass while in orbit
-Tell me again why the CHASE scene in The Blues Brothers needed 100 police cars
-Lindsay VONN’s FORMER boyfriend is trying to make a comeback
-Happy Birthday, Ron!
-Two trivias today-
-NOT I, barked the dog, NOT I, purred the cat, NOT I, quacked th duck. To whom were they responding?
-Name the musical with this song lyric, “Nothing to it, but to do it” sang in a locker room

Chairman Moe said...

HG @ 10:06/10:07

Chicken Little
Damn Yankees

Lucina said...

Happy birthday, Jazzbumpa! I hope you take some time out from rehearsals to celebrate.

Thank you, Jerry Edelstein, for giving me a nice sashay through today's grid. I was expecting Jeff Wex but this was quite a treat.

I loved Mad about You and Paul REISER'S name came forward to fill its spot. All else bloomed well except for DONATE where I see I'm in good company. Also I wasn't sure about SHO or HBO. HALFMOON and BAILBOND decided that one. NOONE was completely perped. HOSEA visited again today as did the HENRYS.

Thank you, Steve, for a delightful expo.

Have a terrific day, everyone!

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thanks Jerry. Thanks Steve.

Happy Birthday JzB ! Thought you might be buzy with concerts this month.

Nothing to CARP about. Not that I do. My wife might offer a different opinion on that.

Fun and quick puzzle for a Thursday. Didn't know Covent Garden, but ARIA was easy with the perps filling most of it.

Just read that Jane Leeves, who played Daphne MOON on Frasier, spoke with a Mancunian accent. Peter NOONE of Herman's Hermits sang with one: Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter. Or maybe I'm Into Something Good

Longtime or past St Charles IL residents (like Chairman Moe) might remember Ruby's HALF MOON tavern that was at the corner of North Avenue and Randall Rd.

Northwest Runner, I did the puzzle at Mensa, but opened it up at the LA Times site. No problems with lockups or freezes. BTW completed it in DO time (3:42) the second go-round Anyway, make sure your Firefox is up to date. If it is, try it again after disabling any extensions you've added, such as Ad Blockers. Good luck.

I've been having problems all morning as well. My wireless network adapter keeps dropping, and I keep having to reboot.

Anonymous said...

That rolling stop? Where I grew up (western Illinois) it's called a St Louis stop...

CrossEyedDave said...

DNF, spelled Parr wrong, so I couldn't get out of jail...

HBD Jazzb!

hmm, now what does half moon remind me of?

Chairman Moe said...

TTP ---> I lived in St Charles from 1990-1993. Can't say that I remember the Half Moon tavern at North Ave and Randall. A few places that I do recall were: The Scotland Yard (featured a "yard" of beer/ale) and Sam's (both on the east side of the river), and a less-frequented spot, but a bar who sponsored our neighborhood softball team, Little Backwards Carol.

oc4beach said...

Nice Thursday level puzzle from Jerry and Steve's usual excellent tour through the tulips.

Only a few hiccups along the way. At first I wanted Hail Mary or Goes Long before GOES DEEP became apparent. I tried CABIN before TEPEE.

WRT HALF MOON: Yesterday the Moon was in a First Quarter phase. This phase occurs roughly 7 days after the New Moon when the earth is one quarter of the way through it’s orbit around the earth. Exactly half the moon will be illuminated and half dark. On the day of the First Quarter phase the moon is high overhead at sunset and is visible until mid-night when it sets in the west. The First Quarter phase is a one day event and in the following days enters a Waxing Gibbous phase becoming more illuminated each day until the Full Moon.

The Moon today is in a Waxing Gibbous phase. This phase is when the moon is more than 50% illuminated but not yet a Full Moon. The phase lasts round 7 days with the moon becoming more illuminated each day until the Full Moon. During a Waxing Gibbous the moon will rise in the east in mid-afternoon and will be high in the eastern sky at sunset. The moon is then visible though most of the night sky setting a few hour before sunrise.

Isn't Astronomy fun.

Have a great day.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Nice MOONY Thursday offering from Jerry Edelstein, with just the right difficulty level.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I've turned another decade [Gasp!]

And a late HBD to the others with birthdays this week. I'll always be a day younger than Windhover.

Gigs coming up on Saturday, then the 16th and 19th. Lots of rehearsals.

Getting our attic insulated today.

@ Stickybeak - you are perfectly welcome to mind your own damned business, thank you very much.

Cool regards!

AnonymousPVX said...

I thought this a bit under the Thursday level, but what do I know? Anyway, no issues at all.

The Lady Huskies just don't let down. Geno may be the best BB coach ever. I moved from CT to SC, funny how they were big on the SC bandwagon until they lost last week or whatever. Haha. Now it's all Clemson. Unbelievable how much they always have room for football standing - stadiums, coaches assistant coaches, whatever is needed or just wanted - but they won't fix the roads.

AnonymousPVX said...

Football "standing" supposed to be spending. Geez.

billocohoes said...

HALF MOON (actually Dutch Halve Maen) was the name of Henry Hudson's ship, which he sailed up the river now named for him, as far as Albany in 1609. Halfmoon is town just north of there, and I've wondered if it was an inside joke that part of Halfmoon is a hamlet named Crescent.

Correcting my earlier post, of course Miss Doolittle's first name was Eliza, not Liza.

Misty said...

Bit of a Thursday toughie, after yesterday's Wednesday toughie (I'm beginning to think it must be me, and not the puzzles). But I actually got everything but the Southwest corner until I ran into little problem. However, resolved it even without getting the theme--so Yay! Hurray! Many thanks, Jerry! And you too, Steve, for your always nice expo.

Never heard of REISER, and, like others, had DONATE for the longest time before finally figuring out DO GOOD. Not much (any?) literature in this one, just a few drinks (CIDER, ALE, ADES).

Sorry to hear about tough times for mother and family, MJ.

Happy Birthday, JazzB!

Have a great day, everybody!

TTP said...

Well nuts.

My connectivity problems went away. Really shouldn't complain about not having problems, but I don't like the fact that I couldn't isolate the cause.

Anonymous T, you'll appreciate this. Since I found that the failure was that the IP stack couldn't be bound to the adapter, I thought someone (new or changed network) might be tromping on my channel. So I pulled up my network sniffing tool. No one else nearby on the same channel, but one of the found SSIDs was "Hidden Network. Yeah, you guessed it. It was open.

Chairman Moe, wow, great memory. Of the bars three you mentioned, I only knew of Scotland Yard. It was closed. I know where it was, but was never in it. Ruby's Half Moon later became J&Ks Half Moon, but the owners closed it down and reopened it in Hinckley IL. When it was still in St Charles, they sponsored the bowling team I was on...

Yellowrocks said...

Great puzzle which required more thought than most Thursdays, but I solved it all without help. Contrary to some I found the bottom easier than the top. NOONE was all perps and REISER was perps and wags.I did not suss that MOON was divided in half, MO-------ON, pretty cute.
MJ, sorry to hear of yet another crisis. Hang in there.
I remember I was surprised when I first learned the first quarter was the half moon, but it makes sense.
I didn't fall into the DONATE trap because I already had DO---D.
I started to decorate my tree and downstairs today. I was 2/3 finished when my back cried Uncle. So until tomorrow.... It is so helpful to be retired. I can't wait for the lovely payoff when I finish up tomorrow.
Happy birthday. Jazz. I'd love to hear your concerts.

Spitzboov said...

Hello everyone.

Happy Birthday to JzB
and a belated Happy Birthday to Windhover.

As Steve alluded to, a higher degree of abbreviations, but they were gettable. Did not really 'get' the theme until starting to write this. Had donate before DO GOOD, so that held up seeing GOES DEEP.

HALF MOON is the name of an organized township in SE Saratoga County north of Albany. It is named after Henry Hudson's ship, the Half Moon and is at the head of (sea level) navigation on the Hudson river.

Jayce said...

Nice puzzle, cool theme. Hand up for DONATE, and for remembering Paul Reiser's face but not his name.

Happy birthdecade wishes to Ron and best wishes to you all.

Anonymous said...

Stump the chump question 47d.

Lucina said...

R.I.P. John Glenn, a true hero and all around good person.

Yikes! My "new" two year old Honda which I've had only four weeks quit! Yes, it just quit and I hope it's only the battery. That would make the most sense. I'm waiting for a call from the dealership.

I'm so sorry to hear of your travails and do hope the situation improves with both your mother and other relative.

SyB said...

You see, Jazz? Eating you up inside...

tawnya said...

Happy Thursday!

I enjoyed the puzzle today! Got through it pretty easy and quick, especially for a Thursday. I'll take an easier puzzle after the strange day I've had today.

@Steve - shortly after I moved to Missouri, I asked some locals
"What do you call it when you roll through a stop sign? Is it still a 'California stop'?" They looked at me a little sideways before someone responded, "A ticket?" Made me laugh!

@Jazz- Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy! (Time to change your Facebook privacy settings to "friends only" to avoid trolls!)

Wishing you all a pleasant evening...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Tough but doable, just the way we like 'em! Had to set it down and think of other things before a second assault to finish up.
Got 'er done!

HBD JzBpa! Another year younger, just like me.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

A great START to the day w/ MORNING EDITION on the radio and in the puzzle. Thanks Jerry, this was fun and I knew most everything off-the bat. MOVING ON.

Thanks Steve - Now I know a wee too much about your sordid past - rolling a stop; tsk :-)

NW was last to fill as a) this IDIOT can't spell ADIEU [adeau?] and b) I was thinking Hunt was a cop show or some such... Maybe it was that coffee finally kicked in, 'cuz when I went back to tackle - SO, EASY.

WOs: Hand-up DOnate; tapHOUSE; GTO b/f LTD.
ESPs: AMIS, VONN, APIA, DOCENT, and spelling of Peter NOONE.

Fav: Com'on folks, gotta ask? Apropos (or sacrilegious) for the season. [Birth scene - Life of Brian is my all time favorite movie]

{where's OKL?} {Cute C. Moe}

MJ - Oh, no. I thought you were through... :-(. So sorry to hear.

Lucina - My heart sank when I refreshed /. [<-link]. God Speed John Glenn. A true American Hero.

HG - #1 = Little Red Hen(?)

TTP - Wireshark - "Sniffing the glue that holds the Internet together." Remember it's original name? Re: WiFi SSID - my "guest" net's password was UwillBeHaxord! :-)

Fav MOON? Keith.

CED - Cool cake for a Cool Cat. Happy B-Day JzB!

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

I started slow and then it clicked in. Got down to the theme and to fill in _AL_
I chose PALE(Moon)???

It's relationship to MOUNT. Well, Pale Horse of course like one of those Notre Dame horsemen.

Steve nicely showed me the error of my ways. As in IDIOT!!!

Leave it to Hondo to remember Pete Reiser of the old Brooklyn Dodgers. Had a magical 1941 season but fences weren't padded in those days.

C-Moe. Loved that lick(can we use that for limericks?). I've got to see Damn Yankees some day. I read "The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant" at a young age.

Along with the Connie Mack baseball book.
I was howling at those Monty Python links although Misty's Wendy crack still has me chuckling. How about Romeo and Wendy.

I've got to get over to Sunday even if I've missed a couple of squares.


windhover said...

I thought you were a year and a day younger. This is my 72nd December 8th.

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed today's puzzle as I usually do. I won't comment (WEES) since I'm almost ready to give tomorrow's puzzle a try.

I'm sorry I neglected to wish Happy Birthday to Windhover. I would enjoy hearing more of your perceptive opinions about things in general. A very Happy Birthday wish for JzB too. May your pitch approximations be within an acceptable tolerance.

We bought a Christmas tree today. We spent the extra money and got it from the local nursery where they keep it in water until delivery and carry it upstairs for us. Money well spent say I.

Chairman Moe said...

Anon -T --> I loved your links; I was going for a groan, but I'll take cute! ;^)

Thanks, WC; I use "lim" for the abbr. for limerick, but "lick" works, too

Not sure where OKL was today; guess I will "fill in" for him when he's absent.

Anonymous T said...

C. Moe - not an LOL but not a groan... I crack'd a smile :-). Doesn't hurt I'm Italian...

TTP - I found it! Ethereal. Turns out Sniffing the glue... was a 4/1 joke by Gerald Combs in 2001. BTW, do you too comb the RFCs on Apr 1 looking for another "Evil Bit" or "Avian Carrier" protocol? Cheers, -T