Dec 28, 2016

Wednesday December 28, 2016 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: STRINGS ATTACHED (61A. Proposal conditions ... and what the first parts of the answers to starred clues all can have)  - The first word in each answer has a string attached.

17A. *Reasons for refinancing : BALLOON PAYMENTS

23A. *Inconsistent nutrition plan : YO-YO DIETING

38. *With 41-Across, "How to Get Away With Murder" Emmy winner : VIOLA. And DAVIS (41. *See 38-Across). Her full name has 10 letters. You can't put a 10 in the middle.

51A. *Marshall Islands nuclear test site : BIKINI ATOLL.

Boomer here. Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2017! This puzzle is written by my best friend,  Zhouqin "C.C." Burnikel, who also happens to be my wife.  Hope you enjoyed it.


1. Specially formed : AD HOC.  I am sure this is Latin for something.

6. Circle components : ARCS. Arc the Herald Angels sing ...

10. Set in stone, say : ETCH. If you have a scretch - etch it.

14. Hiking map line : TRAIL.  My generation remembers Roy Rogers and Dale Evans singing "Happy Trails to you".

15. Western wine region : NAPA. North of San Francisco.  I've been there. The grapes in the fields are the size of baseballs

16. Melancholic : DOUR. Words like this are why I never seem to complete crossword puzzles.

20. Top card : ACE.  Also can be a perfecto in sports or a WWII flying expert.

21. Iris layer : UVEA. Another one of those words.

22. Syst. with a Buffalo campus : SUNY (State University of New York)

26. Spanish bear : OSO . Another one of those words.

29. "Top Gun" org. : USN. Finally beaten by Army after 14 straight wins.

30. Iditarod racer : DOG SLED. We have these races in Minnesota.  All you need is snow, a sled, and a few Huskies.

32. Colo. setting : MST.  I think John Denver kept his watch set to this time no matter where he was. I wonder if he fell in love with Colorado because of his last name, or if he changed to that name like some personalities do.  Did you know he got his start with the Chad Mitchell Trio?

34. Scat legend, familiarly : ELLA. Also my paternal grandmothers name.

37. Crรจme de la crรจme : ELITE
40. "That feels amazing" : AAH

42. Waits in traffic : IDLES. They say not to idle your car to warm it up in cold weather.

43. Support during exercise : SPOT. I may have clued Dick and Jane's doggie.

45. Give no stars to : PAN

46. Asian noodle dish : PAD THAI. I will take C.C.'s word for this

48. One step __ time : AT A

50. Govt. aid for the disabled : SSI. Okay, but I am not disabled but I get a few bucks every month just for being old.

57. Arab bigwig : EMIR - Sounds like the freshman U of Minn basketball star Mr. Coffey who you will hear about as time goes on and the Big 10 (+4) gets going.

59. Wild speech : RANT

60. GM's Mary Barra, for one : CEO

65. It comes before one : NOON

66. Big name in beauty products : ULTA. Ulta also describes your thought when you see the price.

67. Demi of "A Few Good Men" : MOORE. She could handle the truth.

68. Give for a while : LEND. Sometimes $$$, sometimes just your ears

69. December number : NOEL. Maybe someone already constructed a Christmas puzzle with words that do not contain the letter "L".

70. "None for me, thanks" : I PASS. "What do you do when the driver in the car in front of you is texting and going too slow?


1. On the defensive : AT BAY

2. Harsh Athenian lawmaker : DRACO

3. "Roots" writer : HALEY. Alex - a tremendous story and TV series that kept folks captivated for weeks in the seventies.

4. It may be crude : OIL. Great for most of us, the price has dropped to reasonable. Problems for North Dakota for profits from the sand.

5. Sun blockers : CLOUDS. Cloudy, the sky is gray and white and Cloudy. Sometimes I think its hanging down on me.  (Simon and Garfunkel)

6. A year in Provence : ANNEE, Another one of those words.

7. Knock on : RAP AT

8. Busy pro in tax season : CPA. Not looking forward to tax time.

9. Doesn't go along : SAYS NO. Two words I get it, but could also be a name of a video game some day.

10. Steinbeck's "East of __" : EDEN. Why not Genie "Barbara"

11. Twins legend who was the first DH to hit a home run : TONY OLIVA. My words to the bridge of the famous song "Talkin' Baseball" by Terry Cashman. - "Now my old friend Brandy, he loved to watch the Killer clout them out. And my pals from the alley, would go to see Versalles, and me, I always lived Tony O. Where did they go?"  My parody version was titles "Zoilo, Tony and the Brew".

Boomer and Oliva
12. Director's shout : CUT. Speaking of Mr. Oliva, this could also be the catcher's shout on his throw coming in from right field.

13. Appt. book slots : HRs. Or a baseball stat for Tony.  I think he hit a couple hundred in his career.

18. Like a lamb : OVINE

19. Made faces : MUGGED

24. Juice provider : OUTLET. Tricky C.C.  Orange is also six letters beginning with "O".

25. Home of most of Sawtooth National Forest : IDAHO. Also huge potato farms.  Funny how states get a reputation for vegetables. All Minnesota gets a rep for is lakes and frozen tundra.

27. Become established : SET IN

28. Some flowery works : ODES

31. Try to hit, as a mosquito : SLAP AT. Speaking of a rep for Minnesota - how about a Hockey puck? Paul Newman was great in "Slapshot" and the Hansons were actually the Carlson brothers from the land of 10,000 lakes.

32. King who turned his daughter into gold : MIDAS. They made their name with mufflers but the prices are a little high.

33. Persevere : SOLDIER ON

35. Vision-correcting surgery : LASIK

36. Computer support? : LAP. Tablet computer.

38. Big shots : VIPs

39. Rubbish holder : ASH BIN. Also known as a Dumpster.  But we'll call the one behind the White House a Trumpster

44. Contaminate : TAINT. Hillbillies also may use this as slang for "That A'int".

47. BB shooter : AIR GUN. Subject of this year's "A Christmas Story" movie shown 142 times on 36 different cable channels.  Whatever happened to "Miracle on 34th Street"?

49. Teahouse mat : TATAMI

52. Hot under the collar : IRATE. Or I rate this puzzle 97 out of 100 !

53. Birth-related : NATAL. Remember Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta "Pirates of Penzance" when the man's natal day was February 29th so although he was an adult, he sang he was a little boy of five.  It was a paradox.  

54. Former #1 LPGA golfer Lorena : OCHOA. One of my favorites. We saw her at the Women's US Open at Interlachen Country Club a few years ago.

55. Wolfish stares : LEERS

56. Veinlike deposits : LODES

58. Look after : MIND. When sometimes we were snoopy kids the retort was "Mind your own business".

61. Show with "Weekend Update" skits, initially : SNL

62. Tip of a wingtip : TOE

63. Pavement warning : SLO

64. Booking agent? : COP



Montana said...

Boomer-what an enjoyable expo. Thanks.
CC, I love working your puzzles. Even when they are difficult, I seem to be able to solve them. Thanks!
We have SLEDDOG races in Montana, also.
I haven't thought about SPOTters since I was in high school PE many years ago.

Great puzzle this Wednesday!


Montana said...

Do any of you solve the puzzle on an iPad?
Where do you find it when Cruciverb is down and the link to LATimes doesn't work?


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. It's warm enough here to break out that BIKINI.

My favorite, as quite timely clue, was the December Number = NOEL.

I am more apt to Swat At the mosquitos, as opposed to SLAP AT.

QOD: The telephone book is full of facts, but it doesn’t contain a single idea. ~ Mortimer Adler (Dec. 28, 1902 ~ June 28, 2001)

OwenKL said...

FIRbNTD (Finished It Right by No Ta-Da). Several WAGs scattered throughout that needed to be checked, but the only one that needed changing was AhH to AAH, where I hadn't figured out the perp yet.
The theme escaped me. I saw the first two were BALLOON and YO-YO, so figured the theme was "things to play with"; and the next one, BIKINI, confirmed it!

{B, B+, C+, B-.}

------- --------
Above its STRING, a BALLOON joy brings!
Below its STRING, a YO-YO swings!
With STINGS 'cross its middle
A VIOLA can fiddle!
BIKINIS don't have them, they are the STRINGS!

Heart, in an effort to show ELITE class,
SET IN a bridge game for some organ brass.
The lungs were paired
In opposite chairs,
But each turn the DOUR colon said, "I PASS".

The clear blue waters of a coral ATOLL
Far from the nearest shopping mall!
There's little impedin'
This island EDEN --
If it didn't have humans, then nothing at-all!

TONY was a poet who, when book sales SLOWED,
Gambled, investing in mining LODES.
No reason nor rhyme
influenced his MIND
On which would PAN out -- he was playing the ODES!

unclefred said...

A few unknowns: ANNEE, DRACO, TATAMI. DRACO makes sense as the root of DRACONIAN, I guess, but didn't know the word. OOH:AAH; LASIC:LASIK. A bit embarrassed to say I needed three cheats to get 'er done. Overall, fun CW, thanx, CC! Nice write-up, thanx, Boomer! Thanx as always for the grins, Owen!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

You were in fine form this morning, Boomer! ULTA just looked wrong. NOne gave way to NOON and ASH can to ASH BIN, but otherwise it was a smooth, quick solve. Thanks, C.C.

I think I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. The ASH BIN (dumpster) at the nearby county park has a sign out front: "Dumpster for seniors only"

Boomer, I do remember when John Denver joined the Chad Mitchell Trio. Ironically, he replaced Chad Mitchell. The first album with Denver listed the artists as "The Mitchell Trio" and was titled That's The Way It's Gonna Be.

Minnesota is also well-known for Lutherans and Lake Woebegon, thanks to Garrison Keillor.

desper-otto said...

Oops, that should be "Wobegon."

BTW, Harry Potter fans would recognize DRACO Malfoy of Slytherin House. You know from his name the type of character he's going to be.

Anonymous said...

Yes Boomer! That trumpster better be huuge or at least be emptied alot early on. There us a lot of trash that needs to be cleaned out after 8 years. Lol.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning!

Great puzzle, C.C., lots of fun this morning! I loved so many of the clues, and I smiled as I realized the misdirection. Some of my favorites: Juice provider--Orange?, Colo Setting--Mts?, Computer support--FAQ? Ah, no. Loved seeing DOUR; it's a solid adjective. Thanks so much.

Boomer, what a detailed tour! Very fine. Thank you.

Enjoy this day, everyone.

Big Easy said...

The North filled rapidly and when I got to 11D I sensed that this was a C.C. puzzle. Twins? Baseball? I didn't get the 'string' connection and actually had some difficulty finishing. But it wasn't too DRACONian; it was a Wednesday. Both 'How to Get Away With Murder' and VIOLA DAVIS ( had BETTE first) were complete unknowns and I had filled NONE instead of NOON as the clue that came before 'one'. I had to 'soldier on' to finally fill SOLDIER ON.

ANNEE, ULTA & TATAMI were other unknowns this am solved by perps.
OwenKL- you don't play with the 'bikini'; it's just the container.

Henry Deutschendorf, aka John Denver, obviously didn't like authority. His pilot's license had been revoked and he was flying anyway.

billocohoes said...

I'd suggest YOYO DIETING is a result, but it's never been a "plan". Like the old joke "This is a non-profit business, but we didn't plan it that way"

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

1A: Translates to "to this". An ad hoc committee is formed to perform a specific task. Funny, in all my years in the business world where comittees were always being formed, I don't ever remember hearing that term; and crazy terms were always being thrown around. I learned the term from doing these crossword puzzles.

Yellowrocks said...

Great puzzle, CC. I had to save the left half of the theme answers until near the end. The reveal and BIKINI helped tremendously. Having the D, I quickly thought of DRACONIAN and so DRACO. TA DA.
ULTA was new and OCHOA was buried so deeply I needed all perps for them.
John Denver was born in Roswell, New Mexico, and was named Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. The state I associate with him is WV. I love his COUNTRY ROADS. "Almost heaven, West Virginia." is my favorite tourist state, but it is in such economic trouble I wouldn't want to live there. I also like Denver's Sunshine on the Water.
Weekend Update is my favorite feature on SNL.
Our gas prices are rising.
I read East of Eden twice and saw the movie twice. Great!
Time to SOLDIER on, one of my frequently used expressions.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Perfect puzzle for me - Several times I thought that I wasn't going to be able to finish, but just kept plugging away and got it all without help. I erased cUNY for SUNY, Geena DAVIS for VIOLA DAVIS, and reP for COP. Didn't know VIOLA DAVIS, but we may have encountered her here recently. Other unknowns were PAD THAI, Mary Barra, ANNEE and TATAMI.

Favorite today was OUTLET for juice provider. Least favorite was ANNEE for year in Provence. Don't know where Provence is; don't care to know.

Great write up Boomer. Thanks to both you and CC for a fun start to the day.

tawnya said...

Good morning!

I feel like this is an all-star week, Bruce and Gail Monday, Bruce Tuesday, C.C. Wednesday...I like knowing the constructors, it gives me a good idea of how I will fare. C.C. did not disappoint with punny clues and baseball and food! Thank you to Boomer for the expose. Hands up for every mistake everyone else made!

I did not remember the Talkin' Baseball song! Here are the lyrics if you are interested.

For the Instagram people, you should follow Bikini the Pig and her friends. The guy has eight or so older dogs and the pot-belly Bikini. It's adorable.

@BigEasy: I had to read more about John Denver and you are correct, his license had been revoked for a year! He was flying a kit plane and the NTSB report stated he was trying to switch fuel tanks when he crashed into the bay. Very sad day for his fans.

I too am interested as to how everyone accesses the puzzle from their iPad. Finally got one for Christmas and it doesn't support uClick so no Mensa site...

Spent yesterday at a DIY mechanic shop with DH installing a new exhaust system on his little car. Neat set up - rent a bay by the hour and they supply the tools and a little help if you need it. I was the only female in the place and received many comments about how their wives would never come help them do anything. I toasted them all as soon as I got home!

We have family in town for the next 5 days. Two nephews, 6 and 8, brought their new puppy to visit Grandma. Should be a little crazy but I hope to stop in to say hi!

Happy Wednesday!


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks for pinch-hitting, Boomer. Enjoyed your write-up.

Had a little trouble parsing YOYO-DIETING, but OUTLET fixed that. Having at bar before AT BAY didn't help.
SUNY - Good to see SUNY at Buffalo. BH and I attended graduate school there in the sixties. I think Misty attended there, too, a couple years after me.

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you CC and thank you Boomer.

Note to self: Avoid puzzle solving when still half asleep.

Started in the SW and saw the clue indicating circles, so I opened the LA Times but didn't see any circles.

Threw in answers without checking the crosses. Should have went back to bed. Entered NONE for before one. MTN for Denver setting. CFOS before VIPS. ASH CAN before ASH BIN. OGLES before LEERS. SWAT AT before SLAP AT. PEAGUN before AIRGUN. IRKED before IRATE. BELT for SPOT. BUTCHER (Susan) for DOGSLED. ORO before OSO. Worst of all ? I keyed in IRIS for iris layer, but took that one out as fast as I keyed it in.

Was getting nowhere fast.

At that point, I decided to pause the game (online option) and brew a half pot of coffee. I came within a half wrist twsit of putting the coffee in the filter basket without the paper filter.

Got going again and rechecked all of my entries. Got it all done with no help, but my time BALLOONed to 28:40.

The coffee helped, but I don't think I'll be making any consequential decisions today.

Humorous write up Boomer. I always enjoy your guest appearances.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

This was such a fun CW so thank you C.C. - loved the theme and Boomer, your expo was delightful.
Only a few unknowns : TONYOLIVIA ( nice pic, Boomer), TATAMI and BIKINIATOLL

A few stumbles : I also wanted orange for "juice provider" ( this was my favorite clue) and had lan for LAP and ash can for ASHBIN

I did know VIOLADAVIS right away. "How to Get Away With Murder" is one of my favorite shows and I've been a huge fan of her work since seeing her in "The Help"

Desper-otto, DRACO Malfoy was my first thought with 2D - a great reference to his personality :) His character along with many others were named for stars and constellations - Sirius, Andromeda, Scorpious, Regulus, Bellatrix to name a few.

Happy Wednesday! ��

inanehiker said...

Creative puzzle - at first I thought the theme was going to be about the beach since I had BALL and BIKINI but hadn't quite filled in the YOYO or VIOLA yet which blew that hypothesis.

SSI is just for people with disabilities over age 18 - regular Social Security starts at age 62+.

Thanks Boomer for filling in and CC for the puzzle!
Daughter is still here from Seattle so I am putting off work for one more day!
Will get to baking some of the cookies that the dough is chilling in the frig

Lemonade714 said...

Boomer if you do not know Pad Thai you are missing out on a great meal. I wonder how long it would take if I sent you a sample of my wife's version? Hmm.

Like all C.C. puzzle I sit in awe of her use of English and her ability to find a theme in such simple places and then execute it with the perfect reveal.

I did not know/remember ULTA but the rest filled.

Thanks Boomer and C.C.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Always delighted to see CC as the constructor because it means a clever theme, tricky (but fair) clues, fresh fill, and, most of all, an enjoyable solving experience. After filling in Balloon and Yoyo, my first thought was a Toy Theme but Bikini changed that thought to something to do with strings and, sure enough, the reveal confirmed it. I must admit, I missed seeing the asterisk for Viola so Boomer's expo was even more enlightening. I think my only w/o was Osa/Oso but I needed perps for Ulta and a few others.

Thanks, CC, for bringing some sunshine into an otherwise gloomy winter day and thanks, Boomer, for your witty and lively expo.

Tawnya, hope you are enjoying your respite from the academic grind and getting lots of catnaps in!

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I use this bookmark on my iPad Mini for the L A Times crossword

Husker Gary said...

-SLO/ULTA was right! File this under “Got ‘er done” and “Even blind squirrels find some acorns”
-There is always just enough spice to make C.C.’s puzzle very tasty and coupled with Boomer’s wit, AAH!
-The ARCS in my world
-Leaving On A Jet Plane was a foot in the solo door for Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.
-My car idles a little in heat or cold now that I can start it with my iPhone from anywhere
-Add PAD THAI to the list of what I know only here
-My friend who worked at SSI used Lysol on her desk this time of year for street people who literally came in out of the cold
-Boomer, that texting driver passed me at 70mph yesterday
-DRACO is a constellation that snakes between the Dippers
-Needing a CPA for taxes is a sign that our system is too damned complicated!
-I’ll bet many here have used these OUTLET devices
-No matter who is president, this country will SOLDIER ON
-My mother said, “Tend to your own knitting!” She never did!

CanadianEh! said...

I knew we were in for some fun when I saw it was a C.C. puzzle. Thanks (and also to Boomer for the fun exposition). Great photo with TONY.

Of course, I was looking for baseball and confidently filled in At Bat for AT BAY!
Hand up for Swat At before SLAP AT, and None before NOON (clever misdirection).
Olay became ULTA, an unknown to me.
Annum became ANNEE when I realized that I needed French (from Provence) not Latin.
I too like the word DOUR.

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Hand-held cell phone/distracted driving fines up to $1000 in Canadian provinces do not seem to have reduced the number of drivers texting that I have seen (even like HuskerG on the highway!). Some suggest MADD should now stand for Mothers Against Distracted Driving.

Irish Miss said...

Speaking of catnaps, where is Mr. Meow, AKA CED? I hope his absence means he's enjoying the sun and sand in Naples! ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿผ ๐Ÿ„ ๐ŸŽฃ ๐Ÿ– ๐ŸŒž

Lucina said...

Thanks, Boomer, for an amusing commentary! I always enjoy your witty writing.

And thank you, C.C., for another impressive puzzle! Good stuff! No problems as I'm familiar with ULTA, VIOLA DAVIS, also a huge fan since The Help, DRACO and ADHOC. Not familiar with TONYOLIVA but now I recall seeing that photo once before.

Have a lovely day, everyone! I'll be at a luncheon with friends.

As usual no drek in C.C.'s puzzles and only

JD said...

Good morning all,
Double fun today! I continue to be amazed at your knowledge of English phrases, C.C., that sometimes stump me . Again, I left one little hole where an elusive S should have been. MST. My 1st thought was mts, and even though I went thru the alphabet for _oldieron, I could not see it, vertically challenging.

Boomer, thanks for your humorous write up.By dour, I was laughing out loud. DH agreed with your comments as he is not a CW fan, although he is my sports encyclopedia . I did know Tony Oliva and remembered that photo.

New word for me: tatami.

Anyone who hasn't tried pad thai is missing a real treat... yum.

Ol' Man Keith said...

C.C. & Boomer - a tough combo!

Ya got me. I could not for the life of me get why TOYOD EATING must be a bad nutritional plan -- nor why being AT BAT should be considered a "defensive" position. But C.C. knew the correct answers, and Boomer straightened me out.
I think together you have shown me a serious weakness in my solving skills, that if I should stumble upon any blend of words that just happen to fit the empty squares, why, that's what I will stick with. Not very smart. But that's why we do these things, isn't it? To discover (some of) our mental quirks and to learn and improve.
I am now a little smarter.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Erred with SRO, standing room only for 63d. Instead of SLO (that's a street or road warning, you don't walk slowly on pavement If ulta is a big name in beauty products I never heard of it. Oh well....almost finished

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, C.C, for another fun puzzle.

Loved the write-up, Boomer.... filled with tidbits and lots of humor!

Steve said...

Nice job, C.C. and Boomer!

If anyone wants a knockout recipe for Pad Thai, zing me an email and I'll send it along.

CrossEyedDave said...

Yes Irish Miss,
I just finished the puzzle sitting on the beach.

Sorry, no cakes for a while, the IPad is very temperamental...

Let's see if I can pull some strings on this dang apple contraption
and post a link...

OwenKL said...

I've never seen ULTA on the store shelves, but one of these is in what used to be Borders Books (*sigh*) here in Santa Fe, and looking for this photo, they seem to be ubiquitous nation-wide.

I knew DRACO was a cognate for dragon, and base for Draconian, but didn't know it was an actual person. He sounds disturbingly like some politicians of today. For instance, he ruled that suffrage was restricted to free men who (in our terms) owned a gun.

[Just note the intros of these links.] SSI = Supplemental Security Income, which is different from SSDI. I began collecting SSD in my 40s, which was switched to SS when I hit 65, but never SSI.

Originally I described my mood last nite as DOUR when my first licks were about mushroom CLOUDS and the likes. Be glad I deleted a few.

Hand up for Mts > MNT > MST, Orange > OUTLET, aMIR > EMIR, NOne > NOON, ANNUM > ANNEE, hOLD ? iRON > SOLDIER ON, ASHcan > ASHBIN, teND > MIND, SrO > SLO (thinking the pavement in front is where a theater would put a sign).

Yellowrocks said...

Happy belated birthday, Dudley. You are one of my favorites.
During my home stay in Japan I slept in a room reserved for ancestor worship surrounded by mementos to them. I slept on a futon placed on tatami mats. At sushi restaurants in NJ we sit on cushions placed on tatami mats. Spell check changes tatami and futon to weird alternatives.

Anonymous T said...

Whoot! Three total-WAGs right! H-G, this blind squirrel found a nut too!

Late today because I'm under the weather. I've finally gotten off the couch but what a bummer way to spend a vacation day :-(

Thanks C.C. This was hard for me as I knew none of the names (except MIDAS and MOORE). Thanks Boomer for the wit in the writeup.

WOs: WEES, none/NOON; SwatAT.
ESPs: Most of the names; TATAMI; ULTA
WAGs: the EA in UVEA and the L in SLO

Favs: c/a for NOEL and COP.


Back to the couch. I hope I've over the weather tomorrow.

Cheers, -T

Hahtoolah said...

How very sad that Debbie Reynolds has died a day after daughter, Carrie.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Struggled a tad with today's project but ultimately got 'er done. Thanks C.C.!

Thanks also, once again, for the birthday greetings yesterday and today. The Corner has nice manners!

OwenKL said...

11d. Twins legend who was the first DH to hit a home run
What is DH?

Anonymous T said...

NyQuil doesn't work says...

OKL: DH = Designated Hitter. DH is a batter used in American League for the pticher. Pitchers hit in the NL unless in an AL park during the World Series.

Cheers, -T

Harmon Killebrew said...


DH = Designated Hitter (only allowed in American League Ballparks. A Designated Hitter usually bats for the pitcher, but does not play in the field.

Anonymous said...

The DH is a batter in the AL. Look it up.

Wilbur Charles said...

Everything I might have said was actually said. Loved Boomer's write-up and I certainly didn't spot any C's in Owen's licks.

And, yes, Tony Oliva = CC XW. Where's Hondo when we're Talkin baseball. Ok, I'll pinch-hit;. 1967 to a Twins Fan is like 1978 to a Sox fan.

Two of the great Pennant race seasons. Of course the term is obsolete with double wildcards although a few years ago we had Boston and Tampa juxtaposed with the mutual denouments occurring within minutes.

Boy, I've gone on and on. I wonder if CC reads this blog. But my DW(to borrow y'all's term) announced as I was about to view the tape the next morning: "You'll be sorrryy".

Xword wise, I had to WAG SLO as ULTA was a Natick for me.

Ps. Where do you think Thai cooking as we know it came from if not ultimately places like Provence.

The great U. R.

Ps2. Speaking of Unreadsville, I better run over to Tuesday and check out any late posts.

Picard said...

Enjoyed the STRINGS theme!

Only got ULTA because there is one a ten minute walk from my home. But after lots of Google attempts I still cannot find the origin of the name. It looks like someone spelled ULTrA wrong. Does anyone know the origin?

Yes, the origin of John Denver's name was much easier to find!

Agree about distracted driving. I bicycle more than I drive. The anti-texting law has led to motorists pulling into the bike lane to text. Just happened to me a few minutes ago and it was quite scary. I don't even own a smart phone and enjoy being off grid most of the time!