Dec 30, 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: We play the game to WIN!

Returning to the perch he ruled in 2016, is JW with a superb reveal. With two grid spanners and two 13 letter fill, he packs 56 letters in the theme answers, each of which has WIN inside twice. This would be a somewhat pedestrian theme for a wit like JW, but for the perfect 15 letter reveal. In life I am tired of people trying to talk me into WIN WIN situations but the puzzle was great. There is so much nice fill such as INNARDS,  EGOTIST, DISRAELI,  ESTONIAN,  SCARED OF,  THE PRADO, IS IT ENOUGH,  I WON'T DANCE.  Let's solve this puppy!

17A. Its B-side was "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" : BLOW'IN IN THE WIND (15). I really lucked out here as I was a big Bob Dylan fan when this came out. I saw the WIN WIN right away. I used sing Don't Think Twice, It's All Right to myself in my Junior year in high school. LISTEN.

25A. Portable ventilation option : TWIN WINDOW FAN (13). I was not positive THIS existed, but it had win/win, so....

43A. Repair shop vehicle features : TOWINWINCHES (13). Then we see this DEVICE.
The reveal!

57A. Mediator's goal ... and what's found in three puzzle answers : WIN WIN SITUATION (15).


1. British prime minister before and after Gladstone : DISRAELI. If you like history this was quite a RIVALRY.

9. Fifth-century conqueror : ATTILA. He is extremely popular in the Xword world.

15. Baltic native : ESTONIAN. Across the sea from Finland sits this COUNTRY.

16. A quarter of the time? : SEASON. Really fun clue and fill; one of the four seasons.

19. Flower part : SEPAL.

20. Actor Daniel __ Kim : DAE. From LOST to the reboot of Hawaii 5-0, he works. LINK.

21. Bony opening : OSTEO.

22. Arising from : BORN OF.

24. Miss, say : ERR.

31. 1976 African uprising site : SOWETO. This HISTORY is too political to discuss here, but....

32. Longtime NBC hit : SNL. Saturday Night Live.

33. Flip-flop revelations : TOES. What a cute way to clue feet and toes.

36. Armada leaders? : PROWS. They stick out in front as they are the portion of a ship's bow above water

37. Bewilder : STUMP.

38. Email status : SENT.

39. Sallie __ : MAE. Student loan debt.

42. Bad mark : STIGMA.

46. Criterion: Abbr. : STD. Standard.

48. Cast components : ACTORS.

49. Overflowing (with) : AWASH.

51. Suffix indicating residency : ITE.

52. "Just like me" : AS AM I.

60. Los Angeles region bordering Tarzana : ENCINO.

61. Fearing : SCARED OF.

62. Judged : DEEMED. A favorite word in Orders.

63. Where to see Velázquez's "Las Meninas" : THE PRADO. The MUSEUM for art in Spain.


1. Aristocratic newcomers : DEBS. Debutantes.

2. Key : ISLE. A gimme for any Floridian.

3. Block : STOP.

4. Seats by the orchestra pit : ROW A. This took an extra second to parse.

5. Blue dye : ANIL.

6. A, in Augsburg : EIN.

7. Applied, as stucco : LAID ON.

8. Working parts : INNARDS. Does not sound like a real word but it IS.

9. Etna ejection : ASH. Volcanic by nature.

10. Irk : TEE OFF .3. Slang To make angry or disgusted: The impertinent remarks teed the speaker off.

11. Shooting marbles : TAWS. plural noun: taws, a large marble. Nope, not me.

12. "Can we do more?" : IS IT ENOUGH. Perps all the way.

13. Hardly a bon vivant : LONER. One who loves life is seldom alone.

14. Words with a slash : AND/OR.

18. Mortise partner : TENON. You want know HOW?

22. CV section : BIO. The CurriculumVitae has education, work and biographic information.

23. Symbol of wisdom : OWL. I see a mini-theme. The modern West generally associates owls with wisdom. This link goes back at least as far as Ancient Greece, where Athens, noted for art and scholarship, and Athena, Athens' patron goddess and the goddess of wisdom, had the owl as a symbol. Add this to 30D. Story of Greek origin : ATTIC. This was a nice twist to force us to recall that in ancient Athens where the dialect of Greek used and the chief literary form of classical Greek was Attic.

25. Kitchen amts. : TSPS.

26. Modeled : WORE.

27. Jerome Kern title lyric preceding "don't ask me" : I WON' T DANCE. Nit. The music was written by Mr. Kern but not the lyrics. There were two sets of lyrics with the one sung by Fred Astaire in the movie Roberta, the one that became famous. Sinatra also covered the song.

28. Never before experienced by : NEW TO.

29. Oz. and lb. : WTS. Weights.

34. Soaps actress Rylan : EMME. We had her in September. Anyone remember?

35. Luxuriating locales : SPAS.

37. RR map dot : STN. Station.

39. __ drop : MIC. Filled by perps but it is POPULAR.

40. They're against it : ANTIS.

41. Tough person to bargain with : EGOTIST. You think it was accidental this clue is next to...

42. Kim, to Khloé : SIS.

44. "Hawaii Five-0" extra, perhaps : WAHINE.  All of our past corner Hawaii people know this is a Polynesian woman or wife.

45. Unfortunate sort : WRETCH.

46. Cut : SAWED.

47. It's often found in a ball : TWINE. Cute.

50. Part of an exercise regimen : SWIM.

52. Marketer of Medigap insurance plans : AARP.

53. Dump annex? : STER. Dumpster.

54. Opera set in Egypt : AIDA.

55. Disposition : MOOD.

56. It may be classified, briefly : INFO.

58. Okay : NOD.

59. Home of the Burj Kalifa: Abbr. : UAE. United Arab Emirate. There are SEVEN emirates. The Burj is the 163 story tallest structure at the moment.

Well we have done it again, and for last time in 2016. Thank you all for riding with us most Fridays; thank you Jeffrey for providing so many great Friday puzzles, and of course thank you C.C. for this blog and for being who you are. Lemonade out


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Jeffrey and Lemonade!

A nice Friday puzzle. The only unknowns were ATTIC and DROP. Easily filled in.

Watched a new show (for me). Usually watch only two hours or so when Harv is here. (I watch Jeopardy by myself.) It is called The Magicians. Sorta fun. Anyone else watch it?

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

FIR! Even got the theme ahead of the reveal! Although I did first think it was WINDOW > WIND > WIN-WIN.

I think I should have left my writer's block unchipped.
{B-, C-, C-, B-.}

If Winston Churchill ever went for common recreation
To Churchill Downs for wagering in participation;
And sitting at the rail, he
Bet on a horse, DISRAELI,
Who came in first, then 'twas a WIN WIN SITUATION!

Ships arrayed with their proud PROWS
AWASH with waves, what their bow ploughs!
LAID ON for journeys to begin;
While crude crews in ale-house carouse!

NEW unexpected miss, MAE DAE
Was BORN OF mother, Holly DAE,
And a welcome guy,
Her daddy, Fry;
MAE was born (you know I'll say) --
On a November night!

SCARED OF nothing, he never flinches --
His wife near used some TOWING WINCHES
To make him secure
A SPA pedicure
From her nail salon's TOE-ing wenches!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Found it tough, tough, tough. But got 'er done, done, done. Waited on perps for petAL/sepAL, Wite-Outed Mien for MOOD, and misread Rylan as Ryan -- didn't matter. I really thought JW was gonna force me to chalk up a loss this morning, but it all came together in usual Friday time. Thanx, JW and Lemonade.

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you Jeffrey and TIA Lwmonade. Will have to read you later.

Took a while to get a grip. You know, footholds and toeholds. The middle area yielded fruit, and I got TWIN WINDOW FAN. "Ah, something to do with IN IN", I thought. Noticed the WIN WIN when BLOWIN IN THE WIND became evident. Armed with WIN WIN, the reveal was a no-brained. It was one over those workplace sayings that would be iterated and reiterated throughout the years.

Took my time and not many type overs. Initially had LaBrea instead of ENCINO. That was my final area as I had never heard of that song, and have no idea who Jerome Kern is. Was really surprised when I didn't get the TADA at the end. Couldn't find my error. Nuts. There it is. OSSEO instead of OSTEO.

Have to run for now.

See all y'all later n'at !

RetFizz said...

Wow! Finished this puzzle, a Friday, in about half the time I took yesterday. There were so many gimmies to start with: Disraeli, Attila, Estonian, Soweto. Encino is only about 5 miles from here, and we spent a lot of time in the Prado on our two trips to Spain. Then the reveal came with “Blowin’ in the Wind,” which made the other long answers much easier. After that it was just a matter of perps and fills and no lookups or red letters and ta-da! Thank you Jeffrey, for such a fun puzzle, and thanks Lemonade for your link-laden expo. How do you do it?

Speaking of Estonia, on a Northern European trip some years ago, as we were flying via SAS from Stockholm to Leningrad, along the Gulf of Finland, the stewardess told us we were passing Soviet Estonia on our right, and under no circumstances should we try to take any pictures out the window. As soon as her back was turned, my DW immediately whipped out our camera and started snapping away. Such is the way she was. And I once won a bet with a European dinner companion who insisted that there was no language close to Finnish; actually Finns and Estonians can easily understand each other.

Although the Prado is by far the most famous, there are two other major museums in Madrid, the Queen Sofía and the Thyssen-Bornemisza.

It's late. Where is everybody?

Oas said...

A little overtime this morning. Didn't give up and eventually the only open square was 39 . Did not know Sallie mae or mic drop. After Blowin in the wind and twin window fan things speeded up. Took long enough tho for my coffee to cool off. Thanks again and happy new year

RetFizz said...

TTP, surely you've heard "Old Man River"? Jerome Kern wrote the music, Oscar Hammerstein wrote the lyrics—from the musical "Show Boat." Paul Robeson sang it in the movie version. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

OK, what is so "portable" about a TWIN WINDOW FAN?

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I had a tad more trouble with this than I usually have with JW's offerings but, in the end, everything fell into place. Hand up for LaBrea before Encino and it took perps to dredge up Disraeli, even though I knew that was the answer. Attic, as clued, was an unknown.

Nice job, Jeffrey, and thanks, Lemony, for broadening our horizons with the detailed expo.

Today is one of my sister's 80th birthday and one of my brother's 65th wedding anniversary. Best wishes to all.

Have a great day.

Yellowrocks said...

A win-win puzzle. Thanks Jeff and Lemon. Easy to suss theme.
I Won't Dance? Not I. Any day I always say yes.
Never heard of CV, only curriculum vitae, so BIO was all perps. DAE was also perps.
Here is a twin window fan, usually quite light. Many other window fans are easily portable too.
Love Jerome Kern.

BunnyM said...

Had a rough start since I didn't know DISRAELI. The PM's known to me wouldn't work ( May, Cameron and Churchill) ESTONIAN was too deep in my brain for me to remember and I wanted stalk for SEPAL. Once I looked up 1A, the NW corner fell into place.

The only playing marbles I can ever remember are aggies and steelies so that was perps.

My newspaper edition had a typo in 42D- Khloá instead of Khloé but easy enough to figure out ( lol, Lemonade at the proximity of EGOTIST)

Favorite fun clues were "Armada leaders ", "A quarter of the time?" and "Flip-flop revelations" Sure wish I was on an ISLE revealing my TOES ;)

Got the reveal before I had all of the theme answers completed. What a fun puzzle - thanks Jeffrey!
Thanks Lemonade for a great expo as always :)

Hard to believe the year is almost over ( and boy, has it been a surreal one).
Happy Friday to all!

Wilbur Charles said...

Perhaps, after getting a fast start we bogged down around the TWINWINDOWFANS. I thought I might have to put it down but got a second wind.

I was thinking of Daniel DAY Lewis; DAE and TENON (The E) was a EdCtdG. Educated, as in nothing else worked.

Lemonade and Mr Weschler Always give us our money's worth.

Owen, I liked your last, best. I bought the book about Winnie's great escape from the Boers.

Also I had a very late post about your Zeno lick which I hoped you'd enjoy. I tried to match you enigma for enigma, inscrute for inscrute.

TWINE tied this xw together for me(groan)

WC in real time

Lucina said...

When DISRAELI filled, followed by ESTONIAN, BLOWIN' and SEPAL, I thought JW must be softening on us, then I hit the center. TWINWINDOWFANS took a very long while to emerge and having RUANDA didn't help.

I escaped to the bottom and immediately saw THE PRADO with which I'm very familiar then floated to the top. It wasn't easy, but quite doable. After erasing Ruanda, SOWETO took all six perps to complete. EMME was unfamiliar as no, I don't recall her from anytime before. WIN WIN stood out and knowing that helped.

Thank you, JW and Lemonade. What an auspicious way to end Fridays in 2016.

Have a terrific day, everyone!

Big Easy said...

It started so easily in the North that I thought it would be a breeze today but when I came to the TWIN WINDOW FAN (never seen one before your picture) the answer was BLOWIN' IN THE WIND. I managed to make it through all except the extreme SW and only finished after the WIN WIN SITUATION was filled. I try NOT to read the theme clue until the end because it makes solving the puzzle easier but without it I wouldn't have finished. I had never heard the song I WON'T DANCE (or Daniel DAE Kim)

MIC drop- I wish constructors would drop that clue.
CV section? Constant Velocity joint in a front wheel drive car. BIO was perps, as was ATTIC.
When somebody comes to you with a deal and calls it a WIN-WIN proposition it really means he will win and you will get screwed. They want you to put up the money that will disappear.

Bunny M- I remember aggies and steelies but TAW & AGATE marbles are X-word staples.

Lemonade714 said...

Here is YR's LINK .

Fermat, I have watched a few episodes of The Magicians , like The Librarians better.

Alfred said...

Wilbur, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Lemonade most definitely gives us our money's worth!
Just his Titles alone are worth the price of admission. Everything else is just a bonus.

Husker Gary said...

-My first pass at Jeff’s wonderful puzzle teased me with “maybe’s” that eventually fell
-What Lemon said!
-When I decline I often use this Dylan song (4:09)
-STUMP The Stars was a pantomime game show from the 60’s
-Being AWASH in cash is no guarantee of happiness
-TEE OFF? I inadvertently swerved into a discussion of the past election and…
-“Papa, someone actually WORE clothes like that?
-The biggest one!
-Everyone can SWIM? I’m exhibit A of the ANTIthesis of that!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I would have gotten DISRAELI had the clue been "Cream album ___ Gears", but had no chance as actually clued. Another brain fart was thinking of Frankie Valli's "Don't Think Twice" instead of the original by the master. Major V8 moment when i figured it out. I disliked the clue for IS IT ENOUGH. I thought it was clumsy, even considering crossword liberties. "Will we make it?" or "still hungry?" would have been much better than "can we do more?" IMO. The rest was fun but hard.

I Googled or Tivoed SOWETO, I WON'T DANCE, EMME Rylan and burj khalifa's home in addition to the esteemed Disraeli. But having done so, at least I didn't have any bad cells.

Atlanta has an aging shopping area near Buckhead called "The Prado". Not a single art gallery in the mix, but my boss's favorite restaurant was there.

I tip my hat for all of you who got this toughie without help. And thanks to JW and Lemonade for your hard work on this Saturday-grade challenge.

Yellowrocks said...

Lemon, thanks for printing the link. Someday, hopefully, when my patience returns I will become adept at the new way to link.
These days my life seems to be all patient(s).
Today Alan said he had the dreaded D malady and wanted Imodium. He has always seemed to be on the money with this so gave it to him. Then I discovered he has the opposite malady. Arrgh! The almost daily medical decisions based on shaky evidence are wearing. Also he makes no differentiation between mild and acute. If being with him almost 24/7 I still have a problem with this, what will happen when he is cared for in rotating shifts after I cannot do it? I contributed much to help the hospital and nursing home rehab understand his needs.
On top of that, little issues are magnified to avoid going to work. End of rant.
Reminds me of this funny Shel Siverstein Poem. (See below)

Yellowrocks said...

I cannot go to school today! by Shel Silverstein

"I cannot go to school today"
Said little Peggy Ann McKay.
"I have the measles and the mumps,
A gash, a rash and purple bumps.

My mouth is wet, my throat is dry.
I'm going blind in my right eye.
My tonsils are as big as rocks,
I've counted sixteen chicken pox.

And there's one more - that's seventeen,
And don't you think my face looks green?
My leg is cut, my eyes are blue,
It might be the instamatic flu.

I cough and sneeze and gasp and choke,
I'm sure that my left leg is broke.
My hip hurts when I move my chin,
My belly button's caving in.

My back is wrenched, my ankle's sprained,
My 'pendix pains each time it rains.
My toes are cold, my toes are numb,
I have a sliver in my thumb.

My neck is stiff, my voice is weak,
I hardly whisper when I speak.
My tongue is filling up my mouth,
I think my hair is falling out.

My elbow's bent, my spine ain't straight,
My temperature is one-o-eight.
My brain is shrunk, I cannot hear,
There is a hole inside my ear.

I have a hangnail, and my heart is ...
What? What's that? What's that you say?
You say today is .............. Saturday?
G'bye, I'm going out to play!"

OwenKL said...

Wilbur: Yes, I enjoyed your post last nite, and noticed that you had competently paralleled my lick with your comment! I think one would have to know Zeno's paradoxes in advance to even begin to understand that one!

Big Easy: Mic drop is becoming a common trope, though spelling mic for mike is like feedback whine to me. But I guess they're making mics sturdier these days. Once, mic drop would make mic go BOOM!

I watched the first few episodes of Magicians and enjoyed it, but then something else I wanted to see more got scheduled opposite it, and it's one of those shows where once I lose the thread, the ongoing plot loses me. Also, while I love hard sci-fi and superheroes, there have been so many vampire/werewolf/zombie/etc shows that I'm getting very selective about any series with any sort of supernatural content.

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. We are getting some more rain here. I love it! We recently had our roof checked over with skylights etc. resealed. I turned off the lawn sprinklers more than a week ago and they're still off. It's never enough for me though the people who live in the areas of recent brush fires may be threatened by mudslides if the rain keeps up too long. The Rose Parade almost always showcases beautiful Chamber-of-Commerce weather. Maybe not this time (Monday).

I was working on the puzzle late last night and thought it was harder than usual, appropriate for a Friday. Many of the clues seemed tricky but ultimately fair. I would get stuck in one area and then some letter or word would be revealed and snowball into a larger area of success. I needed a little help in a couple of places but then enjoyed the end result.

From late last night: "Have we tried unplugging 2016 waiting ten seconds and plugging it back in?"

Bill G. said...

YR, I've always loved than poem. Jordan and I have read it together several times along with several other of Shel's masterpieces including another favorite about the girl who wouldn't take the garbage out.

I feel bad for what you are going though. Good luck to both of you.

Thanks Jeffrey and Lemon.

oc4beach said...

The last Friday of the year proved to be just as tough as most of the other Fridays of the year, especially JW's. But, I'm not complaining. It was a good puzzle that needed Perps and Red Letter help to get through. Lemon did his usual outstanding explanation that pulled things together and provided the head slaps that resulted.

Like others, I got the first four clues and figured it was going to be a breeze, but I was left BLOWININTHEWIND by the TWINWINDOWFANs, etc. I didn't get the WIN/WIN until I read Lemon's write up. Anytime I hear someone use WIN-WIN, my skin crawls because I think that anyone using the term is out to screw me. WIN-WIN situations in my experience are definitely NOT.

I had a few other errors along the way like STOMA vs SEPAL, DAY vs DAE, EMMY vs EMME and SLASH vs SAWED. I also had GUM vs MIC because I had never heard of MIC drop (I guess I lead a sheltered life.)

CV just did not compute even though I have reviewed many Resumes over the years and should have recognized CV as Curriculum Vitae. CVs are geared more to the academic community where Resumes are more common in the business community where I came from.

I hope next year is a great one for everyone.

TTP said...

Back for a few minutes. Read the review and got caught up on all of the comments, including my own. Where is my proofreader ? :)

Good stuff Lemonade. Lwmonade. D'oh !

RetFizz, thanks for the help. I do remember the song Old Man River. Perhaps I will remember Jerome Kern's name in the future.

Yellowrocks, never read that poem before, but it's funny.

I remember Daniel Dae Lewis from Last of The Mohicans. Not to be confused with Daniel D-Day from Animal House.

From last evening, welcome back Misty !

Oc4beach, even with so many college football games, I'm not yet sated. More games to come. IS IT ENOUGH for you ?

Speaking of which, I'd better get back to chores and errands. Don't want to have to be heading to the grocery store tomorrow !

Go Buckeyes !

Michael said...

I'm with Irish Miss here -- as clued, the 'Story of Greek origin' gives this below from Google: no way does 'Attic' fit in. I must be missing something, but what?

"The Creation

In the beginning there was only Chaos. Then out of the void appeared Erebus, the unknowable place where death dwells, and Night. All else was empty, silent, endless, dark. Then, Love was born bringing along the beginning of order. From Love emerged Light, followed by Gaea, the earth.
Erebus slept with Night, eventually giving birth to Ether, the heavenly light, and to Day, the earthly light. Then, Night alone created Doom, Fate, Death, Sleep, Dreams, Nemesis, and all things that dwell in the darkness haunting mankind.
Meanwhile, Gaea alone gave birth to Uranus, the sky. Uranus became Gaea's husband, surrounding her on all sides. Together, they produced the three Cyclopes, the three Hecatoncheires, and twelve Titans."

oc4beach said...

TTP @ 12:48pm: Not until after the Rose Bowl.

Anonymous T said...

Happy Friday all!

4 lookups and still DNF - Kern wasn't behind I caNT DANCE... Oh, well, it was fun; thanks Jeffrey. Thanks Lem for the expo (I too wondered what a TWIN WINDOW FAN was - twin fans or windows?).

WOs: SEcond b/f SEASON; OrThO b/f OSTEO
Lookups: DAE, EMME, and 1a.
Re: 1a - Really? I need to know PMs going back to 1874? I can go back to 1984 (though I probably couldn't get them in the right order...) but geesh...

Fav: C/A for ATTIC when it (I think) dawned on me: a story in the architectural since. One above the second floor, no?

Today, the ANTIS (not the eyes) had it. I really wanted eyes for both my marbles and __drops.


Oc4beach - CV clicked for me 1) DW is in academia and 2) that's what I've seen resumes called from folk in the UK.

YR - Sorry to hear re: Alan. The poem reminds me of the Girls when it's their turn to clean up after a particularly complicated AND/OR big dinner. :-)

WIN-WIN? IS IT ENOUGH? No, nowadays you hear WIN-WIN-WIN... //sigh

Cheers, -T

Misty said...

I got no sleep last night--zero. Took two Advil PMs--all that's allowed in 24 hours--but no sleep ever came. Tried a nap a few hours ago, and no sleep came. My travel has totally messed up my sleep and I'm feeling simply desperate.

As a result I wasn't even going to try a Jeffrey Wechsler Friday puzzle. But with no energy or strength for anything else, I gave it a go and to my surprise got the top half. Stopped to try the Friday Diabolical Sudoku--of course didn't get it, and came back to the JW puzzle. To my surprise I finished it, and finished it correctly. Yay, Hurray! One small blessing on an otherwise depressing and scary day. So many thanks, Jeffrey, and you too, Lemonade. The blog always cheers me up.

Sorry about your rough time, Yellowrocks. Have a good day, everybody, and pray that I get some sleep.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

It's another JW Friday!

Story, as in the various levels of a house, ATTIC being the top one. The word is ultimately of Greek origin, though for the use in that sense, the derivation seems a bit convoluted.

Like the theme, lots of fresh fill.

Made it through, except for one fingerfehler. Oh, well.

Happy weekend, everyone.

Cool regards!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Not an easy climb this one. The cluing made it tough to gain a foothold. The only gimmes (for me) were 5-A, 20-A, 24-A, 32-A, 39-A, 46-A, and 6-D. Lest these seem a lot, note that they are all three-letter fills. Many of the rest allowed for multiple answers, which throws a wrench into solving by perps.
Still, I managed to avoid absolute cheats, using the net for occasional confirmations. This helped me avoid self-imposed restrictions--such as holding out for a Spanish article to precede PRADO.
It helped to take note of the repeat appearances of WIN. I didn't know the precise nature of the theme until the end, but each "W" caused me to expand it to a full WIN--and thus to crack the longer fills.
I enjoyed INNARDS. And re-learned TAWS. Thanks, Mr. W.
In the end, it all came clear. I summitted at last. I can't say I felt a powerful Ta-DAH, but still I finished, if not with a Bang....

Ol' Man Keith said...

I have to say that none of the derivation tales concerning ATTIC occurred to me. I just know ATTIC as a common and therefore useful adjective pertaining to anything that's classical Greek.
A quick dictionary check (now, after the fact) tells me that ATTIC refers to the dialect of Greek used in the Golden Age. So, that's why we encounter it so often.

Anonymous T said...

OMK - I didn't know about the dialect. I looked up what Lem said and was going to detract it as my Fav. I was thinking like JzB and found ATTIC base in Doric architecture which I vaguely remembered from grade-school.

Maybe JW had a double-pun for us today(?). JW, care to comment?

Cheers, -T

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

This one was tricky, but still I had quite good luck. Mostly that means first guesses turned out right. Managed a legitimate no-peeky. Thanx, Jeff Wex and Lemon.

Bobbi said...

A big " me too" for MIC DROP and ATTIC ( huh??). Went crazy trying to remember PP and M's "B" side. Now I'll be humming it all day long: " How many years ...."!!

OwenKL said...

Michael: Wrong story. The one you need is here:

traditionally explained as from Greek Attikos (Latin Atticus) "of Athens" (see Athens); but perhaps ultimately from Greek akte "shore, maritime place," also "raised place."

Attic (adj.)
1590s, "pertaining to Attica," from Latin Atticus, from Greek Attikos "Athenian, of Attica," the region around Athens (see Attica). Attested from 1560s as an architectural term for a type of column base.

attic (n.)
"top story under the roof of a house," 1855, shortened from attic storey (1724). The term Attic order in classical architecture meant a small, square decorative column of the type often used in a low story above a building's main facade, a feature associated with the region around Athens (see Attic). The word then was applied by architects to "a low decorative facade above the main story of a building" (1690s in English) to convey a classical heritage where none exists, and it came to mean the space enclosed by such a structure. The modern use is via French attique. "An attic is upright, a garret is in a sloping roof" [Weekley].

Anonymous T said...

OKL - Wow! Thanks for the research - more than my MTV* (I'm still reading that) attention-span Google'd for gravitas :-)

JW - Are we overthinking this? Was it Rich (AND/OR by extension) Patti's clue? No shame in that. What did-it-is you meant? Inquiring minds* and all that.

More inquiry - did anyone try the 'Happy New Year!' iOS 10 Easter Egg FLN? Did it work for you?

Cheers, -T
*Gratuitous Weird Al link- I Want My MTV interviews him discussing how Michael Jackson enjoyed being SENT-up in Al's parodies. Tawnya: You'd like this... It's the INNARDS of our '80's.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Great puzzle from JW today. Seeing the theme early on certainly helped in the solve. Favorite clue/answer was "Flip-flop revelations" for TOES. Cute. Was unaware that the word ATTIC was of Greek origin. With all the discussion about it, I just might remember it for the next time. Thanks for your thorough and informative review, Lemonade.

From Wednesday--Thanks, C.C., for a very enjoyable puzzle. It's always a fun ride when Boomer guest blogs!

Welcome home, Misty. I hope you get some needed rest soon. Any photos to share with us?

YR, my thoughts are with you as you deal with the daily challenges of caring for Alan. He's lucky to have you.

I'm late to the party today as I made the 3+ hour round-trip drive this morning to go pick up my mother's mail and take it to her at the Assisted Living facility. She's not happy about being there, but it's where she needs to be for now. It's a very nice place and the staff is wonderful and accommodating. Enjoy the (rest of) the day!

CrossEyedDave said...


what is win win anyway?

Spitzboov said...

Hello everyone.

Liked Jeffrey's puzzle. He managed to pull the fill out of me so eventually, no look-ups were needed. THE PRADO was a complete WAG but it worked.
PROWS - As the Armada sailed up the English Channel with a following wind that July day in 1588, past Spithead Roads, it was led by its PROWS.

Wilbur Charles said...

Misty, I find watching golf on TV the ultimate NyQuil alternative. I take a natural thing called Minute which is chamomile, lemon grass and melatonin.

Then again, there's alcohol😂

Owen, I recalled Zeno's turtle but not to make a complete fool of myself I did a quick Google check

But couldn't put it into verse. Isn't there a genre for the poetry you used for Zeno? It may truly be an A+


Yellowrocks said...

Could your insomnia be jet lag, Misty? I wish you a sound sleep and happy dreams tonight.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

Good to meet another Silverstein lover, Bill. His garbage poem and his peanut butter one are two of our other favorites.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Fairly easy for a Friday puzzle. Enjoyed the Fred Astaire tap dance segment above, decades later on my cell phone no less. Could use some of that elegance and sophistication in the new year

Lemonade714 said...

all in all a fun Friday. thank you for the kind words; it is a pleasure blogging these puzzles and sharing my reactions.

Wilbur Charles said...

I meant Midnite, Misty.

No sports clues. We've been going Greek lately. Speaking of..

ETHER. Opposite of Day and where Wilbur does his posting

Well. It's almost Saturday, will Rich go to the bullpen for Mr Lin in case there's any cruciverbalist EGOTISM in here