Dec 21, 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016, Ron Toth & C.C. Burnikel

TITLE: A GOOD BEGINNING.  In Ron's (aka Jazzbumpa) and OUR FAIR LADY C.C.'s fun puzzle the word FAIR can precede each of the words in their fills for starred clues and generate another phrase.

Here's the grid that shows Ron and C.C. had two horizontal fills and three vertical fills.

This device and fun cluing/fill provide some respite on this First Day of Winter or Winter Solstice which has the fewest hours of daylight north of the equator. The North Pole has reached its maximum tilt away from the Sun but remember, from now on the hours of daylight get longer as we march on to Spring from here.

Let's take a look at the fun theme fill and the phrases Ron and C.C. gave us in this more than FAIR exercise:

6. *"I'd like a hand" : DEAL ME IN FAIR DEAL Truman's post WWII policy that had mixed results

17. *Exchange insults : TRADE BARBS - FAIR TRADE coffee, certified by Fair Trade USA

61. *Come-on for new customers : TRIAL OFFER - FAIR TRIAL - In To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom certainly did not get one

11. *Pretend to be out : PLAY POSSUM - FAIR PLAY - One organization he worked for in earnest

27. *Go-getter : BALL OF FIRE - A call of FAIR BALL after a wonderful jete! 

...and the reveal

39. Open to attack, and based on the starts of the answers to starred clues, what this puzzle is : FAIR GAME - She never said, "I want to be alone". She said, "I want to be left alone."

Now let's use our fewest hours of sunlight wisely and see what else C.C. and Ron have for us.


1. Herbal emanation : AROMA - Does FAIR TRADE coffee have a better AROMA?

6. Small valley : DELL - I know this farmer...

10. Inconsequential quarrel : SPAT

14. Ring unit : CARAT

15. Website with a Collectibles & Art section : E-BAY - $25,000? Really?

16. "Dark Angel" actress Jessica : ALBA 

19. Misses : GALS

20. Long fish : EEL

21. Grief : DOLOR - Produced Doh' ler

22. Biller, eventually : PAYEE

23. Thailand's previous name : SIAM - The Margaret Landon book that inspired the play by Rodgers and Hammerstein 

24. Sounding shocked : AGASP

26. "Tap the app, get a ride" company : UBER - An Omaha UBER driver took a lady to Denver for $877.61 two months ago

28. "¿Cómo __?" : ESTAS - "How are you?" Answer -  "Muy bien. ¿Y tú?" (Very good. And you?)

30. Cockney's wish? : OPE

33. "Get a move on!" : SNAP TO IT

35. Montreal brewery founded in 1786 : MOLSON

37. 1953 Leslie Caron film : LILI

38. Chaotic mess : SNAFU - There are obscene and sanitized versions of this acronym

40. Got mileage out of : USED

41. Words after a long delay : AT LAST - Other versions are just a pale reflection

43. Good news for borrowers : RATE CUTS

45. Former Prizm maker : GEO

46. Cola with emoji bottle labels : PEPSI

48. Holiday tubers : YAMS

49. Indigenous plant life : FLORA

51. Is sorry about : RUES - Red Sox fans RUED the day Boston sold The Babe to the hated Yankees

53. Not suitable : UNFIT

55. Formal wear at the Forum : TOGAS

57. Likely : APT

60. Hurt : PAIN

63. Throw caution to the wind : DARE - We hear his Charlie Brown Christmas music a lot this time of year but this is my favorite Vince Guaraldi song

64. Mixed martial artist Holly : HOLM  If you DARE to fight Holly HOLM, you're APT to feel a lot of PAIN

65. Aptly named novelist : READE

66. Washington bills : ONES - The mint has quit making the $1 coin since the Washington ONES remain much more popular

67. Word in a threat : ELSE

68. Spooky : EERIE


1. Entr'__ : ACTE - Intermission for The Agony And The Ecstasy

2. Ruth's Chris request : RARE

3. Type of exam : ORAL

4. Magazine with Don Martin cartoons : MAD - Where all my paper route money went and where my sarcasm was nurtured.

5. Was humbled : ATE DIRT

7. River of Spain : EBRO

9. Lille lily : LYS

10. Drawn-out tales : SAGAS

12. Up to the task : ABLE

13. Stun, in a way : TASE

18. __ constrictor : BOA and 
8. Test rodent : LAB RAT - Dinner for our 12' BOA at school

22. El __, Texas : PASO

23. Old photo tint : SEPIA

25. Entire spectrum : GAMUT - Of Katherine Hepburn, Dorothy Parker wrote, "She delivered a striking performance that ran the GAMUT of emotions, from A to B."

26. Join together : UNITE

29. Marquee listings : STARS - They knew the pecking order

31. Kilmer and Keats : POETS

32. Doesn't continue : ENDS

33. Smelting waste : SLAG

34. Convection oven brand : OSTER

36. Indiana Jones' creator : LUCAS - Amy - "Indiana Jones has no effect on the outcome of the movie, Sheldon. It would have turned out the same with or without him."

42. Stereotypical dog's name : SPOT - SHEP? Not so much.

44. Overgrown lot, e.g. : EYESORE

47. Security group : PATROL

50. Part of 52-Down : LINES and 52. Chi.-based flier : UAL - Yup!

53. French twist, for one : UPDO

54. Leavened flatbread : NAAN

56. Some museum art : OILS

57. Miles off : AFAR

58. Prefix with cure : PEDI - For those of us who do our own:

59. Palm or beech : TREE

61. Article often ignored in alphabetizing : THE

62. Service charge : FEE

Lets now hear your FAIR-MINDED comments:


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Ron, CC and Husker!

Very fast puzzle.

DOLOR and HOLM were new to me, but easily perped. DOLOR is pain in Spanish.

Still waiting for presents to arrive. Have to be wrapped. Ugh!

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

Leslie Caron & Zsa Zsa Gabor (R.I.P.) in LILI (1953).


A Septet of Couplets
- ------ -- --------
Western historians save pottery shards,
Range wire collectors even TRADE BARBS!

When 'er 'OPE is rewarded with wealth in 'er coffer,
The Cockney's END of penury is a TRIAL OFF 'ER!

A new show off Broadway updates Pogo some.
The scenery's swamp FLORA for the PLAY "POSSUM"!

Carnies are hucksters, a rube's chances are lame,
But for ONES in the know, THE FAIR GAMES are FAIR GAME!

THE guy known as THE Axe, down-sizers would hire;
His stone heart was immune to any great BAWL OF FIRE!

The USED car lot salesman had a face that showed PAIN.
He sold lots of cars with his pitiable DEAL MIEN!

Mom told SAGAS of Romans in TOGAS, while on trips AFAR
But the kid would SAG AS Dad stopped TO GAS up the car!

unclefred said...

Terrific Wednesday CW!! Thanx, RT and CC!! Just right for Wednesday. Favorite clue RING UNIT which took a while to suss. Thanx for the nice write-up, HG!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Stumbled a couple of times (STEP ON IT/SNAP TO IT, DALE[Hi, Lucina!]/DELL). Otherwise, it was a smooth trip to the bottom. Didn't notice the asterisks, so didn't get the theme. Oh, well. Only unknown: Holly HOLM. Thanx, Jzb, C.C. and Husker.

Montana said...

Great puzzle to start a busy Wednesday. Thanks, Jazz, CC & Husker. I even got the theme before reading the expo.
It seemed a little easier than a usual midweek puzzle but that just fine.

Extreme winds here and more later today. Gusts in the 60-70 mph range. 60° warmer than the weekend, though!


Jinx in Norfolk said...

I guessed wrong. Knew it was going to be DaLe or DELL. Had no idea about EBRO or LYS, but I'll remember LYS thanks to HG's explanation. Didn't know (and likely won't remember) DOLOR, but guessed it correctly. Also didn't know that Pepsi had emojis on their labels, but I did know that Bud Light has NFL teams on their cans. 24 hours in a day and 24 beers in a case - coincidence?

Rounding out the Jinx cavalcade of ignorance was Holly Holm. The only one of her ilk I am familiar with is Ronda Rousey. Hot, but terrifying.

I think there is only one meaning for SNAFU. The euphemism "Situation Normal - All Fouled Up" is just a substitute to be used in (somewhat) polite company.

Thanks to JazzB and CC for a fun morning, and to Gary for his tutorial.

Favorites today were "I'd like a hand" for DEAL ME IN and "Cockney's wish" for OPE. Much more imaginative than the trite "poet's ajar" or the like.

inanehiker said...

Creative puzzle from our corner pair! Didn't get the theme until the reveal clue but didn't hamper the solve. ATE CROW before DIRT - but couldn't figure out a way to make COLOR mean grief. And what D-O said about STEP TO IT before SNAP.

Thanks HG, CC, and JzB!

Tinbeni said...

Outstanding write-up Husker. Good Job!

Jazz & C.C. Thank You for a FUN Wednesday puzzle. Enjoyed the FAIR-GAME theme.

Needed ESP to get DOLOR and HOLM (not aware of the name of any "Mixed martial artist").

As to which Cola had emoji bottle labels ... PEPSI was a WAG (Wild-Ass-Guess).

At Villa Incognito we don't care if a bottle has an emoji ... but the contents must have PROOF. LOL


RetFizz said...

Posting now w/o doing the puzzle first, because I wanted to reply to yesterday’s post.

OwenKL said:
Ret: nice catch of my typo! (Although quibble, it was the penultimate line, not the final one.) Spell checks don't do much good when the misspelt word is the correct spelling for a different ward, as several poems attest.

OwenKL: Right you are. I guess the parens threw me off. It appears that I was a victim of a new law, which I learned of just yesterday, while following a link on this blog that led me down the rabbit hole to…Muphry’s Law (sic).
I’m also a frequent victim (on this keyboard) of typing a key that didn’t register. I have the same problem on the piano with Debussy - can’t play ppp evenly; some notes don’t sound.

As for today, thanks for the snap from Lili, which was described to me as a “5-Kleenex movie,” a new expression to me at the time. I was surprised that Leslie Caron is still around and acting, as in the excellent PBS series, “The Durrells on Corfu.”

Chairman Moe: Wow. What gorgeous playing. In the higher register where the piece started, it sounded like an English horn - a real compliment from me!

BunnyM said...

Great Wednesday CW- thanks CC and Ron!

Unknowns were HOLM and DOLOR. Ran into a SNAFU with 5D and 37A- had Crow for DIRT and Gigi for LILI but perps soon fixed that

I used to PLAYPOSSUM quite often as a child. Not sure why but it was a running joke between me and my Dad :)

Now I need to SNAP TO IT - long list of things to do before Christmas! fermatprime, I'm also waiting for packages to arrive. Signed up for the TRIALOFFER of Amazon Prime to get free shipping and movie streaming. Some items didn't qualify though and actually won't arrive until after the holiday. That's what I get for procrastinating :-)

Happy Wednesday and Winter Solstice - more sunlight always sounds good to me!

Anonymous said...

Uh, er, putting one little word after another, and isn't "leavened flatbread" a contradiction in terms?

Who's Ruth, and who's Chris?

BunnyM said...

Forgot to thank you Husker for your fun and informative write up! Loved the Vince Guaraldi reference. Nice since I have indeed been listening to his wonderful Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack for a couple of weeks now :)

Anonymous said...

Nice puzzle. Merry Christmas all.

I hope Ron and Boomer have moved on from their extreme disappointment. Please stop the whining, name calling, blaming and general unpleasantness. It's official now and you were only causing yourself unnecessary pain and ill health. She was a less than ideal candidate and ran a horrible campaign. It really is a shame that our two parties offered us such deplorable choices. But, hey, we are strong and will rise to see longer and brighter days ahead. And, bonus, the business world loves the new guy and is showing extreme optimism. My soon to be cashed-in nest egg thanks all that are responsible.

Yellowrocks said...

Naan CONTAINS leavening, even though it is flat. Some of my flat cookies have leavening in them, namely baking powder.
Ruth's Chris Steak House is popular in the eastern half of the US and also exists in CA.
Kudos to CC, Ron, and Gary for a fun outing . More later. Off for my commuter run.

Big Easy said...

Puzzle was an easy Wednesday with just a couple of unknowns, same as fermatprime and BunnyM- Holly HOLM and DOLOR. Jessica ALBA shows up a lot but I don't know who she is and Jessica RABBIT wouldn't fit. Does the OSTER oven come with a built in blender? Good work C.C., JzB, & HG.

Tinbeni-PEPSI wasn't too difficult of a WAG because both COCA cola was too short. Do they still make RC Cola?
Ruth Fertel- a local girl who did well in the steak business. She died a few years ago and after Katrina, the management moved headquarters to somewhere around Orlando.
MAD Magazine- 'What, me worry?'
Down in New Orleans, it's Fluer-de-LIS, not LYS
DOLOR is a new word for me.
I guess my self-directed PEDIcure has been wrong all my life but this old dog is not about to change.
I sure wish this emoji fad would pass so people would learn to write again. I ignore them and every time somebody includes one in a text I write back asking what does the funny symbol stand for.

The POSSUMS that come to eat my cat's food don't play possum; they run as soon as I open the door.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

I had trouble seeing the theme today, but it all came together FAIRly easily, nevertheless. Hand up for ATEcrow before ATEDIRT. Have never heard of MOLSON brewery, so all perps. Thanks for today's entertainment, C.C. and JazzB. Outstanding expo, as usual, Husker Gary.

YR-Thanks for explaining Ruth's Chris clue. I see from a Google search that there are a few of their restaurants here in Socal where I live, though I've never heard of the chain.

Enjoy the day!

Madame Defarge said...

First day of Winter, eh? Not here! Tee Hee. Indeed, it does mark the way to Spring and more daylight!

What a fine puzzle, C.C. and JazzB! I'm so glad to be done knitting Christmas stuff, so this was a real treat for me. The theme and the entries were fun and there was just enough chew to make me think a little harder. I liked GALS. Toward the end of my teaching career, while tired of hearing the term "guys" to mean everyone, I began to use GALS. The boys would grow a bit frustrated with this. My argument was if we're able to use guys to mean all of us, then I can't see what's wrong with GALS! Didn't know OSTER made convection ovens. I was going for the larger range. Thanks so much.

Gary, you provided another informative tour. I liked the links, especially the FAIR ball.

Have a wonderful day. Stay cozy.

desper-otto said...

Bunny M -- Even at $100/yr, I think Prime is a real bargain. An extra 5% off all Amazon purchases made with an Amazon Credit Card is frosting.

Anon@8:15 -- Ruth Fertel bought the Chris Steakhouse in New Orleans back in '65. Later she changed the name to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Today there are over 130 locations.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Ron, CC and Gary.

Good Wednesday challenge made tougher by entering AMANA for the oven, MELEE for the chaotic mess, DETAIL for PATROL. Never heard of DOLOR before but it had to be. Must not have been in Spanish 1.

There were lots of clever and fun clues today.

Never heard of STEP TO IT, so didn't make that mistake, but I recall my dad saying SNAP TO IT when I was lollygagging.

Guessed and then proved PEPSI easily enough. I prefer it to Coca Cola. However, I can count the number of sodas I've had in the last two years on one hand. Too sugary sweet. Water is just fine with me.

Madame DeFarge calls her precious BALL OF FIRE "The Blonde Tornado."

Don't watch the mixed martial arts fights, but do remember all of the media attention on Rhonda Rousey, and then losing to Holly HOLM. Notable for me because the latter's name is so close to an ancestor's.

Seems like the days are getting shorter. Hope that changes soon.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

My brain must be still half-asleep because I couldn't see the theme until I saw Gary's high-lighted grid. Even though I checked all the starred clues after getting the reveal, I was (stubbornly) trying to connect the first words to a fair game, as in carnival-type fair games, as in knock over the bottles, e.g. (One more glaring example of not being a "morning person!"). Despite my obtuseness, I enjoyed the solve. Had Errs/Gals and Dale/Dell. Learning moment was Pepsi's use of emojis as I buy the cans only. Needed perps for Holm and a few others but no major hiccups.

Thanks, CC and Ron, for a mid-week challenge and thanks, HG, for the sparkling summary and visuals.

Jinx in Norfolk, are you familiar with Emory and Henry College? A great-niece was just accepted into their newly-established Master Physician's Assistant program. She begins in May, 2017 and faces a continuous 27-month program with only a few week-long breaks during that time-frame. Sounds daunting to me but, then again, I'm not 21! Her mother was quite impressed with everything about the school when they visited for the initial interview.

Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks JzB and C.C. for the puzzle and nifty theme. No problems with the solve, and got the gimmick after the reveal @ 39d.
Liked seeing EERIE again.
FAIR - DEAL -- Visited Key West a dozen years ago and had a chance to tour Truman's Winter White House. Saw where he played cards and imagined him relaxing by playing poker with his cronies in the smoke filled room. A very gemütlich SPOT.

Lucina said...

Congratulations, JzB! Thanks to you, C.C. and Gary for today's fun run!

Sigh. I guess I must accept that "I'm good" is here to stay, but you'll never hear it from me!

We have Ruth's CHRIS Steak House here in Scottsdale though I've never eaten there. I mentally debated Dale (thanks, d-o)/DELL, EBRO clinched it. My 7 year old granddaughter loves martial arts and has a white belt (1st stage) in karate. She is also a BALLOFFIRE and I would call her the brunette bombshell, Mdme DeFarge.

DOLOR is the root of the name Dolores. Perhaps some have heard the song, Stabat Mater, dolorosa. (In sorrow stood the mother.)

I didn't know that OSTER made a convection oven and didn't know HOLM. Both, though, were perpable.

Have a happy, though short, day, everyone!

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

Having attended 12 years of Catholic school I immediately remembered "The seven dolors of the Blessed Mother"; in title only; I can't tell you what they are. Catechism was drummed into us in grade school. I just don't remember all the details. Dolors equates to Sorrows.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

Regarding DOLOR, see my reply to Jinx in Norfolk.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse is a restaurant chain. I remember a Chris's Steakhouse some 30 or so years ago. I'm guessing that Ruth bought him out.

oc4beach said...

Good Wednesday puzzle by CC and JzB. I liked HG's write-up also.

Sailed through the puzzle, but didn't see the theme until the end, but didn't need the theme. Only nit was AGASP, I wanted AGHAST, which fit the clue but not the number of spaces available.

More Christmas shopping to do, so I had better get to it.

It's National Hamburger day, so I think I know what I will have for lunch.

Enjoy the day.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Haven't done the puzzle yet, but wanted to stop by and wish all of the bloggers and lurkers here a Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah, as we are about to embark for a trip north to spend Christmas with my mom, daughter and son-in-law, and granddog. We have tix to the Nutcracker on Friday, so we'll get to hear my daughter play "in person".

Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday; stay safe and warm. I am trying to decide just how many layers to pack . . . leaving Florida in December is not the smartest of ideas, but we'll survive! I spent almost 90% of my life living in colder winter climates, but I'm really not prepared for anything too chilly . . . it's been in the '80's this entire month!

Leaving you all with a limerick . . . not holiday inspired but one I hope you'll enjoy:

There's a showy fall flower, we heard,
That most florists will say is preferred
By its clients, female.
And they just went on sale!
Please don't tell anyone . . . "mum's" the word.

See you in 2017!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Oster makes ovens? Who knew? Hand up for not knowing Dolor or Holm, but the perps were solid. Otherwise sailed right through. When looking over the theme I figured maybe "fair rate" could have fit, but that's not much of an in-the-language phrase, I guess.

Thanks CCJzB for today's exercise.

Morning, Husker, I see the toes are still on your mind. Same here, actually, and my apparent inability to get the trimming just right was what drove me to seek out that man-pedicure a few years ago. I wish it were less expensive, it's helpful.

CanadianEh! said...

Quick solve today and I got the theme also. Thanks JazzB, C.C. and Husker Gary.

Like others I had Dale before DELL and needed perps for HOLM. I had Mani before PEDI, but after last week's clue, I waited for perps to decide between EAT Crow or DIRT. Like ocbeach, I am not a fan of AGASP and wanted AGHAST to squeeze into the spot.
I did know DOLOR and MOLSON (of course!) and we have Ruth Chris Steakhouses around here but I have never been there.

Off to do some more Christmas baking (not in a OSTER oven though).

Yellowrocks said...

Really fun puzzle, easier than Mon. or Tues. I always enjoy your write-up, Gary.
O was a tip-off for Oster, maker of many small appliances. My friend has a convection oven the size of a microwave. He loves it. I don't know what brand. I had an Oster blender.
Rather than get pedicures I go to the podiatrist to get my toenails cut and calluses smoothed. Only $10 copay with Medicare.
I frequently see ads for Ruth's Chris Steak House but have never eaten there.
I will not take up trial offers that continue until you opt out. Sometimes they are difficult to cancel.
Owen and Chairman Moe, thanks for the cute rhymes.
I just baked another 13 dozen if the ultra-thin butter cookies we call sand tarts. They are so light weight people eat them by the handful like potato chips. My older son said how hungry we was for pinwheel cookies so this morning I made the logs of dough and they are are chilling. I just have to slice and bake them. That's it for baking except for chocolate pie for Christmas dinner. EZ-pZ, but so rich and yummy with semisweet chocolate chips and eggs.
Chairman Moe, enjoy your holiday.
I am thinking of the Cornerites and their families in Berlin just now.

Irish Miss said...

CanadianEh! From yesterday: I forgot to mention that your thoughtful comment on my settling my affairs was appreciated. (I also put in writing my wishes regarding burial and wrote an appropriate obituary.). I'm not being morbid in the least but practical, particularly because I have no children and my siblings are all older than I, some by several years. Having done these difficult but necessary tasks, I now feel a sense of relief and peace.

jazzbumpa said...

Hi Gang -

My laptop is busy with another task so I'm posting from Gloria's computer.

Glad you enjoyed the puzzle.

My memories of the construction details are vague at this point, but - as always - C.C. did the heavy lifting.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and, of course --


jazzbumpa said...

Ooops - a little brain fade here . . .

Gary - thanks for the outstanding write up.

Cool regards!


Michael said...

Apres Tinbeni @ 7:54......

Has anyone ever heard of an UNMixed Martial Artist?

Ya mean they've been serving us DILUTED stuff all this time? Who'd'a thunk it? (At least there is no _-_ in this drink....)

JJM said...

Madame Defarge... I think (??) I actually saw your license plate a couple weeks ago near the Evanston theatre. Winter hit here a while ago, today feels like a heat wave around here compared to the last 2 weeks and it's only 27º.

TTP said...

Ate at Ruth's Chris on Richmond in Houston more than a few times in the '80s.

Chairman Moe,buy thermals !
BTW, I enjoyed listening to your daughter's music.
Big game against Bal'more Saturday. At Heinz. Hope you get to watch it.
Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

JJM, Tulane Green Wave for the new avatar ?

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks to C.C. and the combined Ron/JazzB and to Husker for today's treat and treatment.

I got the theme fairly early & thought this was both fun and too easy for a mid-week pzl until--it wasn't easy anymore. Why, oh why is it that Xwds always seem to save their hardest fill to the very end? You never know where the toughest word or sector is going to be--until you're ready to close up. But it knows. And it's been waiting and waiting until the last minute, and then it springs its hex on you.

For me this was the nexus of (30-A) "Cockney's wish" and (31-D) "Kilmer and Keats," esp. the latter. It took me nearly forever to stop wracking the old grey walnut for somebody named Joyce Keats. As usual the answer POETS came to me when I was distracted and thinking of something else. The walnut hadn't quit; it was just hibernating for a bit.

Speaking of hibernating, I can't let the day go by w/o joining fellow Cruciverbalists in acknowledging the solstice. Thanks, Husker! And thanks to Madame DeF and Bunny M for reminding us! Although it is hard to tell the difference in the length of days & nights, I still feel a renewed Spring in m'step, and I'm generally more 'OPE-ful knowing that sunlight is lasting longer and the gloom of night is getting trimmed. I can almost feel the planet hitting the brakes and reversing course. ErrrrR-VaROOM! Everybody, get your swim suits on!!

Argyle said...

Is Holly HOLM home for the holidays?

CrossEyedDave said...

Minor nits,
(Thank you for letting me rant here...)

Did the puzzle easy enough,
learning moments: Dolor, Ruth's Chris request.
but being me, had a terrible time parsing the theme.
Trade fair?
deal fair
play fair
ball fair??
trial fair???
(figures I had it backwards...)

But, What's this?
It's Ebro & Lys? & not Dale?
(I never knew...)
Hmm,you know what, seeing the the perps were Spanish & French
I am going to just ignore it & tell myself that I got it right with Dale...

(& I always liked the sound on Ceylon better than Sri Lanka.)

I grew up with Don Martin Cartoons. (I just never knew his name...)

Here are some more: C'mon, you would have never Googled it yourself...

Sorry Ron & CC, if I brought any nits to your wonderful puzzle.

Jayce said...

Ron and C.C. have done it again, namely created a clever, interesting, and fun puzzle. Thanks to you both. Gary has done it again, too, namely written and annotated an interesting, informative, and entertaining exposition. Thanks to you, Gary.
Warm wishes to you all this cold solstice. Nowhere to go from here but up, as they say.

Argyle said...

Anyone care to explain why the sun continues to come up later for the next 10 days or so?

desper-otto said...

Argyle, here's an explanation. Now, if I could only understand the explanation...

Madame Defarge said...

TTP @ 9:25,

Indeed! BALL OF FIRE describes the Blonde Tornado with perfection. I'm not sure I remember her walking; she went from crawling, to flipping off couches, to running. My dad would have called her a "quite a pistol." She just turned 4 so no kindergarten til Sept 2018. She and I have a lot of culinary projects ahead. She wants to learn how to knit! Not until we can sit still for 15 minutes. . . .

Madame Defarge said...

Lucian @ 10:30'

That makes the girls a matching set! Ha! ;)

Hungry Mother said...

TTP: I hadn't thought of the word "detail" in that military way in many years. I always think of "atecrow" first.

CrossEyedDave said...


I never knew,
(well, I sorta knew,)
but didn't know why the sun came up later for a few days.
I thought it was a sunset/sunrise offset thingie...)
But the Earths tilt combined with an elliptical orbit
does make some sense (sort of)...

Here is another mindblower: Digital sundial!

Madame Defarge said...

JJM @12:57

Yep, that's on my route, past Evanston HS where I taught, over the Ridge and down to Whole Foods. My plate has made for lots of fun on the road--especially if DH is driving and I'm knitting,

Tulane, eh? I hope you went there as a snowbird or you must be freezing when the Hawk comes off the Lake--even in summer!

Ol' Man Keith said...

(and Argyle following up)

Thanks for the "here's an explanation" link. I got it! In few words, Earth's rotation isn't straight on to the sun, so it takes a few more days for us to come out of the morning shade.
Yes? (He asks, 'OPE-fully!)

Spitzboov said...

Detail - In the Navy, it could be any small group of sailors to do a task; ie. patrol, lower the gangway, titivate the quarterdeck, hold field-day in after steering. etc.

Ruth Chris - excellent beef. I've eaten at the NYC and Washington, D. C. locations. Not since retirement, though.

Argyle's sunrise. In addition to D-O's good link, try Googling "Equation of Time' and 'analemma'.

Wilbur Charles said...

My second sick day. Not too difficult. I couldn't recall MOLSON, I've been sober too long.

JzB, how'd you keep the sport references out. All we had was Holly HOLM. Thx to you both.

I spotted C-Moe's lick and couldn't wait to read it. And enjoy it as usual.

Owen. That was a nice change to couplets.

I was familiar with the French douleur which has a sad sound. Google ended up taking me to Thomas Aquinas, an old friend from college days. Douleur de la contritione he says.

I will say there's some serious baking going on amongst the GALS.


RetFizz said...

This puzzle was the easiest in the week, so far, which also means it was fun to just sail along. Thanks, CC and Ron. Gary, loved the FAIR BALL clip. And thanks to you for a fine expo. The dictionary says it’s SOLEstice but all my astronomer friends at work called it SOLLstice, if I remember correctly. Hmm.

Dale, vale, dell - just waited for the perps. STEP ON IT soon gave way to SNAP TO IT.

I’m with Jinx that there’s only one meaning for SNAFU. Rounding out the trio are TARFU and FUBAR.

Yes, Big Easy, they still make RC Cola - my favorite soft drink.

MJ: UCLA’s freshman kicker this year was JJ Molson from Montreal, a member of the brewery family. I also live in SoCal and have never seen or heard of the chain.

OMK, Joyce Kilmer (male) was killed in WWI, along with some other British poets. (I think you know that.) His most famous poem was “Trees,” later set to music. I remember getting so excited in JHS when we actually got to sing the word “breast.”

Mme Defarge, my late wife went to Evanston HS, graduating in ’42.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Magilla - What time was your response to me? I don't see it.

I think that Chris was Ruth's son. I've eaten at several, mostly as the guest of a vendor. In addition to great meat, their gimmick is to serve them sizzling with butter on very hot platters. The prices look just a little high until you realize that everything is a la carte. Add a salad, potato and another veggie and you have a really expensive dinner.

Irish Miss - I'm not familiar with the school, but that is gorgeous country. Its near the junction of VA, TN and KY. They have a big NASCAR race nearby if you are a fan of zoom-zoom.

Anonymous said...

Why do people guess? How does anyone get online without a computer? If you have a computer, why not go directly to the source?

Why is it called Ruth’s Chris?

Our founder, Ruth Fertel, purchased a restaurant called Chris Steak House in May of 1965 in New Orleans. Ruth had never planned to expand, but after a fierce kitchen fire decimated the property she was forced to relocate in order to stay in business. Within ten days Ruth had the restaurant up and running. But the Chris Steak House name was not allowed to move with it. With little time and a mischievous smile, Ruth added her own name to the sign, making it “Ruth’s Chris Steak House.” Now with her own name in lights the tongue-twisting name was born. Later Ruth admitted the name was strange, but she managed to work around it.

JJM said...

TTP... changed avatar this AM. My Frosh. daughter just came home for Xmas break from TU, so it's really for her.

Madame Defarge... I'm a born and bred Chicagoan! Left here for a while to play Hockey, but could never call anyplace else home.

JD said...

Loved today's puzzle JzBumpa and C.C.!! Thanks Gary for all the "extras" ; it is ALWAYS a pleasure.

Happiest of holidays, whatever you may be celebrating, to all of you at the Corner.

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

Thanks Ron & C.C.! I was ABLE to run the GAMUT with nary a SNAFU and nothing to RUE. Fun! Thanks HG for the expo and edifying me on DOLOR's pronunciation.

WOs: N/A (Once in a row!)

Fav: c/a for TREE. I kept reading Palm beech - took a while to SNAP TO IT. Plus, it's a great clue.

Runners up: c/a for TOGAS and 'OPE.

A Canadian sub-theme? Two Hosers selling MOLSEN, 61d and 59d combine for THE TREEs [RUSH], and, to this dyslexic, LABRAT is close enough to Labatt...
(Sorry JzB & C.C., you put 'em in there, they're FAIR GAME :-))

{Liked 1st and last the best; but they were all cute} {you too C. Moe :-)}

IM - Congrats (I think - sounds daunting) to your grand-niece's acceptance into the program.

CED - Love MAD's Don's work; thanks for the links. And that sundial is so cool I almost want to get a 3D printer to make one.

JJM - Funny; Your daughter went south and, having lived all her life in HOU, my daughter wants to go north for school. U. CHI was on her short list as Illini. OU's as far north as she's going.

Jinx - Yep, that's the only time I eat at Ruth's Chris - there's ONE 8 min from the office. Guess what I 'suggest' for lunch when a vendor 'sponsors' :-)

Safe Travels Moe. Yes, get thermals - but when you get there; no USE looking around FL for 'em. :-)

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

TTP - Re: Ruth's Chris - did there USED to be one on Richmond? The only one I know of is on Westheimer a block+ W of Sage near the Galleria. -T

Anonymous said...


Chairman Moe said...

TTP - copy that! Glad you enjoyed the music; as I said, I get to hear her live on Friday - first performance of hers I've gotten to attend in quite awhile. As for Steelers game on Xmas Day, hoping that she's planned dinner earlier, but if not, I'll ask her to DVD and I'll watch it later. She and my SIL are both football fans but we have 9 for dinner so I will abide with whatever the plans are. I hope we win ...

Chairman Moe said...


Chairman Moe said...

-T, yes, no thermals in FL. Not even at Burlington Coat Factory! 😜

Chairman Moe said...

It was Stalactite going down and Stalagmite coming up and joining together as they sometimes do in caves - quite clever by the constructor

Anonymous T said...

@9:25p Anon - There's an archive section on the right side of the blog that has older puzzles. I'll spare you looking for it: C.C.'s Sunday expo on Ed's pzl.

C. Moe - I was packing for "Christmas in Illinois" a few years back and thought "I need thermals, wool socks, etc..." I spent an hour+ running around Dillard's and sporting-goods stores in Houston all for naught.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

I think I made my point.

Picard said...

I did take Spanish 1 but did not know DOLOR was also an English word. Learning moment.

Hand up for CROW before DIRT. DIRT seems more than "humbled"!

But I FIW with DALE/ABRO/EYS. I suppose I should have figured out LYS.