Aug 12, 2017

Saturday, Aug 12th, 2017, Doug Peterson & Patti Varol

Theme: DP & PV ( or Tony and Sony~?)

Words: 72 (missing Q,V,X,Z)

Blocks: 29

It's been over a year since we have had this duo of constructors on a Saturday.  This week's contribution was a bit lumpy for me, as I butchered the NW corner and had to cave in to red-letters for my mistakes.  On the flip side, it was an enjoyable solve, with some tricky cluing that I was able to get past, and proper names that slowed me down, but only slightly.  Friendly corners with two 14-letter spanners, a pair of 11's in the Down, and paired 10s in the Down corners;

5. "Candida" singer : TONY ORLANDO - as with most of the proper names, I had no idea about this one to start, but the perp(endicular)s and the familiar, "not-so-vague" personality helped

26. Pioneering music player : SONY WALKMAN - I thought we were looking for an actual person, and when I first filled this DOWN in, thought it was a guy named "Sonny" something....

35. Friend of the Fry Kids : RONALD McDONALD - had no clue, but when the perps started filling in, I shoulda known - I didn't remember the "fry kids" until I saw this image, and now I think of them as a bit creepy

42. It's generally celebrated on the same day as Tet : CHINESE NEW YEAR - nailed it.  Happy Year of the Rooster ( or Cock, if you prefer....) - I was born in the year of the Pig

Thank you all for your compliments on Wednesday about our debut puzzle - it's a bittersweet success for me - I guess you could say when it comes to published crosswords, I "don't have a clue."

Word N/A~?


1. Modern categorizing aid : HASHTAG - I have mentioned before that I do not Facebook nor Twitter - but I do see this "#" symbol on TV and in advertising frequently - have you seen the promos for "Garage Rehab" on Discovery Channel~?  I am friends with Russell, one of the hosts of the new show


15. Pennsylvania home of the world's oldest operating wooden roller coaster : ALTOONA - I tried HERSHEY, even though I knew it was wrong.  The famous ride which I have not heard of - but I am not a roller-coaster fan - is the Leap-The-Dips

16. "All will be well" : FEAR NOT - got it on the second pass from the "F"

17. Homophonically named '60s sitcom lady : JEANNIE - funny, I just linked this two weeks ago - I dream of "Genie"

18. Steel work : ROMANCE - knew it was author Danielle on the first pass, went with "FICTION"

19. It's cut and dried : JERKY - I'd like to try making my own some day

20. Fish-eating bird : LOON - not TERN

22. Really feel the heat : BAKE - ah, not MELT

23. Coast Guard pickup : S.O.S

25. Wave function symbols : PSIs - care to melt your brain~? Try to understand this

27. Night spot : BED - huh.  I wonder where my head is - I went with BAR - but I prefer BED these days

28. Financial pg. debut : IPO - a good WAG

31. "The __ of King William": Old English poem : RIME - dah~!  Should have known this from one of Iron Maiden's classics, the re-telling of the story "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

With a little of the poem narrated in at 7:50

33. "Golden Boy" dramatist : ODETS - perps

39. Place to buy a landscape : ART SALE - I filled in the "ART" part and waited

40. Unspoiled : IDYLLIC

44. Per person : A HEAD

45. __ con gas: Spanish soda water : AGUA - oh, duh.  I had no idea on the first pass

46. Nevada copper town : ELY - filled via perps

47. Troubling bank msg. : NSF - thankfully, I have not had a Non-Sufficient Funds message in a long time

48. Cutlass, e.g. : OLDSmobile - I had one, a '77 Supreme Brougham.  Clecho with 55a. Cutlass, e.g. : AUTO

Got about 8 gallons to the mile

51. Angels' org. : MLB - Anaheim from Major League Baseball

53. Peabody-winning journalist Ifill : GWEN - half perps, half WAG

57. Buckwheat porridge : KASHA

61. Waiting to get in, say : LINED UP - ah.  ON/IN LINE was too short

63. Studio mascot : MGM LION

65. Cover, as a cover charge : INCLUDE

66. __ glass : STAINED

67. Like most cartoon characters : AGELESS

68. Only president to win a Pulitzer Prize : KENNEDY


1. Pillar of Islam : HAJJ

2. Nautical direction : ALEE - not PORT, not AHOY

3. Michelin unit : STAR - ah, not TIRE 

4. Traffic chorus : HONKS

6. "The Phantom Menace" boy : ANI - Anakin Skywalker, a.k.a Darth Vader

7. Certain Celt : GAEL

8. High dos : AFROS

9. "Madam Secretary" actress : LEONI

10. Flee : LAM - oops, not RUN

11. Word with grass : CRAB - there's no crab grass on the golf courses I play - but there's a lot of "crabbing" - I was so angry with my game last Sunday I pitched my a tree.  I did buy a pull cart from eBay, only $42.  Now I need a new putter. 

12. Poe classic : ANNABEL LEE - Edger Allan's last complete poem

13. Make an unexpected connection with : POCKET DIAL - or BUTT dial, your cel phone - mine has a two-piece case, so there is little chance of me making this blunder

14. Stable population : STEEDS

21. Org. Indonesia left in 2008 : OPEC - ah, not NATO

24. Edge furtively : SIDLE

28. Radio host Glass : IRA

29. Rocker alternative : PORCH SWING - I had P-RC-, so I was not fooled by the "alternative" kind of rocker - like the ones in Iron Maiden

30. Torn : ON THE FENCE - again, because of perps, I was not thinking "ripped" for torn

32. Fr. titles : MMES - Dah~! Not STES

34. "The Voice" host Carson : DALY

36. Section in Disney's Animal Kingdom : ASIA - wow, vague.  Never been to Disney

37. "Correct!" sound : DING~!!!

38. Greek theater : ODEUM - oops, I had odeON

41. Word with war or far : CRY

43. Point in the right direction? : EAST - a weather vane/compass point to the right

44. Old name for England : ANGLIA

49. Praises : LAUDS

50. Con targets : DUPES

52. Dwarf who traveled with Bilbo : BALIN - despite my D & D upbringing, I never got into The Lord of the Rings

54. "The Old Curiosity Shop" girl : NELL - perps

56. Trans-Siberian Railway city : OMSK

58. __ wave : SINE

59. Broke ground : HOED

60. Red's pal in "The Shawshank Redemption" : ANDY

62. Expected : DUE - speaking of porch swings, you know this is "expected"

64. Former AT&T rival : GTE



OwenKL said...

I can hardly believe it, but FIR! I had so much white space after my first pass -- and second, and third...

RONALD McDONALD was a fellow from ALTOONA
Who was pegged by folks as three-quarters of a LOON-a!
He said, "Corned-beef HASH TAG
Is best to play outside
With JERKY that INCLUDES some corned-tuna!"

He was a New York cab driver from OMSK
Whose driving consisted mostly of HONKS!
While LINED UP one day
Saw a cop look his way,
And waved back with complete nonchalance!

{C, B.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I think that makes three times this week -- DNF, that is. I ended up with KESHA crossing BELIN. Well, it could'a been. Drat. Thanx for the workout, Doug and Patti.

Splynter, I also had BAR until POCKET DIAL became obvious. Magically, my STEERS changed to STEEDS. BTW, I made it all the way to the second sentence of that Wave Function article.

GWEN Ifill was gone much too soon. I used to watch her on Washington Week In Review. Reviewing the week's political news is now the purview of the likes of Colbert, Kimmel and Noah.

Big Easy said...

An easier than usual Saturday aided by three long fill gimmes- TONY ORLANDO, CHINESE NEW YEAR, ANNABEL LEE. I was unfamiliar with the Fry Kids but after RONAL was in place, finishing D MCDONALD was an easy guess. WAGGED SONY WALKMAN after SO was in place. Ditto for PORCH SWING. But it wasn't so easy that I finished it correctly. I'd never heard of BALIN, KASHA, or ANDY from the movie. I guessed KASHI (after the cereal) and INDY.

A few unknowns filled by lucky guesses and perps were RIME, NELL, ALTOONA, POUND SIGN (I hate the term 'hashtag' but hell will freeze over before I ever stoop to using Twitter), GWEN, ODEUM (I wanted ODEON too). POCKET DIAL and ALL CAPS were my last fills. I'd never heard the term, only BUTT DIAL. Sign of stress?? Not in my book.

Catch you tomorrow. Helping Granddaughter move into her college dorm today in Death Valley.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Phew, on first pass I had lots of white staring at me but, as happens so often, little by little, the words took shaper and, voila, I was finished, Tada! The long fill, such as Tony Orlando, Chinese New Year, Annabel Lee, Sony Walkman, Pocket Dial, and Ronald McDonald, really helped as they were pretty much obvious with just a couple of letters filled in. I never heard of the Fry kids. Steel work threw me at first but Ely popped up without hesitation, for reasons unknown. I enjoyed the abundance of misdirection in the cluing as it was both fair and fun.

Thanks, Doug and Patti, for a challenging and satisfying solve. Thanks, Splynter, for the derailed summary.

I hope YR is missing only because of a hectic schedule.

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

That's "shape," sans the R. I'm usually careful about proof reading but, every now and then, ... The best laid plans, ...

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW with 3 bad cells. I was so sure that the Angels are in the aLw that I accepted ODEUa (should have known better) and wOLIN (don't know, don't care). Like Big Easy, I had KOSHi x iNDY.

CSO to Abejo and me with GTE. We we HUGE in the flashcube and pager businesses. Our successor Verizon has shed a lot of its landline business, once our cash cow.

Thanks to Patti and Doug for a fun but challenging puzzle, and thanks to Rich for giving us a break after the VERY difficult Thursday and Friday offerings. Thanks to Splynter for the entire review, but especially for the patented "legs" shot.

Big Easy - There's a college in Death Valley? I just remember the two Bun Boy restaurants and a gas station in the aptly-named city of Baker.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Another hard one but at least most of it made sense to me, so I liked it. Thanks, Doug & Patti. Thanks, Splynter!

The one that didn't make sense was "Steel work" = ROMANCE. Duh! Never once thought of the author. Don't read her. The first one I read of hers she had some girl helping out on the ranch all day by carrying in all the abandoned baby calves whose mothers had died. This was so unreal to a cattleman's wife that it was years before I picked up one of her books again. No one could afford to be losing that many cows and accepting it so casually.

Like Splynter, I had trouble with the NW --last to fill. Didn't get HASHTAG or HAJJ from those clues. I never have figured out when & why they use the pound sign that way. First pass only got ALEE in that corner.

Wrote in ALTOONA like I knew it on a later pass. I'd read or heard about that wooden roller coaster somewhere. Doesn't sound like my kind of ride.

"Michelin unit": hand up for tire before STAR. Never used one of the guides. Has anyone else? Speaking of vacation guide, Alan must have been well enough for Yellowrocks to go since we haven't heard from her in a few days.

Most fills were made on the second or third try with enough perps to get the long ones easily. I didn't remember Tony Orlando doing "Candida" so no help there. I just remember him tying on a yellow ribbon.

Didn't know BALIN or KASHA. But knew GWEN & KENNEDY.

Big Easy: what college is Death Valley?

desper-otto said...

IM, I'm not sure I would have described it as "derailed." :)

Jinx, that's the School of Hard Knocks, and you can get all sorts of degrees in Death Valley!

Mike the Tiger said...

Death Valley is the football stadium at LSU.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

After the puzzles on Thursday and Friday, this one felt pretty easy but still had enough of the Saturday crunch that I enjoy. Thanks to Doug and Patti for a fun workout!

Thanks, Splynter for a great review. Impressive work, as always. I also thought of Iron Maiden when RIME appeared (via perps)

Lots of long fills that I got quickly- SONY WALKMAN, ROMANCE, PORCH SWING, ON THE FENCE and CHINESE NEW YEAR ( I was evidently born in the year of the Earth Rooster)

Despite some early known fills, I still had a couple of cheats where I just couldn't get a foothold : HAJJ, ODETS and KASHA

Favorite clever clues were for HASHTAG, ALL CAPS and POCKET DIAL (my Mom does this often and usually while in the car. I can hear the radio in the background and my attempts of yelling "Mom, Mom, Mom!!" over and over are never any use :)

ASIA- Disney's Animal Kingdom in ORLANDO : what I remember most from our visit about 15 years ago was the unbearable heat and the beautiful Tree of Life

Per yesterday- that CW was very difficult however, I enjoyed the theme and the execution. Kudos to Roger and Kathy for what must have been a labor of love to be able to construct such a clever puzzle. I was amazed by how many comments there were. I had such a busy/crazy day that I didn't solve it until late evening. I read all the comments then fell asleep while trying to write my own, lol.
Thanks , AnonT for the "Bastille Day" link which I saw earlier this morning. Nice ear worm for me to enjoy today!

DH is working on my AUTO today. The brakes went out on it Thursday. Part of the line had rusted completely through! Ugh, it's been a week for car troubles for us. When it rains, it pours...

Misty- I hope you are doing well. Wishing you continued quick healing!

Irish Miss- I've also been wondering about Yellow Rocks. Am I wrong in thinking she said she was traveling this past week?

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

BunnyM said...

Looks like I was composing my previous comment while PK posted hers and confirmed YR is on vacation. Hope she's enjoying her travels!

SwampCat said...

PK, if Big Easy is moving a kid to college he's probably too busy to stop back by and clarify Death Valley. That's the regional nickname for LSU, Louisiana State Univ., so called because of its once-unbeatable football teams. The visiting teams didn't get out alive! That would make a good CW clue.

I liked this puzzle....what I got of it....but most was waaaay over my head. Thanks Doug, Patti, and Splynter for the fun.

PK said...

Bunny, I can't confirm YR is on vacation. I just remembered her saying she was supposed to go but Alan wasn't doing well.

SwampCat: thanks for the info on Death Valley. My granddaughter is supposed to be going to Loyola across the street from LSU. I hoped she wasn't moving into something that sounds so ominous. LOL! I'm nervous enough about her being so far from home.

SwampCat said...

Nah....Loyola is safe, PK. LSU is, too. It is all tiger roar at football games and kitty cat purrs the rest of the time! Great bunch of friendly people with a loyal and noisy fan base.

Mike the Tiger said...

PK: The real LSU is in Baton Rouge. That is where Death Valley is located.

Anonymous said...

Didn't like the last three days of puzzles!

Husker Gary said...

-No tricks nor esoteric accent marks, just a challenging and engaging puzzle. BUTT DIAL, HORSES and RAGE had to vacate the NW for a “got ‘er done”. Thanks Doug and Patti!
-Few seemed “ON THE FENCE” about the previous two days of puzzles
-ALTOONA memories of an old vaudevillian
-R O _ _ N _ _ looked like a Steel ROTUNDA for a while. Funny what comes to mind
- These could have also been Michelin units
-“Acqua con il gas” became a familiar option when we traveled through Italy
-Around 50 people this week LINED UP at Raising Cane’s in town for two days to get weekly free meals for a year
-There it is, about halfway between Ekaterinberg and Novisibirk

MJ said...

Good day to all!

A lot of clever cluing in today's puzzle from Patti and Doug. Favorite clue/answer was "Point in the right direction?" for EAST. However I found myself stumped in the NE (hand up for horseS before STEEDS) and finally googled for Tea LEONI to finish up. Thanks for your faithful guidance as our Saturday sherpa, Splynter.

Enjoy the day!

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks to Doug & Patti for a tough, but doable puzzle. Enjoyed the cluing and the fill!

Thanks, Splynter, for your insight, as always. Keep it up!

Irish Miss said...

DO @ 8:36 ~ Your vision is as sharp as your wit. Funny how I saw the "shape(r) error but not the "der(t)ailed" which really should have stood out. Anyhow, thanks for mentioning it. (Perhaps it was a result of all that Drambuie that last night's Anon suggested I was imbibing. I doubt it, though, as I've never tasted Drambuie in my life. I'm still in the dark about that post, especially as to who Batboy is.)

PK, thanks for jogging my memory about YR's vacation trip. That would explain her absence and you've eased my concern. (BunnyM, your memory is better than mine, also.)

PK said...

Mike & Swamp Cat; Thanks. So if LSU is in Baton Rouge, I must be thinking of Tulane right across from Loyola. I might get it all straight after she's been there awhile.

IM: my memory is good some days, in absentia on others. And I haven't had any drambuie either. LOL! Hope YR went to the Jersey Shore or some place very scenic.

CrossEyedDave said...

3 killer puzzles in a row, looking forward to Monday???

Hmm, Selena Gomez in black pantyhose... Interesting.
But is that a mini skirt? Or a lampshade?

Adding to the Wiki link of "Ride The Dips,"
this Roller Coaster seems to be just the right speed for me...
The scariest part is seeing all the new wood,
next to the old wood?
(Holy Cow! This is a Carpenters nightmare!)

Lucina said...

Thank you, Patti Varol and Doug Peterson, for a fair and doable challenge today.

Though I FIW with STEERS/BAR all the rest fell like a line of dominoes starting with ANNABEL LEE, ODETS, LEONI and AGUA. All in my wheelhouse. I was ON THE FENCE for a long time with BALIN but guessed since MLB seemed correct.

Finally after staring at the NW and thinking about it, the light blinked on! HAJJ/JERKY and all the rest flowed into place.

I didn't know ALTOONA had a wooden roller coaster but I have been on a wooden Ferris wheel in Vienna, Austria. Also, KASHI seemed likely but INDY didn't so I went with KASHA.

This was great fun and stress-less, unlike the last two days. Thank you, to, Splynter.

Have a fabulous day, everyone! Book Club for me.

OwenKL said...

When I tried to write a l'ick about OMSK, the rhymer site I use suggested this Tom Lehrer song as the only rhyme it knew of for the word. Fortunately, the online helper is only a crutch, not a wheelchair. And I even managed to find another rhyme right in the puzzle! I wonder if some of the constructors who lurk here put rhymes like that into puzzles just to beguile me!

Anonymous said...

If ODEUM is preferred over ODEON, why is there no such word as NICKELODEUM?

There's not a whole lotta towns in Nevada, but there's a relative buncha dem beginning with E (Elko was the first that came to mind), which I got with perps (ANNABEL LEE); and ELY was the only three-letter town name I knew among them.

Misty said...

Well, the week just got tougher, puzzle-wise, this morning with this complicated Doug and Patti offering. The only two items I knew for sure on my first run-through were GWEN and ODETS. I miss GWEN IFILL so much--used to love watching her on "Washington Week in Review" and although the new guy is fine, it's just not the same.

Like Desper-otto and others, I too first had STEERS before STEEDS and BAR before BED. Never heard of KASHA and didn't remember BALIN. Had HADJ instead of HAJJ, which kept me from getting JEANNIE for a long time. Still, thanks Patti and Doug and Splynter.

Loved your second limerick, Owen.

Hope Yellowrocks is having a good vacation.

Thanks, Bunny M, but I'm doing fine. Have to wear a big band-aid on my face, which doesn't look too great when I go to events, but hey, cosmetics is not a big deal.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Argyle said...

Dwarves of "The Hobbit"

Thorin Oakenshield, leader

Fili & Kili, brothers, Thorin's nephews

Four third-cousins, Dwalin and Balin, brothers. (Bilbo and Balin later became good friends.)
Oin & brother Gloin.

Remote kinsmen, Dori, Nori, and Ori.

Remote kinsmen of another line, three cousins, Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur.

Chuck Lindgren said...

Sign of age...getting Tony Orlando and hashtag on the first pass. Almost Tada but had to look up Odets. Much easier than Thursday or Friday

Lucina said...

Thank you, Argyle. I've written them in my Crossword Dictionary for future reference.

Chuck Lindgren said...

Oh and by the way. Psi and every other Greek letter has a arbitrary meaning in Physics and math often radically different whether or not capitalized. As a undergraduate I could not grasp why profs just assumed that everyone knew all symbolic meanings. As far as the wave function Wiki article is concerned. The entire article is "intuitively obvious to the most casual observer"... the sad thing is that I DO understand it which got me a C+ in Quantum Mechanics I and my only drop in Quantum II. Lucky for me a stupid physicist was smarter than a smart engineer. Of course the best physicist usually needs a mathematician to finish. I was disappointed that the Einstein mini series didn't show how utterly lost he was when faced with the non Euclidean Geometry of space time. I do love a good physics story !

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. Like C6D6 Peg, I enjoyed the cluing and the fill. Very cool to see those wonderful long entries. My first thought for the roller coaster location was Willow Grove, but it is obvious to the most casual observer that it is too many letters. I entered OLDS immediately at 48a and then got stuck for a moment at 55a. I have a feeling that if AUTO had been at 48a and OLDS at 55a it would have messed me up more. Hand up for dithering at the KASHA/KASHI alternatives, but, like Lucina, ANDY seemed more likely than INDY, so KASHA it was. The clue for EAST is inspired! The clues for ALLCAPS, ROMANCE, BED, and STAR were pretty darn good, too. I love clues like that.

Interesting that Anonymous T said he was "on the fence" about that SIDEARM puzzle.

I have never butt or pocket dialed; I wouldn't dream of putting my phone in my back pocket.

PK, we have never used a Michelin Guide either. Sometimes I'll take a look at Yelp to see what people say about a restaurant, but take their critiques with multiple grains of salt. Heck, LW and I almost always disagree with the movie critics, too.

Good wishes to you all.

Spitzboov said...

Hello everyone.

After first feeling this was a 'bear' to solve, I got 'er going with CHINESE NEW YEAR and CRY. Building out in dendritic form everything but the NE was filled in. OMSK and KENNEDY were educated guesses. Guessed at ANNABEL LEE and STEEDS; then 'saw' ALL CAPS and FEAR NOT, and it was done. In hindsight it wasn't quite as tough as I first thought it would be; but the Muse was with me.

WikWak said...

It's funny how the same puzzle can be experienced by so many in so many different ways. Lots of comments today about the difficulty of the NW; that corner was finished almost as fast as I could write. The SE? Not so much. KASHA/ANDY was the last to fall and it was a pure WAG. I didn't care for Thursday's or Friday's puzzles but this was a fun one. I was held up for a while by the "steel" clue--I thought right away of the romance author but I was sure her last name had an E at the end. When I finally gave up and accepted reality the answer jumped out at me.

No Death Valley in the Chicago area today; it's 71 and sunny, with a nice breeze. Nice day for a walk in the nearby forest preserve.

BunnyM said...

Irish Miss - I had to giggle at your last comment :) I would also like to know who "batboy" is. Perhaps that anon @10:26 last night was the one drinking Drambuie ;)

Misty - I say wear that band aid with pride! Gives people something to think about. After my cervical disc fusion, I had to wear a neck brace for several weeks which elicited quite a few stares. Then I still had a small bandage for awhile; once that came off, I had a nice visible scar on the front of my neck. There were a couple of times someone would be staring rudely for so long, I finally asked sweetly "Is something wrong?" That usually flustered and embarrassed them and hopefully made them think twice about doing it to someone else! My scar is very faint now. Even I have to look closely to see it. Luckily it blends in nicely with a wrinkle ;)

Bob Niles said...

Tried to solve this AM on my PC as my printer is broken. No dice, I just can't see the big picture. Bought a new printer this PM. Printed the grid and solved rather easily.

I am a dinosaur.

Misty said...

Bunny M, you're an inspiring role model for me. Many thanks for sharing your story.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

This was the second time Doug beat me up this week [I almost got his Southwest Airlines puzzle!]. Today I did a bit worse...
My 1st "get" was IPO/IRA Glass and things flowed fairly well from there. Alas, nothing North of 19a nor 22a was filled right; with the exception of FEAR NOT / AFROS & BED (a total WAG I inked just 'cuz I had nothing else... DING!)

Thanks Doug & Patti for a nice Saturday distraction while laundry & queries ran. Thanks Splynter for finishing off the North for me and pointing out MLB is just as good as ALW and RyME was only 75% right.

In the NW, I had Port for direction, Tire for unit, and couldn't stuff Mr. Fantasy in for Traffic's chorus.

Fav: Clue for EAST.
Runner up: What Jayce said... ON THE FENCE. I swear I didn't see this puzzle 'till 11a today.


BigE. Geaux Tigers! I went to L.A. Tech, LSU football was pretty much what we could root for. Basketball, OTOH, was all Bulldogs & Teresa Weatherspoon.

CED - I prefer the old wooden roller coasters over new Steel works ones. Thanks for the link.

Y'all have a great Sat. Cheers, -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

Ta- DA!
This was fun, slow but fun. The kind of pzl I thought would demand the use of cheats & Googles but turned out to need no more than my wife's occasional confirmation of my wildest WAGs.
Perps were often necessary, but I was tickled to find the Ol' Walnut kicking in, such as when I grokked SONY WALKMAN based only on the "S" and the last "AN."
Variable spelling sometimes adds to our difficulties. Like Splynter I had ODEON first, as it's the standard English version of a Greek theater (when we're not using "Theatron"), and I wondered over HAJJ because it too has optional spellings.
I inked in some weird guesses along the way, the most amusing of which may have been KNEE in the place of RIME for "The RIME of King William."
(Well, aren't we all interested in royal anatomy?)
Anyway, my thanks to Mr. Peterson & Ms. Varol for a smart, sometimes nasty, but always engaging pzl!

SwampCat said...

Anon T, I sure we all appreciate your rooting for the Tigers. But I feel I must ask....which Bulldogs!!? Hehehehe

Roy said...

ODEUM is the Latinization of the Greek ODEON

I had HADJ, too, and ended up wondering who DEANNIE was.
There are five pillars of Islam; the Pilgrimage is usually listed fifth.

I thought Friday's puzzle was cleverly constructed; no, I could not finish it. The diacritics Thursday did not bother me, once I figured out the gimmick.

Wilbur Charles said...

Finally. And I blew it with LEONA. I didn't think PSAS sounded right. I rushed again. But I feel pretty good about the 99% I got.

I knew that original name for England and I knew it and ANNABELLE LEE would come to me. And, tada, ALBION got written in.
I think that's the name for the Island.

Like many boomers, I read LOTR before The Hobbit. BALIN is a featured role in the Hobbit movies.

Since physics seems to be a theme today let me present the WESCHLER Effect eg. When more and more squares get filled it gets easier to finish the rest.

On to Sunday

I thought of KUDOS before LAUDS so here's mine:. Solid W's for Owen. A as usual for Splynter. And a thumbs up for Doug and Patti.

And it's pretty calm in here. Perhaps some don't even try the Saturday xword.


Lucina said...

LOL at your comment on the Wechsler effect. It works every time!

Anonymous T said...

Murphy's Corollary to Wechsler's effect... When you're wrong, your squares fill wronger. 1a had nothing to do with APT SORT, Irrenie @17a is silliness and Larry Bird is right out @7d (thanks LOON!). Once the wave function of 'bad' hits resonance, the grid's duality becomes >1; there is no grid :-)

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Oh, and Swamp, you're right on a TECHnicality - the Basketball team Teresa played for & coached is The Lady Techsters. Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

As I recall, in the"Old days" of woman's basketball, Louisiana Tech was one of the powerhouses.

Yes, Tony I agree. I haven't got a better name for it, but WESCHLER goes wacky when there are errantly filled squares which may indeed go Rohrshach on me.

I had so confidently written ALBION for Olde England and I was trying to branch out from there.

I've always suspected that diabolical constructors seed a pool of clues where hasty fills cause a chain reaction and if you're a pen and inkman you've got a mess.


Picard said...

Can't believe I FIR. ODEUM/MLB/BALIN crossings seemed unfair. Hand up for thinking ALW or maybe NLW as I am not knowledgeable enough to be sure. Is MLB really an "org"?

Glad there are others who have never done a HASH TAG. I was thinking maybe it was RFID TAG (radio frequency ID). Anyone else?

Anyone else try HORNS before HONKS? That had me stuck for awhile.

Never heard of "fry kids". Learning moment, I suppose.

Hand up only heard of BUTT DIAL, not POCKET DIAL. I only have a flip phone for emergencies, so this is not a problem for me!

Hand up for ODEON not ODEUM which we have seen before.

Hand up for STEERS before STEEDS.

Unknowns: ANDY, ASIA section of Disney (been to ASIA many times, but not to Disney), NELL, DALY, LEONI, ANABEL LEE.

Thanks, Splynter, for the DUE image. And thanks for explaining the clue for EAST. I get that EAST is on the right on maps. But did not get why that is a "point".