Aug 1, 2017

Tuesday, August 1 2017, Agnes Davidson & C.C. Burnikel


17. *Quick checkout choice : EXPRESS LINE

57. *Wedding gown attachment : BRIDAL TRAIN
. A TRAIN. How Duke Ellington took The A Train.

 11. *Social networking site with a math sign in its logo : GOOGLE PLUS

29. *"Want to try it?" : ARE YOU GAME

38. Hollywood's crème de la crème ... and where to find the ends of the answers to starred clues? : A LIST

Melissa here. This seemed much more like a Tuesday level to me than last week. Straightforward, clean theme, no major snags. An A-list puzzle from A-list constructors.


1. Pose in yoga studios : ASANA
. A-Z Asana Guide.

6. Personal histories : PASTS

11. Belly : GUT

14. Bus stop : DEPOT
. This is the food court in the Vadodara bus station, serving the city of Vadodara in Gujarat, India.

15. Portion out : ALLOT
16. Bear, in Barcelona : OSO

19. Rower's blade : OAR
20. Wall St. index : NYSE

21. Molecule part : ATOM
22. Longtime first name in morning talk shows : REGIS
24. Wide assortment : ARRAY
26. "Sure thing!" : WILL DO

27. Flowering shrubs associated with Augusta National Golf Club : AZALEAS

30. Pocahontas' husband John : ROLFE
. Always have trouble remembering this name.

31. Little women : GIRLS

32. Solo : ALONE

34. Asian noodle soup : PHO
. Pronounced "Fuh." So good.

 37. "__-dokey!" : OKEY

39. Raindrop sound : PLOP
40. Part of LGBTQ : GAY
41. Desert plant used to make tequila : AGAVE

42. Resort island near Venezuela : ARUBA
.  Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela.

43. Eyed wolfishly : OGLED

45. Forest-scented cleaning product : PINESOL

47. Take the __: risk it : PLUNGE

49. Not proficient in : BAD AT
. Funny.

50. Scoundrel : ROGUE
51. Surrealist Joan : MIRO

 52. Govt. workplace watchdog : OSHA

56. "I figured it out!" : AHA

60. Beaver's creation : DAM
61. In a snit : RILED

62. High-end chocolatier : LINDT

63. Dollar bill : ONE
64. Ease up : ABATE

65. Soap units : CAKES

1. Yemen port : ADEN

2. Like hunks and knockouts : SEXY

3. Cellphone downloads : APPS

4. "Honest, it's true!" : NO REALLY

5. Gobbled up : ATE
6. Macaroni side dish : PASTA SALAD

7. Brass or bronze : ALLOY

8. Slender : SLIM

9. Heavy weight : TON

10. Like sealed medical supplies : STERILE

12. Federal humanitarian org. : US AID

13. Upper body : TORSO

18. "The Talk" co-host Gilbert : SARA

23. Tiny toymaker : ELF

 25. High-__ graphics : RES

26. Refuses to : WON'T

27. Really excited : AGOG

28. Virus of concern at the Rio Olympics : ZIKA

30. New Year's Day floral procession : ROSE PARADE

33. Actress Ullmann : LIV

35. Boxcar hopper : HOBO

36. October birthstone : OPAL

38. "The African Queen" screenwriter James : AGEE

39. South African city where Mandela was inaugurated : PRETORIA
41. Math with x's : ALGEBRA

42. Santa __ winds : ANA
44. Bearded grassland grazer : GNU

46. Superstar : IDOL

47. Madrid art museum : PRADO
. Have you been? From Wikipedia: The collection currently comprises around 8,200 drawings, 7,600 paintings, 4,800 prints, and 1,000 sculptures, in addition to a large number of other works of art and historic documents.  Exhibitions.

48. Actress Lindsay : LOHAN

49. Bathroom fixture : BIDET

51. Actress Kunis of "Bad Moms" : MILA
53. Went under : SANK

54. __-and-seek : HIDE

55. Picnic critters : ANTS

58. Curved bone : RIB

59. Attention from Dr. Mom : TLC


fermatprime said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to IM and CC! Swell puzzle!

PRETORIA took some perps, but that was about it!.

Good swim today. BFF still in Arizona dealing with the murder of her wonderful grandson. Have gotten used to swimming alone.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

fermatprime said...

Thanks to mb too! (She doesn't use capitals in her name, but I notice everyone else does.)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Missed the stars. Failed to read the complete reveal clue. Had no idea about the theme. Some things never change. Enjoyed the puzzle, though. Thanx IM, CC and Melissa Bee.

I think of a DEPOT as a bus "station" rather than a "stop."

In early spring they hold the "AZALEA Trail" in Houston. An important stop is Bayou Bend, Ima Hogg's mansion in the River Oaks neighborhood.

The Smothers Brothers did a comedy bit to Marching To PRETORIA back in the day.

Hungry Mother said...

Fun solve today. I've been in ARUBA a few times, South Africa once, and visited MIRO museums in Barcelona and Mallorca. Good memories.

Bob Niles said...

Totally missed the theme but pretty easy solve.

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks, IM, CC,and mb. Although this puzzle was very easy, it was fun. Only PHO needed ESP (every single perp.) REGIS was filled before I got to it. I understood the theme after the reveal.
DEPOT is usually the last stop for the bus. Driving by car to NYC is nerve wracking and expensive. Taking the bus and paying half-price senior fare is much more convenient and thrifty. When the bus arrives back in town, I get off at the depot. I am glad the bus stops there.
I have an azalea bush that almost died from the snow removal people shoveling salty slush onto it. This spring new leaves revived it somewhat. Last week the "landscapers" (I use the term loosely) snipped off all the new leaves when they trimmed the bushes. Now it is very ugly. Mostly I like condo living, but in circumstances like this, by law we have no control over what occurs.
31A Little women/girls reminded me of "Thank heaven for little girls," from Gigi.

OwenKL said...

{C, C+.}

There was a ROGUE from PRETORIA
Who reformed and couldn't be sorrier
"I WILL DO what is needed
To undo what I dided,
I won't LIST them, I don't want to borey ya!"

How oft must I write of ARUBA?
It keeps PLOPPING in like an oboe or tuba!
It's become crosswordese
So constructors, if you please,
Replace it with Fort OGLEthorpe, Chattanooga!

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

I'll give this one an APLUS - great work from Irish Miss and C.C.! Although, I admit I totally didn't get the theme even after the reveal. I wasn't connecting the starred clues; I threw myself off by looking at all the answers with the letter A in them- there were a lot! Not sure if that was intentional by our dynamic duo, but I thought it was very clever :)
So my AHA moment came while reading Melissa's great review. Thanks for the lovely AZALEAS pic- that's the same lovely color as the one I have. And the ELF meme; that movie always cracks me up every time I watch it.

I didn't know MIRO, USAID, or PRADO ( lovely building! I'm sure it's been in crosswords before but I couldn't remember it)

I may have mentioned before that I'm missing a RIB. Not sure where I left that thing.... ;)

Funny to see TLC today since I mentioned it in my comment last night. Still playing "Dr. Mom" - I believe DD will be recovering for a couple more days after her oral surgery yesterday. She is eating an ARRAY of soft foods but said she's craving a hamburger. Poor GIRL(S) :(

Overcast and a little cool here considering it's August (already?!) We've really had some strange weather this summer.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased wOLFE, (Jose) Arpa for (Joan) MIRO, and Trunk for TORSO. I wanted ASAdA but held out for ASANA, knowing that I couldn't eat a yoga pose. Also didn't know GOOGLE PLUS or US AID.

I read an article about the work required to get Augusta National ready for The Masters. One thing that stuck was that they ice the roots of the AZALEAS to keep them from peaking too early.

I liked having WON'T and SURE THING (as clued) together in the puzzle. I wish I had grasped the theme, but it escaped me until Melissa B 'splained it.

Thanks to IM, CC and MB for a fun start to this beautiful Tuesday here in Tidewater.

GJ said...

I've only seen it called "EXPRESS LANE" here in our SWFL grocery stores. I guess one could be in line in the expess lane. Good puzzle, theme was tricky.

Tinbeni said...

Pinch, Pinch ...

Irish Miss and C.C. Thank you for a FUN Tuesday puzzle. Enjoyed the A-LIST theme.
(Though I thought this was more a "Wednesday Level" offering).

GJ ... I'm with you, I entered EXPRESS LANE before that 8-d Slender clue made it LINE.

Fave today, of course, was 41-a, Desert plant used to make Tequila, AGAVE.
Probably since I rate "booze clues/answers" the highest.


Tinbeni said...

oops ...

Forgot to thank Melissa for an outstanding Write-up.

Good Job!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks, IM and C.C. for today's offering. C.C. also has a puzzle in today's WSH but she did it ALONE. (I may tackle it later:-) )

Not hard today but I was a little flummoxed withASANA. Everything else dove-tailed nicely. I have trouble remembering ROLFE, too. Liked the long downs.
Liked the crafting of clue for 59d - TLC.

Wilbur Charles said...

I guess I'm a little early today. At first it seemed crunchy so I looked up and there's our favorite constructors. So, I knew it'd be Tuesday doable, they're just making us think a little. ie like our favorite ALGEBRA teachers.

I actually cruised through ALGEBRA-Gods gift to the ADD crowd. Of course there was no such diagnosis in them days. And then there's the MARINE* Corps for whom the spotting and torturing of any and all ADDs is the definition of Semper Fi.

Where was I? Oh. Name a Surrealist not named Dali. Or a Bad Mom. I knew PRETORIA and even REGIS. I put in L as in Lilo and Stitch.


Owen. Shouldn't that have been Boer-ya?

* We had it Sunday. I think.

Anonymous said...

A pet peeve of mine is breezing into the "12 items or less" express line at our local Food Lion with a gallon of milk and finding it clogged up by a mathematically challenged moron with a full cart of groceries. Sometimes life gets tedious.


Yellowrocks said...

In stores I use the terms, express line and express lane, about equally. To me they have different nuances. The express lane is the pathway with the conveyor belt and cashier or the self-check out machine, i.e. the physical set up. And the express line is the queue, the people standing in line.
"The express lane is long" does not mean there are many people waiting, but the "express line is long" does. On busy days the express line reaches out into the aisles, beyond the express lane itself.
Don, amen to to being peeved about express line cheaters.

CanadianEh! said...

Fun Tuesday. Thanks IM and C.C. and mb.

Like WC, I started out thinking it was a little crunchy but the south revealed itself and then perps filled in the north - AHA. I got the theme eventually.

Bios was too short but PASTS filled the spot. (Interesting cross with PASTA SALAD. I also noted the cross of BIDET and BAD AT.)

I was taking a Chance before a PLUNGE.
This Canadian had to perp US AID but it was logical, and of course I smiled at Dollar Bill= ONE (you all know we have Loonies=ONE!)

Like mb and Spitz, I can never remember ROLFE (Smith comes to mind first).

Little Women makes me think of the book by Louisa May Alcott. I have my mother's copy from the 1930's.

BunnyM - All my kids had wisdom teeth extracted. Daughter was happy to eat Pea Soup but I had a terrible time filling up my son (16 at the time) with soft foods and liquids. He wanted steak the second day. I compromised with very soft Shepherd's Pie and made him swallow it down without chewing it. He survived and I was glad it did not cause a problem with the healing.

Warm again here today. Enjoy your day.

Spitzboov said...

We don't have express line cheaters. Of course, we are in the heart of upstate NY where people's hearts are pure and noble.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks for fast PLUNGE into crossword fun, Agnes & C.C. Thanks, Melissa.

Last to fill was PL in PLUNGE/PRADO/LOHAN cross. I wanted to take a "chaNce until ALGEBRA showed me the error or my ways. I knew PRADO but couldn't dredge it up. LOHAN I'd always rather forget. Everything perped out okay.

Took a while to understand the A-LIST theme, but finally dawned on me. Cute.

I rarely get to use the EXPRESS LiNE because I have a full basket. Once when all the other lanes were busy and the EXPRESS Lane had no one, the bored checker invited me over. When we were about half done, a couple people showed up and glowered at me. I felt so guilty, but had to keep going anyway.

CanadianEh! said...

YR and Don - I always wonder if the count is for each individual can/package or if I might group them if I am buying multiples of the same thing. (But literal meaning of the word item is "one of a set" so I suppose each can is counted as one item.) I usually err on the side of not using the EXPRESS LINE if I am not sure because I know how annoying it can be to wait behind somebody who clearly is over the limit.

My daughter has stories from her years in S. Korea about the cultural differences in queuing and using a LINE of any sort.

Trubrit said...

Just a quick Hello today.
Fantastic puzzle today, thanks to my favorite lady Irish Miss. Gotta go, today is my birthday.

Have a fun day, as will I.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Smooth sailing in today's lovely offering from Irish Miss and C.C.. No unknowns, although it did take a few perps before I remembered PRETORIA. Thought "Little women" was a cute clue for GIRLS. And I was thinking, I wonder how many homes in the US have a BIDET? I know of only two. Thanks for taking the helm today, melissa bee. What a beautiful photo of the Vadodara bus station.

Enjoy the day!

MJ said...

And C.C., BRAVA to an excellently executed theme in your puzzle in today's WSJ!

Yellowrocks said...

Canbadian Eh, I have the same question. I, too, err on the side of not using Express when I am in doubt. I would be interested in hearing your daughter's cultural comments. I have visited countries where they do not queue. It's push and shove and every person for herself.
Another cultural difference: In a buffet breakfast line at a 5 star hotel in Tokyo, the men expected the women guests to step back and let them go first.
Here in the U.S. my biggest peeve was with a 20 something man who came and stood in the express line without any groceries at all. He was place holder. Just as he reached the front of the line his female companion came to him with an armful of groceries. I said something, but he couldn't understand why the concern.
Spitz, 100% no cheaters? What paragons of virtue! We don't have many, but occasionally there is a selfish maverick.
PK, I was in the same spot, getting glares when I was invited to use the Express line.
In Japan they had combination toilet/bidets with a warm water adjustable spray. I loved them. My roommate sat on one and fiddled with the dials. She was shocked by a sudden spray on her derierre. She rose up shreiking and water sparyed all over the water closet.
Happy birthday, Trubrit. Enjoy your day.

Bill Graham said...

Thanks Agnes, CC and Melissa. That was pleasant and challenging fun.

Re. express lines; I'd say a six-pack of V-8 counts as one item, not six. A bunch of bananas counts as one item. Two dozen eggs counts as two items...

I too have had the experience of a checker calling me into an express lane (15 items or fewer) when it was empty. I had about half a cartload. Then a person came along after me when I still had a bunch of items to go and almost injured me with her smoldering glare. Since then, if it were to happen again, I would just thank the checker and stay in the regular line.

PK said...

Happy birthday, TruBrit! I like your posts.

I was a guest in an American home in California which had his & her bathrooms. Hers had a bidet, only one I've ever seen. The family had been military and stationed in Europe for a while. I really liked it, but my home bathrooms have always too small to install one. Probably take a special order to get one locally.

Lucina said...

ASANA is something I do quite frequently in yoga. Thank you, Agnes and C.C. for this wonderful puzzle. I didn't get the theme, no surprise but finished it in EXPRESS time.

How lovely to have ROSE and AZALEAS in a puzzle. I love flowers and have the same concerns as YR about landscapers cutting them back. They are ruthless! And it gets me RILED. Finally I requested to have African daisies planted. They don't grow tall enough to be trimmed and right now they are in shock from heat but in a couple of months they'll flourish.

EXPRESS LINE cheaters are also my pet peeve and unlike Spitz' fellow citizens, we have hordes of them.

I've been fortunate enough to visit the PRADO at least three times and the MIRO once. Remember it's pronounced HO-awn ME-ROW.

Thank you, MB, for a fine commentary with excellent graphics.

Happy birthday, trubrit.

Have a fabulous day, everyone!

Jayce said...

Nice puzzle. WEES about not getting the theme until mb's explanation.

Happy birthday, Trubrit.

Spitzboov said...

Happy Birthday to Trubrit.

Happy Civics Day to Canadian Eh and other Ontarians.

Husker Gary said...

-A fun puzzle but I didn’t really get the gimmick until Argyle enlightened me. Agnes and C.C. are becoming a real force!
-Our Wal~Mart is currently doubling its EXPRESS LINES with no clerks
-I sing SOLO all the time now but when you first start out…
-I’ve been like “sealed medical supplies” since 1974
-Here it is, Otto, We are marching to PRETORIA (4:03)
-New BP pill has my pressure down to 90/70 and I am dizzier than usual and have terrible body aches!

Jayce said...

Holy cow, Gary! 90/70 seems awfully low to me. What medication is it? I'd stop taking it and contact my doctor about your dizziness and body aches.

Yellowrocks said...

PK, the Japanese toilet/bidet is an all-in-one combo which does not take extra room. The bidet is built right into the toilet which is why my roommate had no clue when she fooled with the dials. You press a button and a wand comes out over the bowl while you are seated. Another button moves the wand forward and backward. Another button chooses warm or cold water to spray. These combos are frightfully expensive, but in some areas of Japan they are found even in lower middles class homes like the one where I had my home stay. I can't afford one and I am more well-off than my hosts.

It is interesting to note what different cultures find too expensive.

HG, sorry to hear you are dizzy and achy. I hope you soon find out why.

BTW, Alan has had four very good days in a row, ergo so have I.

desper-otto said...

YR, my memory of Japanese toilets is from the 1969 Osaka Airport. The "toilet" appeared to be a urinal mounted into the floor. Painted footprints showed where to put your feet as you crouched over it. If you had trouble understanding, the cleaning lady stationed in there would show you how. On that trip, rarely, but sometimes, there'd be a sign to a "Western-Style Toilet."

The line-cheaters that always riled me were those on the tollway on my commute. At rush hour there'd be a one-mile backup in the exit lane. Invariably some [Scaramucci expletive deleted] would drive up to the head of the line in the must-go-straight lane and then expect to be allowed in. If the car was an old beatup Plymouth, I might let 'em in. But not if it was a new Beemer, Mercedes or Hummer.

Husker Gary said...

I'm off to see the doctor tomorrow.

Misty said...

Woohoo! Woohoo! It doesn't get any better than this! Think about it: a C.C. puzzle on Sunday, a Rich Norris puzzle on Monday, and an Irish Miss and C.C. puzzle on Tuesday--woohoo! Happily, this one was almost a speed run for me. I zipped right through it, with only a moment's hesitation because I wanted to put SIKA for the virus, but knew it had to be AZALEAS. And I even figured out the theme, thanks to the helpful reveal clue, which helped me put an A in front of the last words in the theme answers. So, a million thanks, Irish Miss and C.C. And a great write-up, Melissa B, thank you too!

Fermatprime, it sounds as though your friend will have a long time before she can stop grieving, if ever. My heart goes out to her.

Have a wonderful birthday today, Trubrit.

And have a great day, everybody!

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

Late to the dance due to errands and a much-needed visit to the hair salon for a chop-chop. My hairdresser had hip replacement surgery so my 4 week cut/style interval became a 6 week interval, resulting in a very shaggy appearance.

Thanks, Melissa B, for the nice expo. Thanks for all the kind words and I'm glad so many of you enjoyed the puzzle. You are all on my A List! Thanks, CC, for another fun collaboration.

BunnyM @ 8:11 ~ After I solved the puzzle last night, I suddenly noticed the preponderance of A's scattered throughout the grid. I believe this is definitely "A" coincidence! 😉

A very Happy Birthday, Trubrit! 🎂🎁🎉🎈🍾 Hope you celebrate in style! (Thank you for your kind sentiments.)

I very seldom use the express line at the supermarket, so I don't know if my fellow Upstate New York shoppers are as pure and noble-hearted as Spitz's are but, if they are, their Dr. Jekyll side morphs into Mr. Hyde when they get behind the wheel of their car!

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

YR - daughter laughs about her first time in a large grocery store in Korea (Costco I think) when she left the usual space between her cart and the person in front of her in the LINE, and had people "barging in" front of her. She was told that if she ever wanted to buy her groceries, she needed to have her cart practically touching the person ahead of her to indicate that she was actually in the LINE. Difference in personal space between North America and Korea.
She did also say that she had to learn how to push and shove with her elbows as there were no LINEs at all at most places.

d-o: I'm with you about the line crashers on the roadway but apparently being polite is not the most efficient system

HG - It sounds like your BP medicine may be working too well. Suggest contacting MD to check and adjust as we don't want you falling. Don't stop med completely without checking.

YR - I'm glad that Alan (and you) are having better days. Let's hope it continues.

Spitzboov - Thanks for the Civic Day greetings but although it is August 1 today, the holiday is celebrated on the first Monday in August, which falls next Monday, August 7
(the latest it can be!)

Happy Birthday Trubrit!!

CanadianEh! said...

HG - AHA! I am glad to see that you are seeing the Doctor tomorrow.

CrossEyedDave said...

Difficult puzzle to find silly links for:
(A list was impossible...)

A line taken to extremes...

"A Train?"

A plus & still failed?

Mary Keller said...

I always feel accomplished when I can complete one of CC's puzzles. I was slowed down with ASAOA and ADEN but perps came along. Also thanks for the pronunciation of PHO. Which, of course, I have been saying incorrectly.

CrossEyedDave said...

A Game? (I really must try this one...)

Happy Birthday TruBrit!

Bonus link: Express lane!

PK said...

Gary, if your blood pressure is still that low, maybe you should call your doctor's office, speak to his nurse and tell her what you have. They may not want you to wait until tomorrow. Also you might want to take your blood pressure in another extremity. If you have some blockage in the arm you tested, it might read lower. The muscle aches sound like you might not be getting enough oxygen to them and have a mild case of "bends".

Big Easy said...

Just read the comments about I.M. & C.C.'s puzzle and agree that was a very easy fill, as Tuesdays normally are. PHO, MILA Kunis, and SARA Gilbert were unknowns solved by perps. As for the EXPRESS LINE debates, I've seen plenty of people with full buggies going through them. I use the self-checkout lanes myself. And at Sam's Wholesale you can scan AND check out using your phone and walk out the door- no lines.

And thanks M.J. for the WSJ notification of another C.C. puzzle. I'll work it later. I'm usually a day or two behind on reading that paper (still haven't read Monday's yet), but since the DOW closed at an all-time high today (21963.92), why bother to read it. Just look up the value of your IRAs and 401-ks.

CrossEyedDave said...

DW (& kids) are making me go to Disney World (again!) in the near future...

I hate crowds...

I hate waiting on lines...

However, in looking for a silly link for "A List,"
I think I may have found a solution that might make this Disney trip
a little more interesting...

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Took two WAGs to finish today; not BAD AT all. Thanks IM & C.C. I enjoyed the fill and never even saw there was a themer.

Thanks mb for the expo and confirming WAGs right. The pic of the MIRO was cool too.

WAGs: A in square 1 and M in square 51
WOs: EXPRESS LaNE before it was SLIM'd from 15 to 8 items or less (fewer)

Sparkle: c/as for GIRLS, TON; NO REALLY; ATOM xing ALLOY


HBD Trubrit!

PK, HG, I've had that same glare from Express Lane shoppers when invited (or more accurately told by the queues' monitor) to do it. You want to explain but it seems pointless by then; they've judged.

HG - Glad you're getting the BP taken care of ASAP. YR, Good to hear about Alan (and you!). BunnyM, keep handing out the TLC to DD.

Cheers, -T

Lemonade714 said...

white rabbit, white rabbit. HBDTY and many more Trubrit and what can I say about C.C. and her entourage of puzzle makers. Not much since you have spoken but the WSJ theme was executed so well that I had no idea until the reveal. Bravo and keep up the thought machine IM.

I have not been to Disneyworld in 15 years after going so often from when it opened until my boys outgrew the parks. I still remember being awed when it opened and eventually worn down by the crowds and the waiting. Still an amazing operation and classmates of my sons now work there.

Enjoy all

OwenKL said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Thanks for reminding me Lemon!

I've often been summoned to express lanes, and if I've recieved any glares for it, I've been unaware of them. I suspect it happens often enough here that it's pretty well understood. But this is the land of mañana, so we're mellow. Also, the store I shop at, the express limit is 15 items, which could be a full cart with a few bulky items.

Wilbur Charles said...

This is a typical late night question. I've gathered that some of you do the NYT xword, Sunday version. I was wondering what the numbers next to the Clues are.

I was doing one which would be a couple of weeks back. The TBTimes carries it a week behind.

Regardless of the xword, I'm always real slow about picking up themes.

Btw, I forgot to thank Melissa B for the write-up and btw1 hbd Tru Brit

BP problems? What's different? I was taking the wrong pill for a week and now I've got the cardiologist involved.

WC in the gloaming

PK said...

CED: Please don't follow a family around at Disney World. They might decide you were a stalker and potential kidnapper and have you arrested. Then what on earth would we do for cake and jokes. Luv ya, man!

TX Ms said...

WC - re last Sunday's NYT puzzle (Houston Chronicle belated fare also). Numbers next to clues represent the number of letters contained in the answers of singers' names. Rats! those that I can remember: Cher (4), Bono (4), Dion (4), Prince (6). I wish I could help more, but I've recycled the paper. NYT does have a blog with answers, but VERY lacking compared to our Corner - no friends blogging - just the facts, ma'am. I've been educated last week about that phrase. Link below to that crossword's answers.

Anonymous T said...

TX Ms & WC - there's also Rex Parker's blog with a bit more comentary. Don't count on kind commenters [though, occasionally, you'll see a Cornerite post]. Cheers, -T

TX Ms said...

Anon-T, Hello, this is Wilma speaking from the cave - I tried to email only you, but your email link wasn't working. For some daft reason, I confused Rex Parker with another Rex (Reed) who is no longer making news. (Thought he was dead)

Wilbur Charles said...

Thanks TX and Tony. So that's it. I've got most of that xword done except one section. I had to google ANASTASIA.

Perhaps groking the singers/numbers will help me complete it.

I agree about the Rex P blog. Let's call it the no-fun corner.


Picard said...

WEES! Fun, easy ride!

Hand up that I have only ever heard of EXPRESS LANE

Unknowns: MILA, SARA, ROLFE but they were easily perped.

I loved MIRO art when I was a child, but probably because it seemed silly and colorful.